The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 28, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1894
Page 12
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f^PfSff^f^T^W^T^^fWPTF * ^;ffSW,"' *TWt *«* v: V V "* • •^v/'-^Tf^' 'f^-W'V > t ^ ? ^*^^^|w^' ! ^ i f^r]v' f^^f**™|| • . ; ^ ! \v '-> ?tf >| Highest of all in Leavening Power.*-Latest U. S. Gov't Report, JH -VI- Si'iJr.,-- 1 &?>'•: $?:' Vf'.'. m te; i'/; m- Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY A^D WEBKLT. ALL HOME PRINT. THIS SBHTINBL Is tbe only newspaper in Carroll county that IB printed all at liome and It con- alns more local and count? news tban any otber two papers ID tuts county. POWERS A COLCLO, Props. FBTDAV, SEPTEMBER 28, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Call at Martin & Olovis' for Qlidden barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. A. Brutsche was up from Coon Rapids Wednesday. J. F. Beh, a Harlan merchant, was in the city Monday. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. Mrs. J. L. Miner returned from Marshalltown Tuesday. Diseases of tbe eye, ear, throat and BOW. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Oarroll. Frank McCoy, of Jatper township, was a Carroll visitor Wednesday. M. F. Knerback, of Wheatland township was in the city Wednesday. • L. G. Goodwin and little boy came to ;.. the city -Wednesday from Boone. •', Lou Merchant, of Tarns, spent Sunday in the city with his brother, E. N. W. H. Westfall left Tuesday for 'Chicago on business for a few days. M. W. Beach and J. J. Wieland were at Sioux City last Friday on business. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Macomber returned Tuesday from tbeir visit at Omaha. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DR. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. E. ti. Taylor and Lynn were in the city visiting, at the Niswonger residence. Will Mast, of Plainview, Neb., waa in the city Monday night with his brother Jeff. C. Davis post No. 44, G. A. R., Will meet at the hall Friday evening, Sept. Si Mr. and Mrs. Duncari McDonald, of Greene county, wore Cw?«U visitors 'yesterday. Dawson Murdock is quite sick with typhoid feyer, having been delirious for several days. Mrs. E. A. Thornish, of Atlantic, with her little son, is visiting with her sister Mrs. A. Kessler. Boos & Laugblin are offering the lowest prices pa carpets and oil cloth, of any- One in the city. Miss Ola Griffith returned to Des Moines the last of the week and saain entered college. , County Attorney Eorte and Geo. W. Bowen drove to Coon Rapids Wednesday on legal business. Frank Meis is down with typhoid fever but» doing as well as could be hoped for • under the circumstances. Mrs. H. E. Beach left Sunday evening for a visit of several months with relatives and friends in Illinois. M«. T. B. Kail, after visiting several Weeks in the city with relatives, left yes terday morning for her home. Next Monday, Oct, 1, is the Hebrew New Year's day. M, Simon will clogo > U J B •tore until sundown on that day, , A marriage license was issued Tuesday by the clerk to Frank Brinker and Liyxte Snyder, from near Breda. A marriage license was issued Saturday for Frank Neuerburg aid Maggie Tobin, both well known in this city. -':• J. F. Daukle, of Ricbland township, was jo the city to pay his taxes and made this office a pleasant call Wednesday. Oar prices on flour are right, suits •very body, give it a trial and yon I will eomc back to tbe Yellow front for more. Mrs. M. J. Moore arrived in tbe city Wednesday, palled here by the illness of her son; Obai. Buckoam. and his wife. F. M. Dayenport left for Council '. Bluffs to defend Oscar Seaman in tbe federal court charged with illicit ute of tbe mall. Wm. Oilley Is gathering his apple crop and from the number be is bringing to tbecJty we should Judge that be bad a fair field. MlMos toon aud Clara Guam euterUln- »d a smtll company of friends Tuesday evening and • very enjoyable, time was b»d by all. J. B. Nookels left the first of thu week for Aon Arbor where be will finish up his }»w studies ttt the state university of Micblgaq. Mil* Kffle Uuwes is In the city and wU remain (or a couplu of month*, which WlU be welcome newa to her u»»uj frieud. here. Tb* pauper committee of the board oj •»ptr»l*pr» ws« in sea«lon pfter»«ywaUppllcatloo» from the count; w«de. la anticipating a great amount of suffering thia winter among the poor, and that the caring for them will be a,big tax . on the county. Saturday was pay day with the railroad men at this station and the boys were all pleased to