The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 29, 1958 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1958
Page 11
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Aij'^HM (Mir-.o.i Hrfi.Alfj f f Mondciy, Dec. 29, 1958 I I 13 Die in Iowa Car Mishaps Over Holidays H.V THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Iowa traffic accidents claimed the Hves of is persons over the long Christmas weekend. The final count was one more than predicted by state safety officials. The latest death reported was that of Ray M. Sanders, 34, of North Sioux City, 3. D., who died in a Sioux City hospital Sunday of injuries suffered Thursday night when struck by a car at Blencoe. Stepped Into Path Monona County Sheriff Robert D, Muir said it Is believed that Sanders was hitchhiking on t h e south edge of Blencoe when he stepped into the path of a car driven by Dale M. Hanks, 33, of Loveland. , Four persons died on Iowa roads Saturday, including Mrs. Don Brooks, 45, Lombard, 111. She was killed in a two-car collision on Iowa 2 near Shenandoah. 2 Killed Friday Two were killed Friday, three Thursday and three others Wednesday. The Christmas traffic count began at 6 p.m. Wednesday and ended at midnight Sunday. Despite the heavy holiday toll, it appears likely that Iowa will reach its goal of saving 100 lives in traffic accidents during 1958. The 13 deaths boosted the state count for the year to 605, compared to the final 1957 figure of 723 traffic deaths. 5-DAY FORECAST Five day forecasts for period Monday to Saturday. Minnesota: Temperatures will average about 5 degrees above normal; normal highs from 15-20 north ranging to about 28 south; normal lows from near zero north Oldsters Placement Bureau Has 20-Year Success Story By MARIE BAERR Have you wished and wished that somebody In your town would tackle the problem of finding jobs for older workers? Well, for 20 years — since major depression days — a Philadelphia volunteer t group has been nae" of the project decorate a WEATHER FORECAST — Except for the deep south it will be colder tonight in the area between the Rockies and the Appalachians. Rain is forecast for the north Pacific coastal sections and along the Texas coast. Rain and snow is likely over the middle Mississippi Valley while snow flurries are expected over Michigan, the lower Lakes and the central Appalachians. (AP Wirephoto Map) Iowa Goal: 150 Miles Paving on Interstate Routes in '59 If everything goes according to plan, lowans are likely to be traveling over more than 150 miles of Interstate Highway mileage a year from now. This was disclosed today by Russell .F. .Lundy of DCS Molncs. chairman of the Iowa Highway Commission in a review of Interstate plans for the year ahead. Iowa now has 6(5 miles of four lane to 10 above south; cold at begin ning of period followed by warming trend but colder again about Friday; little or no precipitation expected. Iowa: Temperatures will average about 5 degrees above normal; normal highs from about 28 north to low 30s south; normal state 80 from U, S. 61 north of .the following construction on Pri- Davenport to Iowa 39 south of Tip- mary Roads in 1959: ton, '30.6 miles. j Paving 145 miles, grading 230 2. To complete grading, readyl mi ' es > pavement widening 110 for paving, of Interstate 80 from' miles > pavement resurfacing 30 Iowa 38 south of Tipton to U. S.! mile s, structures 710. 218 northwest of Iowa City, 24.9 'Also, it is estimated the follow- miles. | ing construction will be accomplished on the farm-to-market sys- MONTHLY EARNINGS PRBf.rir BENEFITS BENEFITS is boosting morale. A beauty operator donated hairdos to the job- hunters. "You'd be surprised bow much that meant," Each year, Christmas tea. Grateful "alum- said Miss LaMott. the council has a 3. To contract for, and to complete as much as possible, the| tern in 1959: Paving 425 miles, grading 665 doing just that, for the ladies. The gfotfp is the Senior Guidance Council. Back In the '30s four clubs got together to start a free employment service for businesswomen over 35 who had been dropped by the wayside in "cutbacks." Today, the group can boast