The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 27, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1933
Page 8
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MALVER* STRAHAN Me*darfr«* Poftitt **d SltWt « Erttertam Ladies' Union The regular meeting of the La dies' Union was held at th cfinrch last Wednesday after noon, with Mrs. Ed Pollitt an Mrs. Alfred Shaw as hostesses There was a floe attendance. The regular business meetin was conducted and it -was an nonneed that $10.26 was addei to the treasury by the magazln snbscriptlons. A discussion of f attire ways for raising funds was held, these plans to be announced later. At the close of a very pleasan afternoon the hostesses servet refreshments of home-made Ice cream, cake, and ice tea. The next regular meeting wir be held Aug. 16 and Mrs. Thelma Reed and Mrs. Lavlna Shaul wil be the serving committee. Strahan Ball Team Loses Close Game to Dutchmen The Strahan baseball team met defeat in a fast and furious game up on the Dutchmen's home lot a tin day. The score at the close of the game stood 6 to 5 in the Dutchmen's favor. Sensational fleldlng and snappy double plays by the Strahan team were outstanding features of the game and it was a good clean game all the way through. Bat* terles for Strahan were Dares and Orlndle, and for the Dutchmen, Zanders, Hat-man, and Plumb. Honors are now even, Strahan having won the first game with the Dutchmen on the home diamond with a score of 14 to 13. They are playing off the rubber game In the near future. Mrs. Carl Hodge and son, Donnld, Pearl Fleming, Mrs. Russell TCIndlg and daughter, Velma, and Mrs. Rex Roberts were visitors Thursday in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Donald Fleming. Mr. and Mrs, Howard Kayton were Sunday dinner guests of their children, Mr .and Mrs. Chas. Kayton. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton took Mrs. Blanche Kountze and daughter, Juanita, to Shenandoah last Thursday where on Friday Jtianlta entered the hospital for r,a operation for removal of her tonsils. Mrs. Kountze and daughter returned home on Monday and the little girl is getting along splendidly. Mr, and Mrs. Dale Laughlin end children were Sunday guests <-f Mr, and Mrs. Frank elites in Uraerson, , Several furniture vans carrying the household effects of Supt. and **rs. Ben Coxson, arrived in Strahan on Tuesday. The residence has been newly painted and wood 'ork revarnished. Chas. Parks of Malvern has been doing the work. Miss Alice Duncan of Lincoln -nd MUs Florence Walker of Des Molnes are guests of Everett Oipe at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Chas. Gipe. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Achen- 7-ach and Mr. and Mrs, Paul Kim- rny of Shenandoah were Sunday dinner guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Achenbach, Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Bellknap recently enjoyed a visit with Mrs. Bellknap's brothers, Frank and tinier Gorman, of Thompsonvllle, Wls. This is the flrst meeting of these brothers with their sister f ir the past three years and needless to say every moment to* rather was one of pleasure. They left for their homes in Wisconsin last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Woodfllj fid Viola a,nd Jared, and Miss Charlotte Dye autoed to Lincoln Saturday to help Marvin Wood- PU celebrate his twenty-first birthday, They came home Mpn» day morning. Supt, and Mrs. Molsberry and children or Randolph were din* nor guests Sunday In the home of Arthur and Inez Bradley. Flernrngr Farrttly ttoM» Rettnitfct atWaytfd* Like Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fleming and two little daughters attended a reunion of the Andrew Fleming family held at Wayside lake last Snnday. There was a fine picnic dinner with an abundance of fried chicken, salads, Ice cream, and cakes. The afternoon was spent in games and visiting. