Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina on December 4, 1954 · Page 3
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Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina · Page 3

Statesville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1954
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1954 STATESVILLE RECORD ft LANDMARK Honor Roll Is Posted At Senior High School Senior High school honor roll for the recently completed report period was announced loday by Watt Deal, principal. Scholarship honor roll was as follows: Twelfth grade — Tommy Alexander, Jerry Gibson, Shcrrill Parks, Gene Scarborough, Shirley Byrd, Lula Belle Difhman, Mariorie Klutz, Lila McGeachy, Mary Alice McLaughlin. Martha Turnipsccd, Sylvia Walsh, Betty Lou Walters, We Ellis, Mackie Goodwin, Max _ mland, Wanda Beaver, Marie Burgess, Beth Jackins, Frances Poole, Nathan Moore, Joe Tomlin, Jerry Younp, Dycann Bunch, Westbrook Fowler, Nancy Krider, Barbara Nash. Sally Nash, Sue Stilwell, Rodney Dixon, Mary Davis, Virginia Haire. Nancy Kccvcr, Nancy Mcnsccr, Peggy Warlick. Eleventh grade — Barbara Dearman, Linda Kikcr, Diane Morrison Bonnie Williams, Deems Allic, Ronald Kellcy, John Miller, Alex Cor- penmg, Waller Hefner, Thomas Met ters, Lynn Mize, John Rouche, Robert Sohn, Ronald Walsh, Glenn Wiley, Prudy Fraley, Patsy Herman, Pious XI! Gains Strength VATICAN CITY (UP) — Pope Pius XII mu4cTccl enough sUviigth today to receive two leaders of the Sacred College of Cardinals al his bedside,-. The pale and weak pontiff responded to ur 0 cni medical irrai- nu-ul and spent a "fairly restful m ,ht," but his fioctors emphasized he still is gravely ill and not yc. out of danjcr The Pope received Eugene Cardin i Tisscranl, deem of the Sacred M,'e, and Nicola Cardinal Can- j-rcsicleni of the Pon.ii'ical Coin- in ; ion of Cardinals for the Vatu ; Suite. They entered Uio papal bedroom to- c-.'.her ai.d coni rrcd vviih t h r Pope lor 20 minutes. High sources riisJosed i-r^.iy ni^ht t'>i"l the Pope plans to name new cardinals in his Christmas message to the world. There are six vacancies in the college. Five Physicians who were called together in an extraordinary conference which lasted until 2:30 a.m. expressed satisfaction at the progress of the ailing 78-year-old pontiff. The improvement in his condition raised their hopes that he would recover from the grave c.T'ric ailment that caused worldwide anxiety for his life. Death T'kes Iredell Man J"hn Dexter Holland Sr., for- IT"" Iredell county resident rural mail carrier, died i pdly of a heart attack at his residence in East Riverdale, Md., last night. An Iredell county native, Mr. Holland moved away about 15 years ago after a number of years service here as an employe of the pnst office. Survivors include; his wife, the former Miss Carrie Templcton of Slatesville; two daughters, Miss ]rr<ne Holland of Washington and Mrs. Bill Carrow of Maryland; three sons, Wade, Howard aaid J. D. Holland Jr., all of Maryland; five sisters, Mrs. Arthur Reid of Turnersburg road, Mrs. Laura Pri- vc'lte of North Wilkesboro, Mrs. Archip. King of Charlotte, Mrs. C. B. Hardce i«f Battleboro and Mrs. Myrtle Hudgpeth of California. Funea-al arraingemcnts were incomplete today. Shcrwyn Levan, Peggy Poston, Vivian Sane, June Shcrrill, Palsy Slanc, Carolyn Sue William, PCS- gy Clary, Larry Brady, Jane Holland, Gerald Sue Lapish, Paul Tsu- mas, Joe Lowe, Gwendolyn Enrie, Sarah Gaston, Carole Long, Bever ly Scgce. Tenth grade. - Bill Campbell, Dan Church, G. W. Garrison, Tc.l Mizc, Sidney Sowers, E'oisc Cow- Ics, Jane Pope, Libby Shaw. Harriet Sloop, Sandra S.-.