The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 17, 1974 · Page 4
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 4

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1974
Page 4
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Fifth radio series to start By JAV SHARBUTT AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Thanks to a revived audience interest in more than music, news and sports, no less than four new radio drama or humor series are on the nation's airwaves these days. Now a fifth series is afoot. It's the National Public Radio Theater, a dramatic effort that lasts an hour. Distribution of it began this month to the 163 public radio stations in the federally funded National Public Radio system. NPR officials say a total of 11 of the weekly shows will be sent the stations this year, with a minimum of 26 new ones ordered for 1975. All will feature original or adapted material written only for radio. What prompted it? "One of the big things that moved us ahead was the success of the 'CBS Radio Mystery Theater,'" an NPR spokesman said, referring to the hour-long, weeknight series that made its debut in January. "I think it proved the point that we've been trying to push," he said. "That there is an audience for radio drama if they, the audience, knows it's there." Other radio series now on the air are the Mutual Broadcasting network's "Zero Hour," a suspense effort; a "National Lampoon" comedy series and "Sounds of the City," a soap Just Saving Dollars IsNotEnough- \buNeedDollars Working fbr\ou! H 7 1 /2% CURRENT INTEREST RATE m 100% IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL AT ANY TIME m TAX-FREE ACCUMULATION m LIFE INCOME GUARANTEED NOW ... an opportunity for you to save on current taxes and have the benefits of a modern annuity at the same time. Strengthen your personal financial program: H 7K 2 % CURRENT INTEREST RATE Currently Life Investors is compounding interest daily at an effective annual rate of 7/2% . . . one of the highest current rates available today and it's guaranteed to be no less than 7% until 1978. There are other guaranteed rates for future years giving you a stable guaranteed growth of your investment. Summarized, the contract is intended to pay a current competitive interest rate at all times but cannot pay less than the guaranteed rates. m 100% IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL All or part of your money is available at any time. There is no 1 -year, 2-year, 5-year, etc., waiting period. You at all times have available to you 100% of your total deposit (less any previous withdrawals) or the value of your account, whichever is greater. m TAX-FREE ACCUMULATION You pay NO CURRENT TAXES as your deposit grows. Our fixed, deferred annuity opera about a black family. The radio plays are produced by EARPI AY, a joint project of the University of Wisconsin's extension school and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, at the university's radio station in Madison. Karl Schmidt, a professor of educational communications, supervises the project. He says the show draws its thespians from New York, Chicago and the Minneapoli&St. Paul area as well as from the studentry. How does he get his scripts? "Mostly, we work through drama agents in New York," he said, "but we also solicit manuscripts through ads in the New York Times, the Saturday Review and other publications like that." The pay for the scrivening is more inspirational than any known muse. Schmidt says an original, one-hour radio drama is worth $2,000 on acceptance, regardless of the author's fame or lack of it. Question: Since few public radio stations can afford to advertise, how can listeners find out (a) the call letters of the nearest NPH outlet, and (b) when the programs air? A spokesman said the best way is for the listener to write NPR's office in Washington, .D.C., and ask which NPR station is in his or her area. Then call the station and ask when the show begins. Today in history fergis Falls (Mn.) Journal Wed., April 17, 1974 20 lOpout and ma'l today' Tell Me More About S.P.D.A. To THE SMEDSRUD AGENCY, INC. Insurance Broker 108 N. Mill — Law Office Bldg. — Fergus Falls, Minn. 54537 Name Address ..._ ..