Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 20, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1933
Page 5
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' lUL 'i. KANSAS THE ibLA DAILY REGISl'EK. MONDAY EVENING, MAIJLCH 20. 1933 New Tork, Mar. 20. (AP)—The stock market encountered 8cattere<l . ticlUng iii a quiet session today, and 4 while rafjls and wet stocks moved a little higher, utilities and miscellaneous industrials receded moderately. The closp was Irrcgtilflriy lower. Transfer^ approxlniBtcd 800,000 Hharcs, f WaH Street's attention was still focused On Washington. Ralls were helped tiy Indications of development of; the new administration's transportation prograni, and the wet, stocks responded moderately to the conference agreement on 3.2 per cent beerj Rails failed to hold their gains, however, and farm imple- -ments, after showing a little firmness, eased along with wheat. Gains Of about 2 points in Union Pacific, Delaware & Hudson, and Louisville & Nashville, were reduced to frcctibns, and gains of abeut a point in New York CentralJand Santa Fe: were virtually lost, c/wens Illinois and Crown Cork closed about 2 higher. In the utilities, ConsoliT dated G&s and. Public Service of N. J. lost; about 2 points net. American Telejjhone, American Can, Allied Chemical, and North American lost ;aboirti a point. Motors sagged. Studebaktf di-opped I'j to a price of IM., tVicn recovered to 2. MuUin."? dropped .3 point?. General/Motors and Chrysler sagged fractionally. U. S. Stefel lest a Ismail frafction. High Low Close .1 19', -I GO-', .103'-, .: 61-', .! 7". J- 46--S . 38 . li'j 1 10^ THE NEWFANGLBS XMQm'n Pqp) Sow iffiNOS STll^lii! )L ^NA>& OUT OF A JOB AMD- ME STILL tS JT -iibH A t)A ,PV< .AND BAG AMD &%CGAGE i.^ car SOME aG 1(1^6 STUFF. TtU BErMAWN' HEANY NOW y. . i2f %SS FI20»A ME. VF NME PVJT TUEKA COUECT ! TvAEJ^! AFTER f0US\M GERTIE'S MUSBA»JO HAS OMER-PUWEO -A GOOD TMlNG.SUT VKfWiMt* CAM B6 DOME AJBOUT »T No>M; -THAT'S MV "PV-AM a/r.^ou SEE. I NEED VOU AS CHICK'S BOS5,ro HEtP ME POT iTOVeR POP MM(£5 MS FlftST MOVE AT SCOWtS OKAV TO |iAE ,iaUT IT'S GOIMG TO BE A UTTL6 W^RO OM FOG. A GOOD iWAlMES. tb PUT AM EM-D -to GEBTifi NilSrt , . FIGURES THSr A-QE BCVNG. PUit^EP TVnMG. ANt> Hfe: tSET Cities Serv . SO of ind . Amn Cah .. , AT&T r Amn Tob B Anacond.4 .. Atchison ... Auburn : Beth Stck^I . Case J r ... Chrj'sler ... Cons Gas .. Cons Oil .... Drug ....... DuPont .... Gen Elec .. Gen Motors Int Harv .. Mont Ward Packnrd Penney J C Phillips Pclr Radio SO of NJ ., Union Pac . Tex Corp . U S Steel .. WoslinBh: E 50 40'>, 14". 13 23-'< 14'., 2', 24 G\ 4--, 26';« 79-. : 13^ 3P, 2V- 2-i. 18-s 59 101'.61's 45'. 37 13s 46'. 9^ 47 34'. 39's 14 12'^ 23 13•'^ ili 6'x 4'.-J 2C 78 13', 30 ~« 26% 3 18';. 59 101':: 61'i 7'145'. 37 13v 46-.s 5'L. 34'i 39'. 14 12% 23 13% 2'. 23 6% 4'-l. 26 78 13'^ 30% 26% " LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts .. — • Eggs, .seconds " Esgs. thirds F.pfr.s, unpradcd TRw.-No. 1 H:cn.s. No. 2 No. 1 SpVines. 1".; lbs. up No. 2 SprinK-s ' Butierfat, lb Cocks Gccsc. lb Gu!nea.s. each V/hite Duc'.is. lb 1 Colored Ducks, lb •• ' Jfides, per lb Mixed Corn, bi! Ycllo-vV Corn, bu .Wheat.: bu KLifir Corn : Gilts ..9c ..8C ..6c ..EC ..7c . .5c ..5c- ..3c . 12r . 3c ..2c .10c ..3c ..2c . Ic .17c .I7c .33c .15:.lie . Kansas Cily Produce. Kansas City, March 20: (AP)— Eggs 9''i;C. Butter, creamery 20c; Butterfat 9c-13c; ' packing butter 9'-c. Jlens 8c-llb; broilers I4c; roasters 4c-6c: .springs 14c. Kansas City Groin. Kansas City, Md.. Mar. 20. lAPi. Hay: 23 cars. Alfalfa; No. 1 extra leafy $13 J4; No. 2 S12';il3;' No. 1 SlO.SOfl 11.50; No. 2 leafy $9 T / 10. Prairie—No. I 56T/7; No. 2 $4.50 ti6. Timothy No.) 1$7 T ;7.50: N O . 