Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 18, 1970 · Page 47
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 47

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1970
Page 47
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•junior Editor Qui* on- HIGH HEELS Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Wednesday, November 18, 1970 QUESTION: When were high heels first worn and who wore them? . ANSWER: During the Middle Ages, society men wore soft shoes with extremely long points (A) and. to protect them out of doors, slipped them inside a wooden patten of similar shape. -Notice the definite heel on this patten, which held the foot up out of the mud. When the loose patten joined the upper part, we had a real shoe, tout this didn't come until later. Various clumsily shaped clogs and chopines (B) came into use; and then, in the late 1500's, ladies began wearing the pantoufle, which although only an outer cover, had a much more modern look. Soon this developed into a true high heel shoe. It is said the first ones were worn by Mary Stuart in England and Catherine di Medici in France. However, it was Queen Elizabeth I of England who set the fashion for high heels. Her shoes in the picture look strikingly modern. In (D), the fashionable shoe has a narrow heel, which evolved into the extremely pointed spike heel of a few years ago (E). Finally (F) here's the latest shoe we could find. Seems hard to believe, but we're back to the shoe styles of Good Queen Bess! (Pat Powers of Ben Lomand, Calif., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) TIZZY By Kate Osann When I marry, I hope I find a man EXACTLY Father—only real MOD!" SIDE GLANCES IH* '"And now, let us rise and sing 'America th» Beautiful,' while our distinguished speaker ii adjusting his helmet!" November Poetry Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS I "When chill November's surly blast made fields and forests " (Burns) 5 "And in the month o£ November Thanksgiving tjnto the Lord" (Day) 9 Czech river 10 "November's glooms barren beside the dusk of June" (Henley) : 13 Persian poet 14 Recall to mind > 16 Hindu divine » being 17 Epoch 18 Wriggly 19 Day (Latin) 20 Chilled 22 Definite article 24 Beaten by stick 26 Warm springs 30 Military assistant 31 Duration of office 32 Indiana (at>.) 33 Compass point 34 City near Lake Tahoe 35 Italian city 36 Like gold, 38 Glowing burning fragment 39 Seine 40 Malarial fever 41 Eat less (humorous) 44 Actual being 46 Pronoun 49 Wings 50 Reanimate 52 Prophet £ Colliery boy 27 Act (Eng.) improperly 6 Buddhist 28 Flayer's stake sacred 29 German river mountain 31 Skin diseases 7 Wash (poet.) 34 Arctic 8 Small weight explorer 10 Retired for 35 Australiaa , -the night ratitebird, ' 11 Electric unit 37 Comes in. 12 Red (comb. 38 Elbe j, form)- tributary 53 Hindu title of 15 Reward (var.) respect 21 Letter o€ 40 Fungi spora 54 English river alphabet sacs 55 Dutch painter 23 Garment 41 Hit (slang) 56 Canvas shelter border 42 Athena DOWN 24 Site of Biblical 43 Estonian 1 Tidal flood miracle weight 2 Biblical 25 Japanese 45 Hindu weight, character aborigine 4T English school! 3 Left-over part 26 Ribbon (comb. 48 Lease 4 Before iorm) 51 Consume fooa! CARNIVAL By Dick Turner IH8 (5 IOTP ty NEA, TUT, T.M. He?. US. tat, OU. "Rememoer when we worried about how popular Jonie would be with her schoolmates, instead of us with the neighbors?!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL HIVA FUDDSY, I GOT A WHOLE NEW LINE O' BRUSHES...HEYI YA LOOKS AWFUL.! WHAT'S I'VE GOT '-N KEEP A TEWWIBLE) YER COLD... TANJC£~... 'AS- Sfffft- I FEEL BETTER \ ALWEApy.' ) 11-18 7APTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE YOU'RE pucey WILDE ^...THE PRIVATE LT, MIKE-CONMEK^ RECO/VWENPEP POWM AT HEAPQUARTERY? MAVBE I'M A WERE FEMALE-AN PA V0UN6ERTHAN J?XP£CTEP-£UT I-ETI& I MAY P055/SLV KKJO / 51T POWN AMP IgKlP THE PAtNEP ME WH/ VOU'KE VOU TO HELP ME FIND A Llm& J^ V GIRl'2 THAT LOOK, NOT HER RECEPTION CUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN OUR BOARD.NG HOUSE . . . wlrt, . . - MAJOR HOOPLl I'VE LEARWEPA LOrYHOW PORTUWATETO J SUCH ATRIFLtKJG 1 .ABOUT THE STOCK /HAVE YOU AS A /SUM IS ANIMSULT MARKET BY REAP- / FRIEWP.' MAY 1 \ TO HIS CAPABILITIES.' IMS THE DAILY" S IMPOSE UR9W VOU \ STePASIPE^SMAl.L REPOJCT5 AMP STOP/- j TO ADVISE ME AS I CHAWfiE, AW LET HIM IMS THE UP5 TTW TO HOW J SHOULD / APVlSE A MORE AF- , AKJP PCWM&...) INVESTMV LIFE'S / FLUENT INVESTOR— ' >DU THIMK. / ON VoU/ I'LL. C»M'T Vfc»U THINK ALL ' i BE L U- *v PUT IT <SEMTL-Y. . BOTTOM'S IM COLOR. WOlJUP> t-OOK OF UP UMTV* TH6 OF THE MA^lOMAU ©fViege*,*. j ^OMS' fyierTSi-.^ph'.., ...uL i., TU ,„ „,, our OF FiteE SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL NO „ SKINNY UTOH RABBITS/ FIND ME THE FAllEST CREATURE IN TWE , WHOLE KINGDOM. THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA WELL/FKEP, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW STORM SHUTTERS I INVENTEP & /WHERE DID I EVER: GET THE I IDEA FOR. THIS | V PESU3N ?" 7 PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER NU3WT I DREAMED CARLM.E PROPOSED TO ME! t> A .PRESENT ME THE CARSON MANSION. 1 SAVE ALL THOSE ROOMS,, • 11-1 *-* ^*««—» X —»x^ ^ j ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN WHAT'RE YOU I WAS GOING \ I'M AFRAID* \ ...THE MEN OUT AT THE CO/NS, YOUR / TO aer SOME WE CANT j SLOUGH NEED IT MORE HISHNESS?/FOOP FOR SUZ.7 SPARE IT/ / THAN HE DOES... ^ ...THEY'LL BE TERRIBLY \—'-'-^HEV, UMPA. \ MYGOSH,GUZ, HUNGRY AFTER DRESS/MS-/ TWO \eAVEALL YOU'RE NOT EVEN OUT TWO BRONTOSAURS!V BRONTOS?/ )TH' FOOD / GONNA GET ^ .-- x WHy OIDIMT i AWAY// LUNCH OUTA, SOMEBODY TELL .\1_, ,-< TH'PEAL.' K2 WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI 6HE*3 AWD ATAAE BEOVJeB ©HE GOT WRITER'S CR4MP WRITING 1 ALLTHOSE NOT^ CVAU4 FRECKLES By HENRY FORMHALS IF MK. PuTrOEY'<5£T5 plS- COURASEP vviw TMe FOOO IF THIS IS A \ YOU Bir •/^SHORT CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS ACTUALLY/ I'M A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR IN THE 9ATTIB OP THE sexes' (ft WO t» HIA, |K,TW. »i|. U.J. lot. OH

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