-. City or Town Phone . . is expected ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Stanley W. Holmquist, former Minnesota Senate majority leader, was to be named to the new state Ethics Commission today by DFL Gov. Wendell Anderson. Holmquist, a Republican from Grove City, was instrumental in passage of Anderson's tax and school finance legislation in the 1971 legislature. He also led efforts to amend the state Constitution to permit annual sessions of the legislature. Holmquist served in the House for eight years and in the Senate for 18. He was Senate majority leader for the three sessions prior to his retirement in 1972. Holmquist operates a retail lumber business in Grove City. The Kthics Commission was created by the legislature this year to administer the new campaign finance regulations. The commission also will oversee the activities of lobbyists and rule on ethics complaints against state officials. Under the law creating the commission, no more than three of its six members can support the same political party. Two must be former legislators, one from each party. Life Investors fixed deferred annuity guarantees you an income you cannot outlive. You may choose the payout schedule which best suits your needs from among several options. Life Investors guarantees the annuity payout rate stated in the contract or the current rate being paid by Life Investors, whichever is more favorable to you at the time of your retirement. Food for Thought' Questions and answers By JEAN MAYER Professor of Nutrition, Harvard University makes it possible for you to defer taxes on current investment income. A 510,000 Investment (Assuming a 50? 0 Tax Bracket) Savings & Loan No of Years 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 SI 0.000 at 7% S11.877 14.106 16.753 19.898 23.632 28.068 33.336 39.593 Our Single Premium Deferred Annuity SI 0.000 at 7° b SI 2.889 18.078 25.355 35.562 49.878 69.957 98 118 137.615 S10.000 at 7V 2 % $13.193 18.941 27.197 39.038 56.044 80.458 1 15.508 165.827 53 1 IFF INCDMF r,(IAPANTFFn Q. I've read that siir-fry Chinese food is an excellent idea for weight-reducing diets. But I thought fried foods were really taboo if one wanted to lose weight. What's up? A. As a general rule, fried foods are not recommended for dieters. However, stir-fry Chinese food can be an exception. Unfortunately, many of the stir-fry dishes served in restaurants contain entirely too much fat. But made at home, where you can control that variable, Chinese stir-fry combinations can provide an almost endless variety of main dishes and vegetable accompaniments for the dieter's menus. The recipes often suggest starting with raw meat, fish or poultry, but you can also use leftover meat. And at most, it takes only a few minutes to prepare. If you have access to an Oriental grocery where you can buy some of the fresh vegetables, fresh ginger root, and interesting seasonings, fine. If not, some of the vegetables, such as bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts—all of which contain few calories—are available in the special foods sections of nost supermarkets. But even without these, you can create excellent dishes using almost any familiar vegetables, such as string beans, green peppers, onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, or even zucchini squash. Two, three, or even more vegetables are often used in the same main dish. In a typical recipe the garlic (and ginger root if you have it) are browned first, then the meat is added, followed by a seasoning of soy sauce, a bit of sherry and a pinch of sugar. Then the vegetables are stirred in briefly, some broth is added, and the pan covered to allow the vegetables to cook until barely done. Finally, a small amount of cornstarch paste is added as thickening. If you do begin using Chinese stir-fry recipes, three points will help you to keep calories at a