The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 28, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1894
Page 6
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DAILY AND WEEKLY, fiy POWMUS* COLGLO. einglecopy, unr address, per year IX 00 U paid In advance 1 BO, tm a»NTiNRL n a straight-out DemoorMto ewspaper working for t);o artvancenient of the terests of tho. cmise In Northwestern Iowa. ADVERTISING. T be circulation of Tn« SBNTIBKL exceeds that •t an) paper on the C. & N. W. Railway west of rfarsballtown. Our H8ta nre open to anr advert W« have good lists in every town on-all branch roads, lists reachitiit the best farmer* snd business men In every community. Rates on sll classes ot advertising reasonable. Scho'ule of ratee furnished on application to the office. Correspondence desired on all topics ot general Interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, Mdhnve your letter reach us early as Wednej da»«T«nliig. Address, THE SENTINEL, ;..,...;.. , • , .-... .. • . .. •. . Carroll, Iowa. Rntere 8t the Carroll, lo«a, pbStofBce, As Be OOd61as(imBtt«r. Published weekly, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBEB 28, 1894. [See preceding page for late telegraphic news. Democratic State Ticket. ______ For Secretary of 3tate, • H. ','». DALE, of Des Molnes County. • 'For Auditor, ;• JOHN WHIfKIKLD, of Outhrle County. Tor. Treasurer, w:L,l'8MITH, ' For Judges of Supreme Court, JOHN CLIGGBTT, of Oerrp. Bordo .County. ' of Fremont County. For. Attorney General, '''" of Cherokee County. For Railroad Commifsloner, W, L.PARKEE, of Osoedlaj Oountyl : For Clerk of Supreme' Court, T.B. NORTH, .... of Dallas County. . For 'Reporter of Supreme Court, ••"ji"J. SHEA, " of Pottawattamle County. For Congressman 10th Congressional District, , : ;J.«, BAKER, , : of Palo Alto County. Judicial Ticket. .. . : I). GOLDSMITH, of Sic County. ofC^rrttirtfpufaty. Demooratio: County: Ticket. For County Auditor, For Clerk of the Dlitriot Court, JOHN .•For: J03.- KBMPKEB- For County Attorney, OBaiWiKOBTB, For Bupervlibr, C. H. FLKNKEB. What's the matter with David Bennett When Cleveland was notified of the nomination of D.B. Hill for the .governorship of New York,'he calmly but eadly remarked that be wais out ot politioc. The Ooon Rapids Enterprise bsa evidently tired of the Republican party, for last week it placed ibe Democratic ticket' at the bead of lite columns and sent tbe Bepnblioan ticket, which it bad been running before, to the "hell box." 8am Henry baa got so toolish that be does not know to w^b 'party he belongs. One week be, (DDB ibe Demooratio ticket, which gives us all the bluea to 'think tbat Bsm may be a Democrat, and the next week the Republican; som» times neeandwiobes them both in and makes the whole commonly sick. "Jobatban Prentice Dolliver" will speak at Oarroll next week, Will "Jonathan Prenlioe," while,here, state whether neis'in' favor of unsettling business' by repeal of : tbe present tariff law, hi» wjil, if re-elected, against reopening this question. Tbe people' wouldi like to know. A Bepnblioan; exflbsnge feels eore ov«r tbe tact tbat a Democratic candidate n- toesd to givabat fifty oei-te for ite support. It'earelfwotildbeve been willing ^iakione dpller, but tbe oandidatjt fiftfy '^oaedrto' .'••?•' • Judging tif Jba inooses IbJa paper bas bad with iti oandidatee to tbe part, tbe man offered altogtM«Moo w.uob M i» was. If it were'not for Ti» gnmiro tbe Haeald and tbe Qooo ^^^^TT^ ! i '/ . T^^ ^^rr^ It MMCM ot to CM tneold BOM eeveied B*Nld wpyiaR mry line which sppMr* te lit* Bntafprtswlbaiiu .any ^ .way may ofe ly»pb*tio temnerament aed would bewfllia, to allow attf by ,-^ Bepoblioans ny, w w.'