Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on January 28, 1899 · 3
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 3

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1899
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f AUSTIN DAILY STATESMAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 28. 1899. Dnsk ill Hotel. AMERICAN PI AN. State Headquarter T. P. A. Also leadquarters Tost F. Jails. Receptions, Banquets ( and Wed- dimr Parties Specially Catered For. Steam laundry now open, with all mod-rn iruDrovcments. First class work uaranteed. CHAS. CORTISSOZ, Manager. (Two Blocks from Depot.) New and First-Class. More Conveniences and Better Service ban any Private Hotel in the State. Hates, fl.50 to $2.00 Per Day. Eft YORK HOTEL, D. OEISSLES. Proprietor. 1. Sl2, 514 Congress Avenue, Austin, 'vxan, three doors north from passenger eot. Rates, "51. 00 to $1.50 per day. Regu-ir 25 cents. Extra fine rooms, 0 cents. Special rates by the week. AAHNCKE HOTEL. Cor. Uonston and St. Mary's Sts. AN ANTONIO... ...... ...TEXAS lodern conveniences, cuisine a specialty; Rates, $2.00 per day. udwig Mahncke. Prop. Southern Hotel, LLANO. TEX. B. Li ... Proprietor, :erTthin? Thoroughly Renovated. Headquarters for Commercial Mtn. The Best Table Fare for the Money in the Weft. :D. T. I5LEPT & C0..I I COTTON MERCHANTS. 0 Austin, : :. Texas. ITV DIRECTOR) GEO- F. PENDEXTER. I ATTORNEY AT LAW ' Oimosite Postoffiee. T- W- GREGORY. I -ATTORNEY AT LAW- INxms C end 7, Masonic Temple. I J. L. PEELER. lOMMERCIAL AND CORPORATION" PRACTICE. ttoreey for First National l!:uik, J;is. II. Raymond- & Co.. Etc. X WALTON & HILL. ' --ATTOItNEYS AT LAW Austin National Rank P.ulldin;,'. LAW OFFICII M- C- CRANBERRY. AUSTIN - - - - . 'jKXAS. Notary I'nUi.- in Office. WM- D. HART, -ATTORNEY AT LA W Ikm , Oiicnhcimcr liui'Min;:. HOGG & ROBERTSON. -ATTORNEYS AT LAW-Koom 7 to 1, OjM-r.lit'iiner Building. WEST & COCHRAN. ATTORNEYS AT LAW- K- M- LITTLE. ATTORNEY AT LAW- C O- WEIXEHt. M- D- i OENERAI. PRACTITIONER, ijfk'e over Tobm's Dnis Store. '! I 175. ilONROf" A1ILLER Proprietor I ECLIPSE STABLES Funeral Director and Embalmer. . Established 1&j5 Dimension of ba&lin?: 00x300 fet; v stories high. 108 to 116 E. 7th St eft-rhir.e 101. 'The fim-st teams, hearaf-s. carriages, la. in the South. 'Bis and baggage 'aj?f ts to and .from all train. ! Hotel Provlflent I ., . - riMK T1SU. - 1. &. G. N. TRAINS. South Bound Kttiv 12 SB p.m. 7:00 pin. Leave . ..5:15 turn. 12S55 p.m. 7:10 p.m. North Bound-Arrive 7:4.) .m. 3:10 p.m. Leave .."JW).m. 3:15 p.rm 11:43 p.m. 'Lays over oue hour and fifteen minutes, n. sTr. c Leave 1:10 p.m. 9:00 p.m. Arrive... 7 .-00 a.m. 3:lo p ai. A. &7n. w. Wall and Express, arrive 6:40 p. m. Mail and Express, leave Austin. 8:05 a.m. LAMPASAS STAG0" Stage leaves Lampasas on aim. G- C. & S. F. train at 10:50 a. a... making connection witn 4 3 i.ri.jit . Burnet for Aostin. Stage leaves Burnet tor f Jim. nr arrival of A 4 N. W. r(,i t Ifi.rtw m., making connection with -1t; n rn. G., C. A b. F, train west MASON AND LLAK'O ST A GPS. Leaves Llano I2;t0 p.n, Arrives at Mason.... ... ... g:3f p.m Leaves Mason 6:30 p.m Arrives at Llano o tn DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY. Making Connection WftTi Train Fare one war. $2.50; round trip. $4.00 ' S. G. McLEAX. Proprietor. ooeTcseo4- i 6QBHWELL j THE DRUGGIST o o . Ccsfress Tlu habit of buyijis at Corn- 9 weH'a, the prescriptimi drugsist. It k a pood baliit, it is a rap- 0 idly crowing halit with all Atu 2 tin. it. is a habit that becomes O more fixed the ofteuer people buy at CornwellV. and t'.ie Voad reasm is 8.VTISFAC- 2 HON. Customers are (-arisrt.Ml 9 with Corn-welVs roirIs. treat- meitt and prices. Ajrent Nun- T 9 lially s fine eamlies in waled iu-kas. Fresh siiipment to- 9 day, 0. eent per poutul. '"''' "r BRING US ? "T" f-T-HTT-l IIC "li TPTFPHONP III T q lour prescription. g 4. Goods delivered to all parts of 9 the city. 9 'Plume 2SS. CITY NEWS. DIED. LueilJe, 5-yoar-otd dauKhtir of S. W. Rmhl, yesterdviy at 2 p. m. Fiinvml thi aftenmon at 15 o'clock from the family residem-e in .South Austin.