Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 22, 1955 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1955
Page 12
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.W, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, Dial FA-2-4600 for" a' WANT AD Taker •STgVIE,TMET Y I WUZ SUPPOSE? T CUSS 72U.YE THtT HE SOUGHT WANTED T' A D6FANC-EP COBCA TEST YE.' .1 WHIL6ST WE PASSEP THROUGH INPIA... THEN I WUZ -TASK IPW YE MINPEP IF'M HE LET IT LOOSE IN THE ftAWE- so'* ITCOUU? err A MITE, 0'EXGCCI«E.'..TH6N THEY WUZ 60MNA WATCH HIM T' DIDN'T KEC2 FEE S£CM KEEP THET VARMINT PCACTICVt. JOKIN'... , COILEP AROUND HIS WAIST WHERS IT BELONGS.'.' HO! V£ CAIN'T PO IT. 1 : U.S. farmers sold 309 million dollars worth of hay in 1954. •- Between 5 and -10 per cent o normal children are far sighted -HOME LOANS- OWN YOUR OWN HOME. PAY FOR IT- LIKE RENT. Let us show you how YOU it! WESTERN MARYLAND Building & Loan Asi'n 60 Pershing St. Assignment: America Love Affairs Blossom In Strange Places, Even In Opera House Line (Reg. U. S. Pat. OH.) : By PHYLLIS 8ATTELLE NEW YORK (INS)-As any soap opera fan can tell you, there is no ilace too grisly or uncomfortable o be the scene of a love affair. In act it seems the cruder the setting the deeper the love. Wet, kindred souls are constantly meeting under leaky umbrellas in the rain. . . If a man locks skis with a. woman while descending a Catskill, it's a fateful promise of love. And when a fellow in shorts on a bicycle runs down a strange-lary crossing the road, everyone knows something's' got to give; Should he only bruise and ruffle her, the af- with REPAIRS, * 'REPAINTS and REPLASTERS one «oiy brush sfroke Goes on like a dream over almost any wall surface hides wall defects— , beautiful decorator., colors (plui white) imoof/i at vtlvit, taty to.apply... Mtg. by HADLEY FAINT CO,, Cofn.lllvill., Pa. a gallon (deep color* •lightly higher) THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL COMPANY Queen St. at B&O R. R. Dial PA 2-2600 fair will start almost immediately. If he breaks her back, there will be some agony before she sees what a crazy, wonderful cyclist he really is. But inevitably, romance rears its sensitive head. I was set to thinking about these lovely chaotic things while reading of the latest romance—the case of two cultured young ones who met and married after a blustery courtship in the standee line outside the Metropolitan Opera House. The young man, named Edward, was first in line some 90 hours before the opening night performance Jast year. The girl, Alice, was a laggard and was 98th in line. But they leaned a'ainst the same grimy bricks, of- the same -illustrious edifice, humming the same ditties from "Faust" a'nd waiting for the same $2 "standing room tickets. So of course love, conquered all and by the time the box office opened, it was as-if the 96 people between them simply did.not exist. r They got married and, this year, Ed : got Alice moving earlier and they were first in line for "The Tales of Hoffman"—together. . Possibly it's because we never hear the outcome of these love-in- rain, Jove-through-traffic-conges- tibn, love-in-standee-line romances that they take on a certain glow of "rightness." Of "fate".and "Kismet." If a guy nieels a doll in a river, into which Taoth have leaped in at? tempts to find a better world, there is an aura of "inevitablity" about the thing. They have found each other and found themselves and, as they gasp their way up to a new life, you can just smell it in the air. This will last. On the other'hand, how many people do you know who have met at parties, at school, at YMCA-YWCA socials, in the comfortable refined atmosphere of theatre parties at a movie? I don't care how much in love they seem to be, nobody's going to give them credit for a great amour. Perhaps that is what has been wrong with me, and with other females thus far unwed. We have been meeting men the routine way, because mother taught us never to speak to strangers, even when they run us down in automobiles. Since reading of Ed and Alice, I am ready to give up convention and cultivate fate. See you in the subway, stranger? -I'll be .caught' in the turnstile, waiting. Guam Launches, Safety Program . EUGENE, Ore. — (INS) — "The world's most dangerous place to drive" is being made more safety conscious through the efforts of Ted Brown, former chief o! police at