The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 17, 1974 · Page 5
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 5

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1974
Page 5
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Energy 'rhetoric' concept reviewed WASHINGTON (AP) - The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency says the government's programs for energy conservation tend, so far, to be "a lot of rhetoric" instead of the "No. 1 priority" they should be. Russell E. Train said in an interview Monday, "It is generally accepted that there should be efforts to reduce demand but I don't think anyone has tried to make really a clear fix on the numbers." Train was commenting about a proposal by Russell W. Peterson, chairman of the President's Council on Environmental Quality, to cut drastically the growth of energy use in the United States. Peterson said, in another interview, that there is indeed agreement on "a major emphasis on energy conservation," but he added: "What is 'major' has yet to be determined." Energy chief William E. Simon, whose Federal Energy Office has authority over energy conservation programs, said on March 29: "Our energy conservation goal is to cut back in the growth in American energy consumption from the 4 to 5 per cent annual rate of increase over the past 20 years, to approximately 3 per cent." Peterson, in contrast, urges cutting the energy growth rate to no more than 1.8 per cent. "I'm going to try to sell as many people as I can on this lower goal," Peterson said. He said he would meet soon with Simon. Train said he was studying Peterson's energy conservation plan. "All the specific, concrete programs tend to be focused on the supply end — the breeder reactor, coal conversion — that's where the action is. "The energy conservation programs tend to be a lot of rhetoric. John C. Sawhill, deputy director of the Federal Energy Office, admitted to a newsman that the FEO was "just starting our massive work on Project Independence," the planning to achieve national energy self- sufficiency by 1980 which will include energy conservation programs. Sawhill said Simon's "goal" of a 3 per cent annual growth rate for energy was "open to discussion" and that Peterson's plan would be considered. To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson Agnew discusses writing ability Fergus Falls (Mi.) Joinal Wed., April 17,1974 23 MUST YOU CONTINUE WITH INSULIN? The general cost rule of thumb to follow when buying a large boat is about $1,000 a foot. This rule is inapplicable for yachts more than 50 feet long, since a great deal of their cost is for luxurious appointments and diesel power. Dear Dr. Thosteson: When a person's blood sugar is normal, does he or she have to continue with insulin? Is it ever possible for him ever to (juit taking insulin? My diabetes started in later years and I have been doing very well. My insulin intake is only 20 units of U-40 Lente. — Mrs. G.P. l^et's start by pointing out that too much blood sugar was what proved that you had diabetes in the first place. Having the level normal now is because you are taking the insulin and, obviously, eating in such a way that you do not get ami do not produce more sugar than the insulin can enable you to use up. (Good for you!) Just stopping the insulin would mean that, on the same food intake, your sugar level would start to rise, and that is exactly what has to be avoided. It is possible in some cases, although not the usual practice, for a person to stop insulin and substitute one of the oral diabetes pills which reduce sugar level. This is not successfully done in any great number of cases. Just some. In any event, ordinarily the oral medications are tried first to see if they will suffice, unless in the physician's judgment the demands insulin from the AUCTION MACHINERY-ANTIQUES HOUSEHOLD OOODS TbtUlowiif tacriM pwMul pnprlj •• k« i*U tt pMc MC*M M ft* tlM MUM fir. (HIM • Eriahl Twuhfr, I •!