The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 3, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1933
Page 3
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MILLS comrv p ARM 6umu NEWS M. PbotteSM Mai Reund'Up leteet SSfiii for E*WWt *i A tott»Mtf» wneat growefi oi ItHts coutty t*s«4 wfli mset this week is mike *z. i teffcssile ifiotiawnt ptmctwany the tttae the county atlotmsnt. Jttdglftg *nd selectlbn of Wrd* was tfc« jtffSgranl tot poultry Mttb round-ftp day, held f netdat, July It, it 16* Slattern fair grounds. Cttft Bemoett brought 1ft ISO t>lrd* to* selectioft and Judging Weft. Afttrotimatety 80 elub incm- trefs afid parents were there by tot tn* *i?»*|e am tt ttiito iatftty. af&t ttr« A teMes o! tfiwMhip tteetlftgs «f« wfce will be held daring August ta *c- qtittt fafffl«« wftfc th« w ttt* them § t<* Sfttiati fliS '» the forth- svfeffc* tftW SUte fUr was this *ieV6tfettttf «§t fof Monday, is. ., DtfBSenff ptiMic speaking esntest tor fartt Bsretn women wffl %* ***« ** Btttiraay, Ang. *M til WfhMF will appeaf «*' th* Ifefrttt *t farm Bureau "" American JtBBertnt ettftsHterftbt* *t times, frtrt we are gtad to .. somewhat improved at this writ j^^jjg^gjfcgtjjggg^gmiivn^w* Benefits o! Wheat operate wtth tt» ftdttlnWrittoU . by slsnlfig cottracts to reduce AllOtftteftt ' -— acreage. Wheat will time _ Bnfettt federation gold medal wftt fee fffttftated. the iftef wttl *ts* itt* her oration « teatfcf* ot tfc» program. Beter.1 leadets who are na- tlonally known are to be Invited 9 ft'eltttk. the selection and ing of birds tot showing it the frlf was the fofenodn program. W. ft. Whltfield, ettehsldn poultry specialist; Carroll Bloom ot Bloom Bros. Hatchery, file** wood; ttay Milton, county petti* try clnb leader', Mrs. W* 8. Brad* isy» leader ot the Progressive Peoples Poultry club; and Mrs. S. t. Sawyers, leader of the Center Booster 4*H Poultry club, as* filsted club members In selecting their poultry far the fair. Club members in attendance wets* Margaret Angus, David Aft* gus, Betty Jane Loveli, Dorothy Nagel, Virginia and twyla Cham* berlaln, Bobbie Buftlngton, Dorothy Sawyers, Maxtne Sell, Robert Jackson, Lillian, Lulu, Wllma, and Byron Bradley, Club members, parents and club leaders picnicked at noon In the shade of the fair grounds trees. The afternoon program consisted ot Judging practice on production classes ot Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Wyandottes, • and Leghorns; and also standard "• type and color stuy of the above breeds. Final tryouts for the poultry * 'judging team will be held Aug. :; a at the Mills County Fair. W. R. j Whitfield and Ray Hilton will -.; have charge ot the tryouts. Well it the price ot bread gets too high we can go back to the .old fashioned corn pone. llOW RATES* . hate i chaftee later to elect i mia from each community to b« oft a permanent county wheat is- sotlation, which will have an .«* I to speak on fitt Burein Day at «*«•«»» JljAJMunl ttttittie Demand the coftmlttee planning the program stated that as many features as pdstlMi tfom county 4.H Clubs Complete Pkm far the Fair et Mills county ire completing plans for the annual Achievement show at the field or *« the wuaty talf, to be held A«f. itation Mr. and Mrt. and two daughters ot Mattern were guests Sunday at the hoffie of her sister, Mrs.R.0. Ruse. Cotif effcttcfe Meld the tottrth qtrartefty coiafef- ence tot the Silver City and East Liberty Methodist churches iris held in the litter church last rhursday evening and was well attended, the majority ol thi members ot the official board of each place were present and «ev* oral visitors. Each organisation ot the churches was represented and i prepared report given from all. with the eseeptlon of one and a volunteer member reported on that. At the close of the business session a standing vote which was unanimous, was given in appreciation for the pastor Rev, f. O. Barnes, and tor his return to this same field another year. Dtst. 8upt. D. Jt. Buenton presided over the meeting an 8, 9, and 10, Bthiblts to be shown will slst ot baby beet calves, frare the I «*««'» bred beet belters, pure bred dairy the work* ,. „ Bttfeau bay this ! year," Chas. 8. Hearst, presiden of the Iowa federation stated "there are many euestlons per Italning to the administration o ithe agricultural emergency act which will be answered by prominent