- Friends mid aoqftKUttrances are invited to attend. The Austin Steam Laundry guarantees satisfaction and promptness. Work called for and delivered, telephone 4JU. Celebrated Jersey Cream at Sl.() iK'r sa-k. W. B. WALKER Ac St. NEW GOODS COMING. Mr. HalstfeM IliW SJtipped a Fine Am-rtiwnt for This' (lit y. llatzfeld's I tig is ptilinj; n-ady for an iiiPiiwii.-Je 'trade this spring. A Ug U: f new liwiids are mm- oil thi.;r way -to this e.ty 'i-ru-iu New York, ami Mr. Hatzfeht. an vvrjtiiiig to his hreiri nieniir iiKer. sajs tlwit Sli.' nxls lire rise hiKt aJ(riiiiei t that he lias ever ordered. Mon.-ter pm "pa rations aie now in pro-gres aL tiie smre to 1. 1- Ac 'ilia1 mul pli-e them iir disyilay isovitioiH. The millinery- depai tnieiit of the utore is iw 1 me if "tlu nvalest lejartments ever ex-KliMsl ii.y any ii;eieliai.-t 'zt tli'i's city. I .arse i-a-es .for hats a-ird ilionatet 'are 11 r-ranjre 1 in ipi'tN;i n:t two wi'iit's of the spacuws dei.-urtiiM nit. wlw-li civc.s mi aittraetive asMarai:i-e to that part of 'Sm big Store. Miss Seariglit's dancing c' will give a .parly at the E'.ghtli sircet hall tii'is afternoon at ;! n'cioM-k, jprovvdid it d)"s wit ra-in. Al! ehiiiiri-n and .those intere'cd are iii'vitid to attend. Admission for dit w-ers 'Si cent-'. An iiniisiiai'y' picas-ant time is aiilie'.pate.l. NOTICE TO TAPXAYERS. 'i'he law rfquires all the taxes for the year lSUS to be paid prior to Jamiarj' in. IS'.iO. at whieh time a penalty of 10 per cent on the entire ummiitt of such taxes av-iTitcs. All persons who have not fftsid their taxes for l.SUS are re-I'Hieste.i to call Rial d 1 So before .!:(!!!!-tirv. IS!, a't.1 avoid said penalty. .1. E. KAUFMAN. Tax Colh.-4-ter. Travis County. Tex. Did you read .Ino. II. Chiles' ad'i-tisemcnf today. 0 "NOT WORTH FIVE CENTS." Ai.'i't'ii.' t!i Walker, in Si;a--:iking of the Ueeii:f Damage, Al 1 r:!;.-'n Walker of tlie Fouriij ward. ;:l mm :iir..g of the reef i.if ilaum'-'e suit f.'c-'l fgrl: -? f...- eily. ''nf-iHiie.! -a Sfat'-s-r- .i ; . ; m u r ! -;: rd.-iy (hat he would not pit 1 ' ' '1; Wis'e-r eejij . ;!';' live c: -(its fi r !".-' e-in-e ;f e'xien.. The Fourtii v. .i ii ,''lcr!' mi ' a w 'l! kuonn a;tt .r-;'.;. lie ?'l-o s'j.l st few i 'e-e tilings a ; Ht Tl.e S:tf".;i:an for printing the ie-:i.i :i In fuil. C0FNTY TEACHERS. The Institifre m SihKhi Yesteplay in 'S-li;nT!I.'tendieIt Sludtou's Otliee. Tii' Travis Coutrty Teachers' assx-ia-tMi w as in se-ashm yesterday in tlw of-fii t Cownty School SuiSTititendent Shelton. The co 1 weathT had its effect jm the rten.!awe, Init alt w!v bmviNl it seenwil to Is? )ileaseJ wiSli what tnwisxdrod. Sxn of the icipew which were read by the twhers wore hieblr interesting. Mr. Will P. Brady al Mh Jennie Parulker tork tlw- Uinl In a discuMon of a paper etrtitfeI tbe '"School Law," during tlie afterr,rHn session. The wisoeiatioa will meet, again today, and tf se program comprises wmic pxd papvrs.' T'lay's ppTsram: IO to Kir.'tm-'-SclpO'il Exaniirra:ionii." by Mrs. Hila Sxinn and Mis MoUio Cifiliricer. lif.Tii to 11 :.';is "Some Tnings n Teaebr er Shmld Knw." bv John Mr-Kion, Ps lizrle f'alvin. "W. A. Matthews. M-s Eva .Tohnifj. ll:."to 12S5ft-"RigLts of IiplR" hv .T. II. Bifher. Miss Mary MitebvH. B. J. W'angb, Miss Emm IIenl. Ml GOSSIP OUiii L A Ii.RC,E NT "MB Fit op