The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 27, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1933
Page 6
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PAGfcSIX THE MALVERN LEADER. MALVERff, IOWA, JULY jf t tJSI EMERSON flife* Entertain few f Scout* Net $11 from Do? Vtritof f rent California stiow for Camping Trip Mrs. CM*. Carson. Mr«. M. TV The JOB show Riven by the Lan*. arid Miss Peftrle Lang sn- c; merson Bor gconts a we»k ago tertained abotit fifty ladles FH-! 1agt Saturday created mnrh at- day afternoon at the Carson home tention and interest. Twenty-fire north of town in honor of Mrs. | dosrs were entered. Th"» Emerson C. A. Barns who is h»re frr.m j pa,^ WBS an ideal place to hold LonK Beach, Calif. The afternoon this affair as the day was warm, was cpent in vMtln* and various I Tf,p following exhibited dojra: games and contest which wt-rt ! j at j( C'oppage, J«nn firls-on, followed by delicious refresh-] Bobble Bran*. Homer Black. Ray- W. K. C. Fiftieth Birthday mentg. The oot of town guests were: Mrs. C. A. Barns and Mrs. J. T. Barns of Long Beach. Calif.. Mrs, Maud Fowler of Buffalo. N. V., Mrs. N. W. Burke and Mrs. William Crawford of lied Oafc. Miss Elva Douglas and Mrs. W. R. Crawford of Orlswold, Mrs. Fred Priest of Hastings. Mrs. Chas. Roe arid daughter, Helen, and Mrs. Kettlewell of Carson, and Mrs. C. F. Barns of Elliott. Clifford Peterson Wed* Lorraine Mundt July 19 mrmd Pickerel. Alene Hostel!, Billy Moore. Roy Davis, Jacfcfe Davis, Everett Waymlre. Francis filen. Bobble Osterholm, Carrol Johnson, Jack Thorson. Dr. Stokes. J. C. Wilkfns, Harold Sowers, Ed Ferris, Earl Graham, George Bass, Kdwln Grayson, and Mrs. Elbrldee Shook. "Midget" owned by Homer Black was awarded first place; "Jlggs" owned by Jean Carlson was second best, and Bobble Evans won third place. Frank Ogle- Tie was judge. The boys served Ice cream and lemonade. They cleared 111.15 Clifford Peterson of Emerson which will be used to help defrar and Miss Lorraine Mundt of Toe-! their expenses of a trip to Camp tervllle were married Wednesday j Glfford near Omaha, leaving I at the home of the bride. | Monday morning of this week to! Clifford Is the oldest son of Mr. spend the coming week, and Mrs. Ferdinand Peterson east The boys going are Edwin of town. He Is a graduate of the I Orayson. Warren Rice, Clarence Bmerson high school. He baa! Johnston, Quentln Johnson, Nor- been teacher and coach in the I man Fields, Jack Thorson, How- Billott school the past fire years. [ ard Morrison, Roland Edle, and He to ft flne young man, respected Billy Rlpley. Rev. L. E. Rlpley Is by all who know him. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson will make their home in Shannon City where he has accepted the position of superintendent of schools. Fifty years ago yesterday, July 26, the Emerson ehapter of the Women's Relief Corp*. No. 214, was formed in this eommu- nity, aftd has existed nines as an active ancillary of the Grand Army of the Republic. Yesterday they observed this event with a big celebration, honoring the golden anniversary of their founding. The main feature of the day was a basket dinner, served in the basement of the Methodist church. At 2 o'clock they went to the gymnasium where a program of appreciation was given. A family dinner was plven Sunday at the home of Mr. ard Mrs. R. 0. Smith. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Smith and son, Lawrence. Elmer Bass and family, Mrs. T). A. Wil«on and children, Ml*R Mlldrert Palmer, MiM Pauline Humphrey of Irwin, Mrs. An*ll Brlggs of Red Oak, and W. A. Smith and daagh-i ter, Barbara. and famffy en a motor trl> to Nt- ram, Buffalo,. Cttt*«a. the WotW? F*l* at CWcaiKd. Mr. »ntf MM. Oast Te»8»trora were R«* Oak *hop«ets Satftr«ay. H. C. *f«W»H rettmted Sfoitday from ErfCBo*. Nebr. where Ins spent a month ou hfs farm. John HoKsl* snffered anotbsr stroke of paralysis at bis botn* last Wednesday evening. We extend congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Knight and Mr. and Mrs. B. L. elites were Council Bluffs visitors Saturday afternoon. Mrs. A. E. Stokes was aa Omaha visitor Tuesday. Mrs. H. O. Cheney and daughter, Mrs. Wayne Cole, and little son left Friday for Louisville, Ohio to visit relatives. Miss Betty Jones of O'Neill, Nebr. spent the past week here with her sister, Mrs. Jessie Grayson. Miss Dorothy Briggs. R. N.. visited Mrs. O. E. Fogarty in Council Bluffs Tuesday evening. V, L. Kapple shipped their household goods to Ottumwa this week