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Re* Roberts of Los Angeles, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coulter of Saskatchewan, Can., Mrs. Lois Roberts, Noel and Thelma, Mr. add Mrs. Ray Roberts and Donna Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Ancil Dunbar and Orville, Mr. and Mrs. James Dunbar, Mrs. Rozle Strond, Mrs. Myrtle Kindig, Wayne and Velma, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Fleming, Russet, Darrell, Wayne, Muriel, and Corrine, Vern Dnnbar, Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Irvtn and children, Will Flem- ng, and Miss Bessie Morse. Fafrh Birthday Surprise for Clifford Vestal Sunday Mrs. Wood Vestal planned a very pleasant surprise for her Idest son, Clifford, when on last Sunday she invited a number of elatlves In to help him celebrate iis thirtieth birthday and each ne took a picnic basket and a fine picnic dinner was served. Those attending were Mr. and >trs. Chas. Vestal and June Dougas, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Crlswell, •Irs. Chas. Salyers, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Slothower, Mr. and Mrs. lold McDowell and son, Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ves- al and two children, Mr. and irthur Churchman and Duane, nd Mr. and Mrs. Wood Vestal nd Franklin. After the dinner be rest of the day was spent In Isltlng. Strahan Church Notes There will be no preaching ervices next Sunday as the pas- or expects to be away. J. A. E. Cunningham. Mr. and Mrs. Mlllard Curtis ere Sunday evening callers at he home ot Mr. and Mrs. Ed Vagel. Miss Ruby Warren of near mogene was a visitor several ays last week in the home of Urs. Arthur Churchman. Mr. and Mrs, Walter Knop rere dinner guests Sunday at the ome of Mr, and Mrs. Ernest •ontow and in the evening at- ended the St. Johns Lutheran tiurch services. Our old friends. Will Wolfe and Mrs, Adam Gipe, do not seem to mend as they should and on Monday were taken to Dr. Kerr for a change of medicine which we hope will be more beneficial to them, Mrs. Oscar Bellknap took Mr, and Mrs. Wolfe to Randolph and Mrs, Zeno Bass accompanied her mother there. Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Weder- qvlst and baby expect to leave the latter part of this week for Chicago to visit Ernest's mother and other relatives. Mrs. Joe House, a registered nurse from the hospital at Louisville, Ky,, arrived In Strahan Tuesday morning to spend her vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs, Tuck Bolton. Mrs. Walter Angus met her at the train and took her to her Bister's home. Mrs, Walter Angus, Lloyd and Margaret were in Sidney Monday where they were having some dental work done by Doctors Gore and Hopkins. Real Estate Transfer? Record of instruments filed in the offices of the Recorder and Clerk of District Court of Mills county, Jqwa. from July }4, 1938, Ant loand faftt ***** gram, whether Janncfte* by states or the nation, tttonld fefrre as its baste principle t** etfeo*r agestent and development of cos- operatives. That was the original intention in the farm reBet act of a few years ago—which hrt ttormy weather only when It departed from that and ventured into tbe field of speculation. The farm cooperative* are established. They have the farmer's faith. He looks on them, and rightly, as beToftg- ing to bint and his neighlx they have none of the remoteness that a bureau dominated by Washington necessarily has. They really know his problems. They are interested in his welfare rather than in his votes. The depression should have served to strengthen, rather than weaken, the co-ops. Three years of bad times have shown the farmer the fruits of disorganisa- tion, ot non-cooperation. What achievements he has made In this period have been mostly the re* suit of cooperative effort. They have not been able to create profitable prices —- no conceivable agency could — but they have in many Instances undoubtedly prevented prices from dropping to even more ruinous levels. They have indicated what they can do when normal times return. The government should work with and for the cooperatives. This is the Way in which real and permanent relief can be achieved. It is the greatest single hope agriculture has for a happy future. Challenge Rlttsrib&II Playen Matt &a**<i Mead* *« ift C6ftte*t Friday WAY ABOVE HIGH C Yotrtfc » always a Hrtle eoekey. Thns