The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 28, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1894
Page 7
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cntiur' t»afcy A.LL HOME PRINT, f H« Mtttumt, to the omji newspaper in cat- Mil eovatr that is bunted all at home and I toon- •Mi IBM* loeat and eountr newt ttmn awr other tin t>a§ers la this county. i . POWBRS & OatiOMi Propg. FBIDAV, SBPTEMBBB 28, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. A nice line of school supplies, at the 'Palace drug store, 0. ti. Watties took a trip to Danbury this afternoon un business. The King's Daughters will meet this •evening with Miss Ada Hillman. When you want first class fruits of any 'kind, call at Schachtuer & Egan's cash grocery. ' MI86 Marv €ulbertson left last evening to flntoh her studies at* the Chicago Art institute. - '•'' '•'• ; ''•••>• A . B, H. Brown has returned from Spirit Lake where he was during the fore part of the week. : Try;a cake of the Dairy Made Butter- mllk.Soap for the complexion, afthe Palace drug-store. •.'.'• Try'a'eack of CroBbv's beat flour, for sale by Bchachtner & Egan's grocery, and be conVinced of its superiority. For''rent,—'two dwelling, houses, one locatefi on north side and 'the other on the sptith side 1 ..' : Geo. Wi fibwen. . .< F LoM, a; raw silk lap robe, bet ween Chat. Bucknam's and Mr. HinWey'S. Finder will plewe return to M^M-r Miller, * LtfqWig Bros, bate Just • received *, full llne^of ladies' caps and cloaks. Call 1 in andeiamineour stock "While it is aew. -MM. J. H, Brunittg, of Breda, has mffved into what is known as the Buy. dam property, corner (Eighth aim Welt streets. r. .... Tft« earlier; ijmptoms of drepepii*, heart- barn andoccasional fceattaabei, should not be neglected^'.' Tak* Hood's • SatiaparlUa to be oared. County Treasurer Albert sen has been on tho sick list for the past few days, but he stuck to hie post during the rush in- 'Cident to the doilng days of 'the time''to fpay. taxes without an additionei penalty •The 'hair cannot' ifiourish unless the ' scalp is kept in good condition. Aver'a Hair Vigor gives universal satisfaction as Call at Joyce's office for rock, (beat »and barrel salt, oil meal, storm sash, hard • and soft coal. 'Special prices on surface ' lumber, . ; ' . ' ' W. F. SteigerwaltJias returned from a- three weeks' (tip in (Pennsylvania, where i be has been visiting his mother and other relatives, 'Open air concert on tbe street this evening. Turn out and note the improvement made by the band'boys' since their last concert ' -•"-•' Mrs. M. Miller is enjoying a visit from' Mrs. Stella Hung!!, a sister of her's, and Miss Josie Ellwanger, a niece. Both are from Dubuque. " Next Thursday and-Frlday, Oct. 4 and 6, will be the big millinery opening of Mrs. M. Shadle, She -will have tbe finest and .cheapest line of patterii bats and all kloda of rolUinery ever skown in Carroll. Among the dispatches i(i Wednesday's d»il/*was one from b«» Mplnei ~ '-" that Mrs. E. V. Robinson aitem cut her'throat with a razor. E; 'V. Robinson is well known ' to many oT'our cltizeris, havlng.llved here'for some time fessioH Itt «en«fal fdr bflils«», tpr>fhs and dislocations; also tot aoreMH febd stiffness of the ttiufeisfes. wtociu applied br- toi-e the parts I ecome swollen It will effect a cuse lu one fc »tf the time usually te- qulred. ForsijIe'byJ. W. fiatton, drug* Insurance, sjdd money to loan on rtal- •fltnte at 6 per Bent MABTIN & Mittm. Joe snya that thn Leach livery barn at Coon Rapids h 18 the host horses In Car. roll county, 16 drove