The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 30, 1958 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1958
Page 3
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1 JTH TERM POR LEAHY Pressure Is on Chief Clerk to Leave Home for Capitol B - "^ By -TACK B. MACKAt ST. PAUL (AP) - Qebt*« tea- hy hag B wonderful family arid a thriving law practice (a his home' town in Maple Lake. And he likes it there. Today he is preparing to serve Us 13th term as Chief Clerk of the Minnesota House of Representatives. But soon he will have to decide whether to leave Maple Lake and move to St. Paul to be near the State Capitol. Part Time Office Because of the heavy accumulation of legislative Work, the 1987 Legislature found it necessary ""to adopt a resolution setting up a part-time Chief Clerk's office in the Capitol — to serve the public in-between sessions. Leahy and his secretary, Edna Schoonmaker, took on the responsibility. At first Leah came to ^St. Paul two days a week. Then it became three times a week. 1 Now the pressure is on to have the 1959 Legislature, which convenes Jan. 6, convert the part- time operation into full time. Man of Many Jobs Leahy is a man of many jobSt He is House parliamentarian, paymaster, adviser to the Speaker, boss of 200 House employes, purchasing agent, and secretary for joint sessions of Uie House and Senate. In addition, he served as president of the "Third House," .which is a social organization composed of all House employes. As soon as his temporary office opened, at the close of the 1957 session, the traffic became immense. Lawyers wanted to look at committee books; lay people wanted copies of bills. The public became aware of the service being offered — and Leahy and Miss SchoonmakeV found themselves swamped. Referred Jo Vault Prior to opening of the office, persons who wanted to see minute books, to check roll calls and committee actions, went to the Secretary of State's office. There they were referred many times to a subterranean vault where minute books were mildewed and ragged "Soon we had as many as 50 persons a day coming to our of public becoming indignant." . , , , .. . you auuui uie same Leahy was asked if he would which as ist aside his law nrarHpA . * J cast aside his law practice. "I wouldn't want to make such i decision without putting it up to my family — just as I've done before," he replied. GETTING HOUSE IN ORDER — Legislators convering next week will be greeted by stacks of reports, proposals and assorted papers. Doing the sorting in St. Paul are George Leahy, serving his 13th term as chief clerk of the Minnesota House of Representatives, and his secretary, Edna Schoonmaker. Leahy also is House parliamentarian, paymaster and adviser to the Speaker of the House. (AP Photofax), $37.50 A PERSON Ushering in New Year a Costly Proposition 3 AUSTIN (Minn.) HtPtALD Tuesday, Dee. 30, 1958 After 27 Years, Stillwater Lifer Gets Hearing DULUtH, Minn. (AP)-A Stillwater prisoner who has served 27 years of * life term for murder will have a hearing Feb. 9 on an otder to show 1 cause why his 1931 conviction should not be vacated. He is Clarence CHllespie, 47, from the Crow Wing County community of Riverton. He pleaded guilty, with Edward T. Poster, 52, formerly of Ladysmith, Wis., in the slaying of Charles Welsh, Superior, Wis., in a Carlton cafe on June 17, 1931. 'Unlawfully Imprisoned' "~ "Tliis defendant has been unlawfully imprisoned for 27 years and it becomes extremely important that a prompt and final judicial determination be made in his case," said Judge Mark Nolan in setting the hearing date Monday. The order marked culmination of a 10-year legal fight on Gillespie's behalf by H. A. McLaughlin, Ironton, Minn, attorney who became interested in the case through the prisoner's family. . . .. McLaughlin used a writ of \ again for our annual P eek into the coram nobis,, ancient and little-! crystal bal1 at the P r °spects for used leeal maneuver t.n yam thr-i" 16 y par ahead. DRY SPELL WEATHER FORECAST — Rain will fall tonight from Texas eastward to the south Atlantic states with snow forecast from Oklahoma and southern Kansas through Missouri, the southern Ohio valley and into western New York. Drizzle is expected in the northwest coastal area with some snow inland. (AP Wire- photo Map), Boyle Gazes Into Crystal Ball for Peek at Next Year Blustery Mayor Bans Liquor in Illinois City AURORA, IB. (AP) - Mayor Paul Egan, who has seen cold water thrown on many of his burning directives in 1958, threatened today to spread a wet blanket on Aurora's New Year's Eve cele- He *aid h« would call on the sheriff and governor to carry out hisjatest order, "There'* not much to