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i. Fort Worth. May Worth de. 7w was the feated Waco today by a score of 7 to 4" 01 Williams. The Whit- S'ox alsn de '1? of 10 to 1 TentH Ward by the SCOre Score Fort Worth R.

01 7 rv a.uu 000 101 0024 AC i Batteries Merkel Quinn and Edwards. Umpire Schuster. and McKay; HATORS-TOOnHIRD WAS UP IN THE AIR IN Galveston, San Antonio, 2. San Antonio. Mav 19 BROOKLYN HANDICAP.

Fifteen Horses Expected to Start for NG AND AUSTIN DID L.ocT INNI vji a "vi 1 We are always on the lookout for everything that's new for men's wear and we sail right to the ports of the world and bring the samples of all the fashions that have the stamp of good taste. Today it is a brand new lot of Fancy Hosiery from Germany that are exquisitely beautiful 50c and $1.00. m- i 1 1 vwru my -M MTHf CIPTHIGRS vvouTrrraeio DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY IN A United Stales Government Depositary The Austin National Bank THE LARGEST BANK DO YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS SCIENCE IN NEATNESS? BE WISE AND USE APOLiO on the part of San Antonio lost the aiveston. Three errors by Markley, one error by Collins, dumb playmg by Collins, Robb and Burke at critical periods tells the story. Both Dolan and Christian pitched good ball.

Despite Galveston's four errors, the fielding of Galveston was of the sensational order, not a bobble being made at critical periods. San Antonio left tonight and will be on the road for three games. Score San Antonio. Galveston R. H.

E. 010 000 0102 10 3 "000 201 0104 9 4 Batteries Dolen and Robb; Christian and Block. Summary: Two-base Hits Markley, Pendleton, Preston. Stolen Bases McMurray. Sacrifice Hits Everheart, Haidt, Disch.

Struck Out By Dolen 3, by Chris tian 2 Base on Balls Off Christian 1. Batters Hit By Christian 1. First Base on Errors San Antonio 1, Galveston 3. Double Plays Christian to Kane; Haidt to Wleikart: McMnrrav to heart to Newman; Baird to Weikart 10 UIOCK. Time of Game 1:40.

Umpire Quigg. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Boston, Chicago, 0. Chicago. May 19.

Boston won the tenth inning today. in Score ti v. Chicago ........000 000 000 0 0 6 2 Boston 000 000 000 44 10 0 Batteries White and W. Sullivan; Young and Crlger. New York, St.

Louis, 5. St. Louis, May 19. The New York Americans won today's game with St. Louis.

Three errors by Wallace were responsible for four of New York's runs. Score R. H. E. St.

Louis 010 200 0205 8 5 New York 000 104 020 7 10 3 Batteries Powell and Moore and Kleinow. O'Connor; NATIONAL LEAGUE. No National league scheduled. SOUTHERN LEAGUE. Memphis, Montgomery, 4.

Memphis, May 19. By bunching hits with their opponents' errors Memphis scored an easy victory over Montgomery today. Score R. H.E. Montgomery ....300 000 001 4 4 4 Memphis 200 101 05 9 8 i Batteries Hausen, Seabaugh Maxwell; Hurlburt and Cristall.

and Shreveport, Atlanta, 3. Shreveport, May 19. Massing the game for Shreveport in the first Inning, when, with bases full, he hit for three bases, scoring later himself on a passed ball. Score-- R. H.

B. Shreveport 400 000 11 6 4 2 Atlanta 102 000 0003 4 6 Batteries Graham and Grafflus; Rowan, Castieton and S. Smith. New Orleans, Nashville, 1. New Orleans, Mav 19.

New Orleans' hits came when needed and both runs were earned. Nashville's only run was the result of an error by Manuel and dumb playing by Sabrie. Excellent fielding by Gaston and Nadeau cut off many safe drives. Score R. H.

E. Nashville 000 000 1001 2 0 New Orleans ....000 001 10 2 2 1 Batteries Duggan and Hardy; Guese and Matthews. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Columbus, Indianapolis, 1. Milwaukee, Kansas City, 6.