«< East *f Ektw lak* OR kttkM) I*. It, H. Saturday, April 20 Startki at 11*0 U>. Cfottung-Misceflaneous Rummage Sate Before The Audio* Hachinery-HoHsehoU Goods-Antiques MtsceRaneous-Horses (Consigned by Glen Miles) Ma<hia.ry 9N Ford Tractor with Loader 8-ft. Field Digger, 3-pt. Hitch 7-ft. Mower, 3-pt. Hitch Massey Harris Side. Delivery Rake New Idea Manure Spreader New Holland M Hay Baler 8-ft. Tandem Disc IH 12-ft. Drill 12 ft. Digger, 3-pt. Hitch Aflis Chalmers 60 Combine Massey Harris 21A Combine 1»« Dodge 1-Ton Pickup 32" 3-Wheel Riding Lawnmower 21" Power Lawnmower Sprinkling Hose Children's Games, Books and Toys Canning Jars and Canned Food International Super 98 Electric Fencer Craftsman Grinder with motor Baby Stroller Steel Fence Posts Electric Fencer Posts and Wire Garden Tools, Pitch Fork, Lawn Rakes & Other Tools 2- Dozen Duck Decoys Water Skiis and Tow Rope 265- Gal. Gas Tank with Hose and Stand 2 50-ft. Lengths Garden Hose •••••held 0**ris GE 30" Electric Range Bronze Hot Point No-Frost Refrigerator- Freezer Unico Upright Freezer GE Bronze Portable DishwMh#r,8 moottis old Cold Spot Refrigerator Wood and Coal Stove Jungers Heater Philco 18" Color TV, 1 year old New Home Sewing Machine and Cabinet Davenports Desk Kitchen Table Coffee Table End Table Rocking Chair Bookcases Double Bed GE Automatic Clothes Washer Kenmore Clothes Dryer Upright Piano RCA (45) Record Player and Radio Chain Lamp TV Trays Electric Space Heater Dressers Etectrolux Tank Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner 521 Sony 4-Track Tape Recorder Bottles Buggy Lamp Crocks Wooden Block Pla ne 1-Row Horse Cultivator Hors.i Welsh Mare Saddle and Bridle '/z Welsh and Vi Appakwsa 2-Yr. OM Filly Machinefy-HousehoU Goods-Antiques (Consigned by J. Warren Miles) Machinery 7-ft. Single Disc 2-Section Drag Gas Engine Air Compressor Cement Mixer Dirt Scoop, 3-pt. Hitch, nearly new Kids Sliding Saucer 2 Sleds Baby Buggy-running gear Paint Sprayer Jack Screw JVs-ft. Sweed Saw IVi-Ton chain Hoist S'A-fl. One Man Timber Saw M-lt. Extension Ladder 8'xlO' Demountable Hunting House Kelvinator Counter-Type Cooler Pair 7-11. Skiis Pair Child Skiis 2 Silvertone Radios, l Clock Radio ChiWs Walker Childs Rocking Horse Tiling Krummer Wheelbarrow Swivel TV Stand M-lb. Post Mall Some Dishes and other Miscellaneous Items Some Assorted Hardwood Lumber— Oak, Ash Birch and 170-M.H. of Pine Flooring. Coeds 2 Electric Ranges, 1 apt. siie 2 Coldspot Refrigerators Large Stuffed Chair End Table Coffee Table Square Table 3 Card Tables Silvertone 21" Color TV 3 Dressers FoMaway Bed 3 Beds without matresses Some Kitchen Chairs Typewriter Desk Pole-Type Bathroom Shelves Kenmore Automatic Washer Wringer-Type Washer Kenmore Electric Dryer Electric Stove Floor Lamp Toledo Counter Scale Barber Chair School House task Cash Register 2 Slate Chalk Boards Potato Planter Hand Grass Seeder Bookkeeping Record Binder Gas Iron 2 Irons, no handles Set Curtain Stretchers Silvertone Old Battery Radio Tall Gas Lamp Potato Digger Pfckup4liscellaneous4ntiqws (Consigned by Ray Peterson) 1943 Ford Va-Ton Pickup, no rust Miic.llon.OM Paint Gun and Regulator (black) Vj" Drill Press Stand 24" Wood Lathe Aluminum Top Carrier with Tarp Snap-On Tool Chest (lower) Forge 5-Gal. Water Cooler Top Carrier Black Walnut Center Table Cash Rejister Cradle Rocking Chair Oak Spring Rocker Oak Rocker Oak Chair Chest o! Drawers Oak Display Cabinet Wash Tub Stand 2 Gasoline Irons USUAL TERMS OF SALE: If credit is desired, make arrangements with clerk before bidding. No goods to be removed from premises until settlement has been made for same. Register for bidding number. Machinery-Household Goods Dairy Equipment (Consigned by Maynard Mekhert) John Deere 12'/j-ft. Tandem Disc IHC lO'/z-ff. Digger John Deere * ft. Tandem Disc 7-Section Boss Harrow, drag and cart Super »« Electric Fencer GE Clothes Dryer Stainless Steel Sink Philco Stereo Console Perfection Gas Space Heater 80-Gal. Hot Water Heater 2 Chairs 12xl4-ft. Carptt ••try lq«ipM«Ht Delaval Stainless Steel Milker Pipeline tor 16 Cows, IVj" line » Drinking Cups and Line Jamesway Manur* Carrier Sale Wil Be HeM at Hw den Mies Farm Orcin Rosin, Auctioneer Citizens State Bank of Barrett, Clerk case outset. But in any event, why upset the apple cart when you are doing so well the way things are? The ultimate aim iij treating diabetes, in keeping it under control, is to keep the blood sugar level normal and avoid complications. Dear Dr. Thosteson: A friend seems to have some peculiar ideas about "the pill," that it makes women sterile, that it makes them unsexed, that it may cause deformed babies, and that it is generally bad for a person. Is this true? I have been on the pill for over a year and was not told of any serious side effects. — P.C. Your friend's ideas are, as you say, "peculiar." She is not correctly informed, and is wrong on all four points. There are a few possible side effects in some women, but since you haven't noticed any of them — such as retention of fluids — and you don't have any trouble with your veins (such as varicose veins) I think