it teemed to a group of fttef* atertrt Matter* who saw and Beard tb* ardent kittenban fans of tfc» eommnnlty fiscoss their spoft. So it came about that M. 8. Conrad gathered abort him a gfonp ol oldsters aftd issued a challenge to the kittenbal! leagne for a gam* friday e*e*i6*. Prime (jhallflcatton for Mr. Conrad's athletes f* that they mast be •$ or more years old. rhls bar ha» been let down tft a ew insteftee* fast the big major* ty hare passed the three score mark. Opposing tnis' team will be a gronp of picked athletes from the kittenball league, a* yet tta* named. The game will be held in the usual ptaee in the swimming pool park Friday evening and wilt start at 6:16 o'clock. In the oldsters lineup will fee: U. R. Graves, V. N, Summers, P. C. McCord, Dr. W, M. Hlett, M. 8. Conrad, 3. Vf. McNulty, A. W. Foster, W. M. McCulJough, Ira Mullen, A P. Kilmartin, Dr. T, W, Oldley, Alfred Hall, D. W. Whltfleldi Chas. Evans, W. A. Caldwell. Wiley Dunn, and Homer Walker, WM P«*M I* Gott f<roft««y Gown to 8n*nando»h Sunday went forrr Matvern golfers to compete t& a tonrnament ot the golf fcloD tfcete. they fetttrfted with two prizes, taking the soJatlon and f anner-np ift the second flight Gerald Caldwell was rnnner-up in his flight aftd bale byfce took the consolation round of the same flight Also playing were Dr. J. A. Klifte and C .A. Bover. Macedonian* Score Customary Victory Defeat Malvern 4 te 1 ia OA Laeal Dia* Kittenball Pairings Kittenball pairings for the week: * Thursday, July 27, All Stars vs. Firemen. Monday, July 31, Merchants vs. Plymouths. Tuesday, Aug. l, Boosters vs. All Stan. Thursday, Aug. 3, Oilers vs. Firemen, Miss Kathleen Lawler, twenty* oiie*yeur-old graduate of the University of Washington music department, can sing an octave and ttve tones above high C, which U an accomplishment not even the greatest of modern sopranos bas been able to equal, according to Prof, August Werner, her teacher. There are 738 banks in Iowa in receivership or operating under some form of restriction, according to D. W. Bates, state superintendent of banking. These banks hold nearly 36 million doU lars in farm first mortgages. The federal Farm Credit Administration is undertaking a campaign to refund these. The use of a blend of 10 per cent alcohol and 90 per cent gasoline has a slight advantage over regular gasoline. This conclusion was drawn by R. A. Mpyer and R. G. Paustian of the civil engineering staff of Iowa State college following hundreds of road tests of alcohol-gasoline mixtures in 12 different automobiles, in no cases were any changes made }n the carburetor settings of the motors, * We doubt very much whether at 8 a, m., to July gl, 1933, atU» ot the green beer will have Sheriff'* Sale BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECIN T'QN directed to me from the of- t''* qf the Clerk of the District O'urt of Mills County, Iowa on a J -'-lenient obtained in said court, r-j the 26th day of June, 1933, In favor of W. C. Tlmmons as r'aintlff and against Loren E. f'arphy et al aa Defendant, for I'M sum of 11,604.11 and costs, t"-ved at $7349 and accruing f'-.ta, l have levied upon the fol- }—>lnts described Real estate «it- i"Ue4 Ift MUte County, Iowa, tak- < i AS the property of said Defendant to satisfy said execution to- wlt; The East Qne-TWrd. (B 1-3) , of the South,we«t Quarter ' (8WH) Of Bl^Js Slxty-Flv.a ) iu the City of Qleswood, Oouuty, jftwa, offer jib* tame tof gale to lite MthMt hWftw jar onOt in 8 a, m, Walter Hilton to Arthur Mauk, Trustee, (W. D.) $1.00 & Val. Con. Und. 1-9 of the 1-3 interest of Mary JJllton in the North ?-3 of the w 3-4 of 35-71-41 and tracts In Sections 86, 34 and 36 all Jn 71-41. Walter Hilton to Arthur Mauk Trustee, (W. D.) $1 & Val. Con. The undivided 1-9 int. of an und. 2-3 int. in the same lands as last above. Charles s. Slater to A. D. French, (Q. C. D.) H.QO. North Vfc of Southeast % of 88-78-41, Sheriff oi MUls Couuty, Iowa to Clyde Rhoads, (Shfs. D.) °»«- BWH and NBH »a« 88% of NW% of 8?