The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 10, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
Page 4
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Strict t*rt» t Jod »* O. D. Wfcwter m Mies Kate McMartrfy of M«d- j Mrs. In« Statth and soil, Ward, ford. Ore. visited over night Thursday with Mr*. W. E. Kern*. Miss Marine Degenhart went to Hastings Thursday to ritft friends and attend the anneal "Homecoming" and r e B n I o fi there. Dr. and Mr*. M. S. Campbell, earn* down from Ornate Thursday and will visit sntll after the fair IA the hoine of her brother, Frank Summers, and Mra. Smith will assist him in the clerical work at the fair. RoM W. Bell lias taken * position trtth the Malvern Bakery the S*pt«Hib«T tern of the ItflJ* Comrty U»trl« Co*ri wTO open in Olen*-ood TBWday. Aug. ot fS* O. Blttfs fa ciarfft. docket. are tot a rather light Malcolm and Samuel teft Friday »* will handle their truck d«tv- morning by auto for Chicago where they will fpend a week attending the Century of Progress Exposition. Fred Fafquhar came down front Jamaica Wednesday night for a couple ot day* at home and returned Friday morning. He reports Mra, Farqnhar'* mother, Mrs. Lisle, as still in a very critical condition following her operation of several weeks ago and they will probably have to remain there for awhile yet assisting to her care, ' Frank Rimel came in last week: from Houston, Texas to visit bis ery and sales In nearby towns for this reputable institution. With Mr. Bell's initiative and the well known quality of the Malrern Bakery product* they should build up a good business. Miss Frances Benton left Saturday morning for Chicago where she will attend the Century ot Progress. Joe Wearin was able to be brought home from the Edmnfid- feon hospital Wednesday of last week. The trip home was rather hard on him so that be didn't feel so well the following day but be ha* b«»n feeling better since. and other relatives and old time friends. Mr. Rimel was formerly a resident of this county near Glenwood, but has lived in Tekas tor a number of yean. Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Candell and daughter, Betty, returned Sunday from a weeks vacation spent at various point*. S, R. McClytnond and W. P. Wortman returned Wedne*day night from a trip out to Edgar in southern Montana where they have wheat land. The latter did not realize much from hi* a* yet, but Mr. McClymond binned about 1800 bushels of fine quality wheat from his homestead and from some other land he had rented. As he still has it he ha* Joined the ranks ot anxious market observer*. He made good money «ven at the present prices. Mra. W. E. Larison accompanied Mrs. F, 3. Duerr and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rapp of Council Bluffs to Lyons, Kebr. Saturday where they were overnight guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dyson. A picnic dinner was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Larson at Oakland, Kebr. Sunday honoring these guests. Mra. Dyson and Mrs. Daerr are twin sisters and they were celebrating their birthdays that day. They were Lola and Lulu Woodrow and formerly lived Bear Malvern. « aoj U'l oig flaggy •«; •uos pnv jajunnoig wuSy -«R Miss Hortense Allen of Lincoln, Kebr, came in Sunday evening and visited until the following 'day in the home of her aunt, Mrs. W. P. Wortman. Miss Allen is dietician in Raymond Hall, the new building for women In the Nebraska State University, and was enroute to Chicago to attend the Exposition and visit in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Roberts of DeWitt came in last week for a few days vacation visit with his mother, Mrs. James Roberts, and other friends and relatives here and with relatives of Mrs. Roberts at Anderson. Eugene Autfa came in last week from Chicago for a few days visit with Mrs. Anth who has been visiting for some time past in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Breeding. Mr. Auth has charge of the electrical work In the Northwestern Railway display at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. ONLY ?