leaders in addresses at the fit VIRftTE OF AN EXECtT- f ib& directed to me fro* the ot- ee of the Clerk ol the District Court of Unfit County, iowa o* a ndgment ifctatoed In said court, on the *8th day ot ApHl, i9«2. a favor oi lohn Mott as PlatntlS rfrf itaiftit I*, fi. Howard is De- enflsttt, fof the sum ot 18.484.40 ce*ts, t**ed it $78.95 and awrnlnf wsts. I have levied np^ on the following described Real estate Sltnited In Hills County. owi, taken as the property ot said Defendant to satisfy said et- ecutioh to-wlt: gave a very helpful talk. One time when figures won' lie is when they are in bathin suits. fn« South * West Quarter bf Section fourteen (14), township Seventy-two (?«), Range rorty-two (42), West of the 6th P. M., Sfccept i 41-100 acres sold to Chicago Burlington and Qnlney RilU road Company, in North-Bast corner and except one acre tot School described as Commencing Seventeen (If) Rods West ot the. South * East corner, thence North twelve and One* Halt Rods, thence West twelve and one-Halt Rods, thence South twelve and One-Halt Rods thence East twelve and One-Half Rods to place ot beginning and also except a tract conveyed for Road, Being West JO feet of South ll chains e* Sotrtfc-Weiit Quarter (SWfc) of Sonih-West Quarter (SWH J and al*o except essetaftnt granted to State of Iowa fo* Road purposes as shown by th« record there*! in Book 68 at Page 1S3 of records of said Mills County, Iowa. And th» North-Halt (Nfc) of the South-* West Quarter (8WU) of th« South-East Quirter (8EU) and all that part ot the North* West Quarter (NWH) of »* flouth-East Quiner (SE*4> Lying South of the Southerly Riiht-ot-Way ot the ChieMfO Burlington and Qutncy Railroad as noW located, alt In Section Fourteen (14), township Seventy-Two (?») Rang* ro^ ty-two (4*), West o! 6th & M. and Will offer the same for i*l« to the highest bidder for cash la hind at the Court House in Glen* Wood, Iowa* on the 31st day of August A. D., 193J, between the hours ot 9 o'clock a. m. ana 4 o'clock p. m. ot said day, com* mencing at 10 o'clock a. m. o! said day, when and where due at* tendance will be given by the tth* dersigned. Dated at Qlenwood, towa, thin 28th day of July A. D k 1933. W. 8. DeMoss, 3-2. Sheriff ot Mills County. belters, pure oreo sow ana "vl „— inent leaders in aaur«»BOB «•. ».. ters, market barrows, 44t <* ut > *"«,,„.. g^eury Wallace wilt fair, ta fact, the program com H«,,I»* tttri fttnthlft* eihibits. . riM V ^"rlL^A^ «.t,**t «,!»»« In otitlning this year* ThiT percentage reduction tie. o* the various phases M me phase ot their club work to the production ministration of the relief act." some pnase 01 luwr «•»» ""••!;» 44.-* that is to be given at the fair on » ™* 4-H club night, the team winning « «<« will be rewarded by a trip to the of *"' DM»I>9 •' «•»• " »*v« -w •—— f Will CWiU pete with teams from other counties. Another feature will be a| girls' 4-H club style show and the girl winning in this will r'" get a trip to the State Fair. The girls on the demonstration teams are: Phyllis Wilson and Nora Summers ot Silver Cloud Plerson and records for 4-H Health Contests Through the cooperation of the "iraiiable. I Mills county doctors, the 4-H •, McDonald ex- clubs are sponsoring a county It a county's aver- health contest for both boys and has been 100,000 girls In 4-H club work, the east five-year the girls' county contest was idmlnistration held at Dr. Harmon's office in SO per cent reduction thejOlenwood on tuesday, Aug. 1 e allotment will CT Mary Elisabeth Summers and ™2 hee '% lirmer ln retur n for Te- MarlanBentonotSllveretteolub; ™« acreage will receive a Virginia Slaughter and Geneva d"«M pa y me nt on a certain part Sell ot Wide Awakes dub? Lul« X. c ^p TWs part will be an and Lillian Bradley of Clover « n » ?™*'\ "' £ ne ^tt ot his Leaf clubland Marticla Davis »n«mnt eQua IMW e pa and Anna Margaret Matthew, of j;^^^ Consumption. Shamrock club. About 60 or 65 per cent of the total crop has been consumed domestically by human beings. After the county committee receives the county allotment, this allotment is distributed proper- the boys' contest was held at Dr Parsons' office in, Malvern on Wednesday, Aug. t. Watoi this column for an nouncement of winners. County Allotment for Wheat U Set EAST LIBERTY AN ENTIRELY NEW SUPERFUEL • ' - , • -,*& AT THE PRICE OF REGULAR!. MASON ifilTT^ Luxurious Comfort at rates. 