of having placed several thousand women in jobs, women whose ages ranged from the minimum of 35 to 82! The 02-year-old was a seamstress who put experience and still-nimble fingers to work in an alterations job in a dress shop. And, according to Miss Anne LaMott, council president, the group is proudest of all of employer comments like this: "You've sold me on mature workers. I've found they're reliable and energetic. With them, there's no time wasted on coffee breaks." The council started its Good Samaritan operations in a little office, financed by contributions from clubs. For the past two years, Glmbcl's, the Philadelphia department store, had provided the group office space and telephone. "But with some 15 clubs and tree. The ornaments are dollar fine project will continue. Q—Can a person draw Social Security and unemployment compensation at the same time: L. W. Y. A—Social Security is paid to -. t divided Interstate Highway to the t , open The longest stretch is onJHay.Road northwest of Interstate 35 from Des Moines | Moine 27-3 miles _ southward to Osc»ola. Another is on grading and paving on Interstate! ;"'"•" '-" "•""• B'"U-»B <«*>i -- —•••6 east of Colfax !m ' Eravel or stone surfacing 8 sizable number of individuals . .- . i 725 miles. sf.nhili7.pri hnco cnnlon our memhershi anyone who meets the requirements. In tome states, a Social Security beneficiary get!) a reduced amount of unemployment compensation. Check with your Bureau of Unemployment Compensation about your case. Q—1 know that, as a Social Security beneficiary, I will get "dock- RETIRED WORKER *»sG. .LUC uiimmciua me uunui juruy Deneiiciary, l win get QO bills—to help guarantee that this led" for earnings over $1,200 year. At what wage figure do all Social Security payments stop? M. J. A—You get no payments at nil If you earn one cent over $2, 080 a year. Des Interstate 29 from Council Bluffs j north to just west of Missour Val ley. To Complete Project 4. To complete the paving ready for traffic on Interstate 80 from Intentions Listed i u - s - 6 east of Dexter to U. S. Chairman Lundy, in response to i 71 north of Atlantic, 40.9 miles. a question about 1959 planning, 5. TO complete construction of . listed^ intentions of the commis- the interchange on Interstate sion for the coming year as fol-iand Iowa 35 i 725 miles, stabilized base miles, structures, 2,700. ' Rockefeller Resigns as Ike Adviser ''I 'lows : 92 in Warren County GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) - Ne! 590 [on our membership list how, 'we are thinking of moving and expanding," said Miss LaMott. "We now have volunteers available for interviewing four days a week, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. "We're ready to hire an executive secretary and ctretch our interview schedule." The council has placed women in clerical, secretarial, reception and a wide variety of other jobs i T rt * nrnn i^ • r T i : — ----- ------- ..... 1. To complete of Inter-; O f the present pavement on . -~ ... ,,„..„.. *, U uiiuj> Lrcil 1xSBUKlj, fa. (AP) Ne! wiue vaneiy ui umer jous : and the paving between the end, SO n A. Rockefeller resigned today with hundreds of employers. It ,of the present pavement on Inter- ! as an arlvispr fn fho Tr.iconVi«™oV stays out of the domestic fiplH. an adviser to the Eisenhower _ i state 35 and U. S. 34 west of Osce-, administration on ways to improve 200 GO tO PhllllpS for i loa - 2 - 8 miles - I federal government efficiency. Final Ride On Train ' 6 - To contract for completion, of; He got warm praise from the | the grading and paving on Inter- j President for his efforts and serv- uuiiu vu »uw oua auuui; normal PHILLIPS, Wis. (AP)— A group state 29 between the Onawa inter- :' ce lows 10-15; cold at beginning of i ol nearly 200 persons traveled here | change and the Combination Bridge I Rockefeller, about to take office period followed by warming trend [Sunday for a final ride on the Soo|in Sioux City and to complete as as governor of New York, said the but colder again about Friday; lit- Line train running between Ash- much of this as oossible. 