2 S5..50'i.6.50. i Knnsas City Grain. Kan-sas city, Mar. 20. lAPi-- iwhcnt; 120 c.irs; [ "i lower to liiljhcr. No. 2. darjc hard. 51',; No. 3, nom. 47'.-57'J; No. 2, hard. 48':- 5U'v; No. 3. •1i'.'i-49', ; No. 2, rril. 5(1; No. ;.'•! noni.. 46'.-52. CIOf--r'::,M!iv -I .T '.: Jlilv 45" ; Snpt. 47''.. C(ir'i. 'IV, r .'U '.s; iinrlianficd In 'i hlKlK-r; No, 2, wliltc, 25i..; No. 2, iioni.. 24'.'-2.'5: No, |2, yellow, 2.'); No. ;), III 'i: No mi.\(''ii, 2,'); Nd. ;i, num.. •.J4-24'..; Mny 2'1' ; July 20'i : . O.'iih: ,'i cni's; ii!iicliHnHi'd, Nii. !, while, imm. in-'JO:i No, ;(, imm,, IS'/.; and 10.'I. j . Mllo iniil?;cv noil), .').') Kiiflr, CO. Hyc, nom., 38-39. narli'V, nom., 24'-.--2n. K,,C. Livcsiock Close. ^ Cattle—Fed slcins and yearlings .steady to 15c lowiT. Top mixed yearlings $5.75. Good light weight rteers $5.50. i Sheep; Lambs steady to 10c higher. ShcL'p sli'ndv, iTop fed'lambs at $5.60. • Hogs unchanged. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, March 20. (AP)—U. S. D. A.—Hogs 4l500; 1 ,000 direct; ifairly active, steady to 5 G higher than Friday's average; top S3.75 on choice 180-240 lbs.|; good and choice 140-160 ibs., $3 .40 -$3 .65; 160-180 lbs.. $3.50-$3 .tr5; 180-220 lbs:; $3.65-$3.75: 220-250 lbs.. $3.60-S3.75: 250-290 lbs., $3.55-$3.7.0; 290 -350 lbs., $3.45-$3.60; packing sows $2 .80 -$3.25; stock pigs, $2.40-$2.75. I Cattle; 9 ,000; calves 700. Fed steers and yearliiigs steady to 15c lower; other killiiig classes about steady;, stockers ajnd. feeders steady to strong; best fed steers iearly $5J25; steers, good and choice 550 -1100 lbs. $5.00-$7.00; 1100-1300 lbs., $4.35$6.50; 1300-1500 i lbs.. $4 .00-$6.00; common and medium $3 .25 -$5 .00; heifers, good and fchoice $4 .25 -$5 .75; cows $2l50-$3.00; jvealers, milk fed, $3.50-$6.00; stockiers and feeders $4 .00 -$5 .75. I Sheep: JO.OOO; opening sales kill-} .ing classes steady; best fed lambs held above $5.50;l lambs good and choice tx) 90 Ibs.i down $4.1B -$5.50} good and choice (x) 90-98 lbs., $4 ,751$5.40; ewes 90-150 lbs. $1 .27 -$2 .75. • (X) Quotations based on ewes am wethers.; I Estimated livestock receipts foi: tomorrow: Cattle 4 ,000; hogs 4 ,000; sheep 8^00, CLAIMS ALLOWED By the Board of County Commissioners at the March, 1933 meeting. William A. Hess, salary and . mileage $73.50 Joe McKinley, same 97.26 H. V. Adams, same 73.20 Dr. A. R, Chambers, same... 157.48 Mary C. Remsberg, salary and car rental .: 57.30 Sud Hurley, salary and expense 200.49 Ella McGinnity, same 136.13 Tiavls Morse, same 151.43 Frank W. Taylor, same 138.41 N. C- Ken-, same 121.83 Dollie V. Adams, same 147.50 Otis Lambeth, same 101.63 Melvln Fronk,; salarj- 150.CO Ralph Elarton. salary and expense 183.S3 F. A. Wilson, salary dep. Co. Treas 100.00 B. M. Gregory. salar>- dep. Co. clerk 100.00 Blanche Tice, salary dep. Co. Clerk of court 50.00 Hanria J. Wigner. salary Reg. Deeds 75.00 A. W. Young, salary ........ 150.00 L. G. Smith, same 75.25 C. W. Nelson, same ..... 75.00 Lutie Adams, clerical work... 41.67 Mattle Pister, same 50.00 Roijerta Frpnk, same 60.00 Chas. Klauman, same 57.50 Minnie Morse, same 50.00 Maud Vaught, same 6.00 Delmer Milne', same 15.00 Bud Hurley, jail board 122.40 Allen County Farm Bm-.. February appropriation 250.00 Hattio E. Clark, conducting leachei-s exams 20.00 A. i. Trueblood, same 10.00 Ralph Easminger, labor 3.40 James Gibbs, insurance 9.00 M. A. Sclilick,' same 13.50 J. M. Powell, same 86.46 Eiris Motor Motor Co., repairs and supplies 20.39 Bell Telephone CO.. phone service 67.63 City of lola, utilities 139.13 Tri City Herald, office supplies 17.25 lola Daily Plegister, same 378.60 C. J. Warner, same -. 