Toledo, 11; Louisville, 2. Minneapolis, St. Paul, 5. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. American League.

Played. Won. Lost. P.C. .625 .607 .600 .577 .480 .385 .348 .333 Chicago 29 19 10 28 17 11 25 15 10 26 15 11 25 12 13 26 10 16 23 8 15 27 9 18 Cleveland Detroit New Philadelphia Boston Washington St.

Louis 27 ui a GUY S. Architect and Constructing Engineer tfama and Specifications Prepared (or All Classes of Buildings, Especial)? Modern Concrete Construction. Peadexter Building. LU SCORING THEN HEAT CROWD PRESENT rim the Start nan r-r i weak Piay aml Wa Crisp Ball, ,,,6,. Right to Finish.

with TTnllfttnn Austin tne innlnp- when it in me viurfl hittlne. as runs uuuu Tat the Driving park to see the ovi at 'e nientv to keep edge, thougn afhlir not so numerous aJs day8. Tne big non so" i in the first inning was Efnr the enthusiasm, and tnere was I fit up. The Houston team was let up. fourth man up.

i1 cracked out a three-bagger ino The. next man PLlne third Sit, "so the big hit did tide tne uuiu short Ped for Austin with a hit. Adams Se7 Gardner put, up a fly to kZ-h, field, but the sure bpeajtev wr rP. was not sure, and the ball was Lpped Alexander hit a first base and then Firestine hit two bases, scoring later on an error R'Ju. third baseman.

Bradley got hit an then little McCulley cracked tufa square, three-bagger -coring faT Stile second in an effort to. at- Pa" Mnn so went to mrnnn wa. uil u.v a.w- rapt attention Srd on an error of the second base- tan and wa. and MC: lrf.aiiuci lev scored by hits and four errors Ef their opponents After tnat Houston players tightened up and r. nn more men across hj hits.

Hous Ln took a run in the first inning and tailed two in the sixth on a hit by followed by a two-bagger ti. TXTi I tarn an fl a hit by Parrott, nr1 I Tlnnrla CI II nilLUl UUVII uiivvv 0 L.u hits, though there I a nnmher of these. A feature 01 tne gaum Lti short and Adams in the 'fourth. Score: Austin- A.B. 2 ..8 2 2 R.

2 0 0 0. 1 1 1 0 0 H. P.O. 2 0 A. 0 0 2 0 1 0 1 1 2 Short, If lb Gardner, 2b -Alexander, cf Firestine, 3b Bradley, rf McCulley, ss Gordon, 0 Sutor, Totals 29 8 27 H.

P.O. 1 1 1 0 0 5 2 1 1 1 5 2 1 1 3 0 2 0 0 Houston Aiken, 3b Wright, ss Speaker, rf A.B. 6 4 4 Edmonson, cf 2 Whiteman, If 4 Parrott, lb 4 Moore, 4 Truesdale, 2b 3 Harris, 4 Brlskey 1 ....1 i i vj 0 Totals 35 3 9 24 9 7 Batted for Truesdale in ninth. Score by innings: Austin 500 000 00 5 Houston ..100 002 0003 Summary: Stolen Bases Short 2, Adams, Ed- monaon 2. Sacrifice Hits Adams, Sutor.

Bases on Balls Of Harris, 2 off Sutor. Struck Out By Sutor, by Harris, 1. Two-base Hits Firestine, Whiteman. Three-base Hits Edmonson, McCulley. Hit by Pitcher Edmonson 2, Gor don 2.

-Passed Ball Moore. Time of Game 1:30. Umpire Newhouse. Temple, Dallas, 2. -Dallas, May 19.

Temple gave Abies the severest thumping he has received this season and beat Dallas 7 to 2. The home team saved a shut-out by a rally in the ninth inning, when they earned two runs on Riley's two-bagger and Starks' home run. The attendance was nearly 4000. Score R. H.

