Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 29, 1974 · Page 7
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 7

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1974
Page 7
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1934 GRADUATES- Here are Bay High's 1934 graduates pictured at the reunion. Those present were Carl Davis, Morris Jones, Frank Singleton, Curtis Allan, Philip Gray, Arthur Titus, Ray Nixon, Lynwood Conrad, Lewis Jenkins, Virgie Nichols Por-' ter, Winifred Wiggin Resnikoff, Elizabeth Ellis Nixon, Orene Gainer Retherford, Genevieve Soren- sen Pumphrey, Ellis Fowhand, Luria Johnson Mildred Cullen Ware, Mary Lou Vickers Turpin, Lawrence Segler, Frank Coleman, Titus Presley, Roy Prows, John Pumphrey, Josephine Tillman Ellis, Pearly Cauley, Indus Darby, Liela Mae Norris Kuper, and Frank Rigell. inflation is pushing appliance prices upward..... GULF POWER & FRH5IDAIRE OFFER A SPECIAL ONE DAY SALE TO BEAT THE INCREASE MWAM to 130PM ® m RAPIDLY INCREASING COSTS WILL PUSH APPLIANCE PRICES UPWARD NEXT YEAR, SATURDAY, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GULF POWER AND FRIGIDAIRE'S ONE-DAY SALE, YOU CAN SAVE UP TO $100! MODEL NO, RDG3-20S A-1938R FPI3-152TT FPCI3-152TAU FPCI3-203V3U FPCI3-236TU FPI3-152TAT RDG35W FPCD219VAM DESC, COLOR REG, PRICE SALE RANGE WHITE AIR CO.ND, REF, WHITE REF, WHITE . (DAMAGED) $379,95 $359.95 $389,95 $259.95 $™, 95 $359.95 $469,95 $419.95 REF, HARV, GO,$664,95 $564.95 (DAMAGED) REF, W/ WHITE $559.90 $485.95 ICE MAK,. (FLOOR MODEL) REF, WHITE $469,95 $399.95 (FLOOR MODEL) RANGE WHITE $283,95 $259.95 (FLOOR MODEL) REF, W/ WHITE ICE MAKER (USED) $450.00 FPCI3-230VT REF, WHITE WCD3T ^LISED) $450.00 WASHER WHITE $279,95 $229.95 (DEMO) GULF POWER APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE Bay Class Holds Reunion Bay High's class of 1934 held its 40th anniversary reunion at the Four Winds Restaurant with a buffet dinner. Ellis Fowhand was master of ceremonies. Ray Nixon, president of the senior class in 1934, gave the invocation and the In Memoriam for the six deceased class members. Impromptu talks by the class members and teachers provided nostalgic entertainment and enthusiasm was the keynote of all. Ion Walker, former coach of Bay High and principal in 1934, gave the final talk. Many class members expressed thanks to the teachers for their strictness and firm discipline and for their personal interest in them during their high school years. Stories of the depression years proved to be a reminder, that things have not always been easy, but that this group was able to have very successful lives by determination and perseverence. Door prizes were given to Mrs. Frank Rigell, Natchez, Miss, Orene Gainer Retherford, Panama City, and Luria Johnson, Panama City. Frank Singleton of Burbank, Calif., received the prize for coming the longest distance. Approximately 50 members and guests attended the affair. The members decided to have another reunion in October of 1977. There were 28 class members present. The social closed with the entire group repeating the Mizpah Benediction.' Good Gardener Before doing any work in the garden, liberally apply moisturiier to your hands, £ ut on close-fitting old cot>n gloves and then loose-fit* ting garden gloves. This lets the moisturizer work while , you do. NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla., Saturday, June 29, 1W4 WIN AT BRIDGE Page 7 A Defense spells the difference gDeofc-AM) Nephew's advances get an 'auik-i' response By Abigail Van Buren e iiw » CMOW THUII ii. v. mm tut., i«. DEAR ABBY: I have a nephew (my sister's son] who is 48, and has been divorced three times. He's always been quite a ladies' man. Very handsome, but something of a fortune-hunter, I've heard. I've seen him perhaps half a dozen times in his adult life. [He lives in New York and I live in Canada.] I lost my husband last year, and suddenly this nephew started writing me the loveliest letters. I answered each one, thinking how sweet of him to be so attentive to his old aunt. Then came a letter saying: "May I come and visit you? I have something important to talk to you about." I thought maybe he'd found a ladyfrlend and wanted to bring her out to meet me, so I wrote back: "Don't keep me in suspense, but please give me a hint." In his next letter came the shock of my life. He wrote, "Now I can finally confess how I feel about you. I've always thought of you as a woman—not as an aunt, but I never dared to let you know." He closed with: "I want you. I need you. I love you." Abby, I am 71 years old, and couldn't possibly think of this nephew as anything but my sister's little boy. How can I put an end to this without Insulting him outright? AUNTIE DEAR AUNTIE: Tell him that you're flattered by Us "confession," but you don't feel the same way about him. And if he still wants to visit you, put him up at a hotel. You don't need a handsome, fortone-huntlag ladies' man as a house guest. He probably walks In his steep. DEAR ABBY: For years I have wanted to trace my family as far back as possible, but I don't know where to begin. My forebears came from Ireland. Do you know of any agency in the United States or in Ireland with whom I could communicate to inquire? . HOPEFUL IN BOSTON DEAR HOPEFUL: Call yours "the luck of the Irlsh"-I think I can help you. My column appears in the Sunday News, Northern Ireland's largest circulating Sunday newspaper, and one of my colleagues there specialises in tracing Irish family histories. The information you seek is available for a small fee. Write to: Family Tracing Services, 33 North Circular Rd., Belfast IS, Ireland. DEAR ABBY: I am a 33-year-old happily married woman. I used to have a beautiful figure. [In high school I was 38-25-36.] After nursing three babies, I lost my bust. Now I have to wear a padded bra to look presentable. Nobody except my husband and a few very close friends know what I'm really like. I wanted so much to be firm and filled out again that I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon. He explained all about silicone implants, and I can hardly wait to have it done, but something is holding me back. Would such an operation be considered deceitful, and therefore sinful in the eyes of the Lord? HOLDING OFF DEAR HOLDING: Your clergyman can tell you what the ruling in your church is concerning reconstructive plastic surgery, so ask him to "fill you in" before you ask the doctor to "fill you out!" • * 28 EAST 4952 ¥ J73 • 4 • AKJ632 NORTH 4 A 10643 ¥964 K 10954 WEST * KJ8 ¥K1082 ^108762 SOUTH (D) • Q7 ¥AQ5 AQJ953 Q7 East-West vulnerable West North East South 1* Pass 1* Pass 3f Pass 3* Pass 3N.T. Pass T I Opening lead-f 2 South could only cash his three top diamonds. He needed several spade tricks for his contract. So he proceeded lead his last spade, finesse dummy's 10 and ended up with his contract plus an overtrick. At the other table West had taken the trouble to listen to the bidding. He was sure that South was counting on five diamond tricks and therefore West led back the eight of spades at trick four. South promptly refused the spade finesse. He thought his contract was safe. Then he came to his hand with the ace of hearts and had to go down two when the diamonds failed to break. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) By Oswald & James Jacoby Some of the best plays in bridge look so easy that no one realizes how difficult they really are. Here is one that helped decide an important team match. The bidding and play of the first three tricks was the same at both tables. South won the first trick with the queen of hearts, led a diamond to dummy's king and a spade back to his queen and West's king. At the first table West led the king of hearts, South took his ace right away and started to run diamonds. East showed out on this lead so The bidding has been: 28 West North East South U Dble Pass 2* Pass 3 V Pass ? You, South, hold: * 654 ?KJ4 3 2>AQ97*3 What do you do now? A-Just bid four hearts. Don't hang your partner in case he has made a weak takeout double. TODAY'S QUESTION You hold the same hand. West opens one club. Your partner overcalls one spade. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Richardson-Finch Rites Announced Mr. and Richardson Mrs. James M. of Panama City Fleet Reserve ^P /ans Cookout Fleet Reserve National Association Unit 346, plans a barbecue and fish fry combination cookout Sunday beginning at 2 p.m. at the FRA building. It is located off highway 98 on Wilkinson avenue. Guests may turn left at the Marlin motel. Food will be free to all members and their families and all | persons eligible for member-, ship in the FRA or ladies'; auxiliary. This is the organization's 50th anniversary drive. All having six years' active duty or more in the Navy, Coast Guard or Marines are invited to attend and enjoy the food and drinks. have announced the marriage of their daughter, Judy Carol, to Dennis Finch, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Finch, of Hilahd Park. The wedding was an event of June 8 in Donaldsonville, Ga. The newlyweds will make their home at Bayou George. Mrs. Finch is an employee of Commercial Bank and Mr. Finch is with the Bay County Pest Control. /NOWOPEN\ "The Affair" 50% - 70% OFF Factory Outlet for Name Brand lingerie and Loungewear Sportswear far Misses, Juniors, Children Swimwear — Baggies., 4927 W, ThoiMi Or, Pre- Snjfe Shop Summer Dresses & Sportswear 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 224 Harrison Ave. Phone 785-5421 11 St. Shopping Center Phone 785-1611 The Civil Service Board of the City of Panama City Beach is presently accepting application for one part- time secretary and one full-time secretary. Typing, shorthand, general knowledge of oofice procedures required. Applications and information may be obtained from the Civil Service Board secretary Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Beach City Hall. Phone 234-2259

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