«b» ewdidate for elerlr Jital tomtim vttb MB* B* wUI ita*7 * IMf ]»tg bis bide on the fence in a joint debate or in any other way yon may de- iermine, be will retire from the osnvsee. Be ia Moht's equal, it not his superior, in every walk ot life and challenges comparison. 0. A. Sohnffter, senior editor and proprietor of the Boone Valley Gazette published ut E»gle Grove, Iowa, died at hie home on the eighteenth of this month, Mr. Sohoffter has been connected with that paper tor twelve years and dating this time won tor it en enviable place among the weekly journals of tbia state. The deceased was highly eetesmed by tuose who knew him and out of respect for hie memory the mayor issued a proclamation closing all the places of business in that city during the time ot hia burial. •"-••• "• ';•••" '"•••• ', The prospect , for a fall vote on the Demooratio ticket never looked brighter at this stage of a campaign than it does now. The ticket nominated by the Republicans fsile ,tp create any •nthuBiasm and in fact in some parts of the county it is met w.ith absqlute hostility, by , the members ot ths Republican party. There ia 'not one good reeaon' why a Demoorat should scratch hie ticket this year,; for' ill is a duty ,evepy voter awes to the. -pUblib that he eeee that the best men aieelepted t* offlfle. <" And 'M 'the ' DemooraUo :. nomi- neee are better men in every respect then the f R«pubHoan. i. is',,,tjie ^nty; "'* ' gpodoitizens to see that they are debt* WiBoonsin is a fair example of What 'a Pemopratio adm.inistratibn ; ,dose for a state. I'.The Wisronain'i Democracy ; has completely fulfilled its pledgee- tt> tbe people in ite businesslike management of State affair^. It has .returned' toy the tresaury of tbe fltate the snjpa of $428,000 ol^hemoneye'nBlawfnlly taken,-by ,3er pablioan:ex-traasnfierB^andhas put into judgment »be further sum of $196;684, making a total of i $623,684^ttib.ieyiden'p- iog its intention, that no rigbte of, )Mjp people be relinquished. It has reduced the state tax of the present year 'in the sum of $742,670 or bver 75 per; ! o«iit^f feet heretofore. unheard of in the biaktrr of any state,- and doubly welcome in these hard times, induced by Republican misrule. It has paid, into the tMaeary as interest received on public fttode de^ posited in bank the sum of over onA biandred thousand. dollars. ; By,, wief and indioiooa inveetmtnts.and permitting ^no aelfiab interests to come in conflict with „ |yj it has increased the earnings upon tbo school funds since, it i has been in power -of the ean. of; $161,884 over; tbe earnings of the preceding four yean of Republican. mismanagement^:•..., It bae Bbowo its devotion to tbe little school- _.neBibf ! eipendljiig;in the; adTanoement ot our educational /interests $1,176,76$ more than the Republican administrar tlons expended to* the same purpose • in the preoedlng four yeare, It bw levisd forprioeaii, What we secnred ; p(s. given to >4ie because .we'didc itiiebeaper .than yobe ejse and spved the oou'nty moriey 1 dp'ing it. '..i^owMie ; .wants .jtojbharge tbe ODnnty $400 in order to-.'ffeye, a '«» individuals,'comparatively, ..twenty oente eaah 1 in the event that thi-r do; Hot pay their taxes r whi?n they are due.: ; Is .this npt ,th* raving ef a d^tortipd mind, of a bypooriteiand-an impoeter;. etone who knows just enough to be dangerous? • '• . -.Ji 'ig^ipJiaii.jMiiBMBii^ii.IgW-'.' •")' , v ' ' •; Oat Own TruiiteSi/- 1 • ;• Hnngerford, it is poor logic to say that fl man la a fool beoanlrt^be is a •'. ' : '•*-' '-J. i~ • ' »«- -' ••• '.m'm '• • Bepnblioana