The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 3, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, August 3, 1933
Page 5
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A MM! fcfffMfftf affair was tret* « tfee trt»i 6! It*. and Mf*. Hilt tetto* ftetf Kef*«fl0n Sn* to? wn*B feeWfrirt of tfre L. f . it, Country clot and tfcftlf fa«W- itw, WiM««nt ««Atlj- * Wtndred, gfcttrifM iisete tat a pi«i* din- feet. tatted inteftatnfeent «a§ pWrttea' ttfdftftetrf the aftef- fhHsa With * part of the group UaftMlpaUng In i baseball game. 81* ef tni eight enwtef mett- fee» «t the cinb were present at tike picnic. Iff. and Mn. Grant gflfttteft-iifc* Mfg. IBM stnith and ton, Ward, of Otnaha and Mf. and MM. 0. A. ftosenfeld of Harlan HMSTB among those pfe«- ent. Qttcet» at Dinner Stmday Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Newman of Gladys, Alberta, Canada, Mrs, Zaporah Newman, and Mrs. Fannie Rhoades of Shenandoah, Mrs, M, Miliigan, Miss Martha Mllll- gan, and Theodore Miliigan of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allely Jr. of Hastings, Nebr,, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Allely and sons, Crete! and Barrel Dean, of Randolph, and Mrs. John Suits were dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Allely on Sunday. Mrs. Laird Gives' Pretty Luncheon Mrs, J, 0. Laird was hostess at an attractive 1 o'clock lunch' eon yesterday In her home on north Marion avenue, A three course luncheon was served to the seven guests at a beautifully appointed table. A color scheme of yellow and brown predominated in table decorations and menu, Following the luncheon the guests spent the afternoon in visiting and with needlework which they had brought with them. Her guests .were the Misses Marion Black, Alice Bentley, Sadie and Fanny Clark, Helen and Jessie Wortman, Mrs. Margaret Mudd, and Mrs.' Laird's mother, Mrs. Mary Both. Council Bluffs Group Has Dinner at Tea Room. • -A group of Council Bluffs ladies, members of Iota Chapter ot Beta Sigma Phi sorority, autoed down 1 to Malvern last Wednesday and had dinner at the the Misses ..JHHMBf ion," Irene Brandt! Egan, Marjorie Bruce, Caroline Madsen, G r e t.c h e n Klonns, Fern Olsen, Eileen-Edgar, and Mrs, Kentner Shell. Another group having Dinner at,the Tea Rpom Wednesday eve-' ning included Mrs. H. V. Battey, Mrs, Raymond Gowdey t 'and the Misses Maude. Jessie, and' Helen McAneney 'who were the guests of .Mrs, MoAneney. The latter group were from Omaha, Picnic Sunday at Fail-mount Park •A picnic was enjoyed Sunday night at Fairmount park when Mrs, Bertha Landis had with her members of her family. They were Mr, and Mrs, Lloyd Landis and son, Mr. and Mrs, Wilbert Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clay and daughter, And Marion Lyons and lady friend. It'» always CCCL »t the MPRESP ;THEATER<J MALVERN Friday & Saturday 0l ^ JS SS» 9 ff» Jty awaeOrftjr M 100 |JI*> IwWsl^wJI' OWVA Mr. ltd Mfs. *one Wlte tatned tfee ofttge Qtt> Satnfdat MgtC ft* tnf totte ot ttrH. WfsTs parents, Mr. afrd Mr*. L«fi6 Richardson, first* present **¥« Mr. and Mrft. LSBnaf* &BVai, ttf. and Mrt. Evan Swain, Mf. and Mfg. Dan d«*Wn, Mf. and ttft. Vetne tHinn, ttf. and Mrs. AHcn Alberts, Mf. and Mrs. Auitlft Bass, Mf. and Mrs. Charles Rate*. Mf. and Mf*. Mat filiaton, Mf. aft* Mrs. W. A. Bower, Befnlee Cattdeii, Marjo«e Alberts, Ralph Bower, and Lawrence Alterta. Carolyn Chantry AectaJmed America's Mo«t Beautiful Miss Carolyn Chantry, daughter of Commander and Mrs. Allan chantry, United States Navy, must have made an unusual im* pressiott on Gen. Italo Baibo and his men of the Italian Air Armada white they were in Washington for they said that she was the prettiest girl they had seen in America. Miss Chantry attend* ed both the reception at the Italian embassy and the dinner at the Army and Navy Country club which were given