Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 29, 1974 · Page 13
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 13

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1974
Page 13
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By Ira Berkow NfeA Sports Editor NEW YORK - (NEA) After the last race of the recent pro indoor track season, a race In which he ran last, miter Jim Ryun, wheezing like a lean bellows, staggered out of the arena and disap* peered into the concrete underbelly below the Madison Square Garden stands. One wondered if his fading click of cleats played taps for the end of Jim Ryun's poignant career, again. He had retired in 1971 after having lugged for three years the burden of being considered a loser in the 1968 Olym- R ics, after struggling with ay fever in outdoor tournaments, foul air in indoor tournaments, migraine headaches, the inability to finish races let alone win them. He retired then at the ripe old age of 24, and, soon after, unretired. Ryun is still the world record holder in the mile, having run his 3:51.1 in 1966. He is at once one of the saddest and one of the most triumphant athletes in American history. His gaunt face registers pain and little joy. Even in relaxed moments this intense, dedicated athlete seems to gird himself for battle. Perhaps now the bellows had burst, and Ryun would just keep running, on the momentum of his jet stream, to hop his plane and be gone. Track writers remember how, after some losses, he has leaped fences to avoid them, how at other times they have chugged down a street in pursuit, he felt, of his delicate privacy. But Jim Ryun on this last night of the oro track season was just jogging up and oack among the stacked boards from the circus of another day. jogging to snatch back his breath. Then he sat down on a folding chair and answered questions openly from a couple reporters. In? Ira Berkow Ryun refuses to accept defeat Malone Leads To Violations? WASHINGTON (UPI)- NCAA investigators have been told that Clemson and..New Mexico committed recrutlng violations while trying t sign Petersburg, Va., high school basketball star Moses Malone, The Washington Post reported today. Clemson allegedly offered Malone under-the-table money to help him buy a car, and New Mexico assistant coach John Whisenant' allegedly allowed Malone to drive his automobile until Petersburg High school officials put a stop to it. Clemson and New Mexico were two of malone's final three choices. The 6-10 Malone, who was sought by more than 200 colleges, signed a grant-inaid with Maryland last week. Clemson coach Tates Locke, in Valdosta, Ga., told the Post he would be "amazed if the NCAA charged us with any thing illegal. It's ridiculous. The only cheating — I did anytime was the fact that I cheated my. family staying in Petersburg for 12 days." New Mexico head coach Norm Ellenberger said, "I haven't been contacted by anyone from the NCAA. I haven't been informed of any violations." The paper said NCAA investigators had received testimony from reliable witnesses. Petersberg High Shool that Athletic director BOB Kilbourne said, "Both Maryland and North Carolina State were beyond reproach, clean as a whistle, and I'd stake my life on it." Malone also had been considering a five-year, $750,000 contract with the Utah Stars of the American Basketball Association. THE PAIN SHOWED last year when Jim Ryun broke the mile record at the In* ternational Track. Association meet in Detroit. This year, after finishing last in the pro meet in New York, Ryun expressed another kind of pain. termittently, he coughed and spit. "I just couldn't reach down deep when I needed to," he said of his performance. "I iust couldn't suck air. Maybe I shouldn't have been here at all, with the