-78-43. Sheriff ol Mills County, lewa, to Srow» camp Hardware (8W«, P..) $500. L^t u, tor's Sub. of 88.78-48. H. 0. StrftttfttUau t» Disappeared by St. Patrick's Elliott Win* Trip to World Exposition R. C. Elliott of Grand Junction, Colo., was a guest of Malvern relatives and friends the flrst of the week. Mr. Elliott was on his way home from Chicago where he had been attending the Century of Progress. By tots sales prowess in selling General Electric refrigerators in his part of the country, he won a trip to the World's Fair, and went through here last week on bis way there, !>&• been said ot it, and a great deal of imagination all combined cannot yet picture the magnitude of interest in this Century of Progress, NIRA BLANKS (Continued from page 1) NIRA. On or ofter Aug. 1 each employer may present a certificate of compliance furnished him to his postmaster receiving posters and badges bearing tbe words "Member N, R, A. We do our part." N, R. A. means National Recovery Administration. R"e. employment agreements will be posted in the local post office.' After Aug. I consumers who wish to cooperate may' go to an authorised establishment and sign the statement, »'j will coop, erate in re-employment by supporting and patronising employ* ers and workers who are members of N. R. A," They will be given buttons of membership }n N. R, A, . • ' There wtii be no, compulsion, ewept that of conscience and opinion, A thorough program of explanation of tbe • Agreement and Its aims wilL he carried og in bush leagues baseball teams often decide they are faced by a Jin* — an unlucky animal which pfetenta them from winnin'g when they play a team ot similar strength, this Jin* Malvern ball players invoke when they go np against Macedonia. Against the Macedonians Bun* day on the fair grounds diamond, tfalvern batsmen were able to register but (oar hits and went down for the first time in more than a month to a 4 to 1 defeat. It was the second time this season that Malvem had lost to Macedonia. With three youths of the name of Stempel in their lineup, the Macedonians played a close, tight game and were In the lead after the third inning. Fast, the game took but an hour and ten minutes to play as there waa very little hitting done by either team. Against Pitcher temple, University of Iowa ace, Malvern batsmen obtained only four hits, two of which were used in bringing in their single tally, Macedonians scored eight hits against Wilkinson. Sunday- Malvern will meet the Hughes Motor team of Council Bluffs in the elimination round of the southwest Iowa tournament. Oilers Fail to Stop ' All Stars Thursday All Stars kittenball team seems rightly named. No team thus far has been able to oust the,group from its position at the bead :of night the ,_„_ „, at so doing, failed by the score of 14 to 8, All went well for the Ollera until the fifth inning when the All Stars scurried around the bases for seven counters, Ahead before that, the Oilers never recovered and finished with the above tally, Plymouths Again on Winning Spree Continuing their" efforts to gain a higher standing in the kit- tenball league the PlymQUth.8 defeated the Oilers, second high team in the league Tuesday eye* ning. • _ ' With Paul Mulholland, '»ew|y acquired member of the league. pitching fpr the, Plymouth,' the Oilers were a«owe4 te Mtin$ but 4 points at tht end oM&e mm, while, tbe Plymouth! swre ttum doubled that number, souring il ruw to win, * -j .---> " -- *-} This, was tbe second B.uwesslre win for the PJymQutlw they Boosters T dub wilt Enter Bluff* Meet Bnsirrtia M*fl Prtmde Fund* f of Sdttfkweft tewft £tPtirli€y rcc Matvern's ba*eb*H team, trader the enthusiastic management of Harotd C. Slater, win compete lit the aentbwest Iowa basebatt tournament in Council Bluffs nett month for the first time in «et- eral years, fais was m*de po*-- sible through the cooperation of local businessmen. The clab has been exceptionally successful this season, winning a majority ot games since getting their organization perfected. They hate asked Tbe Leader to extend their thanks to the business men assisting them. A list is below: Cot Grocery, Wffl. McCullongh, Louis J. Knop, Collins Drug Co., Linguist Grocery, 0. E. Davis, Deardorff Grocery, Malvern Bakery, J, E. Randerson, John Bacon, George