Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1933
Page 5
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IQLA, KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 17. 1933. : V -New York. March n. (AP)—The : l ^iock market receded substantially ; : today,, and closed with numerous de, :clines;of l to 4 points. A mid-day ' :rally iinder leadership of the ralLs •• failed ! to hold, i The closing tone : ;was h^avy. Tralnsfers approximated ' 1.850,000 shares. After a setback in the early deal] ings, the market virtually erased its losses, |only to .slide back rather rap- idly in the lat(> trading. The list f turnedj dull on | reactions, however, \and .st^U retained the bulk of yts- . lerday's sweeping advance. A rc- .nctlonary tendency in wheat, after '. an eai'ly upturn, was evidently a •factor in the .selilng of .shares. The ;. money market Was decidedly cas- ^ ;icr, with call lo.nns getting down to : per cent, after renewals at 4 IJor cpit. and 5 yesterday. ; ; dropped 4 points, and among , Ji few 0fT about-2 to 3 were Ameri- ran Tejcphnnc. fenlon Pacific, Allied " Chemical, Consolidated Gas, Amer; ican Can, Owcivj Illinois Glass, and Jithers. U. S. Steel lost nearly 2. . final prices wtr^< nlo.s(' to the day's »lowest. Sean;, Montgomery Ward, Kfnncclott. Anachnda. Chry,slcr. and ,-<>thors loHt u ijolnt or .so. Sugar • .'itocks Were -strojig for a time but : M-acted; later, a : Sugar finished aj ting up thouBh American fraction . higher. ,Oold stbck.s rallied. Horneotake get- 6 points.' thus '^'e 'Easlng most jHiglr Low Close .! 3\ 3: 3'; . IS',. IS\ 18'-i ., 61 S 59 •„ 59'. .105 i- 62 -i 102-ri 103^; .105 i- 62 -i 61 61V. ,i 7.-; 7:; } 46-'H 43 44 fi . 38"s 37 371i . 15'; 14% 14^; .: so-'i 47 47% .' 11'- lO-ii , 10% % 49 •• 6 5-'l •i 35'-l 34'- 34<i . 41--; 40 40 .; 15', 14'i 14% .! 13-. 13's 13% .1 25% : 22 !i 22-=', .: 14':. 13,H 13% . 2"; • 2^* 2% } 24--; 24 . G -S, 6'; 6V^ :• 5 4% 7'; 6-^ 6'. . 17', 16', 16', . 26\ 26 26'1 . 79", 76'. 77', . 14 13 v 13% .• 32':: 30"; 30'; .i 27^ 26'", 27 - cities fjprv . , -SO of ind .. /,\mn Can ... ^AT&T [ Amn 'Tob B .. • Anaconda ... Atchisoh ..:. Auburn flBeth S:eel .. Case, J I "Chrj^sle- ..... : Con Gas Con Oil . -Drug rJuPont •'Gen Elec .... Gen • Motors . ;int Harv .... Mont Ward .. : Packard Penney j J C .. ;Phillip .sl Pctr Radio [ goconyiVac . - Std Brijnds .. -SO of NJ ... 'Union Pac .. Tex Corp ... •V S Steel ... Wcstinqh E . LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts .. ..: 9c Eggs, seconds' .. ;8c -;Sggs. thirds .. 6c .'-Fugs. utii ^rnclPd pc 'Hen.-;. No. 1 7c "Hens. No. 2 Sc ,K"o. 1 Surins?;. 1!:: lbs. up 3c, ...12c ... 3c ....2c ...10c ....3c .... 2c ... ic . . 17c THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) What's Pop Up To? By Cowan He's IM ^ JAM '. RELATIVES ..>5'^ MESS OF TMEM,ANO HE HASN'T THE NEt?vE TO BOOT -THEM OUT '.' HE TOUO (AB \ SOMETVAl^4G ABOUT RELATIVES IN OM HlhA.. ANO HE CAN'T GET ClD OF THETAA .EH BUT , vMiTH \fc)UR. HELP,! HAV/& A LITTLE SCMEME TWCr \MILL- g> LISTEN- HUMBOLDT NEWS The Rev. P. C. Krans, Humboldt Luthcrun Preacher, to Broadcast from KGGP Wednesday. No. 2 porings - ButterXat. lb. . ' iCncks ' iCncks lb ijuinea ?. e.anh .,.. • .White Ducks, lb; . . Colol-ct Duck.s. lb. : Hides. per lb. .... Miyprl Corn. bi'.. . . ycllo-.'.- Corn. bu. . Wheat 'bu ,. - K.ifir ( :;o;-n ....... • Q:a>- ..... •. : . L.. HUMnOLDT, Mar. 10;—Mr. and Mrs. Mlllon Amos have returned liomr; following a three weeks' visit to Mns. .ArnosV. parents. Rev. and M'-.!. J. M, Todd of San Antonio, Van Nice of Ottawa Junction, ij'cnt a lew hours with hi.'; family lierc Wedncsda.v. A defective flue caused a. small fire at the residence or George An- d'^rson on Elm street the other day, but fortunately little damage was done. Mrs. Ocie McEwen, Humboldt, received word this morning that her daughter-in-law, Mrs. - Chas. McEwen, died about. 