37.4 ! President's achievements in im- tle or no precipitation expected. Wisconsin: Temperatures will average 3 to 6 degrees above normal; normal high from 24-28; normal low from near zero extreme north to 12 south; colder tonight and Tuesday warming again Wednesday and Thursday, Line train running between Ashland and Spencer, Wis. Five school buses carried 197 men, women and children from Whittlesey, Wis. They boarded an afternoon train here for the ride home. • The Soo Line is discontinuing the run Jan. 5. much miles. 7. To contract for and start con- i struction to one section of urban; In of this as possible, 37.4! President's achievements in | proving government organization ihad been truly outstanding. Rockefeller said in his letter of! highway in Des Moines. :£ sign " B . on tha ' he twa " quitti " s l ;the chairmanship of the Presi- Othcr Projects Slated j dent's Advisory Committee on Gov- addition, Lundy said, thejernment Organization because of stays out of the domestic field. Among its success stories is that of a middle-aged woman who bad been let out of a good position. "She came to us when she was clown and out," said Miss LaMott. "We found her a job that meant a cut in salary. Now the whole firm depends on her." One of the council's top services RETIRED WORKER AND WIFE WIDOW WITH CHILD OR PARENT WIDOW WITH 2 CHILDREN $ 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 $ 50 100 ISd' 200 250 '300 350 $ 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 45.00 82.50 102.80 117.80 132.80 147.80 162.80 30.00 4t,30 5U6, 58.90 66.40 73,90 81,40 50.20 82.60 120.00 157.10 177.20 197.10 200.00 49.50 88.50 109.50 126.00 142.50 157.50 174.00 m 87.00 53.00 88.50 120.00 161.60 190.10 210.20 232.00 GOOD NEWS FOR '59 — Social Security benefits are going up to meet the increased cost of living. This table shows the increase in broad brackets of the nation's 12 million retired persons. Increases are included in checks automatically and need not be applied for. SPACE COCONUT —A Thor missile data capsule looks like a large split coconut after its recovery from the sea. The shell is of foam plastic protective covering Ejected at 25,000 feet, the capsule was found more than 1,000 miles from its Cape Canaveral launching spot. Magnetic tape" recorder, battery power pack, radio marker beacon, dye marker, and a "Sofar" explosive bomb were placed in the 18-inch globe. TO OUR GOOD FRIENDS To those who helped remove our Records when they were threatened with dejtrue- tion; to those who stopped by to see If they could help us — to those who called us — to those who called us and got only busy signals because both phones were busy THANK YOU OUR LOSSES ARE MINOR - OUR RECORDS ARE INTACT - AND WE ARE GRATEFUL J, A. RAMSETH A. 0. GREENE commission expects to complete I his impending duties as governor Here They Are for your holiday pleasure! QUININE WATER It sparkles, it freshens, it brightens your favorite tonic drink. OINOER ALB It sparkles, it mellows, it perfects your favorite highball. CLUB SODA It sparkles, it blends, it gives you a perfectly balanced highball. The 3 largest-selling highball mixers in all the world Reason: Canada Dry Mixers make highballs taste belter. Why?... Because of exclusive "Pin-Point Carbonation" and superior flavor, the result of expert blending. This makes your favorite liquor taste infinitely superior. The tiny, lively bubbles make highballs THE SENSIBLE .:; MODERATE DRINK for holiday enjoyment. It makes them better for you... and you'll feel the difference in the morning. Here's the expert bartender's recipe lor making a highball. 1- Into a tall glass 2. Place3 or 4 ice cubes 3. A Jigger of liquor 4. Then add your preferred delectable Canada Dry Mixer Do not Stir ... Allow Canada Dry's Exclusive "Pin-Point Carbonation" to mix itself with the liquor. It will,'s so lively and sparkling it'll mix with anything. TONIGHT! TUESDAY' WEDNESDAY! * Appliances * Floor Coverings * Furniture * Bedding * Draperies * Small Appliances * Odds & Ends SAVE NOW! OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 9 EASY TERMS JUST SAY "CUMNlit IT"

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