The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 3, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1933
Page 2
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tMfeMALVfeWl THE MALVERN LEADfcR Aft ti W. P. WOfctMAK, t»aW«*l.*r Ifl the Port Oftee at If atvern. T0HM til Sufettfifttktfit s**f*y« ift Adttttei one copy ote year - - - i *M One copy three month! * .M Om «opt stt »6ftta« * ' single copy •. > * -.*** A* the date on the printed tat show* the time to which the Mb- tt *M t* NATIOICAL IDlTOtUAl ^ E M « - ASsOeiAIIOM otrtout cotnmr PAPBIU^-AII the ott^i j>roc«ding« of Board ot Bopvrttiori «r« printed In tail l%t&U »*»<j. __^_ U8PLAT, 16 centi A column Inch! 6 c«i»U an into *ddlt!onal tot competition. Extra fof gaaranteed position. tXX^AU, Clawtfled * * * Be m iin« LOCALS, imonf reading matter ******* iOe * Iln0 OWtnary Pwtff » » * » 6c a line ttMolntiont »*»»*» 66 » lln« Carl of Thanks 606 LBAOBR mbtertbcft. art aik«d t» noUfy lb« subscription depart- tohtd br th* post thcr* te.alM th* very « i»« 6*11 - mddr*M effic*. in . »r fiUlur to c*t the paper. Th* Best plan t* to MBd th* ohant • of address la •dvaae*. _ ^^ EDITORIAL All Mills county seems to be supporting the NIRA. It looks as if we were doing our best to aid recovery, and if cooperation does it Mills county should be on the road. Perhaps there will be no breadlines In the county this winter, it everyone has employment. Mills county's annual tun- test comes next week. Let's all get tickets tor the big Mills County Fair and bave a bit of recreation once more while supporting a home-produced affair. The success of this year's Fair after all is a measure of our cooperation. Buy your season ticket this week and save a quarter. And the swimming pool is once more filled and the cool' est place in the county is again the most popular. The fellow who got away with the theft of 800,000 gallons of water *mnst feel mighty cheap when he thinks ot the amount ot fun of which he deprived the whole community all last week. The mob spirit has been turned to worthier enterprises! Last waek congestion was so great in a California post office as employers tried to sign the NIRA that finally they made out their own slips of paper and signed them to be able to have an immediate part in the act. Perhaps it all mob spirits could be turned to worthier enterprises the country would be in a better condition. Kidnapping may produce some good results after all. As a result of the great number that were accomplished recently a move is now on foot to establish an international police system, and the United States is working toward an organization similar to England's famous Scotland Yards. Better apprehension of criminals and prevention of crime are two ot the nation's greatest needs, as it moves toward prosperity again. You Bwy Wisely When You Buy PLUMBING Resumption of buying is an important part of the Industrial Recovery Plan. U is patriotic to buy but equally essential to buy wisely. You hijy wisely when you buy plumbing, for you not only put men back to. work but you get full value for your money, Modern plumbing is the most enjoyable essential of modern conveniences. Why uot ten vw esplaiu to you in detail how your Beads la, plumbing can ha filled, out- Hue the eoat ft«4 4o (fee work now? You'U »§¥«« after iattaUatioa that you've toad* thft beat liivwttaiettt of J. R. Cardwel! much home canning as is done In this county, as much fine stock as is raised on every farm, as high as Mills county poultry ranks, and as much art as IB produced here the entries for this year's Fair should be unusually good. The priies offered this year are another big incentive also. Vandalism, a big word meaning petty stealing ot public property, broke out in Malvern again last week. Someone not onty tore down the Farm Bureau sign over the door of ffteft otic* t*« MgM of tftl Bits* fteetfft* tn «*t «£B*«t" tat ana «««fbyil ft. tfe* fttf? tern **o ffftt «tc*p to * tntat ttte that wfll stow* to almost anyttrfflg;, ft *e*aw to ft*. Mills count? merchants h**e made U possible tot you to attend the opening sight ot tie Fair for an Infinitesimal aum. Will