11 o'clo;ck night in KerrvlUe, Texas. Mr. McEwen took his 'Wife there some 18 momhs ago for her health. Their three little girls have been staying here in the interim with' their grandmother. Funeral arrangements yet to be made. Out-of-town relatives and friends attending the Lome Ressner funeral here Wednesday were: Mr., arid Mrs. Will Rossner. Mi 'S. Lome Ross, ncr, Mrs. O. C. Brett,: Miss Hazbi Brett, Paul Johnson, Miss 'Virginia McPadden, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wal- 1 lard and family; Dr. and Mrs. ' Sharp, Lusk Baker, Oscar RoUert, Gene Rudloff. Raymond Stewart and John L. Thomson, all of Kansas City. Thieves entered the home of G. B McAdow, east of the Santa Fc tracks one night recently, taking bed clothing and several of Mr«. McAdow's garments. It is but a few months since their; barn and outbuildings were destroyed by fire. The Humboldt high school basketball team will play against, the Pittsburg team in the regional tournament to be held Fi'lday night. March 17, at Fort Scott. The city council met Monday evening, and after disciissmg at length some matters, granted pennlssion for a new sen'ice station lo be built, on South Ninth street in tlv 700 block. Junior and Bud Smclair. Humboldt, will have cnarge of this ,., 17c • station when built. . ,..33c .., .Mo ; Kansas City Pioducr.' , K"'-.ia.s- City.: Mar. 17. i .AP) — Prodi:dc unclv ,',;3Sod. : Kansas Cily Ha,v. ' Kan.$as City. Mar, 17. 14 cars, unchanjrcd. City Grain. , Kansas City. Mar. 17. fAPi — •SMuat;; 1 lower to 2 higii- er. No. 2. dark hard. nom.. 49-59'j; : No. ii. nom.. 48'i -58'-: No. 2. hard. ,4!1 ,-53'r. Nn. X iTOm.. 48-58; No. 'J. : red. 50|',: No. 3; nom.. 48'--,=.4'.. May 4Gn ; Julv 47%; Sept. • 48-.. Corn: 13 cars; unchanged to hiThcr; No. 2. white, nom.. 24";-25',, No. 3. nom. 24'i-24'', ; No. 2. yellow. 25; No. 3. nom.. 24'L.-25; NO. 2. mi .Ked, horii. 24'i-25; No. 3. nom.. 2Z-,- . 24",. I • :• CIOKP: May 24', ; July 26. Oat.s.: 4 ears: unchanged. No. ) ; white, nom. 19-20; No. 3, 17-19. i. -Miln Kifiir, nom.. 45-49. Rye. maize. nOm.. 52-57. nom., 38-39. Barldy, nom. 25-28',-. Kansas City Livestock. Ki^nsas City. Mar. 17. 'AP) — ;(U. S. Dept. .•\gi'.)—Hogs: 1,500; 21C 'direct;; active, ilneven. 5-20 higher ilinn Tj'liursday'.s average: top $3.80 'Oin 190-200 lbs.; good and clipice.- ^HO-160 . lbs.. $3.;10-60: 160-180 lbs., ':$3.50-7.5; 180-250: lbs., $3.65-80; 250- :2S0 lbs , $3.50-65; 290-350 lbs., $3.40; ;55; p3 (]king sows. 275-550 lbs., $2.80• 3.10; slock !)tps; good and choice, %70-130 lbs., $2.40-75. • ; Cattle: l.DOO; kalvcs: 100; killing • ; I cattle .slfiw, steady lo weak; '•^vcnler.s' steady to 50 lower; ,stockcrs -and feeders very scarce; good light .weight I fed stcer.5 S5.25; steers, good "and choice. .5501-1100 lbs., $5.25-7; -1100-1300 lbs.. $4.35-6.50: 1300-1500 -ribs., $4-6; comrtwn and medium, " 550 I'o.e. up. $3.25;-5.25; heifers, good '.and choice. 550-900 lbs.. $4.25-5.75; r cows gpod. $2.50-85; vealers. (milk- i fed I', nledium to choice, $3.50-6; and feeder steers, good and S4.0fl-5.75J Shceb: . 2,000; killing classes : steady;! best wooled lambs offered : $5.35; lambs, good and choice (Xi SO lbs. down. $4.85-5.50; good , ant; .choice, (X). 90-98 lbs.. $4.75-5.35; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs.. •$1.75-2!!75; feederllambs (range). (X>^Quotatiohs based on ewei and wethers. ; .stockcr -.choice, THE J. F. PRODUCE CO. C. IO. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases and Supplies start Yonr Chicks Right USE PlLLSBURY ' STARTING FOOD 1911 : Old and Reliable—Established Comer Monro« atld Elm Jjust West of Uie Water Tower) The junior high school Oiierottii. v.hich was postponed a weel: ago. lie ''•'•ill be given Fridav c-.'ening. March • • • ' 17. The Rev. P. C. Kraus. pastor ol ,j the local Lutheran church, will ' binadcast a sfrmonette JVedncsday \ evening. March 22. over station ; KGGF. CoffcjTille. in connection -T . i "ifh a scries of broadcasts b ('in ,y 'sponsored by the Soutlieast Kansas 'Regional coirference of the Lutlier- an church. J. J. Thomason of the Wilcox scr- vico-,station. has a force of men at work digging up the concrete in preparation for the installation of a new gasoline pump. The following Boy Scouts made seed distribution here to those v .ho will plant gardens under direction oi" 'the welfare board: Joe Brooke, lamer Harwood. William B5'erle> and Wesley Kirschner for troop 27. and George Works. Lee Ellis. Ralph Womack and Harry B'askirk for troop 28. Walter I. Hess. Humboldt, holds the distinguished record o{ 28 consecutive years of sei-vice in the order of the Knights of Columbtis as the financial secretary of the Humboldt council, and one of the best known Catholic laymen in the state. Mrs. J. M. Spence's Sunday school class of the Methodist church gathered Monday afteriioon at the home of Mrs. J. Thad Starkey. to participate in the celebration of Mrs. Starkey's birthday. . Mrs. Starkey was given a handkerchief shower, also two large birthday cakes. After the gifts'and greetings were presented, the president, Mrs. Chas. Stewart held a short business session, at which devotioflals were conducted by .Mrs. C- W. Hume, who also gave iui interesting talk on the eighteenth amendment, followed by the reading-of the minutes by-Mrs. J. Arthur Smith. As the company gatliered around the table, delicious refreshments were served, by the hostess, agisted by hor daiighter.s, Erhma and Fern. The following suests were present; Mrs. 'Charles Stewart, Mrs; C. 'V. Shulenberger, Mrs. C. W. Hume, Mrs. MJjmle Hopkins, Mrs, J. K. Leimenstoll, Mrs. J. T.; Harclerode, Mrs. Logan Pronk, Mrs. William Palmer; Mrs. J. A. Smith. Mrs. Amanda Buffington, Mrs. E. H. Brenton, Mrs. Susan Barrackman. Mrs. J. J. O'Connor, Mrs. George Piatt, Mrs. Bd Pizel, Mi's. J. S. Lehman , and the honored guest. Grandma Starkey. Mrs. W. J,- Casper was hostess to members of Chapter A. M. of P. E. O.! Monday evening.. Mrs. J. Fred Schmidt, past president, installing the following officers: President. Miss Kate Moore; vice-president. Mrs. W. A. Byerley; recording sec- retarj-. Mrs. Amelia Works; corresponding secretary. Miss Eva O'Connor; treasurei-. Mrs.' P. J. McGannon; chaplain. Mrs. J. W. Casper; G -u .Hrd. Mrs. L. Holtschneider, Miss Kate Moore, presidetit. delegate; and Mrs. Amelia Works, chapter delegate; were chosen to represent ti'ie chapter at stated P. E. O. convention, to be held in Hutchinson. May 1 to 3. Mrs. P. J. McGanhon gave a talk on "Women in Science." Miss l \tarjoric Casper, who was n fTnl?si, assisted her mother in serv- GRENNAN Ing refreshments to the above men- tiniicd members and Miss Ruth Wallen. Miss Helen Hess entertained with a bridge party at her home Wednesday evening, honoring Miss Erma Se.moiir and Mr, Mark Hannan, both of Oaleaburg, 111, Miss Dorr othcy McCnulcy won the high score nrlzc, and Miss Virginia Oiii'.s received the consolation prize. Later refreshments were served to the fol- Idwlntf guests: Misses Virginia Giles, Anna Hess, Lenore Tallfey, Corinne B,\'erlcy, Dorothy Reynolds. Dorothy McCauley, and Ermai Ssymour; Mcs.srs. William Cannon,. WiiUam McKinlcy, Clarence