The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 29, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1958
Page 9
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TKpR AND A ttCH-L time AftNEft CANYON HOW MUCH TNOTHING,*lfe, TOLPJ except Route AND UNIFORM AND TO Bfclf/0 BRUSH CURLY, A CRANKING ON KOAU PEAL? A SOMEWHAT DISTURBING UTTER FROM AYIllAfiEIN ITALY HA4XNT NATURALLY, STACY ROM HOt IKt.JTACY AT THIS MOMENT ST6VCS TOUCHING OOWN AT NATIONAL AIRPORT, «UCC6SS OP THIS ID6A RESTS ON AU OF US PUVINci It VERY STRAIfiMT- E5PBCIALLY WITH (SANVONf MARY WORTH — EVEN THOUGH I REMEMBER HER IN PIGTAII.V" HOW WILL THE MARCHMA Dl MONETA FIT INTO MV SIMPLE WAY OF LIVING? AND WELL MIGHT OUR WARY WON DERI-FOR, AT THIi MOMENT,ONAWEST-BOUND LUXURY LINER!... PER PIAURt, SI6NOKA LA MAKCHCSA-f IF, JU JT ONCE MORE, , > U KE TH AT • • • POWl .RIGHT IN HER. PAINTED OLD i — ^ PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer YES, IM READING A Y BOOK ON IMPROVING THE MEMORY. 1 TERRIFIC! AND NOW BACK' TO MY BOOK! IT'S HELPED ME A LOT ALREADY/ I'LL SHOW IT . NOW WHERE DID TRUT IT? ^h ttni,,. i*^t.H. «... u.». OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoople WHAT THOSE INSOLENT UP- L"811 A WtAOLE- WEEK WITH STARTS, ALVIM AMD L54rJD£R, SAID fO ME?THEY MADE 50 SOLD AS TO INTIMATE J I AM, A MAM WHO RIFLES WITH THE TRUTH ~lNt)EEO,THATlAMA A FABRICATOR OP , CANARDS/ THAT Y0U 6TRETCH FACTS LlKS A HIPPO AT LEAST OME YAKS' 0\ ©OSH.A CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams MOMENTS WE'P LIKE TO LIVE OVER- OOOP 6OSH, HOW WE'VE CKANGEP.' "It would help my grades, Dad. With that I could get more intelligent girls as my homework!" TIZZY-By Kate Osann Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! MAN MOUNTAIN SETTLES EUFAULA, Okla. dfi — M a n Mountain Dean, the 375 Some of the wind-blown powdered gypsum drifts into dunes j more than 50 feet high in White pound g anc js National Monument, New former professional wrestler, has Mexico. "Boy, winter is really here. Look at all the- new spring clothes!" The "harvest moon" is the lull purchased a tourist court and cafe heie and has settled down as a mo0 n occurring nearest to the au- businessman. Itumnal equinox, Sept. 23. VO'DON'T EAT. VO' M WHUT'S ) DON'T fiO OUT.?- J/ SO PROPER <( IMPAWTINT NOURISHMENT AM' )S "BOOT AjR.1t) DON'T TALK \ VO' £ MERELV A UIKE THET.1T I JAINORiTV GROUP!! AH WANTS/ TH'AAAdQRlTV VO'TQ *-*< WOULD &E HAPPIER .IF? AH AUSTIN i'Minn.) HEfAlO A Monday, D»e. 29, 1958 THE TOODLES WHY—I'M _ AFRAID I CANT ARE YOUT ANSWERTHAT, GOIN6TO \ WRDNER.WHO ) WANTS TEX 2 itSl.rW* k*lrrV'lM,lfli AH flrtli r*MTrM ton. I HOPE SALLY HASN'T HEARD THIS GOSSIP. EVERYBODY. THAT'S ALL SHE SUR6. LARRY AND MOM KEEP TELLING HER ABOUT ARCHIE CO YOU KKJOW WHAT HE'D HAVE TO W/ -SODA JEtJK, ANP WHAT SPEAK UP TO HIM H6 CAN'T PtRB .... YOU OWE HIM TOO MUCH •—' , ' i i R3R SODAS/ ....AND I THINK YOU SHOUUO PAY Mfe WHAT I'M \WOt?TH / WE HAVE A MINIMUM . WAGE UAW/ JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bold and Jerry Brondfield ...I MUST HAVE IT, MR, SAXON.' IT'LL SAVE MONTHS OF EFFORT. BESIDES, ITS SOME THINS DR.WRISHT WANTBP BUT NEVER 6HE MAKES IT SOUND PLAUSIBLE,. BUT WE HAVE THB MONEY. IT VOULP' HAVE TO BE ALLOCATED BV BOSWORTH'S. MR.SAXON, I HAVE A REQUEST FROM DR. LUCAS FOR NEW EQUIPMENT—ATA COST OF «io,ooo. J