The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 5, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1894
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VOL, XVIII. NO, 24. CARJtOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1894, WHOLfi NO. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when tightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with lew expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever* and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it IB perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if ottered. MARRIED. UHOBB-BBOSTOS AT THE BHSIDBNCB OF THE BRIDE'S PARENTS IN THIS CITY, THURSDAY EVENING, 8BPT. 20, AT 8 O'CLOCK. REV. QUINN OFFICIATING. The bride is one ot Holstein'e most estimable young ladies and does not need an introduction at jour hands, having been a resident of this community for years past. The groom is a resident of Carroll, but formerly resided in this vicinity. Many invited guests were present at the oeromouy which wen a pretty one. • Between the two rooms in the arob of the door was bang a large bell of golden rod. Under this the bride, clad in a beautiful white drese.fher hair beautifully decorated with orange blossoms, was led by her betrothed and joined hands and heaits by the holy bonds of matrimony. After the ceremony was performed the guests eat down to a bounteous repast, after which the evening was spent in a very social manner, games and other amusements being indulged in. Both bride and groom have many friends here who wish them an abundance of success through life's journey and join the Advance in congratulating the groom upon bis choice.—Holstein Advance. __________ A PEEP AT ODB SCHOOLS. Tuesday morning was an ideal one and we thought it would be a pleasant lime to visit the north side school building and see bow the children and teachers are getting along this fall. We arrived at the building just in time to 'JM* the army of little fellows filing into tnVir rooms under the watchful eye of thtir teachers, each one keeping step with the precision ot trained soldiers. lu lees time than it takes to tell it the hnudreda of liltl* fellows who a moment before wen having a gay time oo Ibe play grounds were all lu their mats ready for business, each one looking no smiling and happy that a look at them alone paid us for our visit. We oouolndedve would like to visit the "babies" department and bear their eweet little voices as they joined in tlie opeolug exercises. Misses Kail and Loug have their rooms meet together for this Mercies, (bus putting about one hundred of Ibe babies together and it would do yon good to see bow tbey enjoy their axmgs and how eagerly lt*y listen to the •tor- Inatoue or the other of Ibe teachers relate each morning. We took oooasion to observe Ibe uorlbwesl basemen! as to lie flluasa tor tkiese lender little birds; as il was a clear bright day the room appeared cheerful and light, ootwitbsland- it WH eariy iu the day, From there we visited all the rooms iu Ibe building, slopping long enough in each to observe that every room was neat and clean aod thai Ibe teachers were all honest, faithful, hard worker* and value of his analysis of their betters. This flliesses peculiar to tbelr sex, BOMB MEN NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY ABE DEAD. primary, where they were learning the first elementary sound of letters and striving earnestly to combine them into the simplest possible words, all the way up to the high room where we found Prof. Liek teaching a olass the mysteries of the laws of gravitation. Mies Bntzow, teaching German; Frof. Smith, Latin; and Bnpt. Ament assisting a large olase in literature to fathom the deep meaning of Tennyson in bis "Memoriam," one of bis most beautiful and moat pathetic of his poems. Our schools are justly the pride of bur citizens and notwithstanding the fact that during the past two yean heavy outlays have been made no one regrets what has been done, for the high school is one where every parent oan take pride .in sending his child. If anyone doubts the truthfulness .of this statement we would respectfully oak him to take the journey through the building that we did and we feel confident that he will be convinced that he has been deceived regarding the management and the workings ot the school. Carroll oan congratulate herself that she has the finest and beat equipped school building of any city of her size in the state and that a correspondingly high grade of work is being done. SLAIN BY HEB HUSBAND. A dispatch to the