Record, William Hess, D. A. McDonald, lola; Clark Clay. William McGrew, Humboldt, and Mark Hannan .of Galesburg, 111. Mrs. Chas. Hess received the members of the Clover Leaf club in her home Tuesday afternoon for their regular meeting, needlework furnishing the entertainment. A luncheon, in keeping v.'ith St. Patrick's day, was served to the following members present: Mesdames A. B. Collins, L. T. Cannon. , E. A. Braucher,, J. A. Boggs. J. B. Flint, Elmer Harclerode. John McKinley, J. P. Osborn, W. C. Shaffer, C. C. Strieby, pi^ed Freeman. , The Center Grove Ladies' Aid met Tuesday with Mrs. W. C. Mccormick, a conifort being tacked for the hostess. A set of quilt blocks as a remembrance, had been prepared for Bell Blythe, on the occasion of her moving. Another set for the president, Mrs. Beach, was given her as a birthday remembrance. Ten members and two visitors were in attendance. MLss Dorothy McCaulcy was hostess to the Contract Bridge club Wednesday evening, at the home of Mrs. Joe Ballah of Mulberry street. After cards, refreshments were served to the foll6\v'ing: Mrs. Lloyd Johnson, Mrs. Robert McGrew and Miss Helen Lacey. Misses Ethel Puckett, Mildred Bowman, Mildred Harmon, Dorothy Reynolds, Jeanette Webb. Helen Hess. Lenore Talley and Virginia Giles. The following ladies of the Hum- I Lone Elm. boldt Music club were guests Monday afternoon of the Sc. Cecilia Music club in Chanute. at the Pres- b>-lcri.'in church parlors: Mesdames Walter Hess, B. E. Wise. A. J. Trueblood. Amelia Works. Fred Schmidt. Albert Pieper. Kaid Adams. A. Barfoot. W. R. Kent. W. J. Kasper. .Jes.<^c Savage. Frank Geist, Namiic Mccarty, J. J. Amos. Han-ey Mar- klc and" Miss Amelia Geisslei-. The Mary's and Martha's Sunday .school class of the Methodist ciiiirrh. met Wednesday afternoon at the home of M.'-s. Chas. Strieby. :k) ladies being in attendance. In llie ab.sence of the jiresident and vice-president. Mrs. Chris Kaufman, who had the devotionals. look i-hrrge of the meeting.' After the bu.siness session, the mystery 1'" ters were read, which proved quii^ interesting. The ladies then pieced quilts. Refreshments were ser\-ed by hostesses. Miss Mary Wilson. Mrs. James Gib'js and Mrs. W. C. Adams. Members of the N. G. O. club and four guests were entertained Tuesday evening at the country home of Miss Josephine Klotzbach. east ol Humboldt. Mrs. Paul Craig. Emporia, won the high score prize. Refreshments were served, ail reporting a fine time. Humboldt ladies attending the cooking school sponsored by Miss Edna Ferguson at the Memorial hall in Chanute' Tuesday, were; Mrs. O, I.. Allaire, Mrs. J. K. Adams, Mrs. Chas. Wilkerson, Mrs. Albert Pieper, Mrs. Robert Rickey and Mr;;. James Redding. A qroup of girls enjoyed a grub at the home of Miss Lenore Talley, Tuesday evening, bridge furnishing the entertainment. The girls present were: Misses" Mildred Bowman. Jeanctte Webb, Helen Lacy, Mildred Harmon, Dorothy Reynolds, Corinne Byciley, Virginia Giles and Dorothy McCauley. A fine time is reported The Queen Esthers class Of the Methodist Sunday school met Monday evening with their .sponsor, Mrs. Robert Rickey. Miss Naydeen Bowlby was leader of the program, after which refreshments were served to 10 members and three guests: Mrs. C. V. Shulenberger, Mi's. Robert H.nmjn and Miss Maxine Wilkerson. Fifteen members of the Dorcas society met in the basement oi* the Lutheran church Wednesday, the afternoon being spent In sewing carpet rags and social entertainment. The next meeting of the society will be held on April 12. Dinner, guests at the Will Martin home Sunday were: Mrs. Thomas McGannon. Mrs. Ed McGannon of Texas. Mi's. Ella McGlnity and son. Mr. and Mrs. WUl Kelley and daughter. Mavis, north of Humboldt, had as their guests Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Thomas ot Coffeyville; and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cation, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cation and boys of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Wright, Humboldt, ente^ined their daughter. Miss Lenort Wright, Kansas City, as their giiest, Simd'ay. When Congress Cried "Prosit!!