The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 28, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, SILK BODICES. They A to Still Popular ntul Bid Fair to Be So For n tons Time. Waists ol sopnrnte material still hold their place, and there are modifications that show n tendency toward making skirts to them. Beforo the year closes \vo will •ee long basquea of fancy material worn with plain skirts. An advanced style sent out as a sort ot feeler in the fashionable world shows a fitted basque of brocade with a skirt about 10 Inches deep. This is smooth at tho front and sides and slightly full In the back, not neatly as much so, however, as some of tho blazer skirts have been. Ths fronts are out away from thf, SILK BODICE. waist line and filled In with plain mate, rial, forming a vest with small pockets. There are very wide roverd ot tho brocade edged with tho plain goods. Tho whole IE piped with satin, velvet or with a fancy •Ilk cord. The round silk bodice is as great a favorite as over and will probalby continue to be In fashion for some time to come, at it is a convenient garment In every respect. In a dark color, simply made, it may be used for street and general wear, While in a light tint, with the Addition of • little lace and ribbon, it is suitable foi the theater. Now that contrasting sleeves •re admissible tho best parts of an old silk gown may bs made over into a bodice, moire being employed for sleeves and collar or revers. A black silk bodice is extremely useful, as it may bo worn with any skirt and on any occasion and docs not easily become defaced. Narrow ruffles or plaitings will serve to keep it from look- Ing too somber, and a brood collar oi white or ecru lace, such as is now in vogue, will smarten It for particular occasions. The sketch shows a full round bodice of straw colored silk trimmed with van dykes of Irish guipure, which form a col lor and corselet. The full elbow sleeve* are gathered into guipure cuffs. JUDIC CHOLLET. THREE IMPORTED DRESSES. ' The gown on the left is of brown covert cloth, with puffed sleeves and gilt trat- tons. The center one is of brown and drab striped barege trimmed with brown mordore faille. The other is made of dark green granite cloth, trimmed with green surah silk, The aloevea are ecru oloth gigote. turpentine and wash with warm water. It may take several applications. Cnrecognlied Dainties. The smallest bird now eaten in England is the wheatear, an exquisite little white fleshed bird like a miniature partridge In flavor. The smallest quadruped that was once a dainty, but is only remembered in Roman tradition, is the dormouse. There are those who have tried the bat and found it tastes like a house mouse, only mcusior.—liondon Spectator. FOR THE COMPLEXION. An Old Remedy That Is Far Better Than Anything New. • . The celebrated Ninon de 1'Enolos retained, so history avers, her youthful appearance until extreme old ago. She was 80 years old when she died and looked 18. This is hardly to be credited as strict truth, but at the same time doubtless there was some remarkable retention of the charms of youth. The following recipe is for a complexion lotion which, while incapable of performing miracles of rejuvenation, is said to give firmness to the skin and help to keep it free from blemishes, pimples, sunburn and similar disfigurements. Soak a little soap plant (to be hod of any chemist) in two pints of rosewater or elderflower water, whichever you prefer, and to this add some cucumber juice pre- sometimes combined with a floral pattern. Half length capes of oloth, ornamented with braid, are to be worn this fall and VARIOUS FANCIES. The French Bay There Are Several Age! and Kinds of Wenuty. For full dress occasions low cut slippers, with the Louis Quinzo hool, embroidered with pearls or ornamented simply with a buckle, are preferred at present. A groat deal has been said about black hosiery going out of fashion, but it. seems to hold its own