Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 22, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1955
Page 9
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MO- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1955 NINE Registered U. S. Patent Office. '8 : N,, '•7 , 5 E 2. ,U 8 F - -6--T ' R , . 8 R 7 H •4 O 6 S 7 D 3 S 2 '.E ' o '•'A" Ys " V 5 W. 3 C A 5 C 8 . T . 3 6 A •i 7 H t> F 4 L V I tt O L « 8 E O 8 O ti 4 .8 0 7 . L.. 4 E «. I ••'• 2 G b 8 S : 5.:. N- 3 V 6 A-'' 7; E tt •N 8 E 5 K 7. E" 8 E t> R. •L- T 3 E •6 . --R 3 I b P . 2 0 8 D 7 T 6 P "^ V 4 • V. 7 Y 4 •'R 3 N 4 2 •M 2 A 7 T 3 I ,E 8 R .7 ,'N 4 'S- 8 ti X 4 G .3 '.U '4 , A t> ••3 5 E 3 ' A 6 V i .•s- ' 6 G 8 • A-.-. . 6 T H ERE is a pleasant little game that-will give you a message every day.' It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out.jrour fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of-letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the huraber is less than 6/add 3. ; The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read.the message the -letters under the checkedrflgures give you. T<; ;.--••.'"./ :: O 1955. by Wjilitm J; MUkf.-biiiributcd by lint F«t«r«, Inc. H'U- ".Among the'Hupa Indians of California a man's rank formerly cor- responded to the price his father paid for his mother. $ SAVE $ SAVE $ AND Griggs Named PTA Officer Harry Griggs was elected by the Johnson Heights Parent Teacher Association to fill the unexpired term of Mrs. Gordon, Skeggs as vice president of the unit. Mrs. Skeggs is moving to Lima,. Ohio. William Donahue, guidance coun- sellor for Allegany High School, spoke on the Maryland's five-year plan for' public school which. includes new classrooms, minimum salary for teachers, state aid for public libraries, retirement benefits and state aid for driver education in public schools. Mrs. Harry Goss and Mrs.- Fern Wilson spoke on their- experience as delegates to the Baltimore state convention. Miss Loretto McGeady, principal, announced all children who have had • their 'first .oolio .shot 'given their second . injection today. • The attendance award for most parents present went t to the fifth grade and.first grade. ." • Submitted were plans for landscaping school grounds, treasurer's report, minutes'and the PTA County Council me e t i n g De- cember'5. . • " • '•' • . . Following' home-room visitation, refreshments were served "by the fourth grade homeroom mothers. Jacobfj On Hridge Defense Must Watch Chances.' By OSWALD JACOBV Written for NBA Service Today's hand is the story of a asted opportunity; When it was ctually played in this year's-Euro- ean • Championships,. one . of 'the ayers missed his:-chance. REDUCED All Toys, Electrical Appliances and Gift Wares Are Brand New 1955-56 Models In Factory Cartons And Are Fully Guaranteed. USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN bR YOUR FIRST NATIONAL CHARGE DISCOUNT SALES, 6-10 Baltimore St.. . Next to W. Md.ttwy. Speakers Will , Tell Of India • : Rev. S. Paul Miller 'and his wife will speak today .-at-.. 7:30 'p. -m. at the Pinto Mennqnite; Churchj .'-. Ttie minister and his wife have been in charge of^. Shantipur Library Home and Hospital 'at Dhamtari, India for the past 14 years. They will, speak on their experiences and show colored slides. Mrs. Miller was a!summer. Bible School- teacher,at .the jPinto church at'one', time. ;',. '.;.."" After leaving here, she went into the missionary field. She and her husband are :ph ; a .year's furlough.: She is a nurse and her husband a doctor.". '• . ' -.'. "' * :.; .. ;, The couple, were married in India' and'are the parents c-f three children. .'• Dummy took the first trick with B ace of diamonds, and declarer uffed . a diamond. He finessed umrny's queen of clubs, ruffed riother diamond, returned to diim- y with the "ace of clubs, cashed e king and ace of spades, and leh led dummy's last diamond. East" tamely threw a low. spade, nd ; South 'ruffed ^with ' the eight ; hearts;-South now heeded only o more tricks to ; make his con- act. HeMed clubs'and waited for ie opponents^ to play the trumps, me making sure of'his. .ninth "and nth tricks. - 6ne' out of every seven U.S. people' had never seen the inside of-a dental office, says an American-Dental Assn. report. Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away.... Nagging backache, headache, or muscular aches and pains may come on with over-exertion, emotional upsets or day to day stress and strain. And folks who eat and drink unwisely sometimes suffer mild bladder irritation .. .with that restless, -uncomfortable feeling. by their pain relieving action, by their sooth- ine- effect to ease bladder irritation, and by tneirmilddiureticaction through thekidncys — tending to increase the output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes."- Dial PA 2-5357 ^-tlCHB 111HI1LD...UUI1 Ir nait»..b^J' * a * ttta,tt i \stt the same happy relief millions have cn- I IjoyedforoverGOyeara.GetDoan'aPillatodayl Advertisement C L^* N !» N Next Christmas, Hav^ cash' when you need it most. Have money for bountiful giving ... for Christmas "'festivities.... for year-end expenses. JOIN OUR CRISTMAS CLUB NOW! - D.powt Wtekly R«*iV* in 50 Wt»ki $. .so . ; ';.. : •;•.-.- '.'.'.-.•• $• 25.00- .--'• M«mWr Ftderml Cirperition NORTH (D) 22 AAJ854 VNone • 4A1032 4AQ107 WEST EAST *107 .