The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 8, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEN Your Rent Worries Will Turn Into Rent Moneys With A Daily News Want Ad PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Daily rate per line for consecutive In- 8 " Uo " S: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines 9 -J 1 ' -™ One day. 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for Irregular m- Kertions takes the one time Insertion rail*; no :>cl taken for less than basis of three linos. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by telephone, and if paid at The Dally News Office within six days from the first Insertion «ash rate will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and stopped before expiration will be charged only for the number of times the ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Kate per line for white space is the same as -a. ''•*" of copy. Announcements Card of Thanks Good Things to Eat 57 GET YOUK—Winter supply of apples now. Very fine. Slarks, Red & Golden Delicious, Wagners, Spies, Winter Bananas and Kaldwrns. John M. A. Hanscn, < : - mi. N. Stiles Corner, 11. Z, Ludington. GOLDKN DELICIOUS— Cider Apples, for sale. I lie a IMI. Golden Delicious, Stark- ings. Spys and lialdwlns, 25c a bu. W. 1C. Miller, Round l,akc. Household Goods hTUDIO COUCHES—High <|iiaJi(y in- nierspring construction. Special at $27.5(1. W. E. HEADER & CO. in Custcr. CLARK JEWELL GAS RANGE FOR SALE. INQ. 723 E. LOOMIS. POWER-AIR ISLOWER—On Duo-Therm oil healers is more than just a fan. It really blows a 27-mi. breeze. II. .SIMEDBERG & SON, Custer. STUDIO COUCHES —For sale. Solid hack, large bedding compartment, upholstered arms, only $33.75. Obcl's Furniture Co., 227 E. Dowland. THERE MUST BE—A reason why the ESTATE OIL HEATROLA is leading the market in sales. Find out before you buy. There are plenty of reasons. See these marvelous stoves at W. E. READER & CO., ill CUSTER. JOHNSON—We wish to thank our | YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY—About friends and neighbors for their kindness and beautiful floral offerings cx- lentlrd to us in our sad bereavement I Ihiough tile loss of our husband and ] father, Albert Johnson. We especially xvish to thank Rev. .1. Landin for his comforting words, Dagny Hansen and Mrs. George I'alm for their lovely MK-CllKLAM JOHNSON and children. Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 Vl'T FLOWERS—And funeral work. Tel. K~2. Nordlne, 810 E. Ludlngton \vf. _______^_______ Personals 7 MEN! WANT VIM? TAKE RAW OYSTER concentrates and other invigor- alors in OSTREX tablets, to pep up whole body quick! $1.00 si7.e, today H!)e. If not'dellghtcd with results first package, maker refunds this price. You don't risk a penny Call, write Salilmark's Pharmacy. the heat iu your home when you have an ESTATE OIL HEATROLA. It is automatic with a remote control. Just put in the oil and set the temperature that yon wish, that is all. See it at W. E. READER & CO., CUSTER. YEAR'S SUPPLY—Of Oxydol free with beautiful Easy Washers, now on display. H. SMEDBERG & SON, Custer. 2 USED RANGES—For sale. A Kiil.ima- dition. See them at W. E. Reader & Co., Custcr. Farm Equipment Po The _ PUM[>S-WAnB~SYSTtMS • MAY TOOLS • OOOH HANG£RS II. 8MKDBERO ft BON- CUSTER. Specials at the Stores Strayed, Lost, Found 10 lli:\(.l,F. IIOI'ND—Itlark. white and tan. I'M Sunday at Sweclwater creek. Re- u.iid. lni|. :il!l N. Howe St. Automotive SPECIAL—$30.00 tmde-in on any square tub Maytag toward a new model 32 M.i y tag. Complete seervice on any washer. Grotemat's Wife Saving Station. Wearing Apparel Automobiles for Sale 11 I <>U SM.E —IM!) Ford Del.ii\c town sedan. radio.-heater. 