The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 3, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1933
Page 4
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tHEMALVttK LOCAL NEWS OP ttffi WEEK IN MALVERN hattnt th*fr viatt* m*rtto**d H 8. J. Mffrfofd rtitte In fr»ffl fcttrsh, Colo. fot A Visit with relative* In Mnlwft and Gteft- Mm. tosllft Wtson of irwln Mr*. Btrt Smith Of *f**tt fhnrsday afternoon with Mrs. fiva OROOERIES, MEATS «t WHOLESALE PRICES. Save on alt Grocery Mist Helen Olth#H In with the M!MP» Ada and M»- «ofi«* Wradt Of r*fn. Neb*., And j»er«fflaft of Tecamteh, left BAtnrday for where the* *lti spend A week At the Wotld'li Mr. and Mr«. telmer Bftd d*tt»hter. ttoth. Friday e*e«ittu frtn« ait antntfio- bile trip to Maiinfieid. Ohio. While there they visited with their (isuithter. Mr*. A. J. jttelke, and fatttitv, Mrs, Meraerstntth nnd Mis* Memeretnlth of tndepen- Mo. returned hoitip Wed-] of ISM week after A visit with their daughter and sinter, Mrs. H. R. UiiRplpr, and ( fntnlly. Mr. and Mr«. !,t>nlp Mrprn nnd stftet, O 8. Mrl. »«er*te tf»««| fcir t. F, Beltirood, tt ttfi. fteit- h«i nwift Ottlte m fot the two »»*** hat she tontid fcet Aftd Itetfy t*tfl fatt*. tdaho, fcepWWf MM. CArf Wiitfttt, 6AHI* In Wi« nwdst enronte ho«e frott a trip to the Wotlo"* Pslr. Attd visited In tfte Wllsofl home anltl fttrtidAy morning when they Ml for fteflti them and will tint hit ontte At mtpiton. Idaho tor a month or nit weeks. Mr. Mr*. Frank Shftmtt of t)«i Molnw motored Iff frott Wl»eonnln tlondAy where Mr. gharratt has been Attetidtdf saw- They plan to be here hrongh the month ot A«K«*t win 111, tlnii«lilpr!« of Nnkomls, Wednesday for an M«Iit vlMt with Mr. ahd Mrs. It. Butter, creamery, Ib, ________ -_ Cracker*, 2 IBs, — -22c Wetners, 31b*, __.25c Matche*, per car* 4 Cheeie, Ib. Super Sud Certo, per a » Jelly Apopn FREE with each, bottle. Coffee, Frank'* Special, Ib, » or 3 Ibi. _______ B5c Peanut Butter, quart --------- 22c Larire ttlw, OATS -10c Corn Ralc«A or Port Tbattie*, for _____ .>_ Fl» Bar* or Ginjrer Snap*, 3 Ib*, for _28c SUGAR, 10 Ib*. for B2e TEA« Gun Powder or Japan, Ib. ___ 25c WE SELL RETAIL AT WHOLESALE PRICES So^alM LLON GO GALLON GOODS ^ N*. 10 Sim Peacoe*, Italian Prone*, BlackWrrm - _-5»c QruAJted Pfaeapplo 49c HIGHEST MARKET PRICE PAID FOR EGGS _ Apricot*, per Derate ....... $1.15 Medium tice Orange*, dox, ---------- I0c Lemon*, dozen ___ I5c Potato**, per peck 29c Apple*, per peck __15« Large Ripe Banana*, dox. --------Urge Slxe PEACHES, dox. _ ____ _____ 15c Blue, Ribbon MALT, 3 Ib. can ------ >B7« BoWe Cap*, gro** _15c Frmt Jar*, cit*,, t ....... _ Jar Rubbers, 7 do.. 25c Jar Coyer*, dot. — 22c FRESH AND CURED MEATS FOR LESS Pork Chop*, 3 Ib*, Beef RgMt, per Ib. 7 He Bacon Square*. Ib. 8Hc Pure Lard, 4 Ib*. _35c Picnic Ham*, Ib. _ Steak. f»vi* with f«oh $1 Meat Onltr. MALVERN NMtMl* Frail C*. Ma« Frank. i^x>p. Mlc« llpttr ttaer spent ln*t week with her mint and uncle, Mr. «h<i Mr*. JB->. Dufhtn. hear Kwmon. Misi Dlxlp Finer came down frotti Omaha Thursday for A rtsjr's *l»lt In the Dr. I. I'. Parsons home. That afternoon she was a guest of lite bridge ciub which met with Mrs. It W. Salvers, and Allen Worttnan down to Hussell Saturday la spend the day with cousins whom they had not seen In several year*. