The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 10, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
Page 7
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M A C Ufa* Alt Da? 5**. «te»Mv« a*d community did * im flrarsda? ift tfcH§!t Mi fcefire somtaj eetebra- Hea irftich hat developed into aa aalraal iSafr fern Wgetty aatief- each Tike esUfetioa »a» held ia the street la froat 6) the old W. M. Vat Autdale residence in the fiotth part oi towa where the large tttMk ttide ft fiae shade for the speaker** stand and the seats facing It, The program begun Ia the fofefioon with a big parade ia which pHtet were awarded as follows: Best individual make-ap, Gerald Christie. Best couple, "Gold Diggers of *4»," led by Bud Mitchell and Rtoth Dalzell. Best dog in parade, owned by Wendell Crawford. Best froay, Lloyd Clltes. Best doll, a tie between the Betty Haroff and Peggy elites dolls, The next was novelty races. The Race* The 100 yard dash for boys from 10 to 18, was won by Gerald Christie; 14 to 16, Jack Mitchell; 17 and OTer, Lawrence Martin, 60 Yard dash tor men over SO was won by Fred Henderson. Three legged race for girls was won by Ruth aad Doris Darland for the younger girls and Jose- pbine Haden and Margaret Robbins for the older girls. The race for the boys was won by Floyd Clttea and Robert Moore. The; wheelbarrow race was won * *** «**** ***** tftffett Htwn* and for ttt brtnf baatett fretted Weattfafty tnefr static. Priest. Home and Maggie rt> t«ng •»« wo* by Mrs. eamat Bfowa. pfa eoatest, Mfi. Ladies' ftall driving contest, Mr*. Mary Clark. Hog calliag coatest, by Tom Daicell and Howard Mitchell, At aoon a.big picnic dinner * ** ~~'"~o wuiVBt, r Ten Pierce. Pillow fight for boys, Marshall Peace. A Team Hitching CWrtoat The ae*t contest was some- thlag eatlrely new. A team hitch* jfcg contest, aad was transferred to Indlaa avenue or Main street. la this the contest was to bar* aess and hitch a two horse team aad drive them oae block. There were three entries to this: W, ft. Shepard assisted by his daughter, Rdwena, Joe Haden and daugh* ter, Marjorie, and Win Trimmer and daughter, Mary. The contest was keen and th work was all fast, so fast In fac that they came mighty nea starting on a tie. But, j n the Una wind-up the Judges taking int consideration the speed, com pleteness of the hitching, an correctness awarded the flrs prlee to Shepard, second to Ha den, aad third to Trimmer, 1 was a real event and aroused lot of Interest, The Program The program at the platform la charge of A. H. Crawford a general chairman and Rev. L. B Ripley and Lawrence Martin as announcers was good. It included music by the local orchestra led by M. Guy Mania of Avoca and assisted by twelve of Mr. Martta's pupils from Deuison aad Avoea. They gave aome good mu sic. ,/ proud. He t*ve o*e of Ms that w« TItea followed tfre pfcy, Old Scloot al Hfeofy HolfJer," which was wett p-reseate* »y «ai talent and as *en received. last -,*f> , v i, ,« • ,' WAIT UNTIL The ladies' chorus with Mrs Fred Priest as soloist gave aome Tery pretty selections. Mrs. Priest also sang in a very effective man |ner, that old time favorite, f "When You and I Were Young, I Maggie." I A tap dance by Eddie Gettins (Iwlth Miss Lorraine Clark aa accompanist was also well receded and called for an encore. „ Tho speaker of the afternoon, was Hon. N. 8, Qenung of Glenwood, «n old time Hastings boy; He was introduced,' with fitting , Sgwpn, ty, A,*H..;ppwtordjan4 m ting tribute to ;tbe"elirly ^ettiere of the town whj.cb .was organised and incorporated June 1|>, 1877, and suggested that-if tbe event ' was to be made an annual affair 1 that it be held on June 19 each [year, Mr, Genung advocated stricter law enforcement and a respect for all law and tbe beads of our government. He also gave' some constructive suggestions as to tax revision and a readjustment of some of tbe old laws to meet modern conditions and closed with a strong tribute to Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin p. Roosevelt, ana our '.own congresBwan, otha P. A,tug of war between ft „„„ Kof country men and a team of town wen was wan by the for* I jner, The kiUenball game- was by tbe town team, the score Joha Clover came ia tt of the week from reader, for a visit wtta old trieads tetettte* here aad at Gteawowd. Among the former residents who were frere for the big home eomiat Taartday we aotsd: the A. L. GleesoBs, Fired Shawt, et felliott, Walter Fisher of pacific Junction, Mart Summers of Malvern, Mr. aad Mrs. L. E. Barattia of Moamoath, in., Mrs. Harriet Godwin of Omaha, Mr*, 6. 