celebrate in Aurora yet, anyhow," he laid. Aurora has about 60 tavern*, 31 clubs with liquor licenses and tev- The blustery little mayor said |eral package store*.. that starting at midnight Thurs-J There was no immediate Corn- day no liquor will be sold in this ment from Council members, po- northern Illinois city of more than lice officials or spokesmen for the 30,000. j liquor dealers. Egan, heartened by a court ver-1 A few hours before his indict in his favor, said liquor can't i nouncement, a City Court jury 80- be sold after the start of the new quitted Egan of disorderly conduct year because all of the city's 1959 charges stemming from a meet- liquor licenses are being returned. The reason, the loquacious, 80- year-old mayor said, is because there is no legal police department to make the proper reports. The mayor has not recognized the current police department since ing at which he allegedly called on Aurora citizens to overthrow the police force. The verdict, after a daylong trial, reversed a previous conviction by a justice of the peace court jury. Egan, seldom at a loss for By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-It is time , used legal maneuver to gain the! hearing. The writ, similar to a; America for the goalposts after football games. A few other predictions: _ , „.. In March the United States will to run again in 1960. startle the world by firing into 1960. last fall when he dismissed the words, didn't say a word at the chief and his 64-man force. trial. But he later told newsmen: The chief, Donald Curran, and "The verdict was wonderful. I be- his force have stayed on the job. lieve it's the beginning of Aurora's Their stand was upheld 4-1 by the Aurora City Council. _ Egan, who told The Associated bodily to jail Oct. 14 in the midst A conirrPMm.,n win ™ni,,« , Press of his P lan to ban the salejof a public meeting in the City A congressman will receive a| of , lquorj said . ,, That meang no Council chambers . Police sald h ; emancfpation." Egan was arrested and hauled at - ' vate dubs ' package 8tores ' 1 hate in overthrowing the police force. t0 d ° il ' but 1 have to -" . „ ...._ And tne forecast is "Everything space the first satellite containing habeas corpus proceeding, alleges i fine in ' 59 -" But wit h some reser- a talking dog. In April the Soviet '—'- — - Union will reply by shooting up a vations. , Almost everybody who is work- ! satellite containing a talking para- ing will earn a little more money, i keet and a chorus of sin S'"g mice, [but even the Joneses will find iti a11 P er ched.on the back of a talk- that original facts at time of con* viction were in error or incom plete. Approached Pair i~— -•- -«..,..«..> m u mm Jk Records disclosed that Gillespie | harder to kee P U P with thera and Foster were in the cafe when ! selves ' Selmer Swanson, former Carlton} Business and the cost of living county sheriff, and Bert MacFar-! wi ^ " se hand in hand. Politicians land, then Carlton village mar- of a11 P ar ties will sternly call for shall, approached the pair to ques- more economy in government — tion them about two garage bur- j and tnen sit down and vote more __l * ""s itinriAv all at*nnrwt Egan a PP ealed his eviction. glaries. As the officers neared, one of the two men opened fire and Welsh, described as an elderly hitchhiker, was fatally shot in the neck. MacFarland was wounded in the wrist. Gillespie was arrested in an upstairs room of the cafe. Foster ,AP, New ' s«p, „„ „«,„. E1 you about the same as last year— plenty. naa All-Night Customers Two big, brassy spots in New York, with elaborate floor shows Cargill Soyb Plans ean Plant in Norfolk MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Cargill, 'P ire Room of th e Waldorf-Astoria Inc., grain handling and process- Hotel ta New York a " d Los An'^ es ' Cocoanut Grove , will pay up a person — and extra drinks. Celebrants who want dinner and j and filet mignon dinners, are billing all-night customers according to where they sit. At both the Copacabana and the Latin A survey of major cities turned Quarter, it will be $15, $20 or $25 up no sign that the'night spots archer person, depending upon loca- upping prices noticeably this year, '' though the trend for flat prices on New Year's Eve has long been upward. Top Tabs Top tabs will be paid at the Em- ing firm, today announced plans for a 7,000,000-bushel annual capa Cocoanut Grove, At both P laces dinner, dancing, r ,.- annua capa- , , city soybean processing plant at^ unny ^ ats - horns and entertain»._-#_« «r- mpnt un11 **rvef oKnnf *Q7 £n 4.t.