E. Dalli 000 ooa nns- -2 5 3 -7 11 2 Teniple 200 031 001- Batteries Abies and Kerns; Jarvis tv nice. Umpire Wlnscott, SHIRTS TEFACT," ND 5d r.0O'J,-CLrr SHIRTS WW COLLAR. yy yv X't Kf? I -ia rv "-j-. i'r i- "ll1 in the Big Classic.

New York, Mav 19. If the skv gleams blue tomorrow many thousands cw xorners will journey down to Gravesend to witness the running of the classic Brooklyn handicnn. Fif teen horses are announced aa nrnba. ble starters for the $20,000 purse, and the handicappers are at a loss to choose a favorite from among a half dozen of these, so evenly are they matched. Accountant, the big money inner of last year; Tokalon, the Texas mare which won the event last season; Go Between, Dandelion, Su perman, balvidere, Nealon and Arcite are among these.

Superman, Jmes R. Keene's Commando colt, last inursday stepped a mile and one-six leemn at Belmont Park in 1:44 3-5, equaling the world's record for that distance. In this racs he carried 112 pounds. The Brooklyn handicap is at mile and a quarter, and in it Superman is asked to pick up only ninety- nve pounds. Miller will ride him.

Accountant, Go Between, Salvidere and Dandelion are looked upon as the horse9 most likely to force Superman to extend himself if he Is to bring the rich prize to the Keene stable for the fourth time. At all events, no matter who may be the winner, it will be a hard-fought race from start to finish The probable starters, with their weights and jockeys, h-e: Go Between. 120, L. V'illlams. uandelion, 118, Radtke.

Tokalon, 116, Booker. Nealon, 111, E. Dugan. Flip Flap, 112, J. Martin.

Oxford, 110, L. Smith. Buttling, 107. Notter. Salvidere, 107, J.

Johnson. Arcite, 97, Preston. Sewell, 07, Horner. Beauclere, 94, Lloyd. Accountant.

126, W. Knapp. Blandy, 11, Mountain. Superman, 95, Miller. Beacon Light, 100, Murphy.

Louisville Selections. Sabado, Orlandot, Merrifleld. Warner Griswell, Royal River, edra. Hesterzora, Merry Blue, Waldorf Belle. Noran, Lights Out, Pete Vinegar.

Nat Our Anna, Gambrinus. Posing, Tinker, Docile. Toronto Selections. Renrow, Charlie Eastman, Scarf ield. End, Oscar Fare.

Earl Rogers, Cobmosa, Nelliburn. Rising Sun, Pick Time, Frank Som-ers. Avaunteer, Edwin Gum, Ormonde's Right. Wabash Queen, Moonvine, Objure. Oakland Selections.

Sadie Albion Katie Raines. I Eulalie Tetanus, Furze. Fury, Water Cure. Bonar. Corrigan, Byronerdale, Daniel C.

Blagg, F. Neugent, Combury. Sir Brillar, Phalanx, Jthel Day. Oakland Entries. First Race, Nine-sixteenths of a Mile, Selling: Charay, 112; Kinshee, 112.

Alice 112; Albion 109; 109; Katie Raines, 107; Saucy 107; Lilia, 104; Star of Texas, 104; St. Dooren, 104; Raratan, 104; Butte City, 102. Second Race, Eleven-sixteenths of a Mile, Selling: John weltnaupt, 109; Babe Kiefe, 109; Willamaw, 109; Ten Row, 109; Nedda, 107; Tetanus, 107; School Bell, 107; Reba, 107; Furze, 107; Senator Warner, 104; Hankwell, 104: Eulalie 102. Third Race, One and One-eighth Miles, Selling: Veterano, 112; Baker, 112; Bonar, 109; Foncasta, 109; Adi-rondak, 109- Elprimero, 109; Lady Fashion, 107; Frank Flitner, 107; Ish-malian, 107; Fury, 104; Water Cure, 104; Jerusha, 102. Fourth Race.

