The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 30, 1958 · Page 10
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 10

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 10
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Students Mousenik Gives '58 a Spectacular Opening in Austin m » A — _. . nPffllMnnk <n Baffin J»»il. „« . • W^ . , *, «' Hotel-Motel, City Planning High in News the year 1958 opened with Au*> tin in th* national spotlight. Moustnik was creating a furore, tnd,th« District Court finally curb«d th« Rocket Club's use,of mice in launching!. Spectacular to a high degree, the Pacelli High School students' venture was forgotten, however, In more significant developments. Fur-reacbiBg in its Implications was the drive to sell stock in a hotel-motel, projected to put Austin on the map for conventions and other events requiring space for dining and sleeping. The drive went over the top and the year ends with a committee seriously considering a site on Lansing avenue, which will take several acres of land frtm Horace Austin State Park, which has just been deeded to the City. Commanding widespread attention was the conversion of the Jay C. Hormel home into King's Wood and Restaurants by Geo A. (Geordie) Hormel II. The City Planning Commission made a noteworthy contrlbution«to news in the city this year. It recommended private assessments for rtreet ImprovemenK although this has been turned down by the City Council. A survey is under way for the renaming and renumbering of streets and homes to take the place of th« hit-and-miss designations that have been going on for years. United Funds wwrt over the top in 1958, marking the first successful drive since united drive started in 1951. The Belt Line made great strides hi 1958, speeded by the long, dry autumn season. Numerous appraisals of property helped make news in the Belt Line and Freeway categories. ' JANUARY Students deny cruelty in "mousenik launchlngs. . .Blaze destroys two buildings at Grand Meadow. . .Court curbs Rocket Club's use of mice. . .Court cuts S. P. Elam residence taxes $909.68 . . .Small safe and $1,000 taken from Brown Derby Bar. . .Frank Schults 3-1 winner in Local 9 presidential race. . .Ronald Todd Yokom first baby of New Year. . . Power at Hormel's cut, Utilities Dept. strings cables for emergency power. . .Mrs. Edna Riskedahl, Oakland, new secretary for Red Cross.. .Robert Shaw elected chairman of the County Board. . . Local 8f7 asks utilities for early action on wage hike. . .County highway workers get nine-cent hike. . Jayne Gannon named Miss Austin for 1958. . .City gets $87,- S17 for streets. . .Rep. August Andresen dies after heart attack. . . Lyall Larson named State Farm manager.. .Gov. Freeman explains school aid here, supports "mouse- nik" ventures. . .Mousenik court restraint still in effect. . .New Piggly Wiggly Store opens. . . Eugenie Anderson favorite of DFL convention delegates for F i r a t District seat.. .Citizens Committee to study Austin's financial structure .Mental Health Clinic has every- negligence in traffic death of youth. , .Specialisation noted at Minnesota Iowa Swine Institute . . .Fbley, Qule streak in area, nominees for First District congressional seat vacated at death of August ft. Andresen. . .Walter Klerhent files for alderman, First Ward. . .William Ellickson files for assessor, 10th term.. .10 candidates in closing day of First District congressional primary, . ,, Quie, Foley win First District primary race... ,9'/4 tons of bananas destroyed in truck fire on Highway 218-N. . .Foley speaking at Mower County YDFL rally sees Proxmlre parallel in First District race. . . Ray Emmerich elected president of Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Secretaries. . .Wayne Austin files for alderman - at • large .Rudy Nelson files for First Ward alderman.. .Earl Miller files for alderman at large. . .Capt, and Mrs. Alfred Gorman come to serve- Salvation Army Citadel; Capt. and Mrs. Cecil Dye transferred to Albert Lea'. . .C. W. Wilkins, 69, dies of heart attack in Arizona. . .Mayor Hanson, George Weiss, Third Ward alderman, file for rejection. Albert Qule wins First District race. . .Roger Svej' kovsky, Gene L. Buland, file for Third Ward alderman . .'