The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 20, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1933
Page 7
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Vm MALVfefe* LEAMK, ttAl.Vfelm, IOWA, JlAt So. tJIS fp « *i *+ *, INGS if Irs. w* , ttrt. Ftefl Priest. and ttHLfMli fcoekAfftl- .. -^tan^ae.j> , jfejc€fe*&.&ifcfcfc JtiflJf.jt.taaA,- BGCGllQ* JL/WHa&UH TttlTCHB- WorW W» TTBn -9% ulQ ClOotl fhe LadW TnUnble B«e ttef i. the ho«« oi Mf*. Frtflk Mitch- W«Jn«sdat attefSdolL those the sefviflg esinniittee with Ifs. Hot Crawfofa ti chairman .B: Mrs. Frank Mttebelt, Mrs. ank tceUy, Mrs, Charley Aader- Mrs. Ralph Hahseoffl, Mrs. Ittonatd Vestal, Mrs. Joe Hayden. „_ Mrs. MafdBB etaffc A bttsi- less meetiiig was held; then home-made ice cream and cake served. A good crowd at- I tended and an enjoyable after- I noon was spent. fhe Good Bros, elevator at fthls place purchased, a nice tot lot corn last week from L. It. Me* Jtariand down near White cloud. [they got 8,000 bushels in the crib I at the very satisfactory price ot _ cents per bushel, the buyer to I shell and deliver H. Snpt. and Mrs. D. D. Fellows, [It. B. Fellow*, and Miss Svelyn [Crawford attended the reception ftor W. W. Molsberry at Btrahan [Saturday night. Warden Oranteer and two r«ousins, Ruth and Georgia Dem* hnel, ot Colorado, left Wednesday if or Chicago where they will at- J tend the Century of Progress Ex- I position. 0. B, Hutchlngs left Tuesday j morning by auto for his home in rlos Angeles, Calif, after a two ; months visit here while he look- led after his farming- interests. I Bis niece, Miss Doris Priest, ac- ^eompanied him for a month's lilt there. ' W. E. Fahnestock and family [were over from 1 Scribner, Nebr. fSunday for a visit with Hastings " lends. Lawrence Martin returned pbursday from Chicago where he attended the big exposition. It is great fair,*. Mrs. B.'B. Wallahan and son, ace, drove,to Council Bluffs nd Omaha Sunday. ^ ,L.:cb^UM* family ..were mm > ^ „ v T *}*' tBlnni.and .children, 7. WotfgB IS* difteretfw ft t»e *** ***» »*4e fte past t «|Mtt frote I trtl to *nd Sftis school fct fggttaf awn Mfcttol %m<& We hate also otf tffte thtoljgh the _ '« Bitts school on Wedfce»4at *ill be at 9 o'eldek. We aft tloWly incteasfnf oaf attendance at ttbt« scheot and ironid be f!*d to Jive t atili tatfef attea- daftee. fi» le*so*8 are t«ry tttef- eaUn* and the fraplls ate doing some tefy hies notebook Work. »M. Cora Christie and fatally, Frank Christie of Omaha, and Guy Christie and family of Council Staffs called at the R. 1* Christie borne Sunday ftofning. Mrs. 1. F, Bennett and family of tabor visited in the Clarence Smith home Sunday, Mrs. Mings and family were Malvem visitors Saturday, D. D. Fellows and his baseball squad enjoyed swimming in the Malvern Municipal pool Friday evening. The team played Emerson here Friday, winning with a score of 18-8. ; Mr .and Mrs. John Fellows of Magnolia, Miss Jennie Fellows of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Fellows, Frieda and Harold, and D. D, Fellows and family were din* ner guests in the Dale Fellows home near Tabor Friday. Mr, and Mrs. John Fellows of Magnolia visited a few days last week in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Fellows.. Mrs. Clarence Barns of Long Beach, Calif., Lenore Crawford ot Griswold, and Mrs. Marion Lang of Emerson spent Friday in the Fred Priest home. Master Kieth Blunt is visiting relatives in Nebraska this week, Mrs. Marie Aistrope of Malvern visited Miss Doris Priest Friday evening. Mrs. Herman Bchurr and children were Malvern visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schurr and children attended the funeral services of Mr»; F. M. Redmond in Elliott Sunday afternoon, Mrs, Redmond waa ninety- one years of age, She and Mr. Redmond, celebrated their asv- enty-second wedding anniversary last January, ,, ; - 1> Mrs, - Bpbi Moore . and jt; . f fed ScWptufft reading fof f* ifetettt 1&&fa ib± &*3ib jb£ £tkim QircO will DO Hefu SEC IffO thft fcVeniftfr of tfly if. *fi! t* give* from *fi _., temtt ot tfee thuteb. An oticlai Mmber* af* expected to ** pt**- CBt eAd alt are fnvftea. Ce*e to Chnfeh neit SaHday at 19 o'clocl. Semtrit sUbJett, "Jesus' Cefctrifefttton to LW tn*, school at ti. "BSvtts to dvereBttf.