The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 3, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1933
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LEADER SfO. 8. Open* Tuesday Eve With Big Program •-- ni^nt SnOW if Fif*t F€s\tttfv| , VWA^^^tt jiia J| H ^aaBi Jtttjfi^i isuKrT sum Hsnmtnpn EaterteJtt Seffftninf fti fifty-nlMfi at-' 1 0 fog faint m fftce* and enter- .tteftt the Mills Oonftty r*if ! ftpen tti gate* Tuesday mot** „«, fdf the finest ettlay et ex* •• falMto aftd ftegfatt tefttttfW they kftte yet hftd. Tuesday will be d«" roted td getting the exiiwts into •i^e, wfeitittg entries, and mak* till reedy tot the Mg judging and fating programs to follow, L J iTNif a Meant Hotfn t&t .„„ big flight Shew on T«M* day i* the first program feature , of this year's Fair, and a Mg bill ef ifitertatnmsat has been pfe» : $ftfed for it, There, are three main feature* ot this program each > evening. -: ttaeing PitJiffmttfclfifcch Day ' A, big program of races, both standard ftnd novelty, begins Wednesday, eoetl&nlng ,through- the afternoon and Interspersed , with a novelty program ot tt ftcts by the Wistardes; mtttift by " the Tabor band, artist*, acrobats, dancers, and musicians, :,A splendid line ot exhibit* of IA livestock, ot chicken*, and,.of ; products ot garden, kitchen, pan* try, and needlework in the floral Hall are big features ot the pro- 1 gram. Big premiums, which are Ottered in all classes are a spe- !• dal inducement to large entries f this year. Not only will there he •; a splendid lot ot material exhlb- " (ted by the girl* and boys.of the 4-H clubs ot the county, but there 'jWiirbe many private exhibitors prWho promise to show some of the t0 ***** *|«* - lusjp uttO owrHiB «Hw will ffna ft, ^* » A ilft ftetf iiofUnf Vftt to, . mot* Hmit«d tlfl* Mlfttnf fe* day, Fof today eft r*t*H store* ffft^sftit &*tt£ At4$tl$§f *Htt*»fif»fltt> terWee italic*** aftd gftttf**, adopt new ittfttaett fcotf* Tfiet wm epefc tot ttntntt at i a. m. aveff ttofniftf «8*ft Sunday, wfceft thef wttt fiot awn at all. Tier will cto*« evety *ttst* nftofi at fit SO o'staefc «t«tft Saturday WB« ihsy, mil ft» tnfttft open itfitii 19 o'clock. B»rbef shops will open at I ft, ra. and close at 8 p. m. e*» cept on Satarday when they will fdoftin opefl ttfttil 10:10 JP* l&i Board SclccU Two More Teacher* Budget for Year Also Get* Approval; Meet Again Tue*d*y ' . Selecting two mete ot its teaching stall the Board ot 8du- cation is -about to round out it* faculty for the next school session. When they have selected a musie teaeher, and a high school teacher tor English and Latin they will have a complete fae- tttt* Recently they have selected Miss Gladys Riddle ot Onawa to teach the normal training subjects in high school, and Dale Dyke to be the principal of the 1000 Attend Huge Meeting of MONS Radieal_ Groups Before Out- ( SEW PAg JBjL twt* aw* tot the i) Easiness hens** dfal stew*, fafftge*, *BL service stations) will open at ft ft. a, and *Jete it tit* »» »» i) Exception to the above will b* on Saturday only when they „„ „..„ otter Trucks of fitia eftJae from QteHwood mer- Shelby, Cast, Harrison, and Pet' lining *f with I tawattamle eotntiei. Several cars mu fcftf* set their bearing Omaha license plates 'I tfWtt Stte daity. Uere here. Alt in ftll nearly 1000 art vtttlig well in people crowded into Maivefn's 'community building of hung abottt the lobby at a huge meet- ;^yho,Promise to show .onu.of the j" ,- f "^ ~^ ,. Alf „,„,..,. P,kes-»t°.? k .«' Uc ? uat ' b ".' retll » 4 letted so tar have accepted and Jon exhibition. Already the pen* fand stall* are being rented, and (all is being made,ready for one tot the moat successful livestock 'exhibits the Fair Association has yet had. Then there will be a big pro* ,.mm 'of sports, with a county ilttenball tournament. Bo popu- " has this sport become this on that every town has a ...These teams will compete ounty . honors, during the lected so tar have accepted and the faculty is complete with the exception ot two. With no tax payers voicing objection they Approved the budget which was announced some time afo. This budget reduces the an- n$al expenses nearly f2,000., Darnold* Mourn Death ;^ will remain open titttll 10 *. »• i) None