Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 30, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, July 30, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr Saturday, July 31 "The wise man controls his destiny. . .Astrology points the way." ARIES iMar. 21 — Apr. 19»: Many could provoke disorder by asking minor concession — tuen attempt to impose on you. Be practical. Strike fair bargain. Key is being fair but firm. Then others respect you. can aid cause. TAURUS (Apr. 20 — May 20>: If you go to extremes. . . .you suffer consequences. Know this and use common sense. Some of your pet ideas could be upset. Day features change, surprise, possible journey. GEMINI (May 21 — June 20): Responsibility is keynote. Personal desires may have to take backseat. Means be aware of Basic Requirements. Be sure of solid found a t i o n in building, planning. Then you g o ahead. CANCER (June 21 —July 22): ; Important you evaluate messages, calls. All not what it appears on surface. Forces appear slightly scattered. Avoid unnecessary travel. Concentrate on getting at truth. Be thorough, i practical. i Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22): No good now for guessing, speculation, taking unnecessary risks. Be conservative where finances, are concerned. Check possessions. Tendency is to lose valuables. Use care. . .attend to details. ; VIRGO (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22):' If you seek perfection. . .you likely to be disappointed. Break from the past, a new beginning featured. Highlight sense of adventure, anticipation. Welcome fresh experience. LIBRA tSept. 23 —Oct. 22):: If you maintain poise — you' benefit. Secrets likely to be revealed. T ak e knowledge i n stride. Don't lose temper! You can benefit from recent experience. Stress Maturity. Go slow. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21): Practice restraint where impulses are concerned. Don't waste your creative resources. Much to be accomplished. You can gain through careful study of current situation. Don't wear heart on sleeve. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 211: Stand tall. Maintain dignity. Obtain hint from Scorpio message. Seek cooperation of family members. Then you avoid conflict. You are observed. Be tactful. Make valuable, n e w contact. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19): Control temperament. Be practical and basic needs will be fulfilled. Slow pace — especially where travel is concerned. Fine suggestion could BRIDGE BY JACOBY Te«n-«ge Doll ,' Coital (, "'"" * 5136-N DOLL'S IIANDKNITSl— Treat her 11-inch teen-model doll to a wardrobe of handknits! You'll find these interesting to make: and so very nice to give! Pattern No. 5136-N has knit directions for two-piece dress: skating outfit plus mittens and scarf and two-tone dress. To order, send 35c in coins to: , Anne Cabot, Iromvood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new 'G5 Fall and Winter Album! Regular features: custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! SO NORTH (I>) * A K 3 V Q fi ft -1 * 2 * A K 10 7 6 AVKST KAST * g.i 10 4 n 7.1 2 V .r a 7 v K i n » K i n t; .•? « .i 9 7 5 4 4-812 4. 9 3 SOI TH 4 BG-1 V A 0 ;* J * A Q a 4> Q.' r, Kast and West vulnerable ICast .South West Pass 1 V Pass PHSS -I N.T. Pass Pass ,1 N.T. Pass Pas.-, Pass Pass North 1 * .