Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 11, 1965 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
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Tuesday, May 11, 1965
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Redlands Dally Facts 2 - Tuesday, May 11,1965 Viet Cong force overruns capital of province (Continued from Page 1) wood on cemetery grounds outside Saigon's military hospital. Tile wounded lay in long rows • in the hallways of the hospital. In air action against North Viet Nam today, U.S. Navy jets flew a dawn mission from the decks of the carrier Oriskany, scoring three' direct hits on a highway bridge 80 miles south • of Hanoi with nine tons of bombs. The counter-attack in South Viet Nam was aimed at Communist fortifications on a river bank Sli miles northeast of Song Be. Guerrilla forces dug in on the southern bank of a horseshoe bend in the Song Be River seven hours after they completely overran the town in one of the most determined Viet Cong attacks of the war. Heavy fighting raged through- 3ut the morning. Using Everything An American military spokesman said the Air Force was using "everything we can get a hold of" to attack the Communist entrenchments. Two U.S. Air Force B57 bombers were riddled by Viet Cong ground- fire and the navigator aboard one was slightly wounded. A Skyraider fighter-bomber was shot down but the pilot was rescued. American pilots flying strikes from the Vien Hoa airbase near Saigon said the Viet Cong seemed to be using "quad fifties" as anti-aircraft guns, weapons never before reported in guerrilla hands. The "quad fifties" are four 50-caliber machineguns aimed and fired simultaneously from mobile platforms. Invade Mess Hall Bold Viet Cong shock troops attacking in the darkness of the early morning invaded the mess hall in the U.S. military advisory compound and fought a close-range gunbattle with American soldiers around the dinner tables. Several guerrillas were killed in the mess hall duel. Other guerrillas captured five armored cars from the Vietnamese battalion garrisoned in Song Be and turned their weapons on government soldiers, then used the vehicles to attack [he airstrip just south of town. Withering Communist fire prevented airborne evacuation of the American and Vietnamese casualties. It was the first time in four years that the Viet Cong had managed to overrun any of South Viet Nam's 45 provincial capitals and authorities feared the assault may be the opening shot in a full-scale Communist offensive in the central mountains. MRS. 007 — Actress Diane Cilento comes partially out of hiding from behind massive sunglasses upon her return to London from a visit to the Bahamas where husband Sean Connery is filming his latest James Bond movie. (NEA Telephoto) may reach moon vicinity today MOSCOW (UPI)— The Soviet Union's latest space probe, Luna 5, was expected to reach the vicinity of the moon today if all goes according to plan. The space shot remained shrouded in secrecy. The last position given for Luna 5 was late Sunday. At that time the Soviets aid it was 68,200 miles from earth on the 250,000-mile journey. (In Washington, American space experts said the 3,254- pcund spacecraft should be capable of landing scientific instruments on the moon. In the least, it would be able to take photographs of the lunar surface in similar fashion to the U.S. Ranger moonshots.) Western experts here speculated the Russians might attempt either a soft landing on the moon or a maneuver to bring Luna 5 back to earth af ter orbiting the moon. Soviet authorities were silent on Luna 5's progress, apparently waiting to see whether the probe would be successful. SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox CA.RNrVAL By Dick Turner "Wilkins, will you step in here a minute? It looks to me like this thing's knitting bootiesi" e^%Shy KEA, TM. TU , OS. fat. Off. "You mean it's better to have loved and lost. right before your birthday?" Picl(ering feels Russians seek to step ahead PASADENA (UPI)—Dr. William Pickering, who headed America's Ranger moon program, has speculated Russia's Luna 5 was meant to push the Soviets a "step ahead of us" in moon exploration. Pickering, director of the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said Monday there were three mam possibilities concerning Luna 5: A lunar land, an orbital mission or a fly-by mission. However, Pickering said, he did not expect Russia would be trying a project similar to the the successful Ranger program, which three limes sent back to earth