yet.and is still considered tho correct stylo unless tho hosiery matches the gown in color. The French say there arc several "ages" as well as kinds of beauty—the beauty oi mere youthfulness, which they call "la beaute du diable;" also a beauty of "ugliness," of "old ago,'' and of "thinness," called "la beaute du singe." Froderika Bremer, the Swedish novelist, had tho beauty of "plainness." She was so very plain of face that her expression of trust- fulueg*, as though appealing to you to find Women desirous of keeping up with the latest developments in gowns and hnlr- fltesslng. For the benefit of those, who Adopt a stylo because it is tho fashion and Who are always hungry for novelties, a sketch la given of tho newest Paris mode of coiffure. The hnlr is necessarily short and closely curled aurt waved around the face and neck, but left smooth over the crown. Tlie decorations consist of an 1m- iuciiR0 bow of ribbon, from tho center of which rises n cluster of ostrich tips. JUDIC GIIOLLET. JSimmrlinpr Hti'nm Hollers, A now method of Hinmclliifr stpam boilers will, it lijcJaititcMl, obvtiilp the frequent troubles tu'lFhi^li-um Incrustation and cor- roslcn in boilow. It consists in tho coating of tho Inner surf:ici's with a deposit in the form of a smooth, extremely thin black r.namcl. This enamel, it is asserted, is nut attacked by inkls. DFIESS'FOR ELDERLY V/OMAN. Blio Is Free to Deck Herself With Bright Colors. In DO direction has fashion been more completely revolutionized during thn last decade or so than in tho dress of middle aged and elderly women. Some years ago it was considered almost fast for a woman over 50 to wear any brighter wolor than gray or innuvo, and her usual attire consisted of black. For a great occasion, such as the wedding of a son or daughter or other near relative, a light gray or mauve gowu was purchased, and this took a long WALKING COBTUMU, some other qualities In her than mere ''looks," ehono out with u perfect radiance that ennobled lior fucu and drew friends to her, because uho hud no other beauty. But Miss Bremor took pleasure In her well kept bands, of whloh she used to say, "Even bunds have their moments of charm." Frenchwomen have n fanoy for serving bread In baskets, and one of tho lutust bite of fancy work In a fitted cover for tlio bread basket made of heavy white cotton or linen, embvolilored with red or blue working cotton. Tho cover U fastened under the bottom of tho basket, so It may bo removed and washed, ii A very pretty walking gown for early uutuinu Is shown In thu accompanying sketch. Who upper skirt, flguro, bolt and •leaves, are of bluu and white chcukud wool, while tho lowur skirt, blouse and rover? arc of bluo moire to inutoli. Molru fold* and gold buttons trim th« oobiumc. Juuic C'IIUI.I.KT. lluro is ono woman's way of iv rosin, tar or nxlo grcaso from I-IUII.IMK 8lw Buys* tlmt bho nuvur found aM.ilu MI obstvoiHJi'ouB that H would not ylulil in h T offorU, though thu fabric wlU uu "I" " (Wo If It U at all high colored. It \v»i' to a oliurui oit •wliitu tioodu: Apply i w kind of Ki'uaxn to UK* etuln and tlion t>» |< with «<-'od washing tuuii ttllii let i 1 . uwbilu. 't'huu di'unuh U wull wl• » SILK PETTICOAT. viously boiled; then put in drop by drop a half ounce of tincture of benzion. Finally introduce a few drops of tincture of myrrh. Shake and finally bottle. Use daily. The emulsion looks like smooth, thin cream. Its porfumo resembles vanilla. It may be used instead of soap. It cleanses tho face quite as well and never makes the skin red., as soap will often do. The cost of tho lotion is insignificant, which is another recommendation. Among the articles of luxury which are being sold at a reduction nowadays may bo reckoned silk hosiery. Some astonishing bargains are to bo obtained in these goods, both in black and color*. The woman who wears a medium size in everything Is tho one who mainly profits by sales of shoes, stockings, gloves and garments. Tho