Des Moinea Leader gives the following account of the murder which was committed at Sao City. "Saturday evening William Toole was found lying on the floor of bis little cottage bleeding from an ugly wound at his throat made by a razor in bis own bands. His wife lay at Ibe other side of the room dead, with a frightful wound on the forehead, inflicted by the bull of a heavy ax that was found near by. The husband had quarreled with his wife and in a fit of frenzy dealt her a blow which produced instant death. He then went to the door and called to a neighbor to come quickly, turned down the light aod out bis owa throat. Two children, aged 2 and 6 yean respectively, were found crying and followed |be neighbor from the awful scene aa she carried the news to other neighbors. A surgeon arrived and found Toole etiU living, though hie windpipe wee severed. By signs be admitted hie guilt and acknowledged thai be bad killed hie wife because of trouble with her parents. Toole was jealous of hie wife's association with persons she net at Ibe bone ot her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Bobll, and had forbidden her going there. They have quarrelled much iu Ibe last two months, and a loud and angry contention preceded the mordsr. Toole wee married to Olive Boot! e<x the top of the safe they would have found the key which would have saved them all their trouble and work on the second door and enabled them to get at the money till which contained quite a little amount of money. There was nothing taken from the store but a small amount of change found in one of the drawers, The outside shutters on the basemen windows ot Arts & Mannemann'a stor were also torn off, evidently with the in tention of getting into the store room b way of the basement but for Borne reaso they failed in gaining an Everything goes to show that is that of home talent. entrance the wor HELD UP. Tuesday night quite early in the evenin aa Hans Aarf was passing along Mi waakee avenue on his way to bis board ing house a man stepped in front of him and demanded that he throw up h hands at the point of a revolver. Han did not take to that kind of amuseuien willingly and knocked the revolver on of the way. The would be bold too pad took to his heels to ran, evidentl; thinking that he had met the wrong man In running be tripped 2and fell. W understand that the highwayman afte getting pretty well thumped saooeedec in making good his eeoape. Mr. Aar at once notified the police who Blurted search, for the man with the gun bu were unsuccessful in their work. It th man whom the highwayman attempte to hold up bad only been armed we no doubt would be able today know at least one ot the fellows who ar plying their trade so publicly in oar city TUB NEW OFBRA HODSB, The opera chairs and scenery for the stage have arrived and workmen are no busily engaged putting them in place The scenery is nearly all placed and very fine. The drop curtain is one o the finest we ever saw outside of the large opera bouses in the .cities. Tbe on it ia a painting of the city ol Ooblenta on the Rhine. On the left is the city with the river running between it and an old castle which occupies a oon- spiouooe place in the view. It ia tbe in Iration of tke society to have all tbe work completed by Saturday evening when tbe public will be given an opportunity to call and see it. The band will be present and all will be given an op portuolty of viewing tbe new opera home free. WBSTUROOK. of Ibe Demoontio At a meeting years ago, whenebe wee but 18 years old, Be was industrious and saving and generally regarded ae inoffensive. He may rawer." Uwl Ibe pupil* were studious and orderly. There is not tt poor Uwwer In the. whole building and eaob one i* worthy of the eaottdeuoa of Ibe petrous of the II waa real ioteraeUog devalopueut Pf B child's to trace life from Ibe Ike Monday night the front door of Nookelu & Ooem'e clothing hone* was pried open aod an unsuoosesful attempt made to "crack" the safe. A bole was drilled into lue front door of the safe between the combination and Ibe handle. A boll thai passes from the combination along this line was drilled into, thus destroying Ibe effect of lue look> Ibe seooud door was •lep drilled into but th* nun oussed their mark, They were not «naa*Mf al in getting Ibie dooi open bat *poiUd the look •o that it bad to he broken open. If they had taken pain* to have looked on county central committatWedneaday M. J. Heine tendered his resignation as chairman, owing to the fact that he had beta sick with typhoid fever recently and ia