> ¥ 6 ¥ Opening lead Q I ten the nctual play won. Win' was the duck correct? The principle of restricted choice explains why. With king-ten. En;'! was restricted to the j Ion spo ( play; with jack-ten he ; might well have played the jack. j Hence it was twice as likely that he held king-ten and the j duck p!ay was twice as likely I to win as the queen play. be offered by loved one. Pay • heed! i AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 — Feb. 181: Dig deep for valid answers. Superficial reasoning should be cast aside. Investigate. Find the reasons Why. Applies especially to legal, financial affairs. Fine time for social affair. PISCES i Feb. 19 — Mar. 201: Past commitments due t o "catch up." Means this is iood time to face issues. Utilize experience. Don't rush or .. ,,i force situation. Do plenty o f listening. Heed advice by older individual. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. . .you can be very practical during times of emergency. You seem to grasp details, are able to communicate vital information. GEN ERAL TENDENC IBS: Cycle high for Virgo, Libra, Bv JACOBY &. SON SouUi really bid a lot with his jtliirter) high card points. Many i players would have been satis- • fied with a game contract i n ,- view :if his very weak suit and poor distribution. South actually made some effort to get to seven and settled for six grudgingly after he found that two kings were missing. When lie saw the dummy. South lather wished that he had i stopped at game but there he j was at six and he sure needed to hold his trump losses to one trick. ; Eas f dropped the ten o f : trumps under South's ace and South !cd a second trump to- : ward dummy. West follow e d ! low. South played low fro m ; dummy also and when East . had to play the king South [ was 'iblc to take the rest of ! the tr'cks. "Horseshoes." groaned East. "What a silly way to play the hand!" East, was entitled to groan, but South had made the best possible play. When East played the ten spot and West the seven and eight, it w a s certain that East had started with a singleton ten: a double- Ion jack-ten; a doubleton kingten: or king-jack-ten. Thevo was no way to handle the fix's! or last combination. Against doubleton jack-ten, the queen play would be the winner: aRfinst doubleton king- Q—The bidding has been: East Soulh West North 1 V Pass 1 N.T. 2 » Pass 1! V Pass 3 4> Pass You, .South, hold: AAQ76 y R.I 8 6 fS +K 9 4 Z What do you do? A—Bid five clubs. A pessimist woold bid only (our clubs. An optimist might try (our no- trump with intention of bidding a slam if North showed two aces. TODAY'S QUESTION Kast opens one club. You, South, hold: A None 4» None VAK9765 * A Q,110 7 64 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow BEN CASEY By Neml Adam* ££ •'._./ OK, STUDENTS, NOW THAT YOU'VE MADE ""^ ' NOTHINS PERSONAL ABOUT OUR LITTLE HASkLE,UNCLE FRANK. JUST STAMPING UP FOR OUR RIGHTS.THAT'S PARTOF WHAT COLLEGE IS ALL ABOUT, ISNT IT P YOUR POINT, LETS TAKE A BREAK. PITCH '- 0 YOUR. Pi-ACARPS ANPGET BACK fO CLASSES. TO PICKUP DR.CASEY AT THE AIRPORT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosscf Quick Quiz 1 JUST MAPPENE(?"]b PICK UP THE WROMQ BOWLING BALL/' WILLYOD STOP „ \ LAU6HING/T/ i i ,. J'?cr~>—- I LET MEK WAVE MINE, DICM'T I 7.30 O 1*5 fr MA. !«;. TX. M> B5. fit <*, PRISCILLA'S POP ! Q—When was the first time a | speaker of the House administered the oath of office to a vice president? A—The first speaker of the House to administer the oath 1 of office to a vice president was Sam Ray burn, who, on Jan. 20, : 1961, administered the oath to | Lyndon Baines Johnson. '< Q—What military decorations are awarded by the Soviet Union? A—Two honor awards were i established during World War i II. One was the Order of Vici tory: the other award was the : Order of Glory. Before institut: ing these awards, the Soviet Un| ion had created no medals for ' its soldiers. By Al Vcrmeet Suspect's Address Is Police Station SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The message from Multnomoh County, Ore., police asked Salt Like City officers to serve a frlony warrant on a man want- en in Oregon. "He is reported to be residing at 244 East Fourth South, Sail Lake City," the letter said. The address is that of the Police Department. X 1 NOTHING- TO DO BUT SLEEP LATE. EAT.. LOAF NAP PLBASE!