migraines and the hayfever I've been suffering from, and all that junk in the air here." But he is a professional now, one of the big names on the International Track Association tour; he knows he cannot be as aloof as when he was an amateur. And when his name is introduced, he invariably draws the greatest ovation — now he is the "sentimental" favorite. "I hear the cheers," he said, breathing heavily still, "and it's hard to face up to when you run last. "You see, I run because I still want to make times, and not strictly for the dollars and cents of it. "Say, what was my time tonight?" Someone said, "4:10.9." "Better than last year in the Garden," he said, with soft smile. Last year I ran 4:11 flat." "People ask me how I take defeat, he continued. "I take it like I took victory - in stride. I'll be working in four kids' camps this summer. One thing I'll be telling the kids is that you have to be able to face both." Ryun, however, like many athletes, takes defeat by not accepting defeat. That Is, he can turn a loss into a personal triumph. It is the difference between resilience and despair. Listen: "In 1968, when I lost to Kip Keino in Mexico City, I still won the race that counted — against the sea-level runners. I ran a 3:37 for 1,500 meters at 7,600 feet. There's not a lot of air up there, you Know. "I never trained at such high altitudes. Kip ran that high all his life. But the rest of the country didn't accept that. I didn't expect them to. People were never able to accept me when I started losing. But when you're on the inside you see things other people don't." In 1972 at Munich, Ryun fell at the start of the 1,500-meter race and was finished. "It was a victory just to be there," said Ryun. *A lot of people wrote me off, thought I would never even make the team. Then I ran a 3:52.8 mile solo. That surprised a lot of people." Secretariat, Ridge Hit Paydirt PARIS. Ky. (UPl) - Claiborne Farm Manager William Taylor confirmed today that Secretariat and Riva Ridge had ensured that their $11.08 million syndication would not collapse by getting 60 per cent of their mares in foal. ..'We have several more mares to be heard from, but it looks like they will have a high percentage in foal," said Taylor. Secretariat, who won horse racing's Triple Crown last year, and stablemate Riva Ridge the 1972..Kentucky Derby winner, had technically failed their first fertility tests. However, under remised syn- dicationagreements made last February, each colt was to be bredno 368 mares by July 15. For the syndication to stand, each would have to successfully impregnate at least 22 of 36 2. Cards of Thanks (fe^isl^th^nlUuriuTId" friends and relatives for their thoughtful sympathy and beautiful Floral offerings during the late bereavement of our dearly beloved Anne Shelby Vick.... Shelby & Suganne Vick i, Notices 3, Notices ladameStaTrTwpflel palm reader who can and will help you or your loved ones, Located across from Angelo's Steak Pit, Beach. Open from 9 to 9 everyday and Sunday. 4. Personals programs available In Bay County. To assist them on obtaining these service* and enjoying these programs. . To serve balanced meals and to offer stimulating programs in health and nutrition to the elderly of Bay County. To eatl on the community tor assistance In these projects we need volunteers. Bay County Council On Aging Nutrition Program For The Elderly 41f Jenks Avenue 7»M4*7t 769-2J07 Seamed-To-Slim Printed Pattern mares. Taylor said the exact number | impregnated would be announced by Mrs.. .Helen "Penny'T- weedy. owner of the horses, at a news conference in August at New York's Saratoga racetrack. Secretariat, the first horse in 25 years to win the Triple Crown, was syndicated for $6.08 million and Riva Ridge for $4.8 million. Although Secretariat successfully impregnated his first "test" mare, neither colt was able to pass the stringent fertility terms defined in the syndication agreement due to the continued Oresence of immature sperm in semen analyses. Tme two colts first foals were due to be born next spring.Some will make it to the yearling autions a year later. 