3-l!)3fi Terraplanes, Iciwn sedans. l!l^5 Trrraplane 2-door. iri32 Model A Ford truek. Halter's Super Service. Phone -17!). l!-:!7 WII.I.YS—For sale, S200. A bargain ln| c.ish. .1. !?. Ho/ell. Walhalla. Mich. POPEYE Registered U. 8. PatentOffice I KIM MOT UN 1 RSTAW .EDO NOT THIS FIELD V/AS PL ACBO IM CULTIVATION! OMLV LAST VEAR>JWEKJ VJE. THETREES ARE VERV WE SHALL GO TO THE COME.POPEVE. LET OS GAT OKAV. KINJG CLAPTRAP SOUTHVJEST SOME-TAXES DECIDED TO WITH POPEVE.NWIMPV AMD THE WEATHERMAKI, BU6GE,1N MEOTOPIA WHERE PEOPLE AttE IRKED 8V PERFECTION!, AWOVMITHOLINJE IN IMPERFECT OLDTOPIA, THE STOR.V PENNEY BLONDIE ILL DO TWOS£ THINGS THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY I GET-MAYBE TOMORROW ORTT-IENEXT <^, 11 , I WANT YOU TO PUT UP» THE CURTAIKI - RODS-FIV THE SlMK- STRAINER-PUTA NEW CORO ON THE LAMP AKJD REPAIR THE SHADE IN THE BEDROOM PASWOOC? WE GOT A LOT OP LITTLE THINGS I WANT YOU TO DO AROUND THE HOUSE ALWAYS GLAD TO HELP OUT amusement and education, the long winter evenings com- Real Estate Transfers Copr |«10 King Pt*tum Syndicate, Inc., Wodd ii|ntt FELIX THE CAT Registered U. S. Patent Office HOPPING . ' JOST HAND'S ON THAT SPOOK HAVE (By The Mason County stract Ass'n., Ltd.,) From Oct. 16, to Oct. 31, 1939. Charles Carlson and wife, Liz- 700 and Majestic, both In good con- j z j e to j ens p Hansen and 61 64 (laraRCs—Autos for Hire 14 IHattie Hansen, his wife, War- 'ranty Deed bounds parcel on Govt. Lot 1, Section 24, T. 18 N., R. 18 W., containing one acre. ' John Lewer, unmarried, to Joseph M. Sellner and wife, (Nina L. Sellner, Warranty Deed I to Lot 3, Block 36; Lot 3, Block '37; Lot 3, Block 38, all in the Plat of Hamlin Lake Resort, and which parcel is also described as the South 51 feet of the North 152 feet of Blocks 36. 37 and 38 of the Plat of Hamlin Lake Resort. Beatrice C. Lower, widow, to Nina Sellner, daughter of John W. Lcwer, deceased, Quit Claim S~FJ: OUR LiNiv-or woniriri, Huntmq ' Deed to Lot 10 of Block 92 of Clothing. You still have time to order the Second Addition to Village, anything you need. 11. Smedberg & ' HOW City Of LudillgtOll. sou. fiiNier. ^ ; Ecivvin I. Rhode, an unmar- " j ried man, to Clay F. Olmstead Wanted—To Buy 6(5 ancl wife A da Mae; Emil New————• berg and wife, Martha Ncw- NOTICE—Wo pay the highest prices for I i,„,.,, Wirnnfv T")pr>rt tn thp IMVUIS. HKODY HROS. Tel. 51(1. VV .' -„ , •? r , i r r->i i . I East 69 feet 01 Lot 1 of Block t'SKD ROOT I'UTTKR—Wanted to buy. i 12, Fourth ltion 23, Grant Township. shively Dev iew j for the evening. Their guests and were Mrs. L. Lair of Scottville, GARAGE AT 210 S. JAMES ST.—Service on .ill^. G u.iranleed work. Ray Cimhfrc \: Henry (Jenla. Mechanics. . wade,, R. ,. Lud.ngu,,, , e i. lage , no^ , Ci ty o Ludm ? on Hugo Olbon and Joanna u.sDdna tnthnvii I William Deview, wife and hus- who spent the day at the Mohler to IIIL vu- . r>;iiin <3V,iirnl-ir On It. linmp- Mrs r;rnrp nnri Shively, Quit c THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME Stations 1C Real Estate i;M ' ana wuc, to , , Renti Esther Kruse, Quit Claim Deed of Section 12, S\\T, MONEY IIEKF.—On .into repairs. Ut-.ul servic- dav «r night. Itetka Gar- .iKe. 110^ S. Madison St. Tel. MO. Business Service Business Services Offered 18 rtRMKKK ATTENTION—Dead stock re- n:oval. riinnc collect. Prompt service. Ul'SKFCiUN RKNDKI11NO CO. Tel. Uciittville, 129-r-Il. IKi\V IMPORTANT—Are your eyes'.' Don't mistri-at them. Glasses that fit iiii|iiiiv ( . vision. Chinnery. Scottville. , Dyeing, RcnovatiiiR: 20 MI.N'S SIMTS — Dry cleaned and pressed; plain drcsMS, Ludlngton Ory Cleaners, .lames and Foster Sts. 7-ROOM FLAT—Fur rent at l()fi W. Dow- ;\lld Johaillia A. land St. Newly rrfinished thronglinut, hnnrl nnri wifp