-wart, Glcmia Hartncss, James Shcrrill. Jirv,ny| Holland, Robert Linrilcy, Ali o Barnes, Nancy Ovcrcash, Barbara Sullivan, Alan Clnrk, Julian, , , Kay Nabors, Rebecca Shell, Jane West, Ann Huffman. Cilizen honor roll \vas as follows: Twclfih grade — Tommy Alexander, David Christie, Bill Johnson, Ronald Hooks, Sherrill Paris, Shirley Byrd, Lila McGcachy, Wayne Abcrna'hy, J. W. G ri itle, M-. ck- ic Goodwin, Carroll Ilinson, Char-' lea Po".!in, Frank ?.lcL;y, Br; .y' Bailey, Wanda Beaver, Marie Biir-j ECSS, Winifred Kellcy, Jane McGinn, Frances Poole, Ann Shu- NEW EIHPTE FAOti William Siafon Men Sn Death William E. Sb.ton. 49-year-olr' National Guard's Role < Emphasized By Battley National Guard Lt. Col. W. R. organizer! to fi«ht in the Spanllfc of Wall street, died .it jBaftley. speaking to thp Memorial hospital at 8:15. chih inst night, said history has ,ibou( three hours js'iown the largest sh.ire rf the , ,: for treatment. country's defense in wsr Ivs been ''i s ,icc lasl Au ' on the shoulders of tlw civilian hov.pitMizcv 1 for I soldier. ;i-r- h-fnr be- 1 "In Knre;i if il rr>d not hrr" for; ford, Fhirk'y Smith, Juris.- row, Foy Brown, J. D. Cantt. Jim II: .••moii. J. D. lU'.rri.s, Danny Kp.lo. John McLcslcr. Jerry Siicrrili. Joe Tomlin, Jerry Young, Dycann Bunch, Shelva Cain, j Macic Day. Judy Dn:mhcller, Westbrook Fowler, Nancy Krider, Ann 1 — TIP new bi'Mlin* shown above represents years of planning and working by thp <ci'S c.-;at;on of r,:>t'.iany-l ; iTc 'om Preslnl- r! \n rh'ix';. sj,;' to be tiu first Negro clMirch established in t.u Johnson Funeral Set For Monday Funeral service for Mrs. Grace Eleventh grade — Margaret Dun- The body w'.ll be removed frr.m ean, Willie Fayc Harpc. Barbara Reavis funeral home to the rcsi- Harrcll, Jackie Home, Linda Kik- dencc on route 2, Sunday morning cr, Pe n ,py Raymcr. Bar'nara Rea- at 10 o'clock. vis, Martha Shoemaker, Bonnie Williams, Thomas Goodin, John! Miller, Jerry Hager. Thomas Met-! ters, Lynn Mize, Richard Shaw, Robert Sohn, Ronald Walsh, Tommy Wilson, Glenda Bosi. Ann Chris, • ft i ,-. i. ,,.. •^".••-' i'um_*oi o v i \ i c v a A w i till.'?. ; > \-iii <tic, Barbarr Cornelius, .Shirley Dob- Lambert Wrigh-t, wife of H. M. son, P;.tsy K'vman, Sherwyn Lc-, Wright, will be conducted at 2 p. in. van, Alma hofnian. Sue Mo-Lain, ; Mondav at New Prospect Baptist Peggy Poston, Becky Reavis, Vi- , church bv Rev. R. C. L'.ovd. Burial vinn Sano . . ..,, .. ,i_' •_ .1. _ , i' _____ . _____ It will IK- ih'iKc::tril tomorrow. .(1'lioti/ by P. i Iliiyce <!. Coat os, pastor of lJi.i- IP.I :ul Hill Baptist churci:. .Mid Rev. Grady D. White, Iredell Baptist minister. Intcrnunt will be m Hebron Baptist church cemetery near "'urncrsburg. Pallbearers will be David Mill, -, M. F. ('line, William Mayberry, Ilildred Mayberry, Cleave Mayberry and Donald SlaJon. Flowers will be received by Mi j. his interest and (Bruce Miller, Mrs. William May.... ,. , . ---o it 85 p"r cent of i bt-rrv and Miss Norma Jean Maynew e;li!:ee Sun:! ay in a cere- ] us niemhe,., became homeowners berry. , .. ., , Upon Kev. Mm-klan's leave as, The body will remain at the fun- oms,,aiKlm:j IS euro | pastor he deeded this tract of > eral home until the hour of scr- Oldest Negro Church To Dedicate Building Bc'l!i.inv Freedom Presbyterian school preac! •—"••.'•-••••*.^*>v«v M fi-tiji/u^i;',, vu-vilUllllUN nn.- Wtini l.'l U I I U **l I -~> • I* . | , ,i , t • i .... • j i * -. -inia llairp. Nancy Krcver, Nancy G. Key. Burial will follow in the! lllllril( !?- rh; ~!>> v;: X *}> ™* t( > bo :ous communities. Mensccr, Shclbia Speaks, Peggy :!uircti cemetery. Mrs. Joh-.son died , c . . Sl .• N '-'^, ra , cl ' ;;; -'.^ il . °V :ib '-1 It was throu»i\ I Wiiriick. at her home in Harmony Thur.sda-. '-''^ ni ;'' p Sf »'' ! -i- W"' dedicate encouragi m?:tt th;i ': vmcr. Diana Redmond. SUP Slil- Johnson, wife of the bte R. V,'. well, Josephine Tucker, Louie Johnson, will be.conducted Motubv Ci-yo. Roiltiey Dixon, Clyde While, at 2::>() p. m. at Winlhron Friend's- p ., .. . n . . . . . . . . . Doris Brinccfield, Mary Davis. Vir- church by the pastor and Mrs. K. I ,., c ' l , ! ' an -, . 