.Fact Finders make unanimous recom mendation for 10-15 cent hikes for city workers. . .Don Kinn'ey files for" alderman, Second Ward. Work to start on $400,000 Austin Clinic. . .Pacelli wins Region title trip to St. Paul.. . .Dr. George Stahl appointed coroner after resignation of Dr. H. M. Fisch. . . Fire destroys home at S p r i n g Valley, Hugo Melchert dies in fire. . .Citizens ask service drive, two crossings at Freeway hearing MARCH Three - year - old Gary and 7 mpnth-old brother Patrick perish in home blaze; sons of Mr. and Mrs. Samual Hoag, 512 Peck. Pacelli wins state Catholic high school basketball tournament. J. H. Skinner, former Herald pub lisher, dies. . .Fund campaign for $1,100,000 Austin Hotel - Motel un der way. . .Wholesale grocery dale rejects plan to join Dist. 492, Austin. . .High winds damage TV antenna, knock , out electricity, knock down trees. . , Five on-sale liquor licenses legalized by City DECEMBER State to deliver deed ce Austin State Park. to Hor- ; . .Prop-1 erty taxes in city up 8.55 per cent. . .CAB approves air route 'Tuetday, Dee. 30, 1958 AUSTIN (Minn.) MtRAUMt Council. . .Austin School Board! serving Austin-Albert Lea. . .May- rejects Brownsdale appeal for merger. . . 22 Kaus-Kmmt em- ployes in walk out on question of . .Hugh Plun- from Utilities Board. . .Austin United Funds goes over the top, first successful drive since beginning of united 1951. . .Experts recommend 65-room hotel - motel. , . union recognition, kett Jr., resigns or vetoes sealcoat nssessment. Kaus-Kmmt workers vote 18-11 in favor of union representation. . . Hormel sets 360 million. record sales over .Blooming Prairie, Hayfleld, Spring Valley, may get natural gas service. . .Park Dougherty heads City Planning Commission. , .City budget, $1,208,956, additional .736 mills. 12-Ounce Baby Girl Fighting for Life; Her Chances Slim CHICAGO (AP) — A 12-ounoe baby girl born 3V4 months prematurely clung precariously to life today after her first feeding — a few drops of sugar solution through a tube inserted in the stomach. Physicians say Gloria Diane's chances of surviving are slim. But if she does, she will tie the record of the lightest surviving baby known Assn. to the American Medical CHECK MOUSENIK ROCKET — The Austin rocketeers who hit national attention in 1958 with their launching of mouse-carrying rockets check one of their hand-made rockets. Left to right are Richard King, Sister Duns Scotus, adviser, Gary Solyst and Leonard Germer. Use of a mouse was halted by court. APRIL $il million area freeway work planned within thre* years. . . M. B. Thompson appointed executive vice president of Geo, A. Hormel & Co. . . Mayor Baldy Hanaen, Aldermen Wayne Austin, George Weiss re-elected. Rudy Nelson chosen for alderman, First Ward. . .Study committee recommends new names for Austin streets. . .Robert Leighton announces candidacy for state senator. . .Dr. Robert Conant commends Austin High School. . .Sen. Ed. Thye watches missle launching of Austin Rocket Society. . H. B. Lidstone, first Chamber of thing but a staff, berg, James Nelson awards. . . Thirty-one editors .Ken Soder- win Jaycee oppose endorsement at Austin convention for selecting GOP first district candidate. .. Albert Quie files for Congress. . .Brownsdale mother, Mrs. Kenneth Rugg, to see daughter for first time in six years. FEBRUARY Miss Austin, Jayne Gannon, wins State Talent Contest. . .City Treasurer L. H. Williams files for 16th term, first to file in city. . .Court denies Robert Watts appeal for new trail, found guilty o£ criminal SCRAMBLED ROLLING STOCK — One of the "messiest railroad mishaps in recent years in this area was the derailing of a Great Western freight train at a Lansing Township crossing. In addition to the material loss, the accident took the life of a truck driver, who collided with the train. MILK firm opens here May 1 at former Eclipse Lumber Co. Site. . . Mrs. Edna Brandt new clerk of Municipal Court effective April 1. . . Council OK's Local 9 as bargaining agent for Austin police. . .Psychiatric social worker named to Mower County Helath Clinic. . .Northern Natural Gas to