*li.»4 Norfolk, Va. The firm also plans to build or ment will cost about $37.50, including tax. At the Waldorf's Empire Room buy elevators to serve the plant in At the Wald °>Ts Empire Room Virginia, M a ryland, Delaware, i that P" ce wm include listening to North and South Carolina. The nor- smger Eartha Kitt - Emil Cole ' folk facility will be constructed ad-1 man>s orch estra and Gypsy violin. . * *. . . ist Rpln Rphni jacent to the company's present 2,250,000-bushel export elevator at Norfolk. In addition to serving the vegetable oil needs of the eastern seaboard's dense population, Fred M. Seed, vice president in charge of th firm's oil division, said foreign demands also would be met. ist Bela Bebai. Most well-heeled celebrants who want to do the evening up right Jr. major cities will be paying about $25 a person, plus up to $1.25 a drink extra. That is the price in top spots in Miami Beach and Chicago, the plusher clubs on Los Angeles' Sun- Advertisement Advertisement BOH MORI THAN JUST "SHRINK" mi TISSUf SI No Surgery Needed To Stop Pain Of Swollen Pile Tissues While They Heal I To stop nagging discomfort of swollen pile* in minutei, thou- undi use Stainlesi Pazo®. Not only reduce* tissue (welling but •tops pain at once, promotes healing ot inflamed tissues too—alt without iwgeryl Preparations that just act to "shrink" piles can't after complete symptomatic relief. for real comfort, fast, you need this more complete medication. In doctors' tests, pMtenu bad Immediate relief. That'* because Stainlesi Ptaa combines the most effective Ingredients known for piles. Thus works 3 ways at once: (1) stops pain, itching in minutes; (2) shrinks tissue swelling, congestion; (3) promotes healing of raw tissues. You get Immediate new comfort while Nature's own healing magic goes to work I Don't suffer needlessly. (Set Stainleti Puzo Suppositories or Ointment at druggists. Get relief without surgery or money back I tion. The Stork Club's faithful clientele will dine and dance for $15 a person, with no floor show and high-priced drinks extra. In New Orleans the big spenders will be at the Blue Room of the Hotel Roosevelt, where dinner, champagne, dancing, favors, Jan Garber's band and Helen Traubel will* cost $25 per person. $22.50 Person Running close is the Monteleon Room, where Olsen and Johnson's "Hellzapoppin" revue will draw crowds willing to pay $22.50 a person plus, drinks. There will be a few bargains. At a Washington night club it will cost only $10 plus,tax per person for dinner, one cocktail, souvenirs and noisemakers, the Ink Spots, a chorus line, singers and dancers—and breakfast. The Waldorf will open its grand ballroom for a public New Year's Eve party.for the first time in history. In addition to supper, hats, noisemakers and the music of Les and Larry Elgart, all the ladies will get gifts of French perfume- also for only $10 a head. Only $18.50 The musically inclined can hear the Don Shirley Trio and pianist me uiui onniey inu anu piaiusi - — - ~* - ———«•• Lucille Howard at New York's Minnesota Supreme Court. Hickory House will enjoying a full steak dinner, all for only $8.50 a person. Probably the best buy will be the Miami Beach Kennel Club. money all around. Weary Words The two words people will be most weary of by 1960 are "inflation" and "taxes." i The'cold war will remain about' as peaceful as it has in the past,! but defense costs will go up in; every country as every day uncovers a new international crisis. ing horse. Friendly Protest In China, 250,000 people weary of communal living, will stage a friendly protest march on Peiping —and that is the last that will ever be heard from them. In Washington, D.C., these things can be looked for: • Lost Golf Balls j President Eisenhower will hold a masive children's Easter egg| hunt on the White House lawn—I and recover 612 lost golf balls, j Forecasts about people: ' ' Secretary of State John Foster, Dulles will make a trip by train, i Nikita Khrushchev will go on the' water wagon. Elvis Presley willj get promoted to sergeant and; write a book on Army life en-j titled, "Three Stripes'and You're! Out," i All in all, quite a year—1959. I CAN HELP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ... to a more secure future with MODERN WOODMEN LIFE INSURANCE if Saving! Plans <Ar Life Insurance •k Retirement Plant •k Mortgage Cancellation Pleni if Education Funds DARWIN (Duke) GRAY 1200 West College Austin, Minn. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Home Office Rock Island, in. or power—and in fled but was captured shortly after. The men were charged i In the rest of the world P 60 ? 