levied from .1887 to 1800. While the Democrats were reducing taxes ,in Wisconsin , then Bepnblioana amused themselves by increasing 'the levy in Iowa on».oslt mill. , " ; Jill 'A StiraiiiBro Economy. We feel inclined to think that it bee been onr misfof »uue to ha»e m»j«jdge4 tbesditorof the Ooon Rapids JJnterprite in days gone by as well as When the good people of bis town ueea to stone njn) on the streets, break in the door and windows of bis house and wri^e bim tUreateniBg an^ wariiing >tteF^ |e were inclined to feel eorry for him and think that they' were to blame beoauee they could not live in peace and t harmony witbtbeir neighbor who appeared to be the; nloal pious and moat honest' etar •bat 'em denied in the flrmament at Ooon Rapids. Be wore a aanotimonious face and appeared to be the very of a much abwed individual, and won our sympathy. Now be ii trying the eame dodge- on ' the people by eaying "It the,bpa|d 9* fupewisors will n>atts my orga^ one of the offleial pafere.ol the county I will pnblisb tb» tax tree." Ttrto would be afreet idea, ' |l .would coat the oonnty at least • $400 ' to eave $160. Tbia would be a great eav ing to the tax j>ajers indeed, for the only way hie ebeet^eonld benoofniied *• ofoojal paper would be by U»e volm* eonsentottbe •embers of the boa/3, sup»nriwe, Tbf Uwsaye that Ibs p*pen with tke Urg eat oireQlation wife}* DM art MTersil that haw • larger UwEataipHat, ebeeoly way U oanld be made an ofltaial organ ^pdM be by,*" ff* bitrerf aeeiM«f ebeboe^d. T«e, Henry ' payep to o>arg.tbe» $4W)to A strange idea o* ej^<»p7 J»4 what bettor oonU yoo expeet o« • like Henrf. On* •«» "'• *» ,an>u»ieow abouid, enep o( eoaut; offleisU' eajaties )a*t W U they iaie BO* to** b> Ml • »•* reba>e taxes lh*y oouU W«k ifc* wheel* o< » *»7 3f ;..•!' "''•%• -4...rr ft , i ^ »> •.•• J h<B M" Wi Col. Thomas 0. Lawlar,'of'Rockford, 111.,'who was reiiently_elect«d Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, was born in Liverpool, England, ia 1844 and came to this country with his parenta when a child. At 17 he went to the front witii , the Nineteentb Illinois Infantry' and fought throughout the war.,.','. ' ' ", ' .'•,'_ who says that the postmsetetef are paid from the county * treasury andthat' the board of snperviBors oontrolrthe pnbli- TBX SENTntBi, haxbeen.gnowing.fat off of the eounty printing,' when:ewy bit of printing that it baa done, unde^ ths pws- ent management, iss been eeinred by bidding in the opin marketiltf'wtiibb he himself has bjMtrgiven' anf eqdU ! 'chance '' the some time more beautital tofey that he maybe a fool in epiteottbelfaot that is a graduate/ A man like 1 you, who steni^ t(> be wprtby to say 4t^ip' ehaji >s the profeeeors,in one of IOWA'S lead- og< educational institutions, should know ihat education doe* not make a fool of any man. We are eurprised and deeply mortified to know tnet a member of olsse 77, from the I.JA! 0. has si) dsgenerated in bis ideaa tbatbr, as one of its trustees, is now. promulgating the fact to the world thBteduofltion at, that college, or rtauy otbeB o^puVjjftateJnstftutions tende to make animals and cattle out iof tbeir graduates.;, Jf yo.ff would be eatis- fied with the etatement that there were fool graduates we are in a position to Bgreewithyonjbut when yon say^a!! gradqatee are cattle we protest .and^'.be*- litve that every eelfpreepeeting pereop will do tbe same. If your theory w tine why in tbe. wune of humanity, do you not advocate the tearing down of all'b cbllegesandeoboolsof bigbereduoaMbn? Another Howl Silenced. "-' •'- --'•••'•• Des 'Moldes Leader. •' ••••• In South CJhioagb there is an immense manufacturing eetabliahmebt— tb,e ,I|||r npia Steel .company's works, Last year noder MoKinleyism tbit immense plant was oloeed aibd nearly 4,000, workin|i man were^pn^^of^eniploympiit. 