clear pictures of portions of the moon's surface. The Surveyor, the next step in the U.S. moon exploration, is scheduled for a soft landing on the moon in late 1966. "The history of their space flights," Pickering said, "show, tliey invariably try to step ahead of us, although they don't always succeed. ToJ; Cli'nf Walker big hit with natives in india even Tieburg asks Wirti for more braceros By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Olijit Walker, the scourge of American Indians during his television Western days, took on the India Indians in a recent movie and emerged second only to the Taj Mahal as a tourist attraction. The 6-foot, 6-inch actor towered over the natives of Mysore who followed him around as if he were a roadshow Gulliver. Walker's picture, "M a y a" co-stars a white elephant which was also dwarfed by the muscular actor. Even the tigers in the picture suffered inferiority complexes when the 250- pound star hove into a scene. All in all, it was about a stand -off whether the tigers would eat Walker or vice-versa. "There were plenty of tigers and elephants over there, but no horses, thank the Lord," said Walker, in recollection of his saddle sore days aboard old Paint In the "Cheyenne" series. But if Clint was pleased by the absence of oat burners, you can bet the Indian horses were equally joyous, considering Walker's bulk. And as for eating tigers. Walker might have welcomed tiger steak. He was forced to subsist on bananas, oranges and coconuts to avoid eating the searing curry dishes and drinking native beverages. "I lost some weight over tliere on my diet," he said. "But you just can't afford to take chances with the food. You can come down witli a hug and it takes years to recover." The big guy wasn't critical of India, however. "I loved the Indian people. They're interesting, hospitable and easy-going. And I got along with them very well. Most of them didn't speak English and I wasn't able to learn their dialects, but we communicated with sign language and smiles." Because Walker was a physical oddily among the shorter people of southern India they never tired of dogging his footsteps. Cole Porter left 100 songs unpublished NEW YORK (UPI) — Death did not end the fabulous outpouring of Cole Porter's songs. The late songwriter's' publisher Chappel & Co., disclosed today that Porter left more than 100 unpublished songs in his Waldorf Towers apartment when he died last October at 72. The trustees of Porter's estate will decide whether or not to publish them. "The material is a rich musical heritage," said Dr. Albert Sirmay, chief editor of Chappell. "There are a dozen excellent songs and enough music for one or two excellent Broadway scores." Sirmay found the songs in a searcli of Porter's manuscripts undertaken at the request of the fongwriter's attorney, John Wharton. The attorney is trustee Df the estate and co-executor with the United States Trust Co. Df the Cole Porter musical and literary trust. Wharton said he had copies made of all of Porter's manuscripts and sent the originals to Yale University as provided in the songwriter's will. The attorney insured the unpublished works for SIOO.OOO. Wharton said he already has received a number of bids for the unpublished songs, which bear such titles as "My Louisa," "Hip Hip Hooray and Andy Jackson," "I Can Do Without Tea In My Teapot," and "Just Another Page in Your Diary." MISS JOSEPHINE REAY Society Editor Ze/a Lambdas Elect Officers For New Term To be installed in early June are new officers of Zeta Lambda chapter, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, who met for elections recently at the home of Mrs. W. W. Alder, 10 East Cypress avenue. To serve for the next term are Mrs. Edwin M. Brose, president; Mrs. Frank Marquardt, vice president; Mrs. Donald Zak, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Dale L. Ferguson, recording secretary, and Mrs. Alder, treasurer. Mrs. Brose and Mrs. Gray will be delegates, with Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Harry W. Dunham, alternates, to the state convention May 21-23 at the Newporter in Newport Beach. The next chapter meeting wiU include an educational program presented by Mrs. Alder and Mrs. Zak. Mother's Day special FLOR.AL P.ARK. N. Y. (UPI) —An advertisement for a seven-room apartment here stales: "You must have lots of children." The "Mother's Day Special" ad continues: "If you have 12 children or more the rent is only S159 per month; 10-children-$169; 8- S179; 6-S189; less than 6 chU- dren. please do not