across the country today In two h ours and won |25 and brought the tei m through In good condition. ITie Demoorc ts of Rlchiand township will meet In caucus at Center school house Saturday, Sept. 29, 'at 6 o'clock, to place In nomin itlott township officers ahd transact such o her business as may come before Die cauciis. Bi SArr, Chairman, IB talking wijh Jaffles O'Berron, one of the prosperous farmers of this county, about the drouia, and r the hard times he told us that thejyappeared to be a bless. He thinks'that'the les- y and economy that they rag in disguise, soot of frugal! have taugbt the farmers of this county will be of greai value to them; For instance; they never before' thought of cutting the corn stalks up for fodder and saving the husks which are nearly as good as bar for the cattle. He says that the farmer can winter bit stock on the coarse feed on the farm and bate'the-bay he has been accustomed to feeding for sale, thus realizing a nice little sum from that source alone every y«ar. •'There' are many other ways thai in*h*a been taught to economize and Mr. O)Herron if of the opinion that in five years' the farmers will be better offihan If-they had not been taught these lessonstfr6iririec«BSfiy. '- ••'' \ • milte in CJHcago,>Ir. CbarlesjL. Kalv ler, a prominent" shoe merchaut of' D'es Moln«8,I6w4/had^lteii'«ertd«'8t«irie of It: * He took §nch»- severe "TOW' that* he couW hardly i talk -ot navlgatei but. the prompt' use of .•ObamberMllTa Oough Reime<lT«urea him of his cold '80.' quickly that others at the ttotel who had bad coltfs followed his wample 1 and a naif -dozen persons brdered ttffont the^ nearest drug sWre, They Were profuse In. thetrthanks toMhKahlei 1 for* telling Miem how to «ure ab»d cold s»> qdlokly. F«r sale 'by . W. aatton, druggist. goo4 an^ been engaged in paintng. The modern beauty thrives on food;and sunsbine, wjth plenty of tin the open air, iler form glows With health and her toco, blooms/with, it* .beauty. If her syaten) needatlie cleansing vftctlon of a laxative remedy, 'ane' uses the geiitleand pleasant liquid laxatlie i Syrup ^M;.".- '••-•'"•• .1.. •% •:''. ;::.":: i LaPlant A Oavanaugh would announce to the ladies of C».rrqil and vlcialtv that tbeir opening of fall and winter milliner? wttl take place on ftiday and Haturday of this week. AH are iavUsd to call and tee their pctternbato, bonnet*, etc. ' 1^lpi'¥ii^ : ;tlie-;iaw>^i»g«* ;of the stock of goods owned by the Carroll Dry cojBj(ia.qy h!as, disposed of the, '' * Oilniore, ir*i» have will remain in the city Cpr, a, time at least. They have not as let determined wbM, they will do . but t tliiuk U»,y.willlak* Rostock »3 Ajwr's Hariaparilladoe* wiiat no other blood uedi«ln» In eiitteuoe can dflu U eeataliM out all the impurities In the •?•• tew iwd'expoli them b*rml«wly the proper obanneli, Tbjf 1» wby Ay«rs £am|)arilla la'so pre-eminently effective '' '" Lwst candidate for reporter, i of the supreme court «o the Republioin ticket, tried' a o^ ( ;^D^!:^^[;ptm^^;iqiDo& Bapida '•nd''.go»V;igjoriopy''.; soooped, Dni4ug:tbe trial-an interMtinffi colloquy took place between iBitlinger, and Shu- mhttk. Halinger aaid, "Pleaw repeat it" "I dd not oare to sing it" Mid Jack. "I told it twice already > "Oh, I 4p oot/'oare anything about, your musical attainurate,aJ13 want to for you to Miairer -iuy' qaeatton." •'•Ob, 700 need oo» try to get smart on mt Baa, for I am onto yoo." '"Well I am onto you, ton, feek Bbnmaker, with both feet, and ypa will itMwer my qoMtion." "Well, yon MMi>aot onto me anjr. better than I> am ontoyooiBen." "Well," Hid