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Durbln aad daughter, Dorothy, drove to the northeastern part of the atate this week-end, visiting in Iowa City and Amen before they returned. Mr. and Mr*. George Short and son, Llord, drove to Sioux City last Thursday tor a week*en4 visit in the home ot their daugh ter. Mr. and Mr*. T. B. Caudetl and daughter, Betty, and Mr. and Mr*. Reno Cutter aad daughter*. Velma and Wllma, left Sunday moratat tor a vacation trip with no **t destination. They plan to be cone a week or tea day*. Mr. aad Mr*. Roy Caudetl and daughter, Velma Jean, aad Wau neeta Cos motored to Corning where they met relative* from FonUnelle. They were accompanied home by. Mr*. Caa- deUt *t**er. Mr*. Kettle Hall, of - -:..*tt£«£*jM*Tt»tt , here the pert month, O* Tuesday they weat to Omaha where Mr*. Kail took tbe ba* tor ber borne. Mr*. A. P. FVrrel and daughter. Thelma, of Randolph were (visitor* Monday In tbe H. O, M' lely home. Mr*. Delphi Thomas entertained at dinner Sunday honoring tbe birthday* ot ber mother, Mr*. W. W, Tunnlsoa, and Mr. Thomas'* mother. Mr*. Molly Thorn**, Mr. and Mrs. W. W, Twnateoa served a fried cblcken tapper Sunday for Mr. and Mr*. J. C. Wisdom and tbetr daughter and husband, Mr. and Mr*. F. gard. and Roy Roldea Jr. Council Bluff*. Mia* Clara Wise returned borne Tvesday from a visit te dart*** at the C. A. Boose borne, Mr. Mr*. BOOK* motored over wftb, ber, retaining borne (be same day. Mr. a«d Mr*. M. K. Prather and Mr*. Esther Patterson aad email son, Glen, of Cleveland, O. motored te Saturday aad ytelted Mr. and Mrs. C. U Kaaoe until Ittnir at the parental f. 1. Mul- ltund home and with other rel- att*p» and friend*. Mrs. M. te. Bo»ton enjoyed a nice drive Sunday with her »on, Collier. They calted at the Mlek of Mr. and Mrs, T. J. Goariey ot «ame S««day for several day* visit with their daughter *nd son-in-Uw, Mr. aad Ifr*. C. L. Kunoe. Mr. and Mrs. Revel Herman and eon, Dicky, and Max Ireland *-er* S«aday dJaser suasu fn tbe home of Mrs. Keilie Do*mer in Bluffs. Mr. »»d Mr*. Afr Marshal! ai»4 Miss Beiett Marshall were also guests tbe past week there, retnniiag borne Sunday evening. Patty WighttD*& of Sidaey bas been spending the week here the ruest of her aunt, Knight. Mre. W. HEAR THIS SIDE lioyal American Picketers kiive & constructive program for formers and iwal comma* nities. We w*nt the opportimtij' of inf it to you at an open home south of Glenwotid, thpn motored on down to Tabor and tfelted Mm. Parmella Dete* tnn Rod with h«r grandton, ford WenHh. ami Wife. Mri>. W. 3. C. Smith tlsltwl in the R, M. Bhtpman home in Em- er»nn Tuesday. ttet. and Mrs. L. ft. Bobbltt and son, Vernon. were guestt Tuesday of Ret. and Mrs. Catlln in Hed Oak. , Harry Woodward 8r. of Hurley, So. Dak. and son, Harry Woodward Jr., of Hot Seringa, 00. Dak., came lit Tuesday evening. They had tint driven to Detroit. Mich, where they purchased a new V-S Ford and had Attend* ed the World's Pair at Chicago. They were guests IB the 1. M. Steele And 3. N. Bummer* homea. Mr. Woodward it. ha* been principal ot tbe Hot Spring* school for fifteen yean and continue* In the same position next year. He wilt be better remembered here as Mary Clearer'* huaband. They left tor Hurley, 80. Dak. Wednesday forenoon. Mr. and Mr*. Tom OroeA* ot