8. Parcell of Conncll Bluffs, tad Mrs. H. P. Rea and Mrs. Martia Carlson of Essex. Miss Norma Whitney of Brooks visited a few days last week with Margaret Quittfcy. Robert Blnat is visiting his father at Plattsmonth, Nebr. this week. Mr. sad Mrs. Harry Himilier and daughter, Doris, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bower and baby of VH- llsca visited Thursday in the R. L. Christie home. Mrs. Himilier aad Doris remained until Sunday, Mrs. J, L. Haugh, Mrs. Leela Mason, and Mrs. Kenneth Jones and daughter, Jacqueline, of Omaha spent Thursday la the home of Mrs. F. A. Robblns. Mrs, Haugh is a sister of Mrs. Eva Van Ausdale. [ Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tubbs aad daughter, Pauline, of Emerson and Harry Tubbs-of Washington, D. C. visited Mrs. Eva Van Ausdale Tuesday, » - v Fraak Rockafellow was a Malvern visitor Saturday. .Johnny Schoor of Malvern visited Leon smith Saturday, Mrs. Eva Van Ausdale, Joe Robblni, and Mrs. Lel'a Mason, and son, Walter Van, were dinner guests in the Ralph Robblns home one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. A. V, Cllte* and Mrs. Dale Read autoed to Council 'Bluffs Wednesday. Mrs. Gerald Dalrymple and daughter, Betty, returned home with the Clltea* for a few days Tlslt. Mr. and Mrs. 'Everett Purcell were Shenandoah visitor* Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Read and daughter, Delores,*of Glenwood Tisited Wednesday;. eTening in tbe Ralph Hanscom home. Miss Mame Degenbart-of Mai- Tern Tlstted In the R. F, Crawford borne Thursday. Miss Bessie Morse who * has >een staying with her sister, Mrs, Donald Fleming, of Strahan.tbls summer returned home last week, i ,UIM. .»»j«j_.j ,>^r_«y7'._.. • a :'. *"•• i HENDERSON PAGESfeVfc* Farmer* National Bank Cloied Here M^^MtfiiMM.^. Aaothet ot Mitts toanty'a Strong baftklfti laatttntloas, the Farmer* Jratttiai Sank of Hea- dsrsfffl, wa* takefi over by the national bankfat department a week ago attd placed in the hands of ft receiver fof liquidation. A. S. Paul th president and C. H. Amick cashier of this bank aad its closing was tery much of * tarpffce for It looked very much like ft would be able to weather the depression if given a mtie time. iJayte Williams of Tabor was first named as receiver, bnt later lie resigned, and George E. Masters of Glefcwood was named and assumed his duties there. It ia hot presumed that there will be much toss to depositors In liquidating the bank, iam Phelps and family of Blanchard visited In the Paul Phillips home Sunday. Sea Hareff and family and a nephew of Hastings visited their attnt, Mrs, Mary Edmondson, Sunday afternoon. Carl Isaacson and family enjoyed a birthday dinner Sunday } Sandy Walter of JtaTtrera tflr- Ited friends here Wednesday. Hatry Clark aad family of Carsotr were la this vicinity Toes- day evening. Mr. aad Mrs. Glea Schetert of Avoea have beea eajoytag a trii* to Wtoeoasia aad also the Worlds Pair at Chicago. Mrs. Seheffert was Mildred Sowers before her marriage. At the services at the M. E. church Sunday evening special music was furnished by Pan! Rainbow aad Elizabeth Phillips. The church appreciates very much the help of these young people in the church. Mrs. Orel Smith of Kansas and Mr. and Mrs. Chester--.feliss of Centerville are visiting their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Panford. Mrs'. Smith will stay several weeks and care for her mother while Art Friteher and family are at* tending the rodeos. Mr. and Mrs. H. Boyd of, near Oakland were guests Sunday in the Dan Perkins home. We have been asked to announce that school will open here In the Don Woods home near Wales given in honor of Mrs. Woods. Bobble Morris of the Wale vicinity visited in the A. J. Ha bor and C. A. Wight homes las week. , Mrs! Ella Smith of Carso came Sunday to visit a few day jln the home of her son, Amos. Mrs. Waldo Edmondson wa in Glenwood Saturday afternoon William Phelps Jr. returned t his home in Klrkman Sunday al ter a weeks visit with relative here. O. R. Amlck and daughte Alice went to Des Molnes Frida for a Short visit. Mrs, Ira Richards and bab who have been ' staying in th home of her parents have return ed to their home here. Frank Oxford of Macedoni was in town Thursday. His healt is much Improved. Mrs. Mollie