The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 27, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1933
Page 4
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m® OF ne wai m mtmrn *H feayu- On* ^fc?,• fa *&n* ysfy*?"*&t&£ %£ "t&Mr .y^E^is- attkC 3fiJCTBar>!K., nfc *T*.t **mrif yfcsof, 4-1--I" JaKSwtey 3$rtMStifSg« 3T 'Xy&iKf* IfefciSW* t^l'Jg? Ojl3Bfi&* *t€- **4RSt .JE?. MM* A3K* S*et}f reitewsC is* **€ Jfet €a«t, •&- "Vort*. Xrt. ***&: *•«!•** -riisr wKl Iwr tSte^t. 'Vmt. "tt&r fCivewC b«s»«- t'ti* M*» Sfcfnt 33 Staff, earf I**!',*? . ajows ewwost <£*- "€£*>*5J%i*?I# J(H- M.*f Iststr?" 1>°** "7s* $»•?*'. 3?.. |£- ^t^*^*^*" T^*,u?^- . IE Ms*. - CJtf "t? IE** fc? fef Tfa* tetv It**- ~>* •• Tj*rRti*iF jtrtc j <• Jen. TPW Jwt . ^mJy 2.1- is tb% bm»* ^T *3« ati-e «os., Jfcr. «»« , tfear StKttm. *A lartrte*. Mst. Swsos ?«.«?»«« ** fc»€ friesrflf IMS* «ua< * JE?. tt±s€ BE?*. Ji8&K©f £ £*«• Xrarws.. Mr, a&6 M B0&. ' SmKi, *»€ M«. A. C. reesj r«««» to tfc* C. I Jkr- Clwrtfi «t Mr, ** nab dsSj «f IWt O« tie- tf>t *****. trf SPECIAL from Permanent Waves Btowt B^>, All Hair and Milady Beauty and ===DressShop it, Si tte iiuwt ^ JKrt, Viert t*i K. tt» tt* near Tabor. B « ft * ay Hart, te MOM dtr AJi« Hall iOCBsfea. 0»rk «J94 f Xn. Carl 4rf T«4wr|OnAfca Mt/ ««*• •»'*«&«*fl*r «* i*« »«* tor!«r- *». *w« **« b*«6*. B, K. Bsyesfi trfH tbc* « Port- To Our Friends; V/« f««l that our ea*toai*rg ar * interested in knowiuif what our bawe polktei a « and *hall b«, durtex these rapidly cban^ng "new era" dayu, We »haJJ not arbltrarijy rate prfe^ beawe "everybody'* doin* it," but advance only when, a*, and if, iaef^uAag ctwrt* mak« tbi» nec««iary. Our bujrfnem ha» operated on thi» *ame iwund ba«i» through varyinif conditions for almost thirtynrix year,, and it ha* *tood tbe fe*t We are here to serve you as always, We appreciate the business you are giving w», and it is our purpose to continue to serve you well, a* you give us the opportunity. A. Deardorff Your BICHBUBU Store with Irom a l£, at , who Mr. as* Mrs. Waiter leaser of Ottamwa aotored to Saturday for a «tott to s&e Wffl Lsrt* tome a«ri» «f town. Mr. Leeter to a »**bew «r Mr, L*u. Mtoa Ire** Leater, wm* baa bees vtoHtog aere, t rlaritfifl with tlrm tbe first of tae week. Mr, aad Mrs, George Weder««tot motored to tbe state park at Hamburg Sunday where they •taafcfced wit* a group of frfesds Croat Baadotoa. Tabor, and ffid- Earl fUcbard* aed . Mary, £»f AciOaod, X*br. and Mr Wm. Bkeiton a&4 orit, ot Har«« C*nt*r, . wer* «ot*U of tb* Wort'*, tb# Fred XMT*U f*mj3 r *Bd Mm. Iran Dttrfals Tuwdar OUrcr Brewcter of Port' toad. Or*. <*&>« to Tbn«d«r of tent w**k fa,/ » Halt with b*r ear. , Mr. »od Mr». Jl. B. bur b«*b*r, Bow B.IJ the of btr Jiult si**e. Voa4» Codr. It* tbrt« »oatb* old b^- of Mr. *Bd Mr«. W»«*r , Mr . »ad MI* rr*d*r afteraooa at tb« to Gtenwwd. Mr*. w«l Birku, sod K«at «o4 Mr». W, A of Owftba wfao u *rai wetkj, wttb r Thur»d»r *ad rl«lt«d of d»)r» wltb ntfttim to Price? Why we save more than the cost of a year 1 !* Bubscriptlon to The Leader ew ery week by taking advantage of tbe bar* gain* listed there. Just see how many there are this week! J VirUm Bird, d»w»bt«r of Mr. and Mn. Clyde Bird el »**T Havtiags (ell B»turday sad dl»U>- «»t»Mj b«r elbow, MU4r*d W»tW, BlM year old d«ujtbt*r of Mr. *ad Un. U. U WatU, working tor Frank HU- wu, fell Sunday while re#*W»« for a twltUt on s «b«If t a«4 di»- luc»t«d b«r Wp, Jf«« rjoaaer jTr, ste»{«4 oa a U Iwrt w««k «»ttfttog l«f*eUfl» that tiec*Mit«t«4 $ tr*«4lf««t of W* *f*v* W^fle wb«» *t»t Maurice MeMabos of San Fraactoeo, CaMf. and Warren Me- Mabon