wilt open en Sanday, This rule will ge into efleet in these two counties this (Thursday) morning and tor the first time in year* local baslneesineB will hate a working day of a length in ftopertion to the amount ot ottsi&es* to be done, it was almost unanimously approved at the meeting in Tabor. The meeting was exceptlonftlly well attended and the businessmen not only predicted better working conditions a* a result of the NRA code but anticipated that they would be. able to give better value to consumers after the new working hours were thoroughly tried. • , •>. A committee from the various towns was appointed to acquaint business men with the new regulations and to work out rough spot* in the new arrangements. Paul D. Slothowervwaa appointed to the committee from Malvern. " f v j _t, *Jft»**SS*BS-»»»«SJS»*MS*"SSI"»»S«*S» Community Club in Move to Back N. R. f A, inr Malvern Arrangement* Made for Support of Recovery Reg- Here .„-„.-,..— Friday evening. r ft Ottirk et fate tfee Septem- Before the group chiefly was tettttot eeaft eiMM this year the matter of differences between aft Attfc M. Vet* *»* «**» **e the Farmers Mollday association *et listed for thi* docket, and so and the Loyal American Picket* it daesfidt ftppeftf " «• ' " * " ^** "" *«**—« heart tern. MVbt «»UW *av I CS>UU *UV **w^»"» «—-..—•.• — be a very ers. tt seems that the Picketers were formerly a sort ot second | degree ot Holiday work. Then the group, or part ot them, dropped out and what with this JTaly 111 Efftest A*2ents, 89, and that the separation, like Cottficil Bittfts ftfid dlftdys Cory- chemical dissolution, was not Marriage License* ell. 2S, Omaha. July «! John Humphrey, 31, Red Oak, and Rttth Pickerel, 36, Emerson; Kenneth Kennedy, 21, Chicago, and .Helen .Smith, 21, Eagle,. Nebr.jJ. «. Marley, 41, Olenwood,' ftnd Ida Onlley, 39, Dee, Moines. Aug. 1! Roy Scheel, 33, Silver City, ftnd Llllle Miller, 82, Glenwood, without heat. Rev. Bingaman Hurt in Car Accident Sunday The Rev. J.' F. Bingaman, pastor of the Methodist church in Olenwood, met with a rather serious accident Sunday afternoon, while enroute to Council Bluffs to make arrangements for a tu- niral service. At the toot ot Pony Greek hilt his car collided with one from Council Bluffs, driven by Martha Metlock. , t ' The Reverend Bingaman was accompanied by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Nelle Roberts, of Indianola, who is a house-guest of the Bingaman*. She was .severely although not seriously injured, and the Rev. Bingaman was bruised and Chaiaien Speaks First speaker of the evening was John Chalmers, state president of Holiday group, who outlined his part ot the quarrel in a short talk ot a little more than an hour. "Savery," said Mr. Chalmers, meaning Clifton Savery, chairman ot the Loyal American Picketer*. "Just does not know what Is going on." As Mr. SaVery did not attend the meeting the statement went quite unchallenged, Mr, Chalmers also stated that five* the Badges stand. Venerable gtrtretar* at tide Mill* County F»» grounds has felt tke effects of tfte fre* Deal. Workmen ftte moving the neat cireniar bnttding from its time- honored petition opposite the north grandstand, to ft new location ft short distance south. The move was made to permit the erection of a huge stage tor the tree attraction* at the fair in a central position in front ot the two grand* stands. Tnto will enable spectators to see the entertainment from a much better position. No Objectors Go Before Council at Monday Meeting Approve Budget*. Author ite Bond* at Recent Session Once a year local taxing bodle announce their budget estimate and invite objectors in to criti else. Monday evening was the time for objectors tor the present municipal budget a* the council were in special session for that purpose. Not only could objectors have objected to the budget, but they could have spoken against the issuance ot bonds to take up a udgment against the town, As >o tax payers appeared the coun- tl met, approved the budget and authorised the bond issue, and re- tTtwHi Bit Nit 1 *, ef Entertainment Feature Pair Wan Merchant* Cooperate -rickets for Three tog NtgM Bfcowt teataje he program for the fitty-ninth annual Mills County Fair and lace Meet