Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 22, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1955
Page 10
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» ,C/r» ii> U iiiUJtiO, 'AUlliOAJrti, HO > .44, Board Airs |tate Plans Ob Pay Hike •BALTIMORE W» - The State Standard Salary Board today awaited recommendations on how to go about granting stale employ- es a pay boost. The question: Should it be in' graduated or flat across-the-board form, a percentage boost or a general reshuffling of galary scale classifications? _ The board has approved "in principle" a general pay increase for, all State employes. It made no decision on a pay increase formula pending recommendations from a group which includes representatives of the Department of Budget and Procure merit, the commissioner ,of person- net? and. the comptroller's office. The board-also favors social security coverage and a 40-hour week 'for State employes. Tb'e final 'decision on whether more . than five million dollars would be added to the State budget rest's with the General Assembly an4 Gov. .McKeldin. — ANoTHIS HAPPfWEOTb BETHEOMLY BUUMr NSTKUWEUT SUE COULD LAY ON/ As OF we FACTMY.PASM- ANP i MAVF JtlST HAD A SLI6HT BOVV- Ive Tfeiec> .A ^ TIMES TO BUY "WAT FROfA YOUf AMYftOCrf WANNA 6UY A SECOND-HAN& A' child's temperature is more apt? to-'fluctuate-than is that of an adult. ••'• v ' ••:-. '.''. '. '•' . Haworth*$ Counsel By Mail Editor's Note: Bachelor, 36. datinjr companionable woman, still can't say for sure if he loves her. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: lam bachelor, 36. Angela is 28, personable, intelligent, all that a man could desire in a woman. We have known each other over three years,' but our dates have been intermittent, as my engineering work takes me away for months at a time. When I am away from Angela I miss her.terribly and think of her often during the day. She become more important to me than anything in my life; and I am happy only in her presence. This is my first experience of feeling so strongly about a girl. However, .being an introvert with a reflective nature, I find myself unable to realize and know for sure that Tarn in love. Angela loves me and feels. that I love her too. And when I have explained my inner doubt, she has been most patient and understanding, and. wants to help straighten me out, even if it means the end of our romance. How Clear Up The Uncertainty? I am. very unhappy about the jsituation and hope you can help 'me, -Is it possible to be in love and not know it? If so, how can one clear up the uncertainty? AND RECEIVE PAYMENT ON NOVEMBER -6, 1956 FOR EARLY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING OMMERICAL VAVINGS BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation AT THE CITY HALL SQUARE My ' association with Angela is i with her. because the- feeling of love is so new to me. I want very much to marry Angela, and there are no literal obstacles,in her life or mine. Can you suggest some literature that might overcome my bewilderment? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.—C. R. Capacity To Love Has Been Stunted DEAR C. R.: What you are saying, in effect, it seems to me, is that although you have become profoundly dependent upon Angela's love of you, as your main source of happiness, you personally don't feel that you have much, if any, love to give her. This is an unconscious intuitive awareness you have, about a personal inadequacy. That's why you are- so anxiously uncertain about committing yourself to a life partnership proof to the world that I do love her; and my loneliness apart from her should be jiiroof to myself that I care. But .still I can't seem to clear the hurdle of doubt—maybe Exclusively Yoiiri In Eviry leaf Of BIG BOY BREAD On Sale Ar Your Local Independent Grocer A Product of Mclntyrti loktry It strikes m'e that, you have a twofold subjective difficulty as regards Angela — a characteristic handicap in your relations with the fair sex always, I imagine. And it is a.cumulative handicap, that has been in the making from the very beginning of your emotional history, no doubt. First, I gather that you are too infantile,; psychologically, to love a sweetheart or spouse in a robust, confidently self-giving way. You are the passive assimilator of devotion, affection, etc., in a romantic alliance—not the magnanimous, ardent, positively interested suitor,-1 think. Indecision Caused By Deep Fixation -^Second, I infer that your backwardness in this respect, your failure to develop mature capacity for mate-love, is a negative dynamic, so to speak—caused, by an emotional undertow of childish hostility towards womankind. This emotional fixation is probably too deeply inhibited for you to recognize its existence (without psychiatric help)—and it may have much to do with your being "an