in their honor, and it was there that her popularity with the Italian visitors was so evident. She was the' acknowledged belle ef both parties, according to the Washington Times, and as a result her ideas of Prince Charming have been entirely revised. With her knowledge of the French tongue, Miss Chantry completely captivated General Balbo's young officers. She says that her secret of charm Is "Just be yourself." She is the grand* daughter of Mrs. J. R. Scott of Malvern,' and both her' parents were reared in this_ community. She has visited here many times. •• iTTLCMI' 41* K6UDCA Stiiie rldfflMI STOP! ASBURY Donald Fitch of Logan Is visiting his cousin, George Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Shaw were in Shenandoah Tuesday. Mr,' and 'Mrs, Clyde Dunlap, Mr, an.d Mrs. Elmo Moore, and Mr, and Mrs. Ora Douglas and daughter, Edna, spent' Saturday evening with friends In Pacific Junction, ' ' a^ turned, home with them for .several days visit. • — Miss Mildred Anderson is vis- (ting this week in the T. M. Aistrope III home pear Tabor. Mrs. George Huntsman and daughter, Mrs.-George Irwln, and Gertrude Baker were 'Malvern visitors Saturday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Arterburn, Mrs, Mersel Thomas* and son, MAX, And Mrs. A. J. McGinnis and daughter, Betty, were Red. Oak visitors Tuesday. . - ~ / . • •Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bellknap and family and Mr. and Mrs. Clalr Jones of Strahan spent Friday evening in the Mersel Thomas home. .' . , Mr, And Mrs, Hugh McCain and son were Bbenandoah visitors Saturday; ' Evelyn Lambert* spent Sun* day and Monday with Pearie Douglas, Miss. Mamie .McGJnPis and nephew, John, were visitors in the Ed McGinnis home pear Sbenandoah Saturday, Kenneth Peterson of near Stanton is visiting to the Hervie Douglas home this week, Mr, and Mrs, Id Klein of Qma« ha spent Sunday in the Ed Laugblin home, Mr, and Mrs, Ben Baker and daughters, Betty and Anna Mae, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Bert B^ker. Mrs, Warren Walllags and children of Council Bluffs are vls« iting this weefc at the home of her parents,, Mr, aa<j Mrs, Lyle Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Duniap daughters, Arlene »n4 Q,er* spent Sunday to the fcyle home at TfttKtTt Miss visit in, the Kejnpton. hsuae white Miss VlrulftlA KeBiptott ftOfigmpa* Last ffcafgday, Jftly 47, the wfrMcCtaskef trfov held fhe« Jt&ll^ltl Tl^StBft^il VC IB* hoiae of ttf. and Mrs. Reuben Bttlte near Sfltef City. Thai daf was atso the twentHhird wedding anftltettary of Mr. AM Mrt. Btilie adding stin mot* pieasute to the occasion. dnlet enteftatnaeni of the «af was Visiting, second «ttnf. A tremendous dinner was t«v«d about noon; then iatef ifi tn* ift* ernoon ice eieanij eai*> *«4 p1« were served. The etntMtiot 8f ft part (A Patti ttowe'* <Sd!l«rtt6A ot Indian felics wHt a !e»ttft% ittd. In the bn»in*M meeting 1 it wft* reported that the tribe had lott two ptincipai laeabers Utrtttg the past tear, namely, Mr. and Mrs. Kerg Godsey of Whiting. One birth and thtee weddings were reported as havrhg taken place during the year, Threshing cut the attendance far below the usual number but those attending had a very fine time. • Those present were Mr. and Mrs, W, H. Rowe and tons, Porter and Stanley, Mr, and Mrs. Paul Rowe and daughters, Rosa May and Alice, Mrs. Argil Bacon and son,' Donald, Mrs. Nell Than* as and daughter, Beverly, all of Glenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Cal God sey and children, Betty and Maurice, of Sloan, Mr, and Mrs. A, M. McClnskey ot Glenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Stille and children, Bedah Anna, lla Fay, Earnest, Walter, Pearl, and Betty, Mr, and Mrs. Albert Stille, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Henderson of Silver City. Visitors were Mrs. F, Biets and