The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 9, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOV. 9, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE THREE NEWS BRIEFS The nicest courtesy that yon con show your guests is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends Is to let them learn of your visits through this page. I'li'asc call the society editor, telephone Klti. AMAZING AMERMA Hehearsal—The choir of The Community church will meet i for rehearsal at 7:30 o'clock this evening in the church. Choir—The choir of Grace Episcopal church will meet for rehearsal at 7 o'clock this evening in the church. To Texas — Frank A. Morse and Frank Kibbey of Ludingiton left recently for Texas, where they will spend the winter. Choir—The choir of Emanuel Lutheran church will meet for rehearsal at 7:30 o'clock this evening, instead of Friday evening, at Luther hall. Camera Club—The Ludington Camera club will meet at 7:30 oclock this evening at the Camera Shop. All members are reminded to bring their cameras. Entertained—Mr. and Mrs. Peter Anderson of Muskegon were entertained at a chicken supper on Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Anderson's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson, and family, of Victory. PT-A — The Parent-Teacher association of Longfellow school will meet at 3 p. m. Friday at the school building. The program, in observance of National Book week, will feature a review of the book, "Escape" by Ethel Vance, given by Mrs. Joseph Buck. D.A.R.—The meetin of the Ludington chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, scheduled to have been held at the home of Mrs. F. B. Olncy, East Ludington avenue, on Monday evening, has been postponed indefinitely, it was announced today. Townsend Club—Ludington Townsend club No. 1 will meet at 8 o'clock this evening at headquarters. Guest speaker for the occasion will be Prof. S. C. Ortega of Pentwater, former professor of economics and political science at the University of Chicago, who will speak on the topic "Is the Townsend Plan Economically Sound?" Professor Ortega has just returned from a sneaking tour of Lansing and other cities in the eastern part of the state. ROCK OF THE CONQUISTADORES ON INSCRIPTION ROCK NEAR GALLUP, N. M. ARE NINETY DIFFERENT INSCRIPTIONS WRITTEN BY THE N SPANISH CONQUISTADORES THEM- SfrLVES BETWEEN I54O AND I78O. SUBMARINE ON DRY 1AND THE GRAND-DADDY OF AMERICAN SUBMARINES. WHICHH A LF A CENTURY AGO DOVE UNDER THE PASSAIC RIVER AND ROSE AGAIN, WITH ITS 2-MAN CREW, NOW RESTS IN A PARK AT PATERSON, N. ). HUGE MILITARY TEXT-BOOK VIRGINIA'S BEAUTIFULSHENANDOAH VALLEY . . . SCENE OF JACKSON'S FAMED CIVIL WAR CAMPAIGN ... IS STUDIED AS A TEXT-BOOK ON STRATEGY BY CADETS THE WORLD OVER. AMERICA'S TRAVEL MAP RE-DRAWN! GREYHOUND AND OTHER BUS LINES HAVE PUT 48.OOO COMMUNITIES ON AMERICA'S TRAVEL MAP ...COMMUNITIES SERVED BY NO OTHER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Valley Ladies' Ale! society which met at the Howard home in Riverton Wednesday, Nov. i. LANSING.—Michigan's annual game crop has a butcher shop value as meat ol' almost three million dollars as computed by the game division of the department of conservation. Though deer at an average of 110 pounds for the 1938 kill of more than 44,800 bucks is the only Michigan big game animal used generally for food, its contribution of 4,928,000 pounds to the 1938 grand total of 13,947,475 pounds for all species is exceeded by that of hares and rabbits. About 2,500,000 cottontails and 500,000 snowshoc hares taken in 1938, if averaged at two pounds, had a total weight of G,000,000 pounds. The 1938 take of gamo birds with numbers, species, average and total weights, are: 921,000 pheasants, average