Ben, "it •ppeate that neither one ba* the drop on the otber ud it joa are now ready to •naww PT qaactioD w» will go on witbi Jack nude no further remon- •trane»and the legal mill WB* again set in motion. DOGS. AH««. (tounole. litrited out to tl»y tetuu«)4Unalo! AVhat haa happMwd to wra » f... Uaole--W«Il, u>«T bare Npeabo! the l»w -nfhloh required dogs to be mnuied, tad lirw on tie way ffom4a station,-To«aflSiftii«». ..' COBHtSPONDCNCpl. Bpondenti; ioJri«hr»ctti» pqeileatlon of their letters In tEe.weeklr, rauitmall tUem <o thej will reach our offl«e Wsdneiday.J . ••; (•••: '.! ~.Jv!i_ii;:..rTJ Jf\ ~ 1KMFI>ETOM, , of : Koselle, visited bis B. Helthoff, brother John recently r Blisses MaeandjThereBaKlocke were at Carroll Sunday. ;' Joe Bops and wife, of Carroll, were Sunday visitors. Joe appears to enjoy married life. -. —-- - -•; Mlds Pieblg, of Carroll, was here last Sunday and returned home with V. Fiebig of Grand function. , •The little folks jumped out behind so no damage was done besides a, broken, light ' Otnnptbe Cured by looal application* « tUST oannot r«aoU tb« diMMdd portion of <bi ear. Tbara ii ! onlr one wartaooiedeatoata, wwl that U br oonstftu- tional renedlH. .Hea(neM U oaiued by an in- named ooDdlUoo oftta mueoiM Hoioc of th« eustaobUn .. tub*,, Whfn this .wbe I* Intlamea rou IIM* a rumbling Mind orlwperfast hearlbj;, aod wnen It U eatlralr a(aa*d t <itaCaau It the te- suit, ana unleu tu« lallimmatlou eao b« taken out and tali tab* reweicd U> its .termai condition, uaarlng will ba itoitroytd fonver; nine (*M»*uto!t«n arc cawed byuatatrfc, Wtolcb I* noUitnc but aa lnnaiu«4 ooudltUw «c fee uueous . , . .We will give $n»)mu4nridau«*for.anr oaia of dwifpew (cwuedbreatarrb) Wat -0811001 bs our«db» Hall's €atanb.Cut*,;ai»nd Jor clrou- '-' i: " ••••"• n "™ •.••'•-(-.•••i:..-. V.^QHBNIY *09., Made, 0. Brwa by Druggists, 78a I Wait for Mrs, Buydje> ppening. •• • ' - • •' Pirn JDBV. '••'-.. Tne followinp ia tfaa IJrt of ps4it jvron '"' ' ' Oeo. Uau A.Tu«l flto. Utliry Mundt Htnn'WaUMe J.IftMar Oui-ooftUmporary ny» that aome r«ve. if < o«oUU^Uve bt«n »lt«m|itln to bUokutll par^M ip l«ii ijlty . If be §Bd t^t pwtm 'wIM !»•»• ' «mlml Dm publq ' oy U If tb'Hefaid «lll<plt«T«i (IS !' I6« atMOB bM DO* OB fe now out, There itno* sh'nuld w. Lftrluora, «f V. M.C, A,, »e» M6IDH! Iowg,a|yaba z'zle Roth 1 met with what might havebeen a sad accident. While coming to town the other day the kingbolt broke lu her buggy and threw her out over tbe dishb6ard^ A Luckily she ' escaped uninjured. "Jos. ; 'Farigman has been workln« for hit twice-divorced wife but they could not agree.' All summer they' bad trouble, but It got too thick and he had to leave. Key. Father Schulte left last Saturday for Louisville to attend the Catholic convention. • •' ' 3fr. and Mrs. Schoeppner were called to Mt. Carmel by the slekness of their>son-in- law. He is reported as improving. Pudens brothers of Carroll made a flying trip to our fclty. Jos. P. Halter and Y. Schwaller left for Minnesota one day last week: "Last Sunday services were held 'at 9:80 a. m. Next Sunday they will bo at 8:30 a.m. Bey. Frej of Uillsdalewfll read services In Rev. KutlierSciiulte'a absence/ • PLEASANT HIM,. Tom Hunter, of Olidden, had business at tho Hill last Sunday. Geo. SiUetberger, of TFilley, is some; better at present writing. H. C. Raybuck was in Carroll last week on legal business. ' i Thos: Piper, the efficient road bdss, Is putting our roads tn fair condition now. Mrs. F. MoCurdy,'.of CarroUton, was caught in a r'ain*'atprra last week and was' flUI^ ill for a