daughter, Ruth, Miss Velma Osborne, Miss Opal Hen demon, and Alva Bacon. •• ADDITIONAL EMERSON Mr. and Mrs. Oust Tengstrom were vliltors in Council Bluffs Monday. Wayne Wilson returned, here Monday evening from a weeks: vacation spent in Kansas and Mi souri. Mrs. Berrlman of Sioux City •pent Sunday in the home of her cousin, Rev. J. P. Stille.. I. N. Cheney Is looking after business in Nebraska this week. Sunday parents and friends of the local Boy Scout troop drove fceffcfci Jot Mrs. * ome ttoitey In Oliti- Tuetdat Afternoon. Fearing tlWf dtvtded the money bitwetn tfeeft.Jkfcd upon the ap- Or s% f!NH i ftt$f&& tsttif iinittfr* ffew MHtpiefons. As the eHf ftd'tanced tnet speeded ap, e^ atothef «ar as they went ftp ti* nil! and succeeded In t6e*fi to the limit. f*« |»«rsBlfig tut was right be- sind it last managed to titm t6 the shoulder, just aft the* got near the fining sta- tidtt ftofth of town. The gig was ftf.'fhelf HoHet was all but gone. BBt InstSftd o( bandits it was the Uinwftf patfoi, enforcing the •keep on yottf 0wn side of the fo*d', .and *d6n*t pass another eaf on a hiil* laws. lty Fsunili*. Have Pfcnlc at Wayside Luke Mf. and Mrs. Albert Pace and Mist tiarie Keliey attended a family reunion and picnic of the descendants ot Mrs. E. J. Kelley at Wayside Lake Sunday. Others present were.' J, W. Kelley, P. R. Kelley and family, Mrs. Bess Kelley, Paul Parker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Clay and son, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Faust, Ray Kelley and family, George Miller and family, Mr, and Mrs. Parle Kelley, and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Carey- and daughter. Strurtii drthncn RetuTat services wm oe held Swndat at the Strahan Methodist chweh. Rev. J. A. E. Cunningham. Pastor. ANNUAL ttNANCtAL StAttMfcNt Mlffl OT Mm*. For th* 0, t««S. Ira O£SH4lt|t year We hefebt certify that the following report comprising pages i to 8 Inclusive Is correct as required by the Code ot Iowa. F. E. Mntholiand, President. Filed July 25, 1938. Posted July 25, 1933. ttECfctPTB General Fnnd Amount Son of Former School Superintendent Killed According to a report in the Shenandoah Evening Sentinel of Saturday, July 29, Warren Gill, 9, son of Mr, and Mrs. A. L. Gill, of Hamburg, was accidentally kilted by a 12-gauge shotgun in the hands of Bert Lundy, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Exra Lundy, at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon on the porch of the Gill home. The boy was instantly killed In the tragedy at the farm home which is located en the Bluff road between Sfdheyl/.and Hamburg. .The t charge of shp(. struck the victim * near the heart.' 'The parents and two children, a brother, 14, and a sister,' 6, 1 survive. Many here* will remember Mr. and Mrs. Gill as he was superintendent ot the' Malvern school several yean agd. On hand last report --$ 4,961.66 (Ot which $3,076.64 was In closed bank) Normal training aid _ 760.00 Smith-Hughes — —— 1,000.00 General fund tax levy. 11,330.79 Tuition _*___.. 4,297.79 Sale of textbooks and supplies 2.96 HASTINGS Mattings Plant iff Reunion Today Parad* Start* at 10 O'clock; of SporU Total general fund -.$22,343.09 HorapltuliUlon General Fund Amount, ,,,,, ..| On hand last report ^$ 4,961.661 "jr ft," (Of which $3,076.64 ° was in closed bank) Total receipts current year 17,381.63 Total general fund — 22,343.09 Disbursements current year --«-. -—, 18,654.26 Balance on hand this report -_.