weight two and one-half pounds, total weight 2,302,500 pounds; 316,000 partridge, one pound, 316,000 pounds; 10,000 sharp-tails and 27,000 prairie chickens, one and three-quarters pounds, 46,250 pounds; 200,000 ducks, one and one-half pounds, 300,000 pounds: 4,700 geese, eight pounds, 37.600 pounds; 18,000 shore birds, three J ounces, 3,375 pounds; 55,000 woodcock, four ounces, 13,750. Total weight of the above game, 13,947,475 pounds, which does not include all edible game legally shot, is nearly 7,000 tons. Au an average price of 20 cents a pound/ this would have a value of $2,789,495. All estimates ane believed conservative. Much of the game killed is a product of southern Michigan farmlands, this being particularly true of cottontails and pheasants. Hunters in tho current season arc expected to liar- ' vest as good, or perhaps a better, galne crop than that taken in 1938. Hunting in the north has benn reported spotty this year, better in some places and poorer in others where He pond f.rowth has grown so thick MS to make hunting and name life dime-nil. Fountain Attend Banquet The "Junior Chiefs" 4-II club and their leader, Mrs. Mo ran Chancellor, are attending the Achievement day and banquet at the Comnumity'hall in Scottvillc today. Included arc Thereto and Catherine Hemmcr. Ella Schoenhen-, Leoma Garforth, Phyllis VanSickle, Erma and Maxinc Matthews. The "Junior Choi's" exhibited their work at the West Michigan State fair and won blue ribbons on their display of notebooks and baked goods. Mr. and Mrs. Carson Corbet and children, Colleen and James and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Oaf- field, all of Grand 'Rapids, were Sunday guests, Nov. 5. of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Gregory. Mrs. Corbet and Mr. Gaffield arc niece and nephew of Mrs. Gregory. VVWVVWVW\^^ BUYER'S INDEX Your Progressive Merchants Show You Where to Shop and How You Can Save Money. LOOK THE ADS OVER . . . YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THEM.!] When you trade day in and day out at your Blue Ribbon store, you realize that your money will go much farther. Use your telephone—we'll do the rest. About New York was not in the box." "Not with me," the other re- ] plied. "I've known Bill to' squeeze through tighter holes than that." Canada Bill was different from most gamblers who plied the Mississippi. Instead of the costly Paris-made boots, the $45 hats, | and the flowing black ties affect- ! ed by the gentlemen gamblers, i Bill posed as a yokel. He formed ! the habit of sitting in bars, | twisting his hair into little ringlets, like an idiot and occasion- ! ally flashing bankrolls, which | made him appear an easy mark i to those who saw him. Monte, or I three card Cannie, was his spe- I cialty, and he wa.s one of the j very few who could .successfully palm the Queen and substitute another card. Nov. 3, at the Dewey Sranden- berg home. Jacqueline and Leetta Jane Hackmuth spent Friday night and Saturday, Nov. 3 and 4, at the Albert Powers home in South Custer. Mrs. David Beadle, accompanied by Mrs. John Maxiurn, Mrs. Roy Neilson and Mrs. Jim Leach, were guests of the Crystal Will the party who recently contacted me about the persons involved in the fatal accident to my son. Edward. July 1, at 1:20 a. m. on the Marquette Memorial road in Bultersville kindly write me as additional information from them is necessary. Reward has been increased. Dr. Hart E. Fisher, 71) W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. Beer—Groceries—Meats Domestic and Imported Wines Open Evenings Sc Holidays SERV-U-VVELL GROCERY VV. I.mlinclon Avc. Phone 593 PLAY SAFE! LINE-UP WITH BEAR! Fri'O Check On Your Car THE BEAR SHOP GO-l 13. Dowluncl Phone 227 ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Repair Rill* MJOINGTON AUTO SALES Phone GOO W. Loom is Street By GEORGE TUCKER NEW YORK -They tell me the old shell game and three-card Kunnie have staged a tremen- | dou.s return to popularity in the I Harlem dives. Three card Fan- i nie is a shell game variation in i which two aces and a queen are ii.seti; The man shfiws you The cards, shuffles them, then places them lace clown on the board and be-Us you you can't "pick up the lady." The sucker gets a better break lor his money on this one, as it is difficult to palm cards when only three are showing. But you can stand at the shell game counter and watch play for hours without seeing anyone but the stooges win. Props for the shell fame consist of three walnut shells and a little green pea. The shark places the pellet on the table and by deft maneuvering scrambles the shells so that the victim doesn't know just where the pellet Is. He bets you two to one you can't guess which •shell covers the pea. A good guess is that it is under none of the shells, but between the operator's fingers. However, if you make this charge, you should be ready to defend yourself. # * # The shell game is as old as gambling itself, originating probably with the Chinese, who invented card-playing and most other forms of gambling. Records of it go back to the middle ages, it was a favorite pastime of slicksters during the Restoration period In England, and in this country steamboat gamblers employed it successfully on Mississippi ijiver boats before the Civil war. Sometimes you Jse& Nfcgroes, who are adept at sleight of hand, in the subway stations practicing the shell game. No silver Is ever used. Only folding money fits into their scheme. The logic behind this is clear If a cop comes, it is easy to flee with folding money grasped firmly in your hand. But if you use silver, it Is awkward to handle. You are likely to sprinkle the sidewalk with nickels, dimes, and quarters. * * # In Herbert Asbury's "The French Quarter" Is the astonishing tale of Canada Bill, a sure thing gambler who won and. lost fortunes and was so lucky that other gamblers were loath to bet with him. Eventually he died, without a cent to his name, and was buried by the mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania. As the cof- • fin was lowered into the grave, one of his pals, who was standing by, turned to another of Canada Bill's old companions. 'Bet you a a thousand dollars to five hundred that Canada Bill Custer week-end guests at the Dewey Brandenberg home were Mr. iirandcnberg's sister, Mrs. A. Finley and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Finlt-y and sons, Gordon and Norman, of Battle Creek. -Mr.-and-Mrs-. H;-*J. Wyant-ofr Grand Rapids were week- ' end "iiesls at the B. T. Hackmuth home. Mrs. Edith Deling of Battle Creek and granddaughter, Eleanore Deling of Baldwin, were Bursts Friday_and Friday night. Want to Feel like PENTWATER What Causes Getting Up Nights? Dotting up nights may bo nature's warning of sluggish kidneys. If excess ncld and other wastes are not regularly eliminated other danger signals that may appear are burning, scanty or fre- uuent flow, backache, leg or rheumatic pains, headaches or dizziness. Kidneys m-ecl occasional help same as bowels, act a 25c box of BUKETS from any druggist. If not pleased In 4 days your 25c buck. Locally at 8. M, Snow's, Drua. and Joseph Sahlmarlc, Druggist, TONIGHT The Thrill Drama of the Year Featuring the Nation's No. 1 Speed King. Phil REGAN, Jean PARKER, Col. ROSCOE TURNER, Robert ARMSTRONG, Noah BEERY JR. "FLIGrHT m AT MIDNIGHT" Also Irene HERVEY, William GARGAN, Harvey STEPHENS, Alan DINEHART, Dorothy ARNOLD, El BRENDEL "THE HOUSE OF FEAR" A Comedy Mystery. P