Eugene, Ore. The place is Guam and word oi Brown's activities was brought to Portland by F.'T. Carbullido, chairman of the Guam legislature'; committee on government affairs. He was in Portland to inspect-the police bureau—his committee directs police activities irj" Guam. Carbullido said Guam, with a population of only about 60.000, had 454 traffic deaths last year— a fearfully 'high figure. But Brown has laid out -a safety program, backed with stiff penalties,-which the public in Guam is beginning to accept,- according to Carbullido, and already the program is showing results. Carbullido credited Brown's modern" traffic control methods with the fact Guam had gone 67 days without a traffic fatality at the time he left the island Virginia has 4,091 miles of railroad. • Nutritionists say that washing rice' before cooking will wash much of the flavor and food value down the drain. The story of Cinderella goes back at'least to the year B.C. 610, in the legend of the Egyptian pharoah Psmammetichus. He 'ordered the country searched for the owner of a leather sandal, dropped at .his feet by an eagle,' arid made her his queen when he found her. Christmas shopping is starting and dad is away ahead of the old Yuletide tree. He's getting trimmed right now. •' Let us demonstrate 's 4-wheel drive mfj^&£^H£3^^^m^^m^^^^^^tLl' •^•^•MaiWr——" ~ " r ~ yi ~ ! *-~^i*z-*~~~^ - \^^^£^^^K3OSUffKM..^ffs ' • *^ — Extra tnctiflnofits4-wheel drive takes HwlinjlTfie rugged 'Jeep' Truck carries Twilli: With the extra-traction oHts ' Belt .pmr: With ppwer take-off, it the 'Jeep 1 . Truck up 60% grades- -a one ton payload"., its ; curb Awheel. drive, it: tows heavily-.loaded serves as a power unit for operating through mud;, show, sank It shifts into weight! 6,000 Ibsi. G.V.W.... 118. inch ; trailers, on. the road or off the/road, many types, of belt-driven equipment 2-wheel drive for highway travel. '- . wheelbase. . •:,--:.-.'.-.:'-:(.''•; - -.-': ;.. - : " .. • .• . ."' ,- '•' 4-WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK i»j: With power'take-off, it.sup- MeMl *JB, .mounted on the 'Jeep' plies power to'operate welders, com- Truck, is'operated from the truck en- pfesors, generators. . girie, through power .take-o.ff. ; : • •'?'s largest makers of 4-wkMi dm nHcto :/Uk ioraderncnstrationtVday! PEN N-M AR MOTOR COM PA N Y Corrigahville, Md. Phone PA 2-6340 Narrow* Park, Rout* 40 Although, bald eagles nest both in the northern and southern portions of the ^Jnited States and as far north as Alaska, the northern birds tend to migrate south in cold weather and the southern birds often fly north in summer. in this beautiful NEW GIFT DECANTER Let the clever Mdrose puppy remind JOB to give "the very best whiskey"— Mclrosc Rare, in the most elegant «f all Gift Decanter*. lt'» so favorably priced, you'll vital to remember all of your very best friends! •V Same rare quality SAME NEW $/| 42 LOW PRICE! ^- ' „ NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR DECANTER In Holiday Gift Box that climirutel wrappings. No Down Payment with LB Charge Account New Kroehler Rocker You'll enjoy the wonderful comfort of this chair. Select from many different decorator colors. ILENDEO WHISKEY. 86,8 PROOF. STftAlGHT WHISKIES / YEARS OLD, 60$ GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. MELROSE DISTILLERS CO., N. Y. The new Kroehler Relaxer Chair Dad will be delighted with this brand-new kind of sitting comfort—and he'll be enthusiastic about th« full-length lounging luxury his. "Relaxer" providei automatically in, any position his <$"• ~| A.50 heart desires. ...'.: - •"•-'•*' * Wonderful Ways to say Merry Christmas.., AND NOW IS THE OPPORTUNE TIME TO USE OUR LAY A WAY "Towne" Lounge Chair •Harmonizes with practically any living room. Smart looking. Comfortable sitting. Ideal gift for living room or den. . - . $99.50 Comfortable home life begins with comfortable •furniture.-:— with luxurious and attractive new Kroehler chairs likevthese! This Christmas, give gifts of lasting usefulness and bequty-r-select from the wide variety of fine chairs now being featured, at L. Bernstein. So, drop in soon, use our convenient layaway plan. . , ; V Other chairs as low as . . Bttttr by Th« Pair Krochler TV Rotor chairs will double your enjoyment of .TV. Double-deck coil springs •—rubberized hair padding. $4t.SO • 9-IIN.C€NTR€

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