<* De» Moinea Buflington Iowa State Fair Round-trip tickets at the above rate, on sale August |« to 10, inclusive, with final return limit of midnight two day* alter date ot par* ret. although It neems to be beat* ing slowly and hie stomach is a)* BO flotrlr on the mend. He has bad a long hard siege of it and we hop* he continues to Victor Hensler and parents, Mr. and Mr*. Martin Hensler, and daughter, Mrs. Arch Car?, ot Spencer. So. Dak., drore down Sunday and visited until the fallowing day in the George Short home. Mr. and Mr*. L. A. Trnmbo and daughter. Neva, of Holdrege, Nebr. spent a few days last week with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. EsterqnUt. J. M. Wood of Arlington. Calif. Tlslted at the home ot Mrs. Kelle Strond the past week. His son, Harry, and wife ot Long Beach, Calif, joined him here Sunday and alt were dinner guests in the Strand home. They left shortly after for Portland, Ore. liter were formerly residents of Elliott. Mrs. Ed Erwin of Irwin came Saturday aad her grandson, Victor, of Clinton, came Sunday expecting to Yi*U a week or ao with old time Malrem friends. Monday a message came saying that Mrs. Ward Anderson. Mrs. Erwin's daughter-in-law, had been very •ertonsly injured in an accident at their home Is Clinton. They left that afternoon for Clin- tottowiat lint of have been drawn for the petit Jury and are called to cotne Wednesday. Aug. f*: Olaf Coffer, Glenwood. C. D. Alstrope. Malvern. Lily Hatcher, White Cloud. Guy Lowrey, White doM. Louise Grndle, Rawles. E. tf. Benton, Silver Creek. Oscar Mintle, Ingraham. Harve Bailey, Oak. H. C. Bowley, Glenwood. Wm. Lamb, Piatttttle. H. Beam, Silver Creek. C. L. Paxson, Lyons. Robert Cardwell, Malvern. Oscar BaMotief, White Cloud. Wm. Oliver, Indian Creek. itemptey Ferrel, Oak. lay Warren, Lyons. C. W. Sawyer. Ingraham. Everett Plumb, Indian Creek. Glendon Williams, Malvern. Clinton Gee. Deer Creek. Henry Washbnrn, Indian Creek William Windotn, Malvern. C. E. Whitney, Indian Creek. E. A. Brown, Anderson. Henry Holden. White Cloud. Art Fritcher, Anderson. Mary Supple, Plattnne. Merrill Slump, Anderson. Paul Metrical, Rawlea. Alfred Greene, Plattville. Max Turner, Indian Creek. Mrs. Clair Dashner, Lyons. Geo. C. Wolfe. Glenwood. Hazel Summers. Malvera. Claude Stephens, Anderson. Paul Hilton, Center. M. D. Severn, Glenwood. Chas. Detlef, Center. H. K. Peasley. Glenwood. LOCAL SPOfttS Oakiftftd Dttteli Nine A* *i* *w»»d game of tfcft id*W* ****** Sunday, tbe «e* bSMfcaUerti «*stty i tie Otktafcd Jrfne OB the Dutch Hatting In far fritter tbftii during th* first fan«, t*S .JDWttik iitfttte* ran np an 1 «t tl«tr epptJnsntt. S»tt*rWn .lot Oakland were J Hbertiw* ia the hot aad 1. «**Ns> e»tea; tot the Dutchmen ft Zaad«fs MA Phillips mt pitch Eaftd*tt behind tie bat. SAVINGS in this August KittenbaJl Pairing, Kittenball pairings for the week: 11, Firemen vs. Friday. Plymouth*, Monday, Aae. 14, All SUr§ T*. Oilers. Tuesday, Aug. IB, Plymouth* TS, Firemen. Wednesday, Aug. U, Boosters TS. Merchants. Thursday, Aug. 17, All Star* TO. Firemen. Friday, Aug. It, Plymontha