PROMINENT TEXAN'S ARE IN THIS CITY FOR A FEW DAYS. WHIM IS VERY (HE Of Cimrse They AH Haw Busi-tiiess 'Here, and Tliey 'Are Always Glad to See Each Oriher To Be Ilrn-Some Tini'.. Ed -.tor R. !M. .LhiiMiii of the Housitoti Post is in the i-ily for i few thiys un -btiMtut, lie is wil known En this eity, and iwMiss's a host t.f ftiiends '.l over Tvv-a. IleresjJtHl hi Austin litany yvars ago, en. I at one tinw was one of .the editors of Tlie StureMinaii. lie likes to oMw to this v-ity, n.l UHuaMy uwtemun his friend hern u -It U n good sttpii'y f swrfox, a;uj when he diiarts the lem-liunts of them are sli'l going the rounds. Ho tiohi one reeeiitly to 11 number of Kiwis which gin sonw'thing ll'ke litis : "A man by the nan;.- of .Smith ulied at l is h Mile in Il..uton, and the fanv ly placed the folhwvuijr notice en tilie fn.U door of tin .lAmie: Moliii S.niit!i, dvpaS't-e.i .illils life for Heaven at 12 m. ito-day.' "A .Km fi'lack h,i.ii'd to pass utt h'jaie after the quaa.t fiiiwral n-.rice had i en Hi.-;tl, ai.d the U a sitruek ih.'in tliur lie ..u:d have some fuit owr tin dcatll of Sii:.;ih. Tiie youngster secured a telegraph 'blank, itnd after writing tlie fol1-louing. .i,;cd it u.n!T the fuller a'S on tlu Snvith door: "1 trait n, l:lf iv m. -Sns.lth iwt yet UTiived: xt 'itemeul intense."" This is a e . cl story, ud' sounds jn-n like the little man from the tniaguolias, t'a!?t. Fisher of Cijruesifwii is 11 the city, iind savri that he 'i-H Vi-r feh t letter in his life. He made quite a re-ord during the l.isf war as a captain in the First Texas oavalry regiment iimler Col, Luther R. liaire. t'ti'pt. FWicr was one of the most jKvpular oll'icers in the cierv-icc. air.l was loved and lvsjiei'tcd' by vvery iiKir., n t only in bs iif:iny, -hut itlw entire nrimeirt. lie was a iiwmiiior ttf the Twenty-fifth hafi-ilatitre. and wflf one of the !!tr feaiilcrs 'whiai ihv faninilis text. ;lM)k 'bill 'v;i'S up for n-onsidiei'atioii in the house. He isays be is jiMt over here for the 1'Ul'l ose of ?-oiiie vif his old friend '"howdy." Ex-Ruj avs'eii'tative OarpciKier of Faw ttiti comity .is :n the city wti'iienrfng the proceed ingjj of tint legisatiu-e. He 'was a iiii'inbcr of the Twenty-fourth ind Tweu-ry-fiflh ii-x-iiKiKes, aiwl diH'ing liis four years' servkt as a state lawmaker he acquitted hiimself in n very ini-serva-tive liKinner. At tire last session he wad'e a strong fight in fisvar of (the fee bill, and was Ls one of the leaders in the contest for tlie ijiiissjige of the sciiool text book law. His locks are curly, tul are of tJluc ulnun hue. and his aipjiear-aiiice i wiifoigi'th'cr of 'it striking variety. He will Hie here for sim- time. Ex -Courtly Judge Wj nn. of Tom Gi-een county d in tlie city looking lifter air issue of some lfiuils for his county, lie is now 'hx-ated in Sun Aiii'gelo, where he is practicing law. and says that biisrtwis is good out ill ll'.s slfn-'ioij f U mmtry. Mr. Wynu was a iiiemls-r of the Twc-nty-tliiftl Icgirilat'iMe. and iikhIc ipiite a record, for hinwlf (hiring Ihi.s ear(er as a bnCniaiker. 'He ifs 11 graduate of the State Cnlvcrslty, aifd .is one of the be-t friends the institution' litis out .in his locality. Ex-State .Si mil tor . I. M. Dean of El Pasm is here for a few days, and is quartered t the Dririkfll botel. - die was 11 meirilwr of the hgi-'latiire when (I ivernor CiiI'Ihtsou issuei!' Hiis eaH for a special wsislon to ijsass the 'bill against prize fighting. Sena.tor Dean was the only senator who voted agaimt the meais-ure in bis wide of the legislature. Hi opjssltiiii vole ga ve him a l it of mjkim-iiKxlic notoriety, but it iVul not hist. long, lie afterwards inside the race for district ntltorney out tlMTe on an n'ndeiSMwl-ent fin-kct. and was beached early in the ai'tion. The ex-soiKi'!:or has many frieii'dis here, 11 ml tihey 'll pluiil to sis- horn. Col. Ilglitower. trnveliitg passenger agent of the Ititernatiioji: and Great .Norcnern itaiiway, is m me cuy tor n I few days looking oft-er the tnit(rests of 1 his Tiwik. He is n lg fellow, of the jolly kind. Intt d.'s i:m!t compare with .1. r r.. .... - 1 II.: o 1 !.:-. ipji me ill Hie eti.'