The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 9, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOV. 9, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEN Paced by "Louie" Anderson, t King's Court "red hot" five took three straight games from Watch Case in Commercial league bowling at Smith's alleys Wednesday night. The match proved to be the high .point of the year, thus far. Four new .season marks were hung up by King's Court in the process of -winning, Anderson getting two. He started off with 201, then rolled a great 255 and tapered off with 185 for 641 pins, a new .season record. His 255, also a new record for the year, ties the j champion New York mark chalked up by Mrs. M. OUBht to be liquidated. Myers in the Ladies league recently. Previous high for a .scries was 627 by Ray Taylor of Willoughby's and single game high was 245 ,by Herb Johnson of the Tamper. Team series and single game marks were two other records broken. In the second game, with three men hitting over 200 AND DRIVER WASN'T SCRATCHED OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 9.— You can't' add M~el Harder, ace | pitcher of the Cleveland Ameri- j can league baseball team, to the j list of those who think the World | Yankees Mel has his own remedy for the monopoly the Yanks have taken on the American pennant. "Time and the law of averages will take care of them" said he. Mel, an Omaha boy, thinks the Indians might make it kind of tough on the Yanks next year The Indians, he .said, are on East Riverton PT-A Jo Meet EAST RIVERTON.—The Parent-Teacher association of East Riverton school will hold its regular meeting at the| schoolhouse on Friday evening, Nov. 10, at 8 o'clock. The following program has been prepared: Music—Ankor and Chris Sorenson. Reading—Mrs. William Buffenbarger. Music—-Foes. Musical selection*—East Riverton Rhythm band. Reading—Joiin Butz. Music—Dale Fleming and Alva Pirtle. Song—School girls. freshments will be served and, The 25,260,000 autos in Ameri- every man, woman and child fi the public is attend. cordially invited to | ca are quite sufficient to take the country at the same time. ' |. Historical Notes Among the names presented Tuesday evening'to Mrs. Sam Hjortholm for membership in Mason County Historical society were the following: Algot Dalquist, Miss Evelyn Voss, Mrs. Lottie Gustaffson, George Peterson, James Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. George L. Yocky. The latter two were for two year memberships. These were added to the honorary membership, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark, David Laidlaw and %A/E'RE ^^ GOING Comfort in o- the prosram. re- • Mrs. Margaret'Voss. GOING to Save. GOI Sample One-Way Fares IMiiskcgon | 1.50 Grand Rapids 2.40 Chicago S.20 Detroit 5.45 Jacksonville, Fla. ... 17.20 Tampa, Fla 1S.7S Miami .'.. 21'.35 New Orleans 16.80 Los Angeles 36,45 New York 17.50 Big EXTRA Savings On Round-Trip Tickets DAHRINGKR BUS & TAXI LINE 105 E. Lootnis St. Phone 300 GREY/HOUND their way up. He't predict 1940 pennant for them .s-tj»cy lire roa and low score being 183, King's | any Court toppled the amazing! but— count of 1,052. This added to! "Anyway, we ought to end up other games of 975 and 935 i in second place." Have the soft drink manufac- \ There's a lot of spirit amonu; turer.s a 2,962 team series. i the Indians—they won 20 of 23 Every man on the winning nggregation had at least one L'OO »ame. Had not Len LeClair run into a mess of splits in the lunik-. King's Court might h.tve rolled a 3,000 pins series. In all there were ten 200 games in the match "Bub" Starve turned in a brilliant exhibition to lead the — Central Press Phonephoto This car, skidding on wet pavement, crashes through the rail of a bridge over the Schuylkill river in Philadelphia. George Jackson, the 289-pound driver, said he "never before got out of one place so fast in his life." more than one bear when look- -squaw who came up to her and " ' on tire" road in the last five weeks of the 1939 season— and "our weak infield suddenly became strong when our rookies came through," Harder declared. "L/ju Boudreau and Ray Mack make us tough on both sicie.s of second. We've got the third baseman in the league and our outfield is good. A couple of ouri pitchers arc coming up. j touched off by a nice 227 game ! "More than that we've got ai The wins