One and One-elghttt Miles, Selling: Corrigan, 112; Lazelle, 109; Hooligan, 109; HI Caulcap, 109; Capable, 109; Tabytosa. 109; Byroner dale, 109; 109 Daniel 109; Retro 109; Briers. 107; Des- magnes, 104. Fifth Race, Three-fourths of a Mile: Blagg, 111; V- Nugent, 111; Otto Price, 106; Como, 106; L. C.

Ackerly, 106; Red Garter, 106; Fair Fagot, 104; Comburg, 101; Taos, 101; Confidence. 99. Sixth Race, Seven-eighths of a Mile: A. Mu3koday, 112; Sir Brillar, 112; Sigar Lighter, 112; Phalanx, 107; Etopa, 105; Enchanter, 104; Martinmas, 104: Bantam. 102; Oratorlan, 102; Maud Muller, 102; Ethel Day, 102; Good Cheer, 102.

Weather clear; track Fast. Toronto Entries. First Race, Three-fourths of a Mile: Renrow, 97; Charley Ward, 97; bog Rose, 97; Blackstone, 97; Glen- lonely, 105; Marie Antnony ii. lur, Charlie Eastman, 107; Preen, 109; Dr. Mack.

110; Merry England, 112; Scar- field, 112; Phaeton, 109. Second Race, Nine-sixteentns or a Mile: Boll Weevil, 94; Ena, 94; Al-vola, 96; Oscar 96; Kitty Smith, 98; Cantless. i-rovone, 100; Water Belle, 103; Velos, 107; Pa trician, 108; Henry Kelly, 110; Ketcn- emike, 102. Third Race, One and One-sixteenth Nellie Burn, 98; Cursus, 190; Holloway, 103; Cobmosa, 105; Earl Rogers, 109; Matabon, 109. Fourth Race, Steeplechase, Two Miles- Fly lnj Plover, 149; Golden Way, 145; Pick Time, 153; Rising Sun, 15; Frank Somers.

160. Fifth Race, Queen's Hotel Handi- nnfl Mile: 'Inferno, 106; Deuce, 104- Minnie Adams. 118; Ormonde's Right 108; Edwin Guinn, 109; Col. Tank 105- Avaunteer, 104; J. K.

Laughrey, 97; Temmeriere, 98; Simon 98. Seagrame entry. Dyment entry. Sixth Race, Three-fourths of a Mile: Moonvine. 103; Halton, 106; Autumn King.

108; Left Guard, 108; Lyndhurst, 110; Gold Note, 111; Har-ley 111- Fire Fly, 112; Jack Kerche-ville, 114; Abjure, 117; Cicely, 117; Kiamesha II, H7; Merry George 121; Castor, 121; Paul Clifford, 121: Demon, 123; Annie Berry, 112; Niblick, 121; Wabash Queen, 101. Weather clear; track fast Louisville Entries. Race, Nine-sixteenths of a First Mile, Selling: Waterlock, iot, Merri- hi NATIONAL 97; 99; 92; Rev. J. L.

Griffin, the Rapid field, 107; J. S. McAllster, 107; Budge-work, 107; Stone Street, 110; Bitter Man, 110; Albert 110; Charose, 110; Bucket Brigade, 110; Vansel, 110; Sabado, 110; Orlandot, 110; Insurgent, 110; Maxton, 110; Malmaison, 1.10; Lep Godchaux, 110. Second Race, Three-quarters of a Mile: Anna Ruskin, 92: No Quarter, Monere, 97, The Golden Bird, 97; Royai River, 97; Webber, 99; Chase, All Ablaze, 99; Nerda, 100; Denl-gre, 102; Druien, 102; Little George, 102: Monvina, 103; Warner Griswell. luo; Kenned, lus; Javanese, 111.