-.l. iw eo imo'ji in railroad circles. 41 ml has worktst Ws way o; from tlw Isittom. Col. Jt OitBicr. aii-'itlw-r well known Texan, arrive rv t'o -ity yterby from S'nerman. He reports plenty of biisii'ess iu tls north Texas u"troji(di.-, and saysi.liat ti: merehants are exftect-itig tin ii.imsu'tiif K:'rim; t raid e. Mr. (riinier is well known1 it pjOinical c.rc5:-s. " C-i'leluated Jersey C-ituiii Hour, ju r rftick 1 Fine velbvv yam -s;wcet pj;aUes. tier s'ck Per half bii-i.ic! Per bushel New holy pea., p"-r jiouie.l First, in this season: I'lekiod shrimp, 1-pound -aiH for. . RemeliBix-r our solicitor will eaJi if ncees-ary any time iUnl take vonr orders. Fresh eggs. jxr dozen o pfiunds of fresh country butter for ..; New lemons, wt dozen Fine iiecan., jier pound.... Electric giolx-s, '.i for.......... A good mixed tea, js-r jsiund.... Special as long as they lat. A large Eniriish pint bottle best brand of plain, mixed or chow how pickies for 20 pounds Is-st New Yoik standard fine t'ranitlaUsI sugar Iwith bil. for ..$1 20 pounds fancy yellow clarified sugar for J "Jjv" Hour, fs'st on the market, 1st sack 1 "1'fs-iin" genuine sugar hoiie mo- lass per gallon Netv dates, per pound Old Time homiiiy, YZ pixirwls for. "Aunt J'-siiima" genuine pancake floUT. 2 packages for "Pure C-nne Juice," m w crop sugar house molasses, f r gallon Fine large red onions, lo pounds for, . McMehan's Old' EnVliVh bii'lk'mince meat. 3 imndi. f.-.r,- Ail flavors of pure fruit pres. rvei, in 1-jiouri.l glasHt f(fT Fine comb hjney, 1-pound glasses, for 10 00 Of) of; 10 25 25 40 25 25 10 I 10 y ' IS IT CURABLE? A Question of,PU Thoe Af- if-nnl t0 flics. Is strained join wiraU'V Is l.v,l Inthimmstion curaUe? Of cwurse, if p.v r.y trlat'l. sj is pihi. People often Uvouw nftlioti-d with j.lvs and ask stmie old "chronic" wlw tms ajways ptrsitwl in the wrong treat-nU-ut and naturally d.sevurages them by teLaiR tiMMu that their case is hinieless. T:u"y iu turn lisiurai! others, ami thus a disttise that can in every case w now o.v earvtm ana skiiitnl tiaml-iiug is tfloweJ to sap the euergy of thousand w!m might fn themse.ves of tiie tnm;e in a tew days. 1"jtuu1 1-ilo Cure wil cure the most airgravattd ease of hnoi-rin!.l In an usftKn:Khifr!y 9hort tm. It :ieves the fcaigestxd pjins, rt.hKt the tumors In-sftiaiktly, no tmitter how large, allays ti' inthimm!tkm aiul tnops the aching or muting t orsv. ThoiBaids w lio had resorted to exien-sive surtriciil operiHkms have U4'n cunl by Pyramid Pile Cure in a uundsT of histaiim iKrsxms who had sient months in a hospital under a sis-cLilist. It is a. remedy that none ntl fear to apply, neii to tlie imt aggravate, and iuflameAl hemorrhoidal tu-mors. If you are afflicted with this stublKrn dlsi'iise you can master it and master it oincky. This remedy is no longer nn exiH-ri- ns'tit, but a iiiiilicjil eertainty. It Is uiait- iifactund by the Pyramid Drug Co. of Marshall, Mich. iTUHg.Kts sed it at uO cents per liox. It is hecamitig the most piimlar pile cure this ctmntry has ever known and drugi,'!: everywlu ie are ordering it for tneir custom rs. Till! S TAiTlv DHIWRTM ENTS. Items of Gvuctul! Inttiivst (ilciuieJ in thu Caj'iiOl cstcldiy. '!,'.. M. ..t!...-f.....!l 'M:........I VV- ..,,..1 IU" "I .111.1 ...'..I1, .J H I ' 1 . . . 