The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 1, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1933
Page 10
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10 THE BAKEHSF1ELD CALIFORNIA**, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1933 • ' ¥ - **' •'.•••'*>• -i. h i :'•:& 1 „ 1 F OR convenience of patrons The BnJtcrsftcUl OnHfornlan agents Hated below will receive Classified advertising nnd subscriptions at tho regular rates; OU.DAMQ Oildale Pharmacy AUV1N K. Dawfton Store TAJTT UaripOBa Cigar and Now» Co. MARICOPA Gate City Pharmacy McKTTTRTCK Templcton Drue Co. FELLOWS Waggoner News Dealer Shaftcr Drug Co. WASCO W. C. Thomas News Stand McFAUt'AND August Chandler The Cullfornlnn Carrier Mitchell Bakery TKHACHAPl Tchochapl Newa Stand OnAPKVINr, MoLarty'a Storo Lcbcc Coffoe Shop IIKWARD C. Christian TUPAIAN Kik Mills Mercantile Co. SifmUons Wanted— Female WOMAN with B«Kl reference. wains work of iny kind, will euro for confinement CMOS. Wrlto tioi 508. The IJtllforiilin. XfCB furnlahrd toatod room, r*MDnabte< UBO of All rnnTcnlflnoiML 1102 I street. For Sale—Automobiles kOOM tmi board. $9.00 nor week. Comforttblt tMini, pleuant RufToundlnn. Frn ptrklof. Alio iranilMil dinners. 50 cents. 2028 Nineteenth itra*t. Tcl«nhon« U37. _ 8-27-tf 11 0 A III) and room, with cottjfonlfll young people. Cm accommodate two young men or two young ladles. IloRsontiblo riles. 2225 Eighteenth strwt. _ 101 ROOM and board, for lady or gentlemen, laundry •ml Bunco Included. See Mrs. Kluhardson. il, 100 y tlrtel, _ Ifll _ FwRent— Houses UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT 3 -bedroom modern Imtnc, double ga- nigc. Water paid. J40.00 per month. 2-bedroom houwo ut $25.00 per month, •I -room bouHc, partly furnished, $17,00 per month. RUANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avonilo. Phone lUflS 2-1-lf I Kord V-8 wedan, $105 clown. 1032 Ford V-8 coupe, $165 down. 1931 Kord 4 sodnn, {126 down. 3930 Pord 4 HcdHn, $100 down. 1929 Ford 4 sedan, $75 down. 11)81 coupes and roadstci'H, $95 down. Many Other Values. DO YOU NEED MONEY? Wo will arrange to refinance your car at lowest rates. Ask about It. r For Sale—Miscellaneous d^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^k^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^b^^^^^^^b^^^ta ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (CASH AND CARR7 ONLY) Lbs., Rccleancd. Hlehost Qrad* o 300 L.BS. HEN HCRATCH. $1.10. 100'lbH. roclenhod wheat. $1.00. JOO Ibs. Jay mash (cotton bnga), $t.35. 76 IbH. ROLLED BARLEY, 80c. MANY MORE NOT ADVERTISED BAKERHPIlfiLD GRAIN COMPANY Baker Street and Truxtun Avenue 10-28-tt Wanted UY quicksilver at a reasonable price ut the United Iron and Metal Company. 28tO Cheater avenue. 160 oerfel USIflD CAR Sixteenth nncl Chonter. Phono 116 (Opposite Courthouse) 182 Professional Cards ^^^'^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ JOHN W. CULL1TON . PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX HIS R VICE. AUDITS. SYSTBMS 103, Ptoreiilonii Building Phono 4581 Business Cards ^^^f^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^f^^^f^^^^^^^^^f DR. W. TOM POLLOCK, A Palmar Chiropractor Says Headache Is easy. 1*1 him help you. ONE MONTH'S gKltVlCB FOR *13 Over IliiRhcs Drug Store and ChcBlor Phone 1119-J — — — — — -^^^^^^^^^^rw^^B m—^^^^^^^^r^^^^^f^^^^-^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m—m—w—w-^^^^^^^^^m-m-^ • -^•—•—^^^^^^^^^^H— • -^^^^rm • I I ^-^-^^•w—^ • I I — Gaoler Canyon Mining FOR UKNT— 5-room mocttrn litf. ROi2fJO. $20; room modern houie, Highland t'nrk. Vlaro for chickens. <C5. Wutor paid. Phono :t83. _ 1-30-tf FOR RENT, furnluhod, five rooms and sleeping porch. Yard fenced, good district. $27.50, wutor paid. Phone 100 USKD CA PROAf A. DIQPIDNDABLK DEAL13R 1032 Plymouth coupe, ?150 down. 1931 Chevrolet sedan, $125 down. Chnvrolet sedan, $100 down. T-^ord coupo, r. H., $100 down. Ford sedan, $125 down; Do Soto b Hodan, $125 down, BAKKKSFIRLD OAnAOfiJ U8KD CAR LOT. Next to Fox Theater Twentieth ut. G. Phono 22S6 1930 1930 1P31 1981 Over n period of -32 years our reputation remains paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. We continue to sell feed for loss than any advertised price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no tricks, no phones. Business la good. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. _ _ 4.4. tf WOOD, llomember Peoples' Wood YtrU, for dry. lound wood. Honest ractsur*. Prompt detlr- cry. ITleM right.' Phona sasg. _ 170 FOIl HALtC— I'ulrorl/.pf] iticop minuro, 23 cents dtljTwcd. 'Phono 4471-W, 160 DR. B. BUZAN Ptlmar UnrJu*t» I'BinOPAACTOIl Palnleas Hyitom «[* Ercrtrotheripy Serrlce. Fool Corf Ml lent Uouri. 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to G. T lo J p. ». Itooma 111-112-113 Margin DulUllni ITU Chester Afcnue Telephone &516 l«idf Attendant Legal Notices PIANO TUNING Victory lleglstcred Ttjncr \ Satisfaction Guaranteed CAUL A! BYnD I'hcno 1309-M 030 Truxlun Alarm* SWEDISH MASSAGfi CAUl^ET SWEATS ttCDUCINO Colonfc Irrlntlon IN8T1TUTK OF HtDI F Street & «. m. Co 0 p. m. Ptone 500» NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROP ERTY AT PRIVATE SALE No. 124,808 I 1S2 ALL KINDB of well rooie<l borry plants ;' irltchokca viul aspsriiKUB roots. Shrubs. Tied setting egga. Telephone 8701-J-1I. John Dvnib. rnittnle, _ IT8 OATT WOOD, •!) ilr.n *nd irnftlu, for flreplacM and Rtovesi Guarantreil quality, and prompt delivery. M ears' Ice Delivery. Phont 1808. CLASSIFIED COLUMNS CLOSE H A. The Callforniun will not be responsible- for errors in Classified LM lufcen over tele- oorrcutJon is mude immediately after first insertion. furnlihod duplex, with KtriRB. Rent J20. Water p«ld. 1-100 Third street. IMiune 212rt-W. 161) FIVIMIOOM unfurnished house. Uird»ood floors. autotnatlr hcMor. Hrrcen porrh. Giragc. rrnsoiiKlilc. 212ft G Blrcpt. Xash coupe, $295. Chevrolet coupe, $196. ISssox uport coupe, $95. Chevrolet roadster, Ford sedan, $195. J-^Ot:a-TlOOM furnished house, 1914 Ntlos street, Tnqulre 2000 Ore gnu gtfgct. 161 1P30 1929 101!8 1927 19119 1929 Packard deluxe Hedan, $b'9n. 1931 67 Buick .sedan, like now, $795. q Jft'ST HKTJ«. - Hhow cases, araloa. cash regliters. moat illnori, adding marhlnoa. freoror cases. Melt market, store, restaurant equipment. SOU Baker. 1TO TX I Phone 831 1400 18th St. 182 TELEPHONE 31 FOR CITY SERVICE VOUR-nOOM cotUB*. In rourt. Kwt Overiiuffotl furniture, aulomatlr lieitcr, shower. Water paid. Vhotio 1.117-W. AUCTION* flulo of W*. C. SUpp. Household tcmls. HIM enelne, olc. , l^ebruary 4, 1 p. m. 7i!2 Kentucky strftct. 150 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^^^^^^z^^^^^^^^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^- _ Poultry and Livestock SAUi-Hreedtng turkeys. Phon* 8741-.1-1. Fancy Special Announcements _^^__^__^ fc _^^__^^_^^ t _^^__^ fc _^^^^^_^^__^fc_^^_.^ fc _^^^^fc^^^^^^jfcj^^^ ^^*f^^^^Q^^^^^*f^9^^^^^^^^n^^^^*f^^^^r^^p^^f^^p^^r^^r^^r^^r CLEARANCE OX ALL lorely 5-rcom house, overstuffed furniture, plino. Close to lilffh scJiool. Jl«du«(J rent. 1010 Orango street. THE MARVEL* SHOPPE 161 rcuuccU riles. t«trn jtzz oi*no. 12 No (calfi ur oxcrclsps, Watertnsn I'ltfto Sdtoo), 1060 Oiejter avenue, room 105. 1GS 6HOK RKPAiniXii—Ten-day ipfdil. mon'a litlf soles, 83c; rubber heels, 40c: twites' Iialf t>5c. Hcst leather, finest workmanship. 1002 Hiker street, npar Kcnturfcy. 1«0 XKW. MODERN HOUHK TOU HKNT. CAMFOR- NIA AVENtTK PARK TRACT. SICK Tl. F. SMITH. .FIIOXK- 118. 1723 CHKSTKR A VENUE. 10U FOUn-UOOM home, nicely furnluhcd, 925.0& Flvo rooniB, breakfast room, lovely fenced yard, ?37.uO. Apply 3431 Oregon. 1-28-tf COS L street. Cli«p. Trie- ISO Oakland sedan, $175. 30U8 Bulck spt. coupe, rcffround. $225. TOP PUICI3S PAID FOR AUTOS Chester at 24th Phone 5828 182 i flEXT—Duplex. phono 800. FOUn-nOOM tottage for rent. $12.50 month. 1031 Buntia Vista. See Mr. forgo at.Tieale Park cro- rery. ICO RENT— S- room unfurnished house In Hcscanio 1'ark. Phone ^HS.'l. rials, to close out lit ID centn, values Ui $ri.OO: new npring: dresRea, slz« 14 lo uO. to KO ut $:J.0.1 and S4.9a. MUCH i:leain.Hl. l)locked and made to order. .Style ghoppe, 1514 Nineteenth street. . Lost—Found—Strayed LOST—Whit* ertnins bus containing latlirs' wrlit watch. Salurdiy night. Call 479S-W. Uewarcl. FJVj-MiOOM furftlsJinJ liouse, J25. Near Btam- mar and Mfth schools. 1800 Orange street. I lump 'J71-M. _ IflQ duplex. FY1([ld«f77. 1il23 Illchlnmt nar«. 