Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 22, 1948 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 20
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CHy OU W-Ourtte, Jmly 21, 1848 Pollination of Corn to Be Favorable Den Molncs (ff) —It seems probable that the important pollination period of the Iowa corn crop will occur under very favqrable conditions, the weekly weather and crop bulletin said Tuesday. Present soil moisture is adequate and the past week provided another period of favorable growing conditions, the joint report of the state and federal departments of agriculture and the weather bureau said. In Pollination The corn crop is now entering the important pollinating stage with 17 per cent in tassel as of last Saturday. During the next 10 days, the bulk of the state's corn will be tasseling and silking. Present development of the crop is about 5 days earlier than nor- mal. The Indications, the report said, are that the probability of :rost damage and soft corn is be- ow normal. Oats Harvest Slow The oats harvest was slowed up >y rains last week and only 22 per cent was harvested as of last aturday. Reports of yields still are fragmentary, but indicate a jumper crop, the report said. The soybean outlook is" favor- labe and pastures have improved materially, the report said, but it added that grasshoppers are doing considerable damage to corn and beans. J HOW-TO-DO-ITS PICNIC CUB To broil frankfurters easily at a picnic, place in a wire corn popper and shake over fire until browned. ...and what's your cue to quicker and easier shopping? Always consult the TELEPHONE DIRECTORY YELLOW PAGES "Buyers' Guide for Everyone" CIO Pickets Harvester Plant Over Wage Fight Canton, 111., (/P)—The International Harvester company plant closed down Tuesday, after a CIO picket line was set up in a dispute over wage schedules. About 3,200 employes were idle. The company said the. principal issue was the hour of day the workers should receive their wages. The CIO United Farm Equipment Workers union asked that payment be made before the men reported for work Fridays The company, asserting that this system resulted in 30 per cen absenteeism on that day, has been making payments at the end of the work day. Some 470 forge departmen workers quit work Monday. The company suspended 7 shop stewards it said had participated in the work stoppage. Russia Claims Invention of 1st Airplane Washington,- (U.R)—Russia Tuesday claimed it built the 1st air- Diane in 1882. That was more than JO years before the American Wright brothers made their famous flight at Kitty Hawk, N ; Car- This "first" was chalked up by Radio Moscow beside other suddenly -d-'scovered historical achievements in science and engineering being claimed almost daily by the Russians. Here are some excerpts from a broadcast to the Russian people which was overheard here by government monitors: "Our country is the birthplace of aviation. The first airplane in the world was built in Russia in 1882 by Designer Mozhaisky. Only 20 years later did the Americans build their own 1st airplane. "The famous Russian scientists Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Shukov, and others are the founders of present-day aviation theory- The USSR is also the birthplace of multi-engined planes, the 1st of which was designed in Russia in 1914. A year later, Russian designers had built a multi-engined bomber, the 1st in the world." to train deadly cobras. Many of her snakes had appeared in motion pictures. The herpetologist had been curator at the Minneapolis museum for 12 years until 1937, when she moved here and started collecting snakes and other reptiles. of Robber in Davenport i University of Iowa Gets Medical Grants Friend, you're looking at "li/hr/'-fecf/orii Famed Snake Handler Dies From Bite Lonff Beach, Cal., (/P) — Mrs. Grace Olive Wiley, 64, one of the world's most skillful handlers of deadly snakes, had said she