The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 10, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
Page 5
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». aftd Mr*. |. W. Bser were «i fi^at « «fn*et to Mr. tthr. fftN! tJnfttn Mrd dan|h- I. S»8»?» MK and ttr». lt.T ttf. 6f.d Mf*. Jarae* Sf*. 0. A. Clfttlc who makes Jf fed** **t* to* da*glrtef, Mfi. Watt** fitlKe*, wesi of Maiteffi *W ttfttHoW years o jd fast frt&y *»d to totoferty eelebrat* tike tf¥«rt iet daughter gate ne* a Mrth(S*y dinner party. Alt 1w ehiidfeu and the grand child*** Were present for the ofr ttiHrt and ft tery happy time It **• fw this food tady. tfcas* Resent {resides the Walter Hilton* were Charles Ruse &fid litnity of Tftbof and ftieic ttuse and falsity from north of Maitem fll-PB* i^OHUWr Hoyl^yft^ .RUM iwinftnAtfi fton&rtng her house gttest, Miss tUtaoiia Grahatn, of San Mftteo, Oillf., Mrs. 1. L. Conner entertained seven friends Tuesday afternoon. Two tables were formed for bridge with Mrs. R. W. Skfytrft *fn*tnf Mfc* «*d Wist Btet Whftfteld, tew. A destert ptftte Wat wsfted foi- rewffrg the games. The guests were fHeH«s tA Mi§« 0rah«in'« wftea she w&* in the public «*ot>l » MaJtettt they were: Mrs. i. M. stwle, Mrs. p. ft. swtfcttwef, Mfll W ». MeCftaslaftd, M«. R. W. galyets. Misses Jessie And »**«* Wofttoan, and Mis* fives st paal, Mint. two 8<tto«ng Jessie and ' Helen Wofttttn, who are spending their tacitlons lit Matvern, Mrs. Frank N. Summers entertained eleven women at her coaatry hofee FMday afternoon. the entertainment was bridge with eieter pen-drawn tallies as favors. A dessert plate Was •erted. Garden flowers ware used as decorations throughout the home. Mrs. tne* smith of Omaha Was att out-of-town gttest. Others in- eluded in the party weres Mrs. ft. W. salyers, Mrs. t. L. Donner, Mrs. Satn Anderson, Mrs. Herb Benton, Mrs. P. t). glothower, Mrs. 1. M. fiteeie, Mrs. J. W, Saer, and Mrs. Chas. Bummers. fteit* tesy soft, Ward, <rf Otrtfta} Mr. aft* »». Frw* SnttlMSM, jftei *ftd fcftfflb; M*. and MM, tf. £. W0ttft«j, Att«n, J<*«te, and ftetrt, and »fc» HofteWe Afttt e* Liae . Mid Mr. ahd Mrs. defie Anth *6te tnests at « dinner fcttea i ft thett At the tt. ¥. Seattle home etentftg. f%a»« present Mf. and Mrs. Leotard Ain defsoa, Mfg. W> W, Atslf&jw, dfl* heft Qoesd, fit. jrohtt Kitee, Sftfc Breeding, and the kana* S T R A HAN Celebrate Thr«« Birthdays T Strahan Church Notes "•"""•'"••' ' I Regular services will be held the Roy Bayes home was the scene of a family gathering Bunday, A«», «, celebrating the birth* days of Opal, Ruth, and Mildred. At noon ft fried chicken dinner, followed by ice cream and cake was enjoyed by all. tho«e present were Mr, and Mrs. Roy Bayes, Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes and son, Darren, Miss Mildred Bayes, R. N., of Council Bluffs, x Ruth, John, Faye, and Virginia, and Henry Nims, Every one reported a good time and Plenty of fried chicken and ice cream. Mr. and Mrs, James Maine of Omaha and Miss Lillian Johnson of Chicago were Sunday evening callers at the home of Rev. Cunningham. Helen Maine accompanied them home after having spent a week here in Strahan at the Cunningham home. J. P. Achenbach and . Hugh Donaldson autoed to Oakland «•.*.»-.. ^_ -*» —i" i borne , , Mri-and Mrs. Arltn Miller and, BOD, jars, Ellis, And Mrs, Harold Boyer autoed to Riverton Sunday to spend the day with relatives. Mr,, and Mrs. B. O, WederquUt returned borne Friday from a weelta vUU at Chicago Heights with relatives and the Century of vProgress Bxpoaition. ' Mr, and Mrs, Paul Kimuey of Shenftndofth were Sunday dinner Kueets at the home of their parents,.,Mr. and Mrs, J. P. Achen- at the Strahan Methodist church next Sunday, Quarterly conference will be held Wednesday evening, Aug. 16. Ice cream and cake will be served after the session. Rev. J, A. E. Cunningham, Pastor. Hiram Vrooman and son, Scott, of Chenoa, 111. were visiting their tenants on the Vrooman ranch near Strahan Monday. They spent the night at the Roy Bayes home and left Tuesday morning for Chenoa. Mr, and Mrs.