only now slowly recovering. It would have been impossible for him to do any work during Ibe campaign. The name of 0. H. Weslbrook was suggested ae chairman and waa unanimously indorsed by the oouuiUee. Mr, Weelbrook'e many friend* all over tbs county will be highly pleased al the selection, No bet- tir man in the eonoly could have been named, for hie bone*! worth end sterling Democracy lend* tower of strength to the Demooralie parly iu Ihia county. Friday at 4 p. m. * freight train w*« run into by another train while eluding on the main line in' the yard* alDenUoo, BevereJ owe wen badly broken eud the engine was disabled. An old man by the name of Jergeneon, of West Side, was thrown from a flat oar and instantly killed. Mr. Jergenson was evidently going book over the train to the way-oar at the time of the collision. It is stated that he had no ticket about bis clothing when he waa examined. The train men all escaped uninjured. The cause of the accident is due to the freight which was run into, standing on the line on the other train's time and it is impossible to see a trnin approaching at any great distance. FIBE AT DEDHAH. Friday night about midnight fire was discovered in the butcher shop at Ded- ham.v- It was under such headway at the time of its discovery that it was impossible to get it under control until it burned out to the street on the north. There were five business houses in the path ot the fire fiend and only part of the stocks of goods were saved. Gretteman's large grocery store was almost a complete loss, Edwards & Bramner!s hardware store, the postofBoe, batcher shop and a barber shop were nil burned to the ground. We were unable to learn the amount of insurance. The origin of the flre is unknown. is due to a very great extent to the classic strain in his temperament, to the Impersonal animus of all his judgments. That is to say, there is no trace of time or of place in his dealings with tho literary topics which have occupied so mnch of his time. He Is cosmopolitan to the core.— The Century for October. "A HKAP OP MILK." The Early of Surrey, In one of his best poems, says: Laid In my quiet bed, In study as I were, 1 saw within my troubled head A heap of thoughts appear. He here uses "heap" in precisely the sense given it by people in southern Indiana, in Georgia, in Texas, and generally over a large part of tbe United States. This sense of the word |s very primitive. I believe "The Century Dictionary" gives the scene ot a crowd or throng as the earliest meaning of the word. It was good when the first colonists came out of England. It seems a little monstrous nowadays to hear a man speak of his cow's giving "a heap of milk," or to hear that "there was a heap of people at the basket meetin'. "—["Folk-Speech in America'Mn the October Century. DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS. The Democrats of TTashington township will meet in caucus at Center school house »t.7:SO, Saturday evening, Oct. 6, for the purpose of nominating township officers. C. H. FLENKEH, Chairman. DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS. The Democrats of Pleasant Valley will meetin caucus at Center school house Saturday, Oct. 6, at 4 o'clock, to place in nomination township officers and transact such other business as may come before the caucus. Jos. HOFFMANN, Chairman, "How to Ours All Skin Diseases." Simply apply Swayne's ointment. No internal medlolne required. Cures tetter, eczema, Itch. all eruptions on tbe (ace, hands, nose, etc. Leaving the akin olear, white and healthy, its ------- t r-----:-- -" --.*"» DWA, Dr. PleFCC'S Favorite Inscription baa proven an Invaluable boon. For prolapsus, Inflammation of the uterus, suppression and all diseases arising therefrom, It Is trulj unequaled.ln Its powers ot cute. 0«tro twelve cents In postage stamps to 86 Cor'S'JHWiH' !r_MWJB*<», : *>• c.. »«d TO. will receive four ooplei of KATB FIBLD'S containing matter of special Interest. this advertisement. ALMOST A NBW YORK DAILY. That Democratic wonder, the New York Weekly World, has just changed its weekly into a twioe-a-week paper, and you can now get the two papers a week for the same old price—$1 a year. Think of itl The news from New York right at your door fresh every three days— 104 papers a year. ALWAYS IK THE .BAD. Moses Simon of the Famous just opened a large apartment of boys knee pants and suits, justable for the present wants. Prices and goods always away down. Pure Bred Poland China Pigs fbr Sale. I have 100 pure bred Poland China pigs for sale, most of them sired by Ono (3416) out of aged sows. I will take good notes when parties want them. Ono ia four years old weighs over six hundred pounds when in breeding oondilion; oan carry 1000 pounds. 