101 F'OIl HKNT— Kuniished water and carbaeo paid. 1 JACK Our SPECIALS for this week 930 Ford sport coupe, $215.00; 19110 Ford sport roadster, 6 w. w. ( $165.00; 1930 Do Soto do luxe coupe, a honey, $295.00. Terms—Trndcn—Trucks PAT'S CAR MARKET Phone 172-t 2316 Chester Avenue Jack Bundy, Manager 182 3931 Chevrolet sedan, new paint, t?ood rubber, perfect mechanical condition. Will accept trade. Can nr- raiiffo terms. See • at 239 Quincy street, phone 4482-M. 150 DOUQUVHR: BAJtUAIXH IK USED- CAJIS. 2105 I Late 1028 Dodge "H" coupe; uood ihape. Huy $I"5. J^atc 1027 Dodffo "4" touring:; curtains; A-l tiros; standard s«flr*hlft; A-l sliape. Down fflO. 1B2»J Oakland roadster: rung good: A-l Urc«. $65. IXJH 8 ALIO or trade. \Uilto UotlwiU turkey toms. Phone tfll3-W, . _ 160 YATKH turkey Rancli and Hatcher. Bhafler, Calif. 3(aby turkn for JuJe, from free ruifie stock. Eluciric, oil, «aj Incubators. Custom hatchlnn. _ _ 160 FOIl HALFi— Ons mare and roll. Gentle. Cheap. 0 Harr I » Lan e. near Re arda ley . BLOOD-TESTED baby chirks. Cuatom hatching Tlrlfijr eggs, TliurarUyit. Krammes' Mt. Yernon arcnue. Phono 4085. 100 \V1LU\RD TIATCITKRY takes custom twlco a wpek. Baby chicks, sturted chicks. hardline CCCE. fryers. 002 South Baker. Phone 5580. _ Dogs > and ^Other JPete ' CANARIK8 for lalo. Warblers. $2.50 a pilr. Phone 184S-J. 2413 rail Torn I a arenuo. For For Rent—Apartments o —Ladles' purie containing money and ptpem ralue to otvnti. Reward. Photif 1U62-W. toj mahogany icrew-tall bull. Answers to name "Pooch." TlewarU. 231 Oleander *Tenue. apartments. NMneteenth and D. Oter- ituffcd furniture. PrUldilra. C-room houie, ^000 Oraiige. Apply L'OJl Nineteenth itreet. gro- i-ery utore. Thone T.524-J. _ 173 f nvo nOOMR. with sleeping porch. Private bath. Newly renoTd^a and cleaned. 2321 Truitun $18. Including Ughts. . 1B1 For Land VYIM, SACRIFICE IDSli TNKSS COUPE. ONLY $265. TERMS. 001 EIGHTEENTH STREET. 160 Automotive Service ^_^^ b _^^._^^_^h_^B_^^^-^^^-^^^.^*_^h_^^_-^^_^^k_^^^.^^b.^^_^b_B^b-^^b_^^b.^^K.^^ i^^^^^*i^^lr^^^^f^^^i^^*^^^f^i^^^^^*r^^^^l^^^^^^r^^^*f^^r^^r^^^^ UAniATOU RKl'AIRS; NEW CORES Prices at Rock Bottom. AH Work Guaranteed. C. X. JOHNSTON SHOPS Eighteenth ami O. Phono 6S6. 159 For Sale — Furniture WILL TRADE equity in automobile radio for small table model. Phone 2834. _ 160 WILL EXCHANGE carpenter work for car or will (five reasonable estimate on contract or day work. Satisfaction guaranteed. Phone Mr. Norris, 1373. 161 THE SUPERIOR COUUT OK THTj} STATF, OK CALIFORNIA, TN AND TOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELKS. In tho Matter of tho Estate of G. 2U. Jones, DcceaRo^. Notice is hereby given that undor and pursuant to tho law miide and provided, the undersigned, Olive B. Jones, Ruth Jones AVripht and Olive JOMO.H Peplow, tho duly appointed, qualified and acting exccut.rtcca of tho estate of a. M. Jones, deceased, will sell at private .sale, to the highest and best bidder, subject to confirmation of sulcl Superior Court, on or after the 13th day of-February, 1933, at tho law offices of-Weber <&. Klddcr, Room 1200 Bay Cities Building. 221 Santa Monica Boulevard, in tho City of Santa Monica, county, of LOB Angeles, state of r'ftlfroritla, all of tho right, title and interest of said deceased at the time of his death, and all of the right, title and interest that tho estate of suld deceased has acquired 'by operation of law or otherwise, other than in addition to that of G. M. Jones, deceased; at the time of his death, in and to all that certain parcel of real property, situate In tho county of Kern, state of California, and particularly described as follows, to-wit: Tho NWVi of Section 10, township 26 south, range 25 east. S. B. B. M. Terms of tale, cash, tn lawful money of the United States on confirmation of sale, or part cash and balance evidenced by notes secured by mortgage on the property so sold. Ten per cent of the amount of the hid to be deposited with the bid. Bids or offers to bo in writing and will bo received at the aforesaid office at any time after the first publication hereof and before date of sale. Dated January 26, 1033. OLIVE B. JONES, RPTH JON13S \VIUGHT. OLIVE JONES PRPLOW, Executrlces of tho Estate of G. M. Jones, Deceased, Weber & Kldder, AV. K. Byrne. 1200 Bay Citie.s Bldg.. Santa Monica. Calif., Attorneys for Executrices. Jan. 28 to Feb. S, inc. Personals U'K WILL not. be rMDonslble for any bills charged against Aznt-ttl riirnn Company, after thli date other thin tliote ordered and ilgned Tor by the (t, AfHettl. Ixiuli K. Aenottl. 