1T C .° m >, Prc fj iy Piri ^ n sch ° o1 im] Proaehc-1 in the o'cloc'. I.isi aft or bc'rv.' :•• In dr-cn-MV )-"v Kuj-t, he hrul \v-.r five weeks of tha ing readmitted I; Born at Ch: Ma' ril 18, troS, '?!-. C. H. and l\ S'.-'.'nn. Po.v of He niJ;rri-d t.h: Amcriwi war and later fought 10 World Wrr I. In the early 1920's the guard bt» • a federal recognized forct a r d was for a number of years ft C'?v?.'rv outfit. Part of this unit remained here until lf).?8. At thii the Guird aii'l nt'-er rrrrrve com-! tine the n^-- ir'.ea had ccme into poncnts. the American arnv wouldlbe'np wr/ch was to :roun units of M: \V !n\ • . fn.T.n.: 1 Z ! have been ,Bnttlcv declared, i B;;l(!ey, loca' » into the sea," HIU| b.-il- en~h type torotliT. St*tesvilVs r-v?.1ry \VPS ' to Tennessee and nv<! repined w : th a unit of engi- n~?rs. a pTt of the 301h division. berry, of Slates',-. 1 ; \ ' ' Until his recen! illn-.s.-. M !<;.i 1-,-d b-cn rmplo>cd b' i)u ' trli'in officer in the ]o-a! unit. hit. ! at what h«e cilled "employer's re-j B.ittley assorted Guardsmen are !s : starce" in Statrsvillc and other the country's mail line of defense towns. ! and the prob'em now is to sell the ' "Pc'>p'- sny there's n« war • e,in- ^ro^'e on the frrt tbM it is for corporation, Wilmington.' DM., but on now so why s!;o;:ld 1 lot my c;:me here when his 'v-ifh be- , employe off for summer tn-.i'vna r:i? country br.d He was a Mason with the suard. for^cttinc there who WISh ^ their protection as well as that of rh? country to let the young men Surviving, in addition to iii- wile aivd parents, are one dans! 1 ! r by ;ire the fellows which carried tho burden during the pnst two world wary. S'.a't/Mi. of Marion! 111.; and three ."Tiu-re is one concern in tr.wn. a previous V- brothers, James Southern Screw company, wiiieh sunrner camp , rersons. R. C. SI; ton. of Mor- '' 1|rvvs o; "° of ils employes time oft ganton, and Edward J. Slaton, ofi (r> attend drills and summer < ant' ?ivc h- m a vacation too." Tracing the h'storv ot the guard. Battley said in early historv of t!ie I state and of i.ur town the Ire-le! Frrnk Goforth presided and John ny B^nfield WPS program chairman for the evening. Goforth read to the club a letter of resigration from Exchangitt Sid Black who because of business the club. V.'ilmmgton. Del. Funeral will be at :30 p. m. I Sunday al Bunch Fti, home i\i::pcl. ()» will be |{cv. G'ady Elliott, program chairman for next week announced the club will meet for dinner then go as a •••oiin tn "Happiness Exchange" I5lues, a militia of loca! men. was I headquarters to repair toys. Rites Planned For Mrs. Wright Funeral services for Mrs. Nellie i will follow in the church cemetery. — . , -| I >T , I I i M I t V W ill II. I V.lIHl^:iV*--l»*V. *-s_l*. June Sherrill, Rebecca Summers,! Mrs. Wrisht died at Walter Reid Laura Lambert, Toby Smith, Caro-, hospital, Washington, D. C., Thurs- lyn Sue Williams, Frrnkic Dah-'day mar, Peggy Clary, Betty Jean! The body will be removed to the Woods, Larry Brady, Bill Schcld, home late today to remain ualil oaran Parker, Jo Ann Redmond, I the funeral hour. Jane Holland, Bobby Redmond, | — Paul Tsumas, Homer Bell, Gaiil Carter, Hazel Faulk, Sarah Gaston, I Joanne Hawks, Carole Long, Jean McGlamery, Evelyn Beard Miller, Mary Love Reavis, Beverly Se- gce, Martha Wilhelm, Barbara Williams. Larry Black, Kcnnelh Brown, )ou':las Lackey, Sammie Martin, follows: Bobby Parks. Tenth pradn Bill Club Schedules Are Announced Home Demonstration Club schedule for the coming week is as Monday, the Midway club will n,'n™«!'h,,rJ!rJ,n,cs B '^ s S:'S: "ss • ss£3$*%!