yott fee there* And *ni yon support them with ytrar trade at hornet We thought from th* com* plaints about the drought that nothing would he raised in the gardens ot this county. We think from the number ot trucks and Wagons we now see on residence streets daily that neatly everyone in the county mnst have raised enough of some garden produce to sett. And that reminds us that Mills county usually raises some mighty good garden truck. In spite of all the hot, dry weather in June quantities of delicious sweet com, green beans, beets, carrots, cucum* hers, and cabbage are now available in most gardens. Mills county may suffer tor awhile, but in the end the suffering is of short duration. With one thousand towafla barred from driving automobiles because of careless driving or accidents or physical defects, it looks as if Iowa was definitely lining up tor a safety program. If we can make Iowa drivers careful, and bar the careless out-of-state ones, then perhaps the state may avoid some of the serious accidents that are causing so many deaths. History . . oftJw . . Week Aft fntefprttstfre n«M wmmafy of the imfwtanit etents of trim page i) ner*rtlrel*», Seeftrftteft *ete datl h<* BO definite trend. sCHftofiy, however, that all ot th* ,np*atd trend ot securities price* Was not uHjastlfied bt conditions was the latest report at the U. 8. Steal Corporation tot the Quarter ending in June, "fitf Steer stowed a* op- irftttftt Profit oi neatly 6 million piggy fall. sows were marketed this • i * * the conference. The event more «**«££ wJmrtatit to th« American fan*- ytffii »-»-L*A JTS wheat conference tnrtn *?*• "' without agreement Jwjj* tallment of wheat optimistic the Get your exhibits ready (or the Fair next week. With as Battle Ground of the Embattled Fanners All .unintentionally. Malvern has become tn* F battle ground of embattled farmers* organisations, what with meetings ot two opposing camps in two weeks. Restau- ranteura and disposers ot cold drinks report greatly increased business. -f-t-1- Mftin contention of the various camps seems to be occasionally that someone else iff chiseling in. After sitting for five hours in the meeting of last Friday evening, it seems to me that the best thing to do would be to have Messrs, Mil* ler, Chalmers, Savery and everyone else wanting in, put on boxing gloves and have what used to be termed a battle royal. Every farmer would automatically Join the organization of the man who stayed up the longest. Very, Very Human Most fatal mistake of the week last week was made not by the very human Corporal Ifeezalyre but by the erring conductor oi this department, himself, In reporting the seeming paradox o the entertainment of the Hastings Homecoming, I was grossly misinformed about the sponsor ship of the affair. This threw an entirely erroneous and unfortunate light on the enterprise and I deeply regret the error which was made quite unintentionally. It was stated that the Home* coming was sponsored by the Hastings church and that an old time dunce was to be part ot the entertainment. JJut I erred. Mrs. IJenj, Jtarofl of Hastings w»> the first to note the error uml salved the hurt of reprimand to uie by saying tlmt the stuff must bo widely Jfttd, judging fraiu the number who had willed her attention to it, Tiw Homecoming Is not sponsored by the cluutU but by H**Uugs cJtteeury generally aud the old time Ounce in a, costume ftffttir \vuivh «hauld be highly entertaining Ui see. But if thu«0 attending tul* y«u- have u« good u time a* iuose who attended iiwt ytnir did. any enterprise. He discovered, as he itudled the NRA regulations, that here would undoubtedly bo an mmense "number of employes taken into firms immediately so that they could decide on their own hours and wages, which means they would have to work !ust as bard and get just as little as their employers. -f-t-1- Mr,. Robinson sensed that this would work hardship on j the New Deal and defeat the , purpose if n*t the letter of the NBA. Consequently he appoint* ed himself Inspector of Local Accounting and Statistical Counsel for the community to see that the course of the New Peal is not hampered by