138 1204 BAKKU RTttliET". Vhone 2fllfl. Consulta- tlwi dally. Alio meetings Sunday. Tueiday and Tliuridaj- ercnlnsa. fewer*nd Joiephlnc Edivanli. Financial 56.50 PKH 5100 FOR 1 YEAU <XO IinOKERAGE—XO BONUS) , Minimum Insurance at Board Rates Investisate and Be Convinced CONSUMERS CREDIT CO. A Reliable Coast-Wide Institution It Haberfclde Arcade Bide. Phone 1063 1S2 FOR. RENT. IMPROVED FARM LAND 40 acres, near Arvln. Good pumping plant. Tenant must lie nhlo to finance himself. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avenue. Phono 1298 1-27-tf FOll RENT—Two-aero chicken ranch. Vista Park tract, ?20. Will sell or trade. Phono 62G. Henry EJjislor. t-30-tf For^ Rent—Miscellaneous FOIl UliNT—Restaurant and 0-room Oat. Good location. Very reasonable. Telephone 3389-J. 159 Ooo<l 2 NEW, heavy Axmtnster rug, 6x9, $1 Three-piece living room set, $19. Gateleff extension table, 514.75. IVAN L. HAMM" Phone S41 11QQ Eighteenth St. 159 AMBASSADORS 3-PIECB OTcrstuffed «et, Jir.fiO; 2-ptece n«r Jacquard vclour set. $25; twin bedroom set, $£3.50. Darts Furniture Eicltange, 2105 Chester aronue. 120 FOR SALE — Storey A; Clark electric plajcr-plano and cabinet Sterllnc radio. Sacrifice, llmna 4910. _ t _ 100 WILL, sell my $150.00 equity In Xo. 2, new, General Electric refrigerator cheap. 1625 Nineteenth street. 163 7 FOR IinNT—lUstaurant and 0-room flat. loratlon. Very reasonable. T'hone 83R3-J. . I For Sal mproved Property Oil2 UENUI.Vfi Hilton ru*. $23; 0il2 Akbar tcamless Wilton. $27.50; new 0x12 genuine Axmtnitor. $17.,"»0; used 8x10 AxmtnaUr. $0.75. Darla Furnlluro Kxchango, 2103 Chester aTcnue. _ 161 KKVKRAl* used ofcrstufted tulles. bp«l sprlnjs, mattrcsBOs and dressers, very reasonably priced. Walnut bed and dresser, $18.50; office desk. tn..10. Claudo B. Minnor, 111! Nineteenth. • ^^B^^^t^ ^^^& FLOYD DUKL.AP 1523 20th Street. Phone 391 1S2 MONEY TO LOAN— Wo hate an unlimited iraounl , cf moner to loan mi (arm property. L*>ng term ! ;ntm, 5H per cent Interest. Guy fireenlcif, itr- I itUrr. No. i!28 Jefferson street. Plume 4123-W. j 179 Business Opportuniiics EXPERIENCED service station operator wanted for station In downtown area, good location. Will re- 1'iulrc J600.00. For information call before S a. m. and after (i p. in. HAVE client wants partner in good Haying busineKH. WIHUCH to expand. Elmer F. TCarpc. Phone 210. 1517 Eighteenth stre et. l-SS-tf UKHll'B a real opportunity. A comfortable o house In good condition, within a hundred feet or BO of new highway, therefore bound to in- croaae In talus, ran be bad for the ajnount of tho loan i««!njt it uMch Ix Iras tban $'2000.00, parable In imall mcnihlT installments. No down payment raqulrcil if rou ran furnish rcFerencei. Howard Nichols, Inc., 1509 Nttioteciitli slrrot, 1'hone 3M. _ 1-r.C-tf mil TllADF*— I^rjo equity In modern bungalow. for par. lot or what have you T I'hene 3H3fl. 158 UKIIK ti a nlre bargain in R 5-riiom oiodern douae for 12330.00. Tonns, W73 down, 120.70 month. Nluc yard, all fenced; fruit and ahado tifo?. Howard Nlcliols. Inc.. 1300 ^•inetC£'Ilth urea. , J-30-lf $I(UOO.llO — KoreclGsuro. two arrcs oulslde the city. CiwU 0-coon> house, -.vajih house, one double gar• Se, ono (tlnsle zarage. §pveral large chicken houses. F.IchL orange treet, two fig iuid (wo walnut. 17 peach *ml apricf.ts. ID zrape Tines. terms. Taylor & Taylur, IGflO Chester . Vhon» T12. 1BO Musical fa instruments for school musicians. Largo stock of good uaed band and orchestra Instruments. Sensible prlceH and small "paynionts. I'hllllpH Music Company, corner Twentieth and "Eye" streets. 160 HORIZONTAL 1 Blemish. •* Spigot. Cantaloup. 9 Coat of 11 Inflates. 13 Steamship. 15 Sickness. t 1C To cloy. IS Tiny green vegetable. 19 Common laborer of y kind. Answer *o Previous Fuz/Jo 2inangc 6f hills. 4l To packi 22 Physical or- 43 Bcer> ganism. 23 Winter rain. 25 Northeast. 26 Inert gaseous elements. 28 Huge. 30 U. S. ambassa- 44 To- mimic. 46 Threefold I prefix). 47 French ambassador to U. S. A. FOR SAL13—6-tube used Patterson radio, cabinet model, aU-electrtc, first-class condition. Must bo seen to be appreciated, $24.50 complete. Wltham & Booth. 