White, A, M. Ireland, McCord Hardware, Leader Dep't Store, V. B. Mnlholland, Clem Drug Store, Malvern Cleaners, Blngaman Cafe, Gearhart Lumber Co., Alfred Hall, M, F. Bacon, F. Walker, At Warner, Salyers Anto Co., Green Bay Lumber Co., Boyers Grocery, Ma* Frank, Dewey Lunch, Carl Paulson, Smith Barber Shop, Iowa- Nebraska Light and Power Co., Kunce ft Nelson, Stoddard Service Station, R. K. Piper, Good Elevator, Dr. J. A. Kline, Mills County Chevrolet Co. Athletes Practice for Fair Games Down to the kittenball diamond Friday evening when spectators to see the much publicized Swedes, Whltea game — rumored a grudge affair after the Whites had won in an earlier tilt, But no such athletic treat awaited them. Instead,, from the ranks of the memberi of the various teams of the kittenball league were drawn two teams which will play during the Mills County Fair Aug. 9 and 10. Theae teams, A and Z, lined up, played, with the result that Z won the match, 16 to 4, On the A team were Paulson, Mackey, Blggewtaff, Thomas, Fa»el, Cecil Butts, Conner, fS.' Jack" ~ teams *«i efct* §**«af .«* . eft {fit IWfMlfMpOM0»- w*tft of *f«M*. wffi «• mitOM fi* ttfe *«& totft ol co*rl* -Wrt t»S played and font fcettg detefmtted fit t&6 **#t MH> otrt rf thfee »ti fot eael ftatelk. fftere will *e tf« adftisMoft charge tor spectatots trttt seating ladltties *!R D* «tstte flmftea. eieawflwd pl»t«r* are frota tfc« West Hill f ennis elnb aftd ificlttde some able athletes. Headed by Lestef Friedtean thefe will i«o be fcay Wefls, Cart Cloyd, lonfmy Mall, Connie Fllftn, and Atti»*f and ManMce Friedman. In Malvetn's linenp will be detald Caldwell, Paul italhoi* land, Gene ttertz. Lee Menry. Lloyd Short, Allen Wortmftn, Ward Slothower, and Jattes Seat* tie. AH official county and town new* to published to The t*aa«*- , CLASSIFIED ADS Hundreds ot Mills Countl- ans read the Want Ads each week, RATES Per line, each issue _*—^5c An additional service charge of 26c wilt be made for each blind ad which must be an* swered at The Leader office. ABSTRACTS Of TITLE Complete Abstract of Title records for each piece of property in Mills County. Mills County Abstract Co. (Member of the American Title Assn. and Iowa Title Assn.) Glenwood, Iowa. 48tf. CATTLE Sale —Good purebred Guernsey cows, giving milk now. — Joe Wearin, Hastings. 62-tf. LOST AND FOUND Parties are known that found black hand bag at Malvern picture show Wednesday, July 19. Please return in a short time and save further trouble. FOR RENT For Rent— 5 , room Modern ;except '.iJwa H.K JKW'TWW^pS^w, Mullen, Graves , Mc£prd,«Hert*f ! * ' J^w«**^™««—W«*^w i -' * , Dutchmen in Close Game with Strahan Only one point decided the game between the Dutchmen and Strahan baseball teams Sunday when tbe two clubs clashed on the Dutchmen diamond north of Malvern. The Dutchmen won by a 8 to 5, tally, ,. The contest was close throughout, both team* playing an alert, fast game, Battery for the Dutchmen were R, Zanders and H, Phillips alternating in the box and D,.Plumb behind tbe pat,IB, Bayes and P, Klmsay pitched for tbe Btranan nine with H. Grindle Kilmartin Nine ;• : Defeats Glenwood i»g defeated game ta«t 08 th» 8)it 4»y 9$ 4. p., 1883, h«lw»w tb» of S o'olftok a. tu. aiid * k HU at MU Mr* «W»» at |« o'clock «. w, ol w tition a-Ms}yern, .a Btng When. they, leam ON FAIR AMUSEMENT ?? . tbej? ^ 'tt Wildcats Journeyed |o , /, 6,t« 4,, Honjejr Jackson wa,a Jn the or4M°«aJ »Jw a»4 was by a f reujrof j un * Dead Animals— Call Art Jenkins, Phone 39, Emerson, or City" Meat Market, 58, Malvern, Itf, Ramsay Rendering OoT, Shen. andoah, Phone 623. Reverse long distance .charges to us, Let us haul your dead animals. Call for one hog appreciated, Fresh tank- age for sale at all times, 6Wf, Cucumber* for pickling, |l per bushel. Orders taken now.—Eljno Kites, Hastings, 1-3, -,"•?! "•"" ** —* I ,"""~T * »w**w WO IM&YQ 9t customer searWalvern unable to finish payments, Only S48 left to pes MpJnes, low*. - ' - ft.—J, W»,I??l»b, gt HMtJngi, ^ ..T, /•*' ,-- WORKWANTEO Tom Shaw mm piano Tuning, h CoJHBi or PrJesfg »r»JS - '" fjt >•& ^1 --*6 «.•*>

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