which open* next Tuesday and continues tnroagh Thursday Wght. More and more each yeftf the evening program* have proved drawing cards to Mills eoontlans. This year these program* promise to be even more attractive than anything staged before. Tuesday's Night Btiow, which opens the Fair, is a triple act tea* ture, with cooperation trott Mills f Harold Dean, Infant son of-A, given in this community when the he walked but ot the Corn Hogs Conference in Des Moines recently because the meeting was "loaded" with newspaper men and Farm Bureau leaders. "And they certainly looked like a bunch of sick puppies when I insisted that they permit more farmers in the meeting," said Mr Chalmers. Speaks Until 12 Main speaker of the evenlni was C, F. Miller, state preslden of the Farmers Union. Interest ing and forceful, Mr. Miller heli his audience until alter Taldnlsh by. delineating the work lowar ^ ' • RAT H1 Tl g BTTl SJ.T1 WBB UtUlDOU ***** •*/ **"«» •»•*>»«• »•*»«» ™-»7 •• i , of Infant Son Sunday Support of the provUionsot f^'^^^ a 4 neck. The better conditions for af'lculture f . ... the N, R. A. was enthusiastically S** ... -.. t. d i y dam . More prone to give other tarn tired in one ot the shortest sessions of the season. The council will hold its regular August meeting Monday. Picketers to Meet Here Friday Night to Explain Group Savery Hold* Open Meeting to Present Program in New Field .Malvern has suddenly become a pl&ce ot/ meeting tor tarm group -4T- More prone to give other farm organisations their due, Mr. Ml ile long, .wasfalrly " '"" ^ ¥4»lte7af program .races/Including a po? „_.- _ on horseback, slow mule T ;«mule sulky race, two-way ,,|e race, wagon race tor'mules, agon race for horses, kid*' pony ice each day, novelty mule race .^whloh they wftiJts trot,;»nd run al quarter mile each, a pig race, pony contest, county running ;-,*.„, which is run each day, the ||7jnner of each day's race to be eliminated on the next, and mule POio, each contestant furnishing b|s own mallet in the form of a proom, Altogether there should $e much hilarity and tun from eh a program, Then there is to be ft South* Iowa championship team rw .,..jr contest, with two weight Classes, and big prises, Full par> ' • rt for ftll these' contests are . in the Premium Ust which issued, last week, PJT^e5?BiT^'«™l""T T ^i l Z* * 1TF ^"i* ~" "*-- -, v.. ,toF twelve^days, He leaves to mourn his loss: his parents, a sister, Doris Lou* ise, a brother, Arthur James, six half brothers, and''five half sisters; also- f hls' grandparents, Mr. and MM. W, A»« Logan; of Pat* tonsburg, Mo,-,,'/ ;. L N Funeral services were held at the Darnold home on Monday 1 afternoon conducted by Rev, L, R. Bobbin. Music for the service wa*f furnished by Vernon Bobbltt, Bjarlal was made in the Malvern cemetery, *• •"' adopted iler Miss Norrgaard.vand ! Prltes are to be given to the ,, ',v or girl bringing the pony from the greatest distance, and id prise is also to be given for '$he smallest posy, ?ifAW aaddl* .horsw, „, , boy and girl riders, team* harness must be tf-«".fp "F- WK» sf*e*f*r *WJB*KT jwy mxzfixt WfhlhU by 7; 10 p, m, Tuesday tor-lbey ftr e to in tlPketB . have been since Saturday, from your ar from Fair sffieials. Card of Thank* We desire in this way to ex* press our thanks'to friends and neighbors for their kind expres* sions of sympathy and floral of* tarings at the time of the illness ftnd death of our bsby son, Mr, and Mrs. A. J, Darnold ... and, family., . . Pool Open* with New Water Supply • v . . --f '' MIMMMIlMBBMt ^ ' 7 ** . signed an Agreement which, with the signers, is published on page four, f , , . _, 'J. E. Randerson, R. W. Mans* field, F.;,», .ttulhoil«wd, and P. D, Slothower were appointed as "a committee to confer with other towns regarding the hours. Mayor D, B, Whltfield, W, R, Syington, R, W. Mansfield, R..K, Piper, and R, W. Salyers were .appointed to go to Des Moines, July 28 on matters pertaining to the work, Notice WeU filled "with*'ojeaja, fresh water the Malvern Municipal Swimming pool reopened Buntfay - being closed for four t}ay« tt f ^aA,,4rftt»94t ,vThf was thoroughly cleaned* • All law .offices In the county will he closed at ndon on Saturdays in conformity with the National Industrial