apply." CLEAN PUNISHMENT LOCKPORT, N. Y. (UPI) — .Mbert Verheyn, 16, pleaded guilty Monday to using vulgar language to police officers. A judge sentenced him to wash Lockport's police cars for three hours for the ne.xt four Saturdays. (Continued from Page 1) Unity Council, the Mexican- American Political Association and the Commimity Services Association of San Jose. Meanwhile, federal agents to- lay in\estigaled reports that California's largest strawberry grower had turned away hun- jreds of domestic workers after :omplaining of a farm labor jhorlagc. Tlie firm — Salinas Strawberries, Inc. — allegedly turned the domestic workers away during the weekend after claiming it needed 2.000 laborers to harvest the ripening crop. Labor department officials ;aid that as a result the berry fai-m miglit be barred the use Df any of the 1.500 braceros who will be brought in from Me.xico soon. Tom McNamara, a co-owner >f the firm, said the farm had been "swamped" with workers whose names and Social Security numbers should have been taken by state employment officials. Many were turned away, he said, because "we just :ouldn't process them." Glenn Brockway, the Labor Department's regional head, said in San Francisco that the inability to process workers "seems a rather odd excuse in ilie middle of a labor crisis." Two shoot 70s WEST LOS .ANGELES (UPI) — Sherman Finger and Jerry Pruess both shot 70s Monday (o lead University of Southern California to a 35 - 19 golf victory over UCLA in the final match before the conference championships this weekend. UCLA's Terry Harts-horn shot a 71 to lead the UCLA effort. Economists feel business strong, strain slight Yandenberg launches 90th Minuteman VANDENBERG AFB, Calif. (UPI)—The 90tih Minuteman Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launched from this base hurtled 5.000 miles across the Pacific Monday toward a pre­ selected target. The launch was triggered by Strategic Au: Command (SAC) combat missile crews from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., and Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. By JESSE BOGUE NEW YORK (UPI) — Like physicians examining an active athlete, economists in public and private life have been listening to the heartbeat of the economy as it functioned in the first three months and prepared for the months ahead. Their diagnosis: Strong and showing few signs of strain. Likely to maintain good stam- billion slash which President Johnson has asked Congress to allow by July 1. Most of the talk about the GNP level has been in the $660 billion range for the year, and some are even higher. A.W. Zelomek, head of the International Statistical Bureau, Inc., estimates it will stand at S661 billion, compared with ! $622.6 for 1964, and will be at Boating maps available again SACRAMENTO — Six California boating facilities maps published by the state's Division of Small Craft Harbors last No- V e m b e r and immediately snapped up by the boating public have been reprinted and are now available again without charge. The maps indicate launching, berthing and mooring facilities and such related marina services as campgrounds, picnick ing, dry boat storage and trailer parks. Division Chief Lachlan M. Richards said that while a few boating facilities may have been missed due to a lack of information, he believes the maps offer the most comprehensive statewide boating guide available. Any interested boater may obtain any one or all six of the maps by writing to the Division of Small Craft Harbors, Resources Building, 9th and "0' streets, Sacramento, California 95814. The maps should be ordered by the following numbers and areas: 1. Northern California: From Red Bluff north. 2. North-Central California: Red Bluff to Mono Lake and Bodega Bay. 3. San Francisco Bay and Delta Regions, including Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta and the Sacramento River up to the City of Sacramento. 