minimum: first, use less oil than the recipe suggests; second, trim meat of all visible fat before cooking; and third, drain any excess fat before adding the vegetables. matologic reasons. On the other hand, in infants up to a year of age, toxicity develops far more rapidly, within a few months — and on a much lower dose. Doses as low as 18,000 International Units have been reported to cause toxicity. It is because very young children are so susceptible to the harmful effects of excesses of not only Vitamin A, but Vitamin I) as well, that the policy of supplementing foods with these vitamins is under current review by the FDA. By The Associated Press Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1521, the Diet at Worms, Germany, excommunicated Martin I.uther from the Roman Catholic Church after the former monk refused to admit to charges of heresy. On this date: In 1790, Benjamin Franklin died in Philadelphia at the age of 84. In 1861, Virginia seceded from the Union. In 1941, in World War 2, Yugoslavia surrendered to Germany, but partisan forces continued to wage guerrilla warfare. In 1943, U.S. bombers hit Palermo, Sicily. In 1945, the United States announced that Japan had lost more than 200 planes in a single day of suicide attacks on Okinawa. Ten years ago: A Middle East Airlines airliner crashed into Deportation ruling issued JERUSALEM (AP) - Denis Rohan, an Australian religious fanatic confined to Israeli mental hospitals for more than four years after setting fire to Jerusalem's Al Aksa Mosqueo is to be deported to his homeland, the Interior Ministry announced. A spokesman said Rohan, 33, had recently been re-examined and confirmed as a permanent mental ease. "We see no reason to continue his hospitalization in Israel," the spokesman said, adding the man would be sent to Australia within the next two months. Rohan sot the 1,200-year-old mosque ablaze Aug. 21, 1969, touching off a storm of anti-Israeli protest throughout the Moslem world. The mosque, which was badly damaged, is one of Islam's most hallowed shrines. Rohan testified at his trial that he was ordered by God to burn down the mosque and rebuild the Jewish temple of Solomon on the site. A Christian from Sydney, Rohan said God promised to make him king of Jerusalem. Psychiatrists said Rohan was an acute schizophrenic. the Persian Gulf, killing all 49 persons aboard. Five years ago: Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was convicted of first-degree murder in Los Angeles in the slaying of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. One year ago: President Nixon said major developments had come to light in the Watergate case as a result of a new investigation that he himself conducted. Today's birthdays: Writer Thornton Wilder is 77 years old. Newscaster Harry Keasoner is 51. Thought for today: Never tell your resolution beforehand. John Selden, English statesman, 1584-1654. Judge post considered nesota congressional delegation in Washington next week. ST. PAUL, Minn. lAP) - It may be several ...ore months before Preside;,! Nixon appoints a successor to the late Philip Neville, a U.S. District judge who died early this year. Minnesota Republican sources said "15 or 20" persons have either applied or have been recommended for the post. The names are being forwarded to the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., by Minnesota's Republican national commitleewoman, lantha Levander. Mrs. I.evander plans to discuss the appointment with Re- nnhiinnri members of the Min- The President will appoint a Republican to the judgeship but the appointee must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Under informal rules of "senatorial courtesy," either of Minnesota's Democratic senators could veto the choice. The Senate historically has refused to confirm a judicial appointee when a senator from that state objects. Mrs. Levander has sent a list of all the applicants to Sens. Hubert H. Humphrey and Walter F. Mondale. KORDEL OUTSELLS THEM ALL! Gigantic Savings on Beautiful BEDROOM SUITES From