would prefer death from a snake bite to any other way. Tuesday she was bitten on the finger by one of her venomous cobras. An hour and a half later she died. She had been trying to make he cobra lift its head and spread ts hood to be photographed. After he snake struck, Mrs. Wiley calmly removed the fangs from icr finger and replaced the rep- ile in its case. After emergency .reatment she was rushed to a lospital. Mrs. Wiley was credited with being one of the few people able Clark Refuses Rail Inquiry Ordered to Probe Army Wartime Rate Washington, (U.R)—Attorney General Tom C. Clark has refused to order a criminal investigation of former, army officers who negotiated . wartime railroad freight rates for the government. He said in a letter to Chairman George Bender, (R-Ohio), of a house executive expenditures subcommittee that, at present, he has no facts to justify such an inquiry. Such an investigation, he said, would do "irreparable damage" to the officers' reputations. Improper to Start "Until facts which justify a criminal investigation are found to exist," he said, "it would be improper for me to order one." Witnesses before Bender's subcommittee testified that during the war the railroads "gouged" the government. Bender turned the matter over to Clark with a demand that he investigate some railroad executives who served as army and navy negotiators during hostilities. Denies Squelch low* City, (U.R)—The state board | of education finance committee Wednesday had accepted $44,404 in medical research grants to the University of Iowa. Davenport, (U.R)—Davenport po- The U. S. public health service lice are awaiting the return of a ma de 4 grants amounting to $37,man from Sacramento, Cal., who gig > f or use i n cancer research says he robbed a Davenport bank psychiatry and pharmacy. in 1928 and they are trying to fig- I • ure out what bank it was. The man walked into the police station at Sacramento Monday night and said his name is George On the ladio Beam WEDNESDAT NIGHT NETWO»* HIGHLIGHTS Park Board Blushes Indianapolis, (U.R)—The Indian , . night and said his name is eorge u k ^ d has red face Thomas. He gave his age as 64. «P y showed that out of 1 * . He told Sacramento authorities that he robbed abank in Daven- • showed that out of 1 the city where trees o In his reply, Clark denied allegations that he once squelched a proposed FBI investigation of freight rates. He said an FBI inquiry in the matter was suggested by 3 lawyers of the anti-trust division, but the then assistant attorney general, Wendell Berge, vetoed the idea. He said the matter never came before him personally at all. 5 of 13 Persons on French Plane Rescued Marseille, France, (/P)—Five of 13 persons aboard a French nil- force Wellington plane were rescued Wednesday after a forced landing in the Mediterranean, the French air force headquarters for southern France announced. Headquarters did not say that the remaining 8 were definitely lost but merely that rescue planes had not yet sighted them. Earlier the French news agency had reported that 20 were aboard and that all had been rescued. since he heard that another man was serving a life sentence in the Fort Madison prison for the robbery. Until his fingerprints were checked, Davenport Police Chief Ray Schieser thought Thomas was Charles Moose who was cleared | of suspicion of a Davenport bank robbery in 1928. A check of Thomas' fingerprints with those of Moose proved, however, Thomases not Moose. Announce Corn Price Support Crop to Be Held at 90 Per Cent Parity Washington (/P)—The 1948 corn crop will be supported at 90 per cent of the parity price on Nov. 1, the agriculture department announced Tuesday. jtorists, 7 were park board prop erty. Good Listening On KSAAN 1000 Watts * * * * * Dial 1010 * * ABC—6:SO Lone Ranrer; 7:30 On America; 8:00 Abbott and Co 8:30 Go For the House; 8:0« BUf Theater. CBS-7:00 Mr. Chameleon: 7:SO Dr. Chrls- tlan- 8-00 County