3.75 Allen Co. News Journal, same 23.50 Hall Lithographing Co.. same 7.97; Crane & Co., same ; 1.93 Ii-je Mfg. Co., same •... 4.70 Sam'l. Dodsworth Sta. Co..... 1.60 L. R. Stanley, same 6.45. Remington Rand Inc., same.. 1.00 Humboldt Union, same 5.55 Jones Electric Co.. supplies .. 1.30 Litwin's Dept. Store, same... 4.95 Shannon & Shannon, same.. .45 R. H. Stewart, same .... 2.70 D2ll Adams, assessing 5.00 Tola Coal and Junk Co., coal. 118.22 Fee bill, ' county- treasurer, postage and supplies 126.1C Pee bill, county clerk, postage, traveling expenses ..- 20.60 Fee bill, bounties 24.80 Fee bill, Ed J. Dunfee. fees and mileage 44.40 Fee bill, J. D. Bennett, constable . 3.00 Fee bill. Juvenile Court vs. H. Branch 1.00 Fee bill. J. S.lLehman J. P. vs. Claude Smith 2.95 Fee bill, J. S. Lehman J. P. vs. Lois Grayson 7.00 Fee bill, J. S. Lehman J. P. v.':. S. Brooks 7.25 Fee bill. Dr. Kerwood Cor. Incj. in death of George En.smingcr i 29.75 Fc'.' bill, Dr, Kerwood, same P. W, Stewnrt 5.25 Fee bill. Dr. Kerwood, same Alice. F, Fwlng 3.25 J. M. Powell, insuranci! poor inrm • 45.00 Ili'll Telephone Co,. i)hone i.ervirp poor fiirm 12.05 Coal. & Junk Co.. coal ))0or farm 50,70 Lil.wln ','1 Dept. Store, same , 2,82 •Stuinnon and Shaimon, some 5.7,i Greene's Cash Gro., same,,, 10.57 Cooks Drug Store, .same 7..52 J, C. Penney Co., same 2,47 Richnrdson's Dept. Store, KRme 5,48 R. C. McKinney Feed StoVe same - 15.15 Dr. P. S. Beattie, same .. 3,75 Virgil Megill. same ..... 4.00 H. T. Upshaw, same .... 7.38 J. B. Knepp, same , 28.82 Otten Bakei-J-, same ...: 6.02 Lesb Oil Co., same 2.10 Stephenson Oil Co., same... 12.68 Wm. A. Hicks, salary .... 125.00 Thelma Peck, work, same 20.00 Marjbrie, same ; 10.00 Scott MicCoy. digging grave at poor fai-m 1.75 Henry Upshaw, same 1.50 B. L. Hinkle, grinding at poor farm 6.00 G. C. Kams, hauling coal to poor farm . 9.75 lola Coal and Junk Co., .coal poor fund , 226.20 Maiy Banks, judgment 20.00 LaHarpe Fuel Co., pauper utilities '.. 1.50 City of lola, same 84.68 LeitzbacU Purn. Co., pauper burial 20.00 lola Cemetery Board, pauper grave 10.00 Miss Margaret Canatsey. blind care 10.00 Delia Brown, pauper nursing 30.00 Mrs. Effie Jenkins, same 20.00 Mrs. Jane Valentine, same... 25.00 Mi-s. Nora Willey, same 24.00 Louise Tackett, same 21.00 Geo. LeValley, same 20.CO Bell Memorial Hospital, pauper care 34.65 St. John's Hospital, same.... 74.O0 Hensley & Broslus, pauper fuel 7.75 E. Beckes, same , 182.75 CLAIMS ALLOWED E. H. Bartlett, sa^ ........ 7.50 Guy M. Tredway; same 12.50 Leslie McCIime, same 2.00 Brownie's Produce,-same 12.00 B. O Kem.Gro., pauper mdse. 13.70 ! E. J. Wright, same 11.55 ;Ira Anderson, same 15.02 James Handley, same 4.03 Frjcr Brothers, same 65.34 E. C. Dudley, same 29.00 Grcathouse Bros., same '. 5.15 Mrs. W. H. Zimmerman, same 32.49 Greene's Cash Groc.. same... ,104.49 M. a. Le-wis, same 7.15 C. T. Han-is. same 12.00 Auccbach Groc.. same 31.35 W. A. Porter, same 8 .42 Safeway Stores, iAxa-i 33.00 Self Service Gro., Hum'JoIdt.| 87.47 Geo. McDonald, same 58.85 Mrs. D. Schomerus, same 6.80 Brown's Gro., same 5.26 John W. Barley, same 10.11 A. M. Tipple & Sons..same.. 17.98 D. K. Patterson, same 12.00 Bert Watson, same 5.00 E. W. Hatch, same ,.. 14.65 Jim Smith, same -. 3.46 Grane:e Supply House, same.. 201.60 H 'Jm 'ooldt Gro.. and Mkt 45J4 East Side Gro., same ,51.32 Geo. Reynolds Groc.. same..