2015 H atreot. Fox Theater hulldlng. SPECIAL SALTS U«ed pianos and radios. Real guaranteed bargains at low priccH and teriiiK. Don C. Preston, Hotel Tcgcler huildlng-, 182 dor to France. 40 Strong cur- 31 Episode in rent. action. 51 To come in. 33 Before Christ 52 Snare. . (abbr.). 53 Ocean. 34 To seize. 54 Matching 37 Coffin cloth. group of 38 Old-womanishi dishes. VERTICAL 1 U. S. ambasea- dor to Enff- land. 2 Wing of a seed. 3 Decays. 4 Maple. 5 Eucharist Vessel., 6 Hardy garden chrysanthemum. feet (PL). S Close. 9 To hearken. • 5280 10 LOUR grasses. 11 Inclination downward. 12 Assigned task. 13 To droop. 14 Beam. f IT Fresh-water fish. 20 Fictitious prose tale. 22 Farmers of South Africa. 24 Pale. 27 Embryo bird. 29 Machine for t making joints. 30 Brilliant show. 31 Hall. 32 Purifies. 33 Morsel. 35 To vouch. 116 Conveyed. 37 Moccasin. "9 N ? othins. 40 Large stiff • collar. 42 Humor. 44 Plan or out- i - » line. 45 God of love. 4S Indian Tronv Utah. 50 Eggs of fishes. WANTED — To buy imall erocory store ICB \rtth corT- 1UO GOOD guollne itatlixi. three pumpi, grocery •tore and llvliif quarters on main strcfL. Write Box 162. 'fro Caltfornltn 1M your liidrpcmlenre. Small farm home. 1'ay $100 oath and balance Ilka rent. TVo arres, c«r<lcii sol). w-eJl, plMtrirlty, xmall houies, ciilrhons. $11.10. Wright. Hid Ktghtocnth itre«t. After 5. phone 704-W. 159 RKNT— Well e<]utpp*d [tool hall and ren- tfturvit, 1825 J, street. Apply 'JIT* Twenlr-flrit StTMt. PhOOft uSM-J. _ IB'J Contractors and Builders change— -Propert For Sale—Miscellaneous 100 UOOD CARPKXTTn. painter urn) Very reaaonablo. Day or contract. Anywhere. Phonej agO-W. 160 Help Wanted— Male ew ippou-lng. honeit and men. T«aId*uU of Kem county, ago 21 to 40, Industrious und ullllnz to ^ork full or iurt tfmc, in BtUtnfleld. Tan, rirUno »ml Wasco. Eity. n leu ant and profHihlfr work. Amhttinus vnen cm «arn $5.00 to SlO.OO per clay. Pnuiual bpi>ortuniiy for adrancement lo men who i*ro\e thttr ffff- ?i*/iry tnd ablJll^ lUferenrw rcqutrcd. Ajtplt t'tflti muit apply in person, between t uml 3, 7:30-8:30 p. m,, at I!VJ4 Bunact, Uakeraficld, Calif. u-rooin homo cloBo to BukorK- fiold, rented. No oncumbruiu-o. Will e for ttnkersflvltl liunio and binall loan. Elnu-r K. Karpc. i'hono 210. 3017 13JfflUce»th Htroet. _ 1-28-tf EXCHANGE equity in furnlihed houa«. >NTia». have you? ^117 Hank atreet. • 139 FOU TSXCHANC1I3. by owner, 5-acro chicken ranch, ROOO Jiouso and ga- vage, water and poultry PCIIH, 1H tu-rcs of alfalfa. AVant ol*nr lot or Mnall house in nUy. Phone 1279. TGQ For" Sale— Automobiles 19'J7 lH-ton Graham flat body truck. (Sood tiros and machlnorj* in (food orrli^r. Chcup for cash. Phono S74-J. 161 pounds mash, tn cloth bags, 91.35. 300 pounds scratch, $1.10. 100 pounds cracked Indian corn, 11.80. GANN & UOSS. Olldale, Calif. 12-6-tt SALE—A-l baled dairy nay. Call Souza, 261*6 L street. Phone r . 167 K. 23! H W ni a I c — 1HSO Chevrolot club rtno rondition, with now pulnt, no\v rubber. I'luy this for ncummi* iral transporlation. S««o at 2*^70 l j urk \Vuj-. I'honi- B7IH-W. 1HU AUTO GLASS SPECIAL Any size. Door glass installed, $2.00. Pranklln Glatf^ Company, 1404 Etsrht- centh street. Phone 844. 1-30-tf LinilTlXO I*UANT for farm use, made by Kohler Company, 1500 wtttt. Cheap. Phono 2M6-J. BUY BULBS NOW! " A few very choice ones at greatly reduced prices — tullpa, hj-acintha, rununculUH, etc. AUso full lino of prardeu HcedH and fertilizers. M. P. Vllcktnger, 930 Eighteenth street. Phone 100. _ 182 SKAU-DBJH&I*. heavy duty with fuel tinVa, clutch and aJr Btartor, $125. Will trade. Dione AUTO tutnltnc. )1^..*iQ to $2S; bod; and fender worK. I*rl»5 rlfh(. Auto repairing. Trent Valnt and flenalr bhop. CtlUornlt uid Daker. 1'hone n8Tl-\V. II AUTO VAlKTIMi. "DUCO." $13.50 TO JU5.00. BODY AND ITISCDRIl IU5PA1H. PAINT SHOP. 1'HONK 276. STIU;I;T. LAUNDRY SERVICE Uuoclry Herrico L'n excel led—Tli it ll Out 8loi»t Ten Different Service! *nJ SSorlc Odorless Dry Cleaning CITIZENS LAUNDftY efileenth and O Street* — — ^-— — Barnsdall Heads Will Visit Kern ; With in Few Days . TAFT, Feb. 1.—Jamea A. Dunn, vice-pr«aldent and aecrttary of'the Barnsdall OH Company of New York, and R. A. Broomfleld, head of Barnsdall operations on'the Pacific coast, are touring the fields of the state and will be In the Midway-Sunset field this'week. Barnsdall has Its greatest otl property holdings In the Midway area. <?