£~s ?J Garrison. Ted Mi/c, Si-.'ncy So\v- ers, Covvles, Jo Ai'ii Isen- bour, Shirley Lloyd, Mru-;;aret Trinity Methodist church at 12 . Tuesday, the Oakridgc club will Wiggins at y, * . , 1IIWI. \^llll IfLiO. 4 i Cl I »J IV-t 11 Ifryf^li l rivclle, 2 m r fhc CIai . !iS | niry clui) \v 'ii'i'f^n i »i-i XX. (33,: ci^T^n^S !!»" «. SZtSlsS 3VZ •' * communiiy building at 7:30 p. m. little f-nnovo A-. M ir M CDiiiiiiuniiy uuiiuing ai i.&J p. in. iV &ivif «f,ff y , cf ^ Np!liC ,, MNan - The Linwood Home Demonstration »«' Trhn.- ,r i la , n -' PS c, Ihom ' Uub and Community Devclopmoiit inmo: Sh-rri it Jack ^,. I ;' havpr ' orfianizalion will have a joint mcct- •Kimcs Sheml Jerry Wilkenson, in ^ at lhc dub housc alJ7:30 • "Pioi'cs J(;nes, Sam-, Wednesday, the Cool Springs club Lynn ssmith, Alice will mccl in tho home economics Lunsfprd, Nancy room at 2 p. m . Hankms. Brenda Thursday, the Central club will community OFFERTORY MUSIC At First Baptist church Sunday morning, the choir will sing an anthem, "Jcsu, Joy of Man's Desiring," by Bach. David Bishop will sing the offertory solo, "The Lord's Prayer," by Malotte. Woods Funeral Rites Planned Mrs. Lillie Woods, wife of the late Milas Woods, died Friday night at the home of her brother, John Rankins, in Popluar Branch community. She was a res'dent ol the Scotts community and had lived most of her life in that section. She is survived by two brothers, John and Mack Rankins. One grandchild, Wililam Rankins, also survives. Funeral service for Mrs. Woods will be conducted Monday at 2 p. m. at Presbyterian church. by Rev. A. G. Co'ey. The body will be taken to the home late Sunday afternoon. Friday, the Harmony club will meet at the home economic room at 2 p. m. The Brawleys club will meet at Brawley school at 7:30 p. m. The family life leader of each club will be in charge of the pro gram on "This Is Christmas." World's largest man-made harbor is at San Pedro, Calif. Over 25 Years Dependable Service SELLING THE BEST Monty Con Buy! High in H«ot... Low in ash. Quality Coal for every need! Dial 5532 Iredell Ice & Fuel Co. 701 W. Sharp* St. "Our Reputation . . . Your Guaranty" Clothing Ignites, Sets House Afire Fire damaged the walls and ceil ing of a Negro house at 11:58 o'clock last nbht at Lcrain courts where flames burst out in clothing near a fireplace and spread. Other calls answered yesterday included: 1:45 p. m., grass fire on vacant lot at 105 Mill street 3:30 p. m., grass fire in vacan lot in 1300 block of Seventh street Firemen answered a false alarm at 7:15 a. m. today at Statesville Chair company. THANKOFFERING The Woman's Missionary Society of St. John's Lutheran church is having the annual public thank- offering service Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock. A film will be shown. nony which will bring some of| ho slat;-' 'hiucii Jf-;ir)<'rs redell con-.-regation. The buikii.'i;;. containing litorium, t'-ree Suiuiav north j^nd to lhc church and it was oni vice. these Li-ouiuls Unit C.Kawba Presan au- school classrooms and a lu.scmcnt, will >e dedicated ut 3 o'clock, with Jr. Harry Liston, president of Johnson C. Smith university, Cbar- 'ote. delivering Ihe dedicatory ad- Ire-ss. Rev. Edward J. Johnson, moderator of Yadkin Pres- will dedicate the church juilding. Preceding the dedication cere- i.iony. Dr. Abraham H. Prince, director of evangelism, Catawba Synod, Columbia, S. C., will preach the 11 o'clock morning worship service. It was in the fall of 1865 that Rev. Sidney S. Murklan, an aboli: onist from the North, organized Bctlia<ny - Freedom Presbyterian church. He served as the first paslor. The church was established on Rev. Mr. Murklan's land. Services were held in what was known as an old silk cocoonary building. Through the influence and teach- ngs of Rev. Mr. Murklan, the influence and standard of education was raised and many