* the spirits*! side of lite is **» glected by ail too many people. Everyone ought to belief* «S Christ as their B*vio*f and aave a church home in which to «altt» vate their spiritual lite, toti are invited to make this church yottf spiritual home. Mrs, T. & Market Victim <rf Pteaaaflt Sutyrtte A very pleasant social tiffle was enjoyed at the botoe ot Mf» and Mrs. ¥, 8, Markel Friday when a group of friends went to help the latter celebrate her birthday. She bad invited he» cousin, Ed Hall, of Tabor to spend the day with her as his birthday occurred on the same date, but seemingly she was not «*pectlng quite as many guests as arrived shortly before the noon hour. However, each one was made to feel very welcome, as birthday greetings were' extended. The unexpected guests took well filled baskets and noon had the pot luck dinner on the dining room table and ready to be served. The appetite of none was lacking as they partook of the bounteous meal, ranging from fried chicken to pie, cake, and quantities of home-made ice cream. The birthday cake, an angel- food, cut 'nicely in nineteen slices; bore nineteen candies and Mrs. Markel insisted that no more were needed. Some were heard to say though that some multiplying and perhaps a little adding would be necessary in order to obtain just the right number. During,the afternoon tbe guest of honor was present with a few gifts, including thirteen handkerchiefs and two other articles, for all of. which she waa apprecia thre. , , Tbe guests departed late in tbe afternoon having spent,the time very. enJoyably and wishing Mrs. Markel many more happy birthday anniversaries. ,-m , , <-, ;/„• presentl'.were: ; Ed and -Miss Jennie Fellows who ia a nqrse in Omaha visited last week 1th her parents, Mr, and Mrs. r, B, Fellows. . Master Qlen r Dent of Qlenwood patted last week with Loren Neb- tt, v ?'-' : Mrs. Dale Read was a/Malvern lyteltor Tttwlay.v ;,- ' --". - daujgh- |Crawfor4 I' Mis* PanUneti Potter ! r visited |WlativeB .liffQfcfittfjMt 'week,'. -, & Miss »4tthSytn4>iVWte4 » ««* |«ayg lart w*fk.,Jjab»,J»ome ef be* Fellows in tbe home of ma Re4 Oak "<£*,* V,.>* - .* P»awC and daughter, Viola, of, were visitorsVtfc ^towfr day,: --" f-;.'^ ,..-. • Master Clarence Hubbel baa been visiting in tbe BUI dab home returned home Sunday. Misses Thelma, Nedra, and Evelyn Crawford and Mlna Chrts- tie visited in the home of Mrs. Aaron Crouse Friday, Mr. and Mrs, Donald Vestal entertained a number of friends at a card party Friday evening. An enjoyable evening was reported. . - Mrs, A, V, Clltes and daughter, Peggy, .were Glen wood visitors Saturday. . , J.' , ;,., Lowell q«rti« of strabau vJ*- ItwUn the M, B,.and P, p, Fel' lows homes Saturday, . Scburr ,and family Omaha visitors last W-ednes* Kathryn Anderson of near Malvern was a dinner guest in the borne of MJsa Ruth Pierce. Susday, ,, ,, , Mr. and Mrs, A. If. Crawford .daughter, Jfsrritt, Porters lake near Sunday, Mr, end Mrs. Frank Walker t ...., ..... twby, Misses jElaineqilbert, Genevieve Gilbert and Josle 'Kerney, Mr. and Mrs. Chasi Conger and five children, Mr, and Mrs. Br- neat Langfelt and son, and Mr. and Mrs. T. O, Markel and Harry, . Mr. and Mn», 8. 