Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 10, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 9
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mm Ann Landers Qn %\/Qr% your problems Dear Ann Landers: My problem is so embarrassing I couldn't hold my head up if anyone should link me with it. My husband and I are in our 40's. Our children are grown and we have moved to a part of the country where there are beautiful beaches. Our cottage is on the ocean with a lovely sand beach right outside our door. Since we have moved here my husband and I have enjoyed many moonlight swims. But now he wants to go beyond that. He gets amorous in the water and on the beach and I have a difficult time getting him into the house. Is this normal? What is the matter with a middle-aged executive who gets such crazy ideas? Has he been seeing too many French and Italian movies or what? If you say it is all right and to go along with it, I will review my thinking and try to adjust. Thank you very much.— S.^NDY Dear Sandy: I am not going io say it is all right and to go along with it because I don't know how much privacy you have around your place. Unless YOU know — and you are completely isolated — my advice is to go in the house where you belong. Dear Ann Landers: I was struck by the letter from the 13-year-old boy who said he never opened his mouth to speak until he was four years of age. Now he says he talks all the time and it bothers him because his friends call him "Gabby." I believe the problem is deeper than your reply sug- gesed. The child who does not speak is silent for a reason. He is so alienated from one or both parents — so angry and filled with rage — that his silence is a way of punishing them for making him fee! unloved and imwanted. So he cuts them out of his world. Overtalkativeness is compensation. Such a person is in agony because he cannot communicate his great need for love and understanding. He must find out, through therapy, why he did not talk in the early years. Then he will understand why he talks too much now. — DR X Dear Dr: I appreciate it when an e.xpert alerts me to an aspect of a problem which I missed. This gives my column an added dimension which is invaluable, not only to me but to my readers. I overlooked the significance of the boy's early silence. You caught it and related it to his present problem. Thank you for writing. Dear Ann Landers: Our children are seven and nine years of age. They love to watch TV. My wife thinks this is great because it keeps them out of hei- hair for hours on end. After dinner the children sit in front of the set until they can't see straight. When I tell my wife to put the kids to bed she says, '"They wiU go when they get tired." The kids end up falling asleep on the floor. I have to undress them and carry them to their beds. Sometimes it is 11:00 p.m. This goes on night after night. My wife sees nothing wrong with it. What do you say? — ONE AGAINST THREE Dear One: When children have a mother who is afraid to tell them what to do their only hope is a father who will take over. Starting tomorrow tell the children they have a bed-time schedule. The seven-year-old should be in bed at 8:00 p.m. and the nine-year-old at 8:30. And don't take any lip. Do you feel ill at ease, out of it? Is everybody having a good time but you? Write for ANN LANDERS' new booklet, "The Key to Popularity," enclosing with your request 35 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of Redlands Daily Facts, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1965, Publisher Newspaper Syndicate. Redlands Daily ¥acfs Mon., May 10, 1965 - 9 iddie Fisher ^returning to his famous career Governors feel federals exceeding legal authority ATL.'VNTA (UPI) — Nine Southern governors said Sunday they believe the federal government is exceeding its legal authority in he amount of integration it demands for schools to qualify for U. S. funds. The governors, in a joint statement declaring the future of public education is being jeopardized in many parts of the country. Sunday night called on congressmen and icnalors of their states lo meet with them on the prob 1cm. Si.\- governors drafted the state mcnt in a nearly five-hour session led by Georgia Gov. Carl Sanders. Sanders said three other governors who could not attend subscribed in principle by telephone. In their statement the governors said they met to discuss "confused and unrealistic regulations" issued by U. S. Education Commissioner Francis kep pel and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEWt. "The intent of our meeting is not to avoid responsibility which we have under the law, but, as responsible officials, it is our opinion that recent interpretations by HEW go be.yond the law and court decisions and invite numerous law suits," the statement said. "A federal agency has no more right to extend the law or any court decision by regulation and TWISTER—Residents of this farm home near Cairo, Nebraska, escaped serious injury when one of a series of tornadoes swept through central and eastern Nebraska Saturday. Out­ buildings, farm equipment and toys were tossed about, plastered with mud. (UPI Telephoto) National Window Hoover marks his 41st' anniversary By Lyle C. Wilson Now is the time for all good men