persons attended Scotia Normal school, now Barber-Scotia college, and Diddle university, now Johnson C. Smith university. They later taught AFTERNOON SERMON Rev. Quincey A. Caldwcll will preach at Philadelphia Methodist church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. His text will be taken from the 30th chapter of Deuteronomy, 15th verse. Subject of his message will be "It is Up to You." WILL SING OFFERTORY Mrs. E. R. Segee will sing the offertory at Front Street Presbyterian church Sunday morning. Mrs. Segce will sing "Stranger of Galilee," by Morns. SPECIAL SINGING Gerome Grasty and his Gospel Harmonccrs will render a program Sunday afternoon at Jones Baptist church of Mooresville. Harvest Festival At Houstonville Houslonville school held its annual Harvest festival November 29 at 8 p. m. "Echoes of Thanksgiving" was given by Rev. W. M. Lenoir of Statesville. Music was by the school chorus. The following contestants were running for Harvest queen and king: Mrs. Eva Mae Campbell, Henry Summers, Mrs. Ollic Williams, Hunter Patterson, Mrs. Ernestine Johnson, Francis Cowans, Mrs. Elvie Redmon and Hugh Stcclc. Mrs. Elvie Redmon was crowned Harvest queen. Henry Summers was crowned Harvest king. Visitors from Chestnut Grove, C. D. Marsh, Mrs. Mary Morrison, Alvin Morrison; Scotts, Miss Lumicia Sherrill; Statesville, Dr. and Mrs. Holliday, Miss Pauline Moore, D. D. Ivcy and Preston McClain. The Harvest festival was a success and well attended. It was climaxed by a social hour. County Clinic Schedule Set Medical clinic schedule for week commencing Monday, December 6, was announced today by Iredell County Health department as follows: Monday —x-ray clinic—8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday — General clinic—8:30 a. m. to 11:30 a. m.; 1 p. m. to 4 p. m.; VD clinic—2 p. m. Wednesday — General clinic — Harmony, 1 p. m. to 3 p. m.; Mooresville, morning and afternoon: VD clinic—Mooresville, all morning. Friday — General clinic— 1 p.m. to 4 p. m.; VD clinic — 2 p.m. Saturday — General clinic—8:30 a. m. to 12 noon; Mooresville— 8:30 a. m. to 12 noon. Statesville X-ray clinic—8:30 a. m. to 11:30 a. m. b;ter\ u. s first or-jam/cd. Rtv. Amos S. Billingsly succeeded as p.T-tr>r and served unli! his health failed. He, too, deeded a tract of land to Freedom Church in 18U7. The first Negro pastor was Rev. W. L. Met/, followed by Rev. S. F. Wort/. Rev. J. G. Murray, Rev. W. A. Hawkins Sr., Rev. H. N. Sullivan, Rev. F. F. Bryan, Rev. C. H. Thomas, Rev. P. M. Robinson and the present minister, .". T. Morrison, Jr. of the theological department, Johnson C. Smith university. In September. 1040, under the pastorate of Rev. H. N. Sullivan, a building program was launched. Through the years the women's asociatiori, the Progressive Club of Geneva fellowship, the Westminister fellows-hip and the Future Church club worked with the leadership of Mrs. Sadie P. Murdock (now deceased), Mrs. Mac Helen Templcton and Dorcna Stevenson. Thee building fund goal was reached through personal and business firm contributions, numerous financial efforts, the Lord's Acre pro.'ect and the Presbyterian Board of Christian education. Through p!an-s carried out by the building committee — Junius Campbell, Mrs. Madic Brunei- Stevenson and Isidore Morrison — York Construction company, csville, began construction on December 7, 1953. Present ofiicers of the church are: Elders — Fred Hall, Robert Summers, T. C. Murdock, Char 1 lie Smiili. Timothy Stevenson, Jun ins Campbell, James Lee Mornson, David Smith, James Stevenson, Ralph Murdock, Eugene Summers, Oscar Dobbins, Edgar Allison, Junius Morrison and Earl Woods. Trustees are selected from five of the list of elders. A few past officers were: Benjamin Brunei- Sr., Charlie Clark Sr., Ccazar Hall, Peter Hampton, Augustus