unusually stout or sluuder person may search all day for something to fit her and pay the highest price for It when it Is found, while her sister of average proportions is suited In half an hour at half tho cost for the same quality. Tho illustration shows a petticoat of mauve and green striped silk. It is trimmed with two flounces of cream lace, the upper one arranged in points and headed by tt puffing of muuvo moussollno de sole. Bach point Is marked by a bow of muuvo ribbon. JUDIC CUOLLET. A I'olut Worth Bemamberlng. Pineapples to bo canned need a little cooking In clear water before the sugar is added, or they will be hard, no matter how much they are cooked. In fact, the longer they are cooked with tho sugar the tougher they got, and it Is the name with quinces. Granulated sugar in tho proportion of u pound to threw of tho fruit Is about right tor canning. What 1* a Million? Vorr few people nave a true conception of what 1,000,000 U. Tho Old uud Now Tcitawiont together contain ooino 0,000,000 of lettew. riuli at tk« Oay Vr«»oM C»s» ilul. „ tennis la extremely popular In Prance, Thu gimo la considered » hygienic benefit, uud even the young girls who ave kepli within nuolt exceedingly narrow bound) aro permitted to unjoy U. Perhaps thU lg one step toward their emancipation from the mental and moral itraitjaokut, but they still jiluy It with glovus on. Htrlpod ilannul in thu aeooptud matorlwl fur Uuuila guwnu. Dulnty urruuuoinunU tor tho nook and bhouldom uru btlll In high fuvur. Thu collar bund IB dwwntwl with a buckle, bown, uhoux or wmull buuuhes of Uowuru. Btrlpw tiro ohoraotorujilo of tlio newe»b bllka, . Ghwlsb are pUo fioeu^ and each U BILK COSTUME. winter. These are, of course, for ordinary use. They close under a large bow of ribbon at the throat, and the back of tho nook Is similarly ornamented with a bow and long ends. Satin is the favored material for wedding gowns just now. • Bodices made of accordion plaited black mousseline de sole are in great vogue at present and are worn with the plain black silk or satin skirt which is so generally useful an item of the modern wardrobe. The round bodice shows no indications as yet of declining in popularity. In the majority of the now models the basque is entirely omitted, and the belt is more or less in evidence, emphasized by a buckle or largo bow. The illustration shows a beautiful gown of block and white striped silk. On cither side of the front breadth of the plain round skirt is inserted a pointed piece of deep ecru lace. The blouse corsage has a full chemisette yoke of cream moussoline de sole, bordered with ecru lace, which also forms epaulets. The full silk elbow sleeves are irregularly draped. The wrinkled collar IB of black tulle andlaco anil tho girdle of black nioiro ribbon. Jumc CHOLLET. JET CAPOTE. time In wearing out, being only produced upon special occasions after the one for whloh it had been prepared. Such colors as bluo, pink, yellow and white were completely left out of the category of possibilities for the elderly woman. Since then a total change has been compassed by slow degrees, and at the present moment the woman who has seen half a century is free to deck herself with any colors that she may elect. Nor is it in dress alone that the change hat been so great. Our grandmothers used to begin to wear caps at tho age of 45, whereas in these days an elderly woman no more thinks of wearing a cop than does her granddaughter. A woman who bos tho good fortune to possess silver gray or white hair is wise enough to appreciate its-beauty and booomlngoess and to arrange it in such away as to make the most of it. She chooses small, close bonnets that conceal tho hair as little as possible and selects colors calculated to set it off to the greatest advantage. Block and gray velvet, jot and steel cannot be improved upon as millinery materials in such a cose, always with the additions of a touch of some decided oolor like bluo, rose or