- —-_ 3,688,84 (Of which $3,609.13 is In closed bank) Warrants outstanding 10,316.62 _,„, ,„ 'on by members of the various troops, The boys returned home with them having spent the .past week in camp and all report a delightful time, Those going up from here Sunday were: Mr. -and Mrs, Ray Fields, Nadine and Anna Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edie, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tborson, Mr. And Mrs. Wilbur Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. V, R. Johnson and daughter, Carroll, Mrs, 8. W, Rice and non*,.OryilIe, Mrs..Fred,Johnston, Mrs; 1 '. Jessie Grayson,:. Raymond Pic^cel, -Eugene Lang," Iva And Mary, Bass, Setb Parker Program Comingto Em«raon Beth Parker in "A Night-in Jonesport" will be given at, the Methodist church next Monday evening, Aug, 7, The part of Setb will be taken by, John Howard, This program is sponsored by the "—--• choir.. C*lshr«te Birthday of Mr§, Ctiargt H ^ unUman gajjift/fd. a.t byfi? homy (MioAiy tft " " hw SBtthJift "htir •-•- 1 "-'-- MI9i4 in Ruth Wctargll. Arid* of John E.. Humphrey The marriage of Miss Ruth 0. PJcfcrel of Emerson and John g. Humphrey of Stengett took place Sunday ftfternoon At 3 o'clock at the. borne of. the bride's parents, Mr. a&4 Mrs. P. {i. Plcterel, In Emerson. The ceremony WAS per- teyifte4 by Rey. Jj^, g. Rlpjey of the Methoaiit cnurcn in Emerr eon. The bride and gropm were at' tendecl by Fay TowUnson flBd A4rl&B Waokey of fied Oafe. They entered to. the etrstaa Qf " sria's MJaa Jessie After the ceremony two 9fi«rsB ittaetoeoa w M sejpye^ carried out to the color e?&eme of Pink »«4 white, matching the ftecaratioas of the h&use, 7h» bride waft atUre4 is i gown 04 rsbiB en feiue wtBe aud her ftWsftteat v«r$ A g«w& ol isorge.tte, Th« brWe. Additional Local Mr. and'Mrs. iFred Hall, John Hall, and Mr.><and Mrs. Oscar Hall Oak and -,-,- - , v -„ from Council Bluffs Saturday for A few days vlstt'Vith Miss Dorothy Durbin, and to accompany the Durbins on their' trip through the eastern part of the state, Supt. and Mri F, M. Davison came in the last of the week, and are now locating in Malvern. Although they have not as yet located A house, tjtbeir household goods are here, $n<l they are at home in Malvern; 'Mr.' Davison is the superintendent of the Malvern school system this year, and be is already on^'the Job, CLASSIFIED ADS ABSTRACTS OF Complete AbstrAc! of Title records for each piece of property in Mills County, Mill* County Abstract Co, (Member of tne American Title Asan, and IOWA Title Assn.) Qlenwood, Jowa. 48tf, FOR RENT ' the & For Rent—"f5 room cottage. Modern except heat, -- J. H, For Re||( m .s cottage, — J, «,r room modern 50tf. Art Jenkins, Phone 39, finjersfln, or city Meat Market, §S. MslTern, itf. andoah, Pboee eg3, Reverse long distsBce charges t9%. l*et us haul your <Jea4 animal?, Ceil for one hog epprecjftte4 Fresh tant age for gale at all tiaes, si-tf fedat is the big day in Bast* ings, and everything is now in readiness for the big Homecoming Picnic. The parade starts promptly at 10 o'clock on Main street. Entrants must be lined ap at the ahnrch by 8 to insure starting on time. Big prites are offered for the best entries In the parade. Following the parade there will be a great program of sports at the end of Church street where there is plenty of room for such activity. Fun, unusual contests, races, etc., promise an interesting hour for boys, girls, men, and women. Dinner will be served at noon, with many bringing basket lunches, and others eating with the church women who are serving a dinner at that hour. A program of funny contests 1:30 with the majority program planned for adults. The serious program will start at 2:30, with music, an address by Norman Genung of Glenwood, and more music. The Homecoming is not sponsored by the Hastings church as was erroneously stated by. The Leader last week, but is an all community event. The Leader deeply regrets having made this error. Balance 114,004.46 KECK1PT8 Bchoolhonse Fond Amount On hand last report «...$482.42 (Of which $482.42 was in closed bank) Waived Account. Recapitulation Bchoolhonse Fund Amount On hand last report ----$48.2.42 (Of which $482.42 was in closed bank) Waived Account. Balance . on • hand this report $482.42 (Of Which $482.42 is in closed bank) DISBURSEMENTS Anjonnt General Fond Name of person, firm or corporation to whom paid Allyn ft Bacon , -$ 36.21 H. H. Amos —„—.