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Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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BroOtes-s. A BROS, M01IN1NO HON. GALA DAY AT CAMP MEAOE, UF VISIT THE KN- 1K8TEHDA1. The Have rntlng the from by the Th- ong-- the at 'llits The then charged the mob, knock- ny the rth.i left flnd lumps on thuir hrads to rewind what hit them. Dispersing here they adjotti ned to the wharf where fii excursion with Catholic children on boanl es- bected to lund.

Hnted ujftina" late hour, waiting for the boat to put Ih an appearance, but a strong force of ppUee held them In check and no further violence is Aftet remaining all nlglit on tin- thU the. rhargvd the, Yoirog Britom; and dispersed thptn. The excitement in the city has not entirely subsided and other outbreaks be exiectad. Out 'JL' II Special dtxpatch to i IE AMI' Mri-nt, Phtta.v las been a day of extraordinary interest Camp Meade. At' an" eSi Forenoon the crowds began to pour out of town, many families Inking their along, determined to put In the day there.

The tremendous outpouring of visitors afforded fully as interesting a spectjuile to- the soldiers an the camp afforded to the people. Great difficulty was experienced by tlie to prevent people from pushing over the at other points those designated. At General Sigfrled's headquarters the guard had to be increased twivi, -ind etill the work btfoiv them was the officer of the day last night, was greatly complimented for the excellent manner In which he managed his guard and preserved order, A I A A "MbltStNii. The morning train brought a number of additional members of the Twelfth regiment. Their appearance in camp was the signal for a general shout of welcome.

Sunday mo ruing inspection took place between nine. o'clocMn the Thirf! brigade. General Sigfried and staff inspected the quarters of the after which the regiuientaltitlicers visited each and carefully inspected the and sitrrtmndings. The men then rested at will for the remainder of (Tie clay "tinSH time for dress parade in tlie r.vrnin)f. Many of them repaired to the groves and others strode about, some taking excursions on the river.

Tile following Hie U'il- lianisporters who appeared in camp to visit the soldiers of the -1'welfth reg- i Or. F. J. Richards. Charles SJicflV-l.

Tlmuuis Uinun. H. Hinckley. S. Culver.

Mr. Raird, J. F. Porter. James Thomas.

-John Harding and a number of others. RL'SH UUKISG THE AKTEHXOOX. The visitors continued to arrive during the afternoon, and it was asserted Ijy some that there were more people in the park on any day of the centennial. They overran and fraternized in the most agreeable manner With the soldiers tt exceedingly int-eresi-ing to sue. J.he__jJ improvised conveyances that were in to carrv the i I looked a though Wllh Him He la llo- Ing Hrll- -Offera froiu IlotcU to A tertJay declared thut he dhl not know viliat he was going to do in the immediate future.

Whethi-r-lw will goim U-cnu'ing tour he he docs lie has had the hospitalities of a hoiels offered him for long or shorter but he does not intend to accept any of these kind otters. He will remain in the hands of Gunn i is satisfied to let him go. He told Ills brother- io-lnw t.hat he fell well enough to go home with him yesterdtty.but-his" Imsmess would -prevent him from so-doing for some time. rlftT announcemcTits tliat be will in this or that place at any given time are remain as he hai Opt yet made up ills mind what TO do. I)r Hammond said yesterday.

1 believe that T)i Tanner is an honest man i and that hU fast was a genuine one, but 1 cannot prove this from scientitlu data of the watch, it was imperfect." To-day'ffTe doctor is doing well, his food "agrees with Mill and itleTtrare n'rsigns-ul any revolt on the of the stomach'. f. M. OP CAMP Be M- of the 'fhe p. owing is the i been prostrated by theJtfM and a nup'ber have the colic.

The general health of the hoVever, is good. T' 11 i )r rcss 1( baWllion drill will take after- notn. ajtoln Maris. of TiiDtiltlH been home, is expected During the night a nutubeJ of tfents were robbed of blanbeu. Kelly Twelfth regiinept, bein indisposed and Is excused from duty al present, 'IV inspections are contlnuedtfhdiy by the adjutant general of the state.

The Twelfth' regiment U. making rauid progress; uudel thecOHsiimtdrilling from Drum Major llinklev- To-day 'they came out HI liieirsuciw-whiLrdiuiijt-i's, and Aug. M- were hlghty ootmiUme-ited. The boys are attention wlwre tliey are arjiTifiBgnc'illy, as (feier- IIOMC IIAPPENINGSr lfetv To-Daty --I PICWIC ois LS conffilDlro The finder wi CSrou to Mer. We t'A" Bv-ollvtltni New of mil I Cl IIUru.uu~UUJlHtlUM?l-'U^vtiict, n.

in. adjutant general, James W. JUtto; sur-1 mines put pn gunid. general, L. W.