bottom . of . the - deck pasting or stacking of the earda, Such patriotism insures the success of NBA. Diamond Shortage As Corporal Heezalyre's contribution to industrial recovery, that worthy suggests that baseball diamonds in Malvern be put on a, 35 hour week. Then it wauld be necessary to take more land out of production with a corresponding decrease in farm surpluses. tionatt tot the first Ufce iiii. • • • * itt IU&MM Ctty last week the state of Missouri completed a very uaktne teat when tt obtained t verdict tot the death pen* ally against Walter McGee, accused as kidnapper oi Mary McElrey. this challenge to kidnappers has had no effect, however, in Albany, Hew York, whefe John J. O'CdSnell, jr. Is stilt 1ft the hands ot kidnappers, not in Ok* lahoma City, where Charles P. Urschel was abducted. In Milwaukee the capture ot metobera of the Toahy gang as so*pect» in the kidnapping ot William Hamm, Jr. ot St Paul was a possible victory tn the campaign against organised Crime. Iow» was the scene of & more spectacular manhunt when posses pursued member* of the Barrow gang earlier in the week. Con* tact was made Monday with the two Barrow brothers, two women, and another man, whose trail through several states had been marked by various crimes, and the contact resulted in the probably fatal shooting ot Marvin Barrow, the capture of his wife, and the escape ot the others, closely pursued by Iowa officers until the trail was lost. * • • * The first definite proposal for the regulation ot production ot hogs came last week in the report of the committee ot twenty- five, who submitted not one but five plans, to be used alone or together. The recommendations included the levy ot a processing tax on hogs over 236 pounds in weight, the distribution of the funds so obtained as bounties for the marketing of light hogs and piggy sows, the use of less desirable pork and lard for the manufacture of tankage, the donation of surplus stocks to charitable and relief agencies, and expansion ot export markets. The system of bounties was offered as a means ot assuring a reduction ot pork supplies next year, if applied so that light hogs and th* final formalities of closing the conference fof an Indefinite re- cws. A last minute message from Mf. Roosttelt, *ho is Unreserv . edly Warned bt continental tia- would to with the of county promised a definite within ten days on the tage of acreage reduction eat tit ftffttfrrfeft, t wtfl fttfi to stop it may write ftef e later, totrfs, W. P. Worlatfc N5fl€ti 1ft A* MMMaJftMt. «t Tow* W. BAtm- . ot the §tftt« of „„., ftaiatift, tdMUnATI SAVWOS BJ tiont fo* the failure oithecoj, .0 we didn't miss much TO: All creditors and depoittoft ot the Iowa State Bank, Malvefn, lows. (CSofttlnaed from l»ge i) Wtt ttnttl w* fWcnfed the Salt Cffcek ttll neW*. absolutely noth- Int to loo* ftl but the range. The road to almost straight and built of gtatet and an oil composition that Is smooth and dustless. Bait Creek fields Is « real fiignt to On« %ho has never seen them, fof mllee and mitea it et* tends and the derricks over the oil wells are BO thick they resemble ft forest, Only the trees have fco leaves. Nearly every big oil company seetoi to be represented ta thli field and we noted the property ftt the Standard, Conoco, Ohio and «any other*. These continued more or lea* heavy until we reached ttaycee which IB a rather pretty town at the edge of the field*. From Kaycee te Buffalo the ranching country opens tip and aid each ot by notified that are h«t» before Aof» I when we reached Buffalo we had pained «ome find ranchea. Buffalo la one ot the oldest towns ot Wyoming, for many years an Inland town U now haa both a railroad and a paved highway and looks Ilk* a very much up to date town and very modern. The ,roed from Buffalo to Sheridan IB very scenic aa we are near the Big Horn mountain range and also In a fine ranch country. We stopped at Buffalo a few hour* and visited old time Mills county friends, T. B. Edwards and his son, Harold, and family. The Edwards family formerly lived in Emerson and were greatly Interested in bearing of old time friends and neighbors. Sheridan