$ 41.62 City Market, same 2352 Cook's Drug Store, same ..;. 234 Brown's Di-ug Store, same ..:. 5.85 Taylor & Laughlln, same... 61.99 Mont McKinney, same :. 6.00 M. & M. Groc, same ;. 66.3? h. W. ;Anderson, same 2550 Self Service Groc, lola. same 68.14 L. E. Foster, same 74.00 J. C. Pcnn6y Co., same .: 3 J4 Mrs. C. F. West, same 20.00 Richardson's Dept. Store 1.52 Ramsey's Store, same 1.18 A. R. Sleeper, same 3.00 F. W. Roach, same 2.1C Economy Shoe Store, same.. 1.49 A'. L. Maloney, same 80.11- Hess Drug Store, same ..... .3.40 Dell Adams, same io .OO jj. B. Knepp, same 20.18 M. C. Skinner. Pauper hauling 45.00 L. Averell, same 12.50 Park Tidd. same 5.25 Ralph Ensminger. same lO.OG Dr. K. G. Keyger, pauper, practice 12.00 Dr. L. W. Simmons, same ... 350 Dr. Ira F. Kerwood, same... 12.50 I Dr. A. B. Twadell, same ... 8.00 lor. A. R. Cham'bers, same... 6.00 r^r. F. Lcnski. same 19.00 Dr. D. D. DeNeen, same..... 11.25 Dr. O. C. Payne, same 58.00 Redfield & Leimonstoll, pauper rent ^3.00 C. W. Hume, same t 3.00 Ella M. Whitaker. same " 3.00 Mrs. M. M. Carroll, same ... 3.00 U. H. Epperson, same 3.00 W. E. Van Camp, same ..... 3.00 S. A. Ellis, sa'me 3.0-3 A. R. Enfield, same .... 3.00 J. H. Henderson, same 6.00 Mrs. Edward Russell, same .. 3.00 J. A. Boyer, same ; 5.00 Mrs. Rosa McKinney, same.. 3.00 jCenneth Foust. same 3.00 F. E. Sinclair, same 3.00 Mrs. A. G. Paugh, same 3.00 J. C. Thomas, same 3.00 W. A. 'Wheeler, same 3.00 Cora Payne, same 7,00 J. O. Thompson, same 7 J 00 P. E, Weston, same 6.00 E. M. Weatherman, same 3.00 Mary Crowdcr, same 3.00 Ruth Fisher, same 3.00 Willard Doolittle, same 3,00 Mrs, O. W.! M;a,sden, same ,.. iOO C, S. Forney, same 3,00 Mrs. Kate Schell, same 0,00 Mrs, E, 3. Bryant, same .,.,, 8.00 J R. Flnley, same 3,00 J. T. Tredway, same 3.00 C. B. Francisco. M, D,. cnre crippled children 3,00 Mercy Ho «t>'tnl, some 00,00 Bell Memorial HoHpltnl, same 15,50 A. W, Youns:, gen, rond payroll $418,60 Pledge President Economy and Beer e i»n n RW snvKC wc. Smilingly conOdent after asBurias President Roosevelt 6t proniTpt enactment of bis budget-slasblns and beer programs, SeDBtor Jmcph T. Robinson (le(t), majority leader, and Lewis M..Dotiglas, dliectcr of the budget are pictured on the steps ot the Wbl (6 House after \ their conference with the President. CLAIMS ALLOWED A, W. Young, gen. patrol payroll '11.40 City Oil Co., gen. road supplies 12.73 Heafiiman OU Co.. same 18.09 Cities Service Oil Co., same.. 34.37 Pyroil Sales Co.,; same ...... 3,00 Natinnal'Eng. Co., same 14.0<1 Walter Ensminger, sanie .80 Wagner Mch. Shop, repairs . 5.50 KesJsinger Tire Shop. same.. 6.32 Henrj- Miller, gravel 80 Frank Thompson, labor 13.20 Ralph Ensminger, same 7.30 W. Young, bridge and culvert pajTOll 415.90 City Oil Co., B.& C. sup 9.59 McCarthy Motor Co.. same.. 21.35 Kirk Morrow Iron Wks., Co., same 12.90 Ralph Ensminger, same 4.65 J. H. Osbom Lbr. Co.. materials 22.32 J. S. Vance Sons, ests. No. 8 and 9 siiecial road imp... 4,853.67 Total $13,287.81 General Fund $ 4,047.15 Fnrm Bureau 250.00 Crippled Children 117.50 County Farm 403.82 Poor 257G.85 Gen. Road 546.11 Bridge <t Culvert 487.71 Soecial Road . 4,858.67 Total .'.$13,287.81 . State of Kansas. County of Allen, ss. I Ralph Elarton. County Clerk in and for said county do hereby certify the above and foregoing to bo a true and correct statement of all claim", allowed In the amounts anci for the purj'oses as above specif let! by the Board of County Commls- bloners at the March, 1933 resiilur mootlng. WllnesH mv hand and seal tills nth day of March, 1933. tSEAL) RALPH ELARTON, C'ntinly Clerk, Allen Co,, Kitiiiiits, A Bmall nd in the <Cln8Hlfled column* often puts over a big deal. DEER CREEK Mar. 15.