of Craad Island, Xebr. dreve la Wednesday and vtotted tkelr nucfe, Albert Moore, aad faarily down near Randolph. Tbe *»r« were former reatdeeta of tafe vfatehy and are Uie «ms of Aa«a Moore MeMabon. Maariee to eewrateaetog from a •evere tU- aaa* coatraeted during toe war, able to oecapy aoy fff tog »dM>oii to Oraad Satead for aereral rearm. They atoo vtotted at tbe Homer Oee. jUdy Coy, and Ked Blakely home* near Baa-r i, going from there to the 1 tome of thrfr graadparesto, Mr. aad Mrs. Tom MeMabon, at SbesaBdoab. Boy Perdue aad family of Council Bluffs vtotted here Sunday to the home of Us mother, Mr*, Harry Xetoocu Fostmaster C, B, Abbott of Imogene was fa Malrera Friday afternoon aod stopped to at The Leader office. Marrte Turner, driver tor John Waller, and son of Mr, aad Mra. Jr» Tamer of Kaattogs, was tak- seriously to early Monday moratog when atorftog borne on a return trip from Omaha and wa» given emergency treatment *t a police atotloa. Hto {Oeattofted fram »ag« If Society Hor*e Show. aotae «f tbe «ao«4 attracUee bonee ywt abowa to tbls part of ta« covatry, aad aome cxeelleat Tbe laat pan ef tae program win be gtrea by Barrab's Comedi* aaa of Tabor, aad that alone gives proaUse of betog a big eve- atog*s program, if your merchaat doeaat ofler you a ticket, aak him for oae; otbcrwtoe admission fee win be 2$ ceata. Otter eoauaaaittoa wftt be featured to tbe next two Bight** programs, aad there will be otber fall Mtto ef eetertatomeat along with mem. Tae afternooa programs atoo K*eeat attractive KUa of ereata. with big racteg programs, otber act* by tbe Wiziarde's Novelty CircM, aad a new aod different program each afternoon, Seama tickets wfll be on aale tbe toct of the week and if bought before August g wlU **U for $1.69; otherwise their price will be f 1.25. E. G«rt«i*r. Pwtor k»T« b*w laad* i tfc* *35* eosf ribatlofl TS*«i» ar* b«*8tlfB! days and f&stl^ brlBr out torire ijuwber* t^ S^E^JIT school and church, it *« trs* tteat *ons» people af« gone os r»«atJ«» but th*r« are plenty of w fcrft In the eomnianlty to B«T* tbais 611 the thatch every fessiar. L«t't be pre»«nt and r»a*t o*t for what the church has •to offer ut. Tie rmifift people'* choir will Sigrrtfte* fc«rt Bonaay will h*> a* folkr**: Bandar school at 10 and tnaehinu *»rrie* at 11 ». ra. The M*fcoi> enbjett win be "Love and A week from nest Sunday, Aug. C, we expect to have elec- Uoa of a toy delegate and an alternate to the annual conference. Tbe election will take place right after tbe morning worship serv- lee. Someone has cald: "Go to church to compare younelt not with other men but to bring your life alongside the life of the Man of Galilee.- 2500 Attend Stmset Wauboiuie Service 'remium Lists are Now in Circulation New Catalogs Make Aa. .of Entries and Awards, R«des A beautiful custom has arisen down at tbe Waabonsie state park, where each year a Sunset Service to held among the hills. Thto year it to estimated that more than 2500 persons attended last Sunday evening. Just at sunset the service began with a saxophone trio from Tabor, This was followed by the Scripture lesson by the Rev. F. C. Lebert, Tabor, and prayer by tbe Rev. F. C. Conzales, Block- jton. Kan. The Rev. Fletcher M. , jStoaoa, D. D,, Nebraska City 1^*52^ JtJ^.sftJ^rtdaBper*** 5?