Bassett, Thomasville and Broyhill EXAMPLE: Coronado Grouping from Bassett Includes: 44" 6-drawer double dresser, frame vertical mirror, 5- drawer chest and chairback headboard. Regular SM9.9S NOW 299 LIFE INVESTORS Q. I have been taking a inullivitamin supplement which contains 8,000 International Units of Vitamin A. After reading in your column about Vitamin A toxicily, I have become more aware of the number of foods which are supplemented with Vitamin A. I'm concerned about whether the cumulative effect of all the Vitamin A I'm getting is rtangerous. A. If you are eating a normal diet and taking only one multivitamin pill containing 8.000 International UniUs of Vitamin A. there is little chance that you will develop Vitamin A toxicity. The long-term tiose which will produce toxicity varies with the individual, but it has been estimated that about 100,000 units taken regularly over a period ranging from several months to several years will produce symptoms of toxicity. This usually occurs among individuals who are taking the vitamin for der- Q. I was at a dinner party last night where the hostess served an eggplant appetizer. There was some debute about how many calories there arc in eggplant Can you tell me? A. Eggplant is very low in calories. A half-cup of cooked eggplant supplies only about 20 calories. In addition, it contains some iron and a small amount of B Vitamins. Just how many calories were in the appetizer you ate is a different matter. Many recipes suggest browning the eggplant in oil. Because it is a very watery vegetable, it absorbs great quantities of oil. Consequently, most eggplant dishes are caloric powerhouses. It is quite possible, however, lo make an excellent low- calorie appetizer from eggplant. The eggplant is baked whole, peeled and chopped. It is then mixed with tomatoes, garlic, minced onion and a small amount cf oil, and seasoned with wine vinegar, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and some dill. You can use eggplant in low calorie main dishes, too. It can be split, seeded and stuffed with seasoned ground meat that has been browned a bit to get rid of the excess fat. And eggplant can be stuffed with fish mix- lures, too. If you choose your recipes carefully, there are many ways to serve eggplant without running yourself into caloric ruin! (Dr. Mayer welcomes questions from readers. While he cannot reply to them all individually, he will answer those of general interest in his column. Write to Dr. Jean Mayer, in care of this paper). Control Data net earnings MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. lAP) — Control Data Corp. has reported an 11 per cent decline in operating net earnings for the quarter ended March 31, despite a 22.6 per cent jump in profits from computer operations. A 20.9 per cent decline in earnings of Control Data's finance subsidiary, Commercial Credit, dropped the company's overall operating net to $14.57 million, or 89 cents a share, from $16.45 million, or $1.01 a share, in the first quarter a year earlier, the firm said Monday. Extraordinary income of $273,000 in the 1974 quarter and $274,000 in the first quarter of 1973 took net income to $14.8 milion, or 91 cents a share, compared with $16.7 million, or $1.03 a share, a year ago. The results came on total revenues of $249.4 million, up 20 per cent from $207 million in the firsst quarter of 1973. Having sold my farm, the undersigned will sell at Public Auction at the farm located from New York Mills along County Road 67:11 miles North, 1-1/2 miles East along County Road 62; or from Butler:! mile South, then 1-1/2 miles East, (Sec. 23, Butler Township) on MONDAY, APR, 22 Commencing at 10:00 A.M. Sharp Butler Christian Mothers will serve lunch 44 Head High Grade Guernsey Cattle 1. GUERNSEY COW. 7 yean old. to fr«hcn 5-22-7-1 2. GUERNSEY COW, 6 ol<I. to froHcn 1-23-75 3. GUERNSEY COW. 7 old. to frtshtn 11-2074 •». GUERNSEY COW, 7 ytarl old. to fresricri 12-18-74 5. GUERNSEY COW, 3 year, old. frejh 1-25-74 6. GUERNSEY COW, 3 ytar. old. to rmticn 11-24-74 7. GUERNSEY COW, 