few days wltlt acute brou- •chitis, '';' ; "• : ' ' : ; ' •'' It Is rumored that H. H. Lester, of Car- roUton, Is returning; having enough of traveling for this time. Frunk Tureohek started his can* mill and evaporator this week. , We learn that Mrs. F.Meyert la vlcltlug • few days with her daushter.Mnt.Scbaeps, atflllddeu. iiatyey Hay of CarroUton bad one of his feet badly cut last week on a corn cutter but Is able to go about on crutches. Last week we noticed tbe best set up of oureafiy that baa been made lately; it4» verbaUu with the one we keep on file, Last week, Frankle, son of E. Y. Living•ton, who U living with bia aunt; Mrs, B. Piper, was thrown from a horse onto a barb wtoe fence and quite seriously injured but will recover. < t ,«•• Th«re is souie talk of liavlng'a public road laid «ut across the W aldron pasture "'"wiiadate some of the friends south F. O. and A. H.Vaughn and wives visil- «d with their parentB'Snndajr. • •> •' ••• . ' ! Poor fellow, poor lell6wiBe's"got it bad," butfliirely he ought to feel better after telieVlng hltaself of such a pretty 1 lltHe item'so witty 'you ; know and So' gentle- mariiy ; p-o^o-r f-e-l-'J-ti'-w.' '"-'•'" •' ' ! J • • J 'The Sllsses'Laura Smltfi, Jennie Ander- |sqn, Bettha Smith" and Bell Conner and MssterArtjhHr Hodges yl8lte4 oyer ' ' , day Vlth MlgB iilaud 'Jennings. . at Perry, returning Monday. Enianuai Hupp escorted the girls 6 or 8 miles .on their trip • .', „ • , .; v . . . 1 KABI WBBBTY AND BUCK BtW. Frost Monday morning. •• : •• JobnShubbert isuot well;be has some stomach trouble. • L. A. Jennings goes to Council Bluffs as a juror this week. ' Lulii Smock has comm.enced a six months' term of school in Calboun county. ,8am Pucket starts for Salem, Oregon, this. week. He baa been tbere before, and. thinks of making his permanert home'in that state. '• >-.•••. •.,;..-{,..•.•.• •-; Rev. John Sessler will soon leave. He has many warm friends here outside as' well «s in the Lutheran society who deeply regret his departure. ; - p ' •' '•'"' TJie infant son of ; Young Ifoore has 'been very sick durlug the past week. l>r v Desliler has been In attendance. Iter. 4.. M. £lllott the new pastor of the, Pleasant Hill church preaoln-d on Sunday at Kast Liberty to a full house, "There Is many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip." Instead of carrying we sent our' notes to the postoffloe 'last week and there is a missing link somewhere. ' J; Krlrtler.'who'has lived on ttifN. Better, farm moves to Carrol! tliia week, ire understand Mr. Belter intends selling the farm. •'•''. •; : ' .-•-•. 6. •'_ • JIM. of ibe hl^l, To (tils w«J «ay", We learn that Itef.Uarden, tbe pas tor at CarroUton, will attend >e»i»y donferenoe aboat Oot, l,«iid uuy ba relurued to that charge. W» learn that the Barton (or old hill) farm few beau cold to a man br Ibe name of Simon. The bargain will be olesed M soon as Mr. Bartoncau ba beard from In World*. '• '_ j_ ' • OAXHtbL. ' Flowing U being pushed rapidly since the late r*iua. •••••. . . ,, 64' jffri, Vaughn will start tbe of Oototyr op a visit to their old Wrlgut au4 llwullton countN. ' ' (com tMa ¥loM)l^ lor eqal, Speoimen Oaaea. fc. II. UHflord.M.Qw OaiMl, WU.,WMtroobleiI ItU neuralgia and rhe»m»u»m, hla atomaoli wa* dUorderfld, tilt livar wa* eff«o(od to aa aUrmlng degree, »ppotl»e tell awa;,'and he w'ai tenrlbly reduced In fleiti and •Irengtb. Tbtae botU«i of Kleowlo Bitten oared him. i Kdwant Wbepard, Uarrltbar*, III., had a 'numlDf tore on hi* leg of •Uhijreari'iwridlBf. Uied tare* botUei «f Electric Bitten and «e»en 'Doxo* of Dnokleo'i arnica *alve, and bis Je« u*oundaadw«ll. Job»8B«ak«r,CHawl>a,O., bad live large U»«r ioret oa bla leg, doou>H •aid lie waa Incurable, OimliqtUojElaotrtoBll tori nud one box Buokleu'i aruioa ia)ve oiuod blin eotUely. Bold at J, W. UaUoo'n drug •lore. ..'