Tjhird Race, Nine- sixteenths of a Mile: Merry Blue, 92; Frances Friar, Pantops, 92; Athor, 92; Waldorf Belle, 92; Little Jennie, 92; Hester Zora, 92; Geneva 92; Katherine Murphy, 102; Lady Flora, 102; Latteci, 102; Mary Talbott, 102. Fourth Race, Steeplechase, Short Course: Jed Grlllo, 125; Lechgoil, 130; Pete Vinegar, 134; Horizontal, 135; Killdoe, 135; Dr. Heard, 142; Na-ran, 143; Weberflelds 143; Lights Out, 145; Dell Leath, 147. Fifth Race, Three-quarters of a Mile: Glenarm, 91; Our Anna, 91; Mortiboy, 96; Usury, 98; Etrena, 98; McAnernev, 102; Funiculaire, 102; Investor, 102! Gambrinus, 102; Nat 105; Orlandwick. 105; Frontenac, 110.

Sixth Race, One and One-eighth miles, selling: Tinker, 98; Florizel, 99; Goldway, 100; Cull, 100; Neva Welch. 102; Belden, 103; Redwood II, 103; Henry 104; Docile, 104; Fon-soluca, 104; Golden Mineral, 104; Passing, 106; Albert Fir, 107; Gauze, 107; Bendigo 107; Rebounder, 10. AUSTIN TURF COMMISSION CO. Over Crystal Saloon. Direct private wire to San FranclBCO, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Commissions executed on all sporting events. PaT BREEN. Manager. Mrs. Base Killed in Runaway.

Temple, May 19. A message was received here today by Messrs. F. F. and P.

L. Downs stating that a favorite relative of the latter's, a first cousin, Mrs. Ida Maddin Bass, had lost her life yesterday in a tragic manner, the result of a carriage runaway accident at Chattanooga, where she resided. Mrs. Bass had visited Texas several times, and is lovingly remembered.

She was the daughter of Dr. J. W. Maddin, a prominent physician of Nashville, and a niece Dr. 'rnos.

L. Maddins, for over fifty continuous years a member of the faculty of the Universitv of Nashville and the medi cal department of Vanderbilt Univer sity. BAPTISTS AT RICHMOND. Protestant Pulpits Filled and Meetings for Men Held. Mass Richmond, Va, May 19.

Most of the Protestant pulpits of the city were occupied today bv ministers in attendance on the southern Baptist convention now in session here. It was estimated that 114 Baptist sermons were preached in Richmond and its immediate environs during the day. Two great mass meetings for men were also held under the auspices of the Baptist convention, one in the First BaDtlst church, the other, a sort of overflow meeting, in the Grove Av-fc enue Baptist churcn. At me former addresses were made by Hon. Morney Williams of New York, Hon.

Jeshua Levering of Baltimore and ex-Governor Northen of Georgia. At the latter the leading speakers were Rev. Dr. J. White of Atlanta, Rev.

H. H. Hulle'n of Charlotte, N. and Rev. Dr.

L. G. Broughton of Atlanta. Dr. W.

W. Landrum of Atlanta presided. This afternoon a missionary mass meeting under the auspices of the Woman's Missionary Union auxiliary to the Baptist convention was held at the Second Baptist church. Addresses were made by MIS3 Carrie Bostick, Miss Alice Parker, Mrs. E.

Tatum, Mrs. W. E. Crocker and Ml Ida Pruitt, all missionaries to China; Mrs. W.

H. Clark of Japan and Miss Katherine Hansen of Okla- hnrr, nnrt the sum of 110,009 was raised for the Southern Theological Training school for women missionaries. The men's meetings were noteworthy for earnestness in the cause of work fnr. hv laymen. There was no session of the convention today.

"Our Best Society." Governess (in set family) tttv, invinir vou children are! coh' offpctinn bpfwcen brother and iar I am delighted to see. Clive Yes'm. Were playin' grown the husband an' Barbara she's the maid. Puck. Firing Gun Evangelist.

WILD SCENE OF EXCITEMENT "SIN KILLER" GRIFFIN HAS GROES SHOUTING. NE Tabernacle Was Packed Full of Ne groes Upon Whom the Sermon Had Effect Shouting Was Loud and Long. "Sin Killer" Griffin last night more than fulfilled his promise to "have 'em shouting and praising God," for sel dom if ever was there witnessed in this city a scene similar to that at the tabernacle last evening. The tent wasi packed and jammed with negroes and a few whites, and the latter were at times unnoticed for the noise and excitement that attended the preacher's remarks. Rev.