Tabor and Win. Stout ot Glenwood were dinner gueats Sunday in the Albert Nelson borne. % Mr. and Mrs, Harold Jone* came In Sunday from Chicago for a two weeks visit with his par- «nta, Mr. and Mr*. Q. A. Jone*. His sister, Helen, who bad been visiting In Chicago, returned home with them. H. B. Milder, brother-in-law ot Mr*. Abe Kavlch, died At his home In Omaha Monday night, July st, after a llncertnc lite***. He had lived la -Omaha *»*t or bte lit* and b*taa Mi c*re*r to A newsboy. He wa* a prominent Omaha politician. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Kllmarttn attended the funeral ot H. B. Milder In Omaha Tneaday. Mr, and Mr*. Qeorc« W«der- oulst and Mr. and Mr*. H. O, Allely attended a party at the Chet Drtoket home at Sidney Saturday totght. Max Qllchrict ot Randolph is ataylnc at the R. a Allety home dnrtnc threshing season In this vicinity. Byron Springer, eon of Mr. and Mr*. Jr. U Springer ot Red Oak, dtelooated Ms left elbow on* day tKl* week wben be tripped and while Jumping ov«r a feaoe Local* Eliminated at Blulfe Tourney Lett to if aft** Melon, 8 1, to ttrti R<*md of MattetTs baseball team f*t te im b**e, and At«o«t HUfally speaking, when they started in the «HmtMttoai ot the southwesterft IOWA baseball toartiataetit At Coufieit Bio ft* Bund ay. Th* leeals plated tie Mnghes Motor team of the Bluffs in the second gAne Bauday Afternoon and lost, I to i. The game WAS he tail scheduled for this season by MA6Af«r Harold Btalet. The ttttthw nine tot oft tor a stow start but popped out si* of heir nine hits In the third And fourth Innings and scored Ail ot .heir runs In those two periods. itAltern ran in one In the third hot was ttBAbie to do nore. JAckson WAS in tha box for MAlvern And turned out A creditable t*me. KitttnUit Garnet In Wide Variaty Hare This W«*k If you want to watch klttenbatl *Atnes you'll have a wide variety o ehooe* from In tha next few day*. Scheduled are: Aug. t. Otter* va. firemen. AUK. 4, *t K p. m., woman's game; at «:80 p. in., Qlenwood . Malvern. Aug. T. Oiler* v*. Booster*. ta addition there wilt be the all county tournament At the f Air which will Include teams from MAlvern, Qlenwood, touting*. Stiver City. PAdflc Junction, and Tabor, 'Maker* W*f» Citi** fcftfct* Mattefa's town twwetAti teAm wfrt mm the Cftie* Befrfee «f osiaha §tt*d*r o* »** ffOflftdS diamond, Team Standings Standings in the kittenball league After Tuesday hight'i pl*y afe tften: woft lost (**• All StArs *«****!« 0 1.000 Boosters _. _.__ 4 6 Merchant* ... -.4 6 Plretteft — — -- 2 6 Oiieta ***** **~3 6 Plymouth* -_ .--3 6 .444 .400 .875 .876 .388 Co. I Defeats Malvefn The MAlvern kittenball team went to Olenwood last Wednesday flight and there met with defeat at the hands of Company I to the score of 4 to 3. Malrern made a good beginning, scoring two runs on two hits and two errors, while Company I made only one run. However Maltern was able to make only one store run. and their opponent* scored two in the last quarter of the game. while yiattiag at tbe Wilbur borne near Haatiac*, Mr. aud Mrs. Job* Fletcher spent teat week In Omaba at tbe home ot their son, lyeovard Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher waa b*v- IBK * vacation from b!