16 win with first degree murder, first I "9 1 for *"""" 1 "" "" "" J '"' degree assault and third degree burglary by indictmnts. As the defendants were without funds, the j court appointed a Carlton attor-j ney, since deceased, to represent them. No Conference In his petition, McLaughlin al- Probers to Ask About Russian Missile Report WASHINGTON (AP) — Members of two Senate committees' said today Pentagon officials will! be asked about reports that the' Soviet Union will have 300 intercontinental ballistic missiles within 18 months. A report to that effect, without any verification, was made public at a weekend meeting of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science. It said half the 300 ICBMs would work, with a range and accuracy that could destroy the U.S. Strategic Air Command's retaliatory power. There was no comment from military officials. Second-Hand Report piacea against mm. His actions Roger Hilsman - deputy research as demonstrated by the record, I dlrector of the Librfl ry of Con- ~u~... — AI i- . . sress Ijpffislaf.ivA Poforon/iA leged that this attorney never held a private conference with the prisoners but talked to them in a corner of the courtroom while both were handcuffed to deputies; did not seek to determine the guilt or degree of offense of the men but, in fact, advised them to plead guilty because "there is enough to give you life on the three charges." "This court . appointed defense counsel most emphatically demonstrated his negligence by failure to secure consultation with his client out of hearing of the sheriff and his deputies," Judge Nolan said. "He also waived the reading of the indictments so that it could not be claimed that the defendant really knew what charges were placed against him. His actions, show more than incompetence and are indicative of prejudice." Foster was allowed to plead gress' Legislative Reference: Serwce, said he got the report! second-hand from a meeting of a| minority group of the Council ot' guilty to a third degree murder mm ° nty gr ? up of the Council ot charge, received a 7-30 year sen-l Fo ? lgn Relatlons ia New York _ . * oar-Mr *Vtio wmnfVt tence and since.has been paroled. early this month. MjLaughlin said several attempts But niet nbers of the Senate to gain parole for Gillespie havei Armed Serv ices and Foreign Re- failarl IfltifmS Pnmt1tUf0aC COM fha AB>i failed. Judge Nolan said in his memorandum that no clear decisions from higher courts exist in Minnesota on the writ of coram nobis. But he said protections afforded by the writ should be available lations committees said the estimate calls for an early statement by the Defense Department to the two groups. Sen. Mike Mansfield (Mont), assistant Senate Democratic leader, said closed door sessions of the oy me wru snouia oe available »••-•«.» u w » ocaaiuua ut m c to prisoners until it is abolished! two comm ' t tees to receive the ap- by law or by a decision of the: praisal "unquestionably will be He indicated that thU case might afford A means for such clarification. KELLY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE BECAUSE OF GRAND HOTEL FIRE! OFFICE OPEN FOB PAYMENTS. unquestionably ..... _. among the first orders of busi ness" after Congress meets Jan. 7. Need Early Comment , Senators John Sparkman (Dij. . ! Ala), Prescott Bush (R-Conn) and Missionaries John S. Cooper (R-Ky) all said Congress will need some early comment from the Defense Department on what the known Send First Dentist — The PHILADELPHIA WPI _.._ |r Roman Catholic order of Medical; facts are. Mission Sisters is sending out itsj Mansfield said the estimate, if first dentist as a missionary next it is found accurate or even near- month. She is Sister Mary Simon ly so, "ought to wipe away any (Mehrl), of Dubuque, Iowa, who'll j complacency" stemming from go to • hospital in Rawalpindi,!this country's feat in sending the Pakistan. The order already has talking Atlas ballistic missile into 30 nun physicians in service. , orbit. 5O% OFF 2 DOROTHY GRAY SKIN BEAUTIFIERS trout Ml IHI •urni-An *iv« blend of enriched emollients Uut does marvels to help smooth, soften dry fUkjr skin. 4 o». NOW 12W (r«£. $4.00) MUMtl mtHU MU«-A iaxur:- ous civam to help achieve "the look «f youth." Contains 10,000 vital hornion* unite per ounce 4 oi. NOW HJQ (rej. $5.00j WOLD'S DRUG STORE Cetmttic Counter THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS.. You'll find the friendly folks at Home Federal can help you own the home of your dreams... See us for financing your home. You can be assured of our friendly help from our conscientious staff. Open Your Insured Savings Account Now Each Account Insured Up to $/0,000 HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 129 North Main Street • Austin, Minnesota Home Offices: Spring Valley, Mina. • Hi 3*3431

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