magenta, Gray and golden brown is also often a becoming combination and has tho merit of not being common. An illustration is given of a small jet bonnet suitable for a middle aged woman. Tho jet frame is trimmed in front with two jet wlnge and a jet aigrct, held in placo by a ohou of pale bluo velvet. The short strings are of block velvet. JUDIC CHOLLET. THE HAIR. Imagine France* Witlard In Straight Bang* or George Eliot In Vrizzeit. It would bo quite worth while'.for the average young woman who desires to present on attractive appearance to go to some high class hairdresser and obtain directions for doing her hair, or at.least a model from which to work. It would save bora great deal of anxiety and trouble unless indeed she be one of that variable sort that is satisfied with nothing save for a very short time. Every head and faoo bas some eminently suitable style, and this should bo followed, to u certain extent at least, during the wearer's entire lifetime. Marie Antoinette, Martha Washington and other notable woniuu would scarcely seem like themselves with their balr arranged In tho frivolous fashion that many women of the day affect. Imagine Frances Willord with her hair in a straight bang or George Eliot in a false front and frizzes. Such a suggestion would bo ridiculous in tho extreme. It IB only usagu that makes us tolerate this absurd practice of changing tho stylo of dressing tho hulr eo frequently. Women with dignity and MMIMMMlil Hiiiiii Are you thinking-of buying a new Stove WRatige^Ofte that will burn the least fuel, cause the least trouble* give the greatest degree of heat .last the longest atld look the best? Then Jewel Stoves """ and Ranges will interest you. JEWEL 1 STOVES For efficiency, economy, durability, and beauty, they represent the zenith of the stovemaker's skill. Ask to see them at the dealers. Look for" the above trade mark. 6f\R bOGK [The Modern Writing Machine Is the invention ot genius, unfettered by old-eohool traditions.! It baa been brought to perfection in it* meohanlaal details by four yews of experience, backed by ample capital, helped by practical men determined to spar* no endeavor to manafaotan • high grade machine which shall produce the beat work with the least effort and in the shortest tim«. Its price may ty * little higher than that of others, but the Bar-Lnok is made for the class who want Thi Best Typewriter Possible, And the onl double key-board machine that writea IVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. bj those who use it: S. O. 6un & Co., St. Paul, Minn. PinTterton National Detective Agency. (8) New Jforfc Central & Hudson River S. R. (10) Michigan Central R.R. Co. (10) Daennort Daily Democrat. Davenport Daily Times. Superior Evening Telegram. Kational Wall Paper Co. (7) And thousands of others. • • • ON TRIAL in your office, and unless you like it you "™^™"^""" pay nothing. Old machines exchanged Our 1 Argument: Bent on trial (he Bar-Lock baa a chance to epenk for itself and to stand on ita own merits, which is jnst where we want the Bar-Look to stand. We take all the risk of its not. pleasing yon. Whatever typewriter yon buy, there are typewriter secrets yon should know. Our catalogue contains them. Bend a pnetal for it. The Columbia Typeurriter Mfg. Co., 116tk Bt., Lenox and Fifth are., NEW YOEK. Stl Paul Branch, »8 Bast 4th Street. ooirrouB MSBVKILI.KUSK, brains choow u style and adlmro to It, ro- gturdloM of these changua, uiul iwu wuoU inoro elegant aud ittlruotlvu luoklntf in oouBoquenoo. Tlioworo beautiful hulr in tlio «mpl«r should bo It* orrungwmimt. Tnis»os J»»V- liiu no espooiai luorlt of color, t i»turo or quantity aro the sort btu>t »uiu>d for com- IjUofttod »tyl<«, but it U worth wUlo to ro- member thut tui olttboruto uuliTunt thu uiijiuntut ago. Ulbbon dr< only Bintfoprlttto for young womoji. fiuhloii wUoh Involvi* drawing the hulr tight or twUting mid braiding U nvrd I* tutu to bo uiiUuuouilug. ' There t» ftlwuy* u (jortulu nroperJW* °' Io«r* Crop liulletln. DBS MOINBS, Sept. 28.