JID per month. Address Box 30-1, Evart, : uanu auu WUC) Micliigan. | Houses for Kent MODERN IIOl'SFS—For rent at 20(i N. William; 'JUS N. Hubert; 7(K! N. Rath. Olmstead *: Newberg. Phone ZZ or 7D2 cveiiiiiKs. Real Estate for Sale Krusc to Hugo Olson Olson, hus- Quit Claim jDced, to NE'/4 of SE'/'i of Section 12, T. 20 N. R. 17 W. i Clarence Rincbolt and Marie i Rincbolt, his wife, to Alexander W. Hamel and wife, Signa Hamel, Warranty Deed to Lot vjna Qf Custer home; Mrs. Grace Showalter and daughter,, Kathleen and Marylin; Mu and Ml . s Howard Theil Carrie E. Mears, single wom- ancl son, Tommy; Mr. and Mrs. an. to Danial Boocher and Hugh | Paul Cripc and sons, Donald and to Lot 22 in plat of Bayou 'son, Dannie; Dan Deal and Myron Smith, all from Onckama. by 22 in plat Hamlin. 1 of Block 11 of the Original j Plat, City of Ludington. j Lulu V. Woodiand, to Alexander W. Hamel and Signa . . , ,„ . Hamel, his wife, who take title Assessors Western to Lot Shores, Fountain State Bank, Vice Pres. -and Cashier, to Lawrence O. Griffin and Lillian E. Griffin, his wife, Quit Claim to SE':i of SE'/'i of Section 12, Sherman Township, 40 acres. Charles W. Reader and wife, lola B., to Herbert G. Holmes and wife, Wilma E., Warranty ]iiMirancc and Surety Bonds 23 INM'RANCE—If you arc in need of Insurance I hat will guarantee to give .MIII service and protection when you n.ivr .111 accident of any kind, call or •ee Harold Gallie Agency. 810 Diana si. Phone 230-W. Auto, Fire & Life, Health \- Accident. Employment ^x»^/^« p *~^>x > ^x^^'^^"^vyNXVXx-xx^x^ Situations Wanted—Male 37 OIA'G MAN—Experienced In many hues, will appreciate any kind of work. References furnished. Write II. W.. liox 71, Ludlngton. iivestock , Vehicles 48 . ,, . . 1> i **"**i*- 1 t 1HO vyiil-, VY 4AVJ U14I^I* UlUil* Brokers in Real Estate R | as joint tenants or to the sur- j vivor of either .Warranty Deed Co ~ 'to N>/ 2 of Lots 11 and 12 of " i Block 49, Original Plat, City of FOR IIAKCAINS—In city, farm and resort properly see llonip Re." Idiom X, Nafl Hank Illdg. I OR REAL ESTATE HARGAINS—City homes, lots or farms. See A. T. lien- son, Nal'l Bank ISldg. Illume 481 -M. Houses for Sale Deed'to Lot 13 of Block 3, City Addition to City of Scottville. Charles Wilkeson, single; Danial Boocher and wife, Grace; Hugh Bosworth and wife, Mabef; Jack Chappel and wife, Lilian Chappel; and Michael Brazo and wife, Elsie, to Carrie E. Mcars, Quit Claim Deed to Lot No. 23 in Plat of Bayou Shores, Hamlin. Mary Hilton, Esther Hilton and George Hilton, single man, grandchildren of George O. Ness, deceased, and Hulda Stark and Ida Arnold, daugh- irYght"rto"aiiy''and^airiand' < lying f^rs of George O. Ness deceas- -! between said Lots 6, 7 and 8 cd - a11 being heirs of George Ludington. 'Ernii Newberg and wife, Martha, to Alexander W. Hamel and wife, Signa, Quit Claim Farms and Land for Sale 83 ' Deed, to an undivided >/ 2 inter•• est in Lots 6, 7 and 8 ol Bugg's NICE 10 ACRE .'ARM—For sale, 3 mi. i Point and a metes and bounds E. of LiiiMngton on us-io. has house | parcel on a part of Govt. Lot and Darn. Call at -105 S. Madison or I (•_ Section 2, TOWll 19 North, —-. | Range 18 West, and including 84'in this conveyance full riparian MODERN li-ROOM HOUSE—For ri-nt. iiui. at 310 s. James st. Mrs. : and the water's edge of Hamlin T«»i'i- .Lake as said Lake now exists. Buildings for Sale 84A BUSINESS UlULD INGS—For sale. 1 equipped as pool hall, other as restaurant. Will take small house, centrally located as part payment. See Louie Eliasolin. I-RESII COW—For sale. Maurice Shafcr. ',. mi. S., •', mi. E. Fern Store. Merchandise Articles for Sale 51 Al L STEEL—Cow .stall complete with wood lined stanchion and cow stop. Each $8.00. H. Smedberg & Son, Cus- ler. FOIl GIFTS OR PERSONAL USE—We oiler a complete line of lockets, crosses and chains. Hamilton's, 22S S. .las. DltINKING CUPS—For cows and horses, new style, large size, heavy weight. Each $2.25. II. Smedhcrg & Son, Custer. FOR SALE—A number of gasoline engine washers, also heating stoves. Lawrence Mattix, Scntlvillc. RIFLE CARTRIDGE CLOSlC-OUT Winchester: 25-20, 25-35, 32, 37-72, •l5-7. r >, $1.00 box; Remington: 32, 35, :SK-55, 32-40, $1.