Recovery Act. Twe Malvern Men Two l&fftlverp^meB were select* ed in the final determination pf those who should represent the Federal Lang Banks, in their »p* meat oft. l&nd, lopWng .to> the farm 1 mortgage They were bound for Shenandoah but returned to Council Bluffs where they Were'taken to the Mercy hospital,,,, ,v sut aad is &QW IB> George Jititon »»4 Fred Farqw nar have both been assigned to of that elty. They began their work l»st week, worfeiag out of but wili Ukely their bproes Ja li'lByampiBp ^paop. ma&*$f -"*»»we---. »;p"~' ^™*™* iittffirunigx g&««*AjB Even Women Take Up Kittenbftll Oolug wfeaif The Turfcay Ooly H'8 HUteftb&U IB the sprt is trowing tee , m o\ir vsy, baying ia*t ft ? «Two Register Csor* Only two sought automobile licenses last week, .and they were given to Laurence Lincoln, Pacific Junction, -for a Chevrolet coach, and to R. L.-'Southerland, Qlenwood, a Willys coach. Highway 34 Get* . Good Soaping Monday Highway 94 may once have claimed cleanliness but since the first of the week it can now claim a new type. Monday morning a truck load of Crystal Flake soap, westward bound from Kansas City, failed to make the curve west of the Frank Wright farm, at the Intersection of the old dirt road, formerly known as Dead Man's Hill, and bitting a telephone pole turned over, throwing soap all over the highway, Neither the driver nor his companion was seriously injured, hut the soap was thrown everywhere, and the truck was badly dam* aged, the engine and tore part of the truck being almost demolish* ed, The highway has been well- soaped. I World Wai ~~ Vtte H»Yg Reunion Friday w»j a bjg day la 31en* far (he. members of 60- l> farmers was made by Mr. Miller that was exceptionally unepo- nomlc. "We must have a price for our crops guaranteed for one year In advance," be declared. One Charlie Crone of Shelby county took the floor after Mr, Miller finished, making certain charges against Mr, Bavery. Slightly bald and with lush sideburns, Mr, Crone seemed anxious for a debate with Savery and would undoubtedly have made a worthy opponent in any argument, Form Second Degree Later he took associates into the women's club room and began organization of a Second Degree group for the Holiday association, Observers stated that practi- „ , organizers. Next on the community program, following the large- meeting of last Friday will be/u meeting called by Gilt fcyery, chairman of the ' ' VUI <J» W Ifclft vww»"-» ^»- — — county merchant* to make it a real success, in order to make it possible tor every Mill* couhtian to attend, the merchants are giving tickets with merchandise, which when presented with a dime at the Fair entrance will admit the holder to the Tuesday Night Show. Otherwise the admission will be 26 cents, a* it will be each other night. Horse Show Begin* Opening with a Society Horse Show, Tuesday evening promises an attractive outUne of program, Fancy riding, fine horses, and good riders insure the success of this part ot the program. Darrah's Comedians ot Tabor is the next feature, which promises plenty ot fun and entertainment. This group has been producing laughs all over Southwest Iowa. Then the WUlarde Novelty Circus will make ita first appearance with six big acts, including crobatics, clown*, dancing, and all kinds ot noveltle*. Randolph features the Wednesday evening program, with the opening part of the program. Their Randollan Players, featured In many successful programs hi* season have charge ot this part of the program, Including musical comedy, acts from light opera, singing, and dancing. The program will again be concluded by the Wlzlardes. Thursday is 4-H Might < Featuring the County '4-H clubs Thursday's Night Show promises to be of general inter- X,to thMJjre coun£ — with r toa ikbrl la IS8§» »tRl»turs far their fifth annuel siftQe thi« was also the fitteentb annlvereary of the Uislng of Hill Chateau Thierry if was i fcrmw M& cally 75 per cent of those attending the meeting were from out of the county, chiefly from the group Immediately north in which mar' tiaf law was declared in the spring. Thoroughly radical, they nonetheless kept quite peaceful and pleasant and did nothing worse than rip the plate glass sign from the Farm Bureau