Read; tjuarU'rmastcr Hard lack was drawjv tcMliiy for the. lirst if. El Ai Hancock; assistant' Tiispec- i me with the inevitable salt i Ttf ITFUrl.O ttl HI 1O-. I I The examining boarii of the Third brigade Is in session to-day. The troops of brigade justly feel that they are not afraid Keon general.

sary general, T. Smith; asftlstant com- mlsMry general, W. M. Bnnn; awbtnnt adjutant gencrat 1 StAnlev Hasslnger; judge advocate general, A. Wilson Norris; Wpectnr-rifle practice.

John 8, Biddle; chM of artillery, lomna Wolknr; lien- tenant colonel'aifll ald-de-eamp, W. R. Hartsliorn; aids. N. A.

Penny packer, G. C. Morris, D. F. Huston, A- W.

Fogler, B. F. Eshlcman. John Ixmrie. W.

Ames, F. Oorraoce, F. E. EiiiUck, H. II.

Fisher, X. G. THE BTAKK. Major (ieneral John F. Hartranft.

commanding the 'division, is poftvd us follows: Ueatehnnt Colonel GeurjfB II. North. adjutant Thayer, The Anlett 1'iiiyn Sunday held a picnic in Vounguian's Oap Satur- i August 7th. members of the school met at the church at nine o'clock where 1 wpfp nn to haul the i hswkelB and small children to the ground. a lovely grove hedged In by high moun- with Antes creek; with Its cold, clear I welter running near by.

After arriving on the ground Mr? undent of the school, ealiefj the assembly to order and announced the names of the various eommtttecR, as folio we: On setting the tables, Mrs. Joseph Kewrar, Mrs. George A. AuKhanbauffli. "Edward McCoimelU Samuel Bond, Mrs.

Isaac Burner, Mra. E. Russell, Mr, S. Antes, Mr. O.

I I Murom and Mr. Jiitth Reefer: on lemonade. Mr. Robert Potter and Mr, Aughanbaugh; on music. Mrs.

G. HRKPAIIATOUY IKPAKTMKM' rrontuiil-cd, with ao additional assist- inidM- llw (tlrpftton of Prof ColeerOve, denurCmtiit will be filled by live and to compete with others upon the camp Antes Aughanbaugh; on music. Mrs. G. ami in the of I Voungin.n jr Mr K.

ruswrjl ground: arms. DOCTOR Ht In lUpldly Recovering oml Vrrjr k- What He Dr. Fipcril a day o. Yomigmnn, TUe physicians say he improving as well i -1 uw ready the company called to order. and after singing; Rev, J.B.

McCloK- i key led in prayer, alk-r which the cJaHKes Simdny Mchtviil were marched to the Uible by their respective teachers. Mrs. nn, presided the or- gun. assisted by Albert a as can lie expected after such a long fast, i The singing was exceJlent. lulling ttie early jmrt nf the morning lie, 'hewed half a pound of beefsteak, retain- ing only the jtttce.

and i nf snme i milk and reil Hungarian wine. Slioil- WCKLNHOSf SEMIS AKY rrtVr nnuxtml advantages to iniuK Vtsar. Wn will 'fan nl.ln iityul tlie tht'lww-limlniiiUoii ID Pil- mary. Common UtcralurtsSclenenj. and both vtxail and In Will lit TERH" Opi-MH SHh.

For I'tttulogoea and apeotal lufoi-iuiUUm, will upon HKV. E. J. UllAY, A. President.

itiMTi -rtS ILUAMSPORT I A Thin liintiliUlon offorn to.ilny Ktlpvrlor nttvan- taRCM In BVi'ij Tbe rear tite most Bupoeasral of dm of lf 1 I 1 wttb tuc'liim" of Uuit of Uiuuka to nv COUNTKK Hundreds have (j 0 se called at the him. ami th lesideni-e of livelier In- A I AT inspector; Lieutenant, Colonel .1. Ewing ly before noon he ate half a pound of beef Mears, surgeon in chief; Lieutenant steak and sonic slewed in i lie Colonel Charles T. Greene, quartermaster; was then weighed and turned the scales at Lieutenant Colonel John K. Co.w.

coin- 1.6 pounds. About every houi'tic partook wi.suary; Lleutennnt f'olohel Silas 'W. of some, nourishing food or drink which in- advocate; Lieutenant Colonel eluded water, milk.potatos stewed In miljs. Aaron K. Dunkel, paymaster; Lieutenant bass pale ale, beef tea, bread and wine.

Colonel K.Wallace Matthews, ordinance About six oVloete. his weight apitn officer; Lieutenant Colonel George Sander-'taken and it was found he weighed 130 son. inspector rifle practice. Aides-dp- pounds. He was ipiite lively yesterday camp, Majors John B.

t'owpton, George and frisked about the room like a school Grant, William VV. Brown, Louis Ii. boy. 'ITie physicians say his, rapid recov- Fortescue. William F.