Klndigg visited I the Maude Klndigg home Frida and Saturday, Several ladies from here at tended the quilt show at Carso Thursday afternoon, After the business session o the Rebekah lodge Tuesday eve- Ding a pot luck lunch was much Sept. 4. Maxine Dawson of Riverton mo* The evening program was held In the same place which was well lighted, for Mie, QccftstSB. The opening number WRS given by tbe orctestrft and Wfts-fqllow. ed with »n address fey geagresa, BX88 qtftia 0, Wearln, a Hastings wbonj wf are all £:•*- • -•-" rv'-T"-**'; and^family autoed o JJravltf, Saturday, ,;; , > ,joe Bobbins of California .who has been,:Tisltingf ^bls -brother, rrank- and Ralph' Bobbins, au» ped to Contend, Nebr, Monday to look after Ms farm, Miss oreen and Miss Hurlburt if Tabor Tlsitefl a few days last B eek with tbe_. Misses 'Roberta id Tbelma Gaston, - ponald Bobbins and Miss Ha* el Cox a»d. Mr, and Mrs, Walter Heddlng-of Maivern spent Sun- ay in Lincoln, Nebr. Aaron Grouse and family au* oed to Sbenandoab , Wednesday or a few days visit with her paints, Mr, and Mrs.-Roberts, Mrs, R. If, Christie jand familr ook Miss Louise Christie totbe her grandparents, Mr, *&•« fl*» li09Jb« fiQft]* 0)@Q« Friday evening,:- #*"» ${X(| Mrs* f£fftlpl} ff&UBQQ&t and son, Robert, Bocofflpanied bis motner who had been visitinc here to her home near, Imogens of,Carson and ; Mrs, Ralp LaHue who are both members o the Henderson lodge,' A Ten pleasant time was spent in visit lag, Maxtne t;« tw Our** week with Ha?ej Brown of Hendersos. M| W Marguerite Young of p* «on who ha» been Tisltftg Jn the Charles YJner borne muree4 borne Saturday, , Mr. an^ Mrs- Harry . • * OhrHitle sad fa»Hy, Bndw ana fauyjy nuinnj I El li II 19 W, a Fftbnesto«|£ v sf 8«rMiaef. J Ia tbe District Court of Iowa " to and for Mills Ooonty D, W, BATES, Superintendent o Banking of the State of Jowa, Plaintiff, TS, ...„ VALLEY STATE BANK Hastings,. Iowa, / , , Defendant. NOTIOB TO: All creditors and depositors of tbe Botna Valley State ,. Sank, Hastings, Iowa. You and each of you are hereby notified that on or before August «, 1933, there will be on file in-the office of tbe, Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, Iowa,' tbe application of D. W, Bates, Receiver of .said bank, asking tbe approval of,the contract entered, jnto between eatd Receiv jr s»4 I* L. Oreeuwajt ana Lulu M. areenwaU, for.tbe sale of the following describe* real estate, to*w|t; ( All of Lojt 440 and also two feet of tbe South fide of Lot 441 and also tbe following: 9 feet'North of the iouthwest corner of Lot 441, thence North ten feet, Theace Bjist to the alley, thence South 10 feet, thence West to the jrtice «f be* 8lan(AB> 'All ia tbi Towa of Hastings, Mills Qojjnjty, jowa, as Shown b> tbe of aaig town, rea} estate isecl by 8814 haftfc Jn the op_., r , thereof. V»u are further UQUflea that contract, proviftss fo? the of said real estate^ subjeot thf approval of tbe Court, to visited her cousin, Hazel Brown, several days last week. The Junior baseball team play- ied the Elliott team here Saturday, Henderson winning the game. Jean Wlnslow of near Malvern visited in the Cliff Wlnslow home several days last week. Scott Sheehan and family visited friends at Vllllsca Sunday. Leslie Allenswortfc and family visited la Silver City Saturday. Mrs. Allensworth's brother who had been visiting at Silver City returned to bis home in Nebraska Saturday. Mrs. John Rainbow and son, Paul, were visitors in Council Bluffs Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Williams, Margaret Harbor, and Lavone Mercer were In Council Bluffs Friday afternoon. A. J. and A. H. Harbor made a business trip to Red Oak Thursday. Mrs, Charley Slump has been enjoying a visit from her brother, Sam Riggs, who drove in from DeCome, Wash. Mrs. Heberlee has been enjoying a visit several days from her brother who lives near Elliott. DeLoris Bolton of near Oakland came Wednesday for a visit with his 1 grandfather, Joe Edmondson. , ..._ of, the week from a four weeks Tlslt with relatives in Missouri. Mrs. Earl Boileau and Silvia Saunders were in Council Bluffs Tuesday, Mrs. Will Cain and daughter, Marjorie, and children visited relatives in Oakland Wednesday. Mrs, Addle Boileau was a visitor In Red Oak Tuesday afternoon. •••.,- An Indiana University professor after a half hour's talk with a bandit induces the robber to return over 16,500 stolen Jn a bank holdup. That professor Is certainly