boost Austin in page ad in Time Magazine. Austins oldest resident, Mrs. Ada Collar, 101, dies. . .Emil Lahann heads Local 9 police union. Council votes additional five- cent raise for all city employes. Mayor Hansen, William J. Enright chosen in city primary as candidates in April 1 general election. Ronald Hillier, 12, dies of head wounds suffered when he accidentally shot himself. . .Austin High School wins state basketball championship. . .Austin called basketball capital of nation. . .Roger Larson, THE HERALD ad depart ment, named outstanding Jaycee of year by Austin group. . .Ar thur E. Larkiu, Jr., vice president at Hormel plant, to take post with Maxwell House General Foods. Division ol the delicious sparkle of j •very metl . . . for! everyone. "Look tot tit Otk luf HI 7.2326 er HE 3-2487 Commerce manager, dies. . .Aus in science students win two na- ional awards at Southeastern science Fair. . .Jacqueline Krueger named new County Dairy Princess .5,400 visit centennial Train on opening day. . .Austin refuses to accept Traffic Education Award Mrs. W. K. Evans, 301 Park, chosen Minnesota Mother of the Year. Waltham .Helmut Baumgartner, plowed field. farmer, found dead in MAY No traffic deaths first four months for Mower County. . .Robert Babcock, real estate man, named to Utilities Board, succeeding Lee Miller. . .Bridge tourney planned here with entries from six states. . .Edmund Smith, named chairman of the Utilities Board •Utilities to pay eight per cent of gross to city general revenue fund. . .Hotel - Motel stock sales near half - million. . .Carl Brill, chosen 1958 Community Ambassador. .,. MacLaren's Laundry gutted, $60,000 damage. . .Hayfield farm worker Clarence Braaten, 50, killed when thrown from tractor . . .Austin area farm worker, Perry Bowers, 19, first Mower County traffic fatality. . . Mrs. Stasia Haverberg named business manager for Local 578.. .Dr. C. D. Sitz re-elected to School Board. . . Scott Johnson new member. . . Local 9 president Frank Schultz elected national vice president of UPWA. JUNE Explosion, blaze destroys Floyd DeVries Home, 1608 Lyndale. . . Sen. P. J. Holand to 4 seek re-election. . .Elks hold state convention here. . .Petition for annexation of airport, Country Club considered, by City Council. . .Austin District Evangelical Lutheran Church plans Home for Aging. . . Safe-crackers get f 1,300 at Terp Ballroom. . .Luther Bang elected head of Minnesota Bar Assn. . . Lowell Fretty, 23, killed in traffic mishap six miles south of Austin, Mower County's second traffic fatality. . .Gasoline explosion shakes Hayfield. . .Arthur Larson, 45, files for sheriff. JULY City Engineer Roger Nelson resigns after rift with mayor, council rejects resignation. .' .Hotel- Motel board elected. . .Harold Butler named plant manager at Hormel's. . .M. J. Sohleuder named president of Hotel - Motel firm, . .Criminal negligence found in Fretty death; Kneal Hinders charged.. .Gene McLaughlin named Red Cross head. . .Ralph Kaus pinned under car in Iowa, drowns. .. .Milwaukee Road President William Quinrt sees good outlook for Austin. . .Sally Waalkens, 18, new Moscow queen. . .King's Wood Hotel opens, formerly Hormel es tate. . .Emil Schaffer, game warden retires. . .Local 9 commemorate* 25th year. . .Lou Ann Sen- jem 4-H Jamboree queen. . . 25 foreign bankers study farm credit here. . . AUGUST Nine sites for Hotel - Motel re viewed. . .Minnesota Press Wo men name Mrs. Geraldine Ras mussen Woman of the Year. USI- dissolved; United Funds es tablished, Mrs. Geraldine Rasmus sen elected president. . .M o w e County Fair opens. . .Fair seU new Tuesday record, 19,547. Clarence Smith elected U n i t e t Funds drive chairman. . .F a i sets new record, 140,922 attend ance. . .School Board approve lease interest in Austin State Park for prospective Hotel-Motel, approved by voters. . .4-year-old icholas Wagner killed while rossing street; Austin's first traf- c fatality since September, 1956 .St. John's Lutheran Church The infant was born Sunday to Mrs. Mabel Hanses, 23, wife of Philip Hanses, stock clerk for a grocery chain. She was placed at once in a R«-Bob Extend SEASON'S GREETINGS from Federated R. D. "Bob'' Boomgard