'R. Hurst of Malvern apent one day last week with tbeir daughter, Mrs. 0. j|, Kelson, and family,. », ' Mrs. L. o, Adams and Mr, and Mrs. M. H. Latchaw and Evelyn were guesU of Red Oak relatives '= last TburBday, Fred Cook and family to ShenMdoftb,8atura»y to tbeif honJs Mrs, «vnd Wllwa , drove bad been »pe»dlng;a,week with F • Mr. <md Mrs, A. -J, Berkhlwer of Malver^ were callers in the 0- W, Rteei bonje Friday evsstoft ' The . members pf tbe- Young People's class, nineteen in her, and tfeeir teaidher, Jfrp, 0, Jtf Nelwn, a»tf family wet at the fibtfrcb Friday evenjng tor visited Saturday the JS. H, Ord 8«Rday in Mr, a»d Mrs, Csrl Melltrup of vteilfd Sunday IR the B, ftw btHoe !' Jfr» EAST social hours together. various outdoor auto Webts to They Ufbt on the lawn, M tben'a*. ?e»b}e4. is refiwbmenta cake eied iwd of ; tte»e 79U ifeelr ela« for fburcb to of t*Q kinds t«a>;T&t majjM clmygh ficfaool 8' Mis, Mn. 0, A, 0. Austin, Mr* J, R, and mother, Mrs. MtUer, 1m loreos of Malrenj.weje era IB tfee bftlBt^t MjT/anJ §, W, JUws If jw tUr Leader, '"^"^^*' __ • ftlm ' Tbt ~ 'WffiKSi Golden Temple Of Jehol At Chicago's World's Fair Romantic Episodes Of Chinese Emperors J^A^A nfa a Mat BMd&tta taa *a«J«*t iaftve O*-«M»Mp, Itttaf b**s fc*ot(|it frott Ia<Ha by Onrn-Pa*n»a-e«m. Siatt in Hi. £ft «4 early history, i Urge tarfcber of eoAptleaied fttet «*** developed, i* wktei »yiti« ad iA'Jt -^j^ t jg»^j.»,% 11^* EQ MMTlllClvI Sett at* WBfft IMI ** HI »*i ttt &<Nft hi OHan- twtttftttfft 6J t fffiglMi ttkt iwattl iM fl^tlefii, hate ttftt* fan la'tt* Maiy «f»l^«d for a* - Wrisin rote to great poTHkali*- darfaig tie thirteenth century when Knbla Khan, fcttpefor of Chfea, la 1*61, the empero* reeegatsed the l^fX^tjHM * *» ~ g a^fc,^fc*^ jfr^M J A} ntiigioa axter rppffsefiiantes 01 other faKhs had bees given a* op- ptfrtakity to eottpite for the honor ifi derawstfatio** ef fcrfrsele-Wwk- togaftd •alf twrftt tt 1 W at Jrtdl, tte fittr fafaei *f ttluwin eftfwrott, U erUttttlftf tt tida*. fi«te in K has toCft faHhfnfiy M- aftd «ffl b» prewtted M the stores ot Uke iCiehigmii fo? Mare grtefatyss. Bw«*Bt to flfl,«» Koc« tl Was btdSght ever land and •ea. With all its fcfffBt oriental teds ait! Midi, by Dtv Bveti Hedia, the tuuvt Bwedlsk esjtom-autW, for Viflt«nt SettdlX ftf Chicago, fieeen- straetien of tk« shrifle in Jehol was tits wotk el ffl«r» than two years. More than &,«» »ie«es of wodd were eat afld fashioned in fsbri- tating t)»* htstorU fehrtfis. Dr. Hedin Wat ftanieolarly suited for the task of seeking out a Chinese tetnple that wotild be typical of the Oriental type el architecture and at the same tune teH something of the tplettdot and pomp of Celestial his- toiy. ' While engaged in research work incidental to the building of the Lama shrine and In the collection of tare treasures which it houses, Dr. fiedln discovered many inter- estlng facts concerning the dees* dsnee of IrfiiM*f«- .He learned that while there wet* 600 I, mas, or priests of the faith is 1911, their mnmber has dimiaiahed to 100 today. •The tarliMt LamaUia, vtekora to Za saeeeeliag eefttnrtes, the idea grew that Laatas, ot Wgh prlett*. were ettaftatieft* fro** the gods, aft* these "Hvtaf god*" iaewased very tapMff trttfl they oeenpieJ prottttent places tt abftost afl Urge te&Vptes fa Tibet and Mongolia, the M«BgoB*as were etavertea to ZjUftvUB *0» f&o v&cOwi titttl flkotift* iStO, W6*n tKUA Laaa, tie First, ttade a eereftto&ietit vtttt to' the Kiag of tt* 1-Bmet-MrtgoBanS in the tea- pl« ctty of ftftnkheto. ffiaee that day the MWgoaaai have bse* ardent WorfWperi Of the ' eode. 6&ft OJVflkAff'y Waft ftaita beeofce a *ep«bU« In 1*11, fo«d H to be highly potitie to Sttppott La- malsfc. Itis reBgioa had a brtlHaat era of greatness to the feiga of 1786-9S, patronage the origteal 6o1de* Pita- ion of Je&ot Wat tmflt. tfnf «Wsd In its repfie* at A Cefttttf ef PrO^H^Hkf ttSlpW Dftul^ aUijftt 61 gods and drtfot*, prayer 'fm, e*re- nofiivl 1*60*% fftf* nfl&i s&A wp^§» trie* and other treatures wft»d fat the Oeddeatal visitors th* eotertnl BWSy o* *OffitM86A iaA xownfptn Utt* wal euseted ia aad about the s*Hae daring tie eetttrHet. fhe stadsat wni tod mw& to tt- ierest hint ia the Laaa Twaple, aside from the stories of eoitft it- tfifn and r*m*a«« woven atvatd Its etisteftee, At the eatrane* * "t*ttfhiaf Buddha'* made of "trOOu eoVered with red gold Sitting M a bread ehait a: saae auiterisl. Beplica of the Golden Temple ef Jehol, celebrated Chinese Lama Temple, at Chicago's WS» Wertd's Pair M viewed at night'••'.» ia a reprodttctten of the place of worship of the Itonchu emperors. t HENDERSON W, 0. Harovw waa down from Adel Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Harover came with him ,M far as Canon . and Visited there. Mr. Harover ia with, the State Bank- Ing department > now and, is look- -i^--r >• "_i- — t«^.