— Corn has progressed as rapidly as local conditions •would permit, the amount reported iu shock varying from 25 to 85 per cent. Qood progress has been made in fall plowing, the amount being more than the average of the last two seasons, and the soil is generally in good condition. Seeding of winter wheat is not fully completed. The early seeded fields show fine growth. Pastures which were not burned out by the drouth are doing notably well. Late potatoes will aver- ago less than a half crop in the state at large. _ _ Clotlng Sugar HcflnarlM. NEW YOUK, Sept. 26.— Henry O. Have- moyer says the operation of the new tariff law hat already closed half the refineries in the country, thro wing the men who worked in them out of employment, and it will probably close all the rest of them inext week. This will mean putting at least 10,000 men out of work. The price of sugar is below the cost of production. For some time past the company has boon working the refineries at a considerable loss. _ _ Colorado Horticultural Exhibition. DENVEU, Sept. SMJ.— The annual horticultural exhibition, under the auspices of the Colorado Horticultural .association, opened here mid will continue throughout the week. The displays of apples, peaches, pears, plunu, grapes and othor fruiU oxcel any ever before teen here and show that Colorado U destined to rank among the leading fruit growing etatwi. _ l>t>»th Bather TU»n l*»*« low*. DBS MOINBS, la., Sept. 2«.-Mrs. B. V. Robinson out her throat with a razor. Her husband is a traveling man, who was about to remove hi* family to at. Louis, and she said she would rather die than leave Dot Moinc*. She uuyi recover, _ _ . •. Awful Ihwtb «f Mi»*l* (tevtaw. OBKALOOSA, la., Sept. SO.— Minnie, the U-y ear-old daughter of Qeorgo Oar- Ion, a wealthy and prominent paving contractor, Ww »o terribly burned wJille curling her Uttir over uu ail stove that •Ue dlud. _ _ __ I LISTEN EVERYBODY! am now prepared to do all kinds of blackemithing, horse shoeing, plow work and general repairing. VWOON MfVKER "M A first class workman in wood is employed in the same build ing, and we are prepared to do all styles wagou and carriage work and repairing. US A CALL. of JERRY LUCY, Proprietor. Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. YOU CANT LIVE WITUOUT A I IWFDT HOWS YOUR LIVER? Wl I nUU I A LIVERlAReVau.UinMS-v.AiiR DOES YOUR BACK ACHE? ARE VOUWEAKANDTHIN? DOES YOUR SLEEP REST YOU t ARE YOU DULL AND BILIOUS? l'ie*l<l«ut l>»7 Arrotod. Bopt. »0. T. Duy. of IHO. Plaiikiuton bank, wa» M- routed here on a oharge of receiving » deposit whuti he knew the bunk wiM insolvent. lio wu» releosad on bull. MARVELOUS SUCCESS has attended the uso of DrJJ. McLEAN'S JSnBftUI, All who uu II »ay It is The Peerless Remedy for curing all allocate OF THE LIVER, KIOHEYS MHO BUOOER, FEMIE TWU1IIE8, (iHEUMAT/St MO BIHGHT'S DISUSE. for Sato 6/ all tint-elan deattrt. PfilCi, ft.00 4 iOTTLt. * Thf0U.MoUMMI0lMOo.»sf,uiii,*, •••I QlNMjtM I4t«ralur». FOBTDODUE, l» n Uept. »«.—P. D. Fulton of Jowell " here by Poitoffloo Christian, olurgut unlawfully. unoliou wua brought iiHpt)utor» McAfee and with uaiug FUuiet. WATBBTOWK, N. Y., B«ut. !iO,—Tbe busiuuss jwrliou of the village of Ouj.e Vliiuunt, whoro thu water* of Luke Ontario join llio Bt. Luwreucu, wus uliuust, awuy by flro. M»klNi Dlilu»«t IU« llvmlquarwr*. NBW YOBK, IHupt, »0.—Beo»J»« Walker, of the AtuhUon, utuitod (of Chicago where hujhiuj decided to hi* headquarter*. > KlllvU lit^Miruwu Trail. FOUTB(JOTT,BU| tt genei'ttl mordiu (Hkaitti wiw ftttull) too hitd nut (of Impure .iu b|» ., at).— Julm Kcxmwili, t uud furmev ut Ar- nUot by » gun wbtod The ART AMATEUR. Fvuotic*! iuvttluabiD Cor «ll wliu with to ui»ko th»|r Uf- Ing by art or to uikku tholr lion>«« beautiful For w«u win. wiui w« win U«i otuy vhti imbl eolr- « anyone uifloUMf blI«»ttOU f For ±m •• f\t 1 Or &, ,,t

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