Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on January 26, 1941 · 7
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 7

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1941
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A Films.. Radio. .Music. Drama Austin, Texas, January 26, 1941. PAGE 7 The Show World By Ruth Lewis 'Philadelphia Story' Joseph L. Mankicwicz, directed by Gmrge Cukor, icrren play by Donald Oiriirn Stewart, based on the play by Philip Barry, produced by the Theater Guild, Inc., photiizraphed by Jojeph Kut-tenbcrg, art direction by Cedric fiihbons, edited by Frank Sullivan, with the following cafltt C. K. Dexter Haven . .Cary Grant Tracy Lord Katharine Hepburn Macoulay Connor James Stewart Klitabeth Imhrie Ruth Hussey (Jeorire Kittredge John Howard Uncle Willie Roland Younr Reth Lord .....John Halliday Marearet IOrd Mary Nash Dinah Iird Virginia Weidler Sidney Kidd Hry Daniell Kdward Lionel Pape Thomas Hex Evana Just out of Philadelphia runs the Main line, along which lie the estates of the city's aristocrats. This rare citadel of snobbishness has long escaped attention; recently, has become the material for at least two major movies. It was Philip Barry who smoked out the Main liners with his "Philadelphia Story," fashioned to fit the At the Movies , PARAMOUNT "Philadelphia Story" 2.38, 4:54, 7:10 and 9:2. STATE "Thief of Badtrad" !, S :t, 5:52, 7:48 and 9:44. QUEEN "Doomed Caravan" 2, 1:47, 5:14, 6:51, 8:28 and 10:05. CAP1TOI "Mark of Zorro" 2:11, 4:07,. 5:03, 7:59 and 9:55. VARSITY "Foreign Correspondent" 2:25, 5:47, 7:09 and 9:81. TEXAS--"Sprin Parade"-2 :22, 4:15, 6:08, 8:01 and 9:54. AUSTIN "Knute Rockne" 2 :24, 4:15. 6:06, 7:57 and 9.48. DRIVE-IN "Smartest Girl In Town" 7:20 and 9:20. talents of Katharine Hepburn. On a Main line express Miss Hepburn has ridden back to popular acclaim and salvaged a career that was shaky. As Tracy Lord, the unapproachable "moon goddess" of Philadelphia society. Miss Hepburn won the respect of theater audiences. Having conquered a cool and skeptical Broadway, she displayed a good business head by making it so that when "Story" went into the movies, sne went along with it. jo Hepburn, no "Story." So, last summer the play closed shop temporarily. Miss Hepburn went to the M-G-M lot, "Story" was filmed; then the cast was reassembled and the comedy started making the one-night stands of America. The result is that now NOW DOORS OPEN 1:45 I 7. lunar Merrie Melodv Cartoon "GOODNIGHT TO ELMER" i 1 - ' T . 1 ! - ..Hi! 4 11 IM I i l- 'I I I I SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY "SMARTEST GIRL IN TOWN" Ann Sothern Gene Raymond Walt Disney Cartoon, Comedy Miss Hepburn on the stage is playing tag with Miss Hepburn on the screen; the actress is meeting herself coming and going. "Story" unquestionably will woo the Hepburn fans back into the moviehouses. It is a blue-ribbon, A-l film, the first smash comedy success of 1941. In fact, in our opinion, "Story" is, if anything, a better movie than play. Tracy is a rarity among the Main liners, a girl with frightening principles. If only Tracy were more human, moan members of her clique, either audibly or otherwise. Chief moaners are Dexter, her former husband, and two picture magazine reporters on hand to photograph Tracy's wedding to a stuffy, self-made coal baron. Everyone is much happier when Tracy gets on more cordial terms with human frailities by admitting to a few of them herself. There's a midnight swim, of which Tracy has a hazy recollection the next morning. When the prospective bridegroom objects, Tracy prefers the comfortable understanding and tolerance of Dexter. Barry tells the story of Tracy very wittily; thankfully, the film retains the Barry wit rather than trying to improve on it. The recent visit here of the stage play make certain comparisons inevitable. We regard the performance of Cary Grant as Dexter as an improvement decidedly; although we are inclined to prefer Van Heflin to James Stewart as the picture magazine reporter. Virginia Weidler is less conspicuous as the brattish little sister of Tracy. Ruth Hussey demonstrates a flair for high comedy as the girl photographer, and we liked Ronald Young's Uncle Willie and John Hal-liday's Seth Lord. We have so long associated Miss Hepburn with this part that we find it difficult to say more than the obvious she IS Tracy Lord. Barry just escapes making Tracy a thoroughly disagreeable young lady; we don't know why it is we like her from the start despite her smugnesS and lack of warmth. Perhaps that is Miss Hepburn's triumph in skill; she won't let you dismiss Tracy as a little prig, but keeps you waiting for the time when she will let down her reserves and become lovable. 