* Jubilant wet congressmen assembled outside the Capitol to hoist a foaming stein after tbo beer biW had passed the House by an over- ' whelming majority. Left to right. Emanuel Ccller, New York; John J. Douglas, Maspachusetts; J. R. Claibourne. Mo., and John J. O'Connor, New York. WAVERLY Mar. 13.—Ralph and Charles Gerdsen spent Thursday evening with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Gerdsen. Both are working near C. L. Gei'dscn and family spent Friday evening at the W. J. home. Cloyce Skinner and W. J. helped fi.\ up tiic tilephonc line Wednesday. We~ had no school Fi-iday on .ac- nur.' o.' the funeral of Mi's. Skouruj.. of Colony, which the teacher. Mr. Griove. ailorided. Kathrj-n Lust and Major Smith didn't attend .school on account of cxaminntions. John We.sley .spent, Friday afternoon with Willi.s and DaiTell Ross. Ttiore are five new rolled at school. NSWERS T HE ROK ?1XGING TOWER i.s at .MOUNT.AIN LAKE, FLORID.\. The bald oaglc is found onlv in NOKTU AMERICA. CARItIK .TACOB.S BOND wrote the song. scholars cn- ! noon. Mr. Jim Wilkin is the first ne m our neighborhood to sow fla.V Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ross and chjl- | iie was sowing flax Monday. . dren siient Saturday evening at the ^ j^j.^ Lust spent Wednesday after,John Lantz home. | noon with Mrs. Carol Lust in La- WiUis Ross called on the Smith | jjarpe children Sunday afternoon. , g,,^^^^ ^.^jl^^j g^and- Hijzcl and Delma Dickens spent Friday afternoon with Kathryn Lust. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Grrdscn and sons. Mr, and Mrs. Sam Gei-dsen and children. Ralph and Charles Gerdsen and Carl Ansell spent Sunday at C. L. Gerd.sen's. Afternoon callers were Mrs. Dan and Geraldine. Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Darr spent Sunday in LaHarpe. Willard McGuire. the new road boss, and the township board were out looking the roads over Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Lust and children and Mr. West Lust spent Sunday a.t the Frank Williams home near Colony. iinothe'r. Mrs. J. L. Skinner. Monday afternoon. Mrs. Olive Dickens called on Sarah Last Thui-sday afternoon. Mrs. Mary Smith and Thelma called at the I. N. Dickens home Monday morning. Mrs. Frank Williams and Mrs. Ross Williams called on Mrs. Jolui Lust Monday afternoon and all went to lola. Mr. and Mrs. Carol Lust and son called on his father. West Lust. Sunday evening. W. J. Ross was a Lone Zlm caller -Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Will Morrison called on Mrs. Hanna Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Olive Dickens and children ; Mrs. Hanna has been real poorly all spent Sunday evening at the home winter and unable to be out any. of her mother. Mrs. J. L. Skinner. Mrs. W. J. Ross and Donis called A small ad In the Classified colon Mrs. Jim Wilkin Monday after- umns often puts over a big deaL ALLEN CENTER Mar. 13.