> OJAV15; Feb. 1. **, Legal Notices •^b^^^^^K_^^k-^B_db_^k-^^k_^k-. f^^F^^r^^^^r^^^^^f^*^^^^^^t PROBATE NO. 5283. Order and Notice of Order appointing Time and Place for Proving "Will and Hearing Application for Letters Testamentary Thereon. In the Superior Court of tho State of California in and for tho County of 1C or n. In the Matter of the Er*tuto of AmoH Clinton Colling, Deceased. ' Julia Collins, having filed a petition for Probate of Will and praying for Letters Testamentary of tho estate of Anv>s Clinton Collins, deceased. TrnSREK'ORia. In accordance with Section 327 of the probate Code, IT IS HHJRKBY ORDERED, that Tuesday, February 14, 193H, at 10 o'clock a. m. of that day, and the Court Tloom of Department No. 2 of the Superior Court, nt 1ho Court TJousc. in tho City of BiiUcrsfield, County of Kern, be and the same is hereby appointed a« the time and place for nroving- the Will of said deceased and for hearing the application of the petitioner for tho is- Huanco to said petitioner of Letters Testamentary tnereon, when and where any person interested may appear and contest tho same. And it is further ordered that notice thereof be published in The Bakersftold Cali- fornlan for the time required by law. Dated January 30, 1933. F. K. SMITH. County Clerk hnd ex-Offlclo Clerk of Superior Court. Jan. 31 to Feb. 10, Inc. KERN MINING FIRM USING NEW METHOD ATOLIA, Feb. 1.—The Atolia Placer Company, situated some six miles south of Handsburg, is trying out the Ainley placer gold saving process. Centrifugal force, plus the specific gravity of the gold, and the classifying action of water cause the separation of the gold from the gravel, sand and all undesirable materials. Separation is effected In a revolving Ainley bowl with concentric riffles which to' retain the gold, while tho and waste is carried over the edge. Water and waste material from the bowls are run to a sump from which the water may be pumped back for reuse. This concern has a lease on some 600 acres on the Feldman and Nieto respective holdings. DURING DECEMBER Report by Bureau of Mines Paints Bright Spots for California Industry serve water i elridge Plans Job in West Kern Field Belrldge Oil Company hua located another site,In the Belridgo field of western Kern county. The project Is named Xo. 63-27, and has been staked Just 500 feet north and 700 foot west from the southeast corner of section OT OT_ LOS ANQKL13S, Veb. 1.—Increased foreign shipments nf crude oil from the Pacific coast and tho .maintenance of total market demand for aH oils slightly above average supply reuniting from withdrawals from storage wore two bright spots In the California petroleum picture for December, according to the painting of details by tho United States Bureau of Mines statistical report. Total average new supply of petroleum and petroleum products during December amounted to 50P.453 barrels daily as against 506,939 barrels in November. After allowing for refinery, transportation and other losses 484,- SOl barrels \vero available to market daily us against 485,568 barrels in November. Stocks Decrease Domestic demand In December was 348,761 barrels dally as against 350,898 barrels and total market demand was 493,902 barrels daily as against 521,610 barrels daily. Dally withdrawals tn December amounted to 9101 barrels as against 36,042 barrels in November. Total stocks held by Pacific coaHt oil companies at the end of December amounted to 168,217.671 barrels as agnjnst 168,997,095 barrels at the end of November, a drop of 779,424 barrel?. Dally crude requirements were In excess of supply and so 29,795 barrels were dally drawn from storage a.s against 8944 barrels' dnlly added to storage lu November. As a result stocks of crude at the end of December totaled 39,340,241 barrels, a drop of 923,609 barrels. Natural Gas Output Natural gasoline production in December totaled 34.C26 barrels dally, a rise of 1803 barrels per day. .Stocks rose 76,850 barrels and at the end -of December were 2,414,280 barrels. Gasoline, including engine distillate, production ran 169,489 barrels dally, a ( drop of 5l(y barrels dally from .November. The gasoline supply of the Pacific coast decreased in December by a cargo of 83,000 barrels from the gulf coast, while total market demand dropped 349,449 barrels dally from 172.