The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 29, 1958 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1958
Page 12
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Space Fliers Can Dodge Radiation If J08 *, KANE WASHINGTON (At») - MM wont btfi to worry ibou* radii* iton to iptet flitfrt* if Im l«»tn* tiow to dwft two ff,dl«ttoii bMd« clrcllni thi wrth, *coord!ng to • cosmic r«y expert. 'Dr. Jamei A. Van Allen, head of the physics department at the University of Iowa, biMd that prediction on findings from the latest Army ind Air Force space probes. Van Allen mid the earth is like a marble in the hole of a huge doughnut which in turn is encircled by Another doughnut. Both bands teemingly trap high energy particles from the sun. He Mid the first band is 3,000 mile* thick and extends from 1,400 12 AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Monday, Dec. 29, 1958 mile* (o 3,400 earth, roughly miles above in line with the the you could essume there were r». passageways of I sim- Thf extent of the earth's magnetic field capable of holding small charged particles apparent- diatlon-free ilar to the extending through the magnetic poles, Dr. Hugh Dryden, deputy direc- ly'ls some 40,000 miles out, he; tor of the National Aeronautics said. Van Allen addressed a meeting of the American Astronautics! Society and talked with reporters. He gave detailed information from DeCl fil interview the amount of shielding He said the rocket reported back needed for man to survive in good cosmic ray data almost all space flight will be based on such and Space Administration, said study of the two radiation bands will get highest priority next year from the new civilian apace agency. the way going out and returning earthward during the tt-hour flight in which it shot about 63,000 miles high. tf you assumed the high energy particles were trapped by the earth's magnetic field, he said, explorations. In another scientific development over the Weekend, President Eisenhower announced he was creating a new federal council for science and technology, The group will work for better planning of KELLY FURNITURE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE RECAUSE OF GRAND HOTEL FIRE! OFFICE OPEN FOR PAYMENTS. scientific programs and the reduc tion of duplication in scientific studies. Sheep Need Dry Shelter in Winter Use extra care in making sure sheep get under a suitable shelter in stormy weather. Sheep will stand considerable cold, but very little water. Sheep soaked to the skin by a snow storm, are susceptible to pneumonia. Special Session of County Board December 10, 195* The County Board in and for th« County of Mower, Mlnn«ot», met in Specim SeMlon at the Court Route In the City of Austin at 8:00 o'clock A. M. Friday, December 19, 1058. All member* were present, vli: ROBERT SHAW. CHAIRMAN Luther K. Larson Mllo D. Mono Bob Fln,br*a.ten -• L. R. Decker Graham R, Uellk, County Auditor A motion wu made by Commit- Moner Decker and seconded by Com *miMion«r Flnbraaten.concurring with the recommendation and action o th« Mower County Welfare Board tha upon payment of ll.7U.77 to the MOWW County Welfare Board, the mort«ag« lien d*t«d May 1, 165» again* Out Lot 11 and Katt SO fee •o? Out Lot 13 In SEft of Section a T103, R18 be released and the Chair , man ot the County Board and th<_ County Auditor b« authorized to tlgn the SatUfactlon ot Mortgage. On motion by Comml&sloner Morse and seconded by ComnUMloner Fin br&aten, the bid ot the City Agenc; and the State Automobile ft Casualt Underwriters for official surety bonds for County employees awarded tc th«m December 9, 1958 be set atld due to an error in the computation of the bid by said company. On -motion by Commissioner Lar son and seconded by Oomralsslone Decker, the official surety bonds to County employees was awarded to th Weber Insurance Agency and th Auto Owners Insurance Company to 4 years. comoMnolng January 5, 1058 On motion by Commissioner Deck w and seconded by Commission* Larson, the resignation of Mllo D Morse from the Mower County Men tal Health Board, effective January 5, 1950, was regretfully accepted. There appearing to be no furthe business to com* before the Board a this time, on motion the meeting ad