see the little wagon put in an appearance. There will be a meeting of the Democratic county central committee at the court house next Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 1 o'clock sharp. J. McMillan, of Clinton county, stopped for a short visit with his sister Mrs. H. Burwelt Wednesday while on his way to Odebolt. The Union Cornet band will give an open air concert this (Friday) evening, on Fifth street. Everybody should come out and hear It. The street entertainment givenMonday afteinoon by the electric belt combination drew a large crowd but the sales were not very numerous. Fred Zerwas, of Chicago, arrived in the city Sunday to attend his brother Phil's wedding and to visit for a week with relatives and old friends. Chase & Suborn teas and ooffeee were exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for tbeir superior quality. Sold only by Merchant. Judge Goldsmith passed througb the city on his way home to spend Sunday. He says he will be in Greene county all this week yet as the docket is a beaVy one. Rev. W. B. Thompson held services in the M. E. church Sunday and was greeted with a large audience. Tbe new organ was used and proved very satisfactory. Jno. Helzer has sufficiently recovered from his attack of typhoid feyer to be able to be out again. He is looking thin but was fortunate in escaping as easily as be did. When you are looking for fine plush and upholstered furniture, parlor suits and oak chamber sets, remember that Boos & Laughlin carry the finest line in the city. Mrs. E' L. Eay is. in the city the guest of her aunt Mrs. W. L. Oulbertson and sister Mrs. Junod. She feels quite proud of her seven months' old son as mothers usually do. Merchant wants yon to call at hie store and see how few goods yon can bny for five dollars. Leave your sacks and baskets at home, but put a double box on your sled or wagon. Symms* Newcomer have started a dying and cleaning shep in tbe New Process Laundry building. The young men will do work at reasonable prices and- guarantee satisfaction. F. W. Krauee is in tbe city with bis family for a few days. He it now located in Council Bluffs, with Jno. Linder,as book keeper and is intending to moye his family there in a short time. The Ladies, Musical Hour' will meet with Mrs. J. C. Letts Tuesday, Oct. a, at 3:30 p. m. As this will be the first meet* ing after the summer vacation a full attendance is earnestly requested. Chas. McAllister returned Sunday evening from a four weeks' vacation at Hot Springs, B, £„ where he had been, for hli health. He is greatly improved e.'ad cannot speak too favorably of thM esort. A large number from this city Attended be golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs Srnest Hoffman, of Rogelle, Tuesday. Tbe iyent was the most extensively celebrated if any of tbe kind ever held in this Bounty. The closing out tale of Nockels it Guam will begin the first of October. After the stock is disposed of Mr. Gnam will retire from tbe firm and the business will be conducted under tbe firm name of Kockels it Bon. M. J. Heires visits the recorder'* office for a short time each day but be is no strong enough yet to remain but a short lime. Tbe other members of the family who were down with the fever are a! able to bo around again. 0. Bpater, of Auburn, and bis brother* in-law, Mr. Orane.from tbe northern par of the state, were in the city Hut urday. Mr Crane lived here eighteen yeas ago am ai surprised to see bow the city and country have Improved. Mri. Geo. Ruuwll entertained abou foriy-flvu ladies of the Presbyterian missionary society Friday afternoon. Bb was assisted by Mesdaroes Guild, Drake Woitbrook ajui Daniels. The subjec for discussion WM Jspuu. 1). I. Ballinger pawed througb ou city Monday on bis way to Paton, wber be delivered a campaign «poe.ob that even ing. From the amount of bsggage b hud with him we should Judge tb* Little Ueu WM well "loscUid," Mr' and Mr*. Ohsj. Buokmin are bay Ing » serious time of it, its tbey are both confined to tbeir bed*. Mrs. Buokuaw |Ui eeiw Blck for several weeks, wit typhoid fever, and I* in a very critical condition. Chfts. was taken down about a week ago with inflammation of the bowels, and Is threatened With typhoid too. He is quite low and at times irrational. The next time Deniion pays $150 for a train to haul Carroll people to its borders it will furnlnh a better and a bigger attraction tban Senator Allison. The people of this county have hid about all of him they care for. M. J Schumacher of Willey dropped into tblg otttce long enough Wednesday to order the WEEULT