> TAKE THE MOUNTAINS CRAZY ON A AGAINST HOW CAM YOU STAND VACATION! LIKE ,,\ME WITH YOU! MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cavalll CAPTAIN EASY Scorpio. Special word to GemI-! Windsor is the name of the ni: Avoid conflict between pro- present royal family of Great mises znade to family and as- Britain, adopted as such by proc- sociates. Strive for balance. lamation on July 17, 1917. By Leslie Turner SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY /VOO-HOO, BUSS'. I'M OUT OP GAS: CAN VOU H=LP ME? "Sure, my mother is here. Why else would I be taking a bath?" Hotel Lobby Answer to Previous Puzzle CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner JUSt Ulat you ' re nul ACROSS 1 srr\ ire • r > hoard R —stand 1L' Kighl iconih. lorm) l.'i .N'cerflp parl 14 Martian icnmb. fnrnii 13 Masculine appellation 16 Ceoplr of Saudi Arahia, for example II! Acts -I) Lose deity i Greek) 31 Minute grooves 23 Nothings (Latin) 27 Unbleached -9 Sayings of religious teachers 30 Courting (coll.) 34 Hggs .'i.O Tavern beverage .IB More heartfelt (9 Picture post— - •1U Motjiitain pool 13 I'IRS' noses •15 Australian spear throwing stick 49 Halo 51-—-covered hooks 52 Greek poet 56Tiburon Indian 57 Greek letter W New (luinea port 59 Ofvans BO Arabian gulf (il Attempt U2 Anglo-Saxon servant KOH'.V 1 Crucifixes 2 Croup of eight singers .1 Musteline mammal 4 \','»rc depressed 5">f.v /enland parrot 6 Journey in nrruii ~ Long lor R Reign if Vosnihito f.lap.j H Constellation 10 Stranger 'comb, fonn^ 11 Hawaiian hawks 17 Seethe 19 Coarse bag 22 Goddess of discord 24 .Slavic appellation 2n Exist 26 Moselle tributary 28 Distinct part HERE...1LL ^T-WHV, MR.TUggS,..THAUKS! I PIPHT HELP VOU l)Pi \ KNOW YOU LIKEP DORIS...AN' SE& YOU HOME SAPE FROM THAT you KEEP can THIS DISCUSSION vou MEPPLINS ume RUNTJ JUST V HEVt X HELLO-CHIEF? I TAILED JELKIE VOtJ WAIT / BREAK IT \ TO A COFFEE HOUSE AT PIM& ANP GORE; m LISTEN.. RESKET \ CRE£P#'. I JK PATSY YOU'RE LOOKIM 1 FOR SENP A CAR,,,ANP APE ' ' THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansom IT/HE Pip | T / S1PWEY LA6COKJ PEL1VERED 4-0* SAFETY IM 209 AT 37 RBI'S !KJ 74 6AMES ANP WHAT I SUPPOSE YOU COULP L00K AT IT THAT WAY—• 7-30 e ms t. i ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hunlla GUZ! LOOK! I YAH.' HE LOOKS ) YOUK ISN'T THAT /JUST LIKE MY yGRANP AMAZING? /GRANP WIZER .') WIZER? 30 Algonquian Indians .11 Design 32 Of airplanes 33 Chew upon 37 Craw 3«ln a body (two words) 40 Macbelh's king 4 1 Pother 44 Small fish 46 Fencing swords 47 Showed again, as a movie 4fl Get up 50 Wild hog 52 Camel's hair fabric 53 Masculine nickname 54 Consumed !>S French marshal ...IT'S NO WONDER YOU'RE ) RUNNING A PRIMITIVE / BACKWOODS SOCIETY, S* .-p/ ^. HERE! HOLVCOW.' /_ \\V//. X«L___ -J~-<£?s. M, '<• OUT OUR WAY— By J, R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople ROLL n BACK AND FORTH, LUKE, HE CAW OBSERVE WHY THESE GEARS, PONT MESH PERFECT.' WAIT/ GIVE METH' NUMBERS OW THAT JOB FIRST' .IF THEY PUT AKJY MORE DEMTS IM THAT PESK, HE'LL- •SOOKJ BE USIM" TH' SIDES TO WRITE OW- HIS MOTES LOOK ^THROUGH' LIKE USED-UP PUWCH BOARDS MOW ' THE gEST PART !•& \\VEZ. 16 SUPte A \ PAL,MA30R-,8UiT THE ONLV FlRE SOME OF TH' DEMT5 \S SO PEEP IT JOLTS HIM WHEN TH'PENCIL GOES STRAW, CLYDE, 6O I'LLV TH& FlRE AND 6TART SETIM gACK/MAVgej-; T Sh'OULO g(?IN<& A KAFF/—SINCE- iOL v R£ 1 HAV/E- OM 6A<i GUEST,WE'LL &ME IN CASE MY EARCRUM6 VOU THE PRNILEGE/rT •MEAK OUT Osl THE WAV/ i^/yisa?; H t VOlj, PUNCHY

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