'Our Town' Considered In the Show World 10-best movie poll conducted recently, Austin moviegoers agreed with the nation's critics nine times out of 10 in their choices. Not on the Austin 10-best list was "Our Town," which played a mid-week engagement at the State and at the Varsity, but which was never brought to the Capitol. Mgr. Bill Heliums tells us that if there is sufficient interest by Show World readers in the film, based on Thornton Wilder's play, it will be brought to the Capitol. Those who missed the picture and would like to have it brought back are invited to drop a card to Show World or call Mgr. Heliums at the Capitol. New Title Announced HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 25. (SpD "Shadows on the Stairs" is the new title of the Warner Bros, picture produced as "Murder on the Second Floor." Bruce Lester, Heather Angel. Paul Cavanagh and Frieda Inescort are featured in the film, which was directed by D. Ross Lederman. NOW! 20c-30c H0PPr TAW IMF TQf 1 v:N'' s v.-v - CHAPTER 3 JUNIOR G-MEN" "Foreign Correspondent" with LARAINE DAY JOEL McCREA George SANDERS pit's I COLOR CARTOON NEWS i . 1 r 1 "SPRING PARADE" with DEANNA DUBBIN Robert CUMMINGS Ml "KNUTE ROCKNE" with PAT O'BRIEN GALE PAGE RONALD REAGAN mi v SOB The Most Beautiful Technicolor of the Year! OPEN 1:45 SWEEPING ACTION!, I ...bshtuij to lire... living f It Love! V 1 r. r Shorta I "Porkey'a I Hired Hand" a" CAPITOL NOW! Til w if "JESSE JAMES" ui "OLD CH1C1G0" ii Hii-"-Greatest iole! , tv L"Mo A tOvl . j 'CI - THE MRR f :A-?4l i 20 CENTURY I fox ncmne BASIIi j"t pftk 8MITH "1'leaae RATHBONE GALE SONDERGAARD 8MITH I "Please i Anawer" 1 Cartoon Story of France To Be Told By Eye-Witness Andre Maurois Speaks Tuesday Night On Town Hall Series When France bowed to German terms and ilgned an armistice terminating the war between those countries, Frenchman Andre Maurois was in London, where he had been sent on a mission. Communications were disrupted between England and France, so Mauroia, who had served as liaison officer between the general staffs of England and France, was demobilized by his immediate superior, and decided to come to America to fill commitments here. Immediately he was in great demand for lectures and articles as one who had seen first hand the downfall of France. Lessons of War Maurois will tell an Austin audience Tuesday night what he considers the reasons for France's defeat. His Town Hall lecture, to b given at the state federation headquarters, is on the subject: "How to Save Freedom: Lessons of the War." Maurois spent the first part of the wsfr at the headquarters of Gen. Gort, British commander-in-chief, occasionally leaving for short missions to the French army In the front lines. At the beginning of May, just a few days before the German offensive, he visited the Ninth army, the one commanded by Gen. Corap, which a week later, was to break under the hammer-blows of the panzer divisions. He was startled and dismayed at the obvious inadequacy of the defense forces and preparations. Just 'Amiable Old Men , "The colonels and generals in command of these places," he later said, "were amiable old men who had long since been retired from active service and had been recalled at the outbreak of the war to be entrusted with posts that the army considered administrative sinecures. Never had these honest bureaucrats, submerged as they were under waves of papers, considered what they would do if enemy tanks and motorcyclists, armed with machine guns should present themselves at the gates of their citadel.' These were the men entrusted with safeguarding the French lines of communication. He saw the Germans trick the allies into revealing their plans to repeal invasion by making a feint at invading Belgium. On May 11, when Hitler unleashed his attack. Maurois entered Belgium with the British columns. He was with the British general staff when the latter learned of the disaster at Sedan, the German breakthrough, and Corap's rout. Reynaud 'Weary Boxer' Maurois went through the Battle of Flanders and retreated with the general staff as far as Arras and Amiens. He then returned to Paris to deliver a personal report of the military situation to Premier Paul Reynaud. "Reynaud at that time," he says, "gave me the impression of a courageous boxer bravely trying to stay on his feet but already reeling and offering an easy target for a knockout blow. 