to drink an anniversary toast to J. Edgar Hoover of the FBL Today is the 41st anniversary of Hoover's appointment as FBI director. That lucky choice was made by the late Harlan Fiske Stone, attorney general in the Coolidge cabinet, later promoted to the Supreme Court. The Justice Department and its investigative arm had been of an investigation said by the Encyclopedia of American History to have "revealed that the attorney general, acting in concert with members of the Ohio gang, had received payments from violators of the prohibition laws (and) also disclosed that Daugherty had failed to prosecute graft in the Veterans' Bureau." Daugherty was acquitted in 1927 of a conspiracy charge. The young J. Edgar Hoover established high standards for In her interesting /ob she makes faces . . . By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI)—Eddie Fisher, emerging from the scandalous holocaust that has been his private life for the past halt dozen years, is returning to the career that first brought him fame. Fisher is cutting his first record album in three years, "Eddie Fisher Today." The title is appropriate. At 37 Fisher apparently is re starting his career. He's bought a new home in Benedict Canyon, hired a new press agent and is turning his fall attention to work. "It's a sin that I ever stopped recording," he said over a hamburger at the Brown Derby. "I stopped because first things weren't coming first with me. I guess you have to hit the low spots in life to know how good it is at the top." The singer still has the mop of curly hair, a boyish grin and the ability to laugh at his own mistakes. A Lucky Kid "I'm a lucky kid with a good set of pipes." he said, "and through all tliis living I've done I've learned an awful lot. One thing I learned is that I still have a lot of living to do. "Right now I feel as if I'm on a launching pad to take off like a rocket. I just hope it gets up there and stays in orbit." Fisher said he wants the opportunity and the medium to reach all the people who once in disgrace before Stone andithe FBI. He compelled his men By GAY PAULEY UPI Women's Editor NEW YORK (UPI) — Mrs. Harry Harrison has an unusal job—she makes faces all day long. But they are the faces of other people, reproduced from photographs of them and then attached to doll bodies. This new tiling of personalized dolls began last fall and has caught on with teenagers, especially with the girls who want doll faces of their "steadies"; with doting parents and grandparents, and even with some celebrities. Mrs. Harrison said she and her staff of 12 now turn out from 350 to 500 faces each week interpretation than has any group or individual to defy the law or any court decision," the statement said. Without mentioning Keppel by name the governors said his most recent policy statement "is so far-reaching as to jeopardize llie future of public education in many scliool districts throughout the United States." This statement set desegrega- ;ion of at least three grades by next fall as a requirement for continued federal school aid. to be followed by complete elimination of racially dual school Hoover began in 1924 to figure in the headlines. William J. Burns was head G-man during the Harding administration. Harry M. Daugherty was Harding's attorney general. Daugherty was the chief of the so-called Ohio gang which accompanied Harding to power. Likewise, Daugherty was a prinicpal figure in the scandals which degraded the Harding administration. President Calvin Coolidge forced Daugherty out of the cabinet in 1924 and named Stone to succeed him. One of Stone's first acts was to make 29-year-old J. Edgar Hoover director of the newly systems by 1967. and his organization to conform precisely to those standards just and that they've sent dolls as far as Australia, the Philippines and Guatemala. Each doll starts with a photograph, tlie size of a half dollar or larger, supplied by the purchaser and showmg the face looking straight into the camera. The next step is the enlargement and transfer of the image, still in black and white, onto the Linen. Then the linen is moulded, under pressure, to stimulate facial contours and hardened into a mask-like shell. Here is where Etta Harrison and other artists take over. They spray skin tone onto tlie faces and then by hand, with watercolors, paint eyes, lips, hair, teeth — to match tlie description of the child or adult being doU-sized. They can accentuate dimples, add sparkle to eyes and just generally give some life and personality to the faces. Once the faces arc finished, they're attached to the rag doll body with a permanent fixa five, Mrs. Harrison said. By far the most orders are for children's faces. But they've done reproductions of severa adults in show business. Mrs. Harrison said she figured these were for gag gifts or the idea of "an active publicity man." were his fans. Early in his career he recorded 22 consecutivs hits, probably a record for singers, from 1951 to 1956. "I'm going to make an album titled 'The Golden Ones' with about a dozen of those hits," he added. "Among them will be 'Lady of Sapin,' 'Oh, My Papa.' 