Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1891
Page 5
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Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Coon House. MONEY, General Insurant* and Loans. AllkloOi, ol la- lur&aoe plao«d In flret class companies. Kndc« ment policies purchased. Bonds of xoretyft. written for purtlee holding poslttenx of trum where a bond is required. 319 PEARL ST. S. M. Closso^ Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 6. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Friday,Eve.Marcli 6. "Tie World Knows Not Their Equal," THE GORMANS, Ho forllannas -Hi Broadwny to buy picture frames. Otto Kraus offers a good solid plow shoe for one dollar. To Mr. and Mrs. Frank SwarU, of the east end, a son, Miss Cad Anderson of Kokomo is the guest of friends in the city. Twenty-five cents, 25c.. 25c. for -a line decorated china cuspidore, at the Bazaar. If you need any toys, knickknacks pictures or picture frames go to Hanmvs. Dr. N. W. Cady is spendsng a few days at Indianapolis. He will return Saturday. Twenty pounds of C sugar at Dolan & Twomey for $1, hams S^c., lardG.jc. per pound. You will be surprised at the immense stock of useful articles Banna sells away down. Jamestown plaids and check, and line imported wool [plaids. Come and see them at the Golden Rule. As usual we are showing the best selection of spring dress goods and spring jackets.—Golden Rule. Officer Owston was on his beat igaiu last night after a few nights lay off on account of a recurrence of the grip. Will Dewenter and his sister. Miss jaura Dewenter, of Lafayette, are the guests of their brother. John C. Deventer. W. H. Irvine, of Salt Lake City, was n the city yesterday, the guest of J. \ MoNary. Mr. Irvine reports the oom still on. Every person not satisfied with •Blush of Roses" is requested to write he manufacturer, Miss Flora A. Jones, outh Bend, Ind. 10— ' Short breath, palpitation, pain in best, weak or faint spells, etc., cured y Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Sold at F. Keesling's '*) . Sleeplessness, •nervous prostration ervous dyspepsia, dullness, blues cured by Dr. MileSj Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. (2) The late Conductor Case was insured for $1,250 in the Pennsylvania relief fund and foi $3,000 in the Railway official's and conductor's accident association of Indianapolis. . Dr. George S. Baker the veterenary surgeon departed yesterday for Chicago where he has fallen into a good W. W. Uartletc, engineer of the ill- fated train, is still running and tells.a singular story. When he felt the break, that something had broken, he applied the air but the brakes failed to work. This was on the other side of the station, when the brake-beams under the tender were torn away and then it was that the side rods broke and the ends attached to the drivers came whirling through the cab, driving its occupants to the center, in front of the boiler head. When he got his engine stopped, and started to look after her injuries he did not know that a car was off the track, as the combination, baggage and mail car next the tender was still behind him. Discovering- that the smoking ear, ladies^ coach and chair car, were down the embankment, he started back over the tender and through the first car to see what the situation was and then learned that the occupants of the mail room were as ignorant as those in the engine cab of what had happened. The mail-catcher on the car had taken the bag from the crane at the Hagerstown station, where this train never stopped, and the men were working this mail for Richmond, totally oblivious of any accident or why the train, had come to a halt. And ye 1 ; it proved that one truck under this car had been on the ties for perhaps ten car lengths and then regained the rails and ran .as much farther before the engine came to a stop. This truck, however, was under the baggage end of the car,and O. E. Allison,, baggage-master, felt it, and, grabbing the lever, in every ear, put on the air, just before the cars to the reor broke and rolled down the embankment. This is known from the fact that the brakes were found set on the rear cars, although the air pipes were severed in front of the middle of this car, so the engine could not work the brakes, as before stated. The Fast Mail. The great spectacular play of the above title to he given at Dolan's Monday night was treated