'Do you see any reason for hope?' I asked him before I left. 'As long as the patient is not dead,' Reynaud replied, 'the doctor always tells the family there's still a little hope.'" This was the last time Maurois saw Reynaud. On June 10 the French high command decided to send M. Maurois to London by military plane to impress upon the British people the gravity of the French situation. He was in London when France surrendered. Since all communications had been disrupted between England and France, Andre Maurois sailed for the United States. Andre Maurois knew intimately the men who ran thing3 In England and France. His revelations, published in Collier's Magazine under the title of "What Happened to France" and in book form as "The Agony of France," is an authoritative eye-witness account of the events leading up to the greatest tragedy of modern times. M. Maurois lecture is based upon what he himself has seen. r 4 - n ii - - f jl - J ' i ' - 1 nD' j : 1 j j . - t ( i . - 1 1 ' I lL - :r v - - - v r sf r -! v W ' ; , , y - 1 t -r-i it( -niii i.-iTi nm infii i iff n Vm-n, mart Yi mturr ,wf .;. : . . J Kam,, .an inri nt" wr-mtt WTiiinitjnf J"-""i 'V--1 -i l-liiTirYr--riiT : -irM irimini1 n.r niiwi'ii im TraV,t-r'iiwTira A MAINLINER puts the press in its place in this scene from the movie "Philadelphia Story," which is the Paramount's week-end attraction. In the scene above Katharine Hepburn, as a member of Philadelphia aristocracy, is adding her bit to the discomfort of James Stewart and Ruth Hussey, from the staff of a picture magazine, who are to take pictures of a society wedding. Cary Grant is involved in the comedy, too, as the ex-husand of the daughter of the Main Line. Option Taken Up On South American Star HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 25. (SpD RKO Radio executives have exercised their option on the continued screen services of Alberto Vila, South American singing star. Vila, who was brought to Hollywood by Producer Lou Brock to make his American debut in "They Met in Argentina," new RKO filmusical. Is the outstanding favorite of the South American stage and screen. His work in the Latin republics includes many picture roles, concert tours, radio engagements and stellar performances in the legitimate theater. The cast of "They Met in Argentina" Includes Maureen O'Hara, James Ellison, Buddy Ebsen, Robert Barrat, Joseph Buloff and Dieia Costello. Trailing the Trailers Dick Powell and Joan Blondell in 'Model Wife' HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 25. fSpl) Co-starring Dick Powell and Joan Blondell, "Model Wife," a comedy of martial mixups, got under way before the cameras last week at Universal. Leigh Jason, moving over from the RKO studios is serving in the ; double capacity of producer-direc- : tor. ! In support of Powell and Miss Blondell are Lee Bowman, who re- j mains at Universal on loanout from M-G-M after completing his assign- j ment in ' Buck Privates;" Charlie j Ruggles and Ruth Donnelly. j NOW MON. Cnssirlv Acmnst ( attlp Thifvs. 1 . J.4. M sir" . ,7i0 Porky News Charlie Chase SUNDAY 15c Kfa-i-MiiwU Marriagt tf "IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT" THEME AT SWING SPEED! Extra: EDGAR KENNEDY Fate of 'Kitty Foye7 Important In Career of Ginger Rogers Kr 1 J J, , i 1 I. ROGERS By MAC ROT RASOR American-Slateaman Suff If press notices and other forms of Hollywood ballyhoo are any indication of merits of a film, which sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't, Austin theatr-goers will be selecting their movie entertainment from the top shelf this week. Two of the pictures showing during the week are definitely be-1 n Z considered "good news" by Hollywood and by many movie critics in cities where the films have already run. "Kitty Foyle," opening next Saturday at the Paramount, and "The Philadelphia Story," now playing and to continue through Tuesday at the same theater, are the films so designated. RKO-Radio has been publicizing Ginger Rogers as "Kitty Foyle" for so long, the film is going to have to be plenty good just to meet expectations. Ginger's interpretation of Christopher Morley's best-selling navel character reportedly removes all doubt of the star's acting ability. The story concerns a "white-collar" girl madly in love with a social bigwig and the entanglements that result, with the third side of the triangle supplied by a young doctor who is in Kitty Foyle's own strata of society. Those who have read the book are wondering if the censors have spoiled the