- SS4 barrels dally in November.' -V, K. Britten and'.J. D. "tmn" Murphy, Who, for tho better part of two years, have been prospecting, sampling, and milling teata of their IBM , of placer, showings at bed rock, surface and gravel banks, in- Ui«f dphMsr Canyon placer district,,have succe.eded in forming 1 the Color Canyon Mining Company, Incorporated, with offices at 308 Sprecklea building, 7l4 South HIJ1 street, Los 'Angeles. Tn a letter from Mr. Murphy, 'h« s'.uton, "So far , we have had Very gooa UUii; In . making contacts "with people and- expect Uo have no trouble In raiBlne the \mpney to put in'-wen, pipeline and* Diesel electrical plant. "We have . made, arrangements for a complete plant, a-replica of the previous bno that the "Langs intended to Install for us. . • • / •* "Tn tho . meantime, y tUe present small plant now on the property .will serve as a pilot plant,; making tests and blocking out additional yardage, thus keeping tho major, plant In continuous operation for what may prove£ to bo an Indefinite period of'time/' 1 The principal cost Items will include tho sinking of a water well and Installation of pow^r plant, $20,000; construction of gold-Having plant, $30,000; i>owcr shovels and truckn, $30.000. Miners In tho ,Color Canyon, district will bo glv%n profercnco for work by tho new company. Of fibers of tho firm arc V. 33, ton, president; J. D. Murphy,--'vice- president and treasurer; Frederick AV. Btthl« f - secretary, , . The board of advisors include George Cunningham, Hex C. Gale, C. K Kenyon, W. D. Abel and J. D. Voss. ,»' ft CALIFORNIA FLOW • • • Production in Callfornitt averaged 463,400 barrels dally for the week * ended January 28. American Petroleum Institute estimates revealed yesterday. Tlils Is a decline of 9000 barrels from the dally average o^ 472,400 barrels recorded for the preceding week. Field— Change Long Beach 67,000 Santa Fe 53,800 Muntfngton 28,300 Domlnguer 18,200 Inglewood V......... 12.100 Ventura 36,700 Seal Beach ..'. 11,300 NUdway 46,900 Elwood • 13,500 Kettteman »... 51.200 Del Rey 12.300 All others 108,600 1304) *1400 *100 200 *200 *200 1400 *300 7100 100 1100 t * • • • .463,400 9000 Totals ^Increase. The new dally average compares with 503,10(» barrel*, dally average for the corresponding week in 1932 and 626,000 bun-els dal^y average for tho like week in ml'.' LARGE SCALE PLACER WORK SEEN FOR ! Fishing for lost pipe continues at { tho company's No. 4H-35 well on sect tlon 35, 27-IiO, a (1595-foot, project completed months ago, which was killed and revived and fell into the job. Oil Agreements r U. A. Hood Gt ux, Black Arrow Oil Company, Home Corporation, Ltd., Nicholas Z. Bagaeff et ux to Mohawk Petroleum 1 Company—Lease covering 1 north half of quarter section 30, 30-29; dated January 14, 1933, one-eighth royalty to start drilling before 20 days. George F. Getty, Inc., to John Henry Bryson and Nettle E. Bryson.—Quitclaim to northwest quarter of southeast quarter section 7, 29-24. W. M. Keck ct ux to John H. Bryson ct ux and Nettie K, Bryson—Quitclaim to south half of southeast quarter section 7, 29-24. Showing Lacking in Mascot Examination Lack of showings will force Standard Oil Company to ceaso testing at 8S35-8ti35 foot In Its Mascot No. ] well on section 20. ;!£-!!3 at Midway. Johnson formation tester was employed for tho examination of that area and no results worn obtained to indicate possibility of production. Perforation of cutting 1 higher up Ut tho liolo will follow and additional tests will bo inado. The well 4ioa a total depth of 97BO feet. f.1*Anrfafcrf Prca* Lctmcd Wire) - XEAV VOUIC, Feb. 1.