as follows by thb Kansas City (Mo.) Journal Notew. The struggle over a fee and salary bill continues. The state and county officers have come to the forks of the-' road ;ind have parted company, in by no means a friendly manner. When the bill got to the Senate, the state officers, headed by Green Smith, succeeded in getting it amended, so amended as to make their offices, with the exception of Mr. Sweeney's, much more remunerative than they are now, while many of the county officers were so "cut" as to make Ihjir offices prac; tically valueless. When this became known, the county officers were very "hot"' and fought back so successfully that the House yesterday refused to concur in the Senate's amendments by a vote of 82 to o. A conference committee was decided UDOU, and on the part or the House it was made to consist of Messrs. Curtis, Moon and Claypool. If these gentlemen and the members of the Senate Committee can agree upon a compromise bill one may yet be passed, although this is doubtful. In the event of such a result, however, it is almost certain that the bill will not be allowed to take effect upon the present incumbents,for this is ths temper of the House on the subject. The county officers have a little the best of the outlook at present. Representative Thienes is in a frame of mind because two of his bills, whose passage has been demanded by organized labor, are being allowed to die a natural death in the Senate. These are the bills making labor day a legal holiday, and making it unlawful to use counterfeit labels, trade marks or wrappers. If either of these could be gotten up in the Senate, it would undoubtedly pass, but the trouble is in. getting them considered. Mr. Gray offered an amendment to the amendment which was unanimously adopted providing that the journal shall be sent to all '•Cahithurnnian" institutions in the State, and then the whole matter was tabled upon motion of Mr. Zoercher. But two working days remain and no fee and salary bill or tax bill providing for the Democratic State debt have been passed. BOYS, "A SNAP!" 100 Boy's Knee-Pant Suite, (4 to 14 years,) Worth $2.00 to $3.00, Choice for $1.50, Which includes a Beautiful "OTTO" Hand Sled ' Iron Frame. FREE OP CHARGE! OTTO A KRAUS. P. S. This offer only holds good while the snow lasts. JOHN. J-41IES, GEOKGE, aided by ah Able and Mammoth Con ion; of Con edJans, under the ( Management of ViM. EYIBSOLE, In an absolute ' New, BeBned and Magnificent Exposition o£ lilt streli-y. , . . . I . , . . . A Pri'giamKefreshlne In Its Originality. The unknown to the police in this city. Season's Hit! • The Laughti g Success! James Gorman's Laiett and Best Burlesque, practice, filling the shoes of old veter- enary surgeon who has retired in his favor. Duke Yernon, the champion whisky killer of Lake Cicott, was recently arrested by the constable flown there for drunkenness- Duke took a change of venue to Clinton township and the 'Squire fined and costed him §21 which he has managed to pay. Duke is not The Warder Grand never had a moie realistic and thrilling- melodrama than the one which opened a week's engagement at that house yesterday afternoon. It is the Fast Mail, -brisk, in action, thrilling in climaxes and bright in comedy. The afternoon audience was a large one. while the night attendance was so large that it crowded every possible space on three floors. The Fast Mail has four fine scenes, thi steamboat, the train of cars, the fast mail taking the mail-pouch from the scaffold and Niagara Falls. They are all pi'Oducftd with realism, but are surrounded by others which are in themselves stong, showing pretty effects. The steamboat scene is well worked up, and the view of Niagara Falls presents a magnificent picture. The story of the play is told in a very interesting manner, and put on the stage by a competent company. Miss Louise Lord, as Mary Martin does some very clever work. The character is one in which she has the sympathies of her audience, hut is also one in which it would be easy to lose' the natural effect in overdoing 1 . Miss Lord, however, avoids all this. THE GAMBOLIERS, Introducing the Comedians, JOHN & GEORGE GORMAN, And the Entire Company. PI! 1C E S 25, 50, 75 cents RMeryed Seats on Sale at Keesllng's Drug Store. AD Elaborate Street ParadefltNoon. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Monday, March 9tli. Superb scenic productlng of Lincoln J. Carter's great Melo-drama, The Fast Mail, With all Its wonaerTuVfcenlc effects Including Steatnbo.it Haue up the Mississippi! Engine Room ot the Steamer St. Louis. Steamboat Explosion! TJae Sinking Steamer! GREAT RAILROAD SCENE! Introducing a full sized Locomotive and a Freight .Train of H Cars. Also LIGHTNING FAST MAIL TRAIN. Also the Beautiful Niagara Falls by Moonlight! A fnll front vlftw of Niagara Falls pmduced with real Water, BolUngFoam, Rising Mlsc et:., as seen tioM^lhtfCfMlft of'the Suspension Bridge. PRICES:'—!H, 50'arid 75 cents. Seats on sale at XeesUng's drug store. j ifc A merry party of young folks secured the Long Cliff hack last evening and drove to the residence of Mr. Richard Tyner, in Clinton township, where they made a mostenjoablenight of it. Although the snow hag faded and gone the party choose to exert the privilege of a sleighing party and dackcd their horse with numerous strands of bells to excite their imagination to the proper pitch. On one side of the. bus was this legend, "The snow is out of sight; so are we," On the other appeared the explanatory: "This is a sleighing party." It is needless to say that the merry crowd had all the fun possible. G. W. Demorest started out in last evening's Pharos to attack one of the New York Press tariff pictures but came tb c 'the conclusion before he got. through that it was the railroads he was after. Neitber Mr. Demorest nor any one else can successfully deny the advantage of having the producing consumer and the consuming producer side by side nor that all the farmers of the world have existed in purely agricultural States.' A protective tariff therefore which fosters or starts new industries brings mechanic and farmer together and does away with long hauls on the railroads. Mr. Demorest is advocating a protective tariff, though he has no intention of dping'so 1 '. when, he complains of the expense of long transportation. The ongest is to England. Another Goort Well. Kokomo Dispatch: Contractor St. John drilled in a splendid gas well yesterday evening for the Logansport company on the David Terrell farm, two miles south of the city. The pressure from this well is as great a any well that has been developed i the Howard county field, and show conclusively that there has been n diminishing of the supply of ga around Kokomo, as the countrj around whers this well is situated i; honeycombed with gas wells. Mr Neely, superintendent for this com pany, says he is a firm believer in the theory that our supply is obtained from an inexhaustable source and that one well has nothing to do with diminishing the flow of others near it. Xlie GormuiiN To-rViKlu. Inspired by the great success that greeted their new minstrel departure last season, the Gormans have devised for this year another program which which will be entirely new from curtain to curtain. Chief among its features will be "Loriilard Reception" introducing. "The Drummer Boys of Shiloh" and "The Champion Colored Zouaves," with drum solos, songs, choruses, military ' evolutions, new marches, silent drill. There will also be a --spectacular dance" entitled "The Dancer's Di-eam," which it is expected will greatly enchance the already enviable reputation of the Gormans for novelty. There will be an artistic song and dance sketch, entitled "Twilight in Dixie'" "The Midshipmen's Frolics," performed by six nimble footed young men, neatly costumed in sailor rigs, and "Lucinda's Holiday," a breezy sketch full of bustle and life, ai'e among the other novelties, and a multitude of unique and novel specialties will be introduced. This company is so 'well known here that further recommendation is unnecessary. Suffice it to say that they will have a big crowd. The afterpiece, "The Gamboliers," is said to be worth the price of admission within itself See the Gorman's to-night. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cured Uj- W. C. ROUTE, Logansport Ind. For Sale ;_bv Leading Dealers. THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST! i I buy the Purest Drugs, the Finest Perfumes and Toilet Articles and sell ' at LOWEST PRICES consistent with the quality of the goods. Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in perscription work. Yours> ( H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. At the Christian Church, on Ninth and Spear streets, next Sunday afternoon at 2:30, I desire to talk to my fellow railroad men. Trains will be annulled so as to give the men the opportunity of attending, with their familes, and it is hoped they will do so. All are invited. J. M. Boirw-iciy. Approved: C. R. Green, A. T. M. mch6d2t Its .Excellent QnnlitieK commend to public approval /the California liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs. It is pleasing 1 to the eye, and to the taste, and by gently acting 1 on the kidneys, liver, and bowels, it cleanses the system effectually, thereby- promoting the health and comfort of all who use it. I.a Grippe Aiiain. During the epidemic of la grippe last season Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, proved to be the best remedy. Reports from the many who used it confirm this statement. They wore not only quickly relieved, but the disease left no bad results. We ask you to give this remedy a trial and we guarantee that you will be. satisfied with results, or the purchase 1 price refunded. It has no equal in la grippe, or any throat, chest or lung tremble. Trial bottles free at B. F. . Keesling's drug store. Large bottles, 50c and §1 -00 2 Delapluiic-OiiviK. Mr. William Delaplane and Miss Alice M. Davis, were married a.t the residence of Mr. J. H. White, in Clay to unship,, on Wednesday evening, the 4th inst, Rev. W. S. Boston.officiating. A large number of relatives and friends were present to witness the ceremony. The presents were many and, the wedding si'pper was excellent. Mr. Delaplane is a most worthy young man,' from one of the finest 'amilies of the county. The bride is n every way worthy of her husband. A. host of friends bid" them G-od-spe.ed. Catarrh In the head Is a constitutional Disease, and requires A constitutional remedy Like Hood's Sarsaparilla, Which purifies the blood. Makes th'e weak strong. Restores health. Try it now. 4 Clay Notes. J. Simpson has returned from Fowler. Mrs. George Coons is on the sick list. To Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston —a girl. Preaching at Bethel next Sunday at 2:30 p. m. B. F. Cambell is on the mend after a serious illness. Preaching at Spring Creek Saturday night and Sunday. J. -E. Robeson will go to southern Missuri to work this summer. There will be preaching at the Dunkard church next Sunday. Albert Moss has accepted a position with John Doley for the summer. (r. D. Custer, of Marion, is io the j neighborhood visiting friends and relatives. There will be an Easter entertainment at Bethel M. E. church on March 29th, at 2:30 p. in. All are invited to attend. Rev. Marsh, of Logansport, will give a lecture on Africa Tuesday even- log March 9 art Adamsboro Baptist church. All are cordially invited to attend. We would advise some boys at Adamsboro when they go to church to try to behave. It shows what respect .Scotch-Irish Convention. LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 5.—It hsa been decided by the executive commit. tee of the Scotch-Irish association of i America to hold the next meeting in this cit.y. May 14 to 17. i '£ Both the method and results whej Syrup of Figs is'taken; ifcis pleasant and refreshing to .the taste, and acft gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds,' Bead- aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is thf only remedy of its kind ever pro. duced, pleasing to the taste acd ac-' ceptaUe to the stomach, prompt nT""* its action and truly beneficial in its-" « prepared only from the most i .., -, ~^,,. «„«„„. nu », t^™. they have for the church and them- nealtii y and agreeable substances, ife selves the way they are acting. GUESS NOT. Saj> the Southern Medical World: •'Mother's Friend." is growing in favor throughout the South and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider ^indispensable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal of child-birth.. Write. JBradfield Reg. Co.. Atlanta, fta., for particulars. Solu by Ben Fisher: , to8 j many excellent qualities commend it ^ a ; to all and have made it the most " V popular remedy known.. ^' Syrup of Figs is for sale In 50e^ £ and SI bottles by all leading, drug-.'-.'*- grists. ', Any reliable druggist -who " f may not have it on hand will pro-" ' cure it promptly for any one •srh<J ! ^ wishes to try it Do not accept any ' substitute. CALIFORNIA FIQ SYRUP Cfr < SAtf FRANCISCO, CAL, ' - J LOUISVILLE, KY. f/fw YOKK. K.I " yoi sale byB. F. Keesling ind all druggists

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