8. T. BOYNTON. West Side, Ia. iy no other remedy. Swayno'i ointment. Ask your druggist for B-i-95 Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the postofflce, Oct. 1, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington,D. C.: Mrs. Sado Steward Frank Peters James UoMabon Hayden Marquis Paul Kunimerl Ernest Hoyle J, U. Harlan J. M. Hartley A. L. Gatten John Fonkon Henry tt. Fish lira. Geo. Alton . The law provides thftt one cent shall be paid for nil letters advertised. When calling for samo please state date of advertisement. JNO. L. POWEHS, P.M. TTohn"Forxyth, son of a Chicago millionaire, was ^-rested for wife abandonment. A 4-foot vein of conl has been discovered at Chillicothe, Mo., at a depth of 330 feet. RETURNED FROM EUROPE. DIl. UOVfNING,TUE KMINKNT SPECIALIST, HAS KKTUKNED FltOM ABKOAD, AND WILL VISIT CA11KOLL, KH1DAY, OCT. 19, AT IIUBKE'S IIOTKL. We take pleasure in calling the attention of the readers ot THE SKNXINEL, to the announcement ot Dr. bowning's visit which appears in another column. The doctor line lately returned from a visit to nil the medical oeutere of Europe, and will give his personal attention to Liu many patients in this locality. Dr. Downing devotes bis entire attention to the treatment of chronic diseases and hia suooeas in treating this, class of disorders bas been remarkable. He baa without question, cured more oases of diseases of this class than any other physician or specialist in the northwest. During tbe past year, Dr. Downing and hie associates treated almost 21,000 coses of ohrooio diseases, and over 4,000 oases in Iowa alone, and Use thousands of testimonials from grateful persona whom be bas restored to health. We append tbe following statement, which is eample ot many in the doctor's possession. Be does uot ora any name, or efer te> any case without permission: 1, Pred Plait,of Oarroll Co., State of owa. do hereby state on my oath, that 1 iave been under tiontuumt of Dr. Down- il"/! of Chicago for a ohroulo dUoane for which I had spent hundreds ot dollars and ad been treated by uiauy physicians and mu'UHsts from New York aud other largo UK's, without obtaining any relief. Dr. Four Bier Successes. Having the needed merit to more than make good all the advertising claimed for them. the following four remedies have reached • phenomenal sale. Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, Coughs and Colds, each bottle guaranteed-Eleotrlo Hitters, the grot remedy for Liver, Stomach and Kldneyi. Bucklons Arnica. Salve, the belt In the world, and Or. King's New Life rilla, wlilch are a perfect pill. All theie remedies are gunruteod to do just what Is claimed for them and the dealer whose iiame Is attached herewith will bo glad to tell you more of them, told at J. W. Hatton's Drug Storo. ^ intiis sipeecu at Puna, 111*., Franklin MaoVeagh quoted advertisement* of Ho- publlcau merchants commending the now •e. 1 He. 6 No. 7 No. 13 O. * N. W. Tune omra. FASSmema TBADII wan. Orerland limited .............. 10 30 a, m. Paclfle Iicreii ................ 150 p. BI. Carroll Express ................ 9 05 p. m. 8 23 p. a. Me. No. He. Orerland limited ............. 9 os p. m So. 16 So. M . Atltntto i,pr....... j fnjws| 16 p. ». Des Moinea Passenger ....... 8 00 a m. Freight, We»t8!d«to Boone.. 9 16 a. m.. siouz orrr AMD MOVILLI BBAnuaxt. JIBp.m 116o7a .m 700a AUDVBOI BBAMOH. AMommodatlon ............. 130pm 200c.i Aorcmmodatlon ............. TSOcm 7i5«- J. E. OBKAOER, Agent. O. If. ABt. P. B'T. •IB num AT MureiH* TKAm some BAST. 2:60 p.m. m. . m. No. 72 Freight ................... ..... . . o p. m. No. 61 Freight .......................... IKW a. m. .ii ....................... 2:60 p. Ho.«PMwnnr flat ................. 8-14 p. No. 92 Freight .......................... 150 5. TaAOII MUIS HBSI So. 8 Fa 3o.9 F No. 13 Fr «:«»,•». J:37p. m. .......... 700 S; •: t ........................ lOdWa. m. ht ...................... 