Stevenson, Austin Smith, Lee Clark, Klais Summers, Charles Alexander, Jule Smith, Burgess Allison, Augustus Smith, Everett Bruncr, Allen Phiffer and John Summers. Farm Youths Meet At Unity NHA and NFA chapters of Unity !IiRh school presented their annual mother-daughter, father-son affair December 1 in the Unity gymtor- ium. The program began when the guests entered the gymtorium with a "yet acquainted" game. This was followed by many other interesting games. NHA achievements were given by plrillo Summers, and the NFA achievements were given by John Heatrgans. Exhibits of some of the work done in the two departments were displayed in pictures. "Bless This House" was sung by the NHA choral group. Mozclle Davidson, honorary member of the chapter, was piano accompanist. A buffet luncheon of south^-n fried chicken, potato salad, rolls, fruit cup and punch was servr .. Special guests were W. T. Johnson, agriculture teacher-trainer and NFA state adviser, of Greensboro. Dr. and Mrs. R. S. Holliday, and Paulin" Moore, Iredell county home demonstration agent. A total of more than two hundred parents ;in:l students were present. Remarks were marie by the principal, L. R. Campbell. Mrs. Connie K. Spicer and J.A. Howcll are the chapter advisers. P.-T.A. Study Course Planned A school of instruction for parents and teachers of children in both elementary and high schools will bo held in Taylorsville Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock in the auditorium of the consilidated school. Miss Blanche Haley, representative of the state department of public instruction, wil conduct the school. Mrs. Sam Cline, president of Statesville P.-T.A. council, u/ges attendance of parents and teachers from local P.-T.A. units LOST CAR NORTH HAVEN, Conn. — (UP) — Frank Boyle o f Milford decided to be kind-hearted and offered two hit?hikers a ride to Wallingford in his auto. On the way, Boyle stopped and got out to look at some new houses under construction. Th* hitchhikers kept going-^with Boyle's car. Volume of water of the Amazon River i« nearly four times that of the Miteissippi. SLIDES TO BE SHOWN The Women's Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodist church on the Charlotte road at city limits will sponsor a showing of pictures of work on the mission field in Japan, Sunday evening, Decembe 5, at 7 o'clock. The public is invit eel TAR POTS BURN Tar pots, used by a local roofinj, concern to condition the roof o Southern Screw company's ne\ Salisbury road plant, caught fire a 12:30 today. Firemen brought the lire under control. FINEST FOOD ANYWHERE CHOICE U. S. WESTERN STEAKS Medium T-Bone Steak $2.25 Large T-Bone Steak 2.75 Branded Club Steak 1-75 Small Club Steak 1.40 Small Sirloin Steak 1-65 Sirloin Strip (Steak) » 2.75 (All Orders with French Fries and Tossed Salad) A LA CARTE DINNERS Half Fried Rabbit $1-50 Roast Beef Dinner L25 Hamburger Steak 90 Country Ham Dinner 1-35 Chicken Livers 1-25 Chicken in the Rough J-°0 Oyster, Half Fry 1-00 SEAFOOD Flounder, Ocean Perch, Pan Trout, Scallops and Catfish $1.25 Fried Shrimp Dinner 1-35 Frog Legs on Toast *.80 (AH Seafood Served with French Fries, Tossed Salad and Hush Puppies) Private Parties By Reservation Large and Small Private Dining Rooms for Your Pleaiurt Chicken and Oyster Shack LEE AGNER, Own«r A Operator Closed on Monday* SALISBURY, N. C. on Uxington Hlway More Quality for your gift dollar when .. • enney s is your Orion Cardigan New Shipment Just Received! e Interlock Knit, Extra Soft I 0 W«he$ Beautifully! e Dries In A Jiffy! e Moth Resistant, Sizes 34-40 0 12 Rich New Colors. 5-90 Perfectly Tailored, Long Sloovt Dacron-Acetate BLOUSE • Nood No Ironingl • Washos Easily! • Wrinklo Resistant I • Sizes 32-38, White, Pink, Blue, Toast 3.98

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