(MI box; Murlin, 25, $1.00 box; Savage, 303, $1.00 box; Stevens, 25, 6!)c box; Springfield, 30, $1.50 box; Winchester, 351, $1.50 box. Clausen's Hardware, Mil S. James St. Tel. 397-J. WINCHESTER 32 SPECIAL—For sale. Ni vcr used. Also 20 gauge hammer- less, like new. Call after 5 p. m. 715'/£ N. Rowc. 22 POUND—All steel cow stanchion. . Wood lined. Each $1,98. II. Smcdborg & Son, Caster. SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will he puhlishcd two times fo: 25 cents. Each ad must hear name and address of advertiser. They must, he accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The News, none taken by telephone. If ads Involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be run free of charge. CHEVROLET TRUCK—Runs good, good tires, stake rack, will swap for anything I can use. Make me an offer. II. Smith, 603 K. Mclcndy St. MALE HEAGI.E—Hound, !',<. yrs. old, Mary D. McCarthy and Jay J. McCarthy ,her husband, vo Udna Gamble Kearns and Ralph D. Kearns, Warraniy Deed- to North 50 leet of the South 150 feet of W'/;> of Block 8 in Gilbert's Addition to Bass Lake Park. Herbert F. Washatka and wife, Theresa H., to A. W. Hamel and Signa Hame-1, husband and wife, Warranty Deed, Lots 1, 2, 11 and 12, Block 22, Hamlin Lake Resort. William Brozzo and Ethel K. Brozzo, his wife, to Arthur Skifstad and Cora Skifstad, his wife, Warranty Deed, metes and bounds parcel on a part of Govt. Lot 3, Section 25, T. 18 N., R. 18 W., excepting a strip of land sold to the State Highway Commissioner of the state of Michigan. Olaf towanson, widower, to Raymond J. Rogaski, Warranty Deed, to Lot 10 of Block 6, Or- O. Ness, deceased, to Clarence Mavis, Quit Claim Deed to SE'/i of SE'/i of Section 23, T. 19 ,N., R. 17 W., Victory Township. jfteesuil Mr. .and Mrs. Robert Jeltema and .son of Grand Rapids were week-end guests of Freesoil relatives. Mr,s. Frances Smith had as -a week-end guest her daughter, Miss Bertha Smith, of Grand Rapids. Leslie Conklin of Bear Lake and Detroit visited at the Floyd Eddy home Saturday and Sunday. Ray Owen, Rex Hilden, Lloyd Tubb's and Maxine, Eileen and Carol Hunt enjoyed a visit on a I carferry at Ludington Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Heckman joined the group for a trip to Fountain afterward. . Mrs. Marian Seitz, Mrs. Alice Cole and Robert McManus enjoyed supper at the home of Mrs. Cclia Hagstrom Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tobey and JVHss Dorothy Tobey were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Bagley and Mr. and Mrs. John Bagley of Sherman. Ouster Honored on Birthday HES GRAND! HAPPV IF EVER I SAW A COUPLE |0£ALLV MATED IT'S vtxi AND IRVvlN, DEAR GOING MARRIED LUCKY Copt I9W. Kins Ffilum Syndiule. In; . WoiU njhti ic^rv.'j and Mrs. Everett Gulembo. Mr. and Mrs. George Rayle and | Albert Timinski has employ- family spent Sunday with Mr. i ment at the Gust oil station on and Mrs. Wiliam Hage at Lake US-31 west of Scottville. City. Mr. and Mrs. Vernell Engwall and daughter, Mary Lee, of Manistee, accompanied them to Mrs Oscar Craig of Scottville, i Lak city and spent the day >ir» onlnhrn f.nrl Hnr Hil'rHrtcixr Mnv i ... J . 