you can safely ignore your friend's worrisome notions. Dear Dr. Thosteson: I understand that a tablespoon of linseed oil a day on salads or other foods along with a tablespoon of licithin is helpful in dissolving blood clots and cholesterol in the arteries and other blood vessels. Is there scientific basis for this? — L.K. There is no evidence that this will "dissolve blood clots," anil if there were, we would use it for that purpose. It is a notion proclaimed by health food addicts and folks who insist that diet is the answer to everything. Obviously it isn't. However, there is some logic concerning the cholesterol aspect. Linseed oil is a vegetable oil and high in polyunsaturated fat (as opposed to saturated animal fat). Reducing the animal (saturated) fats in the diet and substituting vegetable fats make sense in the light of what is known about cholesterol — but that does not mean that the vegetable oils will "dissolve" cholesterol in the blood. In any event, linseed oil wouldn't be my choice of a vegetable oil, since there are plenty of others available at the grocery store. Never take a chance on diabetes! For better understanding of this disease, write to Dr. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for a copy of the booklet, "Diabetes - The Sneaky Disease." Please enclose a long, self-addressed (use zip code), stamped envelope and 35c in coin to cover the cost of printing and handling. Because of the tremendous volume of mail received daily, Dr. Thosteson regrets that he cannot answer individual letters, but whenever possible he uses readers' questions in his column. Sculpture is stolen CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Banker Stanley Loewenstein of Charleston is looking for his 100-pound steel bird. The sculpture, entitled "Girth 54," was stolen from his front porch last weekend. "The thing weighs about 100 pounds, so whoever took it would have to have a truck or a station wagon," he said. "It looks tike a pot-bellied old man with a long nose and lecherous look on its face." Forge charge plea given ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - A former state official accused of producing and forging phony Vietnam veterans bonus checks has pleaded guilty to one of two counts against him. Ramsey District Court Judge David Marsden ordered a pre- sentence investigation for Joseph Edward Bell, 47, Minneapolis. Bell, former assistant administrator of Minnesota's bonus program, admitted a charge of uttering a forged instrument. Plea negotiations stipulated that a felonious theft charge would be dismissed. The charge to which Bell pleaded guilty involved a check he signed about Nov. 6, 1973, that involved a fake name on a $600 bonus. The state had claimed in a felonious theft indictment that six checks involving more than $2,500 were cashed between Oct. 1 and Dec. 30, 1973. The state contended the checks were made out to nonexistent payees. NEW YORK (AP)-"When I was young, I thought it was a lot more likely that I would grow up to be novelist than vice president of the United States. The written word has always fascinated me." That's how former Vice President Spiro T. Agnew describes his new role as a writer. In an interview in the current issue of Indies Home Journal, Agnew says he decided to write a novel to build confidence after a "very traumatic experience." Agnew pleaded no contest to income tax charges and resigned the vice presidency last October. Agnew said he is writing every word of the novel "A Very Special Relationship," in long- tiand on lined yellow legal paper or dictating dialogue in the den of his Maryland home. The book is about a vice president a decade in the future who "becomes the dupe of Iranian militants who want to cause an all-out confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union.' Agnew says he will use his personal knowledge of the vice presidency and the Washington scene but that Vice President Porter Newton Canfield of the book is not Spirp Agnew, or any other former vice president. Canfield is a wealthy, aristocratic Ivy Uaguer who falls in love with the secretary of health, education and welfare — "beautiful, amber-eyed Meredith Ix>rd." 'Writing these love scenes frightens mi to death," says Agnew. He added. "1 have to admit that 1 won't always be writing from my own experience. I'm not a man of great experience in this area." DANCE at the EAGLES CLUB Saturday, April 20 Music by KEN LEINE For Members and Escorted Guests Only Continues.. 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