350 fion,ot 199;*OB bushels,' it was announced by Leslie M. Carl, Des Moines, allotment official for the United States Department of Agriculture. ^ The J99.408 flgvre, which has been determined by the United States Crop reporting board, represents the average total, annual production of wheat in the county for the five-year period, 19881938 inclusive. The figures for Iowa are based upon the annual farm enumeration made by the township assessors for 1928'38 and by the federal census of 1929 all of which have been officially published, The county allotment is set at approximately 56,8^pw cent ot Please try to finish the book ot Hebrews this week. The pastor appreciates very •' return at this averase, produotion to con form with the percentage of the national wheat crop which is con- surned domestically for human od. This allotment is tne maximum " ~ ' compensation wheat and the allotment is SO per cent-he will grow 800 bushels. He can sell. his entire wheat crop when and where he pleases. The benefit payments on the domestically human consumed part are made in addition to any amount he may be able to get tor bis product, explained Mr, McDonald- Mr, McDonald suggested that farmers who are interested in the wheat plan figure their average acreage in wheat over t be last,three years and the average production per acre for the last three years. These figures will form the basis tor the individual farmer's allotment — that is, the number of bushels which be can raise, and also the number on which be is eligible for benefit payment. Farmers who sign contracts to reduce their wheat acreage will receive, checks from the Federal government for iwo-talrds of the be as usual- - f—f^-r • J-^r-r^^- - W*W -church at 10 and payment .can be made within the Sunday school at 11. All are in vited. "Be free from the love ot money; content with such things as ye have; tor himself bath said, I will In no wise fail thee, neither will I In any wise forsake tbee." (Hebrews 18,5), Mr. and flrs« Frank Halnes and their son, 'A. L. Haines, and family attended the FarmerB- Merchants picnic In tabor last Tuesday, Miss Evelyn Latchaw was a guest for a few days last week of Miss Marie Wright, east of Sil ver City, B, J, Lookabill had ft shlpmen of calves on the South Omaha markets one day last week. Mrs, Prank PuVaJ was pne p about twenty guests who spent day most pleasantly »t the ol Mrs. Stnouse aortb of total payment due them after Bept 15,, • Assuming that the farmer's allotment is 600 bushels and aatumiBS further tliat the benefit payment is fixed at about 30 cents & bushel, this farmer's total benefit ptyment would be 1180. These figures* of course, are used merely for illustration, tb,e actual pa/meni »&? be more or less, depending on what benefit payment is established. 'In this instance tne farmer would receive two-thirds of WB total payment or 1180 this fall and the other 160 after lie ba,s shown, that be has flailed the terms of bis .acreage Agriculture Qlenwood last Mr, «»d Mrs. Clyde parger, Belty and Wndsay were Council Bluffs visitors Friday afternoon, Miss Sarah Ruse spent last week with relatives at Randolph, The Fiww Burtau tfce moat r»pie»ent;attve wiftntettea to tbe Itl in ever? *|tr|eijltv» 1 ftl state, is 69 representing the a»4 action a| orgftB' pregresBlye aad „,-„. and Wayne were guests in Pacific „.„.. . Saturday night and iwday »t the home of their aunt, Mrs, Glen Fitch. Miss BettF Henderson has been spending the past ten days in Sidney with her grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. .Wiatt. Callers ftt the home pf Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Parser Sunday afternoon and evening were; Mr, and Mrs. Knop and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. NftBle, Mr. Mrs. Vern Dunn <j&d Mary Jean $wing< Mr, and Mrs. U. A, MflPolUs- ter, Nornia, Mary, and, Albert, of near Ptfftban were visitors at the of her parents, Mr, Mrs. Frank Hsines, HERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW ABOUT IT... The Compjete Superfuel ! 11 99S*6o» wr Mi&8 Huff of tt feettsarw ta aad iiu* to tfef spent Monday with Mr. SBd Mrs. tfeb of goad g«e'int, •* Q, W. Mr, aad Mrs. a. W, Brower aad Mrs- Wiaftle Moore of were Suadfty caUere at the Q. W. Rlaei Hi f «» liftw | Alwoyi ynifflrm tvery where, TAHDARD PREMIUM

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