Griffin began his remarks with some funny remarks as to his past his tory, how he took up farming in Mis sissippi; was taught to plow by tread ing lightly among the spreading adders and blunt head moccasins, and how he stole a sack of cotton seed and traded it oft to ''another white man" for a hog, together with various othvr incidents of his career. Speaking of his work In this city he dwelt upon the fact that he had received but little for his services, and stated that when a certain white man had given him $5 for the orphans' home the act had filled him with such Joy that he had forgotten to turn In the money. These remarks completed, he turned his attention to his proper. The first paragraph began with the words. "When I was in New York;" the second, with "During my.

visit to Detroit last month," and tlie third, with "My friend, Carter Harrison." Very many of his prefatory remarks dealt with himself, and during the whole of his sermon the virtues and experiences of J. L. Griffin were touched upon whenever opportunity offered. It was not long, however, before he got down to the real work of the evening. The negroes, who had been amused by his beginning remarks, Joined with solemn countenances in "The Old Time Religion," and by the time this was concluded they were In a proper frame of mind for the "rapid fire" work to commence.

The preacher wiped his forehead, straightened up his shoulders and launched a bolt at the entire sinning contingent of the neero race, including gamblers, thieves and liars In one magnificent burst of oratory. Then he became more ex pllolt and hurling a few more at the different varieties of sin, pegan upon the horrors of death. That settled It. Ho had but fairly begun when one old negro woman arose and proclaimed her ineffable happiness by shouting loud and long. She was allowed full sway and before long her shrill voice sunk to sighs and moans, through which she continued to saout forth that she was saved from the horrors rlptiloted bv the speaker.

The sermon continued ana witn continued In constantly Increasing vigor the shouts and happy cries ol the saved, many of whom pusnea tor ward to take Rev. Griffin by the hand. It was but a short while before some "got hawy In the true Rense or tne word and not alone oy vocai aemon strations, but by squirming and writh ing In an ecstacy of Joy did they ex Dress their feelings. No one who witnessed tne scene or who heard above an tne am ana clamor the steady sing-song voice of the preacher, can wonder at his Tame or power. iNo matter now ioua tne noise or how rrnntlc tne snouts, tne voire went steadily on In statements n-hlph.

even if not founded on the srriotures, at least had tne deslrea pff.ct upon the audience. Thp scrnn In the tent at times beg gared description co wild were the shouts and so frantic were the cries that thp orator drew from nis rrignt enod harers. Old negro women stood ii In thflr seats and screamed pWee- Ingly and long: young girls writhed and twisted in the hands of the friends who were endeavoring to quell their exubTancp; while from young and old ramp rontlntiPd shouts or "rraise tn T.r,rd'" "Halleluiah!" "Glory!" and similar exclamations of emotion or de votion. Rev. Griffin droned on through hi prmon.

stamping about the plat form shaking his fist at the air and at times sinking momentarily ex. hausted into a chair. At last the sermon ended with and crayer. after which Rev. Griffin thanked the whites present for their aid, and closed the meeting.

During the nervloes dozens of ne OT-nea went to shake his hand and ex press their belief in the principles he set forth. Rev Griffin left last night for Waco, where he will be until Thursday, when ho will return to continue nis worn here. FORMER DETECTIVES ARRESTED. San Antonio Men Charped With 8har in Coleman iMiiing. Pan Antonio.

May 1. Affidavit haretne George Shoaf and Frank Mlabaum. both ex-elty detectives, with murder In connection with the killing of Jim Coleman Friday iight, have been filed by District Attorney Baker. Shoal and were with Cole IN TRAVIS COUNTY. Delano, Davis, John Dodaen, John (2); Dean, G.

Depew, N. W. Elkma, Bunyan; Knqulst, Martin, -Frlthiof. Falcacone. Nlcholalas: Fitzgerald, Frank.