Fair; »:.» Harvest' of Stars; 6:00 The WhUtlerj »:SO Capitol Cloak Room. -7:06 Special A * e n t; 1:*» Hl«h Adventure; 8:00 Gabriel Heatter; .g-M Racket Sma.her.; 9:00 OplU- lon-Alre. NBC— 7:0fl National MU.treli; 7:3* Pearl; 8;00 Ter. and •""«'*•*• District Attorney; 9:00 Bl* «torr» 9:30 Jimmy Durante. KICM 1 MUTUAL TALL CORN The price will be supported by loans on farm-stored corn and by purchase agreements. Start Dec. 1 Loans will be available beginning Dec. 1. All loans will mature Sept. 1, 1949, or earlier on demand. Purchase agreements will be offered producers by the commodity credit corporation from Dec. 1 through Dec. 30, 1949. May Sell Corn Under these agreements a producer may sell his corn to the CCC at the loan rate. He need not, however, sell any amount to toe agency. By entering into a loan agreement, the producer who desires to hold his own is assured that the price he receives will not be lower than the loan rate. QUALITY DIAMONDS ADY'S WATCH SHOP 19 West State Phone 889 HEARING AIDS $25.00 to $150.00 Batteries All Kinds DR. J. H. LEPPER, Opt. 28 First St. S. E. Wednesday P. M. 4:00 Requestfully Yours 5:00 Afternoon Serenade 5:30 Speaking of Sports 5:45 News, Harold Motors, Inc. 6:00 Airlane Melodies 6:15 Charles City Take the Air 6:30 Music at Sundown 7:00 News 7:05 Sign Off Serenade 7:45 Sign Off Thursday A. M. 5:30 Agriculturally Speaking 6:00 News, Harold Motors, Inc. 6:15 Agriculturally Speaking 6:30 Hey! Get Up 1 . R. L. Dixson 6:45 Agriculturally Speaking 7:00 Musical TNT 7:15 News, B. F. Goodrich 7:30 Musical TNT, Outlet Store 7:45 Weather Round-Up 7:50 Musical TNT 8:00 News, "Chnck" Lennan Bakery 8:15 Musical TNT, la. Shoe Brokerage 8:30 Musical TNT 8:00 Musical TNT, Raizes Dept. Store 9:15 Musical TNT, Clear Lake Bakery 9:30 Buenos Amlgos 9:45 Lenny Herman Quintet 0:00 New*. Anderson Music House 0:05 Aleona Honr 1:00 Kitchen Kwlz Klub, Pfaff Bakfn It:15 Music for the Mrs. 11:30 Party Line Thursday P. M. 12:00 Sears Serenade 12:50 U. P. Commentary, Capitol Sales 12:15 Noonday News 12:30 Rural Round-Up, Graham Plow 1:00 T. Dorscy Show, Charles City llonr 2:00 Northwood Hour 2:30 Iowa Falls Takes the Air 3:00 News 3:05 Pipes of Melody 3:15 Meet the Band 3:45 U. S. Navy Band Murray Ahead in Montana Democrats Believe Nomination Assured 1490 ON YOUR DIAL * ****** Wednesday P. M. 4:15 1490 Club 4:45 The Story Lady 5:00 Mert Copeland Show 5:15 Superman 5:30 Adventure Parade 5:45 Tom Mix 6:00 FULTON LEWIS, JR. 6:15 Hospitality Time 6:30 Between the Line 6:45 Sports Hi-Lites 7:00 Special Agent 7:30 National Guard Assembly 7:45 Milt Herth Trio 7:55 Billy Rose 8:00 Gabriel Heatter 8:15 MUTUAL. NEWSREEL 8:30 Hillbilly Hit-Parade 9:00 BASEBALL: MASON CITY V. F. W. 0:30 News 0:45 Musical Scrapbook 1:00 Bill McCuen's Orchestra 1:30 Noro Morale's Orchestra 11:55 News 12:00 Sign Off Thursday A. M. 6:00 Farm Frolic Time 6:15 Jerry Smith 6:30 News and Market* 6:35 Yawn Patrol •3:00 NEWS 7:15 Gooch Morning 7:30 Moments of Devotion 7:45 Reveille Rhythms 8:00 NEWS 8:15 Ozark Valley Folks 8:30 Morning Musicale 9:00 The Lady Next Door 9:15 Faith In Our Time 9:30 Say It With Music 10:00 Birthday Club 10:05 Vocal Visitor 10:15 Tell Your Neighbor 10:30 Heart's^ Desire 11:00 Kate smith Speaks 11:15 Fashions in Rhythm 11:30 Radio Farm Journal Thursday P. M. 12:00 Newc 12:15 Noonday Melodies 1:00 Queen For a Day 1:30 Grain Reporter 1:351. S. T. C. On the Air 2:00 Ballroom In the Sky 2:30 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Yt. DIAL 1300 5,000 WATTS Mr. Chameleon That's what you get every time we put a quart of the New Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil in your car! Don't get just a quart of oil—get "Lubri-tection" with Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil! Here's a motor oil that is designed not only to give you the oily action of a fine lubricant—but to protect, too. This means special additives that reduce sludge formation, guard