—Dully average gross crude oil production in the United Stated decreased GtiQO ImrivlH In tho week ended January 28, totaling 2,008,700 barrels, the American Petroleum Institute's weekly Hummnryindl- cates. Daily average production east of California increased 2400 barrels to 1,545,300 barrels. * Imports of crude and refined oils at principal United States ports totaled 671,000 barrels against 1,329,000 barrels. Refineries representing* 91.6 per cent of estimated total capacity operated at 59.4 per cent of their capacity, reported daily average runs of crude oil to stills as 2,098.000 barrels. Dully average the previous week for refineries representing 91.6 of total, operated at 59.C per cent of capacity, as 2,106,000 barrels. * Dally average urauked gasoline by refineries representing 93.1k per cent of total charging capacity was .'197.000 -barrels. Dally average the previous M'ook by rcfinerioH representing !»5 per cent of total was 394,000 barrels. Pete Securities to Drill Mountain Job Petroleum Securities Company, after a brief period of Idleness In the Uound Mountain district, has returned to that area, and will drill a well on filiation 1, 28-28. The project, immod Coffee No. 1, will bo spudded 618 feet north and 49 feet west from tho east quarter cornel* of tho section. Ulg IIUH been nrcotpd and has been equipped \\\\{i rotary.- MOJAVE. l-'eb. 1.—Placer mining on a large scale will soon be undor way In both the. Hand and (iotar mining districts of Kern county. Tcilow Channels Mines, Inc., operating 1% miles north of KandHburg, on'tho "Jo"burg" channel, is meeting with satis- f.'u-fory returns on the pay dirt and gravel from the five-Toot sliowlngw on bedrock at a depth of GG-fect. * Tho material Is handled through an 80-foot incline shaft. The plant 1« operated by n. 125-horsepowor Diesel engine furnishing power for tho hoist, gold- saving mill aud a 44-foot nettling tank fully equipped. An abundance of wator is piped from the blttle Butte mine at Handsburg to the company's' tanks on tho plant. The gold-saving mill is of a trommel typo. ri Report Interesting Formation for Well Ohio Oil Compifny is s.iid to have encountered interesting oil formation at fiS-m feet in Its Bloeme'r No. 1 well on section T.G, 27-20, at Belridgo. PRES. BECKWITH KILLS SELF i RAVENNA, 01»io, Feb. 1. (A. P.)— H. C. Beckwlth, 46, president pf tho Bycrs Machine Company, died "today from a revolver wound In the head. Police said ho shot himself us ho sat. \ in his office. t POSTMASTERS NAMED WASHINGTON, Feb. , 1.. (U. P.)— President Hoover «t"t to the Sena-tc following postmaster nomi- Burbank, Calif., Grove K. K.etcht;m; Portorville, Calif., John A. Scott. today tho natlonH: FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: YOUNG li^y between 5f» ami Ifuit be ripabte. bicklJ Umllj, Callfornlan. utienrumberrd JJoi ;w~. THE BUNGLE FAMILY Relatives and Pedestrians By HARRY J. TUTIHLL NURSES— Attendant*— fcmalo. male. obtainable con tact In e hujplttli, 1nttttultcns> Write Hrharf Uuregu, 143-341. York Help Wanted—Salesmen SALESPEOPLE—Neat appearing: If 94 per day interests you, see D. J. Dolly. 1715 Eighteenth. Apt. l._ 159 WANTED experienced washer, vacuum cleaner and radio tmleuman. See Mr. Clary at 9 a. m. Bakers* field* Hardware Company, 2015 Chester avenue. MEN WANTED for Hiwlilch city routei of BOO cpniumen In cities of BaktriflHU and Suit a P&uli. Reliable huitler can ittrt citnlne $^ weekly and Increate rapidly. Write immediately. Uawletfh Company, Department CA-4-V. Oik. land. Calif. Situations Wanted—Female PEflOY DARLING WHY YOU STCF MGHT IN F Or SO MANY CAH.S SO THAT THE DRIVERS MAVC TO....PEGGY! LOOK! IN THIS WHERE? OH...WHY IT'S AUNT CLARA AND UNCLE DERRICK. IT WA0! WITH A CHAUFFEUR. AND SUCH A 810 CAR. AND HOW LORDLY BOTH OF THEM LOOKED AS THEY WHIZZED FAST US. ALMOST A SNEER ON CLARA' 6. FACE. OH I'M SURE THEY DIDN'T SEE US. PEGGY THIS is SOME SORT OF A SIGN. SEEING THOSE PEOPLE ROAR PAST US IN A CAR COSTING THOUSANDS, WHILE WE STOOD THERE WITH OUR MOUTHS OPEN. LOOKING AT THEM AS THOUGH WE HOPED THEY'D NOTICE US AND BOW. WELL ANYHOW MOTHER,,. YES SIR, A SIGN. EVER SINCE KLEO SCAMPERED IN TO CONFESS SHE HAD MARRIED BOft GRUBBER, I'VE TRIED TO BE...,Y/ELL,A LITTLE LIKE YOU AND YOUR FATHER, AND SMILE NOW THEN,BUT TODAY'S AFFAIR IS JUST.....WELL,IT SIMPLY BROUGHT US...ME.FACE TO FACE WITH THINGS, I \ I/Ill// ium *»5V I.XPEHIENCKD girl, trork niffht or day n t!0 CMU hour. Cook, cleui. serve Ulnneri. IttO * ' • »»•• ^^^ ^^_ ^_^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^_ ^^_ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WILL UIVB mother B cute to child In wy hurnu. Cu> Lomt. JUHil* 2. Koi ^05-C. ICO , __ _- _ _.. .. ._ ATE nurie wants position In doctor'B or «Ion t Ufa ofHce; full or i>irt time. Uoi ««. Thr An^enoagement Is no sign that on hand. ring on the finger > wcUUInu bells art. '*., *

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