Gary. Enos; Gray. Dixon: Garsla, Luis. Houston, Robt Hanls, W. Hendricks, C.

Houoe, Walter Hower, A. Harrison, Billle; Hughes, Will; Hayes, S. A. Johnson, Alexus; Jones, Arthur; Jackson, J. Tj Jefferson, William; Jones, R.

H. Kizine, Charley. Lohmullen, Adolf (2V: Lyles, T. Montalvo, Ysldor; Mirgan, C. Martin.

C. Martin, C. Middle-ton, Coy; Milam, John; Mlkeaka, John; Moe, John; Moore, Houston; Mason, Willie. McAdams, Arthur; McQuUkln, W. J.j McDonald, C.

J. Overstreet, Eugene; Owens, John; O'Brien, Swine. Payne, N. D. Pratt, Eugene; Pruett, Jasper; Ponnell, T.

Rud, Dr. Anthony; Roe, Ruge-' ley, Roland; Rich, F. A. Stuk, J. Smith, Non; Summorow, Rudolph; Smith, Andrew; Skelton, D.

Sealey, J. Stewart John H. Sullivan, John Bhankllng, C. E. M.

Townsend, Paul; Thompson, Percy; Tuck, Raphael Son; Taylor, 'George; Thelo, A. T. Wieson, W. Williams, Monroe; Wfadley, Dr. S.

Wooda, Jno. W. Young, Eddie. Zlnn, J. V.

Foreign. Knight Kittle. Samanuyo, Rafallle. Thompson, Dr. F.

L. Miacellenoua. Craig Bordenave. Massey Hill. Absurd Length of Trials.

No expense of time or money is too great to Insure Justice to an accused person, but the view of a foreigner above 'quoted, to the effect that our conspicuous and spectacular trials swell the lawyers' heads and belittle the law," Is shared by an increasing number of Americans. It Is doubtful if many Judges or lawyers actually believe that a well-nigh Interminable duel between opposing lawyers or be-j tween lawyers and expert witnesses Is an aid to Justice. Especially when an accused has great wealth ana is able to carry on an Indefinite contest running through weeks and months, the question arises whether Justice can be served and saved without permit ting the duration of the trial to limited by nothing except the wishes of counsel and the purse of the client It Is not simply a question of enormous cost to the public; It is a question of practically monopolizing the court to the exclusion of other important business for an indefinite period. To say that there Is no remedy for these abuses Is to admit a very glaring defect In our system of Justice. Many times It Is obvious that the real purpose of the prolonged struggle Is not to secure, but to defeat Justice.

Still the courts seem powerless to interfere. There should be no clamor, Indeed, for any procedure that would deny Justice, but the question Is pressing hard upon us whether or not there any way of securing Justice except by the present practice of letting the trial go on as long as counsel desire to drag it. The Interminable length of many trials comes dangerously near being a burlesque and a ecandali Case and Comment Equal to the Emergency. The Rev. Dr.

Fourthly was reading The evening lesson from the Book of Jb- "Yea, the light of the wicked shall be put out" At thla instant by one of those inexplicable accidents that aometimM happen, all the electric fights went out leaving 4e church in total dark- nsss. "Hrethrei." said Fourthly with- "Mn view Of thS j(nji lUUiliru, ynv, sudden and startling fulfillment or this prophecy we win spend a nw mlnuts In silent prayer for the eec I trio lighting company. League. New York Chicago Pittsburg Philadelphia Boston 27 24 27 23 22 13 24 13 26 10 man at the time of the killing and the affidavits resulted when it was found that Coleman had been struck with 38 and 45-callbrt bullets. Hope stated he had only one gun, a 46-calibre revolver.

Both men have been released on bond. Both deny emphatically any connection with the killing or any knowledge that it was to take place. LETTER LIST. Ltst of letters remaining undelivered In the postofflce at Austin, Texas, for the week ending Monday, May 12, nd will be advertised until Monday, May 26, 1907, and then sent to the dead letter office at Washington, D. C.