—MLss Nadine Boedel returned Irom the Johnson hospital Sunday and is improving rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turner and Leon spent Sunday at the Clarence Turner home. Mr. and Mrs. Rellly were visitors at the John Roedcl home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs; Clarence Remsberg and baby.spent Sunday at the J. W. Shultz home. Friends extend congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Hart, Chanute. Mra. Hart was formerly Miss Pearl Nlemcyer of this neighborhood. Miss Edna Barrow spent several days with her grandmother, Mrs. Gardner, last week. J. J, Pitzpatrlck, Mr. and Mrs. John Page and Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Billie Sparks and BiUie Jr., and Mrs. Hattie Sparks, Humboldt, spent Simday with Bertha Fitzpatrick. Mrs. Wood entertained the Loyal Neighbors club a week ago Wednesday afternoon. Piecing friendship Quilt blocks was the work for the afternoon. Officers were elected as follows: Mrs. Geer, president; Mrs. Aten, vice-president, and Clarine Johnson, secretary-treasurer. Those present were Mrs. Johnson and Clarine, Mrs. Aten and Wilbur. Mi-s. Rogers, Mrs. Menzie, Mrs. Gtmi- phrey, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Geer. and Bertha Fitzpatrick, and one guest, Mrs. Delia Johnson. Next meeting with Mrs. Rogers. Roll call, "Sayings of Children." Miss Josephine Welth entertained the Y. M. club at her honie Wednesday afternoon. The afternoon was spent working jig-saw puzzles. Those present were Mrs. Lee Limes. Mrs. Guy Tredway, Mrs. George Roe, Mrs. Jennie Hager, Mrs.' Hutchinson, Mrs. Wallis, Miss Effie Stevenson, and Florence'Roe. Refreshments in keeping with St. Patrick's day were served. The A. C. C. met with Mr.s. Karl Wiklund Thursday for an all day meeting. The following officers were elected: Mrs. George Rose, president; Mrs. Hazel Remsberg. vice- president; Mrs. Howard Wade, secretary. Those present were: Mre. Johnson and Clarine, Mi's. Remsberg and Beth. Mrs. Pearman and Marie. Mrs. George Crowell. Mrs. Lawrence Crowell, Mrs. Wade and Elizabeth. Mrs. Rose and Virginia. Mrs. Marple and children. Mrs. Nie- ineyer. Martha and Irene, and Maxine Rocdel. Next meeting with Mrs. Drake all day. Roll call "A.oloke." Mrs. George Rose received word of the death of her uncle, Mr. Jake Gilbert in Texas. Mr. Gilbert formerly lived in LaHarpe. Mr; and Mrs. George Rose have been a.ssisting in the care of Mr. Rose's aunt, Mrs. Gee of lola. weeks visit with Mi-s. Girard and daughter in Springfield, Mo. Mr* and daughter accompanted her home and stayed until Sunday. The W. C. T. U. met with JMrs John Ludlutn Monday afternoon. The Elsmore farm bureau unit met v.'ith Mrs. Freda Gay Tueisday afternoon: The Lfidles' Aid sei>'ed Wednesday nftnrnoon with Mrs. J. M. Hill, Mr.s. E C. Moore, and Mrs. John Ludlum as hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Alvtn Erlc;.on. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sfe.son and Mr. and Mrs. Grover Sellegren called on Mi 'S. Chas. Freebiirg Sunday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. Longenecker called Saturday evening. Mrs. Longenecker is spending a few days In Neosho. Mo., with her daughter, Mrs. Florence and husband. The city caucus was held in Elsmore "Tuesday evening. We are sorry in reporting the hon- oi- roll last week to have left out. Maxine Goyette. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vollmer and Carolyn spent Satiu-day with Mr. and Mrs. John Holmes. SWAPPER'S COLUMN FOR SALE OR TRADE--Pair of mules, weight 2600. Boyer, South Washington, LaHarpe. FOR SALE OR TRADE for cattle or hogs: Good alfalfa hay and certified Midland yellow dent seed com. A. M. Dunlap, Carlyle. WANTED TO EXCHANGE — Groceries for delivery ,truck. Mont McKinney Grocery and Market. ANNOUNCEMENTS Aactions HOLMES & RILEY ~ Community Sale. Saturday, March 18. Bigger :ind better. Evcrjone bring your stuff. WILL SELL at public auction Tuesday, March 21. 