Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 21, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1955
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD« MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1955 Dial PA-2.4600 for a WANT AD .Taker R.J. Funkhouser's foster Son Victim Of Hunting Shot CENTK'EVILLE, Md. —Joseph Lee Smallwood, 12-year- old foster son of K. J. F.unkhouser, was accidentally shot and killed Saturday while hunting ducks on. the industrialist's Eastern Shore farm. State Police said the boy was shot by 13-year-old Lawson Hockman, son of P. L. Hockman, an associate of Funkhouser who also 'lives - on Pioneer Point Farm. The two boys and William Groves of Winchester, Va., another Funkhouser associate, were in a duck blind at Holden 'Point, police said. Some ducks flew .in and young Hockman shot one. He was following the others with his gun when the Smallwood boy became' excited and jumped up into the line'of 'fire,' State Police said.' The :youngster was killed: instantly^ ', • .'Dr. W. H. Fisher, Queen Annes| County medical examiner, returned 3; verdict of accidental death. Funkhouser is vice chairman and s trustee of R. J. Funkhouser Foundation and executive' presi- Campus Fund Campaigns Under Study COLLEGE PARK, Md., Nov. 21 i — H. Dale Jar vis., of (Bay Street) Benin, Md., has been named chairman of a University of Maryland student committee to probe the problem of campus organizations which desire to raise money but are prohibited from doing so. Such organizations are the Men's lee Club. Women's Chorus and .he Women's Press Assn. .Under a Student Life Committee ruling, no campus organization can use the profits of any project. All >rofits • must be turned over to he Campus Chest. Generosity Pays Big Dividends By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service "This is one of the funniest bridge hands I've ever played," my friend Lee Hazen remarked to me the other day. "I let an opponent get away with murder, and he thanked me and called me fine gentleman. This was enough to make a horse blush, since the truth was that 1 had actually gain, ed by letting .him violate the rules." leaners' Party Street sanitation is considered so important in the old George- own section of Washington, D. C., hat- street cleaners are given an annual garden party. dent of Funkhouser Industries, an nvestment and development concern at Centreville. Dulany's for Thanksgiving Dinner Extra portions of | turkey for the asking! Delicious'Pinners served from 12 Noon until 8:30 in the evening. Music by Krushinski. MAY WE HAVE YOUR RESERVATION As soon as possible, make your reservation for dinner .bf for the..week-end in our mote! overlooking beautiful blue YoUgh Lake . '.-•,, so that you may^get 'the service' •••to which you are justly entitled.•• .-•' ••' DULANY'S Will Be OPEN All Year 'Round DULANY'S BAR, MOTEL, RESTAURANT 40 Miles West of Cumberland on U. S. Route 40 v* • payments .-coyer .- «v*rytfilng 1 loom $300 • arid' : It'll madt imder lh» Maryland Small Lean Act.. (Md.) FOR LOAN IN 1 TRIP plus... LIFE INSURANCE-NO EXTRA COST ON LOANS $300 or LESS ^ Phone for loan in one'visit. Loan custom-tailored to heeds and income. Life-:insurance, no extra cost on loans $300 or less. Phone, write, or come in. .team up to $1000 . et Cumberland ENTRANCE SO. CENTRE ST. (Tab iltvator to 2nd Ft.) CUMBERLAND 2nd Fl., Rooms 202-204 • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG. vphon«:^PA^2-0721 • Aik for the YES MANager 'OPEN'EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT—PHONE FOR EVENING HOURS Icons mate la nildtnti of all surrounding lo«m OPEN SAT., NOV. 26, DEO! 3, 10, 17 0 A.-M. UNTIL 1 P. M. Jaco Bvrd Retains . V ••'.-•'.- WEST 453 */ 107 4 108743 *A934 NORTH (D) 4A92 VKQJ3 : 4AJ2 4732 EAST 21 484 VA98654 North Pass *QJ10 SOUTH AKQJ1076 . ¥2 >Q65 *K65 Neither side vuJ. East South Wert 1 * 1 * Pass Pass 4 A Pass Pass Opening lead—¥ 10 By this time the ace of hearts was' back in Bast's hand. He looked doubtfully at declarer and asked: "Do I have to play that card?" "Let's not be technical," Hazen suggested amiably. • • . . East played a small heart with great relief and West held the first trick with his ten. West next shifted to the four of diamonds, sensibly seeing that a heart continuation could not be good for his side. Hazen won in dummy with the ace of diamonds and led the king of hearts through East. When the ace of hearts appeared, Hazen ruffed and drew | trumps, ending in the dummy. • Now-the contract was assured, since declarer could discard two clubs on dummy's queen and