The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1948
Page 5
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FAGK BLYTHKVrU,K (ARK.)" COURIKR NEWS WBDNKSDAT, JUNE Sfl, 1<MI Japanese Quake Toll Goes Higher 5,000 F*ar*d WiHi Upward! of 10,000 Injured . Japan. June 30. — <UP> — Workmen, tolling in the Meanilng Bummer nun, searched today for additional victims of Monday's eartl\- quakt *nd fir* that Is expected to claim 5,000 d«ad. G*n. DoiiRlajs MaeArthur's headquarters officially listed the death toll at 3,215 and the injured at 7.TS2 In yitkul Oily and neighboring villac«c. Most Japanese and allied authorities believed the number ol seriously .injured would be more th»n 10,000. American medical officers worked in candlelight all night to Administer blood plasma Io a steady stream of sufferers. They also save typhoid • nd paratyphoid anti-toxin* in effort io stem a possible epidemic resulting from drinking pollvited water, American GI's, rushed here by train and motor vehicle from Osaka, Kobe and other nearby cities, brought out thousands of Injured, They turned their weapons irarrters Into ambulances, hauling five patient* at ft time. The minor tremors which followec In the wake of the devastating shock stopped for the time being but, fire, still smouldered In I lie calm RIU muggy atmosphere. The narrow road which strelche n miles between Fukui Cil.y anc Takfttu was a. scene of inrfescribabl confusion. Thousands of refugees, their possessions piled on bicycles, handcarts and ox-drawn vehicles, streamed out of ttie city- Military policemen regulate the traffic In 25-minule periods- Vehicles and pedestrians leaving'Fuknl were aJlowed to move fnr 25 minutes, Then the road was cleared to let relief traffic move toward the city. Sightseers Turned Back In an effort to drive hundreds of of sightseers swarming in from the countryside to see the ruins of Fukui, Lt. Col. William Hylanrl. New York City, went nut along the highway this morning and ordered the Japanese police to turn bank persons who had no business in the city. The stench in Fukui wax nauseating. It, was a sour-sweet mixture of death, unwashed bodies, open sewers, burning flesh .and wood and decaying foodstuffs and vegetation. Stretcher-bearers outside the first Quake Destroys City of 52,000 ui, Japan, will: > population of 5'J.I)00. tins nrtn "virtually wiped mil' by ftn earthquake which shook west coast of Honshu, acroi'dlilR In JJapan's Ministry ol communications. Ovrr 3.000 cn.-.itallirs were ip[>mi«i with 1.000 dear! In pilkul City alone. Olhr-r citir* Montr the Sra nf .Jnpan reported darnaRrri were Toyama, Kanav.aina, Dalstio-Junacrn ftnri TMIPIKR. <NEA Telephoto). Bear, Favorite With Children at Zoo, Bites Off Arm of Boy Offering Grapes Boy, 13, Travelling Alpne, Fails to Reach Destination SAVANNAH. Ga.. .June 30— lUPt — Police and railroadmen along the Eastern Seaboard were Alerted l<i- day to .welt > 13-year-nld boy who disappeared from a train somewhere between New York and Miami. The hoy, Edwin T. Gregory, nf Kastliampton, Mass., was supposed to hai-e gotten off here Monday for a visit with his grandpa mi Li. They met the train, found the boy's sult- cnse wa« unloaded but could not find the him. The car attendant on the Seaboard's Silver Meteor said he re- i mem be red seeing the boy | nboul 9 p.m. Sum:ay, but could not i find him when th« train pulled In' to Savannah the next morning. The train went on to Miami, and near that cUy » red-anri-blite checkered Jacket, believed the boy's, was found. Mrs. Jeanette Gregory, His mother, said In Easthampton that Edwin i was "very friendly" and might have struck up an acquaintance with a i stranger. He was described as blond. J blue-eyed, and about live feet one j inch toll. An Ice-sltntlng accident ! broke two front teeth lust winter. PKORIA, III., June 