1:30 p. m., furniture of 6-room house, 824 N. Buckeye: bookcase, library table, rockers, dining table, chairs, beds, dressers, four 9x12 rugs, 4 stoves, canned fruit, garden tools, lots of articles not listed; A. C. Oliver. Auctioneer. CHRYSLER 6 COUPE FORD COUPE, '31 PONTIAC SEDAN PLYMOUTH SEDAN FORD '29 COACH ESSEX SEDAN •27 T. ROADSTER MODEL T ROADSTER ROSS ASBDCKIE GARAGE CHBYSLEB-FLYMOUTH Sale»-Servic6—Part* LIVE STOCK 22 Poultry and Supplies CHICKS, Feeds, Poultry Equipment. Allen county'-s largest hatchery. Hatching thousands weekly, certified, blood tested; honest prices. Willsbn Fai-m Hatcheries (Formerly Cantrell). 2 ml. south on 73W. •Talk Chicks with Willaon." CUSTOM HATCHING-43.50 pe? case; less than case lots, Ic per egg; chicks, 4'.ic and up. Taylor's Hatchery and Produce, 201 South Jefferson, Tola, Kas. CUSTOM HATCH—Ic In Modem Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4c, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Rtjs- sell Hatchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. CUSTOM HATCHING SPECIAL We are starting our second Big Smith incubator and can't fill it with our own eggs. For a limited time only $1.25 PER. TRAY OP 150 EGGS.OR $2.75 PER CASE. Willson's guaranteed hatching at less than ordmary : Hatcheries charge. Take advantage of this opportunity. We set every day. . All Heavj'Breeds . L S'jc " Assorted Heavies ...5c WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W ;. "Talk • Chicks with Wilison" COOMBS HOLLYWOOD Trapnest- ed Leghorn.s. If you want large white eggs get our chicks; 250-300 , egg breeding under Kansas record of performance supervision; 200- egg flock average on our farm at Bronson. Getting 90 to 100";7 daily i3roduction in a special mating at this time. Sunflower Hatchery, Bronson-Gas City. OIL BROODER—Used, pood condition. 500-chick, $5,00. Allen County _Implcmcnt C?: _____ 23 Wanted—Live Slock ppR RENT-—Pasture for town cows, blue grass and. sweet clover; sheds for milkirig. Phone 59JJ. MERCHANDISE AUTOxMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale 24 Articles for Sale SALES Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. P h o n e 3 0 1 Cash—Trade—Terms WINCHESTER PUMP GUN—Extra good: portfolio, brown cow hide; aluminum order book covers; Iratlier loose leaf pocket binders. ! -See George at Curtis" Furniture. 3-ROW Hummer rotary hoe, like new. H. R. Reeve, Kincaid,.Kas. ELSMORE Ainr. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. La-,vrcnci- Marrs and family visited Suudu,^ evening at R;tlph sissons. Dr. and Mrs. Lonueneckcr were in Ft. Scott Monday morning. ' RosemaiT Vongrafen was unable to attend school last week on account of illni'.ss. Mr. 'ind Mrs. Olif and famil,'.-. kansns City, were visiting his mother. Mrs. Carrie Ard over the weekend. Mr. :^nd Mrs. Chas. Eraden and f.'>mil.v attended a party at Pranl: atierwalts in Savonburg Friday evening. Mr. Chas. Krokstrom was a business visitor in Clianutc Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hadden of Stark, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Moore. Mr. George Lefflcr is suffering with a .severe cold.. Mrs. Charles Frcebmg ,relumed home Friday evening- after a nine OUT OUR WAY By Williams Oklahoma City—The next time Victor Purdy, secretary of the Oklahoma-federation of labor, sees a dog. he's going to bite it. Purdy gave the wai-ning today after his wife was bitten. In the last few weeks, his child, four nieces and nephews, two sisters-in-law and his brother have been bitten by dogs. "I'm going to beat the dog to the bite and try lo In-oak the jinx," Purdy said. PONTIAC-BUICE Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR (CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED- CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1930 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan 1628 Essex Coach 1929 Essex Coupe 1929 Ford Truck 1931 Ford Sport Roadster 1931 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe. 5-pass. 1931 International Truck, long . wheel base 1928 Nash Coupe Plenty of Other Bargalni: BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. 