lift King's Court into! Tf! 111 u>am s ! )il ' il - Thos(> young', a tie for second place in the' telluws ^''Pi'd u.s a lot," Mel for the Laidlaw cattle. One time a boar carried off a bigi calf, ate u part of it. then loft The L a i cl 1 a w s ;,ung the calf in a tree and placed a bear trap beneath, "rne bear was trapped, shot and added to the fresh meat .supply and Mrs. Vos.s .said "boo." The little girl took to her heels and ran until out of breath. Reaching home she turned but saw no sign of the .squaw. Events changed so gradually from pioneer to modern trends that there i.s no definite line READ WHY FOOD DOLLARS BUY MORE AT A&P SUPER MARKETS You save money every day at A&P Markets because we cut out those things which add to food costa. The savings we make we share with you. For instance, you save because we do away with credit losses by selling for cash. We make no deliveries. That naves us expense and saves you money. We buy many foods direct —you save because we eliminate in-between profits. Scores of fine foods we make as well as sell (A&P Coffees and Teas, A&P Bread, Jane Parker Baked Goods, Ann Page Foods .and White House Evaporated Milk). On these foods you make extra grand savings. Come in—seeing is believing. You'll see plenty of convincing proof. Big crowds but plenty of room for all. Wide aisles. Mammoth displays. Helpful clerks. Save as your neighbors save! recalls it was very guod. Deer betwce n the two periods accord- were plentiful and unafraid. Onp clay Margaret met a big in"- to Mrs. losing team. He had a 608 series,! J' 01 ' 11 /' P ll V n( a nice 227 game.! More Uui HOP AROUND TO THE TOGGERY K. L. ASHBACKER & SONS 1'iop standings, and drop Watch Case into the second division. In other matches Wednesday night. Plumb and Nelson copped two from Birke's Shoes and Wiiloughby kept its league lead by trimming the Tamper two (jut of three. Willoughby still lia.s a three-game lead over the ', .M-coi id-place fives. I Schoenherr and Galinski! were the luminaries in Plumb and Nelson's victories, hitting 551. Sfhoenherr's total included a dandy 224 in the inaugural. Best bowling of the match, however, was exhibited by Les Spoor and "Lefty" Olson who busted 577 and 562, respectively. Spoor had two games of better than 200. Slyfieki of Birke's, league's leading kegler, lost a little ground in the individual avf-nw.s but still hung on to his lead. He bowled 533. Final totals prove the teams were evenly matched, Plumb and Nelson winding up with an even 2.700 and Birke's with 2,670 pins, only 30 less. Another close match was the Willoughby - Electric Tamper mectiiiK. Alth?jiiK"i everv man on the latter outfit bowled over 500 and the team wound up with 63 more pins than the opposition, it was able to win but one of three starts. It was a great effort on the part of the went on. Harder, who Joe Dimag^io i.s the toughest pitcher in the' league, looks forward to a big! year in 1940. The arm trouble! that bothered him the part; of .season is gone now. I HOCKEY ! (iiy TIII: AssociArr.i) i-urss) \vi-;i)\vs UK si i/rs National I.p;i|;ue No Htimrs scheduled. Pittsburgh 5. I'hihicli'lphlu 4. Anii'riran Association Mliin<'ii;)ii:is -1. Onialiii 1. To.Mcirrs sriiiaHJi.ic N'aliniiiil LIMKIIU Ni \v York Aliicririins :it Mutilroixl. llitrrlKil \inri l.caKiii 1 New llavcn at. rroviclcnce. American Assiifiiiituii Nu i'.iinn s hdi'. chili'il. Pioneer Sketches Of Mason County Among the names long familiar to Mason county residents and now added to the honorary membership of Mason County's Historical society i.s that 'of Laidlaw. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Laidlaw came to Mason county in 1876, , from a farm near Grand Rapids. | to trim the league lead-' The boys of the family, includ-! ers but it was not their night. in? David, 15. drove a team and! Beckstrom, after a slight re-, cattle through to the Victory! lapse last week, bounced back' farm. The mother and girls, in- with a fancy 019 total for series 1 eluding Mary, 7, now Mrs. Mar- honors. Beckstrom's total was garet Vos.s, came by train. second best of the evening. He! Their first night was spent had 204, 199 and 210, the latter i with the Dolans. They then high for the match. j lived in a part of the Barnhart Herb Johnson and Ted New-1 house until the Laidlaws could hoff, two "old reliables," were j build their own log house. There tops for the Tamper crew with were many Indians and but six counts of 583 and 573, respec-I white 'families in the region, tively. "Hank" Pelawskl also I Mrs. Voss recalls that one turned in some nice bowling, evening a band of Indians ap- '• : 0j-.f.A -• V; W^t^V^^B?