- Willis Dye attended the funeral of their cousin, Mrs. Louise Dye, at Carson Friday. - •* Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. 'Willis Dye were Mr. and Mrs. Harry "Wilson and sons, Bob and Jimmie, of Malrern. Their daughter, Annette Wilson, who with, Anna .Rose Baas has 'beetf a^busy.guest of the ,* Mr, and Mw- Arltn Miller and «on left early Monday- morning tor ., home o| j$rs> Howard Colph , tlw fpr the brought a h»ad work «nd spent antf ',wttft and • r " I -"i' i -*7 j - i vv~'*• • r "^~ *'*"*•- -i^e""r^*"?. Wllljs Dm andi da'ughtwrs/ an'd ApneHe,Wilson attended the parade 'and show ati shenandoah Satnrda*,'evening, ", , Tha children./ ?f Mr,; and Mra. J, Hf. Churchman •„ planned a blrtbday party for .their sister, Mrs, AUeji Batsman, near Farmer City .last Sunday, A flue ,pic- nio dinner was jsenrea at noon and a : pleasant "afternoon was speiit, together, ^Tnow attending were Mr, and ?frs, J, H,.Cburflb^ man and Mary Jjjftine, Mrs, Bee- ale Anaerson.and Ida May, Mis? Dorothy ,Frances I Adams, a guest of ;,lda May,\ Mr, and * Mrs> Joe Trlrely and' jjbllclren, Mr, and Mjn, Arthur Churchman and BOB, ,»«ane 4 and MrJ^BS,. Mrs. A»w , Vestal 1ft fwklo, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. W, fi. fiiotfcetref, Mrs. J. M. Steele, fi. 1. • , Miss Mildred Bn-efdfcer, of Offla* ha, dfttfe ta tarfclo, Mo. Sunday and bad a tolcftle dinner. Before returning they inspected the fit* Mo Municipal Waterworks In the interests of the one in Maltern. Hails Have Family Picnic in Ottiatu MfJ and Mrs. Vfed Mail and PAGEttVI ». Mrf Mr*. Otto R»H fi& Sr. and Mrs. 08*** fit l6frt> Ran drove (6 gfrfrftky Md spent the day hi r«rtrta*etW Part, wfiere the? P6*fc*«s -ttth telatltet and f«e*«». tt **t a ttg day tot the fit, f and It P«er, Aftf. 1? to it, I JoM. "Saateh the ierf*- tares; tot la th*» ye thint ye jfrare eternal Me: and they are they »hfeh testify ef ae." — John 5:39. Newi of the Chtrtrh •fifty S. thifceter. Pastor We Wjot«d the^lfle choir last Sunday tnornlng tery mnch. At the eteition last Sunday W. l>. Woftlnafi *«t elected the lay deieiate to the Annual Conference and Bt. 1. W. Baef the re- sette lay delegate. fh« Choi* »ill practice at the parsonage Friday evening. the se?riee« next Sunday Will be as totlolrg: Sunday school at 10 and preachihR at 11 a. in. The tennott subject will be "Founda- tiont in Citticnlt Times." ¥h* Ladies' Circle will meet With Mrs. Olite Kayton next week TTitiWdfty afteffloon. Aug. i?, Ko^ tie* that this Is one week later than the regular date because of the fair. - ¥he Fourth Quarterly Conference will ffieet at the church at 8 p. in. a Week from Thursday, Attf. 1». Scripture readings for the church are as follows: Aug. 9 to B*f*i*t Ctrarth »ot afcbfy th« ft.fc.A. to the Sunday school and the church? Recover some of the old valuable things we have lost throagt the years aftd the depression. tinder the force of government suggestion our stores closed Saturday night and alt day Sunday. Fine, Why ttake Merchants and clefts work fifteen hours a day? the President and Gen. Johnson have not included as yet in the &.fi.A;, the churches and Sunday schools. No one boosts for them, the whole plan seems to be an economic and material plan — this alone will not work. "Man cannot (and will not) lite by bread alone,'* said Jesus. we had hoped that with alt the business houses closed last Sunday we would see tnahy of the businessmen