1 ",flnnM distress existed emoDg ; <be (41e,men and heir familiee. : The managere ot tbe concern tearfnUy told the reptirtJBN who tre f q^«ntly : interviewed tbem that it Ltlj.e WilsoD bill became a law the pig lisbment could never be reopened. while the mills were impartial jojperation t^ieinployw were jreqnjr^W 'e^fjlk;^; ^apte agreeing to i-.f* reduction of wagee a the event ot tbe passage ot- ths tariff - : ' •:.':•:,.'-...•• <••••• •". • ''v. iyu! all a bjiuft, and the bluff, felled'. bill, paesed, end , the ,tari(t : on steel; rails; theiehief output of. the OMB. pany, was' reduced from $18.44 to '$7!84 '' , .. poeition yon, fill and should have never been given an opportunity to disgrace the .frond . eduoational ; • yetem of : jpnr state which all true Americans look open with pride: toi»V plape as -a member ty t b« oolite board should be filled by • man who least now more than to tell the young men apd.youug women ottbla etate that our etato iostituticae "graduate animals who prove to be the most brilhant sUrs" aid "tbtt tbe lower grades of^g/adnateMWoply cattle." Obt yon, poor, dwarfed, bWebouud ,eool la loo email for. a poeiaion of. this ktad. Yon, tor partisan pnrpojee, disgrace onr educational inetitutions, If tbe eandi- ., ..... ... ticket aie not gnllty of committiBg any institntipos 4fete yov ebonld bave Jenee enough to i»t tb^D ;al«ne!, or, deoeaej enough tiouft A t.eoj^fpi Man! of, net know better than to think tbst tbe pleoftbiHOpanty wiU despise a bfwoet be' has bV embftloow^ buffet tbe etoraM ot adversity through bid «wj» effort* fain • tioo, i • ' •• •• •• - ; . •.-.: Hill tor Governor. .'•-- David B, BUI WM nositMted for §w* eraor of New York tot Wedasedsy bf * ' • • —eeraeetlyprottjteJ »ple tonuS MM-* i. . . ei«niRfloe naaitiBMat demand prinoe ot leaders to eaoriAce hie ow< in- temtofortbe good ol MM pvty. M mpb*ll, M eof tbe pnlita^M of ^Mi"*wfW9rf i l^9fff 5" ^BW; ^^^•^•H ^wn|f||,Vj|i laal Demoanlto etate conveutioe ' • -:. .- 1 "'::' .!».•'. ,')"•' •": •••• •••• Demoorstip psr(y had alwava Qliggett when it needed i :bim >and atbie spp»sred to be one of the times," it and Ollggett WM n '••*," -'- : ' : - .' eanoidate,ontbeotick^t. Soi Uie.wjtb the Democrats et New York, they'elwajre ase Sill when they needblm snd tl needed,him. h For S»U i to, accept aD ifidi again stake htt;)ehanaeB of success on the result of aq Alectio^ ft ev^t that t he should be suooessfo4.,,bj» wilthsve demontr«t»d the fact not, ionly ;o New Ycrk bnt-to the %hble !' the Demooratid oolnmn. ' Should be i do thiehs will Btsnd before the opnbtry ee the logJosl candidate for the ifJreeideiJby '' : '' i '' : ' ? " •'"'''' ; '"'•'' :; ' '' "''"J'l'fO:!/. tb^ bill beows a ,la,w and, furtbet iog and wniniog was oeelees the. milli were rtopeoed and are now running full time with a full force i ot men. ' 'Bvei^j w jMyft'x**; > W, ' VfW. >' ' «4 nieooitalk <ot any reduotion ,;in wages,- Not only that, but ibemenegera ere actively; engaged in pushing to oom : will enable tbem to employ . more nenr Throughout Booth ..Obioego a jponeequence evidenoee'ot t^ep^ 11 When they'-baW'-thoy- mii^t 1 c6nie' tb time, the 110,000 Chinamen' in States set an example of o laws. All b»t 8,00a baye registered. Tbp*e that did npt wiU wait to wewbat the govemmenti ii going to do about it. The; biwsayi' they, must be sent out ol toeiboantary, bntittoere is no money todo tbie Ml' i«*kre8S> unp f r6priat«8' som«. J ; wltn (Srineiie "lanndriW 1 at- ProbaWy the wheat "exporting 'iMtl ~~ " •""'"' "' ' It u probable that tbs Reporter's weekly .bulletin, of. new,.enterprises has not contained Buoti a clear , record since he MoEibley bill struck the textile in_-"'i '• •, _-T:".