The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 17, 1974 · Page 3
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 3

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1974
Page 3
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Firm Falls (MR.) JBunal Wed.. April 17, 1974 18 Inmate takes 'long' walk BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) A Monroe State Reformatory inmate told a Bellevue High School class how he got into prison, then took a casual walk to demonstrate how to get out, Lt. John Baker of the reformatory staff said Carl Ingalsbe, 24, walked away from a reformatory librarian who had brought Ingalsbe and another inmate to address the class. Ingalsbe was serving a sentence for second-degree assault. Background of SLA women provided Bonk explosion is reported SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Three women with middle class backgrounds, brought together by leftwing politics and radical feminism, became involved last fall in a group they called the Symbionese Liberation Army. All three were charged Monday with armed robbery of a bank. They are Nancy Ung Perry, 26; Patricia Soltysik, 23; and Camilla C. Hall, 29. If captured and convicted, they face up to 25 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Named as a material witness in the federal warrant was Patricia Hearst, whom the SLA claimed it kidnaped from a Berkeley apartment on Feb. 4. The FBI said the newspaper heiress was in the bank with them — either willingly or unwillingly — holding a gun. The personal experiences which drove the radical feminists from middle class backgrounds to the world of guerrilla terrorism are obscure. Mrs. Perry, using the alias "Fahizah," spoke of her politics in a lengthy "letter to the people" last January. The letter was sent to newspapers here shortly after a warrant was issued charging her with arson at a suburban Concord house identified as an SLA headquarters. The house was rented to her under the name Nancy Devoto. In the letter she said: "As a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army information- intelligence unit, I fight against our common oppressor and this I do with my gun as well as my mind." Mrs. Perry grew up in Santa Rosa, 50 miles north of here. Friends described her as a "Barry Goldwater conservative." She went to President Nixon's alma mater, Whit- lier College, before transferring to the University of California at Berkeley. The petite brunette earned her bachelor's degree in English during the late 1960s when the campus seethed with radical unrest. She separated from her husband, black pianist George Perry, more than a year ago. Friends said Mrs. Perry worked as a topless blackjack dealer in San Francisco and as a counter hand at a juice stand in Berkeley. The stand's owner said she once scrawled "Death to the Pigs" in her own blood on a wall. "Fahizah" was devoted to prison reform and was a frequent visitor at Vacaville state prison facility where she worked with the Black Cultural Association. Miss Soltysik also was known for her involvement with prisoner rights efforts. She had her name legally changed to "Miz- moon," the nickname given her in a love poem from a female friend. Miss Soltysik grew up in Go- leta, north ol Santa Barbara. From 196S to 1971 she attended the University of California at Berkeley and was known as a quick learner. "Mizmoon" worked as a parttime janitor at the Berkeley Public Library and allegedly collaborated with SLA General Field Marshal Cinque in writing the founding documents of the SlJ\. Cinque is believed to be escaped convict Donald D. DeFreeze. One of "Mizmoon's" neighbors was Camilla Hall, who worked for three years as a Minnesota social worker with a bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota. The blue-eyed blonde moved to Berkeley in 1972. She vanished Minn. (API-A bomb of some sort exploded Monday niglii. at the Fridley branch office of Twin City Federal Savings and Loan Associ- Feb. 19, five days before FBI agents went to question her. Mrs. Perry ended her January letter to the media with the quote: "There are two things to remember about revolution, we are going to get our asses kicked, and we are going to win." She also sent her sent her love to SLA -soldiers" Joseph Remiro, 27, and Russell little, 24. The two are in jail, charged with murder in the cyanide-bullet slaying of Oakland School Supt. Marcus Foster last November. ation, blowing out the tellers' window. Sgl. James Sprungman of the Fridley Police Department said the blast occurred at 9:05 p.m. Witnesses said they saw a large cloud of smoke and also sparks, but no fire occurred. There was no damage in the main building. A janitor was the only person in the building at the time. He was not injured. Evidence was turned over to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Fridley police today