ra. ton. Mrs. W, E. Kerns to Oouaen BlaOs ts take from there. **"*? Mra. w. E. Kerns and Mra. George Shetterly of Hastings returned Thursday afternoon from a business trip to Hartford, Miss Ramona Graham came down from Council Bluffs Monday for a few days visit with Mrs, L L. Donner and other Malrern friends. Miss Graham is a teacher in a private school in San Mateo, Calif, and is spending her vacation with her mother, Mrs, 3. B, Graham, in Council Bluff*. Miss Eves Whltfield came Monday from St. Paul, Minn, for a vacation visit with her father, D. E. Whitfield. Miss Whitfield U a member of the extension department ot the University of Minnesota. She and her father leave the latter part ot this week' for a trip into Michigan and will return by way of Chicago where they will visit the Century ot Progress Exposition. Mr. and Mrs. George Hossle and daughter, Jean, of Hamjnll, So. Dak. visited his brother, Ralph, and wife Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Bower and son, Ralph, and Mr. and Mrs. Austin Baas and son, Richard, drove up to the Oral Bower home at Gnthrie Center Friday and visited until Sunday. Mr. and Mra. Dan Seaton and son, Danny Dean, spent the week end in Council Bluff* with the latter's aunt, Mrs. Nellie Donner. Miss Dixie Baer came down from Omaha Sunday for a week* than) Merchant*. %^oe Deardorff returned from a aereral ' weeks trip to York, Pa, where he visited hi* daughter, Mm L. P. Welgard, and family. His daughter, Mra G. A. Armstrong, of Ladysmitb went with him, Mrs, L. A. Barkus aad daughter. Betty LOB, who have been at Ladysmlth, helping in the management of the Armstrong's hotel during Mrs. Armstrong's absence, returned home with Mr. Deardorff Sunday. Peggy and Charlotte Gates, daughters of Mr. and Mra, Paul Gates of Hastings, Refer, came in last week and are visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mra, G. S. Eacrett, while their parents are vacationing sear Denver, Dr. G. W, Rime! drove up from Bedford last Thursday tct «ee his father. George W. Rimel, and took him back with him for a tew days treatment there. . Mr. and Mra. John A. Taboar* ing of Carhondale. UL and Mr. aad Mrs. J, <x Cook aad aoa. Jr., ot DuQuoin, Hi. came in oaaa^ nounced last Wednesday aad completely surprised Mr, aad Mrs, Verne Walker. Mr. and Mrs, Tabouriag are. Mra. Walker 1 * parents and Mra. Cook is her aWer, OB Friday the Walkers and their guests drore to J4*ooln There they Tteitad friends. Taey left for home Saturday aft visit with Dr, and Mrs. 1. eons. Par- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Solledar of; Alhambra, Calif, and Mr. and Mra, }. K. Read of Sidney were gaests at the Walter Smith and Ralph Hossle home Monday. Mrs. B. F. Beilwood of Omaha came last week tor a visit in ths G. a Eacrett home aad with other relatives here. Miss Bertha Strohmas of gig* ourney is 6 Stt e*t la th» boms o* Mr. and Mr*. Leonard r^ T *l ltd* week. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs, finval and Miss Misa Geneva Raine of Olen- wood visited ia the home «f her brother, Chwle. Raine, evenlag. »r. p, H. Kane report* birth of a* eight »n4 qnarters poB»4 »«« te Mr. ami Mr*. Walter Van H§ao» Monday, Aug. 7. He has feeea aam«4 gtasr ley Owen. William, tie MB*W BO* o/ Mr. M«, R, H, V*jj4eri««J rtgat Mr. Kilmartin Nine in Winning Form Again Almost always successful hat fth the t)«t«htten baseball team ol fiofth of Matvern tate summer except wfteH they clash with the lotal Kilmartin nine. Two times prerlotrty tats rammer they engaged tab group of athletes, «aeh time losing. Sunday the