9262 SIZES 8-20 Emerge into the sunshine looking smooth and streamlined in our new "SEAMED- TO-SLIM" Style. Basically easy to spark with scarves. Printed Pattern 9262: Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 12 (bust 34) takes 2% yards 45-inch. Send $1.00 for each puttrrn. Add 2fif for each pattern for first -class mail and special handling. Send to Marian Martin News Herald Pattern Dept., T6Z west 18th St.. New York. N. Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. ONE PURE PATTERN of your cliolco to send for. one fren pattern inside NEW SPUING- SUMMER PATTERN CATALOG. 100 styles, all sizes, free pattern coupon. Send 75C now. SEVV-f KNIT Book with basic tissue pattern $1.2!» Instant Faahion Book $1.00 Instant Sewing Book $1.00 We want to welcome every new family recently moved to Panama City • Bay County, Call now for a welcome hostess ana free gift cards, 763-1780 or write P.O. Box 2211 No cost or obligationl Panama City newcomer welcome service. PREGNANT Family planning of Florida Inc. Toll Free, In Florida, 1-800-432-3753. WANTED: Persons interested In providing a home for a mentally retarded child or adult who needs a chance to share In faaily Activities. Contact Division of retardation, region 2-A Office, Panama City, Florida - telephone No. 763-7055 or 763-0090. AL-ANON Deeply concerned with the drinking problem of someone very dear to you??? Cal AL-ANON 769-0335. DIVORCE KIT for uncontested cases. For free details write: Kit, Box 7 *1, Pompano, FL. 33M1. ^fJwiTARRANGING" SCHOOL Learn the Art of Floral Designing, individual instruction. Working with Fresh and Artificial Flowers. Reasonable Fee. Write Box J-117 C-0 News Herald. 5. Lost & Found Lost, male & female Brittaney Spaniel, orange & white in color, in Forest Park. Ph. 769-4546. LOST: Light brown wallet with leatther stitchiing. Western style. Lost in vicinity of Memorial Hospital. Keep the cash, hist return papers. Call Hubert W. Brown, 2349516-during business hours only. LOST: Male dog, answers to "snoop" Red and Brown. Fiest and Peklngnese. Reward! Contact R.V. Quattfebaum at 785-4231 or Langford Garrett at Rt. 4 Greenhead, Chlpley. REWARD: Black female cat, wearing flea collar and Brass bell. Lost in CheCry Hill area, 769-3685. LOST: Reddish Brown Chesapeake Bay Retreiver, curly hair. Answers to "SHOOTER" Lost in vicinity of Woodlawn. Call 785-4325 or 785-4326 REWARD! It LOST: One 8 x 25 x 1512-ply tire and rim. Lost June 26, on Hwy. 390 or in Drummond Park. Contact National Fiberglass Cor. REWARD It 7851535. LOST: Lynn Haven area. Black and tan German Shepherd puppy, male, 3-mo. old. REWARD! 265-2471 or 7858576. Lost: One 6-mo. Old Female puppy brown with black nose. Answers to "TAWNY". Lost in the Laguna Beach area. 763-7077. LOST: Little White German Shepherd pup. 2 months old. Answers to "SHEBA . Lost in Callaway area, around Boatrace Rd. 769-4904. $25.00 REWARD FOR INFORMATION Leading to return of fiberglass Seminole canoe, green with aluminum trim, missing from my dock on Bear Creek. 722-4033 8. Services Offered TREE EXPERTS Cutting, Trimming, Removing. 7856764. FREE Estimates. 763-4005. PAINTING: For all your interior and exterior painting needs call: C.E GIBSON & SON, Inc. 785-5740. Weather's Construction Co. Painting, Roofing; Remodeling Free Estimates. 763-2437. NEED HOUSE REPAIRS? NO JOB too small. I believe I can S lease you. Call after 6 p.m. 722-4267, :alph Turner. Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Zoo animal 4 Nocturnal flyers 8 African antelopes 12 Jamaican product 13 Operatic solo 14 Vex (coil.) 15 Australian ratite bird 16 Mexican general 18 Salt works 20 Pilfer 21 Help 22 Great Lake 24 Large cask 26 Grating 27 Snow runner 30 More wicked 32 Bed canopy 34 Venerate 35 Getaway from 36 Peminine appellation 37 Disorder 39 Elevator inventor 40 Lateral part 41 Exist 42 Euopean finch 45 Musketeer 49 Complainer 51 Former name of Tokyo 52 Onetime 53 Italian painter 54 Recent (comb, form) 55 Hardy heroine 56 Icelandic tale 57 Light brown I-4U E3G3 ran nnn 11) HE1EIUI Lnras i'j QHI;I ntZIFSBEi •am | ia A I A E2E1 am ft K A N V £ a E E [•J s 13 ra p n D ¥• o w DOWN 1 Greek war god 2 Cougar 3 Competitive • NKWSI'AI'KII KV 15 16 17 4 Established 5 Sandarac tree 6 Canner 7 Perched 8 Hasp 9 Baseball team 10 Arm bone 11 Marine aquatic carnivore 17 Stage whispers 19 Name 23 Ceremonies 24 Koadedge 25 Iris layer 26 Cupidity 27 Account 28 Military cap IKIII'IIISK \SS\ • 29 Angers 31 Weasellike animal 33 Furrow 38 Was in a chair 40 Locations 41 Roman rooms 42 Small food fish 43 Sea eagle 44 Mythical birds 46 Tear asunder 47 Notion 48 Presently 50 Holy Roman Church (Latin ab.) 8, Services Offered MILL'S TREE SERVICE trimming, topping, removing and stump removal. Free estimates. 7635605 or 286-5222. S & T Construction Co. Free estimates. New construction and remodeling. 769-1541. CENTIPEDE GRASS^OD" Delivered. Lawns planted, fertilized. Free Estimates. 769-1078 D&DRoofing: Repairing,reroofing our specialty. 20 yrs. experience. Free estimates. 265-3267. DEAL CONSTRUCTION CO. Bldgs, Repairs, Remodeling, Free Estimates. 265-5670, Lynn Haven. TRUCKING. DOZING AND CONCRETE WORK, fill dirt hauled. Call John Housner 722-4377 ________ For all your Int. and Ext. needs Call 234-6338 FREE ESTIMATES wall papering. WASHINGTON FAINTING AND CLEANING SERVICE Paint Int. and Ext. Guarantee Satisfaction Call 7694550 ELECTRICAL WORK Save money- low overhead in county area. 769-4506 or 785-8284. HAULING, FILL DIRT, CLAY, BACK HOE SERVICES. 763-8649. BULLDOZER WORK - LAND CLEARING and leveling, call RAY KIRKLAND • 763-8217 or 265-3844 HELI-ARC welding call Dennis Hopkins 785-4242, 265-3648. RICKS STRUCTURE CLEANING Kill Fungus & Mildew on eaves & .Homes 769-0333 Bull dozer work - land clearing - dumptrucks. S. O. Johnson, 234-6167. LONNIE WHITE'S ROOFING, re- roof ing, repairing & built up roofs are our specialty. FREE ESTIMATES. 769-4182. RICHARDSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, building, remodeling, repairs, painting & build up roofs. 7854)772. FREE estimates. JUNK CARS MOVED, FREE OF COST. DAY, 785-4667, NIGHTS, 7633253. E-Z Flashing signs on trailer, $795; on stand, 5745; you mount it, $695. $25.00 monthly rental purchase plan 7026 Thomas Dr. 234-2666 Anytime E-Z MAGNETIC SIGNS, $9.95 pair, All sizes, colors. 7026Thomas Dr.234- 2666 anytime. PORTABLE WELDING no job too small. Theprice is right. Dennis Hopkins, 7854242,265-3648. PATTERSON BUILDING Contrac- tora Additions, Remodeling, Repairs. FREE ESTIMATES...763-5439. FURNITURE REFINISHED Cabinets Madel C 8t L CABINET SHOP 763-7441 769-1992 WELDING all types of metal. Dennis Hopkins, 785-4242,265-3648. THE HANDYMAN Complete Residential & Commercial R»n»tr Service. "No Job too small." PRF.P. F.STIMATF* "One call does it all" FINANCING AVAIL*"I* S69-2323 Licensed_Bonde^J|is 1 jygd — ACTION BULLDOZER SERVICE Land Clearing - Root Rake. No job too small, or too large. 7634155 E-Z Trailer Signs • "Share Our Sign Plan" is your lowest rental or purchase cost any where. No other company can match it! 234-2666 Anytime. BAY COOL, INC Specializing in window air conditioner repairs. Phone 265-3459 or 769-2323. HAULING Oyster shell, fill dirt, top soil, clay and gravel. Call JIMMY HICKS- 7634391. 