jack of hearts. He could then give up one diamond and one club, making his game contract. To this day East' has never realized what would have happened if he had been forced by a tech- nicarplayer to.take the first trick with the ace 'of hearts. East would naturally shift, to the queen of clubs, and the defenders would quickly get three club tricks to defeat the contract. There was, of course, no reason for Hazen to blush. He gave East his choice ^f plays on the first trick. If East «hose the wrong course and was grateful for it, amusement was'the only logical reaction. West led the ten of hearts, Hazen explained, and East had the ace of hearts out of'his hand and prac- .ically on the table when he noticed; that Hazen. had played the small heart from the dummy. * "Whose 'ten is that?" asked East. "Your partner's," was Hazen's answer. . BRING YOUR FILM WORK to be developed •RAND'S 24 Hour Service WE SEU'FILM OF Alt KINDS Cor. 'Baltimore and Centre. Sti. Educational Control Seat McKeldin Says Elkins Alternate Delegate To Southern Region Board ANNAPOLIS (.?) — Dr. H. C. Byrd still retains his seat on The Board of Control for Southern Regional Education despite his re irement as president of the University of-Maryland, it was disclosed today. His successor, Dr. Wilson H. El- tins, can't be appointed to the ward—an arm of the 14-state State CIO Urges Steps Taken To Increase Jobs In Area Southern Governors which supervises Q—The bidding has been . South West North . Ea?t 1 Heart/ Pass '2 Hearts Pass 0 • .'•.£••'• You, South, hold. . • •• ' 4KQ3 ¥AQ1053 4AJ4485 What do you do? A—Bid two; no-lrump; With strength in three suit* you make the »ame try in • no-trump even though your nujor suit is five cards in lenfth. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just.answered. You, South, hold: * ... 4KQ3 ¥AQ105 *AJ43 4K5 What do you do? -.:;„,' .. Answer .Tomorrow . FUNERAL FLOWERS Try $C f|A Funeral VlUV Bosk.t Our BOPP'S FLOWERS 19 N. liberty Si. Ph. PA-J-4330 $2 98 Enamel DIAPER PAILS With Cover Sale Price $2 98 Modern GOOSE NECK DESK LAMPS MONDAY and TUESDAY DRUGSTORES 74 BALTIMORE ST. Let V Go SKATING Tuesday - Thursday Saturday - Sunday Sat. and Sunday Afternoon ALL SESSIONS SUPERVISED ' ' ' I Special Rattj to Churches, Schools and Birthday Parliil SHOE SKATES FOR SALE COMPLETE STOCK ALL SIZES 9.95-13.95-18.00-23.50 "CHARGE IT" —YES.. First Notional. Charge Account ARMORY Conference interchange of Delegates to the Maryland Industrial Union Council (CIO) passed a resolution Saturday which called 'for. steps to be taken to al- .eviate the impact of unemployment in this area, and the forma- .ion of a statewide Committee. to mplement its suggestions.- An immediate start on the O'Hare Busiest segment of the proposed C&O The new president is Culver B. Windsor, Essex, Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company employe and a member of the United Auto Workers. He succeeds Robert S. Martin of Hagerstown. :anal Parkway 'nearest Cumber- and is one of the proposals. .The resolution also urges that the natural resources of the Potomac river, the canal and the mountains east of Cumberland be developed into a series of modern camp sites with access roads either from U.S. Route 40, the planned parkway or State Route 51. Development of Green Ridge State Park with motels, swim- CHICAGO - (INS).- The new O'Hare International Airport, outside Chicago, will be ten times larger than Midway Airport, the world's busiest Airport, John L. Donoghue, assistant chief planning engineer for the city airport consultant office, said that by 19'0, O'Hare will be capable of handling 22.000,000 passengers a year. college students and researches other problems—until Byrd steps down. Gov. McKeldini in response to a query, confirmed that Byrd is still on the board and released coj-- respbndence between him and the tonrier president which indicatec doesn't want to give up the post until his term expires .June 30, 1957. "I recognize your understandable desire to appoint someone to. represent Maryland on the board who might be able fo give the boarc more time than I," wrote Byrd who was defeated by McKeldin fpr governor last year and now is em ployed by Baltimore Contractors inc. : • : 'But at the same time I have been reluctant to give up a con ;act with an organization which-.; lelped to form. ••• "I am' one of the very few original members left on the boan and would like to remain. I have discussed the matter with the -heat of .the company and he is willing for me to take whatever time may ae necessary for me to devote to the board's activities. "Therefore,;if you have no serious objection, I should like to continue my present status as a member of the board." .'