'Wish You Were Here' and "Oh, I've done clubs and a couple of guest television appearances. But you have to turn out albums and appear on a weekly show to really keep dose to millions of people." Likes Own- Show Fisher will appear on the Andy Williams' Show May 17 (NBC), but would like to have a similar show of his own some day. "I'd love to have an hour musical television sliow again," he said wistfully. "I didn't appreciate my show when I had it. But then I haven't any regrets. If I hadn't gone through all that I wouldn't have the attitude and maturity that I have today." Fisher is a wealthy man and is involved in several enterprises. His own company wiU produce two movies, "Paint your Wagon" and "The Gouffet Case." This year he wiU make two long - running appearances in Las Vegas in addition to a couple of guest shots with Dean Martin and Williams. "I'll enjoy it all," Fisher concluded. "But making records is the most exciting, even without an audience. It's what 1 did first. And personally, I'm sing- uig better than ever before." POWER STEERING NEW YORK (UPI) — The American motoring public apparently is more interested in moving than stopping. Although power brakes were introduced 35 years ago, only 30 per cent of today's new car buyers order them. Power steering, introduced much later, now attracts more than 60 per cent of new car purchasers, according to The Bendix Corporation, which introduced both of these developments to the motor industry. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads lys were disposed of. Meantime, the Communists as he himself con ormed. Soon, ^.^^^ „f ^j,^ Hoover became a legend in his |^^,^^^ ^^^^ S^^^^^ j^^^^ own .me. It became standard j ^^.^ ^^^^^ assignment operatmg procedure for the Con- ^^ ^-^^ ^^^^ the Commies, gress and for presidents to call ^^^^ ceaseless effort on Hoover and his men when the nation was troubled by a law enforcement problems of such nature that citizens were uneasy in their beds at night. Enact Law That is the way it was after Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. was kidnaped and murdered. Congress enacted the Lindbergh kid nap law and stipulated that Hoover's FBI should enforce it. of the Commies, their friends and their dupes to get Hoover. Why? Because Hoover's FBI is the most effective existing bar against the objective of all Communists here and abroad, which is to bury the American way of life. The get-Hoover operators recently have been off on a new slant. They tried to tell the American people that Hoover was dragging his heels in the civil rights troubles and. more created FBI. Stone and Hoover'Not a moment too soon either, began accomplishing the almost! Prohibition soon ended in 1933. impossible. Their task was toj and the booze hoodlums turned, specifically, that the FBI was restore public confidence in the| to a new business — kidnaping, i soft on the Ku Klux Klan. Department of Justice. Daugh-1 Others began kecking over na- erty had left the department under charges of corruption. These charges developed out tional banks. They also were in FBI jurisdiction. One by one the Dillingers and Machine Gun Kel- A great many citizens cheer Hoover for the enemies he has made. To J. Edgar Hoover: Skoal! LS/MFT .fillers' mmm mm PUTBACKTHBTASTE OTHERS TAKE AWAY TRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS Quality ROOFING Since ••1925" 3(fnSSt Contractors. Inc. 700 New York St.. Redlands Phone 793-3234 Free Esttmafes — Bank Terms Princess to be guest in Wliite House WASHINGTON (UPI)-Prin cess Benedikte of Denmark was to be the guest of honor today at a White House tea given by Lynda Bird Johnson, the President's 21-year-old daughter. The princess, who arrived iiere Sunday for a four-day private visit, also planned to visit the grave of John F. Kennedy and the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery during her first full day in the capital. PAYS TO ADVERTISE DUDLEY, England (UPD-A bicycle shop posted a sign reading "beat the strike on a bike" in this village where weekend bus strikes have been going on for 17 weeks. Over the weekend, a bicycle was stolen from the shop. ^BeaUiifully...: - Finished 35c 3- Houf- Service No Extra Chg. DON'T-FORGET TO USE YOUR VALUABLE DRY_ CLEANING COUPOI^S... 'ONE HOUR SERVICE DRY CLEANING One HOUR "mmmm TMI MOST IM DRY CLEAHIKa •SAGES CITRUS VILLAGE 529 E. PALM AVE. TO GET IT FATTER FASTER . USE FACTS CLASSIFIED ADS Chances are there's a lof of cash around your house. The only trouble is — you can't spend it the way It is now because it's tied up on the good furniture, appliances, tools, sports equipment, musical instruments and other things you're not using anymore. What you need is a little modern-day magic. And, that's what you get with FACTS Classified Ads . . . Magic that turns no longer used items into good, hard SPENDABLE cash. Take a look around your home today. Make a list of the things you find and dial 793-3221 for a courteous Ad Writer. She'll help you word your ad to get fastest possible results . . . and, on the special 3 day plan, a 3 line ad Is just $2.16. Don't miss out on the fun extra cash can bring you. Start your money- making FACTS Classified Ad on its way to buyers now. It's the smart, easy, Inexpensive way to have your wallet get fatter faster. FACTS Classified Ads Mean extra cash for better living Copy Deadline 4:30 P.M. 793-3221

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