where they will make their borne. Mr. and Mrs. D. Whisler and little daughter returned to their home in Dea Moines Monday after spending a few days in the home of bis brother, E. E. Whisler, Monday night was Emerson night at the Ak-Bar-Ben Den show In Omaha. About flfty men and women from here attended. Richard, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carson, fell while walking across the floor at his home Sunday and loosened bis two lower teeth so it was necessary for the dentist to remove them. Mr. and Mrs. Leech Miller and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shannon and daughters, Mrs. Clifford King and family, and Tommy Douglas were among visitors Saturday. Red Oak Scout Master and will accompany the boys. Sheriff's Sale BY VIRTUE OP AN EXECUTION directed to me from the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, Iowa on a Judgment obtained in said court, on the 7th day of July, 1933, in favor of The prudential Insurance Company of America as Plaintiff «nd against Edwin Wright et al as Defendant, for the sum of J10.952.ll and costs, taxed at J84.70 and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described Real estate situated in Mills County, Iowa, taken as the property of said Defendant to satisfy said execution towit: The South . East Quarter (SEH) of Section Twenty- Four (84) Township Seventy- Two (73) North. Range Forty- Three (43) West of the 5th P. M, Containing One-Hundred SUty (160) Acres. According to Government Survey AH in Mills County, Iowa, and will offer the game for sale to the highest bidder for cash in hand at the Court House in Qlen- wood, Iowa, on the 83rd day of August A, D., 1939, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. of said day, cow? mejuclng 6 t 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where due at- teudanoe will be given by the un- der»J*ned. Dated at Qle»w<wd. Iowa, tbU a<Ui 4ay of July, A, D. m3, W. 8, BeMaw, 1-8, Bhwltt «t Mills County, Mrs. D. C. Coppsge was an Omaha shopper Thursday. The Rook club attended the Ak-8ar-Ben Den show Monday night In Omaha. Those going were Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wilklns, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson, Mr. aad Mrs. E. B. Comer, and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Good. Miss Ruth Cheney is attending tbe Baptist Assembly at Iowa Palls. 8be accompanied the delegation from Shenandoah. Ralph Knight returned Sunday from Waterloo, Wis. where be visited relatives and attended the Century of Progress Fair. Earl Brtgga returned Monday from Andabon where he visited friends. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Comer spent Sunday In Shenandoah In the Emily Comer home. Clayton Norris was a business visitor here Wednesday. Mrs. James Dnrbin entertained at her home Sunday at 1:30 o'cioclr luncheon, honoring Mrs. C. A. Barns of Long Beach, Calif. Quests for the occasion were Mrs. Willis Patrick, Mrs. R, R. Honeyman, Mrs. Roscoe Parker, Mrs, W. W. Abel, Mrs, Chas, Carson, Pearle Lang, and Mrs. C. A. Barns, Mrs. R. E. Good and daughter, Doris, were Red Oak shoppers Friday. Miss Mary Rlpley is visiting this week in Beaver City, Nebr. in the home of her sister. Mrs. John Thorson ST. spent the past week in Omaha with her daughters, Mrs. Jay Burroughs and Mrs. W. Adams. Born —to Mr. and Mrs. Clark Templeton, July 19, a little son, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Homer Connell, Miss Gladys Gilliland of Malvern is helping care for her sister, Mrs. Carrie McLaln received a telegram telling of tbe birth of a little son July 80 to Mr. and Mrs, Roy McLain In the St. Lukes hospital in Davenport, Mr. and Mrs, Harry Miers left Thursday for their home in Waterloo after spending a week in ;he home of her mother, Mrs. Pessa Cole. Dean Coates and Floyd Gibson made a business trip to Des Moines Thursday. Mrs. L. E. Rlpley went to Shenandoah Monday to spend a few days with her mother and sister. A lawn party was given by the P. Y. P. U. at the Dean Boswell home last Tuesday evening. Ice cream and cake were served. Thirty young people were present. A lawn party was given by the Epworth League at the home of Lavern Carson a week ago Friday, Ice cream and ca,ke were served. There was a goad attendance and a good time enjoyed. Miss Helen Ljing of pea Moines came home Saturday evening on account of her mother's illness. Helen is taking nurses' training at the Methodist hospital, A marriage license WAS grauted In Coijnull Bluffs Wednesday to