SBNTINEI, lent to his address. Notwithstanding the poor crops TUB SENTINEL'S subscription list keeps growing right along, A reporter found the treasurer's office Wednesday a very busy place. ' This is the last week for the payment of taxes before the penalty attaches and every one is in a hurry to settle up. If you haven't paid your taxes better do t go before Saturday night. We have made arrangements by which we can furnish this paper and the twioe- a-week New York World all for only $2 a year. Here IB the opportunity to get your own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low rates. Address THB Snrri- NEt, Carroll, IB. Joe Ott will appear at the Germania opera bouse Oct. 17. This is a fine company composed of twenty people. He is playing all this week in St. Louis. The entertainment is pure comedy intended to make those laugh who seldom indulge in this life giving pastime. L. C. Goodwin of Boone, will play the company at 60 and 75 cents. James Eingman Jr., weight 10 pounds, isthe way the cards should read for the hew arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Kinsman on Sunday night, , The boy bears a striking resemblence to his father and may like unto him become in the future an expert train dispatcher for the F. E. * M. V. road.—Norfolk News. Typhoid fever is more prevalent in this locality tban usual at this time of the year. There has been a great number of cases in the city during the past few weeks, but fortunately tbe disease is a very mild type and tbe patients have all recovered. It runs its course in a couple of weeks and the patients arc able to be around in a few days. W.H.Mohr, of Arcadia, G. W. Me- Naught, of Gliddeu and A. C. Steele, of Coon Rapids, all Republican candidates for county office, were in tbe city in counsel with the politicians of this city trying to devise ways and means whereby the Democratic majority can be overcome. They found it as bard a task as trying to slide up hill in summer. Monday was one of the coolest this fall. A fire was almost a necessity. The court house was eo cold th«t Janitor Kelley was compelled to BtJrt a fire in tbe furnace. Notwithstanding that the furnace has been used but very little for tbe past few ysars it worked to perfection when the fire was started under the boiler. Herman Fipp, one of the well known youne; men of this city, left Tuesday for Windtborst, Texas. He has not been a well man for tbe past few years and he goes there in hopes of regaining his health. His friends here bope to see him with them again in the spring. Texas is undoubtedly one of the growing states in tbe union bgtshe will never be as good s old Iowa. Esquire Durlan, of Biobland township, was in tbe city Saturday, on his way or a visit to his old home In andusky county, Ohio. He savs be will e back before election as be wants to elp bury some of tbe Republican nomi- ees this fall. He is a strict party man ut is wry much dissatisfied with the clions of bis party in this county and or that reason will work against some f tbe nominees. The special train which had been ex- enslyely advertised to leave this city 'uetday at 9 o'clock to take the admirers of Senator Allison to Denlson to ie%r him speak pulled out without a ingle pussenger and not one got aboard until tbe train arrived .at West Bide. Evidently tbe people are not as much nterested in tbe corporation statesmen as are tbe railroad companies. The Germania Opera company has completed a contract with the "Jane Comedy company 1 ' for an entertainment Dei. 8. This will be the opening of tbe ine new opera house and the society has been at great expense in securing this company. It Is positively oce of the very best pn tbe road and will give an entertainment that cannot fail to please, Fred Jatho was a caller Wednesday and paid for the WBBKMT BENVINKL until next spring, when he intends to leave tor northern Iowa to live, as he bas sold bit place in Grant township, Mr. Jatbo says,while Tm BBMTIMKL isn't of his political likes It Just the •ame, as be consider* 1Mb* beet paper in the county. It always pleases us to have mob caller* as our friend Mr. Jatho. W. T. Reed, local manager for the Green Bay Lumber Co,, WM ia the country Tuesday and while tbe men at the yard were all busy outside, iomu evil-disposed person who ba« «liking for the almighty dollar entered tbe office through a wide-open door and quietly helped himself to the contend of the money drawer, lie secured about $18. Bud hfti slnoe bought a look and now it takes a key to get at hU uouey. A BBMTIMKL reporter *M •bown some alfalfa Wedooadiv at Mtrtin * Olovli' that WM grown on Jo». Nurre't targ in Fiuney county, K.»DHI> Tbli psn of KuniM U irrigated »ud tbe irrigation of the country is proving to be a Wonderful success. The alfalfa shown is about three feet high and is (aid to be a growth of only thirty days which goes to show what irrigation iidoing for that country. Other crops do equally as well, Our stock ie complete, goods first quality, popular prices. Tbe tariff or silver bill cats no figure with its. Don't think because we 'don't button hole yon on the street and beg yen to trade witb us, we don't want your trade. Wedo, but think yon are wise enough to chotse the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. Jos. M, Drees find family left yesterday morning for their new home at Denver, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Drees were pioneers of Carroll county and have a large number of warm friends here who regret exceedingly to have them leave. The best wishes of all will* follow them to their new homo and THE SENTINEL hopes that Colorado will prove all that they anticipate and that their life in the mountain state will be a prosper • ous one, Hurgerford says that the^ lows State Agricultural college graduates animals and the Iowa State Normal college cattle. Will tbe learned trustee please tell us what the city high school and the college on the hills grinds out?. A complete classification of tho educational institutions of our state would assist the parents in determining what tort of creatures they could look for when tbeir boys and girls have completed the course of .study at any one of these institutions? • ' • -»:' , Nor So. •. : <• Tbe Jefferson Souvenir says the incidental expenese of running tbe schools of that eity last year wen 12,500, while tbe city of Oarroll for like purposes spent $8,000, and that tbe school population of the two districts is nearly the same. How often tbe reading public baa to take snob looet statements as these for faotel Tbe school population of this city ia a third greater than that of Jefferson, if not double. By "incidental" the Souvenir probably refers to the contingent fnnds of tbe districts. The entire contingent levy in this city last year was 98,500, which would have been ample bad not the board been compelled to arrange for new beating apparatus in both buildings. The seeker after truth should consult the last printed report of the state superintendent. He will find there that the Jefferson schools are not classed among tbe city schools of the state, and, while tbe teachers of Oaifoll are batter paid, the expense per capita of educating tbe Jefferson child is 91.33 against 91.24 in Oarroll. This same report will show that tbe school population of Oarroll increased eighty-five IB one year while the expense was out down that year 27 cents per capita. During the same year, tbe eohool population of Jefferson increased twenty-three and the expense of education was raised 6 cents per capita. Newspapers should deal in facts—rot visions—and THB SBKTINBI. wants it understood that no city in tbe state has a •better or more pains-taking board of education than Oarroll. We feel proud of our board and of what they have done for our schools, having put them in a condition not surpassed in efficiency by tbe schools of any city in this state. We would challenge comparison between tbe Jefferson and the Oarroll schools in any particular at any time. flte department and in order io get the batter off to avoid detection I gave one ot*the nozzle men a tip to torn }»he hose on. The water was very cold and the exposure brought on tbis fearful cold." Bow Hi OAUOHT A COLD. Dick McNeil is an engineer on SAFE Some time between midnight and ilny- light Wednesday safe blowers were at work at J; J. WielnneVa wholesale liquor house. They effected an entrnnce through a rear window, breaking a light out nnd then turning the oatob and opening it. First they pried open tbe money drawer, securing about 95 in change. Next they turned their attention to the big safe in which then was about $400. They twisted off one of the handles as neatly ae the job could be done, then filled the cavity witn powder, covered tbe safe with canvas nnd lighted the fuse. The result was the big safe door was loosened and laid gently to one side against the wall and they were ready for the inner door. One of tbe handles to tttis door was also, twisted off when something mnetthave alarmed them, for they left in haate,M is evidenced by the tools scattered around on the floor. Night Watch Mathers says he passed the place about 4 o'clock this morning