First Persons calling for letters lo this list will say advertised. Second A fee of 1 cent Is charged on all advertised letters. Third Head letters with your full address, street and number, write your name and address on the corner of the envelope so that in case your corres pondent Is not found your letter can be returned to you direct Fourth As soon as you change your address notify the postmaster, which you can de by dropping a card to him in the box. Fifth All windows are open for the delivery of mail on Sundays and holl days from lo to ll a m. GEO.

B. ZIMPELMAN, Postmaster. Ladies, Mrs. John; Alexander, Allbrlght Pearl ie. Baker, Mrs.

Walter; Bell, Mrs. C. Black, Mrs. J. Baker, Mrs.

Maria; Brownlow, Miss Lena; Brown, Miss Harriett; Boatrlght Sellu; Botton, Birdie; Bright, Perleer. Cole, Miss Alma; Collins, Miss Car rie; Cook. Miss L. Chapman, Miss H. R.

Duncan, Mrs. L. Dewltt Mrs. J. Dalon, Mrs.

Stella; Doyle, Miss E. Durham, Nina, Edds. Miss Nora. Freeman, Miss Jamie; Fisher, Miss M. Farmer, Mrs.

R. E. Gilda-t, Miss May; Grant, Mrs. Sis. Holden, Mrs.

Emma; Heth. Mrs. M. Hurbad, Mrs. Minnie; Humphrey, Agnes; Hlnde, Kate; Henry, Sallle; Hall, Miss Hazel.

Innes, Miss Lena. Jones, Miss Dora; Joyce, Mlsa Net tle; Johnson, Miss Ora; Jones, Mrs. E. Jackson, Mrs. Llllie; James, Mrs.

Sallie. Kingsley, Miss Nelle. Lascey, Francie; Lewis, Mrs. J. Lee, Beple; Lamon, Nona.

McCradie, Annie; McHill, Arena E. Markle, Miss Helen; Moore, Mrs. J. Monroe, Mrs, Minnie; Maxwell, Mrs. Mltehel, Mrs.

Tom. Oliver, Zllla. Price, Miss Alice; Parker, Miss Emette; Pateet, Miss Sue; Pitts, Miss Malinda; Porter, Florence; Pool, Zem-mle. Robinson, Miss Maud; Reynolds, Miss Rena; Rlffe, Miss Tlnnle; Ravey, Fannie. Hampson, Miss Sarah: Shelton.

Miss Susie; Smith, Miss Virgle; Bowday, Miss Nellie; Sheets, Miss H. B. Schal-per, Mrs. Shannon, Mrs. C.

Smith, Lizzie (due); Slone, Anna, Thompson, Estella; Tullos, Nora E. Taylor. Vivien; Tussell, Miss Mary. Wall. EIbIb.

von de: Woods. Miss Jessie; Westhlll, Miss Julia; WlHyoum, Miss Janle; Wilson, Miss Brent; White. Miss Minnie; Willis, Mrs. S. Wofford, Mrs.

Scylla; Wanwrlght Watklns, Llllie G. Towell, Mrs. Eata. Gentlemen, Adams, E. Adkins.

H. Alford, Albert, W. F. Bruce, Bolivar; Boykins, J. Baner, C.

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Won. Lost P.C. San 26 Dallas 26 Austin 23 Temple 2 Fort 26 Waco 23 Galveston 26 Houston 24 18 8 .692 .615 .565 16 13 12 11 10 9 10 10 12 15 14 16 15 .600 .423 .391 .385 .875 White Sox Won Two. rrl So won from the Black smiths yesterday DS7' ing park by the score oi i iu ii IF YOU VISIT THE, JAMESTOWN EXPOSITION OR GO ABROAD PRO; CURE OUR TRAVELERS' CHECKS, WHICH CAN BE, CASHED 'WITHOUT IDENTIFICATION AND AVOID THE RISK IN CARRYING MOEY WITH YOU. CALL AND WE WILL BE, PLEASED TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU- lj THE AMERICAN.

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