Anil. Samuel S. ery is something wonderful, lieporls frmtt A illuuer a circle war, formed wf Hte children and the candies uqd distributed. TVrie hundred arid Hevcnty-five chil- dren were counted In. the circle and over i one hundred ndulu The assembly di-porsed about five o'clock' nil highly pleased i i the success of thejiit'iiic.

The Antes Fort Sunday school, under its present management, has been a great success. The Hllemlanee duriiiff ihn summer lias been.larger than previous'' HVlfiiigc ope hundred and ten and one hundred and twenty, Horiranft. First iirigade Brigadier Geheral TTeorge R. Smiwden, commanding; Major Walter (i. Wilson, assistant adjutant general, and eight other shift officers.

The brigade Is entirely of Philadelphia troops. conswing of the First Troop Philadelphia i i a a Black Hussars. Keystone tJniv Invineibles, Battalion when tliri lie rucf, course. cut in i uiaunei 1 The doctors -ay CH I i A. '1- JfOJi every private and public vehicle of the city i was held fW the Third brigade the left of thnl recovery js Jhe troops marching from their position on the right to the potul nann-d in fine Tin' regiments of the Third rigadi- had dres- parade at six o'clock in lie presence of uu immense crowd that lied every foot 'of space within seeing 'The parade of the Twelfth regi- Iient wits by far the the regiment liHf made, and won uiauy.heprtyiind'Jbunest from general und critical ob- ervers.

I I I I I I I PKKSEST. i the parade of the ThMeenth regi- iienl was in progress.Major^ietieral Hartanft and tfic doling which were very lint-ly per- oruii'il. Tt that ind rtui-st display ever made by ional Uuard of" the state. To show be injiortnnce. ot it the tact may be stated hat General PuUussey, of the United Statep a i 'it present by order nf T4i iffrctiiry of WHV to witness )riticiil teport of the enuaiupmeDt.

Gov- Hoytlf uot til vdliip to-day, but will present on Tuesday. OJb' THE-ENl'IIlB MOJi'tli OK ay SALK, ttnprocedentetfly flnr 1 month of vlll be con tinned np to dHy of Dog BftyB Bujtrfy of Gooflit A Watchman Horribly Mashed'and i'ut by Three Colored IHen. JiKW watchman named'J. Connolly I who is employed by the View elevated a i i a cmiijiany. so badly Krlchiy night lo- ri'i'ovi'i'y I- considered doubtful, lie statidiiig on the of Douuelly'f Hotel will) man Kencibles.

Major John W. a First reg- -hree iuu'ut infimlry, Colonel'1'huodoi-eK-Hifi- erheim Second regiment infantry, Colon- Rnhert Thii'd regiment In- a Colonel Bonuan'on, jr. Sec'ond Brigade Brigadier General Frank IJeedcr. commanding. tcrs nt Major Cassius M.

Anstett, adjutant general, nnd seven oi.hVp Btafl'olllcerH. The brigade eousistROf the commands: Washington troop. I a i i I'TiUltb iTglmenl i a Colonel T. If. Good, A and A a H.Slating- PorlUnd.

Sixtli regiment infantry-. Colonel John W. Noiriuvwn; nv 1'ottstown; ii, 'NoTrtsrowiirT. 'on- hiin to-day that he. is doing finely, all i hie (irgans pertormin'g i fnniltons.

THt: The rMlio rntt- i i t'nnhlr I im-iii nf ISMI. (in are up wllli liiuik avtnul business depart- inelit; itinl tutiircl every HH.i Ueei-f-sui-i' for the stiKleiitu' emu foil ami pro- T'lirt luw'--jBrx 1 1 itinwo lluwe Kindles ftrtt tiorowJi lor tlii) a bnsl new life. yiient-icHeinltMlfprtriHu'iit wiu, liberally patnmlwil cliirlns tln puot mitnnly by the commrrrlnl KliirttsiilB, vtm rmoive tbeiuaidcmlp fuie, luit by 11 ii-ptilftr Tills year I'nii WiuBt, iif New Vorkj will nlil in ran by ri'mprlent Ttii- Hliutleo pwunanKhte, plain mil Mrminiviilicl; jrminmiir. liiKtory. tirtthmenr, Nir.kkei-irtiiKrfOiumwtinl Inw.

ac-. roiinlB, Hclual busliKW, iihlliwophy, rhetorlr, rmtllnv. dmwins, ilerinicn. K'imiHtr ami phyoioluiry. ivretvpd III any Unie Tlwiua negroes.

to from Brighton IJeac. They were. i and the watchman ordered I hem to make less noise. They then icuntilted the i i i i and companion. -Thiiimi- Jliggins.