and this may have been tbe cause of their sudden leaving. The tools which the burglars need were some of them stolen from Henry Wegner's blacksmith shop last Saturday so tbey have been in the city several days. Taking it all in all, Mr. Wieland jwas nx- oeedingly fortunate, as a few ninnies more would have pat them in po session OOAP of about 8400. He will probal keep eo much money in bis • SB e after this. There ie no oloeof the burglar* so far, but the officers ipive their eyes o; en for some snspioiouB obarsoters who have been eeen in the city lately. BBOKB JAIL. The city cooler is minus a ol ilmney, but ae the signal service says fair and warmer that ie immaterial just at present. . Monday evening Night Watch Ifatben lodged in jail a oonple of HUB- picipns looking fellows he found prowling 'around tbe railroad yards. Tbey nained there contentedly enough until ly not about 8 p. m., when people in that vicinity were startled by a tremendous crash from inside tbe jail. The cause was .the Falling of the chimney wnioh was occasioned by tbe tramps knocking out tbe support that held it up. Soon tbe head of a man appeared at the hole in tbe roof left by the wrecked chimney, followed by bie body. He was followed by another and then tbey both dropped off the roof and Van to the railroad track, arriving there just in time to oatob tbe east bound passenger train at 3:35, which bad already attained a good rate of •peed, bnt tbey boarded it and soon left Oarroll behind them. Marshal Hamilton saye much loss, as tbe chimney iwas and would have been torn do rn and rebuilt this fall anyway befon < it would have been safe a fire in tbe jail, and tbe city authorities were glad to get rid of tbe tramps. isn't unsafe tbe Bfoville and Bious Oity branches and to •a excellent story teller. He has a vary Mvera cold and it is interesting! listening to him tsll bow be came to contract* it. He says. "Lsst Friday night I was stopping at Moville and in tbe night I went down into tbe kitchen for a drink of water. A large bowl containing pancake batter stood in the corner. Some- bow I ran against It and knocked it off MM ebell and tbe batter came down OB my bead and ran all over me. The bowl ia felling to tbe floor broke and mad* • fearful racket. Tbto aroused the landlord and bis wife. I beard them coming and started to run to my room. Paseiag through the dining room I ran againet the table knocking it over and breaking •my dish on It. From here I ran op Mw back etairs, coming in contact with MAUBIBD. Frank Neuerburg and Miss Maggie Tobin Tuesday morning at St. Joseph's church, Rev. Father O'Connor officiating. Tbe newly married oonple will make their home near Auburn. Their friends unite in wishing this estimable oonple a long and prosperous life. Philip Zerwae and Miss Id* Agnes Westerman were united in marriage Tuesday at 88. Peter and Paul's church, Riv. Father Naoke officiating. Tbey will begin housekeeping' at once at their home in the first ward. IT FLOATS BEST TOR SHIRTS. THE PROCTER a GAMBLE CO., CIN'TI. , who waa coming down tbe with about tbe aame velocity I wst going up, Tbe oolliaion knocked «• both off tbe track and we rolled to ibe bottom. Tbe lamp in tbe oook'e fcaid exploded and set Are to tbe build- "Again I made goad my eaoape nude- in reaobiag tbe By this Urn* tbe At HoUteis, la,, September 30,1894, Mies Nellie Broeure, of Holateio, and W. 4. Uoger.eonof Mr. and Mrs. W. H. TJnger of this city. The wedding was a very quiet affair, only about forty-five being prseent at tbe ceremony. Among then were Mr. and lire. W. H. Unger and Mr. and lire, 0. L. Born, of thia eity. The newly married oonple ie ex- peoted to arrive In Oarroll tomorrow where they will make their future borne. Tbe marriage !• qoiU a surprise to Will's tny Oarroll friend* and congratulations are in order, the work of the caucus and it adj jurned. The interest taken in the nomination of township offioera waa nenally active and drew a large number of the voters from the township to the canons. The ticket nominated-is a good one and the party should giv* it a hearty support. DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS. The Democrats of IKashlngton township will meet in caucus at Center school house at 7:80, Saturday evening, Oct. 6, for the purpose of nominating township- officers. 