234-5873. CALL ME for Driveways, patios and screen porches. Remodeling. Phone 763-7857 anytime. SMALL CARPENTER REPAIR Free Estimates 265-5556 8 Services Offered PERRY'S KEY SHOP LOCKSMITH - TOOLS - SHARKNEO 2124 E. BUS. HWY. 98 PANAMA CITY, FLA. Building, additions, repairs, Beach area. 25 Yrs. experience. Contact Jim at CAST-A-WAY MOTEL. 9819 W. hwy 98. 234-2880 - 234-3129 After 5:00 PM. REMODELING, REPAIR, ADDITIONS, ALL CARPENTER WORK. 785-AM7. LEE'S TREE SERVICE Trimming - topping, complete tree & stump removal. Also specializing in SOD, GRASS SPRIGGING & TREE SPRAYING, FREE ESTIMATES, call nnow, 785-6485. Swimming lessons: private backyard pool, small classes, qualified instructors, 2 week sessions. Ph. Ronald Carter, 769-1741 or 7694501. LAND CLEARING Bush hogging, discing, dirt moving. Reasonable rates, 722-4222. We PLACE CONCRETE By CONTRACT OR YARD 9 Patios •Driveways • Walks All Materials Tested By The State Road Department. Free Estimates. Bulldozer and Crane Rentals SIKES CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY E. 15th St. 763 2811 Will mow lawns on weekends & after noons. Free estimates, 785-7676. NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla,, Saturday, June 29,1974 Pago SB CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Painting, wallpapering and minor repairs. Free estimates. C & H Contractors. 769-4798. Use Bank America Card and Master Charge for all repairs. Call THE HANDYMAN 769-2323. U-LOK-IT, Individual Storage Bays, various sizes, short or long term rentals at 2509 E. 11th St. CALL H.P. NORRIS 763-1525. Petes land clearing and raking. No Job too small. Call 769-0857. j CITADEL PAINTING CO. INC. . DRY WALL SPECIALISTS . TEXTURED CEILINGS . STUCCO BLOWN ON EXTERIORS . COMMERCIAL . RESIDENTIAL . APTS. . BONDED • ESTABLISHED .RELIABLE 265-5602 OR 769-0335 FREE ESTIMATES Can't find anyone to do your home or bldg. repairs?????? WE WILLI Free estimates Panama General Maint. Co. 769-0523-763-1472 BROWN'S Small engline repairss, lawnmowers, and Mini Bikes. 5215 E. Bus. Hwy. 98.769-3060 open 6-days a week 8-SPM. DOZIER WORK; Root-Rake, and landclearing. Reassonable rates. 7885-6603. EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER needs job. has own transporation. Phone 763-h4993. REMODELING-ROOFING-PAINTir ADDITIONS NEW CONSTRUCTION-WE DO IT ALL! CALL M.T. THRASHER 7854148. CRON-T CORP. Diversified Ferrn interarlMS. Landscaping, buth hogging, leptell, •Ic. Oe with advancad know-how. Cuh tlnw. BEAT OUR PRICE! Cell 7B5-9205 or 785-3712 16. Nurseries Mrs. MAC'S CHILD CARE 24 hours, 6 days a'week. Convenient location, 210 W. Uth St. 763-7918. COLUNS Child Care, day & night. Weekly, babysitting & board 130 Clay Ave. Ph. 763-3896. LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE NURSERY 24 Hr. Serv. 7 day wk. 915 Kraft Ave 763-4449 CHERRY HILL DAY CARE CENTER 6:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Weekly - Daily 7854244 or 763-5043. Child Motel never closed. Ages, from birth to 90 yrs. hourly, daily or weekly. 785-1550.3702 E. 7th St. Hiland Child Care any age, 6 days a week. Hiland Park, 785-0087. Newly opened FAIRYLAND CHILD CARE & NURSERY. 24 Hrs. - 7 days week. 3907 W. 25th St. 763-7040. JACK & JILL Good summer program. Breakfast served. Air cond., clean, well superivsed. Nite and Day care. Mon-Sat. Special dept. & attent. for babies. 313 Maple Ave. 763-0302. Newly opened FAIRYLAND CHILD CARE & NURSERY. 24 hrs. - 7 days week. 3907 W. 25th. St. 763-7040. 17. Radio & Television KIRBYTV Authorized RCA Sales Service. 212 W. 15th St. Phone 763-3802. MOORE'S TV - Authrized - Admiral - Sales • Service We service all makes. 19-Years at 1312 Beck. St. Andrews - 763-5962. T.V. needing repairing, you've tried the rest, now try the best. Free estimates, pickup and delivery. Repair on all sets. Motorola and Admiral warranty. Ph.