said they had several leads but no arrests had been made. The tellers' window which blew out. was described as made of bullet proof glass. The office is located at 5205 Central Ave., Northeast. By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-The outcry against those big oil company profits illustrates the public doubts about the established ethics and goals of business and the slow, frustrating search for something new. Isn't it the goal of business to make money? Every last nickel it can earn within the law? Until the game rules are changed it can be argued that to do so is the responsibility of corporate officers to shareholders. But off and on for the past few decades the country has showed little faith in that philosophy. During the past weekend Commerce Secretary Frederick Dent said: ron / non /e O f rt rea/ goa/s or a "If everyone rushes to grab every fast nickel, the inflation fires will be ignited anew and there will be a certain and volatile reaction from Congress and the people." Dent was referring to the removal of Phase 4 price restraints April 30, but neither he nor anyone else has declared what should be the new criterion of corporate performance. If not profits, what? One of the problems, it seems, is bigness itself. Another is shortages. Bigness has long been feared in the United States because of the dangers of monopoly. But is it possible for small companies to compete intenationally with the European and Japanese gi- ants? Unlikely. Is it fair for a company to profit from shortages? The old supply-demand law is that prices rise when demand exceeds supply. But can it apply in an age of pervasive and critical shortages? A curious, shortage-related problem involves the dichotomy of thought that must be assumed by some corporate officers, such as in oil companies and utilities, in telling customers not to buy their product. If it isn't the duty of a company to sell as much as it can and make as much profit as it can, then what is its duty? The need for an answer is pressing; forthcoming, it would relieve much confusion. Various businessmen, government officials, academecians and others have probed this endlessly deep question, but a consensus hasn't yet been developed. What agreement there is appears to IK this: A corporation's duty is to make money for stockholders and workers but only if in the process it can also be a good corporate citizen. The requirement isn't that it merely operate within the law, in regard to ecology and fair wages and working conditions, but that it promote the good of the community in ways that aren't immediately remunerative. That is, the structure of the corporation can be called upon for more than profits and wages; it can also improve health, solve urban problems, provide education, offer retirement security. Tito alive and healthy BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) — Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito says in repudiation of reports in the West that he is dying: "As you can see, 1 am alive and healthy." The 82-year-old Yugoslav leader made the remark Monday in a speech in Sarajevo. Witnesses at trial give testimony Fergis Falls (Mi.) Jwiil Wed., April 17, 1974 ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Prosecution witnesses in the first-degree murder trial of John P. Morgan, 38, Monday testified about finding the bodies of the two victims, both I.ynn, Mass., residents. Morgan, serving a 20-year prison term for kidnaping, faces the two murder counts in connection with the slayings of John J. Estrella, 26, and Patricia J. Hamilton, 19. The victims' bodies were found in a wooded area near Gull Lake Aug. 23, 1973, by campers and had apparently been shot to death. One of the campers, Daniel Pohl, I/utsen, Minn., testified in Ramsey District Court about coming across the bodies and notifying Cass (' -u;!iv officials. Deputy Shi-:-:!i Grayson Fischer, the first to arrive on the scene, testified about examining the bodies and cordoning off the area. The deputy said the female victim appeared to have been badly beaten. Fischer said the woman's body was bare from the waist down and that a sweater and light jacket had been pushed up around her armpits. Morgan was arrested for the slayings, but escaped with a youth from Wadena County Jail. They held a farm family hostage, but the victims escaped while the fugitives slept. Escapee is sought LONDON (AP) - Troops and police searched today for a leader of the Irish Republican Army who escaped from prison by changing places with another prisoner being paroled to get married. The missing man was Ivor Bell, 37, former IRA chief in Belfast, who escaped Monday. He was caught seven weeks ago. The man he changed places with was being interrogated, and officials said security procedures at the prison were tightened up. 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