1 II' I Nortlwi'lern Railrou'd tiiint-iiaiiy yeeier-tay psiiil lllie foniiirtrollcsr 2!..3 tax ditie ,;i 1 nit 01, on gnen pasKc-n- . .li-h'i.'. .1111, vi, 11. 1 1. 1. 1, St'llliM 1 I'... the (i:.nicT calling on that kite. NOT AN APPI HUNT. rii.. mimie f Mr. S. D. Sm:dal should liit luave ajipiiiirel in yesterday's list of nUP'icaiHw fur 'the position of state jr milter. Till: (COMMISSION. The nitiiiniission yesHnriEa-y iiJeil1 the fol-invitig sjsvial laini borities tirade by the resi(siive miliroads: The San Auteittio and Araii'sas Pass railtoad as follows: First Wiliicu the tariffs if the Sunt Aut-buiiio 'iiiiil AriMuras Ilaiss Ttti'dwiay make liiiyilier uttew lNtweiti competitive points tha'ii llhc nates pu.!;t.'billi by ceun,H'i:tive 1'uh. the lower rate twill i)!y, witliout fiffectdiii,' rHtes nit InttlruHisEatt' points. S-',oii(l Jvarmwu , wwxx piiws, ear loaidi. njiliimwui weigiln'i 24,(HHJ imtiu.U ixr mv. fr im S. i-tjiitiKm to ipohits iwnsil: 'IVi Austin, 15 01 il:s ii'r IfKI poimds; to all sl'Vtions on the Snmi Aintiwiiu and Ar.iti-sa.s Ps l'lHlwny, 25 isr icent less than the claiss E .ratie; to jMiiuts 011 the common pkniint tenrit try on the flalves-itoiis. H 1 rrisl ni rg ani'd S:ilu lA.ntoi.5o railway, Texas :!!! 1 New Oriii:ii;.s railway, New Yei-k. Texas snd Mexw-an railway, tliilf. Western Texas mid1 Pacific rail-way, HoiistoK mm I Tex'tis Ci'ii'tiral raii-r.iaii Fort AWB-tth MM New Orleans rail-wnv, Cimtrtil Texas and Northwestern jMiiwsiv n;l Airs-tin and Nor! hwet-tern ra'lri'i. 15 cents 1 ismuls; to points taking hii:her th.m flu- wmwnoii ... ... ........ I.. .i'.fi,...iit..i iwril't territory 'raio, cars u inn. 1. ."i.u-to be wfileM. -'' ' ' ' Tliird- ( In trrciase w '!. m wicks, twft or va m twrr.te.'V w rtnii"T0gither and I trussed, or iees-i'd in sipuire bales, any iii:Ui'tity, IO cents ijt 1 Ml pounds less llati Hhe I'lte iiiiplh able in' grease wool in wacks, A1lnm tiraiifrtporNi 1 berweim sta-ti'ins 'en the ' Auiortlo anil Aransas Pm-s .railwity. Tlie IntenftufMSta". lanid Gn'iiit Northern rafjway ms follows: Fftrxt -Oil (Witoti seeil. in carloads, iiMpiintfrn wiihrli 20.01HI p;iiitwlis per ear, from all st.:i tin-as on the Texas, Sabine Valley -un 1' . N'oiit'?.twstertrl railway to Iloir.-'tei-i 2! eels i r 1H -sjii'irds, ml1 to Galveston. 22 cents per I'M! pounds. Soeoifd ( 'iton sevd'. in ear btfK m!ii-iiimnn wfcllgbf 20,000 pmsHils ir e:ir from (ill io;.s all Texas, excrlpt sltitions oil '!!' LAeiKtriltimial f.i r !mit Nortlifrii (lestitie.l the late from Il. r-l m nn! lAn-jlM oi such ri!f piiM'tfts sh';'l b- 5 fcirts ipir 1'.0 sfliids. TSbtrl -Tftie ftrte 'ii'tipicalldf tv lime, in "ive;eK frotn M.-NViil to -stations on (. Mis-inui'. K:t,r:is ;'iiii? T'-xas mi way of Tevns kih-iI! al-.. ."ipvly as nmsinia from Rom! 'Roi-l: to the sain" piinls. BFCKLEX'S ARNICA SALVE. The licst salve in the w .rid for Cuts, Bruise. Sor-i. Fleers. Salt Rheum, Fever Sores. Tetter, Chanp-d Hands, Chilblains. Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and iositive!y cures Piles, or no pay re- ontred. It is guaranteed to give peri. ft satisfaction or money refunded. 25 cents per IsiX. For sale by Yates. 210 East Sixth street. 1'riee C O. WAR TAN AGAIN. Land CommdsHimicr Finger ai d Co'.le- o,-Flanagan Exehniige Views. The folTriw'iri'-' i-ur-esp .l.'.lelU'i. iK tWe.-n Hon. Ge.inre W. Fiug !,r. c niiirls;iti.-r of the getwral laid of'ice, and lirteinal Revenue Cediector Flaiing-iir may rlifow some light on the a.;pl!ciilioti of t'n- w.;r ix. Mr. Fiiiger's letter runs thus: "The kii'd of instrument referred to yuo in my Tetter of Hie 24tli is a di-ed, a:t l what I wic'tcil .i know is whether a. deed given for land where the eotis'deratlnii is SlUlOKt. or less, tak.s a sfam'i up the ii striitmlit mi: I should tiie ae;iio.vt".lg-11:. 