^m tift^VffigWitar; „ 11. Cecil, Shenaadoah. challenged tae group to their conception and relation to God, and tbe Rev. F, C. Smith, Riverton, gave the benediction. The Rev. Peter Jacobs, Sbenandoab. was in charge of tbe service. County Fair Prem- g tbe nfty Tbe MUto lam Ust, a ninth aaowfag of thto organization, to off tae press thto week, and already copies are to circulation. Fail atn»ntmc«miniu of the Fair, Aug. S, f. aad 1*; together with tbe list of awards and the annoaaeeiaeota of advertisers make up tae talk of tbe book. Tae cover page announces the Fair aad Its dates, with tae aug* section that thto annual occasion to "A varied program of ednc*> tloa, recreates, -and tbe best did sot improve sad be was tak-i types of entertainment." Adrer* e» to St, Josephs aoapltal aad hto Usementa of Mills,county firms, J»re»t» were called. Compiler ~ lions caused by adhesions .were diagnosed u tbe CKOM of Ms sea* and Wednesday morotog Mr, and Mr», Titrner retnraed to Omaha where be aobmitted to aa operation. On the Right and the list of o«ker» and ad- mtototraters of the Fair organ- i»tiOB make «a tbe next few , tbe page*. Bmtt Leu to president of tbe Mill* County Fair Aasoeto- tioo thto year; B. W. J treasurer, sad Frank & mers, secretary- The eatertstoment for the two d*ys aod three atofets of tfee Fair, Here to what the railroad prob-l the eostests, npvejtr races* tbe mlly amouats to: "How eaa »rolfj sad regulation* governing oee4» and to. of tbe public bwt be It to obvious tjuit thto »s'l be by baste pemitttof the U 4u*tr7, tbe to ge tot« baskrtt^y. Nor tt fee done by tfcrottlifl!; newer **** is smaller by l«r i Ich will be the fair, the ticket system, entry r«jnlxement», rules pertatotog to exhibits, t**», *94 prewiunw and swsrde mjke up the «ecttoa* ore. Sunday evening, Aug. JO, there will be a Sunset band concert by tbe Tabor band of fifty pieces, with a program of both sacred and patriotic numbers. Aa tbe sun goes down there will be a devotional period. Sunday evening. Sept 17, there will be a Sunset rally for young people. Tfc«a* There to ae let a» OB Sunday fcowerei- hot it t». • cooperate *fta tie ehorcha v . the eommwattf. We invite m«ttioert of otber efe«rca«s whote pastor* are away to worship with «u. Most sincerely. L, ft. Bobbftt, partor. OB of Prosperity to retarnlng. Robbert were able to get IS.fleo j a CMh out of a country bank li Kentucky the otber day. It'* always C€CL ; MPRESO THEATERO MALVERN Friday ft Sttardty RMdotph Scott, OUhettee Bwk, , NmOi Bcrtr 1* Zttv On^i SUISETPASS Ata» Amu. lOe 8Sc. Sandiy, Moiiiy MlrUm Jf«ck B«w to THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE "Call me ted if you wish! But not natfl yoa'rn heard my story."— you'll appro. ciat« the problrm of this great dram*. Thi« to adult entertainment, not reeom. mended for chfldwa nndcr . - - 4 GleiuU Freak U to THE MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM All to •gorgeous TECHNICOLOR. You'll thrill at the horrible mystery of this beautiful abow. Added shorts, Bto; Bargain Jfight. Se and lOc, Utt premium*, Theae boofa h*re been Cjreutotad orer ftf «04Bn^, feat toterested p#r»oajR m«y get other «Pptoi fjtojj the «ecret«ry of the KUr, PrMV N. Swatter*, or to the . of filSSa, ! ^laf ^^*i^w**^ *Wra-a |^ri»w|i| iie >i rtwi ter * TM r*»ll)r *ttftwwt«} wile Hi wba jtTMit *"»» hu«b&iid jJW"!!^ ^MK^IBJWWW- JWIJ^ , fpfMg^pm^ BM«l latu&d of a mpijijipu^* tm^TH^wvft nw ^s L -» , __ ; "' «' "T" _ ' ^ Farmers EETIN AJJ rr» _ • f&'r- sp"^ 386*-"^ *Aft farmers, Laborers, Producers AW differences of opinion between Faro jBumu No^arttea will b§ openly discussed, Urged ' from Gm t Montgomery, Counties will attend the Bveiy Farmer frain Mills* cosnttes snouW attend MILO RENO, JOHN CHALMERS, EVERYONE JS _ JM V% *" •• ^ ~~£'° '^ ^" 'I- 1 * 1 - 'jaj-^^effe |'|f,Vli» 11 t ' 1 n*M«isa^^r ,*-W. * - py.sff jf^"-.*: •fifiv*! ' ' '¥'*:••," m

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