•-.-- : Gov. McKeldin had written Byrd last July 27 noting, that his term had not expired'and "wondering if, in your present .position,, you can give the time, which-.board membership requires." > The governor did not specifically ask him to resign. • He said Byrd had not replied to his letter by the time of the Southern Governors' Conference at Point Clear, Ala., Oct. 18, so McKeldin named Dr. Elkins an^ alternate member of the board and he sat in on its meetings. Byrd's reply- indicating. reluctance to give up the post was dated Nov. 8 and said he had delayed answering McKeldin's first letter "for the simple reason that I have hardly known what to' do." McKeldin's reply to Byrd on Nov. 14th said: "I now note I . .that it is your intention to -continue as a member of the board until the expiration of your term. I hope that you. still find it possible to attend each of the.'future meetings- during- your term. However, it is my intention to again name Dr. Elkins' as an alternate for each meeting, both to assure full attendance in the event of your absence for business or other reasons, and to serve as an advisor to me and other board ming, hunting, fishing and sports provisions also is endorsed in the CIO resolution. Restoration of strip-mined land should be made mandatory- by state law, the resolution adds. After the operators are required to refill the, earth, said the union, the state should proceed- to reforest or pMht cover crops as part of a sound conservation program and effective flood prevention control. Two members of Local * 26, United Rubber Workers,- wfav attended the convention were elected to office. Ralph Beard was dact state vice president for the Cumberland area, and David Miller was named-to the executive board. Others from Cumberland at the convention were James Stein, president, and William Sheets, both of Local 26; Earl-Sills, vice president, and Harold Riggleman, both of Local 265, Brewery Workers, and Claude Mclntyre of the Western Maryland.. Industrial Union ouncil. . ••: The big upset in the election was e victory of James Patterson i'er Charles Delia for secretary- ea ; surer! Both are from United :eel Workers Local 2906, Spar- jws. Point plant of Bethlehem teel Corporation. Delia, full me secretary-treasurer for . six ears, was defeated 343 to 320. MAW HAPPINESS HAPPEM WHEREVER 'SHEGOES! JENNIFER JONES '.--\iiii • . . ood Mornin M | I' ClNEMAScOPt= coioi «r oi tun iK?«i««•«• TH»IUS OF THE DEER TRAILS! •TKC WMITETAIL BUCK" I? ^r" THOMAS MITCHIU • pri« » . >,««• tt in MMfitki • t«.iw.rf h IM mie KH«^ MWOfHONIC SOUNO VOTI IN OU AoilY FOR "AUDIINCI AWARDS" Give to 1955 Thanktgivlnf March for • | Muscular Dystrophy "' ,- i ^ ~' =•••••*. "•£. •. .-. '.. -.'-.'. . .#. Look for the MDAA Canister beside the cash register wher* you shop. It's Not Too Late to Make Your Contribution to the Cumberland Community Chest. Help Keep the Agencies Functioning. Mail it to 514 Liberty Trust Bldg. or Phone PA 2-2700 For Dinner Tonife,, fiietmignon $4.45 1. VEGETABLES ROLIS and'BUTTER 1 SEAFOOD OYSTERS AND CLAMS ON THE HALF SHEU STEAMED CLAMS THE DOLPHIN BAR 107 N. CENTRE ST. PHONE PA 4-9872 SUPER 4Q 7:00 — — — 9:20 CINEMASCOPE -^ AND — V;: 'it TECHNICOLOR.:*" "Knight* OiThe ROBERT TAYLOR; * AND *\ AVA GARDNER lembers on matters concerning e University of Maryland." McKeldin released the corre- pondence without comment. Dr. Byrd has been on the board nee it was organized. He . was eappointed to a four-year term by IcKeldin in 1953. Byrd retired as resident of the University of iaryland in January 1954, to seek emocratic nomination and elec- on as governor.. . <•"! 12:09 - 106 - '4:04 ' 6:OZ - 8:00 - .9:58^ ALDO RAY-PHiUMMCKYORK •«cauMuncn» Mory'i Cleanert i> now Equipped la handle all your Cleaning Needil We've installed new Equipment to Care White Clothes Ask About Our SCHOOL SPECIAL CASH and CARRY We Also Do- Custom Cleaning and Hand Finishing SPECIAL 1 HOUR Dry Cleaning •SERVICE Call For and Deliver At NO EXTRA Cost Mary's Cleaners 157 N 1 . Mechanic St. PHONE PA 2-2040 GREAT HITS! Starling Today! 2 — ADVENTURE THRILLER! THANKSGIVING TREAT THAT CAN'T BE BEAT! GREAT ON THE STAGE I TERRIFIC AS A MOVIE I tforrina What'* he got? It's what he hasn't got... A WIFE! Whof «v»ry girl sefi for tvery monl In COLOR and ClNIMASCOPIi !".*."»'"-- _^fr«?»«l>». IN H.S.H fteiunc •..":'• '.f . &;$*:AX^*^ wXw/v*v.v>.W%\x.flWv^vVv"*-X-^^ STARTING ^ WEDNESDAY I)

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