original story. We are wondering, too, but trailers on the film indicate that there must not have been very much censoring. The other "top" film. "The Philadelphia Story." is reviewed in today's "Show World, printed elsewhere on this page. An unusual picture booked Tuesday through Thursday at the State theater is "Land of Liberty," a picture compiled rather than produced. The picture is a patriotic Tafce Your Choice PARAMOUNT T h r o u h TueadaT, -Philadelphia Story" with Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and James Stewart. Wednesday through Friday, "No, No, Nanette" with Anna Naagle, Richard Carlaon and Robert loung. Starting Saturday, "Kitty Fovle" with Ginger Roirera and Den-nia Morgan ; alw, Th March of Time. Midnicht ahow Saturday. 'Come Live With Me" with Jamea Stewart and Hedy Lamarr. STATB Throusrh Monday, "The Thief of Iiagda with Sahu, Jun Duprea and Conrad Veidt. Tueadmr through Thuriday, "The Land of Liberty. Starting Friday, "Son of the Count of Monte Criato" with Louia Wayward and Joen Bennett. QUEEN Through Monday, "Doomed Caravan" with William Boyd, Kua-aell HaycVn and Andy Clyde. Tuesday and Wedneaday, "Bllery Queen, Maater Detectiye" with Ralph Bellamy and Margaret Lindsay. Thuia-day and Friday. "Phantom Submarine" with Anita Louine and Bruce Bennett. Starting Saturday. Life With Henry" with Jackie Cooper. CAPITOL Through Tuesday, "The Mark of Zorro" with Tyrone Power and Linda. Darnell. Wednesday and Thuraday. "Bitteraweet" with Jean-ette MacDonald and Nelaon May. Friday and Saturday, "Moon Over Burma" with Dorothy I-amour and Robert Preston. VARSITY Through Monday, "Foreign Correspondent" with Joel McCrea and Laraine Day. Tuesday and Wednesday, "Howarda of Virginia" with Cary Grant and Martha Scott. Thundav, "One Night in the Tropica" with Allan Jones and Nancy Kelly. Friday and Saturday. "The Westerner" with Gary Cooper and Waiter Brennan. TKKAS Through Monday. "Sprinf Parade" with Deanna Dtirbin. Tuesday only, "Hell's Angela" with Jean Harlow. Wednesday and Thursday, "French Without Teara" with Ray Mllland and Ellen Drew. Friday and Saturday. "Kentucky" with Richard Greene and Loretta Young. AUSTIN Through Monday, "Knuta Rockne" with Pat O'Brien and Gait Page. Tuesday and Wednesday, "Ust Horiion" with Ronald Col-man. Thursday. "Little Bit of Heaven" with Gloria Jean. Friday and Saturday. "Too Many Girls1' with Lucille Ball and Richard Carlaon. RITZ Sunday. "Crosi Country Romance" with Gene Raymond and Wendv Barrie. Monday and Tuesday. "Kit Carson" with Jon Hall. Wednesday, "Gold Rush Maiaie" with Ann Sothern. Thumday, "Till We Meet Aprain" with George Brent and Merit Oberon. Friday and Saturday, "Rollin' Home to Texas" with Tex Ritter and Slim Andrews: also "The Green Archer." CACTI'S Sunday and Monday, "Trail Dust" with Bill Boyd and Gabby Hayes. Tuesday and Wednesday, "Rhythm on the River" with Bing Crosby, Mary Martin and Basil Rathbont; also, "King; of the Royal Mounted." Thuraday, "Devil Bat" (first run) with Bella Lugoai. Friday and Saturday, "Wyoming Wild-rat" i first runt with Rvj Barry and Julia Duncan ; also, "Drums of Fu Manchu." film of the history of the United States as told by sequences from 112 feature pictures, short subjects and news reels in which you have seen more than 100 stars appearing as historical characters. All Hollywood was called on to supply sequences for the film. Cecille B. De-Mille was called in to edit it and Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America sponsored it. The film is the historical, social, cultural and scientific story of America from its cradle in a vast wilderness to its present-day world power. Proceeds from the picture up to "$50,000 will go to the British relief fund. Also preceded by considerable publicity is the first film in the series planned for the radio-famous "Aldrich family." The picture opens Saturday at the Queen theater, starring Jackie Cooper in the role of Henry Aldrich in "Life With Henry." Whether Mr. Cooper can equal on the screen the highly commendable characterization of Henry that Leon Janney has skyrocketed to radio popularity is doubtful. Saturday's showing will give the answer. Also starting a new series is "Ellery Queen, Master Detective," whose first picture is by the same name, playing at the Queen Tuesday and Wednesday. Ralph Bellamy and Margaret Lindsay will be the regular stars. Sequel to 'Monte Crlsto' And while on the subject of the series, the popularity of "The Count of Monte Cristo" occasions a sequel: "The Son of Monte Cristo," opening Friday at