't r of the olli'.fr al have a stain;. :' tac'usl, a: l l ow inm-'iV" Colleeter Flitaiurai'i's n ,'s is ;is f.l- nvs; "Refen-i4 to your let is r oi ia. Ol 1 1 li'lalit. you are nd vised- that 11 .ie. ,1 for slil.(si or less Teqnir.-s no utaoip. at. 1 iiekti iw!, 'L'mcnis to a il e,l ri-qui; .-s 10 sianip. Von nr- further a Ivisi d tiial nrkliowledgmelils to a mortgage eotnes within, the exemptio n and no slnm,i required to be placed on su-h iiisfrutiie.'it. The CiTtificjife of n eerk of court eert;Cv i.-ig flint a notary Is duly qualified to 1.1 fie aeknowh-il'.'nients, or that ;t jusfice of i lti-,Vf is duly qualified, is rwiuired t be 8tatllier." HOW TO PREVENT PNEUMONIA. t You are erh,ijs aware that pneumoMa always results from a eoid or from an attack of la griiipe. During the epiik-mic of la (jrijjfm a few yf-ar ago wt m many easies resulted in pneunsmia, it wis oWr-l that the attack was nevfr foSiowed by llt when Chamberlain's dugh Reinedy was used. It eoitn-t.-racts any tendcary. of a cold or 1a grppe Ui result in that dwng'-rous di-as.. It is th IsiMt renK'dy in the world for bad colds and la gripie. Evcrv bottle warranted. For sale bv John II. Oldies. L.1 Grippe is ajrun epidemic. Every tirccaiition should be taken to avoid it. Its specific cure is One Minute Comrh lure. A. J. Sheperd. puhlbiher Agricultural Journal and Advertiser, Elden, Mi., avs: ".0 on Wiii pe (lis'ipiyun'el in using One Minnte ConL'h Curo for Tin flriPDe." P!eas'nt to take, quick to act. C. O. Yates. 219 East Sixth itroet. died i. he mm. A YOFNG FARMER RESIDING 1XE.VK MANOR FDUXD DEAD Y EST E DAY MORNING. The Fall Broke His Xeck and He Never Kuew Wluit Hurt I JimHe- Wu the Sou of Widow Saudlierg. INews, reached tlie chy. yesterday nionv-ing frxmi Manor of the appalling ihuth of Mr. Ruff Samllerg, a -farmer 22 ywirs of age, and residing two miles northenst of the .thriving litre village1, lie was tine soil of the Widow SandlH'rg and was well and favorably known ia his section of tlw county, Young Stuidberg was found dead ut tile side of one of the roads leading out from Manor to his home. His mvk was broken, mwl the idan whs rubbed away from one sure of his face anil Jiwwl, The report that reaches! here yesterday morning hnd it. that Siilidberg was not feeling well when he left Manor for his home, lie starred in buggy and it is bmloved that lie fell out ef the buggy and his neck and shoulders struck against oue of ihe wlu-el. Justice Nixon was called en to hold an inquest, iit.i.1 be will render a ver dict 111 a few days. The untimely death of the youiig man was a severe Wow to his many frit nth. He was very .popular with all who knew him. HONEY r.ECS FROM THE PHILIP PINES. The Dopnrttiieiit of Agriculture wiU in troduce into tlie Fnilod States the great honey U-es found in the Phiippiiies. These lxi-s are twhx- as large as tltise of Tht---ounrry, and lUislins? five or six times is mm h honey. They have extra long tiwRiies, and euti reach the ms-tiir bi many flowers that our own variety can not. hue this move will be of ma terial liencitt, it will not In' any more si than Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which reaches and cures many ailments that other remedies fall short of. Among them may lie nrenthuied dysiiepsia, indigestion, biliousness, constipation, iiinla- ria, wasting (liseasiw ami ntleclions ot the kidneys and blood. We ns'immiend the Bitters to men and women whose nervous systems re sluit-tcsred, ,, NEWS OF THE COURTS. Dislriet Court Dissses of fine Case. Comity Court. In tlw,' district court yesierday. Judge Morrts pnvsid'ing, the ease of William Weaver flgaiu!t