! -r. . • • . • «• In ili« Notice. IX > ]tmL t lo "" lOTClrt * oU o 0 " 11 ^ watr of the estate of Ann M, fie . felloe of flilnr of anal tsportT Vou -«»,, ffi.c^*"* 181 * ofthedl notia«d |luit AnnM. B*ld.. on or bet DM the 3Uih ,la«beomo» of the clerk life is the rural one, and tho ideal life M well. Every great soul that: ever •Worked for humanity and poftrecl out dazzling creations of genins loved iiatnro With a passionate love. lu the countvy the groat souls have, been born into the world, the great books have boon thought out, the noblest works of art have taken their ijispirntiou. Why is it, then, that the farmers and their families nro not tho finest specimens of'humanity? We see among them a chronic discontent, a rush of their sons and daughters to get away from tho farm and bo swallowed in tho factories, offices and tenement honses of the city. This tendency has become so sweeping that in many places the population of agricultural neighborhoods is actually decreasing. It is wrong, and tho thing is overdone besides. Tho wave must inevitably sweep back from tho city to tho country soon. The reason for the dissatisfaction •with rntftl life is not inherent in tho life itself. It is a part of the education aid surroundings of the farmers. They put' Dp with an inferior and inconvenient home and domestic Ufa They •work hard enough with their hands in all conscience, but they do not nss their brains enough; Mere brute toil is degrading. It reduces man to the level of the beast, fiat work that is mixed with brains is glorious. When the farmers use their brains as much as they now use their hands, they will iiothwe stiff joints and' lame backs or .bo prematurely old They will make rural life easier and more ; 'delightful than' city. life. This is what it should be and in tiuio must become. ' Chin, Not Cheek. A whimsical artist on the New York World' ; has been making pictures" of. great men with and without their chins. In : place of the lower part of the face ae I it actually is no substitutes a weak jaw with as little chin as can possibly be put there Without taking it all away; The result is striking. 'Washington/Lincoln ; and Gladstone without their ''chins would look utterly insignificant—almost like idiots. Rosa Bonhenr has a particularly square, determined lower, jaw. When the chin that used to be considered the feminine model of beauty ie ' attached to her face, the result is something indescribable. The chin rules the world. ' • ' • '•'• When a person is all jaw and no brains, he is a great, forceful brnte, Without conscience or remorse, taking his nearest way to whatever his animal desires call for. Of a photograph of Peter Jackson, the negro prizefighter, a sporting man said: "Look at that jaw. That's whore Peter gets his san'd, and no man has more." In truth, it is where all people get their sniid, statesmen and prizefighters alike. If yon want n person with vim and endurance to carry through great enterprises, select always tho one •with the strong, square chin. The man will .not.retreat any more than his chin does. If'you yourself have not a good chin, cultivate 0110 by sticking to your Vrorcl when onco it is passed and by resolutely accomplishing whatever you undertake., The excellence of Swedish iron has long been known. The ore comes from tho most