Jpurned sine die this 10th day of December, 19M. ROBERT SHAW Chairman Attest t GRAHAM R. UZLUC County Auditor Sc Ex-offlolo Clerl of the Board Actor Don Policy • Togged on Charge HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) Police booked actor Dan Dailey, 6-foot-4 song and dance man, on suspicion ot drunk driving Sunday after his car struck another wait- ng for a traffic light. Officers said they had to handcuff Dailey and that he refused to take an intoximeter test. Dalley blamed the accident on the fog. The actor suffered a cut lip in the accident, police said, and Ralph McCarthy, 26, driver of the j other car, was shaken up. New Year/ Shank Portion LB. SUPER VALU I Bull Portion LB 59< Center Out Slices 99c HORMEL'S BEST - MED. SIZE T-Bones99 GROUND BEEF 2 - 95 HORMEL OVEN BROWNED CANNED PICNICS . . 4 LR. CAN $995 2 CAPONS 6-7 lb Average . . , LB. 49C Tom Turkeys ... LB. 35c-39c RED ROOSTER COFFEE 1-LB. BAG 59 RITZ CRACKERS 2 65 ( LIBBY'S TOMATO JUICE . . . 3 46-OZ. CANS $100 1 CYPRESS GARDENS Grapefruit Sections ... 5 ™ s ° JIFFY CAKE AMX 4 Flavor* PKG. FRESH 8-OZ. PKG. 5' EMPEROR GRAPES Austin Super Valu , 1*7 W MJU (NWT TO PSNNiY'S) H0MI5: Weak far* eM i»m«4«H. I e.n to 6 p.m. — Frldavi Til 9 ..« 11? W AAIU (NIP TO PINNIY'S) _^_ w eM i»m«<toH. I e.n to 6 p.». - Frldovi TO 9 p.n Old BE 3-3553 - Fr«t DsUvery ° $HS °^«' WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS The rare Roosevelt elk, now nearly extinct elsewhere, is pre- lected in Washington Olympic i'eninsula National Park. Legal Notice ORDER, rOR HEARING ON PETITION tO SELL REAL ESTATE STATE OP MINNESOTA, County Ol Mower—« In Probate Court In Re Estate ot Everett E, Sdwards, Decedent. The representative of said estate having tiled herein a petition to sell certain real estate described In said petition: IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 10th day ot January, 1959, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court In the probate coun room In the court house In Austin. Minnesota, antl that notice hereof be given by publication of this order in •.he Atistln Dally Herald and by mall* ed notice aa provided by, law. Dated December 19th, 1958. PATRICIA A. MYERS Deputy Clerk of Probate Court (PROBATE COURT SEAL) ATHERWOOD, HUGHES St &LDERSON Attorneys for Petitioner Auitln, Minn. File No. 11838 Dec. 23. 29, Jan, 5 Legal Notice ORDER FOR HEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION STATS OP MINNESOTA County Of Mower—sa. In Probate Court In Re Estate ot Lynn C. Calkins, at* so known as Lynn Calkins, Decedent. The representative ot the above named estate having filed hit final account and petition for settlement and allowance thereof and for distribution to the persons thereunto entitled; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 27th day of January 1959. at 10 o'clock A. M before this Coun in the probate court room In the court house In Austin Minnesota, and that notloe hereof be given by publication ot this order lu the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law. Dated December 24th, 1958. PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Probate Judge (PROBATE COURT SEAL) 3AUDLXR 4t BAUDLER Attorneys for Petitioner Austin. Minnesota File No. 14571 Dec. 29, Jan. 5, 12 Legal Notice ORDER FOR BEARING ON PETITION FOR ADMINISTRATION. LIMITING TIME TO FILE CLAIMS AND FOR HEARING THEREON 3TATE OP MINNESOTA. County o! Mower—ss. In Probate Court In Re Estate of George R. Neubauer, Decedent. Fred A. Neubauer having filed herein a petition for general administration stating that said decedent died Intestate and praying that Walter Neubauer be appointed administrator; IT IB ORDERED. That the hearing thereof be had on the 19th day ot January, 1999, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court in the probate court room In the court house In Austin. Minnesota; that the time within which creditors of said decedent may file their claims be limited to four months from the date hereof, and that the claims so filed be Hard on the 21st day ot April. 