Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 22, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Ml), TUESDAY, NOVEMBER - 22, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for Tak«t Seen Solving Unemployment Federal Aid For Building Plants Urged At Hearing WASHINGTON UP) - A Senate-! House Economic subcommittee was told today that the "greatest single aid" the federal government could offer toward solving area unemployment would be to help those communities build plants to attract industries. William L. Batt Jr., executive secretary of the Toledo Industrial Development. Council, described what that private group did to offset unemployment in the .Ohio city. He said;in prepared testimony that an 89-acre planned industrial district was created, and an "ever- available plant" program put into effect. It resulted in 6,000 hew jobs in 18 - months, .he said. He said, that with perhaps 10 million dollars in loans and loan guarantee authority, the federal government could stimulate a private investment .of 35. million dollars initially in ueW plant and equipment and :the creation of approximately 3,000 jobs where they are most needed. The objective, he-said,' would be to keep the funds revolving,"the FATHERJOHMJ Medicine Gives QtllCKKfi/fF • by its toothing effect "•;' on /he throat plants going up, and the manufac turers going into them, until these areas reached the full employment levels being enjoyed by the rest of the country. 'Fairly Strong' Quake Recorded NEW YORK «V-Fordham "Uni versity's seismologist said today a "fairly strong" earthquake re corded last night could have been centered either in the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia, or near the Marquesas Islands, about 1,500 miles south of Hawaii. The Eev. Joseph Lynch based his report of the center on a comparison of seismograph readings taken at Fordham University and at the California Institute of Technology. Argentine Trbops Curb Labor Move BUENOS AIRES UR—The 10-day- old Argentine provisional govern- ment'of "Maj. Gen. Pedro Aramburu moved swiftly today to meet a,second threat by Peronista labor leaders!. Troops moved out of their barracks to guarantee the "freedom to work," the government said.. : . .-.-.-• The government warned both labor and management to keep the peace or be punished for "grave sabotage against the' liberating revolution" that toppled .Juan D Peron from 10 years of. dictator jship. '•'•'••-;• .•••••• ••'-:••. -.. Announcing the Industrial Rubber Products Co. llikBEHOtS^ R01 Route 40, LaVale Md. Phone PA 2-7100, THESE ARE THE PRODUCTS WE SELL • Belting • "6" Ring* • Clothing & ''Rubber Covered Footwear V Rolls • Extruded Rubber • Sheet Packing • Hose • Standard & • Hydraulic Hose Special Cut • Molded Rubber Gaskets Engineered Rubber Service Family Says Oiomie Girl Vot Serious MONTREAL W—A spokesman nember of the Dionne quintuplets' amily confirmed today that Marie, railest of the famed sisters since birth, is being treated for anemia n a suburban hospital. He reported her condition is "not erious," b.ut it was believed she vould 'not return to the Quebec City convent she has left twice ;ince she entered it two years igo to become a nun. The spokesman said doctors at he Notre Dame de 1'Esperance lospital — where two other quin uplets are studying nursing — had old' Marie her life in the clois- ered convent "was too hard for icr frail health." He said they had 'ordered a month of complete est" for the 21-year-old girl. The spokesman declined to "be quoted by name but made his tatement after a telephone con- erence with other members of the amily. He said the girls' parents Mr. and Mrs. Oliva Dionne, would ome to Montreal over the week end from their home in Callari der, Ont. , ; . - . "Marie has chosen to go where he can be near her sisters,"; the amily representative said, add ng, "We sincerely hope our wishes she be let alone will be respected." Marie first left the convent because of ill health eight month after entering it. She* went back ollowing the death of her quin uplet sister Emilie in August 1354 Eisenhower . (Continued from Page 1) There was, as usual, no an nbuncement of .what came -undei discussion. This meeting of the na lion's top security planning board ike today's Cabinet session, wa ;he first Eisenhower has attended since his Sept. 24 .heart attack in Denver. . Both groups met in Camp Da vid's Laurel .Lodge, a weatherbeat en gray wooden building with green trim. The building is one o several on the remote mountain •eservation maintained by the Na .ional Park Service and operated by the Navy for the occasional us sf presidents beginning with Frank [in D. -Roosevelt. ..,; ;.. Eisenhwower planned to drive [he 22 miles back to his-Gettys jurg, Pa., country estate immedi ately after today's Cabinet meet ing: . -. •• ' • ' • Enjoys Bridge Game He pjayed bridge last night will Secretary of State, Dulles, Secre ;ary of Defense Wilson .and Secre :ary .of the Treasury Humphrey. They were among the securitj council members who remaine overnight after yesterday's strate gy-planning session — one that se a new fashion in transport for hig' governmental policy sessions. Helicopters have been used be fore to ferry officials here an there — but not on yesterday scale. • ' •• ..'-.. Four. of..the- big "flying bana nas" dropped in on the brown aiioiii/al ion Of Pope Expected After Death Condon Paper Hits VATICAN CITY Ml - More than r any other pontiff of modern mes, a basis already has been lablished for the eventual can- lization of Pope' Pius XII. Vatican sources believe that the evatiori to sainthood of Pius fol- wing his death .may be among e quickest in the history,of the mrch. The most dramatic miracle at ibuted publicly to the 79-year-old iad of the Roman Catholic hurch came with the 1 Vatican an- ouncement this week that Jesus irist appeared to him in a vision uring his grave illness last De ember. However, well-informed Vatican ources long have said that the atican secretary of state has a oluminous file of letters and mes- ages from persons telling of "pro- gious facts" — miracles — that ave helped them as a result of the ope's intercession. : No official word has ever been sued on this file, of which one ource close to the pontiff once emarked: "These things'will be made known after both he (the ope) and I are dead." Such mir- cles normally "are necessary for oth> beatification arid cahoniza on. -.-.'••.-' [apanese Premier Wins Re-election TOKYO.!* — Prime Minister chiro Hatoyama won overwhelm ng re-election: today; formed a ew right-pf-cehter \ administration r ith his newly merged Liberal Democrats ahd immediately an ounced . a long-raiige five-poin rogram.;" : • ..'.-' •.-''.';- ••.:.,-• , -'-•; .- • Although f he' five' points hint a loser, relations .with Ceirnmunis ations; and pertaps at droppins bme: American occupation re orms, it is expected Hatoyama' ew administration -win in realitji e even friendlier to: the.Unita tales, than his two previous gov rnments since last December. DuPont Dividend $3 WILMINGTON, Del. UP) ^ors of E. I- DuPont de Nemour & Co. Inc. today declared a year nd dividend of $3 per share o ommon, stock, making total 195a ividends $7, compared to $5.50 las ear. TO 9 P. M. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY FULLY DRESSED . . . FRESHLY KILLED, READY FOR THE OVEN BROAD BREASTED TURKEYS Toms 20 Ib.. Ov.r Tom§ 16 t. 20 ib.. Hens 6 to 14ib>. Ib. Ib. Ib. 45^ 499 C r& 25c PREMIER or SILVER FLOSS Sauer Kraut AMERICAN BEAUTY Sauer Kraut LIBBY'S IfOrR Cream or Kernel'... *• Cant Sweet Potatoes 2 SALAD BOWL Salad Dressing Quor t 43c Cranberry Sauce OCEAN SPRAY »r PREMIER No. 303 Cor,. Fancy Mince Meat BORDEN'S NONE-SUCH MAINZER'S READY TO USI rase Con SWIFT'S SHORTENING. •Q SWIFT'NING ' LIBBY'S or DEL MONTE FANCY PUMPKIN 3^490 NEW CROP NUTS No. 1 DIAMOND Walnut. 1'.r He EXTRA FANCY Mixed Hul$ 1 b ,r 47c HACK WALNUT Kernels 1 \r We Plunging Goivns Of Film Actresses LONDON (.