(24 hrs.) 7692486. FRANK'S TV SHOP ZENITH SALES & SERVICE 1101 Ohio Ave., Lynn Haven 265-2771. T.V. Repair for fast and dependable Service. Call 763-9226 all work guaranteed. 22. Help Wanted Hair dresser needed: good clientele and working conditions. 785-4S84 or 763-7949. SECURITY MALE & FEMALE AIRCRAFT BOARDING INSPECTORS BURNS SECURITY SERVICE, Inc. Will be interviewing for male and female inspectors on Sunday, June 30,1-6 PM. Monday, July 1, l-S.p.m. Tuesday, July 2,9am. to 5 pm. Wed. July 3,9 am. to 11 am. See Mr. Terry Howard Johnson's 4601 W. Hwy. 98 Panama City, Fla. An Equal Opportunity Employer (813) - 879-7750 A FUN PUCE TQ WORK Optnliigi for two or ThiM Cathlwi Apply In ptn'on Attar 2 p.m. FUN CITY, USA W. Hwy. 90 On Ih* ltach CLASSIFIED DISPLAY JOBS AVAILABLE NOW For Men & Women Immediate openings for burners, laborers; steady year round employment. 1 weeks paid vacation after 1 year.' 5V. • paid holidays. Good wages. We are an equal opportunity employer. Apply 7 A.M. M<m. u\. tide, si COVE CONTRACTORS, INC. PORT PANAMA CITY 763-7644 22. Help Wanted Night auditors, maintenance workers, maids, linen boys, desk clerks, waitresses. Apply in person, Red Carpet Inn, 9900 Beach Blvd. Panama City Beach. HELP WANTED Full or Parttime 18 and over Year Round Employment Apply In Person PASQUALES PIZZA 17458 W. Hwy. 98, Beach Waitresses it bar maid wanted. Apply in person to Chateu Restaurant, W. 98,12525. AVON says... BE THE BEST BOSS YOU EVER HAD. Schedule your own hours. Make good money, meet interesting neighbors. It all begins to happen when you become an Avon Representative. Learn more about it by calling: Call or write Sarah Skinner, Avon District Mgr., 769-0334, Rt., 4 Box 686, Panama City, Fla, 32401. Need lady in Panama City to cook and keep house for aged lady. Would furnish room & board plus pay salary if you wanted to live in. Only responsible, congenial person considered. Prefer one with car. (904 ) 785-5614 June 30 to July 3rd for details. DRY CLEANING PRESSER Needed - experienced preferred, but , will train. Apply in person to 1-Hour Martiniiing, 516 N. Cove Blvd. Porter-please apply in person to Service Manager, Marshall Volkswagon, 704 W. 15th St. Wanted security guards and patrolmen military retired preferred. Part time and weekend work. Call 785-2281 for interview. Pilots needed for part-time work, a minium of 1,500 hours flying time with 200 hours multi-engine required with experience in C-4S or similar type aircraft. Call 763-2153. WANTED Housekeeper "LIGHT" and helper for elderly lady. Days, Call 234-3034 or 234-27M. Girl or woman who needs home, to live in and care for 3 small boys. Call after 5.00 PM. 769-3455. LEAD OUT BOYS WANTED Ebro Dog Track. Must be at least 16 years old. 234-3943. Dependable man needed for general office work, duties include light typing, bookkeeping and customer service. Call 785-1481. Cook, dishwasher, busboys & cocktail waitress. Al & Glenn's Restaurant. 234-2833. SECRETARIES needed for temporary office work. Exp. only need apply. Call 763-8320 for appt. Ex-Avon lady wanted to sell and service exciting new repeat product for kitchen. Call 785-1427 for appointment. Help wanted year round. Apply 1-5 PM. in person. Nophonecalls please. Minimum age 16. Tony's Pizza. Experienced waitress wanted for Seafood Restaurant on Panama City Beach, weekends only. 234-9557. DRAGLINE OPERATOR Expert- enced only. Regular work to operate Koering 440. Call Wewahltchka, Fla., 639-2833. Loston Carter. WANTED WAITRESS Apply in Person 22. Help Wanted SEAS RESTAURANT ECONOMY MINDED? Our Fee • 1 Wks. Sal. WHY PAY MORE? AAA Employment 1316 Harrison Ave. 7694246 TAXI CAB DRIVERS NEEDED Apply Yellow Cab