* dutiea at tbe MttlhoUaad store. Mteale Hall i* vaettloatec from ber work wHb tbe Bell Te!ephe»« eoatpJaay *»d *be «ad her deter, Laura, are vfafttac la tbe Joe Ckamtry home at Foada. loe Chantry aad Al Becker Jr. ot Fonda visited friead* here over tbe week end. Mr*. Cbaattr returned hove wit* titesa alter a vtett bere with ber pare&ts, Mr. and Mre. Alfred Ran. Mr*. C. A. Johawa, J*»« aud Joan, Mfaale Ball, Marie visitors Wednesday. Mr*. Ira Lewis of OnalMt «a|l«d cneraooa at tbe twite ot ber sister, Mrs. Sadie Mctetyre, Mr. »«4 Mrs. E. Baektel «d d*«ctiter, Jane, of Seattle, W*«k, eawe Wedaesday M d vteltefl tfl T*«r8d»y wltb Mr. a»d Hr*. V*w* Walker. Mrc. B«c*ua and Mrs, Walker trteads ta liHnote. m, **A ***. Bftchtel were enroot* to tb* Cea- tury of Progress t£positio» Is Kittenbail Become* Rough Recreation No amoothlea can aland up under the pnnlehment of kittenbalt AA WM ehowjft TneadAy erenlnt whea bi< Paul HerU. on* of the abl«at on the lot, reeetTed A broken 0ns«r wh«n he tried to top A fait drir* XVllb tW 86wn tueaday, ID the taat half ofuhe aetenth Lawn t th* AU Stara, dror« a double the tree* acorinc McGullough - PkttlMiaMDr^ aA 8 f to f win OB atoBdAT ,«rMUic th« aler- drteated the Plymoatha In a close battle, 10 to I, The previous Thursday tbe Firemen took another aet back when they loft to tbe All Star* - - - - O t tbe cloeect Ulu to 4, of the week. Old Kittenballert Trim, Youngsters Palling a«r«ral of the more «f» feettro bn«c o»t of their bac of trteka tart PrUay night, Oldsten . at nine pool partc. by Cat^A«r-MMU««r Coarad, who to «U11 ab)« to p«c aw wltti «MM, ib«y oat on top of a i> to IS CT»* that «loa bottlea tbo sort day. OBI «|| the «iv nam tteXulty wa* to lift up the old bobuatl* *t tfce proper aa the tall cam te tw*» tbo ovtteH alter » tone **» claap tt ta A* bate. effectively <*op»e4 tb* b*ll the R. Graves ha*e; tke to Wa ««M a»i aa ortgfmal «•« oovwtac w*a l»oi«C rovt tbe tt vo«M te f«a> Infant Keeps Gay Chevalier Home A new Maurice Chevalier—** Chevalier of bedroom slippers and fireside romancing — makes his appearance In "A Bedtime Btorr," Uteat ot tbe French stAr's pictures, which open* San* day At the Empress Theater. iUurice la still g»y and debonair—but he keep* hU gaiety and hi* debonair m*nnw near tbe hearth In thU picture, instead ot paradtng'tt about the world, A* b* BA* In the pAkt * H*'* CAgt aa a Part* man- About-town who return* from a voyage abroad to find aomeone baa abandoned a year-old baby In hi* automobile. His first reaction, which b* Immediately put* Into effect. U to call the po-, lie* to take the child away. But by the Una the officer* arrive, ba baa become *o intrigued with the youngster that < be h*a decided to keep U and r*4*e It, .king tor a little per cant. * ''" •-'- .." ._. Local Nctmeti Win Dttat Mgst , MitfiHl Match Oleawood Aad MAltefn tenhl* fans hfaved A Scotching snn Snft- dAy Afternoon to compete In the first lntef-to*n tennis meet evef played here. Sets were played oft the two FairHew Country club courts. With a good edge o* their op* po»ent« Ifl the single Aftd Aft even break in the doublet, Malvefft took seven ot the ten matches. Members of both teams were somewhat out of practice although a few of the matches showed exciting speed. First two singles and all doubles were played on a two out of three set basis and latter four singles were decided by a lone set. Match tallies: John Hall (0) defeated Lloyd Short. 