30. — (UP)— I Twelve -yen r-old Johnny Dickerson ' was reported in fair condition today after a 250-pound Himalayan bear at Glen Oak. Park ?.oo bit, off his left arm. The youngster climbed over a .safety fence MirtniindiiiK the bear's cane Ifiie yesterday to feed the animal .some Rrapes. The bear. Touchy, a vegetarian from the Hitnalnyan mountains of India, reached through the bars and pulled the boy flat up against them. The bear K na wed a I t h e arm. A. B. Earls, nark concessionaire,, pushed off the nrm. But MIP hpfir clung io the rum for 45 minutes and released It only after firemen and zoo attendant/; played high pressure hoses on him, Meanwhile, young Dickeison, who harl remained cnn.srtous, throughout the ordeal, was rushed Io a ho.s- pllal. Surgeons amputated the stump of his left firm ai the .shoulder In a two hour operation. At lend an us said he was "resting comfortably" today. TiOokcepcr Dick Hnullman said the bear and his mate, "Tabe," had been docile during the eight years THE KEST T'ST FOR WHISKIT . M & ouf some ,, through a ring of horrified specta- * they hnve, been at the 7,00. Houlihan tors, grabbed a cane and shoved; said he had entered the bear's cage down the bears' throat. The animal | almost daily, relinquished his grip after bltlnR r The U'ii.% a fnvnriip with London, Liverpool Dock Workers Return to Jobs LONDON. June JO. — 'UP'— All 2&.000 London and Liverpool dock j strikers went hack to work todays order was being maintained throughout the area, although there were reports liiat 60 convicts e.s- eflped wheci the earthquake destroyed their penitentiary. The loss suffered by Ihe silk and rayon textile industry iu the area estimated at between 8,000.000,- Marnage Licenses The following couples obtaimd tnaj-t iage llrciise.s yesterday in the office of Elizabeth* Blythe. j county clerk: B. L. Phillips of Hnndoi'son. Ttrnn., and MIS.S Hruuiie Brooks Brinn of Dell. R. B. Wallace and Miss Wilma L=. Wilson of Cl.iiklon. Mo. Billy Trout and Miss Frances Mnrieline Wilson of Clarkion, Mo. room at Sabae National Hospital I DOO and 100,000.000.00X1 yen. At the added worts ot new bodies to IheJ ofliclal army conversion idle this growing collection of dead in the! was equivalent to between JlfiO.OOO.- temporary morgue. Groans of the j 000 and . .20,000.000. But at the cur- Injured nnd the dying filled the alr.i rent black market rate, it amounted The national police said public I (A J27.0OO.OOO and MO.OOfl.OOfl. Road Courier News Want Ads. ending a stoppage tiint cut the nation's njeal ration and lied up export.*; worth at least, 572,000,000. The fi3 miles of docks here reported business as usual for ttie first time since June 12. WHY Stepping Vow/i" IS SO IMPORTANT TO YOU Hurfien ttmaxct matef>e«f warld by uiinj vilol "tl.p-down" ion< — nol •vailabl* IM any elh*r car—la bring you riding quolili»i and «nf«ly b«yond anything known b*for*l Word's going 'roimil-aii(t fa.M. loo- tliat Hmison fiive.s jon a".swrrtr^iiioolli, «afe ride. OiaV is a new high in ninlor-ear performance! TerJiaps you'vr Jirnrd [ileasfH and f>nntd Hiirlson onnm lalliing aboul, tliis r\- (•ilinR "« w csprricnre, 1ml hcrr'* jonif- thirig j'oil may have inisM^I liearinp: Tlif keif In ihit amazing tiru- riilr lir.t in thnl tirca muter llif /Toor of llif ni-nagt rnr. irliir/i in Ihr AV,n Jl,nlinn becomes thr. "strp-rloi' n" znnc—m* illn*- tralrtl in the sketches al Hie rislil. Thi* "it«p-down' T grille 15 all-imporlaiiL ort-anse. exjxirirnee ha.s sliown tlial l!i« Inwrr tn tltr ground a rnr can Iw l>nill, tlir beUrr il will liaiuilc. the mure sla- Hlily it will liavc. llif. safer il will W. And liul^ Ihe rnorr enjoyable and eoin- for!ah!e will he your ridr. Hudson, and Hudson alone, has accomplished a near niir.ielf, o[ loniliuill streamlining and smonlh. sale, eomforl- ahle