They cut and iu a ti'rri- innnner. anit' it took Suhenck and another at the Fhithtt-h- 4uispital i hoiir-i dress his i i His nose as "severed and hi face i a i i weri- of I'llblUhlltq C'onl- pnliy of 1 I I I I A i I A Aug. A respectable young miin'hanre'd (ieorge ,1. liiley ha- been arrected here and given a hearing at the Central station for caftying on by State? Central putili.shingt:oiip,iiny-of-Ncw church street. New has been defrauded of a considerable amount of money.

Ulley was employed a- canvasser for the compimy. and in a capacity commissions thereon. Among those from whom the unaurtwriwd were alleged to havn b'e'en obtained a Colonel Theodore Hyatt, of the Pennsylvania military academy. Chester, and J. II.

Mitchell, of No. (1114 Beach btreet.this cily. prisoner- Tbe tieorgia Demcicrmlc conveiilion i stil! at ti dead-fuyU over I he nomination for i Lester 5S a i i a i0; i a treTl 1R; WitrnerS. "TbT're were DVe fi'iOIT i ballots but no material of i Saturday wa in a i 1 in which the nnd oppomml-; of i Governor Cohpuitt bitterly accuimd each other of trying break up conven- tion. The Htill-ColipliU men proposeil to withdraw all opposition and to accept any I man friends wmild t.tlu: giiuerrlor liiiUsi'Ji 1 ThecullMi; i a night Uith pides i i sticjt.

nnd there seem- to be no of a i bill break up and a scrub race for A a is t'uJl of peo- On e-wry street conx-r ut 1 discuss the dead-luck. Atrtodr on the Uranntl Camp. i A I I I i I A I 1 Ailg. came to IHne in (Uj-itiM-n and found a uf i occii(iied by fitmiliiw from Loci; llnvim. nnc family from Willnmi'-port and one from a i Tlley already live enjoying the pure mountain a i pure Clear soft a which -tvirm the base of the i i i i a i The ground bi'dl clciired of leaves fttul aft.

(fher i nmi covered i new The roof- have been repaired and all oUlcr repairs ure bulng -innde for i comfort of l( nt Whitewusli- ing i- being done by Philip Hailg nnd men. under thr'siiperintofldency of Mr. John the boss of i i a Thus far Ihc work looks ctmYw In-iml pfr Kol-JwirniiK iildrww -K K. WWr. Prhirrpal, iWin fn.

"PENNSYLVANIA-tXlLLKGB, PA. t.lie nest year will I a if. HliiMiiJ iinil tlmrongb. imwt pli'ii-tint-imd hi rallniiid trains PREPARATORY din-el siiiiervWinii null I itwenixvllie; K. Xorrls- Dbylestowjj; PoUstown.

Colonel J. P. S. headquarterF at Lebanon; company A. B.

Tamaqua 1 11.. BEFORE A I I i i A I A Two nntt romnittlTrt for their I Ni a Uv.U i i all Inside i i i i cli' of the no nnisf was butt occiisional fttwrkirig of 'ih'i voice ot iliu a i i i i and the nn rn the young- ladle--from Lock Haven, appear to enjoy ciunp life and are giving vent to their fet'l- ings when not to wlilrh nivli'i- tlie nn for hovw und ynungmen lor i i i Stu- In fliynli-pniliiient Uie upcclal nt HlHcfc-i i i i i Iliem III the ud. ol I'ollel or r.ilnlogueiH A I I P. July iOr Ipicl of Prep. Depl.

A1 Tin- Killing Constable Axte.l brought Snsimc'- hftnna thts morrtlng, rmys named Jeremiah and Samuel Cox. with shooting and killing a cow In-hinging to 'Joseph The was West compauiee and West killed on Thursday last, and an exariiina- G. i i a i G'. Carlisle; U. Tluegrtive; 1.

WrlghtsVlIle. Eleventh regiment Infiintry, Allreil hupert, headquarters" iit AT EI.MIKA. Thonsnndit Tnru Weicomr Him-- ---Sfwei-h Mr. Dlven. I I A Aug.

7. -The special train hearing President Gstrfleld and which left New York this morning at 7 ::5, reached this evening. Several jiersons were assemttiai al the depot to greet i where a platform had ecn wvt-'ted for accommodation of flip speakrrs. Hon. L)iven made an of welcTime, which was approprialdy responded to by General iarfleld.

The next President was greeted it every station 1 alo.n^ the route by thmi- UCCEJCi nocked itiTfrom tfe country by hundreds, and it. fs that 'ully k'ti thousand surrounded the depot wrie'n tlic'lrain roIleiTin. At Ktmini it is estimated that flvc thousand turned out to jreet jihu. A distinguished men were aboanl the train, and the greatest enthusiasm prevailed. After music by the land the train pulled out :30 amid the -lur i lieiiriug.

rSi-w York Templars Uolls to Chlcngo. i Aug. following com, manderies from New Vork stute have re- ported themselves to the triennial com- iJijilU'e aL-iLhliffJ" tn J'' lr inflation to iil'ti-nd thVforfhcuiiiinfr "Htin-" Palestine No. IS. York St.