northerly mines in the world, BO far north that if they were iu America it is doubtful if they could be worked at all. They aro in the Swedish province of Norrlaiul, and they are 47 miles above the Arctio circle. They are capable, if worked to their full capacity, of supplying all the world with iron. The same province of Norrlaud is no less rich in forest. It ships annually twice as mach lumber as is furnished by the United States. The iron comes from tho GelHvara mides. It was nn occasion of great rejoicing,' therefore, when recently the railroad was opened direct from the Swedish: seaport of Lulea to the iron mines and the' lumber region. This is the most northern railroad on the earth. ; And now it has "been found that our steel. cruisers. plated with nickelized steel 17 .inches thick, and' coated with copper to keep the barnacles off will not do. If the copper plating gets scratched through, the salt water immediately sets np a galvanic action between tho copper and the armor plating aud^eats them away like a roach eating sea biscuit. The only way is to have our iteel cruisers covered first with the flarrey- ized steel nickel plate, then that covered with a wooden sheath again and finally the wooden sheathing covered with a ehenthiugof copper. What should go, on over the copper has not yet been decided. An invention which will prove useful has been made in France in the shape of transparent bricks. They are called glass bricks, but are different from ordinary glass in being toughened and strengthened with an asphalt and bituminous cement. They are made hollow. The particular use of 'these curious bricks is that they are put into walls where light but not cold air is wauted. Such places are'found in hothouses; refrigerating establishments and hospitals. In meat markets they are found better than marble for counters and Stands. • Will the Prince of Wales perhaps confer on the Duke of Gould the yellow jacket? Why cannot the Russian thistle be estimated by electricitv? FtrmMiihink it's terribly diacouraglng to pick oo»n (or half • day WMlMlffH enough OMB to fe«d iOltofl* torMDtel*, •> John Bell ba» beeu grubblog un Alex Tuel'ith* p**t we«k. • • . u. ,. ; ,- lf , ..... wnwd Tu«J haa beeuon the ilok Hit,' Andi»r«oji lu»« been buying wert, ; , • • . . to* will iwwti th« town Link Halt it' li|tl« o|iU4mt bj»d»ruB- •way tetufday wlilltf g«1tt«riu0 , ^M ajicl gi\ a> Vriuf fajtyd^b^apuy vao$KoA iu Uia opuii 1 try. Tt*)jr weut out wewy aud uervsiM, with weak liwidi «nd akiutuiilk ooloredi facus. If jfeey vsod tU«ir ^-aoaUcu spell rlghtlr, tUey comfi baok brown, pluoiB •ud slrojtfe brimfoj of electric lite and T|gor, with byes bright wid Jjo«d up jiud fcoftrt full ot^opd Will lib »M * : '--- '" " Tiny W!9 .reftdytQ g« taw TJwy M.W if tlwy oould giaut Qhfttoolca. Bo tltojr o«u (or awhile. Tbeu. after • fuw moutiis iu the clow offloo or f«o> twy, tite/rnu down bill and _ on* and dyspeptic, wltii faces (he polbr' ouly do ti^ work iu tUo olty *ud §Je^j) to t|»o country, much bo^ of they would be, Undoubtedly <U» u»tv\ral GUILD'S OREflT GLEARING SALE Is still on and will be for e^ght days more, (3ur fall goods are beginning to arrive, and must make room for them, consequently must sell. Cost or quality cuts no figure. If you want bargains sev Guild's prices. 13^-Reinember a dollar saved is a dollar earned and you can save one dollar on every three dollars worth you purchase (HJIL08 MEW DRY GOODS 8TOBE Next door west of jxwtbittce, Carroll, Iowa. ! *(0i v i., i...>».*..,.M*«.il«i

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