PO you 'CONSIDER IT NECESSARY MR. MARSHALL? TO ASKIN6 FOR.' MORTY MEEKLE I JUST HEARD ABOUT THIS GR£AT CAMPAIGN OF VOUR6, TO MAKE A NEW FRIENP EVER/ CAVWINTHROP / I'D LIKE TO TRY IT WILL YOU SHOW ME HOW TO DO IT? SWELL/LETS START RIGHT HERE/ A ' I ' i ' i ' S 'Ml b> NtA S«fYk>. Im. T.M. lit!, U.i. Pit. Q|f WELL, THEY ARE CONCERNEP ABOUT VOUR PREOCCUPATION WITH THIS HIUPA, PERSON ...OOP WENT SO A.S TO SAY WU'D PROBABLY ENDUP / OH, FOR WALKING/PETE'S SAKE, OFF THE [ ISNTTHAT ^ RIPICULOU5! -" FOOL LIKE ONE WHWOi WASH TUBBS IF REP AOBMT» ARB 8BHWP THIS, IT* OPP THM- THEV 5POTTED 'BW IN THIS TOWN, OFF TH 1 BEATEN TRACK! 3PR TOOJHAT ANOTHER CRIME JO«T A 5 EW PAV6 AGO WOOLP WROWTHI* TOWN NTHE SPOTLIGHT ABOUT THE TIWC OPMcKEt'S RENDEZVOUS—' . _ ,VE»..WM>6 CALLER WSHT BE OP HELP IN \ Mfe i HAP TRACINfl THEtti I KNOW ISBCURITV HA»T5 Wea../CHECKBDl "OKA/ ALSO I ONCB LNBP 7 ILL, 5HOW YOU INTHI5TOWWI /\ INHERE THEV Wg« LAST SEEN'. SV REACHES THB VILLAOB- WHERE BUGS BUNNY FRECKLES P/E SAYS SHCS ALL AFLAME WITH MAC> DESIRE FOE TORCMIM6 THE Toww wrw HER. LARDY-ICINIS SWELL---") —YOU TO P;E InATisHE WEAR HER HIKIM6-&HQE6 CAUSE LARDY-WMS MINUS A CAR. TONI6MT.' PLEASE INFORM ^ TRY, , CUPPLE - Pie THAT LARD/ SHORT RIBS It'Zf JACOBYS BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service A Montana reader sent me today'* hand with the comment: "I sat West and opened the, nine of hearts. My partner's Jack held that trick and he continued with his king. South won with the ace and I signaled with the six of spades, "South led the deuce of clubs and allowed my queen to hold hts trick. At this point it did not matter what I led. He had 10 tricks In high cards and I was squeezed In diamonds and spades for the eleventh. If I bad discarded my queen of clubs on the second heard lead South would have had no way to run the club' suit without first letting my partner In the • lead and he would have been set. Should I have made this discard?" The answer la that h* certainly should, have. That queen of clubs NORTH (W M 4A92 ¥83 *K7 *AK1088* WEST EAST 4Q1065434J ¥9 VKQJ7654 • Q10 83 2 *65 + Q +J7J SOUTH AK87 VA102 • AJ94 + 632 North and South vulnerable North Eut SonUi Wf*t 1+ 3¥ 3N.T. Paai Past Pass Opening; lead—¥ » was worth nothing In hli band because If South held the jack the whole club suit had to be good. He should have jettisoned H to give his partner a chance to get In the lead If be did have those three clubs to the jack. Incidentally, It is worthy of note that South could have made the hand surely by winning the first heart, but South could not have been certain that East's three heart bid showed a seven card cult. Figure Compliments PRINTED PATTERN Fashioned for larger figures witto •itmmlwf *u4 *taple line*, sew Uila •mart iMp-ln with cardigan or kcoop- «d neok for year 'round wear. Sew- very-e&sy, 3 alaiiv* v«retoui. Tooujr- row't p»tt*m: W«MU«a'i two^vtocf 4r««s. Printed P»tt«m «W: Womw'a 8U- e& 36. 38, 40. 49. 44, 46. 48, 50. 8iW> '•* Printed dlwctton» on Mda patt«ra part. Easier, accorftto. Send TWrty-tiT* c«ou La coit» fiu t!:te pattern — add 10 cenig lor eacb pattern for lit-olajw malto«. Send to Auu« Adams, car* of Au*tln CUIii Herald Pattern Bopl- *" W««t 17 it St.. New York 11. M.Y. Print plOnl> «, AO0UC88 with ZON*% BUM STYLE WMBKB.

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