6-2, t-B. , tteft* lefetted Csft j> 1-4; (Dkttfwetf lefeitc^ to*Me FHon (0), 6-4. Mftfbofttfif f efiAied feeott I fa the dotit.1«*, tt* taffies w«re: MoIhoHAftd-Mertii defeated rifr.n-tt.ri (O), M .8-2. Mfller-Paol t^flwett (0) t* teated Caidwetl-Mftftty, «-*., «.}. Friedttin-Cletftd mj flefeated Short-Beattle, ^1, M, *-8. Caldwett-WorttiiAft defeated i§), e-2. Hettctef*4»a M, E, There wa* a good attendAfiea last Sunday evening at th» chnreh service. The pastor used AS alt subject, "The Shining Paths ot the Lord." Kest Sunday will be the last Sunday before the fourth quarterly conference, which will be held At Wesley Chapel oft Aug. ii. Plan to at' tend the conference and let's ail work for a good attendance tor the services aekt Sunday. There's something in the advtft tlsemetits today in Interest yot> Church Seruttes ] Methodist Episcopal Church | Roy E. Ougeler, Pastor j The stewards of the church are j asked to meet In the lecture room ot the church at 8 p. m. Thursday (today), Aug. 3. The Woman's Foreign Mission* ary Society will meet with Mrs. 'Oeo. Salyers this week, Friday afternoon. Service* next Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school At 10 and preaching at 11 a. m. The sermon subject will be "The Courage ot the Conquered." Following the 11 p. m. service next Sunday ail member* of the church who are ot voting age will ba asked to stay for an election of a lay delegate and an alternate to the annual conference. • J. R. McClymond li judge of the election and the tellers are Mia* Amy Hammers and Mrs. R. W. Salyers. This election should not take long. , Voltaire, the celebrated French writer and denouncer of hristianity In the eighteenth you wa — W »•••••»•««•• + *f t *WM 4**lt*fr| — of ail, get rid ot the Chris- tlan Sunday." In our day there may be a few people consciously and with purpose working at that destruction, but we believe many more are unconsciously working at it while they thoughtlessly drift with the tide. Baptist Church Bible school at 10. A little over 100 present last Sunday, Why not make It 116 this Sunday? A splendid attendance last Sunday at the morning worship. Subject of the me*s*ge next Sabbath. "Two Measuring Sticks." Which *h*ll w* use? Can we make use of both of them? We have six day* for work and the making of" money,' Can w* not give At lout part of Sunday for religious and spiritual things? DRS. KLINE & KLINE Or. O. M. kiln* ; Or. 4. A. Ottaopathto j*Jqr*|*l*n* om»» bouni 1 " p. m, «n •m |# tk* town ot Mr. and Mrs, d*r«a«e born of her brother. Cart lact ve*k. Mr*. »«rty VM Stem fftMfea*, Tbw tai bM» rtsiUM Mr, M1U«"« .later at K«MW C«j. year* «lw» ta*tr Uai inthti Community Bld«, •* JHI^W^wW^^ v^^B ^SF^^ jj^f ^^Tp^^^g^ft 9nnViM|Pf * ~^p|P(P^ MA'LV.ER cooperates with • N. R. A. We're behind President Roosevelt's Rec^p ery Plan and believe that by followin| thjB Code of fair competition as given below^we will be able to give better value to our tamers as well as to aid recovery, The Code *f» «ft» Ifcalr fewer wftit PyesHent Roo i jp&r •" tAbUihmetkt* at 8 o'clock A, at., aad clo»e a»m« at " r * * ,- .. - -,— K , ^ g^"gr»yfT*»»jf » Vfir" '' dAjr »f eAA week ajd *mi op*n at eight e'clook «t ten o'c

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