the State and starring Louis Hayward and Joan Bennett. It's another of those swashbuckling, saber-rattling thrillers with Hero Louis Hayward swinging the sword and Beauty Joan Bennett looking pretty. From somewhere in that combination on the week's theater calendar there should be entertainment for just about everybody. Maroon Concert Friday Night Winter concert of the Austin High School Maroon band will be presented Friday night at the high school auditorium, Weldon Covington, director, announced Saturday. The band has invited as its guests for this concert band director! and members from neighboring cities, as the Austin band Is playing number of contest numbers. Raymond Rike will be guest clarinet soloist; Glen Larson, band president, will be bass soloist. George Brent and Martha Scott on Location HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 2.1 (SpD Headed by stars George Brent and Martha Scott, a large troupe comprising Columbia's "They Dare Not Love" company this week moved from the studio to the company's ranch for important exterior scenes. Under James Whale's direction the cast, including Paul Lukas, Egon Brecher and Kay Linaker, will do scenes on a huge luxury liner built for the purpose by the studio art department. Shooting on interior scenes for the same sequence has been progressing at Columbia for the past week. Sam Bischoff is producing. Radio Teams Signed HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 25. (Spl) RKO Radio Pictures has signed Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Fibber McGee and Molly, two entertainment trams on the airlanes, to star together in a big-budget feature film. Mipsery of COLDS Three One-Acts On U.T. Schedule Experimental Theater To Present Plays Three original one-act plays will be the next presentation by the Experimental theater at the University of Texas, the plays to be staged by James H. Parke. "Viva " Chihuahua!" by Edward G. Rohrbough. Jr., "This Is the Way a World Ends" by Sally Guinri and "Gold Is Where You Don't Find It" fwiih apologies to J. Frank Dobie) by E. P. Cnnkle are the plavs chosen for production the week of Feb. 18. Rohrbough. former student nf thp university wrote his plav while a student In Conkle's plavwritmg class. He Is now in the Canadian army and is located at. Chatham. Ontario. Sallv Guinn is a junior student in the school education. She also wrote her play while in Conkle's class. It concerns a group of people fn an air-raid shelter during the bombing of an American city. Conkle is a noted playwright and member of the univer-sitv drama faculty. Students who will appear In the productions include Mary Ella Mc-Cullough. Jimmy Fox. Don Jackson. Raymond McAtlee, William Middagh. Al Shrppard. William Crain, Mason Johnson, Fred Short, Monroe Cauble, Ella Bess Haygoort, Penelope Chatmas. Martin Clark. Lucile Shepherd. Dre Johnson. Leo Hackney, Lewis Nichols. Grovrr Stewart. Clifford McCullum and Martha Morgan. One of these throe plav will be entered in the intercollegiate drama festival at Lubbock in March. There Is no admission charge for the plavs but reservations must be , made in advance because of tne j limited sealing capacity: for reser- vations call University 9171, sta- tion 218. i I 666 LIQUID TABLETS SALVE NOSE DROPS COUGH DROPS Try "Rub-My-Tlsm"-a Wonderful Liniment Announcing the Appointment cf Factory Authorized Dealer for IIS lib llf S IT Ka COMING TO MEET YOU in a faze c&mr HHJ& coat If 1 f I la, TAKE IT WITH A KEYSTONE MOVIE CAMERA Start now to take full color movies the easy and Inexpensive way. Full color movies 15 cents an action scene, black and white only 10 rents. Here is a pocket camera with all these features: F3.5 Wollen-sak lens Three speeds in-rluding slow motion-exposure guide Footage Indicator Direct optical and auxiliary view f 1 n d e r Interchangeable lens Bronze grain finish. Uses regular Kastman or Economy Agfa 30-ft. film which Is developed free of charge and delivered to you prepaid. This Is a precision built instrument made by a long established camera manufacturer. DOWN WEEK F3.5 Lens Interchangeable Keystone Projector $24.75 rovv WEEK Model C-8 200 Watt with F2.8 Xo Interest: No Carrying Charge Mail Orders Promptly Filled. 619 Congress: TOWN HALL PRESENTS Andre Maurois TEXAS FEDERATED WOMEN'S CLUES 2313 San Gabriel Tuesday, Jan. 2Sth 8:00 p. m. Adults $2.00, tax Included Students tl.10. tax Included Tickets On Sale at J. K. Reed Music Co. and Texas Union fl (BOB & 3 dffi, IM. I y.,, J -M. M I J ! 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