---A,,*j« ^ re i it* LaHue, a former Henderson boy now with the Kobler Plumbing Fixture company* and stationed at Minneapolis, «oes in to Chicago this week to'spend fifteen days at the Exposition, demonstrating tbe company's exhibit there, > Quite a little wheat baa been marketed bare the past two eeka, Tbe acreage 'J» unusually small but the yield'and quality fine. Wheat was worth dose to dollar per bushel bwe Mrs. Dave Jenkins ; and children" Tja|te4 in / S^eaandoah Thursday afternoon, ^?V „ Art pritcjber an« j^$^ visited friwds }n Sidney Wfdnejday, ^IJToaa Rh4lHp« retimed to h*r borne in %4ncgin TbiindAy after a wonths v^jsit witb^lifflp t grandparents here. , ,'" - 1%' ' Charley Rowe ^»f parson bad buatneM here Tuejdfty afternoon. Mr, and Mrs, GJadifh, and eo», Qilbert, ef HiKgliwyiUe. Mo, visited few aiatef, Mrj,?Rr p, Wtl- end Rose - Harrif ,w9t*~ ' Mr*, «flTe4 t w«iJ frojn her latber to uet fa Crouse fear ftta ot nea? Harbor tbf M. K. Mr*, H. F. maa more. pftwN w»i4 that Elaine* Small returned Wednesday from a few days stay at the Forrestal borne near Macedonia. Charley Anderson returned tbe last of tbe week from Elliott where be bad been visiting relatives. bde«-are glad to learn she is recovering ",fro» her recent operation for appendicitis at the Jennie Edmundson hospital. She is a nurse in the hospital but for the past few weeks has been visiting in the Earl Bolleau home. Mrs, Addle Bolleau and daughter, June, and Mrs. Will Small and daughter, Elaine, were* Council Bluffs visitors Friday. Milburn Core and family drove to Missouri last week to visit relatives. Mrs, A. 3, Harbor and daughter, Virginia, and son, Morris, were Carson visitors Tuesday going up to have Morris's finger looked after that be had mashed in tbe door. Kenneth Hill of Clarinda who attended school here last year, visited here Saturday and Bunday, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Boileau and Orean Androy went to Council Bluffs Wednesday to see Silvia Saunders at 'the hospital there. The Henderson junior basketball team under the direction ot Paul Phillips has been playing gone good games the past week, having won games both from Emerson and Macedonia. Mrs. T. D. Phillips and family have been enjoying a visit from her sister, Hattie, and husband of Nebraska. Jim Simmons spent the week 1 end with relatives in Omaha. A pleasant time was enjoyed Wednesday at the C. M. Workman home in Shenandoah by relatives in honor of Grant Hock- ftnberry's birthday. NEW ENVOY TO GREECE The newly upixiinted minister t> Ureece, Lincoln MacVelgh, from 11 new photographic portrait made in Washington, He succeeds Robert p, Skinner, who ba« been named American ambassador to Turkey Mr, MacVeiffb Is from Connecticut In }*92 when Christopher Oolutn bus landed in the Bahama islands he nag Journeyed to a sailing vessel for 99 yars, These tales may be reached la a few days by steamer from RAO; ports or by air from Canada or tbe United States, Mysterious earth tremors alarmed the people in the suburbs ot New York City the other day. Maybe it was just some of that 3.2 per cent beer coming of age. Two years ago the farmers were burning grain as fuel to get rid of it. Now old Sol is doing the job for them. DAVENPORT Dsvenporfs Largest Hotel. Rates frorol3.»0. Visit our celebrated •Tap Room" and Restaurant. * Your Electric SEKVIC® Bill dusfag the cost of* Ill territory tertwl by the low<Nebratka Light and Power Company electricity it 45% cheaper mm Am tit 1913, I" I THU M m art ^PW ind Power ., Sis - <•;>. -Vr'jrfe

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