---I _"_- ; ' ; " ,. . .. . - i . t, ;• title* raised at home to bring down' tbe price BoutU America will bereafterrfce most likely eVen'a'Sttonger ! lcott»^ettt tor for the European t¥aae*thah'«ttteT BuM* dr' India, wUl be admirable foriordinarynae Jn i*l ways.- Ite weight ta'toarbely more tb*a Uatof tu work.,' It will uevwtwuish aSdwUl ndttewpt tnWW f '^ wpDlA «ot )w «tir«u»« U Itw pvetont war • '• result in tbe downfall ol the 4yuMty tbrt b«* reled OWua WOOMINO. EFPEOT OF THE NEW TARIFF LAW BfiBN IN ENOOtlUAaiSO tNDIOAWohB «J FtAOHI — SEW AND ' Ott> MlttS TO BE OPENED. ; The cslemity bowler i is greatly dis- OOOtBged by the reports coming in froth every iuduetry, but by none more BO than by those in the woollen and cotton and other textile industries which bsve ttet been "annihilated" by the passage of the "free trade Wilioh bill." Tbeee lowlero Are doing tbeir best to' destroV )nsibees.confidence and nmbe it appear that the country is going to the "demrji- tipn bowwows," but the tuots nre against them and they are almost compelled to jive up the job in despair. In the Cotton and Wool Reporter for Sept. 18( devoted eo tbe interests of tbe textile indUBtriee, under the oolnmn Mills*'Ihere are fi||leen items. One ofo Ibe mills mentioned i^ to have 48,000 DM, and to be the largest cotton in the south. Ano her, for making cotton, wool and wonted yarn, is to occupy a building 110 by,20p feet, which strndture alone is to bbel $30,000. "The plaBB fir the new plant;"'says the Re- "^'"Slf'haye beep reafjy foi^ some time, it is,.said the j construction of the mill depended upon the settlement of the ueetion," It is located at Phila) mil), with be built at Gaffney, ( 1,000. An- .oottonfm'ilixwitbJl'pqoOO oapitBl, > proposed rforBsth.S, O.; iTwo hnn- dr*fl tbonsiltod'dollBre haVe Iready been '''--•-'•-•n^^fatfit^fflf woollen, gotten, knit, Under the oolnmn "Enlarf ementa and Improvements"' there are ei| hteen men- Tinder the oolnmn " tartibg Up ;* !-iti--> • '• 'i_i •'••i*..t- .^•-•" ^""{'.'.l,' ' iii . y mills are or about to been closed ver B-year, 8. 0., with a oapitBl of ; $25 '' m>gtti!one^aa, having started startmp, i One of these bai rino* 'April last; another , Sn'd i'tblrd fdr two yesra; 'All three are woollen mills. ( On»y four are men- ^Ojaed, as, shutting down ; one to , make repairtt ;BBota«r for two , weeks, another beoatfee of a death, and tbe last' is run- ijngion' short time /on Boooubt of low t!l:Jf!'-:i>.. .' i:--'ii if. .' ,(• ••••. jii..ii • ,..''j.'i ' record for the week ending Sept. i. ie.perbeps the second best in four ears. The Reporter mentions five new mills; one of which is s. cotton mill to poet .$150,000, ; twenty-eight enlBrge- I and improvemints, an^ twenty mills started up, one Of which: has. been oloeed nine months and another five years. Rawitzar Bros., of Stafford Jpringa; have settled with their diBsatis. WJ'w'eavere, givipg tbsm o twenty five "' 'sdvanoe in wages. Of : the! five ahnt-downa mentioned, i one ia "for: the nenal week's vacation and two are because of low water." The Maseey Mannteoinriog company, ^Toronto, employing 2,000 men^ has ietenbined to remove iie faoto^T to tbf United State*, and is looking for ,a;site near Niagara Falje. Mr. Haessr "eye, that it itihe new tariff, bill that, bae at- irabted him to these shores. He eays: Tbe Osnadisn go»ernment redboed ibe doty on mannfabtbred goods from twenty 46 tWity-flve per oeot., but kept 'the duty on raw materials aa high at ever, ihoB enabling tbe Amerioans to ship bere (Duffpinrtfd','produQts very • ad- vautageously. Under snob conditions W« could not compete with' the marks^e •of >))e world, That new Demoorstio tariff' will belp your eonntry immenesly. By freeiog raf msterjslp it will eheep»|B of j manufactured, articles, both to tbe manufacturer and tba consumer. It will draw to your aid* many man^fap: ™**j&* •'fll<V% T^Ww?