Company Men & Women 122 Harrison Avenue. HELP WANTED Immediate Opening for Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Must have knowledge of Diesel Engine, Gas engine and Dragline Repairs. Steady year round employment. COVE CONTRACTORS, INC. Port Panama City. 763-7644 NASHVILLE RECORDING COMPANY LOOKING FOR SINGING TALENT CALL 205780-6038. WANTED Experienced waitresses, Cashier, bus boys, set-up girls, & dishwashers wanted. Apply in person between the hours of 4:00 and Si W PM, No phone calls please. ANGELOS STEAK PIT Excellent job, bartender, for attractive lady. Cocktail lounge will train if qualified. Apply 100 Harrison Ave. U AM-SPM. NEAT experienced waitress. Year around employment. See Joby at Joby's Seafood House, 1213 W. 15th St. EXPERIENCED fiberglass workers. Crosby Aeromarine Co. Bldg. SO Port Panama City. j— Wanted: Offset Pressman Trainee Apply In Person To Henry Bailey Pressroom News-Herald After 8 p.m. Earn extra income in your spare time with our company. We want married persons over 21. Call 7637261, after 3:00 PM for appointment. Beautician Jr. and Senior who are interested in upgrading self and profession. Come to Wayside Beauty Salon, 234-3611. IMMEDIATE OPENING For experienced automobile mechanic. Will have own stall. Excellent pay plan plus numerous company paid benefits. Work only every fifth Saturday. Only sober, reliable persons need apply. See Wayne Stanley, LLOYD PONTIAC- CADILLAC, INC., 930 Harrison Ave. d—Captain wanted to operate charter boat, Lucy-Jac, out of Treasure Island Marina. Contact Capt. Jack Hart. Area Code 404-323-8873 after 5:30 PM. Experienced short order cooks, daytime, nighttime, part time hours available. Apply in person after 2 PM, also need cashiers. Gulf Cafeteria, Ph. 234-6457. IN Year Old International Organlza- tiori Looking for 3 Men. Money no Object. Phone 7634081 9 AM to 5 PM. F.C.C. Licensed repair Technician. Salary is negotiable. Send resume to News Herlad Box J-116. MAIDS WANTED Apply Gulf Crest Motel (near Joan Ave. and Thomas Drive). 234-3328. Cook needed for 11 PM to 7 AM shift. Year round employment. Good pay. Apply 7AM till 11 PM at Two Chiefs Truck Stop. SALES LADIES WANTED Applications are being taken for salts ladies, full or part time. Experienced neccesary. Sohntiders Downtown, Harrison Aw. at 4th St. SECRETARY - General office. Muture. Beach area. For appointment for interview Call 234-94_. Beautician for major salon 785-9076. WANTED-SECRETARY One part time, one full time. Typing, shorthand and general knowledge of office practices andd procedures required. City of Panama City Beach. For information and application phone 234-2259, The Board Secretary (Mrs. Wright), Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. 'till 5:00 P.M. EXPERIENCED WAITRESSES NEEDED.CALL BUS. PHONE- 234-3839 OR HOME phone 234-5520. Needed immediately Fry Cooks. 4- PM to 12. Paradise Dining Room. 2349336, call after 3PM. MAIDS WANTED: Good Pay SEA WITCH MOTEL. Call 234-5722 for appointment. EXPERIENCED BUTCHER NEEDED Salary Starts at $225.00 per Week. Apply in Person Between 4:00 & 5:00 P. M ANGELO'S STEW PIT. Food Waitresses and bus boys wanted. Breeaker's on the Beach. Must be at least 16. Apply or call 2342239 after 4 PM. Seamstress for heavy duty sewing. Price's Upholstery, 763-2241. BABYSITTER NEEDDED MY HOME, FLEXIBLE HOURS. 7694354. Applications are now being accepted by Cedar Grove Police Dept. for full time police officer. Apply at Cedar Grove City Hall. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Waitresses wanted, call 234-5771, Lowe's Steak House. WANTED: Mature reliable man needed for Service Station attendant, will train for Service Station management. Apply Hull Oil Co. 1210 W. 15th St.

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