„ 1.660.PO Mrs. C. A. Phillips and tons, Clifford and Freddie, of Red oak visited Hastings friends Tuesday. Freddie remained for a few days visit with Harold KtdWell. Mrs. D. W. Linthicum and ton, Jim, were dinner guests In the Less Dawson home near Riverton Sunday. Miss Maxlne Dawton returned home with them for a weeks visit. Mrs. Grace Purcell of Omaha came Tuesday to visit in the Mrs. Fred Priest and Will Young homes. Mi«s Crystal Resh visited a few days last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Chabot, at Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schnrr and daughters, Ruth Jean and Mary katherlne, visited relatives In Red Oak Sunday. Misses Evelyn and Nedra Crawford assisted Mrs. Aaron Crouse move her household goods from the A. V. Clltes farm to the Howard Mlchaelson home last week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adams of Malvern visited friends here Wednesday. Oren Hathaway Is visiting in the Heber Hillyer home near Imogens this Week. Miss Louise Christie of Council Bluffs Is visiting her cousin, Miss June Christie, this week, Miss Kathaleen Polndexter ot Lenox is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Semon Cox, this week, American Book*Co, ..^ Mrs. Maude Burns ... Jesse Bell _.—_.__„_ Boston Cooking School Magazine —_ J. W, Baer .—„_ 37.36 3,60 5.18 2.92 ,76 Mae Churchill — 810,00 Cox Grocery Cameron Amberg Co. _ Collins Drug Co. 9.12 .99 72.48 865.00 6,80 2.25 3.75 29,59 2.05 for nMOiwti il bushel. Orders tafeea ~* for ftrie«,P}ajm, w* have * pustojfter aew Malyej>» jj&aWe to finish, p*y«>eBts. Oojy |i§ left to pay. Cash oaiy, Writs wOritph' «U Piaeo gbo$u DM Moi&jA, Iowa. ' .; §8'*. Fw 8jJ#-»He«Tfy otk tomtom l&e IN* Katherine Caldwell .-_ J. R. Cardwell ——.— George Davis — K. C, Dice —„_—„_ H. A, Deardorff O, E. Davis „ 0, J, Davis 343.00 Fred Durbin _ 180.30 1. L. Donner _„__„,._-,: ' 17.44 Gearbart Lumber Co. * 476,00 Gtnn ft Co. ,.„„„„•„ 12.06 Green Bay Lumber Co,_ 6.20 Gamble Hinged Music Co, „„_„. >.»„,,. 1.95 U, R. Graves __.___._ ,50 Houghton Mifflln Co. _ 26,96 Amy Hammers — 1,170.00 Paul Hertz „--_«,_,-„ 1,215,00 The Raymond A. Hoffman Co. ,„„„,„,.,,,, 21,26 Edytbe Hossle „_,„> 810.00 Edna Hertz w , __-„.. 810.00 F. A. Hertz _„,,--,.„. 12,61 la, Nebr, Light & Power Co, „„„.„— „,„„„„ 13649 Jenkins Music Co. . 18,89 E. C. Kincaid , 1,700.00 Fre« Rriesel .-„..»„ 9,80 Nell B. Kalskett ,_„„_ 1,170.00 Howard Lookabill __„.. 13.70 MnquSst Grocery ___,._ 16,68 J. B. Lippincott Co. — 18.98 George Mellor 5.00 F. A- Mulholland Corporation _-—,_ 61.99 Malvern Water Department —„-, -,, 69.57 Mansfield's _„.., „,_.. E. W. Knight, Sec'y Malvern Community Building Commntee, 860.00 Malvern Leader ,-»„»,, 108,93 The MacMIPan Co. .„ 29.96 Mcpord Hardware Co., ia.30 Gladys McQueen ,.-,, 800.00 N. W. Bell Tel Co, „.,„ 80.80 Newson & 0ft, „„,.„„, 87.06 Qm&li& School fiunnlv 34*nMP**im W40V'V4l Ir^fftfMjiF Co, » w »»»,, 166.17 A. N, 4s«*«% ^^ f Co, 4.8ft e.oo 80.80 1.50 810.00 744 8,00 BO.QO TW-QO , 40-44 ***» Wayne, Wendell, and Jim Ord returned home from Auburn, Nebr. Thursday evening. . Miss Edith Vlner who has been visiting Marguerite Young at Carson returned home last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred fcookablll and daughter, Reglna, left Sun. day morning for a weeks visit in Minnesota. Mrs. Frank McKown of Miller No. Dak. visited friends and relatives here last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Read moved their household goods from the Dan Cook property to the .A. Clltea farm Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Read and daughter, Dolores, of Glenr wood visited Saturday evening and -Sunday in the Dale Read borne, . ,. Will ^Young, .Mr.. J»d. Mrs. Ralph Hanseom and son; Robert! Mrs, Rutledge, and Mrs, Clarence Smith were Shenandoah visitors Thursday evening. • Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Christie attended the funeral services of John Mills at Silver City Mon-| day. June Christie and Doris Hlratl- ler visited their cousin, Louise Christie, west of Malvern Monday. Mr. and Mrs. 