Box 301 Austin, Minnt*oto RELIEVE PAINFUL COLD MISERIES FAST WITH BUFFERIN^ plan for $495,000 elementary schoo in Southgate Addition. . .Hoi Name Rally here. . .Stanley Henr Pottratz, truck driver, killed ir truck train crash. . .Former Aus tin man, James F. Ryan, 55, kil ed when his car hits railroad via duct, fourth Mower County tra: fie fatality. . .Roger Miller, 18 dies in mishap on Highway 16. SEPTEMBER First National Bank notes 90t anniversary. . .First District Ed itorial meeting held here. . . million boiler under way at util ties plant. . .Airport Commissio suggested by Citizens Advisor; Group. . .State meeting of Lady bugs held here. . .Referendum No 1, authorizing City Council to r< humidified incubator «t Swedish Covenant Hospital. AMA records show the record holder as the lightest surviving baby is Mrs. Jacqueline Benson now 22 and a kindergarten teacher in suburban Palatine. She, too, weighed 12 ounces when born in elebrates 50th anniversary. . . wine Institute opens, entries from states. . -Austinian rated as 11-American Yearbook. . .United unds goal $69,377.46. OCTOBER Chamber of Commerce asks ity Council for action on city lanning and loning. . .United *unds at 78.5 per cent of goal. . . leorge Rathbun, Wisconsin man, killed on Belt Line project at Highway 16-E bridge • building. . . ustln High School Big 9 football hamps. . .County Board moves to ring Brownsdale School District nto Austin. . .Hormel Institute ;ets $232,140 for laboratory from U. S. Department of Health, Wei- are and Education. . .Jack McGrew heads Chamber of Commerce. . .Four arrested in series >f thefts. . .Younkers Opens in terling. . .Austin school budget 5391.000. . . NOVEMBER Emil Schaffer elected Mower County representative. . . Sen. P. . Holand re-elected, William Suea to be new clerk of court. . , ieordie Hormel asks radio sta- ion without hearing. . .Citizens Committee urges new city hall. . . Otto Baudler change of use peti- ion approved for drive-in restaurant on North Kenwood. . .Mayor •etoes resolution to give gas ser•ice for Nob Hill area. . .Frank Soucek, 68, Lansing, killed in trac- or accident. . . THE HERALD carriers handle 7,700 elnvelopesj n United Funds drive. . .Browns-j Chicago Jan, 14, 1931 She re- Incubator for four now weighs 110 m dined in an months. She pounds. The Hanses' other children, Alexander, 5, and Brenda, 3, were of normal weight at birth, Mrs. Hanses- is reported doing well. West German Bonk Helps French Plan BONN, Germany (AP) - The West German National Bank is making 60 million dollars avail able to France to help her put through her currency reform. A government spokesman today 8p'.d several other countries also are the making French. money available But he declined name the countries or to say how much was involved. A West German spokesman said the 60 million is a short - term credit but would not say when it had to be repaid. OUTSTANDING CROP YEAR — Francis Severson, Pleasant Valley Township farmer and County Agent Don Hasbargen discuss the 1958 crop year which was a surprise. Exceptional yields of hay and oats early in the summer signaled what was to come. The frost stayed away and the late-maturing corn crop was picked snd stored before the first snow. Ea/lier there had been some apprehension about crop prospects in southern Minnesota and over the nation. NEW BANK IN 1958 — Sterling State Bank opened in Sterling Shopping Center this. year. for mtlllona, «v«n f m«ny vttwnl STl DRUGS STERLING SHOPPING CfMTtt Give Yourself a Treat TAKE OUT AN ORDER OF Fresh Pizza "It's Out of This World" from the Satellite Room at Gus Young's AUSTIN BOWL PHONE HE 3-7841 Mr. and Mrs. Gus Young Wi«he$ their friends and customer* a very Happy & Prosperous New Year « * • '^£* R ff Lots ol luck to you and yours *• - **> (I ifl im M<y tti$ Hlw Yw bt •'' your best »nj brightest ytt! a y QUALITY APPLIANCE CO. Mr. and Mr*. Jake Ustm 207 N. Franklin Austin, Minn. "Almost 100,000 Minnesota driv-1 TS can't see — they can't aee well enough to pass the Minnesota rislon test for a driver license. "It was shocking to learn that FIGURES MOUNT — One of the fascinating things about the hotel-motel drive was the daily progress of stock