Omcr Jfo. in, of No. 24. of Olean; liatavia No. of Hutavia, anil 1 de Payen No.

of expenses of the conclave, which it. is supposed i a $100.000, the I committee have s.if.000 in "hiive'contributedubont S10.000, of which the Palmer House gave Slierinun Sf.DDO. etc. Aotorlona Outlaw 111 Aug. 7.

"Big Nose George," Hi IRS I arratt. eTftlie waving of hHndkgrchiefs and' the oftfje people. He was' th( recipient of gitajjar ovat.tons_at. (twego. and (itlMtr places along route.

The tTis- arrived at Chautauqna ahoin ten ciVkK'k where Sunday will 3e spent. FIRK IX BHOOKI-YX. A Wntehmnn Jjfooated In Bnratafi Blllldlnc. NRW 7. Betweeh tliw and frjMr'o'itlrtck this morning it Was dis- obvereu that the Manhattan Vinegar Works; 'Jl4 "trretr Brooklyn, were on fire.

The smoke was issuing from the 'Upper, pwiof the building, vvbiuto is a iow-atwry brick fifty feet front by one hundred feet deep. An alarm was se.nt out as quickly as possible, hut before the firemen got to work the flames htd made considerable progress. After the flanicR had been extinguished some inquiries were inade after the night watchniaft of the establishment. Henry Lusa, but nobody could be found who had seen -him. Search was tlics made the building and his charred remains were on tne upper floor, where the fire fi I'st orijEflnated It IH bei ievetl fhe fire was eansed through some carelessness the wnfortunati 1 i.ian who- lout his Ittc The company es'tiraates their loss on and machinery at 810.000.

Mr. .1. Wilson, who owns the buildhlg, says it is damag-ed to the amount of sJLnsii. 'the wnU-Ji- was thirty-three of age, was a married man, and resided ity the coi uer of South Fifth and First stress. AT TOftOItfiO, me CattiollCf and Have the Same Old T.o=rble.

TOBOSTO. Aug. 7, A serious riot occurred here yesterday between the Orangemen and the jCatholicB, During the parade Its honor of the birth of Dft'nim O'Cuuuelf, the Catholics a banner that tain robbers, who two years ago laid a plan to ditch and rob the I'nited States passenger train near Cm-boil. New V()rk, and who killed Deputy Sheriff Widdowfleld and Tip Vincent, scouts, who tracked them to Elk. -Missouri river, four-roUea front this city, was recently He was in charge "of Sheriff Kankin.

of RaVlins. who left for home wlrtl him mi a Imiu. The chances arethe friends of Vincent, nt Carbon, will him. us Untcli Charley. Fell Thronch a Trap Door.

PKKHY. X. Aug. 7. A serious accident occurred at the church grounds" last night.

Mrs. Duke, of Scio. N. fell through a I rapdflor in acoUage. breaking her left leg, and, it is feared, sustaining internal Injuries.

Thtr ludy IK srvi'nty yearft of and t4ie chances are againpt her recovery. She belongs to the Duke a i (K Xnke Centre, in the oil rcgi.ori«i IS" of rWlltintu Duke. A Mnrdner'i Body on Eihlttttloii. VoftK. Augf The remains of Pletro Balho.

executed yesterday, were last night in the undertaker's. During the day they were. exhibition there and hundreds thfrtngeH view theti but in the evening Balbo's lawyer in the spectacle. A GnlKy PHILADELPHIA. Aug.

Hel po-sttnasteT of Wind Gap. was hriJugTiE'liere by the Tnked Suues marshal to answer to the charge of em- Tfezzling the of government while in office. ler, and they guve-vent to their fttelingg by congregating on -Queen street and a geu- ef ni clubbing followed. Sticks, stones and cudgels all. kinds sevetal tht tf rather To-day.

us Ihf. Mltiflf. States: dlrar nr partly flotujy weather, northeasterly irindn. sUUtontiry fir higher U-mpruitnrr nml ntnlHiii- barometer. Philadelphia iialn Milrkel.

AnR. 7 Wlicnt IP nnn) witT? bettor Inquiry; red, il.OB l4 Penn sylvanla red nnd amber, Corn Is Onn for local nse; aleamej, 4.1(§)50c; yellow, mlsod, OiittttfnVSrenllyj'Vo. I i No. No.

inlstjd, SJWjiy-c. Hye Is dull -tSieHeUi i a II. Columbia. iHtlitl riKlljAl't S.1AFF.' Krigadier General Joshua K. Sigfried.