-.-' -•• 4Q963 ¥Q96 VK742 4Q87 494 SOUTH: ; A'K2 ''•- •' '•'- VAJ 10853 - *J632 . East-West vul. East South .Pass 2V Pass 3 V . Pas»" 4 * ' Pass' North 1* 3* West Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 5 • When the last diamond was led from the dummy,, East should Have ruffed with 'the king of hearts. This remarkable "uppercut" would have led to the defeat of the contract. If South uses the ace of hearts to overruff, East will ruff the next club and lead the queen of spades. If South discards a club instead of overruffing, East will hold the trick. East will then lead the queen of spades, and the defenders are sure to" get three more tricks to defeat the contract. There are many variations, but the defenders can : always get four trick? if they play wisely. City Being Replaced •After a leak was found, .the City Street Department is removing an old gas tank alongside Central Fire Station and installing a ne.w one. The new i.OOO-galJon tank used by the City Police and Fire Department replaces a 550-gallon Holder, which is about 30 years old. Yesterday city employes broke the' macadam for the placement of the new tank which will be of heavy gauge steel. While the new tank is being installed vehicles of-the police and fire departments are getting gasoline from the facilities at the city warehouse. •••••• Q-^The'bidding has been: . South West North E»st 1 Heart Pass 2 Heart* Pass ..-.?.-You, South, hold: *KQ3 VAQ105>A J43 +K5 What do you do? • '• • A—Bid three no-trump. With 19 points in hlch cards you want to be in tame as long as North had the values for a response to the opening bid. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is .the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: *K3 VAQJ53 »AJ4 *K85 What do you do? . Answer Tomorrow Marked Woman DURANGO, Colo. «v-^With regrets, movie'actress Marilyn Monroe wired that other engagements prevented her from speaking at a Colorado Education Assn. -convention here. She had been invited, to speak on the subject: 'The Values of Grading on the Curve. SEE "LEE" FIRST FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT WATCHES and DIAMONDS .CENTRSST-, WatgheS'Dtamonds'SilverwaK; Two out of three passenger *uto-1 mobiles produced in the .United' States are replacements for «cr|R: ped vehicles. ''...;;• .. /• ;';'•.-'•''"'?fe. YOUR GOOD HEALTH IS OUR CONCERN! OUR MODERN PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY ' v IS READY TO SERVE YOU IN TIME OF NEED., . : J — FREE DELIVERY — : Automatic Telephone Answering Service 10:30 p. m. 'till 9:00 a. m. ';'-• Call and Leave Your Order r C. MURRAY ALLEN, R. P. B. s. ; f REGISTERED PHARMACIST 233.VIRGINIA AVE. PHONE PA I-3M4 Formerly Th« Truitt Drug Company Space-Swing laundromat 25 iriffiihefe • ONLY 25- WIDC • WASHES FUU. FAMHLY-SIZI LOAD • FUUY AUTOMATIC • ITS PORTABU, TOO Westinghouse Laundromat 25 $199 A WitK ONLY Patented -YTeetingbcoae . WAY TO WASH now available. in this new space-saving .Laundromat* that's only 25" : wide. Gone is the old-fashioned -agitator. Now Wartingboaae traflds tbe :.T»ner right fc the wasbbosket As it revolves, clothe* are flashed, IBtfd. turned -and tumbled again aod again. They • com* 8«* cleaner and brighter, 100% tmiformly waihed. PORTABU— Keep it in a dooet—roB it mto the k**w : to do a washing — then bock again fair storage. ,..• ;... '••'•' CAN BI BUILT IN— for * kaodsocxj permanent ondir- coonter installatiomL • : - • SAVtS WATIR-^Usea law'water ttBm : ott>er an >Ji 'mtn,' Po Ort*« you CAN BiSUEE,..ff Sterling Electric Co 100 N. Centre St. Dial PA 2-4806 how a jet pilQf f(eels! " A • i\- 4..v(\ T^. >\"V-* It' happens like that when you drive this fabulous '56 Pontiac. v . . You know you're in for a thrill the moment you hear the muted purr of the exhaust as the all-new Strato-Streak V-8 comes to life. At first you'll Just want to sail along, smooth and easy, drinking in the new sen-. sations. This long and lovely creation stops, starts, turns, moves and goes with swift and • sure precision—as; though in- response to your wishes themselves.- You lean back luxuriously, listening to the miles whisper past. Then, ahead, you see the opportunity you've been -looking for . . ..the highway up front arching high' over a hill. You touch the accelerator lightly —and only for a moment. Instantly, that great Strato-Streak "V-8 takes over. Smooth as soaring, the rush of power catapults you up and over ... your solo flight! This is how it feels . . . seemingly less power at your command — smoothj^r effortless power for the slower pace of citjr« ; driving, jet-fast in an emergency to flick->you safely past loiterers on the highway, i. By this time you're certain—Pontiac- ha*everything — size, beauty, readability and*, with it the greatest "go" and safety eve|*: built into a car. '''"'*»$»> Drive this fabulous '56 Pontiac and; firMJjg' out how it feels to fly. This car will shovr' you—fast! "^ : " ; Or«at*«t "Oo" On No other ctr performs like a Pontiac becauit Pontiac alone has the Strata-Streak F-3-mojr modern and efficient potoer plant in the in-. dusuy, Tor ;-1956'-'fc delivers 227 blazing hone.. poicer! For the -"go" of the year, go Pontiac! Try the terrific take-off of the fabulous •',' -SALES;; :••:. 20$. N. Mtch«nic Strt«» SPOERL S GARAGE CUMIIRUND, MO.

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