1959, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court in the probate court room In the court house In Austin, Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication of this order In the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law. Dated December 19th, 1958. PATRICIA A. MYERS Deputy Clerk of Probate Court (PROBATb C'OURT SEAL) BAUDLER & BAUDLER Attorneys for Petitioner. Austin. Minnesota Pile No. 11857 Dec. 22. 29, Jan. 9 Legal Notice ODDER AND NOTICE OP HEARING STATE OP MINNESOTA: COUNTY OP MOWER: IN JUVENILE COURT In The Matter of Danny Lee Richards and Linda Marie Richards Dependent and Neglected Children THE STATE OP MINNESOTA, TO: Harold'Richards and Rosalee Richards Patton Whereat, the above entitled matter having been before this Court upon proper petition and notice to parties and the Court having acquired and retained jurisdiction, Whereas, the above entitled matter was on December 2nd, 1958, continued to the 1st day of July, 1959, "unless sooner called on for hearing by Order of the Court" and the Court having Issued Its Order Revoking Continuance, IT IS ORDERED, That a hearing be had on said matter before this Court In the Probate Court Room, In the Court House in Austin, Minnesota, on January 26th, 1959, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and that notice of this Order and Notice of Hearing and of the fact "that In the event the Court makes a final order ot commitment the children shall be subject to adoption and. In case of proceedings to adopt the children, no notice need be given the parents," shall be given to the persons above named by the service of this order upon each of them by publication as provided by law and by personal service It found, and upon the others, by mall, according to law. NOW, THEREFORE. YOU, Harold Richards and Rosalee Richards Patton ARE HEREBY NOTICED to appear In Coun at the time above stated. Dated — December 26th, 1958. PAUL KIMBALL, JH. Judge of Juvenile Court (COURT SEAL) Dec. 29, Jan. 5. 12 Legal Notice December 22 NOTICE is hereby given that application was made on the 12th day of December, 1958, by the Western Onion Telegraph Company to the Federal Communication Commission to close the agency telegraph office at Carpenter, Iowa. Substitute service will hereafter be available through the Western Union Telegraph office at Austin, Minnesota, 19 mile* distant by telephone. Any member of the public desiring to protest or support the closing of this office may communicate in writing with the Fed- sral Communications Commission, Washington 25, D. C. on or before January 11, 1959. Dtc. 22-29 CAKE MIXES 19-oz. Packages WHITE - CHOCOLATE - SPICE • YELLOW CHILI CON CARNE *„ 3 , w$ 100 PORK & BEANS 2 „ 25* LUNCHEON MEAT IK. 49* BUTTERCUP CHEESE LB. BOX MAYFLOWER REGULAR DHL PICKLES QUART JAR 29 SHRIMP AHOY BREADED 10-oz. Pkg. 59 BIRD'S EYE French Fries 2 39- TASTE SEALED TLETT JACK SPRAT PELLA PACK JUICE 46 oz - CAN 29 C FACIAL TISSUE MONARCH COFFEE "The Friendly Cup" MB. TIN 79 C DUBUQUE BONELESS SHANKLESS HAM Ready to Eat SC98 6V4-lb. Can HORMEL'S EXTRA MEATY SPARE RIBS LR. 35 HORMEL'S VALUE SLICED BACON «• «* 39 GOLDEN FLUFFO SHORTENING 3 Lb. Can 79C LAVA HAND SOAP Z Med. Bars KLEENEX 40 Count Box 2 ™ 49* NORTHERN LUNCHEON NAPKINS 2 80-count Pkgs. 23C HEINZ STRAINED BABY FOODS Q Glass Jars SUNSHINE Cheese-it or Hi Ho Crackers Reg. Pkg. 19C FLAVORKIST PIZZA CBACKERS Reg. Pkg. 29C IVORY SOAP LARGE MEDIUM GUEST 2 FOR 3 FOR 4 FOR 33c 31c 29c SPIC & SPAN Regular 31c COMET CLEANSER Z Med. Cant HILEX LIQUID RLEACH Gal. Jug. Wishing Each And Everyone Of You a Happy And Prosperous New Year! 2 Long Slicing Cucumbers Crisp Radishes Your Choice Cello Pkgi. 15 CRISP JUMBO HEADS Head Lettuce 2 29 RED RIPE DANNY BOY Tomatoes Large Tube 19 Bud N Bob's Market "OPEN 7 DAYS 711 10 P. M. Phone Hi 3-6384 A»h & Hop* St. Phone For Free Delivery We Reserve The Right To Limit. Larson's Food Store FonMrfy rUrt, fr BHfi • rtorfc, Uw<* 8 C.M. to 9 p.m. Moa.-Sgt. — 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. $«•. "S&H" Green Stamps . 1203 W Oakland Schaifenbil's JACK SPRAT FOOD STOW ERNIE A EftNA, Prop* lyfc, Minn. - Phone 5-4486 W« Qfar, KfirK Pro* Grocery JACK SMUT FOOD STOftlS MRS. OEO. HUGHES, Prop. 607 GarfUld - Ph. HE 3-371 • KtK Profit Sharing Stamps Temanson JACK SPRAT FOOD STOft! Phone 4181S M« PROFIT SHARING JTAMf GRAND MEADOW. MINN.

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