Pottsi'-lTle. commanding; major and assist- anuadjutunt -K Wesiey A major and brigade S. Moorehead major and brigade quartermaster. a J.

Phillips; major and brigade surgeon, George major and brigade, commissary sergeant. Thomas D. Lewis; major and. judge advocate. S.

W. captain and aid-de-eamp. Clay W. vans; captain and aid-de-camp. Andrew D.

Seeley. the brtgadt'T Ashhtnd l)ra- gouns. Charfcs Karnard; first lieutenant, ,1. N. a a second lieutenant.

T-evl Baldorf. Wyoming captain, THORIUM C. Parker; lirst liiHttenant. ('hafles lieutenant, James A.Koat. Seventh regiment infantry, colonel.

Alexander Pat- rick H. Monagrian; fli-st licutimant ant! adjutant, Oscar i'. Kubaeh; Ninth regiment. Infantry, colonel, J. Murray holds, Wilke'Sbarre.

Lieutenant colonel. Marr.I.'Kecbt; major, Daniel H. Bennett; first lieutenant and adjutant. Arthur I). i oo re.

Thirteenth 11. M. Boies. Scranton lieutenant colonel, Frederick L. Jliw-hrork; ntajor.

firt-t lieutenant and adjutant, E. F. Chamber- Jain. ROSTKR OF THE OFFICERS. -T1W Is the roster of the regimental offhi-rs and non-commissioned offl- cers of Alfred stead; lieutenant colonel, uavid R.

Fores- njan; major, AlonzaB. Ilyrton; adjutant, Thos. U'. Lloyd; commissary, ('harles X. Right; quartermaster.

K. Kramer; paymaster. John M. Maris, surgeon. Daniel Bacon; assistant surgeons, JwnTO Bullock.

Cnarles M. Martin; commissary sergeant. Wui.McBride; quartermaster se.rgeant. C. Snyde.r^erg^eant major, Jic) vis; drum major, Ilinekley; II.

Spsld- ing. officers Company captain, llenj. K. lifutnberjrer; firstJJeutenant, Geo. Smith.

Compaby B. captain. JRobcrtE. Kelley; first lieutenant. John H.

Grant! second lieutenant. William H. Johnson. ejiptain, James Moran Ca- tirst lieutenant. John B.

KautT- lieutenant.Thomas C. Heinen. Company captain. Andrew J. Trout; lirsl lieutenant, Leonard H.Brady; second lieutenant, George W.

Mclntosh. William, tt. Heim; first M. second ieutenant, William R. Jones.

siptain. Philip Jonathan Swcinford; sejiond R. Pattori. rompany G.captelo,.' I. Burrow-s: first lieutenant, Henry r.

Parsons second lieutenant, William P. Barker. Company Newton Ijindon; first lienlenant. John W. Dttart; second lieutenant, J.

J. 0. A. A. Wifnwr.

has charge of the boarding house and ennmis.sary, came to grounds yesterday morning with his lml is getting things fn jjoo9 shape aiiil prepiiHriir. elcuu- ing, A so that at this i already thing 1 begin to look as though clean meals might be expettf.d luld enousth for all rtbv i i tlii-m i a Mr. William of Dick Haven, has given iuch e'lti" 1 0 this placi as chief cook for the last four will i again be on hand and good ureaU be looked for. I Just this writing another Lock 11 vim. i ciime to 1 UDp nied by several young ladies.

The prot-- perts -'fntn-giirrrf sttendaiice afiprar quite fluttering. BKV. K. that he wauld have to funttsh Riitii of 82(W or, gi) to JH.ll 1 This brought 4Cmnpliiaiotnry to the irf about eonfeapioft from Ib" iti tb" fqljowing -If Mr. hltngenbergei says the cow was Killed with shot he tells a story, for she was kilk-d with salt, so slip-wns.

My brother advise.d tm- tai do it." After tills ii was deemed best to hold botl tioaof liei' was revealed the fact that her dnjitb was. caused from shot. On- i t'-'Ufl'd seeing Uie boys 1ieatiflg the cow afterthe report of was finot.her.Atcs. Susanna stiff, stated that -she heard Jerry sav. two weeks Ugo.

he to shoot the cow. Hon. MeUger appemecHor the prosecilttonT'lind he said to A i a Blair Shame WHS iuclliicd tu think i.uinuel was not guilt but that it would be enough to Iwfd him for an appearance at court. The stderman then irtfot'meil JeVry bail in thi" KEMAI.E COLLEGE. Ki'tnnle 'olU-Kf Muryliirtd-was i i the i of couforrmg itPl(reeii, mill- liliemlly rucluwtfl 1'V" rtltfoiute lna.