'George Wilson were dinner guests in* the home of Mrs. Louisa Quimby Sunday,* Mildred, Dale, and Floyd Hillyer of Imogene visited Saturday evening in the Roy Crawford borne. Miss Mildred Hunt is visiting relatives in Gravity this week, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Fellows returned Thursday from Chicago where they spent a week attending the Worlds Fair, Charley Parks and family of Malvern visited in the Clarence Smith home Sunday, Mr,-and Mrs. H. P. Schurr were Council Bluffs visitors last Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Gustafson, Mr, and Mrs. Herman Schurr and children, Miss Blanche Tenney,. and B. 0, pierson enjoyed a picnic supper at Malvern Friday evening with Mr, and Mrs. w. W. Aistrope. Miss Frieda Fellows visited ft few days last week with Mr. and Mrs, Millard Curtis at Strahan. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Priest aad Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Fellows visited Miss Elizabeth Varley at Steward Sunday, NOTICEt In the District Court of Iowa In and for Mills County D. W, BATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. BOTNA VALLEY STATE BANK, Hastings, Iowa, Defendant. NOTICE TO: All creditors and depositors of the . Botna Valley State Bank, Hastings, Iowa. • You and each ot you are hereby notified that on or before August 2, 1983, there will be on file In the office ot the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, Iowa, the application ot D, W. Bates, Receiver of said bank, asking the approval of the contract entered Into between said Receiver and L. L. Greenwalt and Lulu M. Greenwalt, for the sale ot the following described real estate, tc-wit: / . . f s * jidMl ot-Lot 440 and.also two f At? of? ike South side of IJot 441' arid also the following: Commencing 66 feet East and 2 feet North of the Southwest corner of Lot 441, thence North ten feet, Thence East to the alley, thence South 10 feet, thence West to the place of beginning, all in the Town of Hastings, Mills County, Iowa, as shown by the recorded Plat of said town. said real estate being the building used by said bank in the operation thereof, You are further notified that said contract, provides for .the sale of said real estate,; subject to the approval of the Court, to the said L. L. Greenwalt and Lulu M, 'Greenwalt, for the punn of $1000.00, possession to be given August 36, 1'933, said receiver to furnish abstract showing A rood mercbantible title on that date. You are further notified that said application has, by Honorable Earl Peters, Judge, been .set for bearing at the Court House in Glenwood, Iowa, fit 9; 00 o'clock a. m., on the 16th day of August, 1933. You are further notified that unless objections are filed on or before said date, to the prayer of said application, that the same will be approved and said contract of sale approved. For further particulars, see pe- tion when on file. Dated this 31st day ot July, 1933. D, W. BATES, Receiver of the fiotna Valley State Bank, Hastings, Iowa. 8*2, BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECOHJJ OF FILING Town Estimate Town council of Hastings, of Mills County, Iowa win meet Aug, 15, 1933, at 8 p. m., a,t Town Hail. Taxpayers will be beard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. Fred H- kookaWJl, Town ClerJs, FUNPS gMVft? ">» LJ|U ..,* MO f$ 60 tl 160 900 160 16 860 n 60 t.ft 96 SI It m I 140 ,!!

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