^^^PP^! •" • "Yes, sir. it wis a fiooil hunting (lay — clear ami coltl. Ami I can It'll you I vas filail I Iiail clumped from Summer iimlcr- wear. \\illi H\M-S initlillriri'liilil V. IVIT.II SKIS, I fell as suiif; as Ole Kumhlcr . . . liird- di raining hy I In- lire. Matter of fuel, ! don't (Vcl all |iaililed up here imloors oil her." Thai's ihe bin point ahoul HANKS Vi'lMKIl Sr.TS. They' l ro iniililli'li'i'lfill I — help equalize your hotly heat indoorsaml oiil. "\ oil feel spruce. ami trim, loo . . . with the penile, athlelie sup- -porl of lliR- llANKSkMT <'.ro»rh-<iuartl. This reinforced venl has no hultons lo hot her you. Pick out- of the popular Vi'l.NTKK Si. I' Klylcs. H:ni- your II.>.M.S I)<-aler show lliein lo you. 1'. II. Haiius KuilliiiK<:o.,\\ iiiston-Salem, N.C. HANES WINTER SETS SOc to ?9c THE GARMENT fi' " ^ BEEF ROAST Any Chuck Cut 1C 19 BOILING BEEF Tender Meaty Short Ribs 2 - 23 C SMOKED HAMS Tender Precooked Whole or Shank Half : Ib. 19 PORK ROAST Small Lean Fresh Picnics Ib. Round Sirloin or Swiss Tick tlin (•oiiiliirlil- t iitii t lta( HiiitH you ht-st. \\ a hi,-i-»t- HANES HEAVYWEIGHT Crnlr.h I Wind- Shields H r I e f t a 11 a i r of $ : r o t <• li - t i ti a r il S luir I » (f i K li r.i li li o v c ) , Knit Sliortw, fir Crutt-li«; u a r.l \V i li il - wonl. 1 CHAMPION $1 OTHERS I 79c to 52 Ankle-length legs. Lniif ttr tilutrt s/r^rf.H. I'lvnty ttf etixv tmtt'tititen t ftt- .iliiiuliierK, cr«lr/i anil nnilcr units. l\ttt /u'riji,' to Itint'li t>r itull. li u t ton*. Inittiinliulcx, cujfn mid actuns nil st'U'i'd securely. Defeats keep the Tamper in the league cellar. KING'S COURT (3) Hillman 177 204 204— 585 Hawley 21 183 194— 5981 Cronenwctt 172 199 221— 5921 L. Anderson 201 255 185— 641 LeClair 204 211 131— 546 peared, took possession of the house and danced to show their friendliness. Mrs. Voss recalls that she met YOU WON'T BELIEVE THE THERMOMETER WHEN YOU GET INTO HANES UNDERWEAR! Wa'va got your lixo . . . Come and get III LUNDE and SHELDON "Store for Dad and Lad" 975 1052 935—2962 WATCH CASE (0) Wilson 206 179 178— 563 Fee 180 159 147— 486 Karstens .... 175 174 142— 491 Starke 227 182 199— 608 II. Anderson . 169 178 166— 513 PLUMB & Schoenherr . Galinski .... Omening ... II. Hanson .. Campbell ... 957 872 832—2661 NELSON (2) 224 138 189— 551 190 191 164— 551 j 179 166 175— 520 175 172 182— 529 177 169 203— 549 The Belt Cooks Use - •••-, .Michigaij'-M^ BEETSUG^R 951 836 913—2700 BIRKE'S RED GOOSE SHOES (1) Spoor 168 205 204— 577 R. Anderson . 167 153 179— 499 Olson 164 211 187— 562 Weir 160 212 127— 409 Slyfieki 189 144 200— 533 848 925'897—2670 WILLOUGHBY CHEV. (2) Taylor 162 165 187— 514 Beckstrom .. 204 199 216— 619 Baillargcon . 153 195 212— 560 Lather 152 171 167— 490 Rasmussen .. 148 191 140— 479 Pelawski McKerty Gilbert Newhoff Johnson 819 921 922—2662 TAMPER CO. (1) 169 176 195— 540 181 190 154— 525 163 172 1459— 5041 211 162 200— 573 212 182 189— 583' 936 882 907—2725 World registration of motor vehicles is upwards of 43,000,000 passenger cars and trucks. Go where you will—in hotels—in clubs— restaurants and countless homes, not only in Michigan but throughout the world, the best cooks and famous chefs use Beet Sugar. Michigan Made Beet Sugar has no superior for every sweetening purpose. Support Michigan farmers. Stand by Michigan wage earners. Order Michigan Made Beet Sugar today and you cooperate with Michigan labor. Quality Guaranteed in the following famous brands: PIONEER RED ARROW HOUSEWIFE'S FAVORITE GREAT LAKES BIG CHIEF FARMERS AND MANUFACTURERS BEET SUGAR ASSOCIATION SAGINAW, MICHIGAN STEAKS PRIME RIB ROAST CHICKENS DUCKLINGS SIDE PORK BOSTON BUTT 29c 23c Fresh Dressed Younp; Fowl Fancy Long Island fresh, lean. Ib. Pork Roast or Steak 18c lOc 17c HOCKLESS PICNICS ' 16c GROUND BEEF PORK SAUSAGE LAMB ROAST LAMB BREAST 2 2 -• '"• »>• 25c 25c 16c 7c Fresh Caught Ib. Direct from the Coast LAKE TROUT OYSTERS FRESH HERRING 4 PERCH FILLETS 2 HERRING FILLETS 2 CHILI CON CARNE pint Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. 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