—The cedar trees yard on the John Wynn farm have been removed and they are maple trees In their place. in the setting It cer- lodks of at and 0n. the after- tainly does change the things around there. Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Brewer and boj's visited Sunday aftemfxjn the John Wynn home. Pearl and Ted Williainis Charlotte Klncaid called Thohoff young folks Sundaj-j noon. Mr. and Mrs. Ed James, Gusta and Bertha visited Sunday with IJTr. and Mrs. Clifford James. Mrs. Ed James and Gusta at- t 'oRded H. O. A. club Tuesday at Mrs. Belvore's. M.1-. .nnd Mrs. Clifford Jaml cp.llinf; at the Prank, Delp ^hd., Elf mer Strickler homes Sandfly evening. Mr. and Mrs. Cris Ermel Mr. and Mrs. Claus Thoholjf Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jan^es visited Mr. and Mrs. Leo Scii) daughter Tuesday evening. Eddy Williams \-lsited Wynn Wednesday night. The Happy Hour club hel(^ day meeting with Mrs. J. Hams, March 14. lEach memlier took a covered dish, and the hostess as; sisted by Mrs. Myron Elmore a deUcious dinner to the fqllowing members: Mesdariies claus Tfhohoff Ralph Shafer," John Wynn, Brower, Myron Elmore and two chllr dren. Miss Javeaux and thp hostf ess. Mr. Williams was also present; Afternoon members were Ms. Geo, Kettle, Mrs. Harry Dunlap a id Mrs; Alva Shadwick. The work of the day was quilting for Mrs, Willlnma, by the Thohoff,. a^rt the The The meeting was opened president, Mrs, usual business transacted meeting day waA changec from Tuesday to Thursday, nnd to bfl held every two weeks, TJ c next mc 'tliig Is to tx> un all du: affair with Mrs, Leon Javeuiix an( Anna, Tluirndny, March 23, Each : nember Iff to bring a covered dish, {^11 call iH to be HuagcHtlons on how \Q ralH> money for the club fund. OUT OUR WAY By Willkms ps were visited !Iy and iMarion an all . Wil- / MO-t^O-"OVA. HO\ 1 NOJER TAv^E StOCS*. " X ME .vef? SHOvsJ MO FA'v^OOlTtS VsliTt-T •AT5 A SWELL -miMGi TO -TEL\_ p £OPl.E VMHO OOMT vVsiOVsl -M FACT'S ~_ X \N\evA SOKA£ O' TUENA PEOP*-^ >^oo TfeL-L THAT COOUO BE. vAERE vNv4e .N4 x've PUT A uA -rruE, 6»js »»4E .ss. OEA\- ovee? OM HCR, •TH ^-r GlTS rtER Tt> V>//V3rt TH' OvSHES, ^i^T TvACKi -see. voo BOTT JM, AV4" see vNrtoae. e\o^ VOL) TAWE Pur "WASH" csi TvAjfe pieces OF PAPEQ AMD LET HER OFfAva HE.R CHOICE :. X Wft -SKiT SHO^NIMCr FAVOPtTl4.V^ 1 JUST PREveMTEO A »A 6 LO OP. Pageant in High School Additorinm Thursday Elicits Much Fa. vorable Cottunent. i USHARPE, Mar. 20.—Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olford and Mrs. ^tolly Ashley returned to Blue Mound Saturday after, spending a few days at their hdipe here attending to business Interests. Harold Birock, lola, was in La­ Harpe visiting relatives Saturday afternoon. Mrs. .Earl StitzeU and daughter Mary were In town attendhig to business Saturday afternoon. The Sanders house was moved the last pt^rt of the week'from the south part of town to the Sickly farm southwest of lola. Mrs. F. M. Hartzog is improving from injuries she received'in an accident several days ago. ; One of the mast beautiful pageants ever presented in LaHarpe was the St. Patrick's day pageant given in the high school auditorium Thursday evening by the Phllathea Sunday school class of the Methodist Church. The pageant was an original production origlhated by Mrs. J. C. Ciflbertson and Mrs. J. R. Hen- dersoh, both members of thfe class. The girls high school string orchestra under the direction of Mtes Edna Gi$h; and cofmposed of the following glrla, Marie Yancey, Mabel Johnson. Winifred McKtever, Thelma Stevenson, Doris Clark, June Heathman, Ruth Culbertson, Leota Culbertsoh, and Esther Moore, played Irish melodies as the opening of the program. Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Ralph Barker very cleverly played the part of the two old Irish ladies, who sat by their tea tables brining up memories of old Ireland. The first was a song "Wearing of the Orfeen," by a chorus of ladies' voices, followed by a reading of the same title given by Mrs. Lowell Baumunk in her gracious manner. A lovers' scene was carried out by Mrs. Edila Barker as "Pat" and Mrs. Frank Stevenson as "Kitty," as a duet "My Wild Irish Rose" with Mrs. Newman and Mrs. SomervlUe playing the part.of the two old fathers, one of the most beautiful scenes was "Mother McChree" played by Mrs. Lambert as she sat with knitting near a spinning wheel which has beeh hi the family for thre* generations. Miss Edna Gish sang "Mother McChree." Mrs. Edna Barker played the mouth harp. Those in the "Washer Woman's" act were: Mesdames Walter Thormahn, 6. D. Hartley, Otis Barker, Lula Flack, Homer Troxell, Dora Newman, Dick Shorter, Bert Johnson, Charles Somerville, W. L. McKeever, Charles Bryan, and Minnie Stevenson. Irish songs and melodies were sung after which a short play "They Never Gossip in Ireland," was given. The play was written by Mrs. Culbertson arid proved to be a roarhig success with the audience.^ The six little fairies who danced and who were coached by Miss Lotta Yowell were Nadhie Holmes, Betty Louis Sartan, Elizabeth Johnson, Pearl Marie Bartlett, Betty .^une Boyer, and Opal Newton. June Heathman was the accompanist at the piano. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Campbell, Westphalia, spent the week-end with Mrs, Maude Campbell and Myrtle. Mr. and Mrs, Campbell and Mrs, Mau<Je Campbell visited friends in Chamito Saturday, Barbara Ann Btephetvi who has been visiting at the homo of her grandparcnta, Mr, and Mn. Ocorgc Stephens ond family, returned to lola for a week's visit with Mr, ond Mrs, Jess Chose and family. Saturday, Mr, and Mrs, bene Danforth of Votes Center, and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McDonald and family were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Danforth and George. Dr. H. L. Locy and children. lola, were visiting friends in LaHarpe Sunday afternoon. Harold Gregory and son. Harold Bert, visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George McDonald. Mr. arid Mrs. Marian Edwards, Coffeyvme, visited the last of the week, with Mrs. Edwards's parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Mote Robinson and family. Mrs. McCulley and Emia of lola were in town shopping Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Brooks and family, near Elsmore, were In town Saturday on business. The city of LaHarpe will hold its caucus meeting at the school house Tuesday, March 21, at eight o'clock. The German nitrogen syndicate is said to control 98 per' cent of the output. A i^aill ad in the Clasdlled col- tin^ ptt^ pute over a bi^, djfcal. THE jr. F. GRBNNAN PRODUCE CO. C. G. COOmUi. Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases and Supplies Siaxt YUm CUcfcs BIgbt USE PILLStfUBY STAB'IING FOOD Old and RelUble-Established 1911 Comer UoBroe Md Eha (Just west of the Water Tower). NSWERS J UAN DE LA CIERVA Invent• ed the autogyro principle for airplanes. Sic semper tyrannis means "THUS AL- AVAYS TO TYRANTS." NICARAGUA is. the country in41- cated. ' .'ill . < .1 DE SOTO R SEDAN OLDS 6 COUPE FORD A ROADSTER FORD '31 COUPE ESSEX SEDAN CHRYSLER 50 SEDAN PONTIAC JsEDAN ilOSS AttBUCEE GARAGE CHBrSLEB-PLTMOUTB Sales—Service—Parts LIVE STOCK 22 Poultry and Supplies CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per caise; less than case lots, Ic per egg; chicks, 4',ic and up. Taylor 's Hatchery and Produce, 201 South . Jefferson, lola, Kas. CHICK SPECIAL—S. C. White Leghorns and Minorcas from wonderful flocks of blood tested, certified birds. We have one grade only!* THE BEST, at $4.95 per 100, $24 per 500. Willson Farm Hatcheries. (Formerly Cantrell). 2 mi. south on 73W. "Talk Chicks with Willson." SWAPPER'S COLUMN 4-WHEELED TRAILER—New tires, for wagon, pigs or what have you. A: W. Stout, 2 miles south Lone EUn. ANNOUNCEMENTS Anctions BIG STORAGE SALE of household goods, Wednesday. 1:30 p. m.. at Corr's Storage Room. 218 N. Jeff. Bedroom suites, dining room sulf es. 1 walnut; living room suites, odd dressers, rugs, 9x12. TVixO; gas range, coal and wood stoves, rocking chairs, odd dining room chairs; chiffoniers, porch furniture. Vlc- trola, kitchen cabinets, pedestals, and furniture of every description to be sold for storage. C. S. Bishop, Auctioneer. COMMUNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale bam. Col. Smock, Auctioneer. , I WILL SELL at public auction Tuesday. March 21, 1:30 p. m., furniture of 6-room house, 824 N.' Buckeye: bookcase, library table, rockers, dining table, chairs, beds, dressers, four 9x12 rugs, 4 stovps, canned fruit, garden tools, lots ;of articles not listed. A. C. Oliver, Auctioneer. ' - ••'. AUTOMOTIVE Antomobiles For Sale Dodge SALES AND ' SERVICE Plymouth CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modem Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4c, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Russell Hatchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. CUSTOM HATCHING SPECIAL We are starting our second Big Smith incubator and can't fill it with our own eggs. For a limited time only $1.25 PER TRAY OF 150.EGGS OR S2.75 PER CASE. Willson's guaranteed hatching aL less than ordinarj' Hatcheries charge. Take advantage of this opportunity. We set every day. . All Heavy Breeds 5':;C Assorted Heavies 5c WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W "Talk Chicks with WiU.son" HIGHER PRICES paid for poultry for our retail trade, Brownie'.s, Tola's Cream Headquarters. OIL BROODER—Used, good condition, 500-chick, $5.00. Allen Counly Implement Co. OVERSIZE CHICKS —Standard weight of good chicks Is 9 lbs. per 100 chicks. Average shipping weight Of SUNFLOWER CHICKS is 12'-.: lbs. per 100, Including 2'L--lb. box. Sunflower chicks are 10";^ oversize. Before buying chicks look at the fluff for color and luster: weigh a hundred. Are they actually from blood-tested stock? SUNFLOWER _HA'rCHERIES,_Gas City. Bronson.. 21 Dorses, Cattle, Vehicles Dependable Used Cars and Trucbs ELLIS MOTOR GO- : Phone301 Cash—Trade—Term^, PONTIAC-BUIGK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 : THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Chevrolet qoupe 1930 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrypler Roadster 1920 Dodge Six Coupe 1937 Dodge Sedan 1939 Dodge Sedan 1B28 Essex Coach 11)29 Ford Truck i 1931 Ford Sport Rond.stcr 1031 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 International Truck, imm Wheel base 1028 Nash Coupe 1927 PontlBC CoUpn Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOR OO. 6 Auto Accessories, lires, Farta BATTERIES — For your car, $3.65 exchange; made of new material unconditionally guaranteed. The Major Co. . • JUST WRECKED—4 Fordsons, '23 Pontiac; '27 Dodge coupe for sale, lola Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 78S. Regular GAS—"Wholesale—5'.'ic Federal Tax Paid—40 gal. $2.60. •VINE OIL & GAS CO. State aind Lincoln Sts., lola TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Ttres. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds. 307 West Street. EMPLOYMENT 13 Help Wantfid—Female OPERATORS— wm taterview operators at Kerr-McPall Garment Co.. from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. Wednesday. U Help Wanted—Male AMBITIOUS, reliable man wanted to take orders arid deUver Watkins Products in lola. Customers established, good pay every day from start. Experience : unnecessary, complete training given. Write immediately. The, J. R. Watkins Company, D-64, Winona. Minn. _ LIVESTOCK 22 Fonltry and SnppUes. CHICKS, Feeds, Poultry Equlpmei>t. Allen county's Ifyrgest hatcherv. Hatching thousands weekly,.certified, blood tested; honest prices. Willson Farm Hatcheries (Formerly Cantrell). 2 ml. south on 73W. "Talk Chicks with Willson." TEAM HORSES—Weigh 3000; team sorrel horses, weigh 2800; mare, 7 years old, weigh 1200; bay horse. 5 years old, weigh 1200; team mares, weigh 2400; 4 sets work harness; 3 wagons; 3 discs; 2 cultivators: 2 disc-cultivators; 2 mowing machines; 2 hay rakes; 2 corn planter.'?; all kinds farming machinery: 3 good bulls: 25 fresli cows; 20 cows to freshen soon. Will sell on time. J. C. Butcher. 23 Wanted—Live Stock CATTLE TO PASTURE—Wanted, J. W. Sherwood, 2'^ miles northeast of Geneva. FOR RENT—Pasture for town cows, blue grass and sweet clover; sheds for milking. Phohe 595J. LIVESTOCK — Ship us your livestock; car or truck loads. Prompt returns. We help you finance stock cattle. Ryan-Robinson Commission Co., 425 Livestock Exchange,' Kansas City, Mo. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale OFFICE DESKS and Safes. Henninger's Purn, Store, W. MaUison, SHOW CASE—A No. 1, fl-ft,, 1 gar- ap,e Jack. Golden Service Stiitlon, _ Colony, 27 I'ecd, Fuel, FvrUIizem SWEET CLOVER - Cleaned, $1,35 bu.. and flax, free from weedn and -i!l!<L ^.1':..^^pA4;., N!choIii«,_Lnnuri)c. 88 Uoosehoid Goods BAROAINS—In furniture, stoves, and electric washers, new and used. Terms. Curtis', 10 N, Wash, NEW SHIPMENT of Gas Ranges; 15 on display to choose from. Latest models at attractive prices. Trade hi your old' as first pay. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture. USED Electric Washing Machines, $10 up. Henplnger's Fum. Store. 25 USED Gas Ranges, $250 up. Henninger's Furniture Store. 29 Machinery and Tools GOOD FORDSON TRACTOR—And plows, $60.00. Z. F. Sproul, Gas, Kansas. 31 Seeds, Plants. Flowers GLADIOLA BLUBS for sale; several thousand Michigan grown, high crown bulbs, in mixture; 25c per dozen; $150 per 100. Templin's, 1023 North Sycamore. SWEET CLOVER SEED—$1.25 per bu.; Lespedeza clover seed, 7c per lb.; loose timothy hay, and first year cutting of sweet clover. Glen Thompson, Moran, Kas. WHITE-BLOSSOM Sweet Clover 'Seed, re-cleahed. Harry Boeken. LaHarpe phone. ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats APARTMENTS—Furnished, hi modem, home; also room and board. Call at 320 South Walnut. Real Estate For Rent 37 Honses For Bent FOR RENT—Houses, good locatioa See o. E. Pees. HOUSE—7 rooms, modem, garage, garden, $7.00. V. C. Archer,

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