tiro clubs Jousted tot the third time a again the Xi!martiai*&* were sueeewful, ? to 2. In the bos for Malvern, Buck Wlftdom tow«d out his famed round hoUM curvet, aad Dutch batsmen were able to hit them without effect, Oette Hertc caught tor Malvem and Zanders aad Phillips aad Plumb made up the Dutch battery. Malvern Kittenball Team Defeat* Co. I The Malvern kittenball team who recently met defeat at the hand* ot a Company I team from Glenwood were determined not to let it happen again and on Friday evening when Company came over tor a return game the locals put forth their best efforts to win 12 to ?. Malvern took the lead in the beginning and held the Company t team scoreless until the fifth Inning when ate latter ran in two i which *»ct they repeated In the sixth iaalng and added three more in the seventh to make m total of 7. Malvern began their scoring with three runs in the' first Inning, Scored three In the third aad two each ia the fourth aad fifth. Playing on the Company I team were Martin, Hatcher, Phillip*. L. Bvana, Hamilton. 1C. Evans, Bar. .,l" * ft <*•!- -IJfSjf- *«^- Graves, Pa«laon L KHne/HaU, MuDes. Bert*, piper. Tfcoma*, t ' Two New Teams Play Kittenball Two new kittenball teams bat- tied on the diamond by the «wim- ttiag pool last Wednesday ere- alBg. Player* on the two teams were not new, jbowerer, the teams beiag made up chiefly of Manager Matt Coarad** team with a few youager fellewp borrowed. Players wen divided lite two groups, the Ta« a»4 the Sjerjt, *h» latter surtine the eowlng in the nm inning ^l, the game Uwy be, - ip^pfl|1Hl^^p^; t fl^P^^Rrl^^ Inalag their when la the Tall oppoaents lead. This .the players •topped immediate^ however in the sixth inaiac aoorlag niae rasit, giving a <aae lead, aad added fire more to their score la the •ereath, The game «a>4«4 M to favor of the Short playera, •KnmMIRITC^VRIpppiBWIM^'* OUert Second in *w» t*» pfoy, 'f^F * W^W'W^flp^sjp ^P^w wWJW? wfis IBwiS^ip ^PsMBfR gg* *J*g| a ^wflUp ^WV wwpft ?fc s^Wi^ps M**M£ , f MMMRni BHHIMR fl« ^w^^^^^^^r w ,t ^*" ^* m 3f _. to marl them „* must fatte soihe ready cash. We nftt »J*« j#f *** wa *** SAVE $20 on One Minute WASHING MACHINES §59 95 Elscttic Model tiow-******** 4 **-**** 1 **'***'** 11 '^^™*^® Brigp & Stratton Engine Model,, $94.95 value at_$84.95 and with each a $10 set of drain tuba **»**• Our Great Cut in Stove Values NEW GLOBE Sun Tan Range, You should seet $98.60 Value in this sale»^ $69.95 Value in this sale— NESCO DeLuxe Ranges, All Enamel, $66.50 Value All 35c oil wicks 24c NESCO Enamel Tritflmed Ranges, $53.50 Values now.«,«.*»» HESCO DeLuxe Stove, large burner, A « /» e'H $23.50 value..$ 10.OU PERFECTION Made Oil stoves $14.50 *« 1 CA Value $11*50 during this sale. ^ 5 per cent cash discount on DeLAVAL SEPERATORS SEPARATOR OIL, Gallon -75c l-£ Gal . .49c 75c Heavy MILK PAIL 39c 75c Inside Cover CREAM CMS _ 59c 60c Ten Quart CREAM CANS _49c 25c Galv. BUCKETS I9c Razor Blades Half Price GILLETTE Blue Blades, 5 for 25c STAR, GEM, EVEREADY Blades, 4 for lOc STAR and EVEREADY Blue Blades, 5 for 25c SIMMONS Banner Bicycle, Double Braced . Chromium Plated, $28.50 value en »*)U $2.25 Guaranteed SCYTHE : BLADES „__ m s >^JCIJN 195 SCttIE,»UIU>LE -JSl **-,<-{ *«;<( J*»-.W" -f . complete --+- _ ! SCYTHE STORES __!5c, (9c, 25c 75c SICKLE. 69c Extra Value Light Weight Grain SCOOPS, $2.25 .Values SI.T9 Las Stik SHOE SOUS, pr.__25c Boys Non Breakable CRYSTAL WATCH __98c Boys AIR RIFLES, $5 ~ lue-L. . ..S8.T5 6 tubes BBs Free, $1.50 Knok-Em anteed FLY ' New^Hu SPRAYER ___ C. C. 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