It new iimplr irrounds, of the boys for court, and in default of 8200 bAii onh, tlli- ftvix Jerry-Ii 1 -about 18 years old. and tiaimiel about, Jt.Ja snid the cow arose from habit she had of hrcuking-down fences getting inlo llelds. Tomocrno- Work Natnrday --Thr-frirnds IwiglWk at a polfl and flag on Saturday night last, Tlie spealilng' was by and H- B. AmerllnK. of this city.

There were six canili- ates for sheriff and two earididates for present. A Hancock club, was organized Sal unlay at the stone Inmse, Brady nvni-hip, under the nrtnagMiient of Hon. H. W. etriken.

John F. Stevenson, C. reeo-and Sheriff- was audience of about fifty, Including boys. Flrnl Pruhyterlall Kev. S.

E. WelMer. lately of the First I'Tt-shyterlan city, preached his farewell SBrmon yesterday to his late congregation at Wiwh- iilglj.Hl. N. i So popular Is he in Washington, a ttlf congregation closed Ihr doom of the if church yesterday, that all might listen; 1 his inaugunil sermon at First "Presbyterian, fTiTs cfty, Sex! Sunilav mouifng.

Ala'trwetinffof- the First Presbyterian, church of WiiKhington. N. convened by Lhc pastor. 17th, the following reso- :u.t»j»tetl.f---^^-.^. i S.

K. i a i i -uf tlrst i-lasx inatitiitkin. Boarfl uml tvlillon, Misittw under years, Situ). t'alElluiiiicB'iit Uito oftlce. N.

fiRooKH, LL. Jlj-Jldiiwlm President. PROCLAMATION. -tH-lHCASi- I lAYK HECELVED NO- i i n-im tlu- novernor of Petiusylviinia lluil eilgtt. in Hi- nfflce o( Hty Re.

wirder the (tty of Wllliiinwpfirl hy' reuson tin- A. J. I'ii-trii'k. lute ret oi i i Tin tvfuriif in pur 'u-ut-ci of ttrt-nf mvietiililv i to i-ltv n-eimlwri), uppmved i 24 lit-i-clii' iti'-iiriuiti' imd alipolut Uie day IK8i. rtii 1 nannl plncm tor iiohlmg tiie tlif- I i i find-a.

IH-I-IIII, Uie Uw, who be 11 quail- Hrd eli-i tut nf mild city, til-JiU VBclUH-y tn utnee tho terai i (irni-K, WlLl.l\J_»PHT,.l*A.| A'ngUBt uug3-dlnio iNo. A A ijf and Wholesale and Ratal! Henlerx in rollers man; Ano ronrt, Reading, 12H; Valley, i Lohlffti Nnvlgatton, SIS; Jlorth- cm Eric, cJoaofl Oil M-'U Ang. 7. Oil opened at 3 trt sew ygrfr, Mid RIcD Camp Finnic M)l P.untmted llnrUeat Spci-ialJUspiilHi tfi iB Jan) CAMr'MEADKT' Aug. camp was comparatively quiet during th frfghfc-'-AiF-'epiwdii bttttCiiU'-W and o'cloi'k was a charge, upon the guard by a Prt5 company 13, Twelfth who had been out on official a Belmont mansion.

The guard vaa no Knrt. tents tiftve'oteB evcjcted "nn a ntimbri uf the boya who were leave werclncawcratcd theie all nigh they ip i eil thU HinitreBitlliili to wilK- with him ijui'M In I'resljytery dlwHitlon I jiiiuijiruii'iivtinu uuw ill ft re il' Hie- sick ACVernooti I MK. riiARt.KR C. Ml'SSINA is on tlji! nt at present. iLOvp.t.

confined to the ouse'by illness. MRH. of Newbcrry, in her 02d year. MKSKS. G.

BKHKU. MOOKK and Henry Butcher aiTived in the city Saturday from CBARI.iW F. Tiag- age master on the Rending railroad, bc- ween Pottsville and Khatnokin, has been romoted to the position of iRisiJeTiger onduc.tor. MR. JosEl'H C.

formerly ijf the ieading coiil anil irmuwmtwliy. trecrii ppointed general manager of the Jersey Central railroad at a yearly salary of $12,00. He also retains his positions as jeneral Suprrtntetideiit of the Ijehigli Wilkcsbarro -roql vohipany Jind con- Itjpg etigineer of tte Lehiffh coal and navigation company. the L'rciit Tlml (liirtna hlc tniitlxtry here lie MKRCOIT is tip apiln. NEVEH spen.k disrespectfully of watermelon agarn, Rtonr" fmsiings have been aid at Third and streets.