introvert with a reflective nature," as you say. A person enmeshed. in unconscious conflict between powerful driving forces — such as (1) the Give Kroehler For Christmas! ,' • , . It's a wonderful idea, giving furniture for Christmas. Especially furniture like Kroehler . . . Furniture that is built to last, construction so durable that it retains the same charm and good looks for years and years . . . A Christmas gift that brings thousands' of days of pleasure. Choose^now while our sale is on .. .Your choice of NYLON- 2 pc." Living room suites with foam rubber seats at reduced prices. , • ' ^ Little-wonder more people are giving Millenson furniture for Christmas 1 Open every Monday unlil 9 p. m. need for love, versus (2) the habit of hating, fearing or rejecting— isn't emotionally free to be outgoing and extrovert. And, if confronted by common sense necessity to make some Plans Started For Museum ANNAPOLIS" W — A State museum of natural history would be established at Annapolis under a recommendation made by a committee of the Board of Natural Resources. . The board took the recommendation under advisement until its next meeting Dec. 19. Lester Towner of Baltimore, a board member, said the committee believes "the public interest in all the natural resources of the state, justify the establishment of a State tory." •- ' museum of natural his- Fjrst {o major decision, that might alter search for his emotional security system (which is. perilously insecure), he fades into wavering confusion, just as you do. By and large, yours is a problem of unclarified fear— fear of marriage, of women, of possible impotence, etc; It is fear that stymies your fitful yearning to be Angela's husband/ In my opinion, specialist help is indicated, to bring you safely out of the woods, and set your feet on the path to self -understanding maturity.— M. H. Mary Haworth counsels only through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write to her in care of The Evening Times. Copyright, 1955, The Washington Post Distributed by King Features Syndicate hotog hv in the .^ » ^ Wfllf astronomer at Heidelberg, in 1891. " ADVERTISEMENT People Here Get $50 to $1500 Now for Early Shopping or Bills With the Holiday Season near, a special "Shopping Money" plan is now being offered by Aetna Finance Co. Worthy individuals or families may get $50 to $1500 immediately to use for shopping or other 'needs. Persons with bothersome .bills or high instal- ment payments; are invited to I use the famous Aetna "Bill-Payer"'' plan to clean up bills and debts ? and get a fresh >lart with lower # payments each month. "We like people," said the Aetna * manager, "and want to help every- ^ one get rid of money worries and 'have a happy Holiday." Local and near by residents ! wishing to use this service, phone or see the Aetna, office," 48 N. ;Centre St., Dial PA 4-5800. • -• Loans over S300 to 51500 made ,., under Md. Industrial Finance Act. -.- Meeting Set Friday The Soil Supervisors at 1:30 p.m. in the office of Joseph M. Steger, Allegany County farm agent. • Conservation District will meet on Friday HAMS FIRST GRADE FAMOUS BRAND TOP QUALITY lWWI*« : .HE^CHC .COUO'SP^ 12 To 14 Ib. Avg. NOW ONLY POTOMAC FRUIT Market Corner Frederick and Centre Sti. Phone PA-4-0234 AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATERS we available in over 20 different sizes—how do you know which one best meets your family'j needs? New Laundry-Rated GAS Water Heaters answer this question for you exactly and simply.. You always haye plenty of hot water. LAUNDRY-RATING Experts say it's the ONLY way to buy a water heater -and only GAS does the job fast and economically Laundry-Rating is the new easy way to make sure your water beater will supply enough hot water for your automatic washer. Today's work-saying automatic Washers require large quantities of 160 degree* hot water. Some makes require more than others. Laundry-Rating makes it easy to choose the right water heater for any automatic washer. If you wantyour clothes to come out dazzling clean ... if you want to do wash after wash without 'waiting for hot water, get a new Laundry-Rated Gas Water Heater. *As recommended by the Elien R; Richinh Institute of-Pennsylvania State Uoiwsity »od Good Housekeeping Institute 3/7 How does laundry-rating work? \ Your Gas Company It'i Easy To P»rk Al Millenson'*—You ar« invited to park your car on cither of the two free parking lots across life street from our store. Thoy are Maintained especially for the accommodation of our customers. You tell jour deafer what kind of «n automatic washer yon lw»r« or expect to get. He'll tell you how many gallons of hot water it u»*5 an hour. Til AT is its laundry rating. He'll show you a selection of new Gas waJer healers lhal meet your requirements. 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