0. B. FLENKUU, Chairman. DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS. The Democrats of Pleasant Valley will meet In caucus at Center school house Saturday, Oct. 6, at 4 o'clock, to place In nomination township officers and transact such otber business as may come before the caucus. Jos. HOFFMANN, • • ., -. Chairman. { DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS. . The Democrats of Arcadia township will meet In caucus at the school house, in Arcadia Saturday, Sept. 29, at 4 p. m., for the purpose of placing In nomination township officers. 1 J. B,. BOLKK, , . '- • ' •'• Chairman. "How to Cure All Sleln Diseases." Simply apply Swsjne's ointment. No internal medicine required. Cores tetter, eczema, Itch, all eruptions on tbe IHCO, bands, none, etc. Leaving the akin olear, white and healthy. Itt rent healing and curative powers are possessed jy no other remedy. Ask your druggist for Swayne's ointment. • 8-1-96 ' BEADING CIRCLE. Oarroll,Reading circle will convene at the superintendent's office next Saturday at6:3Cp. m. The following program baa been arranged: Essay—Good derived from reading circles, Miss Nettie Fox, Select rending—League of Muquon, Miss Linda .Westerman. Debate—Resolved thatmorala 'may be successfully taught without the aid of religions training. AfflnnRtwe, B. B. 8a»dy, Nathan Sheffield. Negative, W. A, Deming, F. J. Bettenmaier. How to avoid puniahments-^Miss May Wolfe. Recitation—Oomaoohe Boy, Mise Mary Kelly. Piles! Piles) Itcblng- Piles. Symptoms moisture {.Intense Itching and sting Ing, mosl at night; worse by scrntclmig. If al lowed to continue tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very. sore. Bway« ne's ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, teals ulcenttlon »ud lu most cases removes tb« tumors. At druggists, or by mall, for M cent* Dr. Swayne&Bon, Philadelphia. 6-1-8B Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at tbe postoffioe, Sept. 24, 1884. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to tbe dead letter office at Washington, D. 0.: Elmer Whltoour Wm. Livingstone Joe, W. Uubbls ChHs. W. Stiles Mrs, Fred Bteen John Hedronn Jess I'omeroy Christ Ennls II. B. Brltton K. G. Bennett A«y. A, H. Bpare The law provides that oue cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same please state date of ad- vertlsement. JNO. L. POWKHB, P.M. 8 INI) twelve oonU In postage stamp* to 88 Corcoran Building, Washington, 0. 0., and you will receive four copies of KATN VIKLO'S WASB- INOTOH, containing matter of special Interest. Uive n»roe and aodrekt, and say where you saw this advertisement. AtMoax * Niw VOHX DAILY. That Democratic wonder, the New York Weekly World, has just changed ite weekly into a twioe-a-week paper, and yon can now get tbe two papers a week tor tbe same old price—$1 a year. Think of ill The newa from New and suooteded •jBftr floor in safety landlord and bit wife bad pat in to ep fOrin-r and were tracking ue by tbe Ibey glided along in tbe dark directed by MM uncertain rsyi of an old lantern tbey IfolM Ha* Pial» ludius OB tbe war- ptfb. Fortunately for me tbs batter h*4 falUng frou my body by the time I arriv«d at tbe Leed of MM •Mm and York right at your door freeh every three days- 104 papers a year. DieSOLDTIOM NOTIOK. CAUUOLI,, IOWA, Sept. 1, 1804. The firm of Mahonoy & Oavnnaugft is thlB day dissolved by mutual consent. AUOB M. OAVANAUOB. MAPONKY, '» Towiragrr OAUOCO. Tb« Democrat* of thia town and town •Up bald tbeir oanoua at the court bouee Saturday atleraooa and placed ia noml- natUw a fall list a! township officers. Thomas Wob acted w obairmaa and J. F. Peiker aeoretary. On tbe otto of joellM of tbe peace there WM BO contest •ad Wm. Lynch and Fred Oaepaiy were rs>iMwlnal«d by aooUniitiou ae were Jo*. Buobbeitaud LooU Blmwonifor /•Mi** 1»W*» JufpV oould track me no failbar. ALWAYS IN TUB .BAP. Mosei Simon of the Fuiuoua Just open> ed « large apartment of boy* knee panti and »ulU, juitable for the present wanU. Price* and good* always awny down. WAMTKU. An active agent In each county ID the United Butei, to solicit subscriptions for tbe Twice-a-Week Itepuhllo. A liberal oommliilon will bo paid to hiiitlors, As). dreu, inperintendent circulation, Tbe ItepublloTBt. Louis, Mo. Pure Bred Polund ObU»» Pigs for LonU Bsrnbolts and John Daiker were pUoed in uominatiov for olerk. Tb* b*U»t f tv« forty for Bernholts iwd twevty-ttve for Deiker. For trwte*, Andrew Kirk got tbirt>-»l|bt volet to B. Q«o. U04 VM «»l«oled tor uininor by • vote of fllljrto IWWIJ-UHW, 1'Uia I have 100 pure brad Poland Ohin* r igs for aaie, moal of them tired by Poo 9416) out of aged sows. I •III take good notes when parties •tat then. Quo it fear yeare old veigbi over sli hundred pounds when la breeding condition r o«n carry 1000 Denude, S, T. BOYNTON,

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