«— The tabloid Daily Mirror has delivered a frontal ittack on pretty film stars who port plunging necklines before Britain's royal family. rassed field that serves as an air trip for Camp Davjd. Out .climbed Vice President Nix n and such other top officials as Dulles, Wilson, Humphrey and Jhairman Lewis L. Strauss of th Atomic Energy Commission. said the "The bare fact is, paper, which claims a daily circulation of about 4'/2 million, "thai ilrh stars' necklines at these royal unctions are sagging daringly be- ow the plimsoll line of modesty." (The .plimsoll .line is. a mark prominently painted on a vessel's lull to show how deeply she may be loaded.) The Mirror, usually not adverse :o publishing pictures of a shapely 'igure, pointed an editorial finger at two of the country's cutesi cuties, blonde Diaria Dors — Brit ain's answer to Marilyn Monroe— and pert-nosed Jackie Lane. LJ. S. Warehouse Space Sought In Hagerstown WASHINGTON (Si : ^The'/il':S General -Services • Administration has announced it is seeking ware house-space in the Hagerstown Md., area for the storage of-emer fency. medical supplies. The agency asked for bids from contractors willing to 'build nev space or alter, existing warehous spade to meet-specifications of th Federal Civil Defense -Administra tio'h. Succumbs At Campus Home BLOOMINGTON, Ind. Mt—Dr. Villiam Lowe Bryan, 95, whose aried associations with Indiana Jnivers'ity from freshman to pres- dent emeritus spanned 75 years, died yesterday. . Funeral services will be tomor- ow at his campus home. He enrolled at I.U. in 1880 and eceived his A.B. degree in 1884 He stayed on as an instructor b: Jreek and later as an associate irofessor of-philosophy while work- ng for a master's degree. He served as president from 902 to 1937 and as president 'erner tus since 1937. During his presi dency the university grew from ,335 students, 65 faculty members and 10 buildings to a full-time eh rollment of 7,005, a faculty'of 330 and .52 buildings. New York's most popular 2000 spotless rooms Sensible rates include radio Many rooms with Television -Tfc^* 7 ** HOT II TAF1 at soth st. NEW YORK ON TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CITY (lint Urn, tin. k'(i. • !tn t J i>>(. IK.. M(t. ator Thirteen'per cent of the U.S. ron ore is produced by the Lake >tinerior iron ore belt. Michigan, with 6,371,766 people,-ranks seventh in U.S. population figures. . ... a ? Stop searching- start enjoying.. .^ RICHER ^ BEECH-NUT FLAVOR! You come to the end of your quest when you. -'; discover richer," heartier,Beech-Nut Coffeei, I;:' Such aroma, such mellow flavor! And for sat. ._.; isfaction in' an Instant, try. Beech-Nut's New .:;;.._ Instant Coffee-lOOS pure coffee! . . longer you can wash . . . and the i NYLON FREEZE* 95 What a-winter wonder . . .long enough to wear over tailored clothing . . . warm enough to'keep you comfortable on colder • days . .'.-light enough to keep you action- free, always. 100% woven nylon outside, new quilt nylon inside. Nylon stitched, too. .Just. wash, it and -wear it. All ways machine .washable. In tan, brown, charcoal, dark green. Sizes 36-46. THE MANHATTAN • BALTIMORE STREET AT LIBERTY • THE MEN'S CORNER <iar that's going .places with' the Young in Hearg . : 200 V-8 hp available with PowerPak in all 4 lines - Belvedere, Savoy, Plaza and Suburban. Or choose 187 hp in Belvedere and Suburban lines. In Savoy and Plaia lines you get 180 V-8 tip. If you prefer the super-economy of Plymouth's Power- Flow 6-also available in all 4 lines-you get 125 hp, or 131 hp with PowerPak. LOW-PRICE SUBURBANS ' • ' ' ' ••'!'•• '.».'. ..,•''•. Biggest, roomiest in their field-3 low price-ranges—2 or 4 doors-V-8 or 6 COFFEE Houit, Ch«it It Scnbern or Wllkini 1 Ib. C«fft« e*n ALBERT *••*..' ... f > Announcing a complete new line-up of Plymouth Suburban station wagons! All with All-new Aerodynamic Styling, magical' Push-Button Driving, and a new Hy-Fire V-8 plus 90-90 Turbo-Torque to give you Top Thrust at Take-Off. Take your pick: . ; . . Big N«w 4-doer Sport Suburbans. These are tlie most luxurious SuEur- bans in Plymouth history! Luggage rack is standard equipment. 6 or 8 passengers. V-8 or 6. Big Ntw 2-door and 4-door Custom Suburbans. Another brand-new; line of jet-inspired beauties. 6 or 8 passengers. V-8 or 6. Big N*w 2-door D« Lux* Suburbans. A perfect..combination of clean* lined glamour and famous-Plymouth economy! 6 passengers. V-8 or 6. MC YOUR DIAUCPI TODAY AND SEC WHICH PLYMOUTH lt»T SUIT* YOU B FAMILY't NtCMI FIRST LOW-PRICE CAR WITH MAGIC PUSH-BUTTON DRIVING Willi a finger-lip touch on a button, you select your driving range. As easy as flicking a light switch! Then Plymouth* fully automatic PowcrFlitc-world'ssmootlicstlransmiMioii—; takes over. It's the ultimate in driving case. • All-new Aerodynamic F*LYIVIown*

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