ROBABLY you're a big shot already to someone, so you know something of how good it feels. What we mean is, how'd you like to feel like you used to think a big shot • —w«s#--'-/<te£,"~erHising—-along in his big brawny Buick, envy of every youngster in town? Fact is, a big brawny Buick — this year's beatify of a Buick—is within your reach right now, if you just put your mind to it. A husky headlong 107-horse- powered giant valve-in-head straight-eight can be yours to command—you can roll around town in the staunch and steady carriage that's sure big, beautiful and a bearcat in action when its boss gives the word! Yes, you can ride in the gentle lap of Foam lex-cushioned luxury — shift gears with a flip of your finger, take bumps without notice in BuiCoil Springing's "full float" comfort, even signal your turns by a touch on a lever that shuts itself off when you're through with it. And what do you pay for all this— budget-bursting prices? Ix-nay! On the contrary, you can buy a Buick for less than some sixes! And you'll find when you look into what's included in these prices that they cover many an item that you will be asked to pay extra for elsewhere. All it takes, really, is the imagination to step up to the car you've really wanted — and once you've made that step, there's no real problem, for this Buick retains its extra first cost in the extra trade-in value it has when you come to buy again. So lift your sights. Quit grading yourself down. This year, go after the car you really want — which means talking delivered prices and trade-in terms with your nearest Buick dealer. Fresh Lake Trout Perch, Oysters, Shrimp Frog Legs, Lobster Tails and Canned Fish •••ssss^s^S P\REC1 BOO^ .,y ACTION**^ _,»u lUR Rt ' , »ooUND* E ...J.T SSSiSSS*'^' iAou«ns The model illustrate J is.t!ie BUICK SUPER model 51 four-Jour touring sediiii $1109 ddi-vered at Flint, Midi. White side\uall tires additional. No extra charge for the t'lva-tune finish j/wivn.* T —"-—K^yit "*—'"'• m^:'i»-WVTml oi a six but •"BIGHT far EXEMPIAR OF GENERAL"MpTORS VAWE: LUDINGTON AUTO SALES 116-120 W. Loomis St. Ludington, Mich. Fine granulated* 10 , bs 55c Michigan, home 4 rj *» style, No. 2»/i can JL II/ Deluxe, vacuum 91 f* packed, lb. can AM\S Cooked, Phillips 22 oz. can lOc Tomato Soup K ipsc ' an 2 for 19c Vegetable Soup nu,,,,>s2 cans 19c Quick Oats !££"£.. 19c BIsqmcR Carnat ion Flour 24ba g 84c (Salad Dressing Sfsr 25c Defiance, large pkg. 40 oz. pkg. 2 serving dishes free, 24 lb. bag STALE Y'S Golden Syrup 11/2 can Waffle Syrup V/i lb. can 15c Currants Candied Peel : : . Catsup Sun Maid, Zante, 11 oz. pkg. Any kind Pkg. Frazier's 14 oz. bottle Boy Blue, Z No. 2 cans Tomato Juice i Grapefruit Juice Royal Gem, Ige. 46 oz. can 46 oz. can H-G 24 oz. can 12c IOC 9c 19c 18c 20c 24c Sauer Kraut i: Johnston 4 Cf» Daisy, 2 lb. box it»V Cream Corn Starch, Cube Gloss Starch, 1 pkg._ ol each and Morgan dish cloth, all for Nice new Cf/» bulk, lb. «*** Defiance, 4j A A No. 21/2 can JLW VEGETABLES Calif. Valencias, OQf» 288 size, 2 doz. waxed, lb. «»C 2c firm heads, lb. : iOranges Hutabagas Cabbage ^Cranberries C a Pe cod, «,. Sweet Potatoes 6 ,„. 19c Pubbard Squash u, 3c 15c jGrapef ruit Texas Seedless, 6 for 25C * -MEATS- Chickens {Slab Bacon Pork Chops Steak fancy heavy springers and hens, lb. in the piece, lb. lean end cuts, lb. lean shoulder cut, lb. extra choice, lb. 22c 18c 19c 18c 17c Your Blue JOS. M. SELLNER 229 Second Street Phone 109 ELMER ABRAHAMSOU 402 S. Washington, Ave. Phone 90 E. DUTCH & CO. 317 S. James Street Phone S Ribbon Stores THE tCUNOMY FOOD 1018 S. Madison St. Phone 195 ALSTROM & ANDERSON 1509 S. Washrfijlfton Avfc. ^ b GROCERY 208 S. Madison St. Phone 598 '

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