TwENir-Fivijdollars rewarti offered in mother column the rettii of money T8B watorcompany'spipes are belr.g laM on Rdwln ami Ixicust streels you eall at a camp meeting board- t-hey wMl Mk: jou believe Tanner?" in eimipany Twelfth regiment, from Wlllijtmsport, and the barristers are sotting a pie by Strict duty In camp. Two boys age4 apparently aboat years, were observed this num-inc riding a In the tinal near Willtttiu street. Tills dangerous sport should be rKnetttHce nnd und with emtrtBiil mu-i limn rwo hundred (ind flfty perniiiw Iwvc been uddiul U) ilm mcmliPMliip tlvi; iuul Imlf'veiinc of lilH liitifii-N luiiinix I'rovlHlon Hits'iVen made for the i i i uf d-M ilif (IliircliT nvtiry illwtual- lias IH'HII Iwrinoiilxwl, nnd he triivfs us har- nnd In every Urtrt4cmliif ti iirtwpuruiw nity, in tlie church and mil, IIH CllrtHtUm Ki'ti Iliiumn In wliow eluinu'U-r ntiniwt conDdc'iicc li.ii been plurpd hy nil clajmeit In tlft-Voiniiiiinl ty," He liecii a reformer und nn cdiuiitfir. Itrtiilrrrl, Tlmt we. do lieri'iiy rd pveriatlon of the fnltlifiil nnd InviilniiWe tnrvlre li.

BJBI tfuderi(d Uiin fbim-li. not only us ill liU'lniiH and Awtrui.hfarted pastor und prenehm, hut nlSoot liln pxlly life and nmnly drviitlon to the truth, wctwdievo him eintnenUy nttwl foi IOMR pBpliirwtc, imrt-liaU I lie hope tlml lio would hnvc many J-eiifn us our nulde. There luw lieen peace imd durlntt t-liP wtwIiAuf his iMtlBlBtry he lenvi-H uu i one wlioilmitf JH( him That we rutnmeiKl llimwtf and fiiml Iv tn the kMiclef i the fioirtl Shepherd, priiytnu llrai the Imnd tit He Ijord nmy evprlw ipon them fur hespiwfe for htm one und In new field of iHhoi.imd" i ftjlTOw him with our IOVB nn'il (tnuilrfil, That them-n-KoliilloniibepUiewliitioii rfcordsnf tlpiV roplcs for iinhllriillon liesi-nllotlie rrrihytmint, tlm Wlisll- InKliin Slttr nnd im i-nftronftcd copy placed in the of the pftflor. Washiiig1.on (N. flwr, after ex- prew-iug of Webster, and declaring that his departure from the place "is a which every citizen shares," tinurs Mr.

Websterls a man to whom we have all looked up with respect and.confidence. He has been outspoken, fenrlea's and powerful In his defense of right andliis attacks on wrongs in our community. He has given a new meaning to the influence of the church among us. Ue has made religtnn' pructleal and everyday; it in its highest form In his cotidttct and avclations with hia fel- tow citizens. He has been the wi.rui friend of every one and everything, striving to win hy nmiabillty Ven lost by bl Will keep riinntaiitly on Inittd it full of Bi'st-eluBSKiMulHj (tonidiilluff In part of nrrrKU PUTS, AITI.E pn I-OTS, Jt'U3 MII.K C.

hid even-thliiK iiTthcli'llneofKiiodsftt whole- Cull and- SsTUEMl'VL1? A CO A A 1 A ConU-riu-fii HTONE A BIUCE AfO) COAL. Co.i.of Fourttand I tt NO. fl WEST TH1KD (r A A OBALEB.W LBAO. IRON, HAS, STKAM AND.TKRRA- COrrA PU-E. Pfcrttonal attention paid to nil work entrusted i WlTid 'wnifl HrdranflQ Pniiip cvxrvihlng In inv jAHY OOODS.

oi' 8 OSt: continued Ul-henUb, I shall rrduep prtcon on Monday, the 111 vulne, In order to cloxo up my business ra tliw place noon an practicable. A large Roods hi More. Thow Intending tcv Diiroh-JW will, no donbt, tftfee udvuntaee of this oppditunlly 1 mean einect nnnnc and mtrttnwr (roods to move off rapidly. Ae Ndoethm No. "-Mit Third Street.

A KfsVdXviNG LAWN TW A ili) hy cannot speak Unt highly or WS (food qwH- ties as a man and a citizen. Wo are Rained that his relations with (is muni ueiwe. Our bt follow him to hla ROVV field of labor. improvements Ou Market street below Third, are beirig rapidly pushed to- weird coni tcti i uioni completo tnina of Uie we. For L.

M( OLDEST AND IS-- WILUAMSPOBT is offering Special Baiifulns hi SLIPPKKS and 1 1 XtVrn t( GAS COXSUS-KRS. IN The KM hills foj July Mil" ilUte- wul nfflte company from the 0 fSfcptJ.fl-r. tbo betwOB-i 30 ccnis. piw (Must- NEWSPAPER.

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