1 — . . J who celebrated her birthday Nov. 6, was made happy Saturday evening when her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Allison of South Custer; Mrs. Audrey Allison, also of South Custer; Richard Wicklund of Fern, Mr. and Mrs. John Theil and daughter, Lynda Mae, and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Allison of Scottville, came to spend a jolly evening wth her and her famly, at their home in Scottville. A luncheon was enjoyed during the evening. with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parks. The Engwall and Parks families are former Freesoil residents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole and Mrs. Art Gulembo was a supper guest at the Frank Gulem- 'bo home Monday evening. Banner Bcnool Mr. ancl Mrs. Anton Johnson Courtland won first and second Nov. 1.1, at the home or. Mrs. prizes respectively in the sale of Shelley, turkey tickets. A neat sum of; Mr. and Mrs. Fay LaGuire $30.22 was added to the 4-H j and son, Dart, enjoyed supper treasury from the box social and the evening Sunday with and turkey award held at the'Mrs. Emmalme LaGuire and school last week. The pupils and!Mr. and Mrs. Con Young of alfwhTdonaled"! Otto Hasenbank is building " a new modern poultry house Plans made to purchase a radio for the . on of Ludington and Emery Maher sc hool toefore Christmas. son, Billie, of Riverton, enjoyed I of Detroit visited at the Arthur Sunday -supper with Mrs. Alice Sw ^ nsonjh ° me | u " da /- name registered. Can try out any time, j Will trade for what have you. Monroe ' Williams, Scoltvillc. WILL SWAP—Little pigs for what have you. Roy Custcr. Henry, 2 miles north of 6 WEEKS OLD IMGS—Will swap for corn, potatoes or anything I can use. Richard Saxton, 2 ml. S., j/i ml. E. of Custer. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 56 I1ALKIJ WHEAT STRAW—For sale. Also large white ducks for Thanksgiving. Ted Lapuuas. Tel. 153-F-21, Scottville. I'RATT AND DOMINO FEEDS—At reasonable prices. Bethke Feed Rarn. Tel. 165-W. STACK OF OATS STRAW—And stack of hay, for sale. Harry Glfford, 4th house East of N. cnil of State Road Bridge. Special Meeting at Fountain on Friday FOUNTAIN.—The Townsend club of Fountain will hold a special meeting at the Community hall on Friday evening, Nov. 10, at 7:30 o'clock. Business men, teachers, ministers, .pupils, farmers and private citizens, .both young and old, are invited to attend this meeting, which has been called for the purpose of formulating some plans for regular iginal Plat, City of Ludington. Joseph Knebl, and wife, liar- bara; Bernard Ostendorf and wife, Ella Rath Ostendorl; and A. W. Hamel and wife, Signa Hamel, to Grove O. Taylor and wife, Estella M., Warranty Deed to S'/ 2 of SWV 4 of Section 27, aiiti NE'A of WWy 4 of Section 34. T. 17 N., R. 15 W., 120 acres. John Hackert, widower, to Walter Hackert and wife, Edith, Quit Claim Deed, to NW»/ 4 of NW/4 Section 22, Amber Township, reserving Life Estate to grantor. Arthur S. Morrison and wife, Georgia H., to Donald Sutcliffe and Mary Helen, his wife, Warranty Deed to J-.ots 10, ,il and 12 in Block 2, Bass Lake Park. Elizabeth Kloppman and Laura Kloppman, to Mary Pal- Rev, and Mrs. L. H. Prowant returned to their home in South Custer last week after enjoying a week with their children at Flint Mrs. H. Smedberg entertained Sunday evening with a lovely birthday dinner in honor of her husband, H. Smedberg. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smedberg of Ludington, Miss Ruth Smedberg and Arthur Hemmer of North Custer. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beadle of Oceana county were recent Cole and family. Edward Mastella of Muskegon was a week-end guest of hi.s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Mastella. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Seitz of Fountain and Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Canfield of Sherman were entertained Sunday Marian Seitz. by Mrs. Elm Flats A large number of friends and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Lindquist of Ludington and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McVicker and daughters i of Scottville were Sunday after- , noon visitors at the Swanson- Hines home. | The chicken dinner sponsored) by the Trinity Lutheran Ladies' | Aid at Victory townhall Sunday, Oct. 29, was well attended despite the inclement weather. Mrs. Arthur Swanson and t'aughter, Jean, returned Wednesday night from a short visit relatives gathered at the Frank [ at the home of her cousin, Mrs. Gulembo home Wednesday eve- , Leroy Nelson, in Chicago. ning, Nov. 1, with a potluck I Arthur -Mo-berg, accompanied supper in honor of their 25th .by Harry Nicholson, left recent- The Freesoil adult division Freesoil Latter Day Clifford Tubbs schredded corn Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry McUmber and son, James, of Carr of the .Settlement, and Mr. and Mrs. Saint : Myron Nash of Freesoil were church school will enjoy a par- visitors Sunday at the home by Mrs. Henry of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Miller Saturday evening, of Meade. wedding anniversary. Mrs. James Hensel of Hamlin and her mother, Mrs. Henry Le- ly for northern Michigan on a trapping expedition. guests at the Ivan Roberts home. |SaTge, of Ludington, were Mon- d ay afternoon callers at the Et- Mr." and Mrs. Henry Matejovitz and family of Sand Lake spent Sunday at the Joseph Matejovitz home in South Custer. Miss Le- ta Foster home. Etta Foster and her brother, Frank Bogue, are enjoying elec- ibeen installed in their home. a trice spent part of her time ( trie lights ^ that Jiaye ^recently with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Allison and her mother, Mrs. John Theil, at the Allison home. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mohler en- Elm Flats School Notes Pupils on the honor roll for tertained at their home in South through this vicinity on their the month of October are: Don . Jackson, Paul Ruzgis, Stanley ' Saya, Sylvia Baldauskas, Flora- j Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carroll of' belle Leavitt, Gail Jackson, Aria Hiifabing, Minn., called on their Nichles, Evangeline Saya, Elea- sister, Mrs. Frank Gulernbo,! nor Courtland, Ronald Rathbun, Nov. 3. They were passing' Danny Randall and Elaine and Ouster at dinner Sunday evening lasch, Warranty Deed, to Lot for several relatives and friends 3, Block 4, Resseguie's First I from Onekama. The men came Addition to City of Ludington.' to attend the men's meeting at Henry Hilden, widower, to ! the Brethren church during the Ruthford Lyle Hilden, Warran- afternoon and the ladles visited way to Florida. Ruth Bagdonas. Pupils neither absent nor Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Gu- tardy during October were: lemlbo and daughter, Ethelyn;jDon and Gail Jackson, Sylvia Joe Timinski and Mrs. Harry, Baldauskas, Aria Nicholes, Elea- Pappe and daughter, Ona, of i nor Courtland and Ronald Amber, motored to Marion Sun- Rathbun. KEEP JACK FROST Out! Storm Doors and Windows Will Keep You Snug! Storm doors and windows pay for their installation in both added comfort and decreased fuel costs. Now, at the start of fall, is the time to have them installed! No Charge Made for Estimates! meetings, entertainment, tv Dccd to s '/2 of NE'/4 of Sec- with Mrs. Mohler, all gathering day and spent the day with Mr. Floyd Nicholes and Fred C%e Abrohamson-Nerheim EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING! Phone 13O i

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