at church. None were present at the baptist church et- cept our own members. We invite the business men who are not members of some other church, or attend some other church, to worship with us, apply the N.R.A. to our local churches. Many of our ftenVbers need to do fftte. Why not cooperate with the churches and mtntetewt A leading teettt«t ef one of our efcmrclres tt refswted to have said. "tteM4e of tlrfe* yeats there win trot be a elrnfeh open in Mattern." tie !B ttfotafcen. there inay tot be mote than one church. Sobjetft ot WSHtton Strtday jafOfniftg, "tninf* New and Old." We invite you. We urge yon, we want yon present. Stunt Firing Give* Varied Fait- Program Mitt LouiM Tirule Mat LouiM Tiruley Shrtt Exhibitioti NiWly Fall and varied is the program tor the Milts County Fair this week, with a big bill of events each day, and a different one that night, the latest addition to the program came this week with stunt flying. Miss Louise tlhiley, piloting a travelalre plane, of the 1*2-3 Biscuit ship variety, has done stunt flying each hifht at ? o'clock. Of recognised ability and talent, Miss tittsley It making an attrac- tire addition to the program, and is doing some unusual stunts. Her last performance will be tonight. Of. C*fU«** to QN« ^ Prograrn At Str*J»«*» Dr. Carl lesse win ftte a rottr- J«r chaataoqaa pregram at the Strahan school house on Friday «teaing, Ang. 18. the program will include Impertonatlong. read- Ings, picture portrayals, Mid crayon illustrated songs. Admission Win fee iSt for ftdtfrtsyi&e for children, and 66c for a family ticket. Tttuik Vow the committee in charge of the cake sale which was held last Saturday wishes to thank all members of the Auxiliary for their liberal offerings of caked and other donations and citizens of Malvem who patronised the sale and helped to make It a success; and especially do we thank Mr. Mansfield who always so gra- eionsly gives up his display window for our sales. The eale brought $12.60 and money re- eel red will go for a good cause. Again we thank you. Committee in charge. According to one economist, woman has at last taken her place in the business world. And there is some indication that she may take every one else's place too. Mrs, Mr And ~~~ ~% — -"If , -*-r j^ -j »^^<r-» • mt ^jt i—- ^•^ f . TP ^^y dinner guests of tbeJr parents, IfrvABd Mrfc ,Woo4':VwtB), ' ArooBg tb$ builnew people here wbo a«eB4e4 the meeting at OleBWQod Monday evening were J. p. Acseubft?b and ', Myrtle, Bufora d D. a. Wederftvji , Mr, and Mre, Howara ' Mr. 8&d lira, of TIRE CONSTRUCTION * "»jT''"'ri.'S '"'(-"•- — "% f" ~- ' ~ "*'t TODAY SAVE L AND FIBER EVERY CORP EVERY PLY IS l^Bk Jfc MS nnM^HB 1 PBH BY BLOWOUTS wre cauaed by frictional heat generated in the fibers of the cotton cords in a tire, Firestone is the only tire built with every cotton fiber saturated and coated with pure rubber—-to prevent destructive heat. This is one of the reasons why Firestone Tires have been on the winning cars in the 500 mile Indianapolis Race for 14 consecutive years — the world's most severe blowout test. Rubber has gone up 248%, cotton 115$—substantial tire price increases must follow, We will give you an attractive allowance for your old ares on new Firestone High Speed Tires. Sunday at the bonie of S»pt, a«d Mrs. . Jin ABA Mn, Shj«, twtftlft94 at VMR^Wmi* »»4 - ftwWJP . of Trey»sr, Jiorftpa 8o»w of el THi NEW SUPER OLOF1BLD TYPE io_val to All First Line, Standard Brand Tires in Quality, Construction and Appearance, Yet Seld at a Price That Affords You Real Savings A New Tube Built en New Principles . . £ voting her Blew ta Bftfcsilft ftBd Is gyM^Bifl with ft »ne» iw>vt»ut air Now ruWiw valve vol. to tub* »GM)a

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