had been enjoying their annual P. X. ranch Rodeo that day and the town was surely tall ot visitors, rodeo riders and horses. We left there about 11 p. m. to avoid the rush but the crowd was of It after all. to ttardln where we spent mainder of the night and arose eatly an* drove to Sittings fof breakfast. Then we drove oh leis* Kfyto Laurel and Edgar and then on out to the homestead, where we are now camping In our old shack of homestead days. The W. D. Wilsons live Just across the road from us and in their hospitable way have been entertaining us often enough that we have suffered little from the culinary efforts of Mac and myself. It has been an unusually dry season here and the crops on the dry lands surely show it, although the irrigated farms look Mr. Wilson had already combined Mr. McClymond's crop on bis homestead, which was about the best wheat crop on that bench, and yielded him a nice lot of wheat, about 1400 bushels of fine Quality winter wheat, Our place was seeded to spring wheat and is not cut yet, but the yield is very light Another pest has appeared in this section, the Mormon crickets, which are coming north from Wyoming. They are much larger than the ordinary cricket and are fierce eaters. Thus far they have found nothing short of a club that will stop them. They have reached Bob Carat's ranch five mites east of us and are surely eating up his late spring wheat They don't stop with the stalk or blades but go right for the heads and eat the kernels ot wheat Mrs. Qarst has a splendid big Irrigated garden, just about the nicest we have seen, with everything about ready to use and they bave already practically ruined it They eat everything but tomatoes net 8, 1988, there Will be on file ta the office of the Clerk ot tie District Court of Mills County, Iowa, the application of D. W Bates, Receiver thereof, setting" forth that said bank is the owner of the following described red estate, td*witi ; 4 Lots 6, «, and 7 in Slock i,'? in Grandview Addition ot M&K vern, lo*a. which said real estate the bank received fay a deed from t, & Beaton, subject to a mortgage* payable to Anita Carlson in tali sum of $1900,00, upon which there is now due aa delinquent la- terest the sum of $114.00; Mid. Application alleges that said prop*! erty haa been appraised by tki appraiser* appointed by tfce, Court for the sum of $2000.00$ I that the said Anita Carlson hit offered to pay this trust and this receiver the sum of $800.00, net,:! for a Receiver'* Deed conveying ' alt the Interest of said bank la and to said real estate, the sntir ot $300.00 to be applied upon I' indebtedness of T. R. Beaton said bank but not in settleut thereof. You are further notified tUt| said application has, by Honorf able Earl Peters, Judge, been for hearing at the Court Houi in Qlettwood, Iowa, at 8: o'clock a, m., on the 9th dsy August, 1983, You are further notified th* unless objections thereto are on or before said time of hi ing, said application will be proved, For further particulars, see plication when on file. . Dated this 31st dty of Ji 1933. D, W. BATES, Receiver the Iowa State Sav: Bank. Malvern, Iowa, til* Pwhana, too, Roosevelt geu everyone buck to Work at constructive labor ueoplo will reua tuU •J4-1. ftwM f'rwae* t «< Thla, too, would allow for wore team* in the community it any more people could be found to play on theju. The women bave organized » team or two teams, And the Oldsters have made two teams grow where one team grew before, } bear they're planning (o baye an oldster game shortly. Res* emiUpjM for the single diamond In the pool park must be made at least a week in 04* vnnce. Forward with the N. R. A. There's something in the adver tenements today to interest you NOTICE Mining To all whom it may concern: The Firemen's laaurftnc* Com* pany of Newark, No* hereby gives aoUo« that it* ly in tba Aaeet tor Vern, «* as* . fmntmH The N, R. A, may well be the t catalytic agent which will start the reaction toward national economic recov- We promise to in furthering *• ffc_£ - A J ^^ s t-' -- 1 - "t^\i'»3sm 3 ^*jdp SfS vi^Jfe^M .- -.f' y

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