**W) . WjUblVil i /pHIIV a> wider market and an opportunity to -•.lI'.'l^H.-MlMii:.!.:•••>" " T C'' ..-.• i'/' jo»fc and y the oalamity bowlere will find that like Otbello, tnsir ooMpation'e gone, beesuse DO onf IM «POPt»y has itarted oo a blgb road to prosperity and ,iiT»H •'ifi'j'ii ••'•! -r'-fii iiiT i",i™iiT'- - that at certain ttp«l of the day IqooHipUw if. at a etw»d ma,' ' U requires a etwet oar sometimes • - -/ nijj , TrT jto fcilowi til* »xawpw att by Ouioago and co atruofc a 'subway *» » T Hill be liued ttwougho it with white nor eelain tllei and will bu voutU»U)d by WoWrs. u ' York hat a«v«ral great enter* ipa ou at once, The largest of thoae buildlugof thonewbrid "n," W'.wHl[»Urt»t' » }\# Jersey/ shore aujj M«W York between Ftfty-ulntb ' «.ti". .....jJL*,.. I ty-nittth streets. It \vill bave sis'tail" way tracks ahd will cost $40,000,000. Two 1 of three years will probably 8*ee 'i» completion. Although it ia both higher and longer than the Brooklyn bridge, it will not cost so much proportionally as that bridge did, for steel and material are cheaper now than they were whett Roebling spanned East river, v Another large engineering project ie that of the New York Metropolitan Trae« tion company, It will build an electrla street railway with the trolley wires Underground. No competitor has succeeded in obtaining the |60,000 prize which the traction company offered for A perfect plan for Underground electric d6n- duction as adapted to street car propulsion, The offer was left open over' a year, and no satisfactory solution of th» question was given. The offer has beef* withdrawn, and the traction cotnp'toy proposes to adopt for underground trot- ley wires modifications of devices already existing. The road Will be built with a slot and conduit similar to those o'f a grip cable road. Into this Conduit the electric engineers will put their trolley wires. An experimental road of thte kind three rniles long will first be made'. Then when New York city gets aaotll- er bridge built across East river to Brooklyn and gets bulkheads built from the battery three miles' down the bay toward Staten Island,, lining the 'whola distance with steamship, docks for. tf$k- ing on and> discharging • cargoes, perhaps New 1 Yorkers will begin to have room to . ,. ,•*:!' . llMfi ;,"', . ,':! ',•;•• Kli/l Jt> breathe. ., , , . • To Save Drowning People. . : :.,. The'drowning seasbn has set in with nnnsnal seyerity this) summer. The neS- cessity,f or every human creature to leara to swim has .been emphasized till "the world is weary of hearing it, yet almost ' 1 lost 1 their'' lives imowing how to keep their heads atio^e water. Next to being able to swim,'the most important thing in connection with accidents on f .he water is to be able'tb rescue from drowning someljodyw^ cannot swim, The following- directions tor thid contain useful hints: '••''. '/> ••-!':;>? It IB dgsentrul that the man' in the Watt* Be reached' as speedily as possible. Therefore :•> rapid plunge into the water nearest,him would be the, ; flrit thlnR tp <Jp;, ; tt 1? uetter,tp,rui» along the shore of a river to » pol^t abpve where the man