sales. Studying the figures at a report meeting arc Mrs. Fred Ten Eyk and R. F. Lichty. standing, and M. J. Schleuder and Robert Gray, seatecf, 100,000 Minnesota Drivers Lack Satisfactory Vision Ive per cent of Minnesota's drivers have vision at a level below he 20-40 minimum required for a drivers license in this state," Kansas Board to Confiscate Outlaw Films KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) Movie films that do not bear the Kansas Board of Review's seal o approval will be confiscated after Jan. 1, says Mrs. Hazel Runyan, chairman. They will be confiscated even though they are duplicates of movies previously approved by the board, she said. A spokesman for the. film industry said the proposal is a serious threat to a theater operator who unintentionally shows a film minus the seal. Kansas is one of the three or four states that have censorship boards and film distributors-may Harry A. Sieben, Minnesota dlree- tor of highway safety, stated today. "Driver license examiner* recently conducted two large seal* vision checks for Minnesota driver* at the Minnesota State Fair and the St. Paul Auto Show. OnV thousand, one hundred persons voluntarily had their eyes checked at the auto show with 64 (5.8 per cent) failing to meet the minimum standard. Six thousand, five hundred persons were checked at the Highway Department fair booth and five per cent of those were unable to meet the legal requirement of 20-40 vision. Sieben stated that projecting these voluntary checks to the 1,700,000 drivers licensed in Minnesota would indicate that almost 100,000 persons cannot see well enough to be good, careful drivers. "This may well be the hidden cause of many accidents, especially those collisions which are unexplainable. Poor vision is particularly dangerous at night," he said, 'because drivers fail to see curves and obstructions until too late and they run off the road in single car accidents." The safety director pointed oul that under present Minnesota law there is no way of picking out thi easily lose track of film copies that bear the required seals, the spokesman said. Mrs. Runyan said the board has been ordered to enforce the law, and added that the board "has 1 been sidestepped by the film com- J panics in too many instances. ! She did not elaborate. licensee who may have developed poor vision. "This is a problem as it involves eye-sight that is deteriorating as persons grow older," Sieben said. "Many persons are unaware of the gradual changes or loss of visual acutty which develop during the years since they first secured a drivers license; and many of these persons never had their eyes checked at that tim« as examinations were not required." Minnesota law does not provide for any form of testing upon renewal of drivers licenses. Re-examinations are not required upon renewal at the expiration of the normal four-year life of the license. Youthful Bandit Has Colorful Garb BEMIDJI, Minn. (AP) —FJanv Automatic Heat in Major Gain MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Some 27 million American homes now have automatic heating, a jump of 2 million over 1957 arid 10 million above the figure five years ago, K. L. Wilson, Minneapolis- Honeywell Regulator Co. vice president, said today. Wilson also estimated that the number o f centrally air • con- i boyant was the word for the youth- ditioned houses went up 150,000 this year, to a total of 50,000, compared with 20,000 in 1953. He said his, firm, which manufac • tures them, expected the demand for automatic home controls for both heating and cooling to continue to grow. ful bandit who got $30 In a holdup of the Sportland Market here Monday night. Mrs. Orvin Stai, wife of the proprietor, said the raider was dressed in a white sports jacket with red trim and drove away i* a car of the same colors. NOTICE DRIVE-INN BANKING From 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. only Wed. Dec. 31 BANKING HOURS open from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. only Wed. Dec. 31 Sterling Stale Bank "Auttin's Only Hom«-0wo*d UdtfmuU** Book" Mtrobtr tt th« fcdwal 0»(>Bllt InMWIC* C*r|tr«tl«a

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