ridins; wilh a new lype of Iwsr frame which surrounds Ihe pa?scngrr eompartmcnl.and lltus pennits ll.e floor In be lowered tlnirn wilinn i|. Rcce.oins Ihe floor crc.Tlc.i the "strp-do«-n" "ron'r ami a cr/ilcr of gr.n ily lhal ij I lie l,,,,,;l trf nut; Ainrrii-Hii ttfirk <:f[r~yr.l rt>a<) clearance, is amjile! Th«t'» >¥hy Hudion lias a huc-the-roarl way of «oin^. even in cro«s--A ind«, and on e\ r ery eoneeivaltlc kind c,f highway. H'Arw J/OTI ifr. linn- llii.i car Inkn frcn tlir .T, ; ;,':r;;,-,T/ n;rrr,t. il trill tnoil ijnn for mill oilier lype of niitoinoitilr! Yon ,-on?c this tlclighlfiil confonnily Io Hie mail Hie Tiiinule yon lieqin your ride: an<l I his liability, plus Ihe |troler-(ion of riding enc-ircle<l liy a slurrly l>ox-srction slerl frame., ^ivcs you » gland Idling ol ja/rf irfll-briitg. SilliuR in Ihis car is as downright Mli.=- fyiil.c as stretching out ill ynnr fnvorile ra«y rliair. \m, ride on seals llml -.ire limccril and rrarllrd aliead o( the rear wtiuoft and, rvrn \vHh il.* low silhonclle, lliis brrntiilnkingly boaiiliful motor rar (fivcA you in or r head room 111 an any ollior rimss-produced car huill today! Hud»"«'» us* of I lie vilal "step-down" win R in ils rxclii5i\'f 1 all .^U-el ATonnltill hocly-aiul-franif!* is a (levplopnienl tltal required ycnrs of engineering work, llie fM^rfcrlion <if nr\v produelioti lci:lniiqu», and million* of dollars in highly .sj)*- fijili/ied UCN; plant invc.slincnt. f'erli:ip* lln.s eiplniii5 why Hutls.ou alone oilers lliis new rle.eij^n principle loiJay. f J'1ie nearest Hnd.--oi> dealer lia.s « Iwioklol —your. 1 ! for Ilir nuking — wliieli explains hmv "slepping down" lirin<»s ynn ntfvAti- . Iji^cs Ueyund nuylKing known ItMorr! HiiiUuii Mnlnr ( ar Co.. f>clrnil 11. NEW HUDSON IU-- >},* I.- "alP^lown" xnun— A liicMy u^dil a.M.linn SPECIAL VALUE DAYS THE BOSS IS GONE! The Boss is on vacation! We're cutting prices and having fun! Come to Wards and share in these "Boss-is-Gone Values! J.onjf Sleeve 2.OS Rayon Sport Shirt 2.66 So cool and aoft! You'll find non« morft noniforlalile for. your sports or leisure wear. Uiuwiors'liU new, loo! 2-Way collar. Assorted colurs. 5-M-U; MEN'S COAT 5TYLI COTTON PAJAMAS Jn a.^sorlr-ii pallrrn." anrf rolor? v\\\\ draivstriiij} uaislband. Sizcf A-B-C-0. BOYS' AND GIRLS- COTTON OVERALLS LOVELY AND LACY . _ Q .RAYON CREPE SUP 1 .88 Regularly FMced At. 9S<- With » fisuif-filtinir lace trimmed ? lue e ? tr * stron «f chumbray. 79c bodice. In tcsrose, Hue A yellow. 82-44. Several. CAROL iRINT SHIRT OF CRISP RAYON 2.50 ' ("arcfnil v mfliie to Wards speciftcBl K>tvs. \\ ashable. I'aslcU, white. 32 to W. BOYS' BAND O'ALLS 169 S-OZ. BLUE DENIM | Bugged SAiifori/.ed dpiiims. shrinkage , 1%. Orange stitching trim. Sires 8 to 16. Men's Tropical A QQ " Men's Qiialil.v ? , \\owledSlack* *'°° Zftc Hose 41 C Tailoreri \i'ith pleated fronts and Sinarl patterns . . . lij;lit fliade?! Top zipper fly. Solid colors, sizes 29-40. quality rayon. Reg., slack. 10 Io 12. 14.88 ISurgains In ^Q /\f\ •> x 12 Axminisler.« J'.UU Now paUcruE at Wartls will hvis;ht- • n any room a I low cost. Ruy now. Sale! Compact Radio .Exceptional Tone Was 17.9">! -I tubes, rectifier for outstanding small set tone! Ivory or brown. *« THi NIA»ST HUDSON DEALER FOR THE Fuu STQRY „ TH€ IMPORTANC| OF Glin Harrison Motor Gompanv 51.7 W.,r A,h St. Ark. Men's Kaiuty Woven « nn 2.29 Shirls • .WO In r)i«litlrtnc stripr.', pAllrrn« anil ,«nl- ifl?. Tailor^il io prrfrct fil uiih non-wilt Fnifd nollsrf. \\ on't shrink ovrr l^o. Sanfnrizitd. Color.'. ,Si?.ps from 11-17. 237-COIl INNERSPRING MATTRfSS 2fi2 (^oils 34.00 xml s(s*l in- WARDS FINE-QUALITY "LONGWIAR" SHfETS 2.57 lyii. DviViihU. S«l<-rn licking. Stock up on the.iK silken-smooth sheets woven of 12? fine 111 reads. 81 x 108.

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