entitled to membership n tbe brain trust. It is said that the shipment of cotton to Europe is picking up, But it is a good bet that none of }t will be used for making whiskers for a European Santa "ilaus to visit the United States, A • retired business man in Jontana has Just finished making ila own coffin. But according to) be health magazines, there are I Jot of fellows who have been Igging their own graves for 'ears. EAST LIBERTY given so, ma, eaid rweirer to attract sbowi&i; « gfto4 -"" 9* tiJ W by Hwor- torn Oourt £ast Liberty Methodist Church Finish the book of James and then read I aad II Peter until Aug. 16. Nest Sunday tbe pastor will start a series of sermons*on the general subject, "The Sermon, on the Mount." Come to church next Sunday at 10 o'clock, plan to rema{a fpr tbe church school at i}. Lesson subject, "Pevout j- - Unless you have elsewhere we lavti Ibis church yours. Mr. aad Mrs. W. H. Cray, Fera aad Ito, also Mr. aad Mrs. Boa Harvey of Kfacedoaf* went to t«rtcfter r 86. Da*, last wee* to visit relatives aad friends. Mr. aad Mrs. Frank Hataea entertained at dfnaer Sunday, T. G. Market, Mr. aad Mrs. Ernest Laagfelt aad Jackie, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hatnes and little son, Walter. Mr. aad Mrs. Bert Howard and Dorothy from east of Silver City aad Mr. aad Mrs. Paul Jabker and son. Eageae. of Evansville, tad. visited one evening last Week with Walter Howard and A. L. Haiaes and family. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Adams and son, Keith, of Gtenwood and Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Latchaw and daughter, Evelyn, were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Adams. As that was Mr. Adams's birthday all helped him celebrate of course. Mrs. P. E. Crawmer received Word last Week of the very seri- ons illness of her sister, Mrs. Chas. Hammond, who underwent an operation In the hospital In Hattuh, Colo. Although her condition seemed quite critical we trust that she may soon be improved. Alan Du Val and Miss Hazel Owens of this vicinity, Howard Lookablll of Malvern, and Miss Cdaistock of Red Oak returned Friday evening from Chicago where they had enjoyed the Century of Progress for a few days. wtth tire tottrrbfta aad feel that the triji tftere was well wortft while. They returned by way of Keokak and Ft. Madison aad foaad their vtetts at both piacea quite Interesting. The Ladles' Aid Society met at the charch Wednesday afternoon with thirty attending. A namtier of others had planned to go bat oa account of the rain about aem feared the roads would b* ted. The program could not be carried out as planned oa account of several numbers being abseat but what was given was en Joyed and appreciated by all present There was a recitation by Buddy Wilhelm, song by Isabel Bird and Dorothy Wllhelm, drill by twelve girls and boys, reading by Edna Lntz. song by all. It was voted la the business meeting to hold the annual ice cream social this month, the date to be Thursday, 'Aug. 24. Delicious refreshments of peach pie a la m<rde and iced tea were served by 'Mrs. Frank Koines, Miss Josle Kefney, Mrs. B. B. McFall, and Mrs. A. L. Haines. Mrs. L. G. Adams who has not been well for the past two weeks is much improved and able to do part of her house work now. Mrs. Latchaw and Evelyn stayed with her several days. Everyone was pleased for flie increase In attendance nt the morning services Sunday and hope for a steady gain In Interest and numbers. STOCK Gorgeous modernistic fireworks of the "Century of Progress" direct from Chicago. A sight you'll never forget, Complete program every night Nnntt K>ort» MB. Bon* mm on'll- lomliutud tr««k. A!M I XPOSITION WO««D'l Ucturci, dwmautnitloM— .¥;« COMMERCIAL P-R-I-N-T-I-N-G I When you need any type of printing done see your local printer before sending the work out of the county, Mills county has four pro, gressive printing plants, which can care- for nearly every type of printing you need, The Malvern Deader maintains a well equipped, mod' em plant manned by skilled printers, kong experience in handling printing for Mills countians insures a low average cost and means that you can get your work done, on the average, more eco* noraically by hiving it done here, I Juet phone 100 any need printing and we'll be glad to ttaaUt you with copy and layout and explain "^W^£^^fl^^W ™ ^^^W- W^ ^^W VrP^M-NlgWlMR

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