t'he Houston 11 ml Texns Oufcml Railway for $25tH itonmgin, wa s called for trial. Tbe etiuse of the suit wias over 11 ticket, the plaintiff efaS'iilltiir, that he 'hakl 31 fii-s -class ticket find was courpc'lli'dS to go into the wnokitig cur, which injured 'bis hcalfhi. Tlw jury hetinl the tesliniony ami retired for a whi'H They returned with, a' verdict ealiing for $000. The case of 'Mrs. F. II. Bishop .njCaiust, Amelia .Goodmtui, for partition, is on. trial, COUNTY COURT. In ibis court t'lw -rtse of J, W. Daugh-erfy ngainit W. A. Glnws ct al., is on trial. I itiintiff seeks damages for the alleged destruction of am engine. 'Podtiy us probate dny. The non-jury -ivil docket will be fa ken up next, week, and court will a-itjottrii next Hat 11 r lay. Only two nure days are set aside for She Jiearing of probate .matters. THE DEADLY GRIP Is again abroad in the hind. The air you In eat he may be full of Its f.ilal germs! Don't neglect he "Crip" or you will oton the door to Pneumonia and Consumption and invite death. It-sure signs are chills with fever, headache, dull hi '.ivy pains, ninceus dis-thargi-s from the nose, sore throat mid tievcr-let-go cough. Don't waste precious time treating this cough with troches, tablets, or poor, cheap syrups, fore it at once with Dr. King's New Diseovery, Ihe infallible remedy for bronchial troubles. It kills the d:seas' germs, hen's the lungs and prevents the dreaded after effects from the tiviadv Price .VI cents and .$1, Money back if not cttred. A trial bottle free n! C. O. Yi'ics' Drug Store. COMING: A. K. Hawkes, the famous Atlanta Optician, direct from the home office of this great-Optical house, or one of his practical Opticians, will remain at the store of his agent, J. A. Jackson, for iv il'iys only, beginning February 1. This will give the citizens of Austin and vicinity a rare opportunity of having their eye-sight tested FREE by one of the most renowned as well ns reliable Opticians in the United States.. Mr, Hawkes 1ms ai! the modern appliances for the scientific adjustment of Spectacle.! ami Eye Gisses fo the eye. There is no Optician ia the United States who enjoys the coiitiden'-e of the people more than Mr. Hawkes. J Us name is n familiar word throughout a section of the country inhabited by over twenty-five millions of people. Mr Hawkes has probahly fitted planse t the eyes of more people of na'io nn intcrnft'ionn! f.irrc than auv olhtr Optic iiui living. His wontlerfn" wce-a is due to his superior grade of glasses, and to the confidence tbe j..e,!' have in Inability ns a practical Opt Ma 11. Thi firm established in 1 ST' t, ncnrlt thirty years ago. Call early as he wil" positively remain but six d'tys. ns Ie has other engagements for iter dates. Caution : thec famous glasses are never peddled. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. In order to close out our stock of boots atl sli's-s we will Utfm on Monday. Jan-wary 2.'!, to sell at a oistviurit of 20 pT cunt, or the entire slock will be sold in a lump at a libera! disrmnt. No presents or guarantee wil I lawn in tltc sale. SMITH & BRADY. 2211 East Sixth Street. A Pf.BAtf.VNT TRIP AT A PLEASANT SEASON. To Mardi (ins 'New Orleans the second we-k iti l-'ehni'-iry. The Crecvut City will alf.uad with phiisure s.-ker.i teems ng in from everywhere ti enjoy tht's fair which has jotig made New Or-learm aniiu;.ly famous. As heretofore, eFrterfainmerDL will rs provided to fciiit toe ttistes of a 51. To go is to lie guarantee.! a goxl .time. The InteTirtiti'.mil n,l Great Xorrh'-ra Railroad wiC tois-t you half way. sel ins round trip tickers for this event at one fare for rouixl trip from all point. For foil rticii!arsi inquire at teirest InterriatKiteal nr,d Great Norbern f'eket office, or addrew: D. J. PRKT1, . P. h T. A., Pah-vUne, Texas. uwm Irtsarsncf ni Ccnfral Agent Fire, Tornado and Accident Insurance! Prompt ami careful attention to yur business. Also special nirent and adjuster for CONTINENTAL FIRE INSURANCE-OF'NEW YORK for South Texas, . 