2 yc.r, old, fifth 3-3 74 8. GUERNSEY COW. 6 yean old. to frnhtn 9-S-74 9. GUERNSEY COW. 3 years old. fresh 1-29-74 10. GUERNSEY COW. 7 yon old. to freshen 11-30-74 11. GUERNSEY COW. 6 years old. to frcihcn 7-19-74 12. GUERNSEY COW. 6 yean old. to freshen 5-3-74 13 GUERNSEY COW. 3 years old. fresh 2-1-74 1J GUERNSEY COW. 2 year. old. to freshen 12-15-74 15. GUERNSEY COW. 2 yean old, fresh 3-22-74 16. GUERNSEY COW, C yc.r. old. to fresher, 12-20-74 17. GUERNSEY COW, 6 year. old. fresh 3 23-74 18. GUERNSEY COW. 6 year, old, to freshen 7-31-74 19. GUERNSEY COW. 3 year. old. due by sale dale 20. GUERNSEY COW. 3 years old. fresh 3-2-74 21. GUERNSEY COW, 3 year, old, fresh 2-20-74 22. GUERNSEY COW. 2 years old, fresh 2-23.74 23. GUERNSEY COW. 2 year. old. frc.h 3-28-74 24. GUERNSEY COW. 7 year, old, open 3— Guernsey Heifen. 14 month, old. bred 6—Guernsey Heifer Calvci. 3 lo 5 month, old 6—Guernsey Heifer Cnlves. I to 2 months old 1—Guernsey Bull, 2 years oli from artificial breed,r 4—Guernsey Bull Calves. 1 monlh old MACHINERY John Deere 14T Hay Baler Jchn Deere No. 7 Mower, new John Deere No. 5 Mower GeM Hay Conditioner. Model 1S63 New Holland 5 bar Side Rake, new 2-J'hn D«re 4-b.r Side Rake. J-tn Deere IZ-fl. Grain Drill on rubber. «iln grass seeder Case A6 Combine .lorn Deere Grain Separator. ffc->d condition John Deere 9-lt. Tandem Disc John Deere 3 14 Plow John Deere 2-14 Plow Vpli.-Moline 3 bottom plow, new bottoms Jor-* Deere No. 33 Spreader, sn rubber John Deere Loader and Scoop JoSn Deere 2-row Cultivator 1HC 2 row Power Corn Planter 1HC Power Com Binder J.D. 10'i-ft. Dijjer 3- Heavy Duty Custom-made Wafoni 1HC S-!t. Power Grain Binder Bate Racks 7-.eclic-n Steel Bras; 1HC Corn Planter 2- Ca?e Separators, for parts John Deere 10 in. Hammer Mill Potato Planter; Potato Differ: Dump RaVe M-S; ll»v Loader 2-Wagons 2 2 wheel trailer* HAY, FEED, ETC. Ab-iit 1000 Bales of llnjr under corer About 200 Balej cf Straw under cover Some Silage MISCELLANEOUS Boltni Snow Blower 12x23 tractor chain* 14-fl. grain auger 2 way hydraulic ram 14-ft. erain and corn elevator 300-gal. gai lank; Baler I wine: Salt feeder Portable »TT compreijor wilfi jprayer attachment Water tank: Chain taw; 2 lawn mowen 3—Wheelbarrow*; Sickle grinder: Dehorner 75-fl. 6-in. er>dle» drive bell Barn scraper and broom; EUltrator: Ear marker \\ ire ilretcher; Storm window* 2-jtal. iprayer: Pot maul; Poithole digger 100 oak fence poiti; Viie; Anvil; Tap & die tet 2—Dcuble bit axei Exteniion bit Socket let. 5 16 to Pi in. Hay rope, 200 ft. Combinalion wrench *et: Bridgen haitiem Fork» Shovel*. Tooli and many more mite, item too nu,n«rou> lo mention Antiques Lard and Saungr Pre». like new Singer Treadle Sewing Machine WooJen chaii 20 Gal. Crock: 15 Gal. Crock; 5 G*l. Crock 2-3 Gal. Crocki 2 Gal. Crock Busier Crocki Charcoal Foot Warmer Fruit Jan {fl«n top lome witri d*(e»l Copper Tea Kettle; Strub Board: Copper Boilt Bread Mixer; Flat Iron*: Cow Bell* oouire Oak Table with 2 leave, TRACTORS 1946 JOHN DEERE A. with sUrler. lights & PTO 1941 JOHN DEERE A. PTO 1946 JOHN DEERE B. with slart-r. & PTO 1945 JOHN DEERE BR. starter. PTO ,irf c f ron , 1945 JOHN DEERE H HOUSEHOLD GOODS Monarch electric ilove with imface oven Frigid*,re apartment iize electric ilove Portable- wither with h*n<I operated wringer Parlor coil anrl wood heater 12 place china ictlinj Stuffed cliai Electrolux vacuum cleaner Piano bend Magazine rack 3 lu j[ ca Ice cre-im freezer; 3 piece iron iJulIeli: Booki Manning-Bowman eler.rx: heater loailma^er toailcr; Waih tubi; 2 electric ir Remington portable typewriter Carpet iweeper; Fruil jart: Di»h««: Poli; Pan and many miscellanr nut itemi DAIRY EQUIPMENT 310 Gal. Suniet Bulk Tank, w compressor tm Sursc Milker Pump. 3-4 unit ,i,e 3 Slamle-s Steel Sesrr.le.i Milker Bucket. Pipeline for 32 stall cock. 2 Se<lion Sta^'ess Wash V»l Milk P.U.. Strainer,, and Miscellany, Iterr -- USUAL TERMS OF SALE - Not Responsible for Accidents FARMERS * MERCHANTS STATE BANK ^- York Mill,. Clerk

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