10-50 D m aktU (or 111* al tn* oOe*. Alio Bx- OMI Baggage books. for forthtr information tddreai, W. W. BBBOUniDM, AgCDt. Professional Cards. JA8. L. MXHTIX. G. E. MARTIN. MARTIN & MARTIN, LAWYERS. \ wm W Prompt attention given to collections. NoUry tn office. Office In MoLagun Bloek. treatment has restored we to t'lillli, M far as thu uluouno reforod to. would uot be In the condition 1 was when e hogan treatment for cue thousand dol- ors Iu gold. 1 can recommend Dr. Down- uu us anklUful aud honorable physician ml specialist. FHKU ru It you ara a victim of any disease or eaknese, do uot wail until cure is in- ossible, but attend to your case at uoe. Health IB a source of wealth and 1100*88. Dr. Dowuing will be at Oarroll,Bnrke'e otel, Friday, Got, 10, only one day. BTKAUMAN, Game AMU POKT. UU sympathy Is hotiudluss, and he has UK the uiautlo ot hlu critical cordiality vor many writers whom a less genial udgo would leave to tho doubtful shelter ftholrowu thin (Motion. A'o QUO 1ms oon kinder to the minor pool on both dun of the Atlantic, ilut while he bomb j do this, ho u«vor Botiua to saorlUco his luillbrluui. Ills patience with |lio"8t»lu- l-fc'l«88 Boots," as ho named thorn, ot the lotorlanera has never diminished the Buoklen'a Arnloa Salve Tbe tot Miva In the world for CnU, Brolie*, Sont, OIo«ri. iutnheam, r<rerSont,T«iUr, Obtppvd Uftndf , OhllbUlu, Ooni ud ftll Skta Brapliom, and poiltlrely CUM niw or BO Mr "faired. It UfatrtnUd to (U«p«rf««t ••MiteollOB or monay refunded, Frlo* *•«*•!« *MlMm. For •»!« b J. W. Hilton. Woodsiueu will orguuixe a large union this full to take In oipuloyes of tho Wisconsin, Michigan nud Minnesota pineries. A preliminary orgaulutloa has Iweu made at Ashland, WU, Tired, Weak, Nervous, Mews impure blood, »nd overwork or too much (train on the brain and body, The only way to euro la to feed tho nervea on pure blood. Tliou- sandt ot people certify ttmt the b**t blood purl- tier, the best none tonic *ud nUongta builder U flood'* aari»p*rlllik Wu»t it bu done (or other* It will alto do (or rou— Hood'i OUIM. Hood'* pills oure constipation by restoring parlt lultlo action of lliu alUuoutary oual. i BEACH A HOYT LAWYERS. Pnattw la itaU and (Mm) Muta. OHe* w Main itiMt. over Nbtwooger'a dry gaoda iton. GEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER. QJOMQB W. BOWXM ATTORNEY A i LAW. on ioa. SRffFITff BUTLtilKO. F. M. DAVENPORT, A TTOBNB AT LAW. Legal builOMt Hans •otod in both tUte •ndTadertl «o5ru. over Mark't il'i/ Qootln itore,CarroU Alurtui, a uot oil attorney of Now York, uu>mU>r of the flrm of Miirtlu & Sinh'i, itioil ut Kort Washington. It Is ruuior«d that Carl Jonas, United States coiiiuUt it. Pitonhuru, la ui»- «at|»u«d nud will r»ii«m. The Fly lu Amber. In 0110 ol the Kuropain museum* miy be M*n s piece of amber, luwhluii it du«pl| embedded a perfect tly. Now, neither Urn umber nor Ut« or aw ourlontllM, but Ilia ourlonlly ooiisliu In how thu (If yol Into tlio niuber. An equally wonderful I'uruMliy may oeuasloinUli ba M«n In uouatn Urudiiuie«, milu>nutim> of uusa dnutlo ottu- arltopllls.imt up lu cheap wooa or jmiteboard boxen, The vurlotlly with tliMo "]ok«i«,"uon- •lit* In knowing ttuoMk* for tliim, whou U U geuvmlly known Uiat Dr. t'teroe'i Heai»nt Pel. r«t», nuiur-ooiiiw!, oiul nut up In gla*i bottle*, uhvn)blr«Kli nud reliable, but llttl* larger Mimi luuntnnl voiHli, atu an effluluut cathartic, r*gu- Ut« the Hmr, and ourvtiuk headaolio, uoutllut- tlon ami djnimpala. _ C. A. Sohautw, ba, editor o( tho ttuoue Yalluy liiuotto, publUhud ut Uaulu Grow, In., died of bralu puralysU. lit- tvrwd two tunimtu deputy grand ohau- vollur af thu Kultfhl^uJ j'ythhu lu low*. CAltltOLL Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. HUE M. SHAULK, Fiublou»ble KLLA TOBO. UlUluerr and Vauoy liood* FINANCIAL. The Bridge to Parartiae, Al Strut In (he name ol au liuauliurr bridge beiwtum tUo wulli uud lUu tVottuuiuud«u Purit dl«e. It U nut *o wide UK a spider'* thread, umt tuone ludeu with ilu fall over Into the tkbjrM b<'- law. Jtwt MO narrow I* wo brld«o Uatwcuu bculth uuil alckium*. uud ui»uy tuero M» wio fall Into thw (tbym of ohrouio InvalldUm. MiMly (roui (Uo (ttut Uwt Uu»y do uot know what to do to ipt well, for no uittuy women «uH*rU« (rout KI1UT NATIOMAL BANK, Cor. Main and Mtta UtrevU. MOUVUW88TBUN BUII.DINU AND LOAN AaSOCIATION, rt(th BUM*. FEED MILLS. I. J. 4 J. R. MAT1.OCK, ITIttb Street, HARNESS, ETC. L. T. AJNUUtSON, UMUUM aud Uor*oClolL&«. Trunk*, ValltM and Sowing Maoblne*. WINES AND LIQUORS. V1CTOH U. Tbe Diamond," rourtu »tr«*i PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTER*. , Wind Mill*, 'fanki emu fuaipa. DAILY 8KNTINKI,, Boat K<iulp|>u>l t'rtullog OOloa lu Wonteru Ions. 00 YOU WANT A >t«tdjf pwlutflob »IUi largtxl livuitt ui lUo\\«.t 3J)vai« lion w« o«u uittk* « from i»w uiaterl ' ruuMWltgiow. .. in tii« world, »to. uieu. VlorUU BQBIUUMU ud. With our favlli- au la two «»««« «to«k tatl U wu- *MfeL^^i i ^ iii aU^ i5 ;.«j.^,,

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