4. Central California-. From Bakersfiekl "PINK LADY" COFFEE CARD PARTY TOMORROW Redlands Community Hospital Auxiliary's "Pink Ladies" will be hostesses tomorrow for a coffee and card party at the Contemporary club. .A nursing scholarship fund benefit, the party will continue from 9:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. and all women of the community are invited to share in the affair. There will be prizes and refreshments. JENNISONS HOST REBEKAH GROUP Albert and Evelyn Jennison, district deputy grand master and president for Rebekahs, entertained her courtesy staff, installing team, Bible bearer and others at a ham dinner Saturday evening in Sylvan Mobile Estates clubhouse. Gifts were presented to each guest by the host and hostess. ina for the long pull, perhapsja second quarter (April - June) not at a sprinter's pace. rate of S657.8, compared to, , ,„ At Hot Springs, Va.. where 1 618.6 billion in the second, and San Luis Obispo north to was held a weekend meeting of j quarter of 1964. the Business Council, Gardner (\ckley, chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, indicated he was adhering to a forecast previously made of a GNP level this year of $660 biUion. GNP is the gross national product, the sum of the nation's goods and services. Businessmen were inclined to agree with him. They also were heartened by the possibility of excise tax cuts beyond the $1.75 As for the future, other sources indicate a continued rise. The National Planning Association, a non-profit and non- pohtical organization headquartered in Washington, issued a report on the "dollar cost of our national goals," after a two-year study. This report assumed that the GNP will grow at an annual rate of 4 per cent over the next 10 years: It thus would reach nearly $1 trillion in 1975. Sonora. excluding San Francisco Bay and the Delta. 5. Southern California Coast: San Diego north to Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo. 6. Southeastern California: Salton Sea and the Colorado River area. Higgons dead NEW YORK (UPI) — Funeral service will be held Wednesday for John Axford Higgons Jr., 66, a member of the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange since 1924. Higgons died of cancer Sunday in Beth Israel Hospital here. noHasa Birthday MAY 12 — Elmer Broderson James Hepburn Paul Hester N. J. McGea Bill Meleher Joe Proctor Cecil J. Ranney Norman Sanders V. A. Wallen L. G. Bryan Harry Wilms, Jr. Ricky Gurney Jerry Van WIeren Dave Kovltr David Black Happy Birthday from E. State Ph. PY 3-2505 JUST LOOKING—Michele Ann Portwood, who -was recently named Miss American Indian, 'svill be a special guest at the International Beauty Congress in Long Beach, Calif., Aug. 4-14, but she won't compete for the title. A sociology major at the University of Wyoming, the 20 -year-old beauty, who carries the Indian name Natanahase, can't compete because her tribe won't allow her to appear in a bathing suit. TO YOUR HEALTH! THE PACIFIC BALLET THEATRE PRESENTS The Nutcracker ACT II The Sleeping Beauty ACT 111 Plus Katinka& the Matchmaker SUNDAY, MAY 16th 2:15 P.M. Clock Audilonum Redlands High School TickelJ! Adultj $2.50 Children under 13....$l.i0 Tickets ora cvnilabls at HARRIS CO. — REDLANDS This is much more than a popular toast to your pharmacist. Like your physician, he is dedicated to a single major cause —^to keep you well and healthy. The "ounce of prevention" adage is all important in preventive medicine. Annual physical examinations and prompt diagnosis of illness enable your doctor to save you precious time and moaey. More and more people recognize the wisdom of regular medical checkups. It is the best way to put that "ounce of prevention" to practical use. If a prescription is necessary, we are prepared to give you immediate service. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or ap- pUances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. BESTSELLERS Fiction HERZOG-Saul BeUow HURRY SUNDOWN—K. B. GU- den FUNERAL IN BERLIN - Len Deighton UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE— Bel Kaufman HOTEL-Arthur Hailey DON'T STOP THE CARNIVAL —Herman Wouk THE MAN—Irving Wallace THE ORDWAYS—WiUiam Humphrey THE RECTOR OF JUSTIN Louis .Auchincloss THE LEGEND OF THE SEVENTH VIRGIN — Victoria Holt A COVENANT WITH DEATH- Stepben Becker THIS ROUGH MAGIC - Mary Stewart Nonflctlon MARKINGS — Dag Hammar- skjold THE FOUNDING FATHER — Richard J. Whalen QUEEN VICTORIA: BORN TO SUCCEED — EUzabeth Longford THE ITALIANS—Liiigi Barzini MY SHADOW nAN F.AST—BiU Sands REMINISCENXES - Gen. Douglas Mac.Arthur SIXPENCE IN HER SHOE — Phyllis McGinley LIFE WITH PICASSO — Francoise Gilot and Carlton Lake CATHERINE THE GREAT — Zoe Oldenbourg WESCiiiftiOH ^JsINCl PAUL HALLUM 12 E. State JERRY HAISLIP Phone 793-3195 get into the swim! before the most exciting ones are gone . . . select a dreamy S w i m s u i t by Sea Fashions or Catallna in fabulous fabrics, crash colors and 1, 2 & 3-piece styles! from $11.95 many interesting tops to match. ... and DO see our lovely new Shifts & Blouses. 113 Orange St. Downtown Redlands

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