against ring sticking, and cut down varnish! Give your car a break—next time you need an oil change ask for Phillips 66 Premium and get—"Lubri-tection" 1 In Country Club its FLAVOR and QUALITY ..famous for its flavor (OUNTRY(LUB Helena, Mont., (U.R)—U. S. Senator James J. Murray was re- nominated by Montana democrats, incomplete and unofficial returns from the state's primary election indicated Wednesday. Murray led in all counties and had a 4-to-l margin over Dr. Henry J. McGregor of Great Falls on the basis of returns from 480 of the state's 1,142 precincts. His followers regarded his renomin- ntion as assured. McGregor was the only primary opponent against Murray, who has been in the senate since 1934. Torn J. Davis, Butte attorney and former president of Rotary International, was more than 4,000 votes ahead of Wellington D. Rankin of Helena for the republican senatorial nomination. Davis established a lead as the first precincts were reported. Republican Gov. Sam C. Ford, was conceded renomination by his nearest opponent. Leonard C. Young. Montana's 2 incumbent congressmen—Democrat Mike Mansfield of the 1st district and Republican Wesley A. D'Ewart of the 2nd—were unopposed in "~~ primary. fl*m*f**fm*% v«nri5Tian (7 p.m.) The man of many faces and fabulous investigator of Central Headquarters, encounters "The Case of the Dead Woman's Eyes." (7:30) Jean Hersholt returns as the warm} iear teci medic, of River's End and broadcasts a prize-winning script in the Dr. Christian Award contest. ( 8 P- m -) Borden's "County Fair" is a fast-moving au dience participation show formerly heard Saturday afternoons which now moves to a night time berth for 8 weeks. U*.. UM ..<. «* C I*..... (8:30) Nancy Carr, noted soprano from narVeSr Or Oiars Chicago, is the guest of tenor star James Melton. The growth of America's network of roads will be dramatized. (9 P- m ' Jt was a "P er f ec t crime" but the criminal over i 00 ked one thing and that was enough for the "Whistler." C-.— D »__..<.«.. (Mon.-Sat. 6:30 a.m.) Local and. national rarm IVepOrrer farrn ne \ V s, weather and train reports, and a market analysis presented by your farm reporter through the courtesy; of State Brand Creameries Inc. PHILLIP M. K GOETZ BREWING CO TIL SATIN FINISH WALLS Yours for the Painting the OR OIL Paint magic Into your horn* with O'Brien's Satin Finish, Thii rich, •ggshell finish is suitable for both walls and woodwork and provides a most beautiful, washable, satiny finish. Easy to use — covers most surfaces in one coat. "Lubri-tectton"—the protection rendered by on oil of fine base stock containing special detergent and oxidation inhibiting ingredients. THE PRICE OF TIRES IS GOING UP—SEE US NOW WE HAVE SQME REAL BUYS Bob Petift's Super Service 541 North Federal—Phone 3552—"Service Our Motto" BRIEN PAINTS holesale-Retail Assistant Astronomer Discovers New Comet Berkeley, Cal., (/P)—The University of California announced Wednesday the "accidental" discovery of a new comet by astronomers at Lick observatory. The comet, 3rd found by C. A. Wirtanen, senior observing assistant, is of the 15th magnitude,'so faint it can be seen only by a large telescope. It was photographed by a 20-inch Carnegie star camera and found on a plate exposed 6 days ago. It is in the constellation equ- uleus, maving slowly in the direction of aquila, the eagle. It will be known as comet 1948-H. 100 Americans to Have Tea in Royal Garden London, (U.R) — One hundred Americans will have lea with the king and queen in the gardens of Buckingham palace Thursday. The Americans will not be formally presented to King George and Queen Elizabeth, as was customary in pre-war parties. Instead, they will bow or curtsy only if they come face to face with any member (t>f the royal family or if introduced by a royal aide. Americans who will be present include Constance Cathcart of St. Paul. Friendly Philosopher Friendly Philosopher. •jfr:!sjfc;|i:p!f:!fc'i