Fran,ci« Qilljland of Red Qak Hazel Peterson or rmen- andoali spent the week end with her motlier, Mr«. Kel» Petetson. Minn Marjorie Brlses of Omaha spent Sunday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Brig?s. Otis Butcher and family returned Saturday from the Otarks where they visited his parents near Thayer, Mo. Billy Rtpley ret anted Friday from Iowa City wn«-» *« attended tbe University of to**. Clyde Rldenonr aceompaai«d ai» to Emerson and greeted Eaaerson friends. Mrs. D. A. Wi!?on aa4 family of Irwto spent Satarday and Sunday with ber parents. Mr. aad Mrs. R. O. Smith. Miss Winnifred HatfteML left Friday for Des Moines and A»«s where she will visit Mr. and Mrs. Wars* Swles of Glenwood spent Satarday fit tb» home of bis aunt, Mrs. & B. Comer. Mrs. Artftsf Merrill an«t children. Jack and Jean, of Pteasaal- dal*. Neb*, eaate Friday a week wftb her atotiMf* Rosa Abel, attd other Mrs. Grace Crawford daughter, Mary, left Sunday far Davis City to visit tter daughter Mrs. Ella Lsngshor* ba4 tea* tal work dose in Red Oak Satar- day afternoon* Dtfea went f» oetwttw* 8*t«rd!ay t* vfertt theft bfotfte^, R«»ft»*. Hey ftttt were catte* *»«* t» Otia«*!» Monday on *cc*mat of M» Wa«ss. ay. j he# *fet*r, K*t. $mn McLftln. tfre pasf we**. SAe retnrnftd to fcer . Mairl* Rots «f ft8ar wale*, roow to • HW oj Mr , uud Mrs, |* H. QUUIand u$ajt $mar. Combination Rate | W^^^^^^P- "^|^^^P*^^8B^^jjf Baz»l YosBg ol StraJtaa spent U» last week with MrSi AjtW Vrazier. OB »wmi*t of- tfte shower Sanda* moiftttrs attendance: for Je* was, not so, large- a» R»v. l£teeir*«s sermon t«*> tbe Lenf* Sapper was adminis- fH» *vi»ning service WAS in order to let wbo dSetreii attend th» sun- fa. "Waubonaie pwfcu attended and r«- port a very Inspirational =ter«ic*.' Matfea Brfggs wb» has been' very sfek tb* past week in better' bnt not abf* to ?»t around, »e, troabte an4 its effects. Hf» parents took bim to tb* eanie in Ctjwaaft BtaB» T*««fay. Mr. **« Mrs. Left Pant aa4 w«r»RedOak called oa frtwte ta tals coasnaattir Saaday Taart^ay wftk tae art the Sherrsart AH#n Horn* Wednesday etefttng. they are »lt Intited to come aKftin this w«*k fa? tlrftff !**cffee. Ml» Msbl* Spr«tt of Oakland catted oft Mrs. 3. A. Reed Stta- day afternoon. She was retornlng hoate {FOBJ an over-night visit In where sbe formerly te tfce> high school. KeUenbargers ot Emerson visited Wedoe«day In the Frauds Partwr borne. H«ary Ntnw who had a fib cracked by a fait has sufficiently recovered, to b* able to resttine Ma work tW» week. Mr. aad Mrs. Otis Davis and children, Beten, fivetya. aad Eldon) spenfc Sunday to tb« borne of their daughter. Mr*. tM*tt Me- Lain, where they were dinner guests. Vslnift McLaJn, Wttma aad Florence Cooper, helped Mable Ungry vook for threshers Saturday. Mr. and: Mrs. Shermaa Allen sntartalnetl at a ebickea dtener Friday for Joe who was celebrating hi* birthday. The guests were ate eight coaslBs. sons of Arthur aad Cbet Alien and Dal* Eastwood. H<wn«-m«4» tee ereatt WM s«rv«4 with tb» birthday cake and tbe boys bad a very happy ««*«« IN* • *M fceft*. ter, Mtth P*rt«*. tfce rtterawrft t*«* *»ftl to Oftfc. they wer* accorepAnied by JUtttffft PttkW ft«d tbett «otfc«f, CAfrte JtcLarn, wn« wt* fftg ber Mrtb**y Wllm» beginners itid primary Snfiday scboot cl*ls*8, *«|«sctlT«ty» c** tertalned their ctewes •Wednesday afternoon at the ho»« of th* latter. Six mothers and twelve cblU df eh were presetit and ft very pleasant afternoon was epenL Home made Ice eteara la cotes, cookies and graham cracker* wete served, tt Iras the very fiWt party for some of tbe little folks and they efcjoyed learning t*m« and mingling with the* teachet* and other children. -- , Madge Parker and daughters, June and Mary Mae, and Wand* Koeherspergor called on Oertrnde McLaln Thursday afternoon. Billy McLaln, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Roy McLain of Davenport, reports the arrival of a baby brother, Thursday, Inly Si. 80 received a very cordial welcome and celebrated the- anniversary o! bis grandmother's, Mrs. Carrie McLaln, of Emerson', bltth by ehOBlng tbe same natal day, 'ft . J , « , y?-3 •*- (.V i A. ,,t •AgJ-jASS •\ 6 TUESDAY, Aug. 8th the biggest entertainment value of the season Big Acts — Music, Acrobats, Animals, Clowns *ee Ko Kothe Gloj^ tlie^iTOifpiog, the^jging Cowboy, the Acrobats and others of this n:r;."^:'7~f preaentin .„. »_-,^^;5 All for 1 h»;- f£iF:; >i«f v: ,irV"' the n ii n ii ••fcaiiii • «liii> T Jir^ i " I P

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