of* See door. Following the meeting the edi* tor of the' newly started Farm Holiday News, a nephew of I4Ho Reno, was introduced and he hawked subscriptions, taking in nearly a dozen. ^^*rW«3*MK3^5W^4ffi~^^^J^ ™ 4 4-'^ 'J^dayTlvlnTng fin the Oommu nity building. Plcketers and Savery recent! withdrew from the Farmers Holi day association with some ranco on both sides. "Our program I less radical," said Mr. Savery and we want to explain it t townspeople as well as farmers and invite all to our meeting, Savery was roundly flayed at the meeting Friday evening when Holiday speakers told of the progress of the two organizations, Cake Sale Sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary at MansfleWs, Saturday afternoon, Aug. 6. Any one want Ing a special kind of cake reserv ed call committee. adv, Thanks to Firemen We wish to express onr thanks to the Firemen of Malvern for assisting In the cleaning of the pool last week, Such community enterprise is greatly appreciated. Board of Park Commissioners. the boys and girls will be followed by a Community Circus with forty of the prominent citizens of the county participating, Again the evening will be concluded with a program by the Wirtardes, Thus will conclude three big programs of entertainment The following merchants are participating in the Night Show Ticket giving: Collins Drug Co., Malvern Fruit and Grocery company, Boyer Grocery, Cox Grocery, Fred Hall, The Malvern Leader, Malveru Tea Room, Geo. White (Sinclair Oil station), Smith Bar' ber shop, Iowa-Nebraska Light & Power company, H. Galliher, Wm. Kerns Barber shop, Frank Juelke, Salyers Auto company, j, E. Randerspn, Landls Hard* ware, Mulhollands, Leader Dept, store, McCord Hardware, fill Springer Barber shop, Red & White Grocery, O. fi. Davis, Meats, H. A. Deardorft, W. L. Smith, Malvern Bakery, Piatt Barber shop, Wilson Hatchery, R, K. Piper, Blngaman's Cafe, Mai* vern Cold Storage. Standard Features New AdvertUing Standard last week Oil company began a heavy ing campaign, emphasizing the qualities ot their gatQline oils. The Complete Superfuel, they term their product, baa seven major qusUac&tiPBs which they stress in their advertising. Holiday Group to Picnic Augutt 8 History of the Week An interpretative news summary of the important events of the past week. • _ Monday nigtit, after allowing the cjtl?ens of the nation a few days to absorb the details of the emergency business code as reported i» the press, President Roosevelt used a radio 'fireside chat 1 as the first gun in the strenuous campaign for public support of the plan, Passing briefly over the previous steps of the administration In Its recovery program the president laid his principal emphasis in his plea for Whole hearted and unquestioning Pftrtlcipfttloa In the present project. Finally, be requested immediate assurances from the na-* tlon'e employers, In advance of the opportunity for formal ad< of their support. ,„,«„, twelve thousand comwu? nle*Uon». friendly to the plan for the swat Part, Itt the days i»»f dtetely following the presidents iPAWh, were proof thftt tlvft -**** !*"••*•. %w)f4 aftd tfea t ttw nnlw WAI throughly of lercM he. i-lm lu ihow <Uy* *M _._ _j- t. he plan Into business conditlona, n larger towns the agreements were made as trade agreements (i each particular type of enter* ^rise, in small towns the aim was o arrive at a blanket agreement or all establishments. Actually, most small business men, not in* luded in the Intent ot the Plan, welcomed the opportunity W &«»* out for escape from lonp hours mposed by the competition of depression times. Small mer* chants, exempt of Increased labor costs, prepared to enjoy new lels* ure as they substituted a fifty-two lour week for one that has been seventy or eighty hours or more, YVbUe the to»<fla»tit»u of the wjntry **» occupied with the newly prominent, and slightly imitative of soviet terminology, word NJRA the »,rfcets Of the country began the week much subdued, Grain market* were *>{*• with 4 sMf impose^ Uml* .„,_ o» d*Uy iNfle* ckWigw* »ud with rnlttlwuM price*; se^ur* " » were open l» mom* Qr»lu* r»Ul*4 sharply o4tl iMUwuitti ot feik4 ftt w««K thftwwl i n«t ehaug• of Ut* m

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