6 Auto Accesiorlea,^^ Tires, FuU Regular OAS—'Wholesale—5'jic Federal Tax Pald-40 gal. $2.60 VINE OIL & GAS CO. State and ^.incolti Sts., lola TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid • for ased tars. Logan Reynolds. 307 West Stre^. LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles 2 YOUNG MARES —Past 3 years old. wt. 1400; prairie and alfalfa hay, and kafir corn, C. H. Baker 6 ''j miles southwest of lola. TEAM HORSES—Weigh 3000; team sorrel horses, weigh 2800; mare, 7 years old, weigh, 1200; bay horse, 6 years old, weigh 1200; team mares, weigh 2400; 4 sets work harness; 3,wagons',3 discs; 2 cultivators; 2 disc cultivators; 2 mowing machines; 2 hay rakes; 2 com planters; all kinds farming ima- chinery; 3 good bulls; 25 fresh cows; 20 cows to, freshen soon. Will sell on time. J. C. Butcher. 22 Poultry and Snjpplies BIG T'VPE S. C. W. Miriorcas; rugged, range flock; blood tested eggs, S2.00 per 100; chix, $6.50 per 100. Mrs. O. A. Weddle, Savonburg, Kas.. phone 48-12. CHICK SPECIAL— s: C. White Leg- hortis and Mlnorcas from wonkler- ful flocks of blood tested, certified birds. We ; have one grade only, THE BEST; at $4i95 per 100,T $24 per 500. Willsbn Farm Hatcheries, (Formerly Cantrell), 2 ml. sputh on 73W. "Talk ChU-k .s with Willson." 37 Feed, Fuel, FertUizera BALED ALFALFA HAY—Sweet clover seed. Austins, 2 miles north of lola. HEDGE WOOD—For sale. 218 N. First. Phone 864J. SWEET CLOVER — Cleaned,, $1.35 bu., and flax, free from weeds and _dodde*. J5c bu. Nicholas, LaHarpe. 28 Household Gooda BARGAINS—In furniture, stoves, and electric washers, new and used. Terms. Curtis', 10 N. Wash. NEW AND USED Furniture. Store packed. Henninger's Furniture Store, West Madison Ave. USED FURNITURE—Complete furnishings for a 5-room house, like • new; Terms. Free delivery. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. 29; Machinery and 'Tools CREAM SEPARATORS—We buy and .sell. We have a few good ones • on hand. Brownie's. GOOD FORDSON TRACTOR— And - plows, $60.00. Z. F. Sproul, Gas, Kansas. ^ ; 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers SHRUBS—Bulbs, pansy, and vegetable plants for sale at Odor's Greenhouse.! 'WHITE BLOSSOM Sweet Clover Seed, re-cleaned. Harry Boeken, _LaHarpe phbne. . ROOMS FOR RENT 33 I Booms SLEEPING ROOMS-Modcrn, close in; also 40-^acre Improved farm, • to Io!a.i Phono 327. 3* Apartqiejits and Plata 3 LIGHT Housekeeping Rooms, : riown.stairs, sink, clo.sets, porch, _prlyatc_cntrance._301 North street. Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land For Bent U/IPROVED Sd aci-es near lola, $10 per month. L, E. Steele. Phone 809. 40 ACRES—Improved, excellent soli; $100^00 cash .i Call mornings. 501 North Second. 37' Honea For Bent FOR RENT—houses, good location. See G. E. Pe^. 5-ROOM modern house with sleeping porch, cheap, close in. Inqiiire ;at 219 N. Buckeye. Phone 1138J. 6-ROOM HOUSE — Modern, rent cheap. Call dt 824 N. Buckeye. W.ILL SHARE my furnished 5-room moderh home with 1 or 2 ladles _ or couple. Dr^ Mildred Curtis. Real Estate For Sale 4a Farms and Land For Sale 120 A 6 RES —Improved near Nevada. Mo. 'Want restaurant or city property; Allen County Inve.stinent Co., (lola, Kas.

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