Wednesday P. M. B:00 Baseball Scores, Pearson Candy Co. 5:05 Music As You Like It 6:15 Let's Dance at the Snrf, Surf Ballroom [5:2:> Air Activities, Air Activities, Inc. 5:30 Lum 'n 1 Abner. Miles Laboratories, ens 5:45 Sport. Camera, Globe-Gazette (Suter) 6:00 News, F. G. and E. (Hilton) 6:15 Postmark Mason City, Mason City Chamber of Commerce 6:30 Jerry Wayne Sings, CBS fi:4S Ned Calmer, News, CBS 7:00 Mr. Chameleon, Bayer Aspirin, ens 7:30 Dr. Christian. Chenebroujh Co., CHS 8:00 County Fair, Borden Co., CBS 8:30 Harvest of St.irs. International Harvester Co.. CHS 9:00 The Whistler, Household Finance Co., CBS 9:30 Dancing at the Surf 10:00 News, Vance Music Co. (Kewl 10:15 Friendly Time, Grain Belt Beer 10:30 Al Donohuc's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 News. CBS 11:05 George Towne's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Skip Henderson's Orchestra, CBS 12:00 News, CBS Thursday A. M. fl:00 News 6:05 Morning Rouscr 6:30 Farm Reporter, State Brand Creameries, Inc. (Randolph) fl:-!5 News (Harrer) 7:00 Rhythm Roundup 7:IS Tune Time ":30 Keep Time With Damons R:15 Holsum Headlines, Holsnm Bread (Iloshal) 8:30 Yesterday's Music, Cool Spring; (Mon.-Fri., 1:15) Take a tip for better, sweeter living from KGLO's Canning Co. 8:45 Today in Osftj* ' 9:00 Bible Broadcast, Radio Chapel 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air Si'SO Waltz Time 0:45 Coffee Time with DOUR, Gildner'i 10:00 News Digest, Jacob E. Decker and Sons (Harrer) 10:15 "Tater" Qnii, Hlland Potato Chip* 10:30 Grand Slam, Wonder Bread, CBS 10:45 Mystery Melody Game 11:00 Wendy Warren, General Foods, ens 1:15 Betsy Ross Serenade, Plaff Baking Company 1:30 Home Town New* (Hoshal) Nash Coffee Co. 11:45 Farm Hook-Up Time Thursday P. M. 12:00 Today's Markets 12:05 The Man on the Street, FrUchari Motor Co. 12:15 The Old Timers. Osco Drnjr >, 12:30 News. Wormhoudt Insulation Co. (Hilton) 12:1.1 Farm and Home Topic Time, 8t, Paul Livestock Market 1:00 The Second Mrs. Burton, General Foods. CBS 1:45 The Friendly Philosopher 1:80 This Is Nora Drake, the Ton! C*., CBS 1:15 Romance of Evelyn Winters, Manhattan Soap. CBS 2:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, Chesterflel* Cigaretc, CBS 3:30 G. E. House Party, General Electrl* Co., CBS 2:55 News, Holsum Bread 3:00 Hint Hunt, Armour and Co., CBI 3:25 Spotlight on a Stnr 3:30 Mnilbafi 4:00 Treasury Bandstand. CBS 4:30 Novel Time 4:45 Rent Review Drunk Is Fined But Writes Rubber Check Minor, N. Dak., (U.R)—Nick Federenko was in jail again Wednesday. Magistrate George Jessen lined Federenko on an intoxication charge Tuesday but suspended a jail sentence. Federenko cheerfully wrote out a check to cover the fine. But the check bounced. So did Federenko, back behind bars. f*nmi>l<*irife (5:15) Dr. Thomas Thorburn, chair- v-ompiamrs man of mc 52nd an?wal American Osteopathic convention, will discuss "Summer Complaints." (8 p.m.) Angela Lansbury stars as a novice writer with big ideas in the bright comedy "The House on Lakewood Drive." Proudly We Hail Wednesday P. M. 5:00 For Children 5:15 Talks, CBS 5:30 You Shall Have Musis 15:45 YOB Shall Have *(aile, Pfaff 6:00 You Shell Have Music 0:30 New* 8:45 Tear Kew •• Sp«rti, SUlD Farm Insurance «:M Man On the Street, Prltebar* 7:00 Four Star Varieties B:00 Proudly We Hail, Angela Lansbury 8:30 Music For Listening ft:00 News, Ray 8en«y • 8:15 Great McmenU In Music, Vane* 10:00 Sign Off Thursday A. M. 110:00 OHIc* Hour* 10:30 At the Keyboard 10:4S That Mnn With the Band 11:00 Memo: To All Homes 11:00 Neighborhood New*, GU»«- Gaiette 11:15 To the) Homemaker 31:30 To the Family 12:00 New*, C«rrie-Vam Ne** Thursday P. M. 15:55 Markets and Farm News 12:25 Chicago Cubs vs. Brooklyn Dodj crs ' S:30 Melody Lane 2:53 Broadway and Vine, CBS 3:00 Rainbow Rendezvous 3:25 Cns Ntws, CBS S:30 Winner Take All, CBS 4:00 The Bob Clausen Show

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