400 Congress Avenue. 150 POZEN MEN'S COTTON HALF HOSE. High spliced heel and toej stainless and fast colors; absolutely .the test values we have ever had) colors black or tan. Price . Per pair. -. ... . . Per tloz , .10 1.10 (I I CL Tl 1 1 NG .DI : PA RTM EXT. CQMINQl A. K. Hawkes The Famous Atlanta Optlclaa direct from the homo office of this Great Optical House, or one of his practical Opti. cians and will remain at the store of his agent J. A. JACKSON, SIX DAYS ONLY It('tri.Tiinlng Febriwiry 1. Th'a will give the dtizens of Austin ami vicinity a rare ojijsirtunity of having their Eye Sight Tested Free by tmc of the most renowned and successful as well as reliable Opticians in the U. S. Mr. JlaWkes has the modern appliances for scientific adjustment of glasses to the eye. There is no Optician in the V. S. who enjoys' the confidence of the people more tlian Mr. Hawkes. His name is a familiar word throughout a section of country inhabited by-over twcaty-flve millions of people. Mr. Hawkes has probably adjusted glasses to the eyes of more people of nationul and international time than any other optician living. This firm was established in 1870. EYESTRAIN is often the cause of headache, dizziness, nervousness and dimness of vision. This can be cured in many cases by the correct fitting of his Crystallized lenses to the yc. Call early, he positively remains hut SIX days, as he has other engagements for lalcr dates. CAUTION. I would caution the public against buying spectacles from peddlers, going trom house to house with a lot of spectacles, representing them to be Hawkes' or selling the same grade of Roods. Hawkes' spectacles are NEVER peddled. Many of the inferior glasses that flood the country are positively injurious to the eye. From Ei-Prcsldent of U. S.,OroTr Cleveland. Executive Mansion.. Wahiunotow, Dec. , 1895. A. K. HawltM, V.vy My Dear Sir: I find your CryiSaltoed Inw well suited to my eyes for far seeing. And I hall enjoy them on my thooting (rip?. Vou very truly, (jKOVKR Ci.KVKl.ANn. The Oreat Warrior and Statesman, Mr. A. K. Hawke. Hear Sir: When 1 require the lee of glasses 1 wear ynur panticepic Crystallized lenses. In respect to brilliancy and clearne of vision, they are superior to any glares 1 have ever used. . Kespxcifully, t iriHuiat I.KR, Consul Ocn'l to Cuba. One of Oar Greatest Statesmen. Mr. A. K. Ifawke. Ilear Sir: The pantiscopid glares you furnished me wme time since have given cxcelkot satiafaction. 1 have tested them by use, and niiiit say tlie-y are uniurpassed in clearness and brilliancy by any that I have ever worn, kespcufully, On. John 8. Gosorn, f.x-Gov. of 6a. and V. S. Senator. A. K. HAWKES RECEIVED O Gold Medal Highest Award Diploma of Honor For Superior Lens Grinding and Excellency in the Manufacture of Spectacles and Fyc Glasses. Sold in over 8,ooo Cities and Towns in the U. S. Established 1870. CAUTIOrV. The. Famoiii Oliwi are never peddled. WAIT FOR HAWKES and not only get glasses scientifically adjusted to your eyes, but secure 8 pair of his Crystal lized Lenses, the most brilliant spectacle lenses in existance, A. K. HAWKES, Inventor and Sola Proprietor of all the HAWKES PATENTS He will Positively Remain but Six Days. mil. V i I j f-m-rtm'hl hour (ic-mrrt. 1 1 r,A d!Bctrrirmi tho linnaryf.r. f "X fan., sirwist tv Santa! H'lldvf umu r-rftw n . of ALL IrniriK V J I

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