Is in order, to have the' ass'lt- ance of the current In reaching hlm.'thus BaVr Ing your'strength, whlch'will be needed later. Be Bnrb to'approach him from f behind;STaB- bing' him In Buch a manner thit your Haft band, which passes under his left arm, may grasp his right wrist firmly and 1 press him irmly, toward you: Then, swim toward"/the shore upon jrour back, being careful. to, make ise of the current all you can. ThB right hand t kept entirely' free' and can be used in'swltn- nlng. Only the faces'of-the two will beVlsl- ale above the water, and both bodies w^ll Ifp carried , more, by the water (according to, the specific, weight), the rescuer having the task of moving forward. '-•-•(•'• •" .•••;•••• ::' r!"/; .<v',r ' The rescuer cannot be grasped by the one rescued, as the latter cannot turn to the right, because his wrist is llrmly held, nor con:he turn to tho loft, because then the'rescuer would pull the loft shoulder closer to hlaowij. [f the first attempt to grasp the drowning n)fj» be not .Buccessful, try It again. The objection that If a drowning man grasp you It la impc*. stble 1H shako him oil is uroundleBS. The maft drowning will always, try. to. keep h)« head ibpye ,wa,t|er.. Therefore all .the rescuer, hag to lp is to dive under the water, and the man'wilt immediately let go. The method Is advocated t>y the leading Bwimmlne societies everywhere and, ,H has been stated that, except in oxtraorr Unary , oircuraatftncep, one cannot drown so long as he retains his,presence of mind and Is occupied with one person only. Let everybody remember that to save a fellow being.Iron drowning depends in every case not so mnctt on the rescuer's skill as a swimmer as on hit cool headedness and quickness of action, -, • Does It I>fty? .'...". < i Dr. Cornelius Her z, the briber in the Panama blackness, sufficiently recovered at last to return to Paris. There ia no reason to suppose he was shamming' in the matter' of the terrible' illness whfch it was claimed overtook him immediate^ ly his nefarious manipulations of French senators and deputies were found cut. The wonder is that he is olive 'after the abuse and hatred he brought ' ' ' '' Coming nearer home, it may be n^ marked that quo of the gentlemen who was said, justly or uujustly, to have, used his official knowledge of the §ugac question in the upper house to benefit hia own private pocket is greatly out'lot health and has been for several weekaj At the same time it is to be'obeervel that one of the men of New York-'; who has been charged with who! acceptance of bribes in conneCtio^ wli fhe police department and iH^'' iitj wrougdplng to, enrich bim^f itered in health, and his recovery is do«]B It is to be observed that when heavy charges of corruution. 9^ official miscon- ^uqt are brQujjht against« p^Uo waj|^e f/il)« 11).,, There i« usiully up preimej about it;«itber. Ofton lUs health i« irrav trievably: broken, and bis death ts>O9iy% question of time. Bis reputation la; ilMfl trieyibly gone, to>, M a general" J This )ias be^n true over . In ouo of trio reoont scandals ft life it is pathorto to witness the deij keoj> fho' story but of itfe'l " . in the «amo hoose' , pull together oooaJiiouaJ)jr, J : U all poor society will ajfc, not speak to each other in Pfi vai* they oaii do just m (Uoy please othahrti* if they'll only, only keep out of IM uownpupqr*. |t is euough to bring teajn to tho oy«s of thQ most atony hearted 'to see the (runtio effort* of highly niopaj «u4 'I'osiieotuble indlviduuU to matter \)t>. That la to toiv, do Please, uua U'« no »iu, so long as found ' '

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